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MG SS:The Dark Angel Of Fate **new thread added** (Page 86)

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Originally posted by moni6262

hi alllTongue

wohoo ..what a utilization moni ..Clap

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seher di ye dekho mere siggi eza appi ne banayi Smile
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Originally posted by sobia4maaneet

Originally posted by moni6262

hi alllTongue

wohoo ..what a utilization moni ..Clap
haina WinkLOLLOL
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Originally posted by moni6262

Originally posted by sobia4maaneet

Originally posted by moni6262

hi alllTongue

wohoo ..what a utilization moni ..Clap
haina WinkLOLLOL

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update on next page ..Wink
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hi all,
hw r u ..

me back to give u all the very 1st update DA in 2013 ...LOL
hope u all will enjoy this


thank u soo very much for all ur support through out this story ..
hope to see u all like this always ..

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sheetalvasa,  nehavashi,  kabslocks,  divyaraghani,  

plzz do leave ur reviews its the only way for me to know if i am narrating the story well enough ...
n do let me know about my mistakes ...all criticism welcome ..Big smile

SOBIA .. Smile

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OF FATE ...!!


okiee to till now a greater part of the past has been revealed but still some bits n pieces r missing here maan comes with his questions n many more bitter truths coming out ..hope u will enjoy ..Embarrassed


He was still thinking about his dad ….the last days he spent with him …how everything changed in his life after that …hw he had to live without his sister n brother just coz of those threats to thr life …just coz he sent the murderer of his mom behind bars …

But then his mind went towards the last unsaid sentence of his father .. for the first time ever he pondered over it …what he wanted to say …in his disturbed mental state at that moment he never gave it a thought what his father wanted to say …

Maan (st) : dad ne last sentence kaha tha ..

nahi maan gudya tou …

gudhya tou kiya …..gudya shayad aniee ka nick name huga ..par aniee ke bare mien ,..

ek min ne apni poori baat mien ek baar bhi geet ka naam nhi liya kyun ..
dadi ne kaha dad geet se buhat pyaar karte thay wohh meri shaddi karwana chahte thay geet se tou phir unhoon ne mujhse kaha kyun nhi …

the thoughts were now un bearable n his head started spinning with all the pressure exerted at the same time ..n he moved towards dadi n saw her still weeping sitting on her bed …giving her a glass of water he sat beside her n said ..

Maan : dadi ..agar geet mom dad ke past ka itna important his'sa thi tou dad ne ya phir aapne mujhe kabhi geet ke baare mien kyun nhi bataya ..kyun dad ne ya aapne mujhe geet ke bare mien aur mom ki iss wish ke bare mien kuch nhi kaha …

Dadi (leaving a sigh ..looking down) : maan jis waqt yeh sab huya docter ne saaf saaf kaha tha aapke dimag par ziada pressure aapki jaan ke liye khatra paida kar sakta hai …iss hi liye hum aap ko sab kuch ahista ahista hi batana chahte thay …magar yash ki tabiyat aur yahan ke halaat ne humien sochne ka mauqa hi nhi diya …aur phir aap bhi jald hi apne school aur dostoon mien busy hugaye …aur hum ne bhi poorani yaadoon par zor nhi diya kyun ke humien laga ek din tou geet ko wapis aana hi hai tou hum tab hi sab kuch aapko bata denge magar waqt buhat ajeeb khel khelta hai bete …
Aaki mom ki wish ke baare mien bhi hum ne aapko iss hi liye nhi bataya ke 2 saal pehle aapko yeh sab batane ka faida nhi hota aur abb hum jante hain geet nhi manegi aap se shaddi karne ko .. aur Yash ne vada kiya tha aap dono ki shaddi aap dono ki marzi se hi hugi ..iss hi liye nhi kaha kuch ..

Now this was all soo much confusing just coz he got busy with his studies dadi maa never bothered to tell him about her can that be ..
N what is she trying to say …geet will never agree for this ..if she knew she won't then what was the point making him agree to meet her n all that drama created by her … 
Questions were in-numerable yet the answers were unrevealed ..nothing seems to help him ..n his frustration only increased by every passing minute ..

Maan (trying his best nt to pour his frustration over her ) : dadi maa plss jo bhi hai mujhe saaf saaf bataiye ..i can't handle any more riddles in my life already thr r many ..plss yeh sab kiya hai ..aapne kaha ke geet meri buhat achi dost thi but phir bhi aapne mujhe uss ke baare mien kuch batana zarori nhi samjha …kyun …. kya meri studies itni demanding thi ke aap mujhe meri friend ke baare mie bhi nhi bata sakti thi …boliye dadi plss boliye ..

Dadi Maa (hesitant) : maan wohh …geet appse …wohh

Maan  : plss dadi kya huya tha kyun nhi bataya mujhe plss boliye ..

Dadi Maa : kyun ke geet nhi milna chahti thi aapse …(looking at shocked hurtfull face of maan ..dadi closed her eyes in pain n guilt ..n then resumed after few minutes) ...uss accident ke waqt geet ko sleeping pills dee kar aap aur preetie yahan aaye thay coz geet preetie ko jane nhi dena chahti thi …Rano ke jaane ke baad geet kabhi nhi rahi thi preetie ke bagair magar aap ne buhat zidd ki thi ke aapko Yash se milna hi hai …aur aapki Mami ne preetie ko samjhaya ke who agle din geet ke jagne se pehle wapis bhi aajayegi ….tou preetie aagayi thi yahan .. 

Par iss sab ke baad geet aapko uss accident ki waja maanne lagi …wohh bachi thi maan iss hi liye dobara apni maa ko khone ke dard ne uss ko aisa sochne par majboor kiya … uss ko laga ke preetie aapki zidd ki waja se gayi thi ….magar sach yeh tha ke preetie bhi yahan aana chahti thi ek baar yash se milna chahti thi …shayad woh kahin na kahin aane walr toofan ko pehchaan rahi thi ...iss hi liye ya fir KISMAT ..magar uss sab mien aap ki galti nahi thi  maan ..bilkul nahi thi ..

Geet ki iss hi narazgi ki waja se hum ne geet ke bare mien aapko kuch nhi bataya …kyun k aap uss se milne ki zid karte aur geet aapse milti nhi …bas iss hi liye humne kabhi kuch nhi kaha aap se …..aur phir Yash ki death ke baad tou humien mauqa bhi nhi mila ke hum geet ko samjhate ya phir aapko kehte geet ko mana'ne ko ….

Maan (in a low tone) : kya geet aaj bhi yahi samajhti hai ke meri waja se mom …

The thought pierced his heart ….did really just coz of his stubbornness his mom came here n got killed ..leaving all alone his dad …aniee …n GEET ..!!

Dadi maa : maan plss aisa mat sochiyega ke preetie ki maut aapki w…
Aisa nhi hai bete geet sirf apne bachpane mien hi aapse naraaz huyi thi …agar aap uss se baat karte tou I am sure wohh maan jati aur shayad aaj khush bhi hoti ..
Par aapki health aur doctors ki precautions ki waja se hi hum ne aap ko uss waqt kuch nahi bataya …maan

The heart was still hurt but the restless panic his mind was dealing with was far more than that …the trails of questions raising in his mind was still not halting ..he was just not satisfied with what ever dadi said somewhere the fact geet held him guilty was piercing him as if someone was stabbing his heart n soul million time a second …his fathers words ringing In his head his stressful faces coming in front of his eyes making him all the more restless n his head was already heaving …n he sat down thinking what it all happened just coz of his one demand …

this was indeed difficult he led his life till now accepting the fact that he has forgotten all the memories of his childhood but now knowing a complete new side of his life was definitely too much for any1 in one single night n as well as for maan …he was a complete mess not knowing what to say what to think ….geet was his friend… he was soo close to her …even than she never told him about thr friendship …she hated him …does she still hate him that coz she is refusing but what does dadi means by if they have sorted thr differences she might be happy at the moment what it was …n y she is soo cold towards him ..

while dadi was cursing herself to have again put him into all this mess just coz she wanted to know about geet ..

Dadi Maa (st) : y ..y I always ends up hurting him ..humesha chahte hain ke maan ko kabhi koi takleef na hoo phir bhi humesha unki takleef …unki pareshaani ki waja ban jaate hain ….kya karein abb hum …jante thay ke preetie ke jaise nahi samajh sakte hum maan ko na hi geet ko ..par kabhi nahi chahte thay ke inki takleef ki waja banein …Cry

While she was cursing herself ..maan was lost in his thoughts remembering his dad's last words his reason to live …n then suddenly unintentionally a question came out of his mind …what his father wanted to say about aniee …what was it was it about aniee n geet's relation …what exactly was he wanting to say …

Maan : dadi  maa bhi kuch kehna chahte thay …aniee ke bare mien but nhi keh paaye ..that last time he went away saying something about GUDYA …

With this dadi maa came out of her turmoil n answered him removing her tear trails ..

Dadi Maa : nhi maan bete aniee nahi geet ….Yash kabhi kabhi pyaar se GEET ko gudya bolaya karte thay ..aniee ko nhi …

Now this was another shock for him …GUDYA was GEET …his father wanted him to take care of GEET …the was confused hell frustrated …trying to say something but words didn't came out of his mouth …all the things started flashing in front of him … that period when his father use to spent hours locked in one of KM's room …the countless moments he saw him staring at some picture albums …his eyes couldn't hold more n tears came out of his deep brown eyes …thinking of those last words from his father ..

APNI gudya ka khayal rakhna uss ko kabhi chot mat pohanchana beta wohh buhat nazok hai khayaal rakhoge na usska …aur ussko london se wapis aane ke baad HP kabhi mat jane dena …wohh log …unn ki parchayi tak mat parne dena uss par …humesha uss ka saath dena maan …buhat khayaal rakhna usska .. rakhoge na maan …meri Gudya ka khayaal rakhooge na …

The thought of not full filling his father's last wish made him hate himself …he was leaving with a single satisfaction till now that at least he is full filling his father's last wish but now what n were he stands ….he has done whatever his father wanted to … not that he suppressed his own feelings for it but that was what made him feel satisfied so he did all of it …n feeling of proud was thr in every second seeing KC on top of construction world ..knowing Dev is now on the path of success though he still don't considers KM as his own house but still he is happy for him n his success …the thought of Aniee being away from all the dangers he is facing made him feel relaxed but then just in a single second it all seems to be nothing …the single thought of geet being un happy made all his attempt of past soo many years seems to be nothing …just nothing ..

The flashesof geet's blank face came in front of his eyes ..making his soul spit bit by bit with every passing second …the moment when brij tried to hurt her made his anger rose to an exceptional level …n he broke the pic frame of his hanging on the wall bare handed .. making dadi horrified …n she approached him hurriedly ..

Dadi :  maan yeh kya kar rahe hain aap …dekhye kitna khoon bhe raha hai bete ..

Maan (frusted he freed his hand from her grip) : rehne dejeye dadi maa …I deserve it ..i deserve it big time …aaj tak apni zindagi iss satisfaction ke saath jee hai mene ke dad jahan kahin bhi hunge wohh khush hunge …KC ki success ..aniee ki hassi aur dev aur mere sahi hota relation unki khushi dega …par sab galat tha ..sab be-maine 
Jis insaan se unhoon ne sab se ziada pyaar kiya mene usko hi akele chor diya … dadi geet ne wohh kiya jo dad ne mujh se expect kiya tha ...aniee ka khayal rakha … 
par mene …Mene kya kara …geet ko akele chor diya ..

I failed dadi ..i failed ..

Dadi (crying) : nahi maan bete ..aap fail nahi ho ..bilkul bhi nahi humara bacha kabhi haar nahi sakta …
Apne who kiya joh yash bhi nahi kar paaye ..apni maa ki qatiloon ko saza dilaayi aapne ..
Appne KC ko uska muqaam wapis diya hai maan …aniee ko usski khushi di hai …jo pyaar aniee ko Yash se milna tha wohh aapne ussko diya hai …dev ke liye ek bare bhai hone ka farz nibhaya hai aapne …
Aap fail nahi hoo …

Maan : aur geet …uss ke liye kis ne kiya kara dadi ..wohh apne aap ko bhool kar aniee ke liye sab kuch karti rahi …aap ne kaha na aniee ko jo pyaar dad se milna tha wohh usko mene diya tou mom ki hissa ka pyaar aniee ne geet se paya hai r..
Par geet usko kya mila …pehle rano maa aur uncel gaye …phir mom aur dad …
Aniee ko geet ne sambhala …mujhe aapne 
But geet ko kisne sambhala dadi …kis ne
Kuan tha wahan jab geet ko zarorat thi …13 saal dadi ..13 saal hugaye mom ki death ko
Aap ko lagta hai ke sirf aniee ko hi uss support uss pyaar ki zarorat hugi …
Koi bhi rishta ..koi bhi insaan ek bache ki zindagi mien maa-baap ki kami poori nai kar sakta dadi …kabhi nahi …raat ke andhere mien wohh sukoon kahin nahi milta jo maa ki ghood mien milta hai …jab poori dunya aapko challenge kare tou wohh hosla kahin se nahi milta jo aapke dad aapko dee sakte hain …
Aniee yeh sab geet aur mujhse mila dadi …but geet ko kis ne diya yeh sab ..

Dadi ( seeing the pain n hurt of maan she stood rooted at her pace remembering her busy days in KC after yash's death when maan use to be alone at KM with nakul …realizing as to why maan is not comfortable sharing his thoughts with her ) : aapko bhi tou kabhi nahi mila yeh maan …naa maa ka pyaar na dad ka saath ..nahi dee paye hum aapko wohh pyaar …wohh suraksha ka ehsaas jo har bache ki zarorat hoti hai …

Indeed it was true ..though dadi has tried her best to be with maan after preetie's death but the disturbed life with Yash's drifting apart n KC's issues never let her concentrate on one thing fully …n that was the main reason maan never was soo close to her to share his thoughts n insecurities with her ….so only he left to London after Sam ditched him …not able to face it all …
But even than maan never let dadi feel soo he was mature enough to understand her plight …thus he always portrayed that he was fine ..masking his pain n longing for his parent with his rudeness n anger …
N now it was all clear for dadi listening to his painful words that he is saying his heart more than geet's plight …

While maan was still stuck with dadi's words n geet's eyes …the eyes which always depicted some pain which he was able to relate yet he didn't knew the reason of that pain .. but now he know …he know y he was able to relate to her pain ..y he always felt the belonging …y he felt those eyes carried some part of his pain …coz the reason was mutual …both had a harsh childhood …both had lost thr parents …the same pain the same source …the same life ..the same DARK FATE ..

Maan (recovering himself ..seeing the guilt filled eyes of his dadi in front he avoided looking at her ..) : dadi aapne kaha tha ke aap ko pata hai ke geet mujh se shaddi nahi karegi than …y
I mean y u made me meet her ..

Dadi ( removing the tear trail) : han yahi batana chahte thay aapko …maan yaad 2 saal pehle aap aniee ko wapis India lane ke London gaye thay ..

Maan : han but geet uss waqt mujhe mili nahi …but iss sab ka abb kya matlab ..i mean mien tou aniee ko 1 month mien hi wapis chor aaya tha London …
Aapko tou pata hai ..uss hi waqt 7 saal ki jail ke baad mom ka murderer jail se bahar aaya tha aur fir se wahi threats ..

Dadi : hmm jante hain aur iss hi liye aapne aniee ko wapis bhej diya tha aur khud bhi london mien hi thay 1 week tak …but aapko yeh nahi pata ke aniee jis din yahan se London gayi uss hi din geet wahan se India wapis aagayi thi ..

Maan : whatt ..!! par kyun …aur wohh aayi tou aniee ne wahan mujhe kuch kyun nahi kaha ..

Dadi : bete geet inte saloon mien aapke london kiye huye har visit par kyun aapse nahi mili woh tou geet hi janti hai aur aniee aapse kuch kyun nahi kaha iss ke jawab tou aniee hi dee sakti hai ..
magr aniee ne humien wahan puhanch call ki thi geet ke baare mien pouchne ke liye … magar Geet ke aane ke 3 din tak tou humien bhi nahi pata tha ke wohh yahan hai …Handa house call kiya tou unhoon ne bhi humien kuch nahi kaha …

Maan : par kyun …agar geet india mien thi tou unlogoon ne aapse kyun chupaya ..Angry

Dadi : yahi tou hum jann'na chahte hain maan ..unn 3 din mien geet ke saath jo kuch huya koi nahi janta …aur yeh hi aapko pata lagana hai ..Wink

so sorry this got prolonged ...Ouchwill end it in another short update typing it only ..will be updating may be 2morrow or may be on sunday ...Embarrassed

till than enjoy this n plzzz do let me know how did u all find this ..
as ur reviews r the only source for me to know if u all r getting the story ...Big smile

Luv Ya
Sobia ..Smile


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