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MG SS:The Dark Angel Of Fate **new thread added** (Page 7)

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Originally posted by inharika

hey luved ur ideaa...nd wud luv to read it as soon as its possible..soo cont soon..will b waiting eagerly nd once again...wud like to appreciate u fr a mindblowing fantastic idea..!!

thnk u soo much di ..Hug
i am soo happy that u liked my concept ..Embarrassed
hopefully u will like n appreciate the further story as well ...Smile
me here this time with some mysterious characters ...Wink
fingers crossed ...Ouch

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Originally posted by sobia4maaneet

Originally posted by mahimaneet

congrates for this new ss...i know u will rock this time tooClap


varsha di u r here na ...Big smile

grt i am posting part 1 ...Wink

in next 15 min ..Ouch

plsss zaror parhna ..Smile

n mujhe bata na MSK kaisa hai ...LOL
yahi hu...tum post karo...waiting to read itSmile...
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There comes many hurdles n problems in ones life …some fights with them …some runs away from them …

But all of them has one thing common …they share their pain …their problems …their worries … their tears with someone special …a person whom they trust ..

But what will happen to a person who never trusted anyone …who never shared their pain .. their worries … their problems with anyone …they both were like that …alike as an image in mirror n reality and different as a shadow n light ….

he was a light in her shell but she was a shadow …dark n empty ….

they made everyone happy around them ….he with his efforts …n with his support n care for all people around him …

and she did with her different antics …sometimes by mischieves …sometimes with jokes ….sometimes with her cute naughty talks ….

But both have concealed themselves …their heart n their feelings from everyone …

He always stood like a pillar for his family …a support for each n every member of his family …shielding them from the world ….giving them each n every happiness they wanted from their lifes ….for his grand-mother ..he was like a shoulder on which she can lighten every burden of her heart ….for his sister he was everything mother … father ..her support ...teacher …just the whole world …

But for him …thr was no one …he was living for his family …just to be there for them in each n every hurdle but for him thr was no one …

No one with whom he can share his pain ..his problems ….thr was no one in front of whom he can pour out his heart …he shared every happiness …each success of his life with his family …but was never able to share his pain …his tears with anyone ..

N she was always seen smiling ..giggling …laughing …making every one smile  but no one in this world got to know the pain behind that smile of hers' …

She was there for each n every person in her life to help them ….but never let anyone got to know even if she needs any help …n buried her every tears in side her heart … n lived her life like a cheerful…. ever happy person ….people who knew her use to say that being around her one could never be sad but they never got to know how much pain she was hiding from all of them just to make them believe that she is strong enough to handle it all …..n happy a lot to live ALONE …!!

Its Early Morning at 6:00 am ..
Khurana Mansion

A hand hunk drenched in sweat looking extremely sexy in his tracks…. toned body every inch shinning with the sweat …working out in the gym …Embarrassed

His six pack abs where making it clear that its his daily routine to work out like this …

He is disturbed by the beep of his blackberry signaling its mail in his inbox ..turned looking over his shoulder with his deep chocolate brown …he went towards the wooden table placed some steps away …

Noticed the time in his mbl …. Grabbing the towel n other accessories he made his way towards the exit of the gym …

Its 7:00 am by now ..

All the workers are high alert with the clock stucks at 7 ..since they know bye now thr boss will be out of his room for his daily jogging ..

As expected a young handsome male figure emerged from the entrance of KM wearing his track n vest ….taking a round of the huge mansion while jogging …

He ended up after a long time at the same spot …about to go inside the mansion but stopped seeing a sight in front of him ..which made him angry to thr core …

He made his way towards the main entrance of the mansion ….seeing thr boss coming to them the guards were rooted at thr place as if someone have made them statue ..

Some of them started shivering with the anger flickering in his eyes …

N next he was standing right in front of the guard n took the alchol bottle from his hand n threw it out of the mansion gate …

Person : agar dobara mujhe tumhare haath mien yeh nazar aayi …tou jo haal iss bottle ka hua wahi tumhara bhi hoga ..

Every one …..agar next time mene kisi ko bhi on duty sharaab ke saath dekha tou apne ghawoo ( village ) ka ticket khud katwalena …

With that he made his way inside the mansion …

After some time ….thr could be seen a hustle bustle in the kitchen of KM …which looks like a mini hall it self ..

NAKUL ( KM's head servant ….working from maan's dad's time …respects dadi n maan a lot …he is the only one from servants who has seen maan in his childhood … knows a bit about his nature so makes sure everything goes according to him in KM …maan trust him quite a lot with dadi …maan has a soft corner for him too ..)

Nakul : jaldi karoo tarun ..sundar…….. 8:00 bajne mien sirf 2 min baqi hain ….sahab neeche aajayein ge ..aur break fast table par nahi hoga tou sab ki shaamat aayigi ..

Tarun : arre nakul maan sahab koi machine hain jo time set kar do tou uss time par hi sab kaam karenge …agar hum 1 ya 2 min late hogaya tou kya hoga ..

Nakul : tarun tumhain yahan aaye 1 week hugaya ..iss 1 hafte mien tumne sahab ko ek baar bhi 8:00 baje se ek min pehle ya 8:00 baje ke ek min baad bhi aate dekha hai ..

Tarun : nahi par .

Tun tun ……
Lo gi 8 baj gaye …

N here comes the dashing …hearthrob perfectly dressed in his formal office attire … looking the most hottest hunk ever born ..
Descending the steps ..he made his way towards the dinning room ..

The huge dinning table was flooded with continental cousine …just as he likes ..nakul was standing beside the table ….

Person ( looked around ..standing beside the table n got a bit angry ) : dadi maa kahan hai ..?

Nakul ( fumbling n scared ) : ji wooh sahab …..dadi maa who ..dadi tou ..
Person : nakul mere paas poora din nahi hai ..

N before nakul could answer ….an elderly lady dressed elegently in a white saari came from behind with a thaal in her hand and offered aarti to the person standing in front of him …

The person took the aarti n bend down to take her blessings …Big smile

Lady : jete raheye MAANEmbarrassedEmbarrassed….aur humesha khush raheye …Wink

Maan : dadi maa ….aap kahan thi mien kitni dair se sab se pooch raha hoon par yeh log ..

Dadi Maa : maan bete aapke ghusse se tou khud bhagwaan bhi darr jaye ..tou phir yeh bechare aam insaan aapke saamne zubaan kaise khulte ..LOL

Maan : DADI MAA………….!!!!!!

Dadi Maa : acha chaleye abb kar lijeye ..nakul ye aarti ki thaal mandir mien rakh aaiye …..

Maan n dadi started having …

Maan : dadi aaj aapka monthly check up hai …plss aap 3:00pm tak hospital pohanch jayega ….mien aapko wahin miloonga ..

Dadi Maa : maan bete iss ki kya zarorat hai ..hum khud manage kar leinge …aap plss pareshaan mat huya kareye..

Maan : dadi maa ….aap har month yahi disscussion choro karti hain ..aur har month mera jawaab yahi hota hai that I am coming to the hospital n that's it ….aur iss baar bhi mien aaraha hoon aur aap bhi nakul ke saath hospital time par aajaye ga …

Dadi Maa : maan bete jante hain kabhi kabhi humien lagta hai ke hum aapki dadi nahi bulke aap humare dada hain …

Maan ( turning his head 2wards dadi …looking straight in her eyes ) : dadi maa aap janti hain …ke aap jab iss tarha ki bataien karti hain tou mujhe bhi kuch aesa hi lagta hai …

Dadi Maa ( slaps his hand lovingly ) : Maan ..!!

Maan : dadi enough of talks …aap jaldi se kar lijeye phir aap ko medicines de kar nikalta hoon …meri meeting hai 9:30 n uss se pehle kuch kaam bhi karne hain …

But our naughty dadi was eating her like an ants meal …just to avoid the medicines ..LOL
N here maan was watching her since 10 min finished with his ..

N then grabbed the spoon from her hand n started feeding her ..

Dadi Maa ( shocked with his act ) : maan ..( n he put the spoon full of pasta in her mouth ) … maan bete ye aap kya kar rahe hain …maan ye kya …( another morsel in her mouth ) ..

Maan : nakul jaldi se dadi maa ki medicines le kar aao …fast ..

Dadi Maa ( shocked ) : maan ye kya tha..

Maan ( smilling at the shocking expression of dadi ) : dadi u were right aap sach mien bachi hain ..

Dadi Maa : kya ..

Maan ( a slight smile was seen on his face ) :every single day u come up with some or the other attempt to avoid ur medicine ..n every day fails ..……Dadi maa …its been 20 years …jab se mien 5 saal ka tha tab se lekar aaj tak yahi hota aaraha hai n still u don't give up …

Dadi Maa : abb kya karein maan …humare bache ke chehre par yeh halki si hassi dekhne ke liye yeh sab karna parta hai na ….

Maan looks the other side grabbing his files …n stood up putting the mobile in his pocket while nakul came with the medicines ..

Maan : chaleye dadi maa aap jaldi se apni dawai le lijeye …so that I can leave to KC ..

After feeding dadi maa her medicine …he left pecking her forehead …

He sat in his Black BMW n came out of the parking of KM …his car was in the mid of 2 more cars of his bodygaurds ..

While dadi was sitting at the dinning table with tears …when nakul came to her ..
Nakul : kya hua maa ji ..aap aise ..phir se maan baba ke bare mien soch rahi hain .

Dadi Maa : han nakul pata nahi kab maan hum sab ke saath apne bare mien bhi sochna choro karenge ..16 saal pehle hum ne sirf apni bahu ko nahi balke apne pote ki muskaan ko bhi khoo diya …us waqt humne iss baat par dhyaan nahi diya …aur jab samaj aaya tab tak buhat dair hu chuki thi …

Nakul : aap fiqar mat kijeye ..sab theek hujaye ga …maan baba ki khushi ...unki hassi bhi wapis aayi gi bharosa rakhye maa ji ..

Dadi Maa : hum tou bas yahi dua karte hain ke upar wala humare bache ki zindagi mien kisi farishtey ko bhej de aur who humare maan ki hassi unki muskaan wapis le aaye ..
Nakul : hoga zaror hoga maa ji ..

Dadi : humien apni zindagi se aur kuch nahi chahiye …Yash ke jane ke baad maan ne office aur ghar aise sambhala ke humien kabhi kuch karne ki zarorat nahi pari ..par aaj maan ne apni poori zindagi sirf iss ghar aur bussiness ke naam kardi …apne baare mien tou jaise unhoon ne sochna hi chor diya hu ...hum bas unko khush dekhna chahte hain ..

Nakul : tou aap maan baba ki shaddi kyun nahi karwa deti …Embarrassed

Dadi Maa : kitne waqt se tou koshish kar rahe hain par maan mane tab na ..Ouch

Nakul : maa ji …ek aurat ke jaane se maan baba ne apni hassi kho di ..kya pata dosri ke aajane se unki khooyi huye khushi wapis aajaye ..aur unkii zindagi ko ek nayee disha mil jaye …

Dadi was still thinking what nakul said while he got engrossed in his work …


At 8:50 am Morning …

Every one is in the office by now ….the day started n for now every one is chit chatting with each other …some females r busy doing their make up …
N some of them r still in sleepy sessions ..


3 cars stopped in the parking lot of KC …n gaurds headed towards their boss's car to open the door for him …
n another headed towards the lift …

handing over his laptop to one of his gaurds …
maan made his way inside the lift along with 4 gaurds ..

n the gaurds at the entrance rush to buzz the sirene indicating the staff at 8th floor that THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA has entered the premises of KC ..

with the sound of sirene ..all the staff of KC started to run towards their respected places as if some strom is approching them ..

9:00am SHARP ..
The moment their boss entered in the office every one was froozen at his place … male members were shivering …sweating ..praying that 2day nothing goes wrong n they go home as the employee of KC ….rather than having his termination letter …

while the female staff was long lost Angry in the deadly ivatar of their hot boss ….wearing black skin fitted formal suit …

while maan was standing at the entrance ..removing his shades …giving an eye to every knook n corner of the office …

then headed towards his cabin ….

N stopped in his track in front of his CEO's cabin ..

Making every one hold their breaths …n then there was a perfect silence in the office of KC …which was broken by an echo of MSK's voice ….

Maan : where is ADI ….???

Then all eyes shifted to the other corner of corridor from where they saw a person coming in maan's direction running as if this is an olympics race n he is the last one …

The person was about to trip at maan but some how balanced himself n stood straight in front of his boss …

ADITYA SHARMA ..( CEO KC …son of khurana family's very old n loyal employee …maan's most trusted man …his college mate n only friend n well wisher …but still a bit scared of MSK's temper ..likes pinky but doesn't want to accept his feelings …)

Adi : goo…ood Moor..nning Sirr.rr
Maan : in my cabin within 2 minutes ..

The whole staff siged in relief since for a change maan didn't scolded someone in the morning it self ..n every1 started their work properly knowing they will be fired even for a slightest mistake …

In Maan's Cabin ..

Maan calls his secretary ..

PINKY MANCHANDA( Same as GHSP ….just a bit mature ..n hell scared of maan's temper cant even say a singel line properly infront of MSK ..having a liking towards Adi …but nothing much clear in her pea size brain .. )

Maan : pinky meri appointment dairy ke saath cabin mien aao ..

Pinky : Sirr ..

On the other side pinky was clearing the messed up table due to the fact the moment her extension rung she spilled all the chips in her hand in fear… which she was munching at that time …

Pinky : babaji plzz aaj bacha lena …DD ke mood ka kuch pata nahi hota kab mujhe fire kar dienge …aur unki aankhien sachi dekhni ki himat hi nahi hoti ….par looks par tou poori ki poori flat hoon mien ….( she giggiled a bit ) …aap ne bhi na dunya mien unke jaisa ek hi banaya hai ….tab hi tou office ki saari girls unko Dhak Dhak kehti hain …surely aaj bhi sab ki saansien zaror rukh gayi hoon gi DD ki entry par …thank god mien cabin mien thi …..

Maan's Cabin

Maan : Adi Chopra Cons. Firm Ki kya report hai ..have u contacted Sasha regarding it ..

Adi : yes Sir ..sasha is having a good look over the architect department n I am also leaving by evening to mumbai …since we have recently over taken that firm it needs a lot of amendments at staff n management level to match its working efficiency like KC ..

Maan : fine adi ..appoint people in every depart u want ..but within 2 weeks I want it all done since after that I want to offially annouce Chopra cons. 2 be merged with KC ..

Adi ; right sir ..

Maan : n what about the progress of khanna's project …we need to finish it this month ..

Adi : its going good sir n we will complete it by the dead line for sure ..

Maan : grt u may leave n get me the budget file of Gudhgao Project ..

Just then pinky entered n they both met at the door step of maan's cabin ..they smiled at each other while adi was just looking at her gazing her like a weirdo …to which pinky felt a bit shy then they both remembered whr they R ……..

Before moving 4ward pinky gestured adi asking him about MK's mood …while adi smiled n assured her that all iz well …

Maan saw thr silent talks n shook his head at the snail speed of his friend in his own love story …

Pinky came in greeted mk Gud Morning ..

Maan : pinky tell me the schedule for the week ..
Pinky : MK wooh …u …

Maan : I am listening ….pinky ..speak up ..
Pinky : MK wo..oh …. u have a …

Maan : pinky stop stampering …can u for once answer my question without stampering ..

Pinky : sor….rryy MK wooh ………..ill tell u ….

U have a meeting with XYZ client at 9:30am …then u said u want to disscuss some points for the new project with the engineers so they r coming by 12:00 noon ..n then at 5:00pm u have a meeting with our new client regarding the project disscussion ..
omorrow u have a flight at 9:00am to MUMBAI in account of the Best Business Man Of The Year award ceremony ..after that there is a press conference …then their r certain meetings lined up over thr..
Then after that Thursday evening u have a flight to London …n all the preparation for u both is being made over thr ..
The schedule went onn n onn for the week …so was maan's day ….
At 2:30pm maan made his way out of the cabin …

But stopped when he saw a girl reading a fashion magazine …
Maan called that girl …

Maan ( in a stern voice ) : whats ur name …??
Girl ( scared ) : reena ..Reena Malhotra ..

The girl was already tremling standing in front of MK …seeing the angered expression on his face just made her shiver all the more …

Maan ( in the most dangerious tone making every one stop in their works ) : okiee tou Miss Malhotra ..i suppose aapko yahan par buhat bore hu raha hai ..after all koi kaam tou hai nahi karne ko …tab hi tou aap office hours mien fashion magazine parh rahi hain …
Tou ek kaam karte hain ..aapko poori tarha se free kar dete hain …from now on wards u r free 2 read those crap whenever u want ….but before that account departs se apna last salary cheque aur HR se apna termination letter zaror pick kar lena

Reena : plss sir ..i am sor..

Maan ( gave a deadly glare to shut her ) : talk when u r asked to talk …Clap

All the staff was pittying that girl ….n now prayer for their job safety knowing after KC thr will be no job left for them in Indian Construction Firms  ...

While maan's anger was on top …seeing such a negligence towards the work in his own office …
ROMEO ..(Same as GHSP …no change total flirt ..but bit efficient when it comes to work knowing KC's standard …)

Maan ( roared making every one shiver ) : ROMEO ….iss larki ka termination letter tyaar karwaoo n tell adi to sign it n make sure all the dues r cleared within 1 hour …I dont want to see her in office after coming back …did u get that ..!!

The girl was bye now in tears …but didn't dare to speak a single word infront of MSK seeing his temper …

Maan turned toward the other staff while all the yes which were till know stucked on them were lowered in fear …seeing the angry MSK ..

Maan : I think I have to remind u all that I am paying u to do the work rather than waisting the time n making my company suffer …KC pays each n every1 of u the best amongs all the cons. Companies just coz I demand nothing less than perfect from u all ..n if u think u have better things rather than doing the work than feel free to give me ur resignation letters …

With that he swent out of the office hell frustrated ….n stood infront of his car …coz his guard was late to open it as he couldn't match with MSK's camel foot steps ..

He got in giving an angry glare to that guard n made his way towards the Hospital ..
After dadi's check up maan went back to his office …
While dadi was having some meeting with the officials of the NGO she is heading at the moment ..

The day went normal with maan engrossed in his work n dadi in her NGO meetings ..

Its 11:00pm KM
Maan came back to km n met nakul at the door step …

Maan : nakul dadi ne khana khaya ..
Walking towards his room …

Nakul : gi maan baba maa ji ne kha liya ..

Maan : aur dawai ..

Nakul : who bhi mene apne saamne khila di ..
Baba aapke liye khana laga doon ..

Maan : umm ..buhat raat hugayi hai ..tum jao soo jao ..ill do it myself ..

Nakul : par baba aap thak gaye ….
He stopped in front of his room's door n glared back at nakul …

Maan : go

After changing into his vest n tracks he came down to have a check on dadi …so goes in dadi's room felt relief seeing her sleeping peacefuly ..tucking the duvet properly he made his way out of her room …

He was in kitchen after having his dinner ALONE …grabbing a glass n water …he was standing beside a small dinning table placed thr ..

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nice start...
waiting for nxt part...

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