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MG SS:The Dark Angel Of Fate **new thread added** (Page 35)

sobia4maaneet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 October 2012 at 4:04am | IP Logged

hi friends ..
hws u all ..?
hopefully no one is getting boared here with this chatter box aniee ..
sorry i know i am again very late with this but kya karoon i cant help it ..mere coaching wale (geet ki language mien) poore ke poore dusht danav hain ..
kal bhi physics ka test hai here to update with physics notes in my lap ...

well chaddo parhai ki batien ..

just wanted to say this story may be u all will find it difficult to relate with CS description n the way characters behaive but thats coz in CS they r described as they pretend to be for outer world ..
people all i can say is Handa house is not what it seems to be ..
so plss be patience as our DARK ANGEL has many many secrets in her life ..
which i will reveal but as the story will proceed till then plss plss plsss be patient n enjoy this lovely chatter box aniee n our very own mysterious maaneet ..

hope u will be with me here like FIL ..Big smile

plss reader do let me know what u all r thinking about this story as i have never written anything like this its my 2nd SS only so really gets scared if i am potraying it correctly Ouchn the story i a real twisty one so plsss let me know ur reviews over this one ..Smile

lastly thanks to each n every1 who liked n comments for the previous update ...

luv ya all ..

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now here is the update ..
hopefully u all will enjoy this ...

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shabnam22 Goldie

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Posted: 07 October 2012 at 4:09am | IP Logged
just read all parts n its amazing,...

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sobia4maaneet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 October 2012 at 4:44am | IP Logged
plss do read the above post ...

The Dark Angel Of Fate ..!!


Maan heard the same voice was standing confused ...involuntarily his heart beat rose ..remembering the previous events ...n just then aniee opened the door n barged in running hugged geet tight n geet also reciprocated the hug ...while in the whole senario maan was standing stunned seeing the same girl in front of him he was gapping at in Mumbai's beach ...

Dressed in typical indian attire ..unlike her dress up in mumbai ... hairs neatly tied up in a plat make up as usual but still her natual beauty was enough to make the MSK drool over her...

Aniee was hugging geet ..swinging around ...repeating the same words nth times ...

Aniee : I missed u I missed  u ...i missed u sooo much ..

Coming out of the trance ...Maan saw her sister and was amused to see her soo happy ..he never saw aniee jumping like that ...soo much happiness was evident from her big smile ...

N then his gaze shifted to geet's face hw was having tears in her eyes ...closed eyes hugging aniee tight like she was afraid of something ...

N next moment he saw geet wiping her tears n loosen the hug cupping aniee's face ..n with a big smile on her face ...she said

Geet : I missed u too sweeto ...kaise ho ...

Maan was amazed with the change in her tone ...non can say she was in tears ...soo emotional a minute before ...

Aniee : lair ...u missed me han ..!! then y the heck did u left london like that... I wont talk to u ...pata hai kitna akeli hogayi thi mien wahan...

Geet ( holding her ears n making a puppy face ) : sorry par mujhe aana para ...maaf kardo pluuuejjj ...

While maan's face curved into a soft almost un-visible smile seeing that cute facial expression on her face ...

Aniee : who sab baad mien pehle tum maan bhai se millo ...after all yeh aap dono ki hi tou official meeting hai ...

Geet's gaze shift to the person standing on the door step of her room ...with a confused look ...

While aniee took him inside the room infront of geet ...

Aniee : chalo now I am leaving ...who kya kehte hain ...umm ermmm
Han Kabab Mien Haddi ...right mujhe kabab mien haddi nahi banna ...LOL
Bye guyz ..

Saying she left the room leaving behind maan n geet in an awckward silence ..

After quite sometime maan tried started the convo the his rude impression to the person standing in front of him...

Maan : how to u know aniee ..??

Geet : umm ..we were together in london ...

Maan : tum tou mumbai mien ...i mean Chopra cons mien ...par tumhare family ki batoon se tou nahi lagta that they even know if u were in mumbai ...

Giving the answer in equally arrogant cold manner ...with the same reason to give a wrong impression ..

Geet : u guessed it right ...unko nahi pata ke mien yahan nahi rehti ...coz I dnt like people interfering in my life n u know darji well enough ...i love my freedom ...n that's coz I am living in Mumbai ..away from this suffocating family atmosphere ...

Maan was taken  back with her answer n her cold behaviour ...he supposed her to be a nyc family girl since dadi maa has choosen her moreover the way her family was potraying her character ...but here she is saying like that ...

Maan : so u dnt like joint family ..or staying with in a restricted family rule atmosphere ..

Geet : not at all ...I said I am a person of my own rule book ...I cant follow others rule ...

The curiosity in maan was building with each passing second ...may this would have made sense for him if he didn't saw her in mumbai ...or may be not ...he was not sure of what to think ...the person standing in front of her was an enigma ...a complete puzzle which he was not able to solve but still ...still thr was a part of her which he could relate to ...a strange feeling which was pulling him towards her from the very first time when he saw her ...not able to his confusion maan asked her...

Maan : then y are u here ..since ur each n every word is clearing the fact that u are not inteested in this marriage at all ..then y ...

Now geet was standing still for a brief moment ...she knew she can't give the real reason ..she will never be able to make him understand or tell the whole truth but still she have to give an answer to his question ...leaving a big sigh she stated...

avoid the tears in this pic ..geet is cold n hard at this moment ...

Geet : look its ...its just that ...i know ...i very well know u r a person with whom, any girl would want to be ...marrying the business tycoon is the dream of all indian girls but i don't think I am the right girl for u ...hope u understand what I am trying to say ...

Maan : hmm but why do u think so ...Shocked

For a second thr was a complete silence thr eyes met n geet was confused with his choice of words firstly he was sounding quite rude n casual n now he is asking such a question ...while maan was still trying to figure out whats going in the back of her mind some how he was not satisfied with what she was saying n in a trance he asked this ... moreover he felt that thr is a lot more hidden in her behaiviour n her family's attempts to fix this alliance impressing him was rising a lot of questions in his mind ...just not wanting to let it go without getting to know the real reason ...

Maan : u know what geet ..i am actually impressed with our honestly n your frank opinion ...the way u didn't pretended what u r not ...but still I guess thr is a lot more to know than what u r telling me ...

N before the conversation goes further Brij came in to get maan n geet down for the dinner ...

Maan was sitting with all the other members n going through the formal talks when he saw ...geet descending down from the stairs with covered head which was casted down ...walking along with Brij having a tight n may be a rough hold on her hand he guessed ..

He was still confused with the transition he was seeing in geet...

First he saw her in mumbai at the beach ...he thought of her as a modern mumbai girl type ...( mumbai ki thikhi mirchi )
Second he met her on his way where she saved a boy ..who was no one for her but still she risked her life of him ...he saw a kind n caring side of her ...his opinion changed for her be a good kind hearted girl...
Then he was amused to see her in the interview where she presented herself as a highly professional personal ...her CV was quite impressive ...n the way she answered his questions was commendable...

But then now ..what happened ...y she is behaiving like that infront of her own family when a minute ago she was quite frank n confident enough to say her POV infront of him ...then y she is behaiving like this ...completely opposite to herself...
Head down ..eyes are glued to the ground ...serving the food without even meeting my eye ...what is going here ..why don't her family know about her job in mumbai ...y she is hiding all this...

Engrossed in the questions which were pocking in his mind ...he was observing her every move ...then he saw her sitting b/w aniee n dadi ...

N dadi gave a tight hug to her ...which she reciprocated in the same manner ...he saw a tear lingering on the edge of dadi's eye ...but cld not see geet's expression since her back was towards him at the moment of hug ...

He was confused with the bond she was having with the 2 most important persons in his life ...first aniee n now dadi ...

Just the he got a call n went at a corner ...n stood rooted seeing geet in tears her eyes were trailing off the long held tears he can see her ...her eyes ...he was standing thr as if hypnotized with the look in her hazel ..thr was soo much pain ..but the reason he cannot relate to ...but still something was disturbing him ..may be the fact that he didn't knew about her relation with the dadi n aniee or may be coz of her confused behaviour ...maan was thinking various reason of his restlessness when They parted from the hug broking his trance  n maan got engrossed in the call with adi ...

She was in a tight hug with dadi ...crying mutely with a smile on her face ..she loosen the hug wiping the tear trails from her face ...completely like nothing happened ..
Yet again Non can say seeing her that she was crying in the hug ...her eyes were again blank like before ...

Dadi Maa : itne waqt hum se nahi milli ...baat tak nahi ki ...ek baar bhi yaad nahi aai aapko humari ...

Geet : dadi ...aap tou sab janti hain ..
Dadi Maa : acha yeh sab chor ye ...yeh batayi aap kaisi hain ...itne time ke baad mil rahe hain aapse ...halat tou dekhye apni ...kaisa chehra hugaya hai ...bilkul ronak nahi hai ...lagta hai palavi humari bachi ka bilkul khayaal nahi rakhti ...kyun palavi ..

Palavi : maa ji yeh mauqa de tu hum iss ka khayaal rakheenge na ..
Dadi Maa : geet aise nahi chalega ...agar aap aesa karengi tou hum aapki maa ko kya jawaab denge ...akhir humien bhi tou jana hai ek din unke paas ...
Geet ( hugging dadi ) : dadi plss ...aesa mat kaheye ...aap humesha yahin rahiengi ..mere saath ..

Dadi Maa ( smiling in the hug ) : iss hi liye tou hum aapko humesha ke liye apne saath le jane aaye hain ...

Hearing that geet immediately loosen the hug ...

Seeing the smiling face of dadi ...she just didn't know hw to say that she is not at all willing to marry ...after seeing the glint n happiness in dadi's eyes ...n next blow was from aniee ..when she hugged geet from back ..

Aniee ( incirciling her neck from back ) : han geetu ...imagine u'll be my Bhabi ..waoo it sounds soo good ..abhi tou mien sirf akeli hoon ..tumhare aane ke baad hum dono mil ke bhai ko control karienge ...aur inka yeh jo 24/7 office schedule hai na uss ki poori band bajayein ge ...right ..

Listening to all the talks filled with soo much aspirations geet couldn't dare to say anything but just smile meekly...

Palavi : mien maan ki liye coffee lekar aati hoon uss ne chai nahi pee na ...geet bete aao mere saath ..

n next geet went away with palavi to prepare coffee ..but delibrately she added extra amount of sugar in maan's cup of coffee ..

Palavi : geet yeh kya kar rahi hoo ..

Geet : wahi jo mujhe karna hai ...

Palavi : geet dekh samajh-dari se kaam le bete plss yeh sb chor iss ko ..

but geet went away snapping her hand off from her shoulder n then served him whr he was standing talking with the clients ...n went away knowing he can't have a more than a sip n thats what happened with maan after the very first sip ..

after a while of talking n palavi interrupted ...

Palavi : umm who maa ji ...kafi waqt hugaya ..khana tyaar hai ..tou mien dinner lagwadeti hoon agar koi problem nahi hai ..

Darji : han bilkul puttar ...baqi ki batien hum khane ke baad hi kar lete hai ..kyun behenji ..

Dadi Maa : ji bhai sahab theek hai ...waise yeh maan kahan hain ..

Brij : o ji wooh unke paas koi phone aaya hai tou baat kar rahe hain...

Dadi Maa : yeh maan bhi na ...

Aniee : dadi ..ek kaam karte hain na hum sab chalte hain dinner ke liye ..maan bhai call ke baad humien join kar lien ge ...
Darji : nahi puttar koi baat nahi hum maan bete ka intezaar kar lien ge ...

Dadi Maa : nahi bhai sahab aniee theek keh rahi hai ..maan ki call tou pata nahi kab khatam hu ...waise hi buhat waqt hugaya ..humari batoon mien pata hi nahi chala aur khana bhi thanda hu raha hai ...tou plzz maan ki waja se intezaar mat kejeye ...hum jaante hain aapko jaldi khane ki adat hai ..tou plzz aap hum log ki waja se takleef mat kijeye ...

Palavi : tou phir aaye chaliye sab khana khate ...

Geet ek kaam karoo tum maan ko inform kardo ke wooh call khatam karke aajayeinge ..Big smile

Geet ( lost in her trance how to make dadi understand about her POV ) : fine ..

Geet was moving towards the exit of hall where maan was present ...n brij followed her with anger visible on his face ..which didnn't go un-noticed by aniee ..

Where as maan just finished his discussion with adi ...

Geet was stepping towards the exit of the hall n maan was entering in the hall ..busy in texting ...

Geet saw maan coming so she stopped at her place but maan didn't see her since he was engrossed in his Blackberry ...

Walking at a fast pace he saw geet standing in front of him N suddenly his leg stuck in the rag n he lost his balance n falls on geet making her loose her balance ...swinging around in each others embrace...Embarrassed

She was about to fall on the ground but suddenly felt two strong arms enveloping her ...securing her from hitting the hard ground ..Embarrassed

Mahi ve ...Mahi ... Mahi ve ...Embarrassed

She was having her eyes closed with the fear of falling ...while maan was lost in her simplicity ...he was staring at her face endlessly ...observing every curve of her face ...her natural beauty ...there was nothing artificial about her ...her fearful face was looking soo innocent ...the single strand of her hair resting on her face ...

Her eyes ...omg her eyes ...the moment she opened them ..he was again surrounded with the feeling of belongingness ...don't know y but he always find some kind of attachment with the pain he is seeing in her eyes it's a part of him she is carrying with her ...

Lost in his own trance he made her stand ...without removing his hands from his waist .. he was stairing straight in to her eyes trying to read them ..trying to reason the pain he always witness in her eyes ...

But soon his trance got broken with the un-comfortable look in her eyes ...which was due to their proximity ...he realized n moved away taking 2 steps backward ..

Maan ( hesitant with what he did ) : ummm ...who ..actually I was engrossed in something n didn't saw u ...

Geet : its okiee ...wooh sab log aapka dinner par wait kar rahe hain ..

Maan ( avoiding her gaze ) : umm ya okiee ..

Geet : dinning room hall ki left side par hai ...

Maan went away in the guided direction skipping the ackward situation ... While geet was about to move but was stopped by a fuming Brij ..
Who grabbed her elbow n dragged her out of the main door entrance ...

Outside house ..
Brij is scolding geet because he thinks geet delibrately embraced maan 

how about brij getting beaten by maan ...Big smile

hopefully u all liked this one very nervous seeing the response on both FIL n here ...y u all r making this ur sutela SS ..

PLZZZ PLZZZ DO HIT LIKE BUTTON N COMMENT really motivates me ...Smile

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suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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loved it

i love the fall actually

and waiting fr brij dhulaiii

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sobia4maaneet IF-Dazzler

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grrr IF ne poore font ke band baja di ..

sorry friends ...

chalo hugaya theek enjoy reading n do give me ur response ...Smile

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sobia4maaneet IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by shabnam22

just read all parts n its amazing,...

i am soo glad u liked it ..
hopefully u will like the further story as well

thnxx for all the liking n appreciation ..
enjoy reading PART 5 ...Smile

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shabnam22 Goldie

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awesome...brij ki dhulai...yes yes yes mujhe dekhna he...jab dekho tab geet pe chillate rehta he...n my dear tum ku6 bhi karlo maan to haan hi kahega...

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