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MG SS:The Dark Angel Of Fate **new thread added** (Page 22)

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Originally posted by dreamymishti88

awesome part dear
loved it
intresting precap
waiting for next
thanx for pm

thnks a lot for all the support liking n appreciation ..

glad u liked my word ...

hope u will like the further story as well ...Smile

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Originally posted by drrose31

thnks a lot for all the support liking n appreciation ..

glad u liked my word ...

hope u will like the further story as well ...Smile
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Originally posted by monikaseth

awesome update 

thnks a lot for all the support liking n appreciation ..

glad u liked my word ...

hope u will like the further story as well ...Smile
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Originally posted by dazzlingdivz

ooo sheeshhh Maan ka past is tooo sad
iss kamina kutti sameera jaiso ki to main
he still remembers his mum in alone...but 2 ladies?? ek to mum  dusri??
dadi is a spice to his fiki pasta life *but even i luv pasta* LOL
aowww how much he should have waiting
aowww hehehe usne ushi manesh ka band baja dala jiske paas sameera isko ditch kar k gayi thi
i luvv it
aowww the way he answered reports wass tooo good i just love him do u know??
aowww he is a darling
the dairy writing was sad
but angel part was too cute
it happens daily and we forget daily whom we met and whom we dint!!
but he remembered her
that was tooo cute na
but uski angel ki life main kya hua hai?? why is she sad?? n itne badi duniya main she lives all that age as well??

angel aka Geet ki sweeto annie hi hai na ??

aowww i love the part where Maan again got lost in his angel and in his cutie, who seemed hwter then before now LOL

usne uss bande ka jo haal kia Maan darr gaya na LOL issilie bhaag gaya
and then
Geet Handa joing Chopra which is gonna get taken over by KC
woop woop waiting!!

truly dadi is the spice of his fiki life but the sweetner is yet to come Divz ...Wink
hmm may be maan darr gaya hoo humari punjabi sherni se ...LOL
but then u never know what comes from my mind ...

thnks a lot for all the support liking n appreciation ..

glad u liked my word ...

hope u will like the further story as well ...Smile
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hi friends back with my dark angel ..Big smile
hope i am not make u al boar with this ..Ouch
as the no. of likes are quit dis-appointing ..Cry
anyways ...sorry to all those who were waiting ..
here it is ..
The Dark Angel Of Fate ..!!


Coming out standing in front of the mirror combing her hairs ….

Girl : so Miss. Geet Handa now starts a new battle of life …ab apne poorane flirt boss se bachne ke liye aapne job tou chor di …par new job dhundni pare gi ….Chopra's ki offer achi hai …mien short list bhi hogayi hoon …now hope ye final interview bhi theek thak hojaye waise tou I didn't like that cheap show off girl taking my interview but still ….dekhte hai what more life has in its store for me ….

After an hour …its 8:30 by now maan is moving out of his house towards his office ….

On the way maan was engrossed in his file with Adi beside him …then suddenly the car stopped with a jerk as a small kid came infront of his car …n a girl saved him risking her life …

Maan : kya hua ..aise gari kyun roki ..

Driver : sir who ek bacha saamne aagaya ..

Maan : whatt ..!!

N maan along with adi got off the car to see the situation …n saw a girl n red coloured short kurti with jeans n a scarf around her neck dressed quite decently …was holding a 7 yrs old boy checking if he is fine …

He came forward n saw the same girl he was stairing at 4 almost half an hour on the beach …n again got lost in her simplicity ….don't now how anyone can look soo beautiful without even single layer of make …her eyes are so familiar …like I have seen them some where… they are just like her ……just like Angel …!!!

Angel …….how the hell could I compare anyone to her ….god what Is happening to me …frustrated with his own behaiviour he was about to yell on top of his voice when he heard the same melodious voice blessing his ears …

Geet : I am sorry …I know bache ki galti hai ..i am sor…

Maan ( snapped out in frustration with his own thoughts of compairing her with his angel ) : Bache ki nahi tumhari galti hai ..agar sambhal nahi sakte tou kyun apne saath lekar aate hoo bachoon ko ..

Geet : excuse me …ye mera beta ya koi relative nahi hai …

Adi ( giving his signature smile ) : ehe ..he .ehe …he …..tou aap ye kehna chahti hain ke aapne apni jaan khatre mien daal kar ….iss ki jaan bina kisi rishtey ke bachai hai …

Geet : insaaniat bhi ek rishta hota hai ..

While maan was looking the other way guilty n frustrated on his behaiviour n the way his mind n body started reacting with her around….

N then a lady came running …..hugging the child n that's when they all got to know that the lady is actually the mother of that boy …

Maan made his way back to the car to proceed…. while geet there stood astonished by the rude n un-usual behaiviour of this stranger …she was atleast expecting a sorry after such rude words from him …

but then she shuddered the thoughts n after giving a good healthy lecture to the parents she made her way towards Chopra Construction since today was her final interview ….

On the other hand maan was continuously engrossed in the thoughts of that stranger whom he is meeting at different notes since morning n in every encounter he founds her a completely different person …
His thoughts were broken by the hesitating voice of Adi ..

Adi : sirr.rr we have reached Chopra Construction ..

It was then Maan saw his gaurds standing in front of him opening the car door …

He stepped out with attitude oozing out of his every step then he saw a girl outside the main door of the office standing infront of a small mandir across the road with closed eyes covered head …hands folded praying to the Almighty ….her simplicity was something to which he was attracted ….thr was nothing magical in any of thr meeting yet it all seems to be soo different with her around ….

He was again standing lost in the sight …the way she was standing in front of the idol n a single strand of her hair flickering with the breeze …making her look divine …

Her face looked soo innocent ..calm n pure if she was some angel descended from heaven ….

Adi came to his side of car and accident-ly bumped into him which broke his trance n he shot an angry glare to him n went inside the office followed by the guards n Adi …looking at her one last time …

Geet went in the office n was informed to wait since thr is still 15 min left for the interviews to start…

N maan was in the confrence room checking the past history of Chopra Cons. Firm with his staff member n Architect department head Sasha Talwaar …

Sasha Talwar …..Old Munchi's Daughter ….a sharp minded professional girl working with KC since 4 years …have tried every way to seduce maan n get a place in his life …but failed miseribely n now is in a relationship with maan's ex-client Tanmay Raheja …

Receptionist came to remind sasha about the interviews to be taken in next 10 min. for the Architect department of this new company over taken by KC …

Since Architect depart. Is an important part of a Construction company n interviews were of the 10 short listed designers Maan decided to sit with Adi n Sasha in the Interview panel …

After taking interview of the first 6 candidates out of which maan has already rejected 4 straight away it was Geet's turn to be in ….

Dressed in the most decent way …she entered in the interview room ..with confidence oozing out of her every gesture introduced herself but for the first 2 min of her introduction maan was lost in her simplicity yet again ….n was observing the straight look of her …unlike other female candidates …who were almost ready to throw them in front of him ….or some others which were looking like a make ki dukaan …

She was different from all the other girls …no make up show off …nothing cheap grossy about her ….she was looking uterly elegent in her simple attire with just a dark coal in her big hazels making them more prominent ... her hairs half tied up … she was in the most professional manner one could present herself …

geet's dress ..
imagine a scarf around her neck ..

Maan was impressed n his eyes didn't go un-noticed by Sasha who delibretely dropped her file down on the floor which made maan came back to reality n found her answering Adi's question ….

The interview went well with sasha's difficult questions n adi's professional queries which she answered very well but then now its Maans' turn to start his rapid fire round …

Sasha was happy to see maan behaiving with her like that an shooting such difficult question while Adi was holding his breath since he was really impressed by geet ….least did he knew maan has already made up his mind to appoint her just that he was testing her knowledge n waiting for the moment when she will give a wrong answer but that never happened n the questions answer session continued for next 15 min then 

Adi sighed in relief seeing its dadi maa calling Maan n he got up leaving the trio in the room ….

In Maan's Cabin

Maan : dadi maa …mien tou kal aane hi wala tha ….phir aap mujhe aese itni achanak aane ko kyun keh rahi hain …sab theek hai na ..

Dadi Maa : ji han maan sab theek hai …bas hum ne kaha na aap abhi ka abhi delhi wapis aajaye ye humien aap se buhat zarori kaam hai …

Maan : par aise kaise dadi …aap janti hain meri meeting aur upar se aniee ki zid bhi tou aapko pata hai …agar usko lene nahi gaya tou phir naraaz hujaye gi …aur London jaane se pehle mujhe yahan ka kaam khatam karna hai ……..aap bataye tou sahi kya hua hai ..

Dadi Maa : ye acha hai maan Aniee ke liye aap kuch bhi karoo ge …par hum keh rahe hain tou apni ek meeting chor kar nahi aa sakte …

Maan : dadi maaa ………!!
Plss ye dialogue marna band kejeye aur mujhe saaf saaf bataye ke baat kya hai …

Dadi Maa : hum ne keh diya …tu bas keh diya aap aaj shaam se pehle wapis delhi aarahe hain …aur iske aage humien kuch nahi sunna ..

Saying soo dadi ended the call ….n maan called adi to do all the arrangements since he needs go back to delhi …knowing it very well what dadi would do if he didn't oblige ..

Skipping her medicines n making her health go worst which he didn't wanted at any cost..

So Maan went back to Delhi at the earliest …

Here Geet just came out of Chopra Cons. Office n her mobile buzzed n the call was from her Chachi …..

Palavi Handa ( whome geet use to call Chotti Maa ..loves her very much but cant go against her husbands word at any cost ..had a love marriage with Raghav Handa ….currently living in Delhi …a modern soft hearted person …loves her family very much n even respected geet's parent alot )

Palavi : hello geet bete ..kaise ho aap ..?

Geet : namaste chotti maa …mien bilkul theek hoon …par aapne aaj achanak call kaise kiya ..??

Palavi : gudya aise kyun bol rahi hai …acha who sab chor mene tickets bheje hain tum next flight se Delhi wapis aajao ..

Geet : kya ..par kyun aur aaj achanak aesa kya hugaya …aap ache se jaanti hain mien delhi nahi aane wali …

Palavi : geet baat ko samajhne ki kushish karo bete …Darji aur Brij Hoshyarpur se delhi aarahe hain aaj shaam ko …aur tum jaanti ho agar brij ko pata chal gaya ke tum yahan humare saath nahi rehti …tou who phir se tumhain wapis HP le jane ki kushish kare ga aur iss barr koi nahi rok paye ga ussko …

Geet : par chotti maa …aap ache se jaanti hain mene ghar kyun chora ..phir bhi aap ..

Palavi : plss geet 2 –3 din ki baat hai …phir tou tum wapis chali jana …mien baat karloon gi tumhare chachu se ….par abhi ke liye plzzz aaja bache ……mere liye

Geet : fine …..sirf aapke kehne ki waja se …….par yeh aakhri baar hai …iss ke baad mujh se kuch expect nahi kareye ga chotti maa plss …..

Palavi : mien jaanti hoon geet bacha tujhe yahan aake kitnii takleef hugi ..par agar aaj tu nahi aayi tou brij tujhe iss bhi ziada takleef mien daal dega aur who mien nahi chahti …iss liye plss tou jaldi se wapis aaja ..

5pm Geet reached Delhi n made her way to Handa House ……..

While on the other hand in Khurana Mansion…. maan was in heated argument with dadi since 2 hours …

Maan n dadi are present in hall maan is standing facing his back to dadi trying to control his anger …..

Maan : plss dadi mien aapse keh chuka hoon mujhe shadi nahi karni …

Dadi Maa : maan zindagi aese nahi guzaari jati bete hum bhi aapne bachoon ko khush dekhna chahte hain  …

Maan : dadi maa plss mien pechle 2 saal se aapko yehi samjha raha hoon ..mien khush hoon apni life mien aur mujhe kisi aur ki zarorat nahi hai ….

Dadi Maa : maan hum aapki dadi hain aur buhat ache se jaante hain ke aap kitne khush hain aur kitne dukhi …aapke papa ki death ke baad se hum ne aapke chehre par kabhi sachi muskurahat nahi dekhi aur rahi sahi kasar uss Sameera ne poori kardi …

Maan : dadi bas kijeye ..itne saal guzar chuke hain uss baat ko ...aur aaj ki date mien mere liye un poorani batoon ka koi matlab nahi ….koi ihmeyat nahi rakhti who yaadien aur uss larki ki who baatien mere liye ….mien aapni life aur apni family ki khushiyoon mien khush hoon …

Dadi maa : kaash jo aap keh rahe hain who sach hota ……..maan hum jaante hain ke sameera ke baad aapka pyaar aur shaadi se yaqeen hatt gaya hai par bete ek bura experience life mien sab relations ka aanth nahi hota ….

Dadi Maa : maan zindagi akele nahi guzaari jaa sakti …kisi na kisi morr mar ek saathi ki zarorat parti hai jo aapko samjhe ….aapka saath de …plss bete humari baat maan lejye ek baar uss larki ko milne tou chaliye …..bas ek baar ...

Dadi giving up sat on the sofa in tears ….worried with his stubborn decision ….

Maan : dadi plss ..mene kaha na mujhe kisi larki se nahi milna …aur aapko kyun lagta hai ke mien akela hoon …Aap ho …Aniee hai ..Dev hai …..mien akela kyun honga aap sab hona mere saath meri family …

Dadi maa : maan Aniee aapki behan hai …kuch saloon mien apne ghar chali jaye gi …dev ko pechle 10 saloon mien humne sirf video chat par hi dekha hai …aur aapko lagta hai dev kabhi wapis aayenge ….rahi baat humari tou han jab tak ye saansien hain hum aapke saath rahenge bete ..par uske baad kya maan …humare marne ..

Before dadi could complete her sentence maan roared in anger …

Maan : DADI ..!!!!
Maan turned n sat on his kness in front of dadi …taking her hands in his ..

Maan : plss dadi aesa kabhi mat kehna …aap aur aniee meri zindagi hoo …mien shayad kuch pal apni dharkan ke bagair jee loon ga par aap dono ke bagair 1 sec bhi nahi jee paoonga …aap dono ki khushi mere liye sab kuch hai ..plss aaj ke baad aesi baat apni zabaan par kabhi mat layega …

Aniee : tou maan jaye na humari khushi ke liye …

Anvesha Khurana ( the youngest khurana ...very very innocent ...always protected by maan ...just love her brother too much ...Princess of Her Maan Bhai )

Both Dadi n Maan turned to see Anvesha standing at the entrance with moist eyes …
Cuming forward towards maan …

Aniee : plss maan bhai maan jayena shaadi ke liye …aapne hi kaha hai na ke aap humari khushi ke liye kuch bhi karenge ..tou hum dono ki khushi iss hi mien hai ke aap shaadi karlo ..plss maan jao na BHAIYA ..

God she always know hw to melt her hard stubborn brother ..BHAIYA the word using which she can make the great MSK do any damn thing …

The only thing he can never tolerate ….tears in his little princess's eyes …… he can happily give away his life even for a single smile of his little sis's face just coz she is the only weakness THE Maan Singh Khurana have in his life ……n  cant even stand a single tint of gloominess on Aniee's face n here she is crying …pleading …!!! for god sake she is his Princess His reason to live she doesn't have to plead infront of him …..

Maan ( wiping the tear lingering on her lashes n cupping her face ) : fine ab roona mat …agar aap dono yehi chahte hain tu theek hai mien uss larki se milne ke liye tyaar hoon par …

Dadi stood up wiping her tears with a smile n aniee was going to jump n hug maan when he said ..par

Maan : meri ek shart hai ..

Dadi n Aniee 2gether : condition ..!!!! par kya …

Maan : jo bhi larki hai uss ko final yes or no …ye decision mera hoga …aur iss par aap dono kuch nahi kahenge ..aur na hi koi yahan iss tarha ke frowning angry faces banaye ga ...done

Aniee n Dadi were staring at each other confused what to say since they knew if maan decided he would end up rejecting the girl even if thr is no reason …

Maan ( seeing the hilarious expressions on both thr faces ) : fine agar aap logoon ko meri condition manzoor nahi hai tu mien office …

Aniee : nahi …I mean fine …manzoor hai aapki shart ..par aapko uss larki ko reject karne se pehle justification deni pare gi  …

Maan : oh really …!! Bye the way aniee justification tu abhi tum mujhe doo gi ….tum 2 din baad mere saath london se wapis aane wali thi tou aaj achanak ...who bhi akele yahan kaise …..

Aniee started a bit hesitantly while dadi went away skipping the scene …

Aniee : who bhai …actually aane tu aapke saath hi wali thi ..par then dadi told me that she is planning to meet a girl for u …..n I was really happy …then afterwards when dadi told me about the girl so I just couldn't hold on my excitement n I requested dadi to do the arrangements so that I can accompany u both for the meeting …

Maan : aur tumhari zid ki waja se mujhe apni saari meeting cancel karni pari …..dadi aap bhi iss ke saath mil gaye …

Dadi Maa : ab bete aniee itni khush thi ..aur yahan aake aapko surprise dena chahti thi tu hum kya kehte …waise bhi aaj tak inki koi baat aapne taali hai jo hum taal pate ..

Aniee : bhai ye sab choro na …exciting baat tu yeh hai ke ab mien apni best friend se milne wali hoon wooh bhi excactly 2 saal bad …bhai I am soo excited …to meet her …

Maan : fine princess mujhe pata chal gaya tum kitni excited hu ..par ab jake change karlo aur rest karo flight mien thak gayi hogi na ….go n rest ..
Aniee : I luv u bhai …waise I am sure aap ussko milne ke baad " naa '' keh hi nahi paaoo ge..

Maan : really ..who tu kal pata chale ga …ab jao jake aaraam karo ..

Dadi Maa : han aniee maan theek keh rahe hain aap jaye jakar aaraam kejeye …
Giving a tight hug to daadi n a kiss to maan aniee left to the hall …

Maan : pagal hai bilkul ….dadi yeh hai kuan jis se milne ke liye aniee itni excited hai ..mene kabhi uss ko itna khush nahi dekha ...

Dadi Maa : unn ki childhood friend London mien aniee ke saath hi thi 
par bas 2 saal pehle hi India wapis aayi hain ..aaj kal Mumbai mein hain par Delhi aagayi hoogi abb tak … waise maan humien aapse uss larki ke bare mien kuch baat karni hai ..wooh

But just then maan's mobile buzzed n he went at a distance ..

Maan ( putting hand on the speaker ) : dadi ill talk with u later …mujhe abhi office jana hai ..aap mera dinner par wait mat karega n han aniee ko zaror bolna ke kaha kha le …ill be late ..bye ..

Dadi Maa : yeh maan bhi na …humari aur aniee itni fiqar hai …agar isski aadhi bhi yeh apni fiqar karien tu humari zindagi ki sab se bari chinta door hujaye …

On the other hand Geet was in Handa House ….
In hall darji ..Brij ..Raghav n Palavi is present …
Darji : Savitri ji apne poote ke saath kal shaam ko aajayein ge …sab tyaari ache se honi chahiye …

Palavi : ji bauji …mien sab dekh loon gi aap fiqar mat kijeye ..

Geet : aap log kyun meri baat nahi sun rahe ,….mujhe shadi nahi karni ..tu phir

Brij ditto copy from GHSP ..( fierce jungli insaan manners ...treats geet as a trash ...taking a human life is not at all a big thing for him ...only one person in the whole universe infront of whom he behaves A BIT is darji ... rules HP as if he is the king thr ...)

Brij : chup kar ….humare khandaan mien larki ki marzi se rishtey nahi hote …jab ek baar darji ne keh diya tu kuan hoti hai apna faisla dene wali …

Darji : Savitri ji ne khud tera haath maanga hai …kismat hai teri itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi aesa rishta aaya ….ab phir se apne karmo ke waja se humare moo par kalik lagane ka irada hai kya …

After trying till hours geet went away hearing such accusation ….

Raghav Handa ( geet's chachu running handa industries at a small frame but holds a lot of respect in society due to the relations with Savitri Devi ...loves Palavi n Tej the most in this whole world but quite a flirt type business man... he considers geet to be his responsibility after his elder brother n Bhabi's death ...he was a beloved brother of geet's parents ...n got the custody of geet after their death )

Raghav : bauji geet ko kuch waqt tu dijeye …mujhe yaqeen hai who maan jaye gi …itni jaldi karne kya zarorat hai …sirf 21 ki hi tou hai ..iss tarha zabardasti kar ke hum kuch hasil nahi kar sakte ….geet ke bare mien tou sochye …atleast hum 1 ya 2 saal tu rok hi sakte hain ...

Brij : chotte chacha ji ……jo kuch who widesh mien kar ke aayi hai uss ke baad tou ussko zinda chor kar hi uss par ehsaan  kiya hai ..warna aap jante hain ke geet ki saza kya hai …

Darji : Raghav putar ..geet ke bare mien socha tha tab hi ussko 5 saal ki umar mien Savitri ji ki bahu ke saath widesh bhejne ke liye raazi hua tha mien ….par ab jo kuch hua uss ke baad mein aur mauqa nahi de sakta geet ko humari paghri (turban) uchalne ka …mene faisla kar liya hai …...bas …

Brij : aur darji ka faisla bilkul sahi hai ….iss kul** ko jitni jaldi vidaa kareinge utna acha …uss ke baad yeh jane aur isska pati …mera bas chalta tu mein tu issko ….

Raghav : brij …..!!!!!!!

Palavi : plss bauji ..mien gudya se baat karoon gi ..aap log plss shaant hujaye …

Darji : wahi theek hoga geet ke liye bahu ……samjhao uss ko ke kal savitri ji aur unke poote ke saamne theek se rahe gi …

Palavi : ji mien baat karloon gi ….

Palavi went in geet's room ….n saw geet was standing in front of the window staring at the black sky ..

Placing her hand on geet's shoulder …palavi started to talk ..

Palavi : I am sorry gudya ..par mien kya karti darji ke saamne mere paas aur koi raasta nahi tha ….mujhe tumhain aese yahan bolana para …agar unko pata chal jata ke tum yahan nahi rehti tou pata nahi brij kya kar bethta ...aur mujhe pata tha tum shaddi ka naam sunte hi aane se mana kardo gi ...mujhe maaf kade ...

Geet : aapke paas rasta nahi tha ..par mene apne liye raasta bana seekh liya hai ….mujhe yahan bolana aap logoon ke hath mien tha par shaadi tu mien karne nahi wali …. I'll make sure ke who larka mujhe mana kar ke jaye ……

Palavi ; par geet ek mauqa tu de zindagi ko ….larka sach mien buhat acha hai …iss hi liye mene Raghav ki baat man li aur tujhe yahan bula liya ...ek baar soch ke tou dekh ...larke se mil uss se baat kar ...aur tou tu jaanti hai savitri ji …

Geet : janti hoon tabhi keh rahi hoon chutti maa ….mujhe nahi karni un-se shaddi …
Aur mauqa ……….
Ek baar diya tha apni zindagi ko mauqa ….uss ka sila dekh liya ..ab aur nahi …

Palavi ; geet dekh meri baat sun …aesa kuch mat karna jo koi tamasha khara kare …kyun ke iss baar tujhe brij se koi nahi bacha paaye ga ……KOI bhi nahi …plss bache maan ja ..tou ek hi tou nishaani hai mere paas Veerji aur Bhabi ki …..

Geet : aap fiqar mat karo chutti maa …mujhe pata hai mujhe kiya karna hai …

Its night at 7pm Maan has just came home ….
after aniee's plead he made his way to KM early to watch a new movie with aniee ..poor MSK just cant denay his little princess…….

but in between the movie thr was an action scene watching that aniee was highly sweating in the AC projector room ...maan cooconed her in his embrace n calmed her ...paused the movie 

on the dinning table dadi ...maan ...n... aniee were sitting 2gether ... discussing about the movie ..

Maan : aniee seriously y the hell did u wanted to watch such a movie even after knowing about the action scenes ...u know it very well u cant tolerate voilence then y ..

Aniee : bhai mujhe laga itna sara nahi hoga ...i thought atleast now ill be able to resist it ..but ...
Sorry Bhai ..

Dadi Maa : par maan aap tou humesha dhyaan rakhte hain movie ka ...n aniee tou humehsa action scene buff kar ke movie dekhti hai ...then what happened this time ..

Maan : yeh bhi humari princess ki zidd thi ..projector screen per movie dekhni thi in the flow she lost track n since she sweating soo badly n was clinging on me i just couldn't move ...n she ended up watching the action scene for almost 10 minutes i turned off the movie right away ...

Dadi Maa : kya 10 minute aur aniee aap itna darr gayi ..bete aise kaise life guzaar-reingi aap ...

Aniee : dadi plzz stop it ..mujhe dobara yaad mat dilaye ...aap janti hain na mujh se nahi tolerate hota ye voilence ...ab mien aap log ki tarha India ke voilent protests aur riots dekh kar bari nahi hui ...(no hard feeling)

Maan : okiee fine aniee if u have finished ur food ...go to ur room take rest n nakul will serve ur milk thr ...

Aniee : fine bhai i am done ...( kissing her on cheeks ) gud night dadi ...( moving towards maan n gave a hug which he reciprocated  ) gud night bhai ...luv u

Maan : gud night princess ..

Maan ( after aniee left ) : pata nahi kya huga iss ka ...she is still a child dadi  ..aaj bhi bachpan ki tarha action aur violence se itna darti hai ...even if its in movies ..

Dadi Maa : maan abb iss mien aniee kya karein aap logoon ne uss ko kabhi bara hone hi nahi diya ... bahar ki nafrat aur khatroon se bharii dunya ko kabhi dekha hi aniee ne ...woh tou humesha  apne bhai ki princess bani rahi ...

pehle Preeti ne unhe ek maa ka saara pyaar diya...phir Yash ne unhe ek baap ban ke protect kiya ...aur ab aap ..koi problem un tak pohance uss ke 100mile pehle aap uss ko door kar dete hain ...aap ne kabhi unhe dunya ki sachai ko samajh ne a mauqa hi nahi diya tou abb woh aesi hi hain ...aur kuch kami baqi reh gayi woh ge...

Maan (interupted) : what ever it is dadi maa par mien aniee ko kabhi iss dunya ki sachai ka saamna karne bhi nahi donga dadi ...i will be always thr for her ..with her ...koi problem uss ke kabhi paas nahi aayi gi ...woh meri princess hai ...sweet ..innocent n delicate aur woh humesha ek princess ki tarha hi rahe gi ...

after that dadi n maan both retired to their bedroom

Coming out of the dressing room wearing his track n vest ….he saw the most adorible site of his life …as usual his sweet little sister was rolling on his bed from left to right unable to sleep …out of fear ...

Smiling delightfully …he sat beside aniee n started carsing her forehead to make her sleep ….n instantly a smile touched her scared frowning face …n soon she was in the most peacefull sleep …tucking her with the duvet …
maan made his way out to kitchen to have a glass of water before sleeping ...

Precap :-

teaser itself ..

Palavi to geet : yeh sab kya hai gudya ..plss maan ja bache tou jaanti hai ab kuch nahi kar sakte hum tou ye zidd kyun …

But geet went towards the dressing table n put the pic frame in the drawl …

Palavi ( standing at the same place away from geet ) : ek baar pehle bhi tumhari zidd ki waja se hum tumhain khoo dete aur abb phir tu ….

But geet saw her with a blank face …determine with her own thoughts to break this alliance …

Palavi ( grabbing geet by her shoulder harshly ) : plss geet who tujhe maar dega samajhti kyun nahi ho tum ..

Geet : zindagi jeene ka shauq bhi nahi hai mujhe …..mien zinda hoon kyun ke iss zindagi ko jeetne nahi dena chahti …….jitne imtehaan …jitni takleef iss zindagi ko mujhe deni hai ..dede mien unn sab ka saamna akele karne ke liye tyaar hoon ..lekin kisi bhi kimat par kisi ajnaabi ko apni zindagi mien shamil nahi karne wali mien …

so tell me how was it ...Smile
n for those who r waiting for maaneet mahi moments ..plzz wait a bit ..let the story proceed ..ill make sure to treat u all with many many of them ...Wink
plzzz do leave ur response really makes me write well n update early ..plzz do like n comment ..
me waiting ...Smile

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
love it.
cant wait for the maneet's meeting.

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
awesoem update 
seems like both maan and geet have painful past 

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shri12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
Fabulous part dear

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