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MG SS:The Dark Angel Of Fate **new thread added** (Page 136)

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Originally posted by Desigirls12

  wow lovely emotional updater.. te way geet and ani ki bond and te way my maan  admiring him was so lovely.. te way  anni and geet lovely scenes  was so lovely cute.. te way ani ki outburst and my maan feeling guilty and te way geet consoling him through her eyes was so lovely.. te way geet fighting back with brij and te way my maan standing for her  was lovely.. te way geet and my maan ki argument was so lovely.. te way  my maan calling gudiya and te way  geet stood numb was so lovely..i love te update so much dear

true she knows his likes/dis likes ...Embarrassed
thnxx 4 supporting this story ..Big smile
updating soon

hope u'll like it
luv ya

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Originally posted by Rajshree12

Awww..just loved the bonding of Annie & Geet..
Geet was crying for the simple injury of Annie...
Naan called Geet Gudiya?????

true she knows his likes/dis likes ...Embarrassed
thnxx 4 supporting this story ..Big smile
updating soon

hope u'll like it
luv ya
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Originally posted by spvd

part 13
lovely part...
Aanie is really a kid...
poor Geet...
wow Brij u better be careful...
OMG he called her that...
cont soon dear...

true she knows his likes/dis likes ...Embarrassed
thnxx 4 supporting this story ..Big smile
updating soon

hope u'll like it
luv ya
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Originally posted by x_Mishti_x

superrrb update..
so much confusion about geet even maan is tired of guessing things..
great to see how maan stood up for geet against brij
poor annie soo confused about whats going on..
finally after years he called her 'gudiya'
the precap was great and full of suspense..
eagerly waiting to read next update 

true she knows his likes/dis likes ...Embarrassed
thnxx 4 supporting this story ..Big smile
updating soon

hope u'll like it
luv ya
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      Waiting...3d smiley 024

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something i want u all to know which i guess some of u didn't noticed
when dadi was narrating the past ...i clearly said geet lost her parent at the age of 5 n this made her bubbly self bit effected although with khurana's by her side she over came it ... but by nature she was never a person who give away her feelings much ...n about she blaming maan ...dearo try n realize the fact that geet wasn't ready for maan-preetie to leave n they left tricking her ..+.. at that time she was just 9 YEARS ..u defo don't aspect a 9 years old girl who has already lost her real parents should except it all in second ...Ouch

n about geet's reaction ..n this mystery being drag ..tou i can just say relations are made stronger over the span of time ...n if u would have noticed it been nearly 13 years both maaneet had parted so can't expect geet to open up in mili seconds ..

yes i except without u people not knowing about what she has gone through u r reactions are justified but thing is i just can't make geet open up to maan in fraction of seconds when all through her life she has learned  to live by herself ...n more over in previous updates she is scared for HOW MAAN WILL REACT TO ALL THE TRUTH it needs time Unhappy

n about dadi ...she had the last remembrance of her son HER GRAND CHILD ...about maan she barely remember his mother ...his father supported him to over come that phase ..
aniee was all the while supported by geet ...
i had clearly raised this thing through maan in previous updates as well ...

so hope u get this thing that geet had always fought her sorrow by herself not by sharing with other so how can u expect her to do so all of a sudden when in every single problem of her life she has been dealing by her own self ...OuchOuch

i know may be all what i am saying here i haven't mentioned in my updates n i am sorry for that it was just i expected the readers to catch those feelings ...but guess it was MY mistake ...N I AM REALLY SORRY ...will try n give u more hints on geets character ...OuchOuch


plss i am saying this to every one ...THIS IS A MYSTERY RIDE... n the story will take time to get to its actual track ...Confused

n now with all these questions in ur mind i ve decided ill narrate the whole past of maaneet in STORY TILL NOW in the 2nd thread ..hopefully this will be finished with this one so things will be more clear with simple narration ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

n yes thnxx for asking all ur doubts as i really don't want any reader to remain puzzled will try n narrate things better ..Big smileBig smile

lastly wanna thank each n every one who supported ..liked n appreciated my work really means alot ...plss be thr like this always ..thank u 

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luv ya 

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plss read above note 

...geet was avoiding her since 2 years …she knew her little sweetu is way too smart to catch her lies n see through her painful eyes …n now her silence proved it to geet that she has given aniee a point to raise question .. which she really wasn't prepare to face so only hurried to go back in …
N tripped just passing bye maan …

Maan : gudya sambhal ke …

The moment felt at pause …as if the whole world stopped n aniee looked at him astonished …while geet couldn't even muster the courage to look at him ..her heart screaming that she heard her nick name from him …but mind fighting back that it can't be …the tears pilled up in geet's eyes while she stood still facing her back to aniee n standing beside maan ..

While maan was now apprehensive …he didn't planned to reveal that he got to know everything to them not at least now …but all the while everything only made him think about it …every person around seems to remind him of every word dadi maa said …n the silence few minutes be4 only made him think over n over again about all that …trying to answer his question …struggling to put the dots of past together ..n here he ended up calling her with the name which he use to call her with …years back ..
(people he didn't remember his past yet ...Ouch)

Reluctantly aniee came few steps ahead …trying to hold her own tears ..n then geet looked at maan with her eyes full of tears still not falling down …the hope ..the plead her eyes were showing only made him restless …restless with the fact that he don't know anything …he don't remember anything from the past …she was looking at him like she got the world in her hand that slight smile ..n eyes full of tears holding her heavy lids up to prevent them from falling were showing so much that he just couldn't look into them any more …n then came the reluctantly hopeful words …in a mere whisper ..

Geet (shivering lips ..stammering voice n eyes full of tears n hope) : GUDYA …aap …appko sab …wohh ..CryCry

Maan looked away getting chocked seeing her in such a state …in last 24 hours he has seen her as a reserved person who never gives away her emotions in front of every one .. n here she was having tears in her eyes ..hoping that he got to remember her as HIS BEST FRIEND …the name which may have had so many emotions attached to it was now no more an ordinary name for HIM …but for HER …for her he was still the same person who use to fight with her …who use to encourage her ..who use to strengthen her .. all those years he was thr to support her as HER BEST FRIEND …but now seeing that look on his face she was again shattering into bits ..getting acknowledged with the fact that what ever be the reason but he didn't knew her as HIS BEST FRIEND ..

Maan (looking down seeing both the girls looking at him expectantly in tears) : umm ..woh ..mujhe kuch yaad nahi …wohh bas dadi ne bataya sab kuch ..wohh naam I am …//

He looked up only to see aniee in tears placing her hand on geet's shoulder while geet had her eyes closed n a single tear trail left from her eyes …he never wanted to be a reason for her pain ..not at least after knowing it all …but ironically her tears didn't made him hurt as much as her smile did …with a single assuring look to aniee she went in smiling ..just wishing GOOD NIGHT …

Maan was standing thr trying to get rid of the guilt …don't knw y but he was feeling ashamed of himself to have hurt her …she never smiled genuinely but that slight smile through tears was real …coz it reflected the happiness in her eyes …he could feel it …n he snatched that as well ..he just wanted to have another look of hers' didn't knew what difference would it make to his restless heart but he wanted to …but she without even glancing back went in …

Sighing he dipped his head down …n closed his eyes full of regret …n then turned to see aniee in tears ..but she was guilty …he didn't knew y but he saw her eyes pleading apology …aniee turned back n moved ahead towards thr car but suddenly some blur images came in front of maan's eyes ..he stood thr trying to recognize those people …some children running on the road .. n few elders ..his head aching with pain …n he turned back to the opposite side n closed his eyes holding his head …the pain was getting unbearable OuchOuch..n his gaze went to Handa House ..the whole mansion looked soo quite ..but yet maan could hear some loud sounds … ramu kaka came thr seeing maan sweating badly holding his head n offered a glass of water making him sit on the bench ..

Maan : shukriya ..mien … wohh awaazein ..

Kaka : koi baat nahi tum betho mien gudhya ko bata deta hoon ..woh aajayegi ..

Maan : nahi plss ..usko mat boliye ..meri car hai aur guards bhi wohh drive karlenge …mien chalta hoon ..thank u ..

Maan went to his car n asked aniee to sit at the back with him …while he sat thr already ..he closed his eyes trying to over come the blur images …shrugging off all the things he opened his eyes n saw aniee weeping slightly ..he panicked n wiped her tears 

Maan : princess kya huya …tum roo kyun rahi hoo ..plss batao mujhe kya huya ..?

Aniee (crying furiously) : I am sorry bhai ..mene bhi aapse jhoot bola …gudya ke baare mien chupaya ..

he smiled at his lil' sis  ..encircling his arms around her shoulder ..

Maan : I know yeh dad aur dadi maa ke kehne par huya ..u don't need to be sorry ..

Aniee (wiping her face with the back of her palm) : aap sach mien mujh se aur gudya se naraaz nahi hu ..hum ne aapse jhoot bola tou ..

Maan : aniee mujhe tum se koi ghussa koi shikaat nah hai ..par mien jhoot nahi bol sakta .. han jab dadi maa ne mujhe geet ke baare mien bataya ..tou buhat dukh huya tha ..aur afsoos bhi ..wohh kabhi meri dost thi aur phir bhi usne itne saloon mien ek baar bhi mujh se baat karne ki kushish nahi ki ..infact wohh tou mujhe hi galat samajhti hai ..OuchOuch

Aniee : nahi bhai aisa nahi hai …geet ne appse baat karne ki kushish ki thi …aur wohh aapko kabhi galat nahi samajh sakti …for all u know geet ke liye tou aaj bhi aap hi uske best friend hu …jis ke saath wohh humesha apni baatien share kiya karti thi ..wohh aapko buhat miss karti thi bro ..wohh kabhi aapko nahi bhooli ..

Maan (confused n hurt as well) : tou phir kyun usne mujh se contact nahi kiya ..

Aniee : aapki disease ki waja se …

Maan (with a hopeful pleading face) : aniee kya tum mujhe sab kuch bata sakti hoo kuch bhi mom ki death ke baad london  mien huya …dadi ne mujhe jo kuch bataya sab buhat confusing tha aur abb lag raha hai ..dadi maa ko khud bhi kuch nahi pata mien kya huya tha aniee …geet aur tum wahan itne saal kaise akele rehe ..plss mujhe batao princess ..

Aniee : bhai relax mien aapko sab batati hoon ..
Jab aap aur mom dad ko surprise dene london se nikle tou geet ko fever tha aur mom ne last minute plan cancle kar diya tha …par surprise ka plan 3 months se ban raha tha iss hi liye sab ne unko kaha ke u both should go ..iss hi liye raat ko geet ko medicine dee kar u both went to india …aur fir geet ko pata nahi kiya huya …wohh next 24 hours tak uthi hi nahi ..(girls remember that sleeping pills wala scene this is same ..but aniee was minor tou she didn't knew about it).. it was 2 days after mom's death we came across the news .. geet buhat hurt thi …mujhe tou kuch samajh nahi aaya …I was too confused mami n geet was crying so much n geet said ITS ALL BECAUSE OF U MOM LEFT US …I didn't understand just saw her running up to her room ..aur fir geet ne 2 din tak apne aapko room mien lock rakha .. aur mami ne mujhe samjhaya ke mom is no more …geet kisi ki baat nahi sun rahi thi .. n then dadi came to london …even she tried to pursue geet but she didn't fir AmyWink balcony se room mien gaya n he opened the door but only I was allowed to go in …geet was all numb ..sitting in the corner of the room …u know bhai ..wohh pehli baar tha jab mene geet ko itna ziada rote huye dekha tha …she was having 2 letters in her hand was from mom n other one was from U ..n we read mom's letter together ..CryCry

GUDYA ..i know u must be really angry on me …sorry bacha but u know na BADE PAPA is alone thr only I just want to make him smile …please bacha MAA ko ghussa mat hona …n han jab tak mien aur maan wapis nahi aate ANIEE aapki responsibility …tou APNA khayal rakhna so that u can take care of HER as well ..okiee good girl …n I am sorry once again but its just that my heart really wanted to meet ur bade papa today …I really don't know y but yes for the 1st time ever I am taking him on u both angels …but trust me maa loves u the most ..n ill be thr with u in ur heart till the time I am not by ur side …u take care n remember if u cried ill be very sad …tou keep smiling …
Love u
Ur maa ..
(this was the letter whish maan's mom i.e preetie khurana left for geet be4 her death)

Bhai geet ne kaha tha that now we both must be strong n until u will come back like maa said we both will take care of each other ….n we did ..we did bhai all these years we have been just trying to do what maa said us ..taking care of each other …

Bhai yeh sach hai ke initially geet ne aapko responsible mana tha but after reading that letter ..geet aapse ghussa nahi thi ..wohh aapse kabhi ghussa nahi hu sakti was just her hurt that made her say so me she can never ever think like that …

Maan was lost thinking what would have geet went through in those 2 days when she locked her self …atleast he had his dad beside him in those miserable period of his life ..but she just blocked herself …her anger took a toll on her but when aniee mentioned about his mothers letter ..he knew that was the only source of strength for geet …aniee's word made him smile a bit he can very well guess his little sister would have being trying her best for sure to be with geet …but the way she has been trying n pretending to be strong in front of aniee ..he knew it's the other way …it was only geet successful to in taking care of aniee …

Maan (with a mist eye n confused state) : but agar aisa tha tou usne kabhi mujhe contact kyun nahi kiya …? Y princess y didn't she ..

Aniee : she did bhai ..dadi maa wahin thi aur jab geet mere saath room se bahar aayi dadi maa ne usse baar kaha that mom has left us ..maan has forgotten u gudya …she tried her best but uss room se bahar aane ke baad she never cried niether did she talked about mom's death to any one ..any one means anyone … I was really small that time but bhai I know this it was always u n maa with whom geet shared her feeling n after u both left geet never talked about herself to anyone ..that was the last day when I saw her crying day dadi maa se geet ne suna ke dad is taking u away from KM for sometime least until ur health gets better ..

Maan : yup coz KM mien initially mujhe wahi saari poorani yadien yaad aati rehti thi n I was trying really hard to remember them iss hi liye doctor ke suggestion par dad mujhe delhi out skit mien ek house tha waha lee gaye thay ..soon after mom's death ritual were completed ..OuchOuch

Aniee : dadi maa bhi uss din mami se yahi baat kar rahi thi …geet apse baat karna chahti thi ..iss hi liye usne KM call kiya aapke room ke direct extension par …u did received the call but never recognized her …in fact she heard dad's voice over the call shouting for the nurse n on nakul to call for the doctors …us din ke baad she never tried contacting u …as she heard dadi maa saying about ur disease to be some kind of AMNESIA ..

(okiee a very important thing u all need to know is what problem maan is facing ever since his accident ...plss people do keep this in ur mind that at the time of accident maan himself was just 14years)

Dissociative amnesia is not the same as simple amnesia, which involves a loss of information from memory, usually as the result of disease or injury to the brain. With dissociative amnesia, the memories still exist but are deeply buried within the person's mind and cannot be recalled. However, the memories might resurface on their own …SOMETIMES THEY MIGHT TROUBLE THE PERSON WITH SOME BLUR IMAGES ..LIKE FADED MEMORIES COMING IN FRONT OF HIS/HER EYES IF SEE ANY RELEVANT OBJECT ..

Now maan knows what mis understanding dadi had what ever geet said in her hurtful state dadi took it in literal sense n avoided thr encounter ..n dad ..he didn't made any efforts to develop communication b/w maaneet was simply coz he wasn't still stable with his mental state to handle soo much in his life …as meeting geet would mean lots of more memories n as geet was herself a kid she won't understand how much n what she should say in front of maan ..

With aniee's next set of words maan came out of his thinking ..

Aniee : Bhai geet was really worried so only Amy ..took her to thr biology professor who was a doctor himself ..he told them about ur disease that as the accident has taken place so recently so may be the memories are haunting u n moreover U must be taking extra pressure to remember all those memories …n in these circumstances everything needs to be revealed in front of u slowly n gradually …that's the only reason coz of which geet never tried to contact u ….n then after few years we heard about an attack on dad …geet was again on panic …u know she actually ran away from the home to the airport getting herself a ticket stealing her passport from mami's cupboard ..but coz she minor the officials didn't allowed her to board the flight alone ..n contacted mami ji ….

Still geet was so adamant to go back to India ..n that was when paid his 1st visit to London after mom's death …geet was soo emotional seeing him ..i can't forget that day ever in my life bhai …u should have seen gudya ..she actually ran n hugged dad n dad too hugged her lifting up he took her to somewhere else out of the house ..n made her understand that WE both can't come back to India until we complete our studies …aapne notice kiya geet wears a menswear RING in her left thumb …? Wohh dad ki hai ..he had given it to gudya …
Dad ki death ke waqt bhi u came thr to take me remember, a girl was thr in the hall as well it was geet ..but u never recognized her not even her presence …n she again went up to her room ..i tried telling u but geet stopped me saying ke dad ki death ki waja se u are already too much disturbed aise mien agar hum ne bataya tou it may lead to ur health issues again so only I kept numb ….i don't know what happened after we left but when I came back ..geet was all normal ..mami Amy n Ridz told me geet was all the while paying regular visits in the temple to pray for dad's soul to rest in peace …

Maan (hurt remembering that day when they flew to London to take aniee with him ..he remembered now dadi arranged for 3 return tickets but he in his grief took only 2 with him to London n now he knows y thr were 3 tickets ..his eyes got mist n his desperation to ask all his question to geet doubled) : how could she …ek baar bolti tou sahi …at least once …

Aniee (crying) : bolne wali thi bro ..mere 10th b,day par jab aap London aaye thay to surprise me ..u planned for a months trip ..(me : it was the time when sameera dumped him n he went to London).. but u didn't came directly to meet me …geet ne baad mien bataya tha that she saw u in the park …(maan was remembering the day when his whole life changed n then thought park …but he was too engrossed in his pain on that day so must have not recognized anyone around him but that Angel who gave me his life back)… she was really excited ..u know she actually went out with all her saving to get a welcome gift for u …n threatened us all not to tell u as she wanted to tell u everything …I was soo happy that day ..but u came in soo much of a hurry n didn't even waited for a second after my cake cutting n left be4 we could say anything …u know that was the 1st b,day ever which I celebrated without gudya Ouch..when she came back u were no were .. pata hai she was so angry she actually broke ur gift ..n left to mom's favorite place the Thames river bank …I tried once again to make her agree to talk with u  …but u know it bye now she is too stubbornLOL …all coz of u ShockedMOM kehti thi geet ko aap hi bigarte hu …(laughed with tears)… abb tou geet bhi uski har galti ke liye aapko blame karti thi EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..saying ..go tell ur great maan bhai ..uss ne hi meri adaat kharab ki .. blame him not me ..TongueTongue

Bhai wohh sirf ghussa thi ….hurt thi ..after all u forgot her ..15 years old she just couldn't express herself Amy tried saying she could call u but she said she will now face u in India only as dad ne promise liya tha be4 completing our studies we won't come here ever ..specially geet …n fir 2 saal pehle bhi aap ne mujhe India bola liya …I never knew it was not another 2-3 days visit but u were planning for me to shift thr …geet ko bhi yahi laga tha ke 2-3 days mien I'll be back …..but jab 2 months baad aap mujhe wapis London leekar gaye ..i was happy thinking finally gudya will meet u but wahan tou geet hi London mien nahi thi …mami ji told me that 2 days back she left taking all her belongings without even informing her …

Maan closed his eyes in grief …2 years back only he bar-ed his mom's murderers ..he was soo happy that now he can live with his siblings so only he himself went to London n took aniee with him n came back to India to surprise Dadi Maa …but soon after 2 months he realized that still things r not good enough + aniee wasn't comfortable with her school here ..n he decided to send her back to London where she can live a fearless life …but now he know what grief mistake he had committed 

Maan (feeling low n stressed as well) : but itne saal guzarne ke baad bhi y she didn't recognized me …?



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PART 15 

Maan (feeling low n stressed as well) : but itne saal guzarne ke baad bhi y she didn't recognized me …?

Aniee : I don't know bhai ..i just don't understand y geet is behaving so weird …uss ne dad se kiya huya promise tor diya …n she is here living in Handa House when all her life she has been living with us ..i don't understand Y …u know Bhai London mien geet ka poora room was full of pictures of both u n maa with few pics of dad .. but aaj subha yahan …uss ke room mien ek bhi pic nahi hai …jab ke London se wapis aate waqt she took all of them with her …I just couldn't understand …subha I didn't reacted as u were thr I didn't knew anything about what is running in geet's mind but wohh abhi bhi strange behave kar rahi hai …bro please I know her kuch galat hai …she hiding something ..i know ..

Maan (closed her eyes trying to compose himself seeing aniee in tears) : okiee aniee its fine ..i knw everything now na …u just don't worry ill make everything perfect ..i promise u ..mien tumhari gudya ko wapis zaror laonga …I promise ..

Aniee (smiled through tears) : bhai I know its only u who can do this …wohh aur kisi ki baat nahi manegi …bhai I may not understand the complicated situation we r in ..but I know this for sure that geet is hiding something really terrible …n its only u whom she will share it with …plzz bhai kuch bhi kar ke ussko wapis se pehle wali geet banado plzz ..

Maan hugged her tight ..while his own eyes got moisten …just the thought of what geet might have faced all alone thr was making him so restless …

We may have soo many people around us but we can make that special bond with only one …thr are so many people in our life we don't love everyone equally …thr always this one special person …be it in your friend circle …ur siblings ..even ur parents …its natural u do love both ur parents ..but its always one of them whom u r close to more than the other …in friends as well ..thr r so many friends ..but that special friend with whom u can share everything n anything is only one ..whom u can rely on …u may love all ur siblings but that special bond is with only one …this nothing wrong …neither it means u don't love other but yes the special bond we can't have with everyone …n when that one person leaves us all alone ..its difficult to accept n move onn …for some people it's a matter of fact n they move on with other friends n live life normally but for some it isn't .. its just the nature of the person that he/she can't develop that trust that bond with anyone else …n that's what happened here …
Maan n geet were best friend ..shared thr every feeling from a really minor age when every need of geet was full filled by maan as he was the elder one …while every time maan needed to share his feelings he saw geet beside him …n then all of a sudden they both parted …but for both that bond remained lost ..for maan he never got anyone with whom he could develop such bond n when he tried with sameera she broke his trust..n thus he never had many friends .. n for geet it was not in her to again depend herself on another friend n when he'll leave she will be left to no where ..
But yet even if they parted but the affection ..the care still remains thr …it was just the memories faded not the bond got broken ..n here maan was feeling that connection all over again …his thoughts only working how geet would have felt ..

They parted with aniee in tears while maan looked away wiping his own ..

Maan : yeh guard kyun nahi aaya bhi tak ..

Aniee : bhai aapne unko call kiya tha ..

Maan (when he left from the bench he was having his stress attack so only he forgot to call the guards who were present at a good distance) : oh shit I forgot …wait whr is my mobile ..(he tried searching in his pocket but then remembered something fell off when he was climbing up to geet's balcony)… damn 

Aniee : kya huya ..??

Maan : I forgot it in geet's house ..

Aniee : so what ..kal le longi mien uss se ..n ill give u at night ..

Maan : nahi princess it has some really important details ..i can't wait till tomorrow night ..

Aniee : so than ill call her n she will give u ..

Maan (but he was in  no position to face her so ) : nahi ill go myself ..

Going towards the car thinking all what aniee said …n requested ramu kaka to let him search his mbl which he agreed …he found his mbl just beneath geet's balcony but her room's lights were still onn ..he wondered if brij was again troubling her ..

Maan : I should just have a chk ..kahin brij phir se tou geet ko kuch …
Uss janwar jaise insaan se aur expect bhi kya kar sakta hoon ..


Here in geet's room ..she was crying from the moment she entered n now only was a bit calmed holding the family photo of khurana's in which she n maan along with aniee are present with preetie yash n dadi maa ..

Geet : see bade papa ..aapne tou kaha tha ke yeh Sado beta aakar sab pehle jaise kar dega ..
Uss din aapne hi promise kiya tha na ke …kuch time mien maan bilkul normal hujayega bilkul pehle ki tarha ..but I need to give him some time …13 years dad ko gaye huye 13 years hugaye abb aur kitna time chahiye iss sado ko …13 saal mien i ve lost that trust in him to share my feelings ..kahin aisa na ho ke aur kuch time mien yeh dosti bhi toot jaye ...darr lag raha hai dad ... abb age kya huga ..mujhe buhat darr lag raha hai ...
Aaj itne saaloon mien pehli baar aniee ne mujhe roote huye dekha …mien kya boloongi usko …
Sab kuch itna kyun badal gaya …hum kitne khush thay ..aapko yaad hai na mene aapko bola tha ke jis din mien iss idiot maan se milongi tou issko maar maar kar pasta jaisa bana dungi ..but dekho na bade papa mien kuch nahi keh payi …maan se milna tou door India aane ke baad unke saamne bhi jane ki himat nahi huyi …CryCry
13 years pehle ..mien sirf 8 saal kit hi jab mene maan ko kasoorwaar mana tha mom ki death ke liye but u know na mien bas kaha tha ..dil se aisa mana nahi tha …
Har din ..har pal iss hi umeed mien jiya ke kab maan ayega aur mien aur aniee wapis apne ghar jaa sakeinge …
But yeh idiot ..yeh idiot aaya bhi tou sirf aniee ko lekar chala gaya …mera hurt hona ..naraaz hona ..ispar ghussa hona galat nahi tha …nahi tha na bade papa ..
How could he just forget me ..? bachpan se lekar uss accident tak mujhe tou maan aur apni pehle mulakaat bhi yaad nahi …humesha maan ne mera saath diya …humesha mujhe seekhaya kiya …jitna mujh se larta tha ..uss se bhi kahin ziada dosroon se mere LIYE larta tha ..mujhe apne upar itna dependent kar ke …har baat ke liye aapna muhtaaj bana kar wohh yoonhi kaise jaa sakta tha bade papa … 
Par fir bhi mene apne aap ko samjhaya …aapki baat ko mana .. maan ka intezaar kiya ..

Par aaj bhi dad ..aaj bhi uss dost ki jaga khali hi reh gayi …maan ke jaane ke baad koi nahi tha jo maan ki tarha mere bina kahe mera stage fear jaan leta …koi nahi tha jo adhi raat ko maa aur bauji ki yaad aane par mere liye sirf mere liye poori raat jagta ..jab tak mien soo na jaon …aap . maa aur maan …sirf aap hi log thay mere liye jin ko mujhe kabhi apne dil ki baat batani nahi pari …par dekho na meri kismet ..pehle aap se door kiya fir mom ko chena aur  mera best friend bhi …sab chale gaye bade papa ..sab ..
Aapki gudya akeli reh gayi ..akeli reh gayi wohh CryCry…mujhe nahi torna chahiye tha aapka promise ..nahi torna chahiye tha ..but it was just for aniee …mien darr gayi thi ..mien darr gayi thi …I am sorry bade papa ..pls mujhe maaf kar dejeye ..CryCry

She was hiding her face in the picture when maan came in from the balcony startling her with his presence …n she sat up with a jerk …n turned to see the intruder …his mist eye n guilty face told her that he heard it all …n she panicked looking around she has placed all the frames she had removed this morning n didn't wanted maan to see them n get his stress attack again ..

Geet : what the hell r u doing here ..Mr.Khurana just get out right now ..aap yahan kyun aaye ..

Maan : geet I …//

Geet (interrupted) : nothing ..just nothing in this moment kehna hai kal subha kahenye ga its too late n u should leave ..jaye yahan se abhi plss ..CryCry

Maan looked down hiding his own guilt n grief ..he was here just to make sure geet was fine but listening to all her complains he couldn't leave …n came in unsure of what he would say to her …but just wanted to be with her …still listening to her cold panicked voiced he knew he can't mend it all in few minutes ..n was about to leave when his eyes fell on the picture of geet n maan …it was really an old one …he was probably 8 n geet 3 … geet's face was covered with chocolate while maan was laughing ..a small smile adorned his face ..n geet too stopped in her track seeing him lost looking at the pictures ..

Geet (st) : geet tub hi na …bari jaldi thi saari pictures wapis lagane ki …do din nahi lagi rehti yeh pictures tou kya jata tera ..agar maan ko head ache hugaya tou ..pata hai na professor ne kaha tha isse mien head ache stress ataack ki waja se hota hai …babaji plss meher karna ..

But maan moved towards the frames ..n saw a pic of Rano n Mohinder but they were holding HIM …n he was sleeping in her arms ..the other one was in school uniform geet was actually looking really adorable with her pony tail n white chubby cheeks with that dark blue uniform …some other pic with preetie holding geet ..or maaneet together in different places …he kept looking from one pic to another trying to remember those moments but all in vain ..n as expected his head started aching n he held his head in pain .. n geet came forward worried ..holding him n made him sit on her bed ..

Geet (pouring the water n giving him) : kis ne kaha tha upar aane ko ..ek din mien sab pata karna zarori hai kya Ouch …thori dair sakoon nahi lee sakte …har yaad yaad karna zarori nahi hota maan Cry…yadoon se jore jazbaat dil mien rehne chahiye EmbarrassedEmbarrassed…plss yeh sab sochna band kardo …(handed over him a pain killer n made him have it)… challo mien neeche lee jati hoon  …

Maan (stood up towards the balcony) : nahi I am fine now thnxx mien chala jaonga ..

Geet : agar wahan se gaye tou chale tou jaoge aap but hospital .. ghar nahi …(dragged him 2wards the door).. chalo 

Maan  (resisted) : kahan lee ja rahi hoo ..??

Geet (annoyed) : yeh ghar hai maan aur ghar mien na ek darwaza hota hai entrance aur exit ke liye ..door u c ..

Maan (walked down with her) : but tum ne tou kaha tha ke door locked hai …

Geet : uff idiot …mene aapko avoid karne ke liye jhoot kaha tha …yeh koi 18th century thorai hai na hi hum kisi barbariac area mien hai jo door lock huga ..
(sdlife di ..i hope now its clear ..sorry i forgot to mention it at 1st place sorry)

Maan (offended) : mujhe kyun avoid kar rahi thi ..

Geet (reached the door n opened it) : uss hi waja se jis waja see aap andar nahi aana chahte thay ..

Maan (came out n stood beside her looking away) : thnk u ..

Geet : its okie …par aniee ko mat bolna …wohh mere jhoot ke bare mien ..

Maan (looked down n nodded in agreement then went ahead n came back) : wohh brij … tum …just be careful n now u have my number na ..kuch problem hu tou call karna ..

Geet (scared but remained calmed) : nahi usski zarorat nahi hai … I am fine yeh meri family hai …

Maan (irritated) : brij is not at all trustable person ..

Geet : u r talking about my brother Mr. Khurana Angry..wohh job hi hai jaise bhi hain ..bhai hain mere ..Dead

Maan : listen yeh natak mere saamne mat karna …bhai … dekhta tumhari ankhoon mien kitni parwah hai tumhain apne bhai ki …so just stop it ..AngryAngry

Geet : meri life mien kuch bhi hu …that's non of ur concern Mr.Khurana ..

Maan (jerked her to himself) : IT IS ….IT IS MY CONCERN GOT THAT .. (left her with a jerk n went out in anger) ..

Geet : nahi maan ...aaj ke baad aapko iss ghar aur apni life ki sachai batane ki galti nahi kar sakti mien ...
(smiled bitterly) .. brij handa ke ek thore se rough behavior se aap itna ghussa hugaye ...agar sach pata chal gaya tou aapka ghussa mere mummy aur papaji ke iss parivaar ko bikhir dega ... manti hoon mere liye yeh parivaar koi mayne nahi rakhta ..but mere mummy aur papaji ke liye tou rakhta tha ... aaj tak apni life apne liye jee hai maan ...pehli baar kuch apne parents ke liye karna chahti hoon .. plss mujhe rokne ke baare mien mat sochna ..
(removed her tears) .. mien khush hoon ke mera idiot dost aaj bhi meri ankhen parh sakta hai ...but i am sorry maan mien shayad abb aap par utna vishvaash nahi kar sakti ... apni problem mien khud hi solve karloongi ... i just hope aap yeh sab serious na lo aur bhool jao aaj ka yeh din ... 

sighed listening to his car engine ..n as the voice faded she also turned to go inside ..

Precap :-

aniee n geet 's delhi darshan ...n some fun ...EmbarrassedBig smileBig smile


geet went ahead towards her car ..while aniee was still talking on the call ..but geet sensed someone watching her ..n turned immediately but thr was no one ..she shrugged off her thought n went ahead but he continued following her ...his mobile vibrated ..but he dis-connected the call immediately .. n looked up but geet was no whr to be seen ..he was about to step ahead when with tight kick on his stomach geet made him fall back ...he was hurt with her sudden kick that to straight on stomach ..n soon his guards got hold of geet ..clutching her both hands tight while she was trying hard to get free he turned she stood shocked ..

Geet : Aap ...?? how dare U ..choro mujhe u morons ...

Guy : agar tumhari jaga koi aur hota tou trust me that person would have been dead by now ..(to guard).. leave her 

Geet : i know ..but what the hell were u thinking while following me ...?? 

Guy : well madam i was just trying to be sure u r safe ..the girl u just made fun off in the hotel ...her boyfriend was following u ..

Geet : i would have tackled him ...y were u trying to be over smart han ...

Aniee : geet what happened aur yeh bh..//

Geet (stopped her from completing her word) : nothing aniee this guy was following us ..
come ill drop u home ..

they went ahead ..

Guy : follow them ..

Guard : but sir app akele ..?

Guy : just do as i say follow them ..till the time both reaches thr home got that ..

hope it won't be that difficult 4 u all to guess who is this GUY ...WinkWink EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

will be back in new thread ...soon ..Big smile EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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