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MG SS:The Dark Angel Of Fate **new thread added** (Page 131)

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updating now ...

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Originally posted by dreamymishti88

fantastic update
very nicely written
liked a lot dear
continue soon
waiting for more

thnks for ur liking n support ...Big smile
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Originally posted by Remya_Pillai

That was so superb..
angry bird part was so funny... MSK and bird..!!
aww.. he came for his geet by jumping to balcony.. how sweet..
Seems like maan has to travel a lot more to attain geet's trust..
Sorry for the late comment yaar..

glad u liked it ..
thnks 4 all ur liking n support ..

posting next hope ull like it ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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hi all,
kaise hu sab ..?

hope u all liked FIL's epilogue ...i knw i haven't pm-ed yet 
iss ke sath kar rahi hoon ..fir bhi jis jis ne parha ...LOLLOL

waise i suppose this is the earliest update i am giving here ...Embarrassed
so hopefully u all will like this as well ...Smile

disclosing the fact of why maan can't keep his siblings with him ...Ouch
hope this point will be now solved for u all ...IF NOT PLSS DO ASK ME is a mysterious story tou may be somethings which comes in ur mind don't cross mine tou plss plsss plsss support me n give me ur comments ... criticism most welcome ..but do ask me if u feel anything confusing here ..Embarrassed


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ENJOY READING ...Big smile

may Almighty bless with many more successful n joyful prosperous years ..

party girls ...Wink

n do Leave Ur Reviews 4 this update as well ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

luv ya all


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He was still standing thr thinking 'but geet took the basket n went out without even giving him a glance 'n with the sound of metal gates being open he noticed he was standing alone ... 

Maan (angry) : ajeeb larki hai 'kuch bola bhi nahi aur chali gayi 'Ouch ..God mien pagal hujaonga ..iss sab confusion mien 'ConfusedConfused


The moment geet went out aniee came out of her car ..n tried running but felt a bit of pain in her feet after few steps so stopped by the bench placed outside 'making geet come 2wards her hurriedly ..

Geet (worried) : aniee kya huya tujhe '.theek hu na ..lag gayi kya '(bending towards her leg)..dekhao kya huya

Aniee (lifted her up) : arre kuch nahi huya ..woh bas thori si chot lag gayi thi ..

Geet (with a bit moist eyes) : zor se lagi 'dard huraha hai na 'tou bhi na ek dum pagal hai dhyaan se raha kar na ..

Aniee (smiled) : aree meli pyaari se gudya ..mien theek hoon ..chalo mujhe mera pasta doo '

Maan came out just when geet made aniee sat down on bench 'n stopped thr deciding to let them be alone 'but then geet's words stopped him from going away n he stood shocked with geet's reaction 'she actually started crying over this much minor injury but that didn't stopped thr ..the way aniee made geet avoid that injury was the major fact for him to be shocked 'as all his life or say from when he remember he has seen aniee a really childish person ..a delicate doll  ..but now seeing that understanding b/w aniee n geet actually held him to see n listen to thr convo 'he was soo curious to know about this new comer in his life '.which has forced him to look at soo many unseen aspects of his own life .. 

He stood at a bit distance from them  kept looking at thr smiling faces ..

Geet : BTW madam Anvesha Khurana 'aapko sharam nahi aati iss tarha adhi raat ek larki ko tang karte huye 'miss calls marte huye ...TongueTongue

Aniee (looking here n thr seriously) : kuansi larki geetu .Shocked.?

Geet (made a O-shape face n waked her lightly) : U ..devil ..cheater ..mien batati hoon kuansi larki '
Jao koi pasta nahi mil raha tumhain abb ...Ouch

Aniee (snatched the bowl from her) : Uhh ..pasta tou mera hi hai 'tumhain jana hai tou jao apne BEST FRIEND ke paas ..(with that geet became really sad n aniee continued eating her pasta but then realized what she said ..n stopped chewing when her mouth was full with pasta ) sowie ..woh ...Ouch

Geet (stooped her from speaking n said smiling) : its ok I know u went with this situation Cry'1st finish it ..

Although geet was smiling but yet her eyes depicted the pain she felt with the thought of maan n her friendship 'loosing a friend so close to ur heart is not at all a small loss to forget so easily when that one person was the only one u trusted '
Thr can be soo many friends with whom u can smile 'laugh n share ur happiness but thr is only one friend with whom u can share ur pain 'ur heart ..n ur thoughts without any hesitation  'that trust ..that understanding can never be made with every one ..n when that very friend leaves u it is indeed a pain for the life time ..

Thr was so much running in maan's mind n aniee's words only pushed him to more curiosity 'the fact he knew nothing about the person who was once his best friend only made him restless 'n the pain geet's eyes depicted was only adding to his anxiety ..thr were so many riddles in front of him that he really didn't knew from whr to start solving .. geet n his relation 'geet 's weird behavior 'his restlessness over each n every word of geet which is only a silent accusation 'the fact that she held him responsible for his mother's death Ouch'all the things made him filled with bolted emotions 'all those emotion which he has been hiding from the whole world since last soo many years 'the sorrow of loosing his parents  'the restlessness he feels every time with every memory flashing in front of his eye ..

Be4 his mind could drown into more confusion n restlessness ..aniee came with a mug  

Aniee : bhai dekho geet ne aapke liye Black Coffee laayi hai ..Embarrassed(maan smiled in confusion as to how she knew he takes coffee without milk ShockedShocked ConfusedConfused ShockedShocked but took the mug frm her hand n then aniee showed the pasta bowl) .. kha ke dekhona  'buhat acha bana hai ..

Maan (smiled) : nahi princess aap khalo ..i am nt hungry ..

Aniee (turned around 2wards geet with a mischievous smile who was sitting on the bench) : geet waise tum ne bro ko call par kiya bola ..mujhe batao na ..LOL

Geet (gave a murderous glare to her n said fumbling) : umm kuch 'kuch nahi ...Ouch
me wondering kya boliengi madam gi ...LOLLOL

Maan looked at her amused 'n confused as to y she didn't told aniee 'the great praising words she blessed him with Tongue.. n aniee turned 2wards him with a loop sided smile n asked ..

Aniee : acha bhai 'aap hi batado kya bola iss ne 'Tongue

Maan (shooking his head over her antics ) : kuch nahi bola 'abhi jaldi se finish karo warna yahin subha hujayegi ..Smile

Aniee (turned around to go 2wards geet facing her back to maan) : oh han subha se yaad aya 'mien aur gudya '(geet looked at her with eyes pooping out of her circuit dead scared ShockedShocked'n aniee bit her tongue mouthing a sorry n changed her words OuchOuch)' mien aur geet kal delhi darshan ke liye jaa rahe hain 'aap bhi chaloge na ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Maan : princess aapko humari deal yaad hai na 'hum yahan ek saath nahi ghoom sakte ..CryCry
(he uttered those words saddly but saw geet equally sad as well n got confused when geet started pacifying a grumpy aniee ..with the thought how she understand it all)

Geet : aur aniee 'humare saath yeh karenge bhi kya ..(whispering in her ear).. aur tujhe enjoy karna hai ya inki rule book follow karna hai ..?

Aniee (stood up going away) : geet plzz bhai ki side mat loo ..yeh humesha aisa hi karte hain '

Geet ( maan looked at aniee with helplessness n geet saw that than stood up placing her hand over her shoulder) : par tum janti ho na ..he is doing it all for ur sake only ..

Aniee (hurt but in anger) : what my sake 'mien khud apne bhai ke saath nahi reh sakti 'meri apni identity kisi ko nahi bol sakti 'poori dunya mujhe Aniee Khurana nahi bulke Anvesha Khandelwal ke naame se janti hai 'aur yeh sirf iss liye ke mere maan bhai super protective hain '(in tears) 'wasn't that enough geetu ke hum ne itne saal London mien sab se door guzare ke abb yahan aakar bhi hum apni family ko apna nahi keh sakte ..

Geet with a mist eye hugged her ..n saw maan's head dipped  down with guilt 'listening to her words ..maan only felt that helplessness all over again '

he can't tell aniee the bitter truth of thr life that its coz of those goons which he got imprisoned for hhis mother's muder ..only he know how he made himself ready to leave aniee thr after knowing that those goons have now developed hardcore enmity towards him n his family 'he had made aniee believe that its just coz he wants to take precautions 4 her safety  knowing his little sister is still much immature to handle such realities of life CryCry  but now what will he explain when his father only decided to keep aniee n geet out of all this n spread the news of his daughter Anvesha Khurana being dead along with his wife Preetie Khurana OuchOuch n the world don't even know if he has a brother forget about dad adopting dev all sso complicated people in London office also don't knw dev as a Khurana ..just coz he can't risk thr lifes n knowing the situation after he made those murderers of his mother lawfully imprisoned he really can't help but to keep it as a secret only 'but he just can't say all this to aniee 'neither can he keep his own siblings with him DeadDead'the grief only  deepened seeing her crying ..CryCry

but for the 1st time ever thr was somebody to hold that grief understand those hidden emotions' with one assuring blink of eye from geet ..he felt his heart light 'her eyes were showing some kind of trust assuring him he didn't did anything wrong telling him ITS OK 'he stood thr with eye full of guilt n helplessness with his baby sister crying so much ...his eyes ...his heart pleaded to geet to do something ...his saw her in slight tears as well n his own eyes moisten again facing the most bitter truth of thr life but it is like that only n he has to live with this fact for next 3 years more ..he turned his back towards them not able to see aniee crying so much while geet held aniee in her embrace soothing her sobbing form n finally breaking the eye look geet made her sit infront of her on the bench ..n she herself sat in front of her on her knees ...

Geet : sweetu ..tou janti hai na ur brother loves U the most in this whole world 'wohh kabhi tumhara bora nahi chahenge ..aur abb tou bas 3 years aur fir tumhari education finish hujaigi n then u can be here forever ..plss aise rote nahi ..

Maan (he turned listening to geet's words n came thr muttering his courage ..n sat beside aniee was about to say something but aniee turned sideways n hugged him tight crying while he embrace her ..n said) : I am sorry princess ..but u know it na ..mien tumhain kisi bhi problem mien nahi dalna chahta ek baar bas tumhari parhai finish hujaye I promise I wont let u live alone EVER ..Ouch

Aniee (crying in that hug) : sorry bhai ..i am really sorry ..mene kitna rudely baat ki ..plss mujhe maaf kardo ..i know 'I know u love me ..aur iss hi  liye aap bhi papa ki tarha mujhe sirf  safe dekhna chahte hu ..i am sorry I didn't mean all that 'plss

Maan (cupping her face removing her tears) : I knw meri princess apne bhai ko kabhi galat nahi samjhegi 'but plss aniee aise roya mat karo ..i really don't want to see my little kiddo sis crying 'meri zindagi ka maqsad tumhari hassi hai aniee 'aise rooti ho tou mujhe lagta hai I failed ..Cry

Aniee : nahi bhai ..mere maan bhai kabhi fail nahi hu sakte ..u r best brother in this whole world Big smile...aap kabhi nahi fail hu sakte ..i promise I would never say something so stupid ..pakka promise ..OuchOuch

In between thr talks ..both maan n aniee failed to realize thr was another person standing thr in tears ..tears over the fate 'tear over thr destiny 'thinking how much more obstacles are left  for them to pass 'n then smiled with tears in her eyes seeing the bro-sis duo lost as usual in thr talks 'pacifying each other ..she saw both of them getting back to normal n wiped her tears away smiling at them '

Aniee pulled geet beside her on the other side n hugged both maaneet together 'geet smiled at her act but soon her smile vanished seeing maan's eyes full of questions .. definitely he will think y sis I took his side n pacified aniee ..she thought mentally slapping herself for behaving like that in front of maan n then removed her gaze from him trying to avoid him '

Geet was sitting thr looking everywhr else than him 'while maan was only looking at her intently trying to figure out if she knows his reason for hiding the identity of his siblings ..but geet didn't gave any hint to was running in her mind 'all he could understand was just that she is also in some pain discussing all this 'n y won't she be .. it was she as well living away from her family 'so defo those lonely moments n bitter memories may have turned back 'he was in his own world when he saw her standing up with a jerk 'n ran towards the main gate of Handa House 'aniee who was busy wiping away her tears n setting the smudge kajal Confusedalso got surprised with geet's sudden move n then only maan stood up seeing brij DeadDead'standing thr with his eyes spiting fire 'while geet was noting her duppatta in nervousness ..occasionally glancing back from the corner of her eyes '

N then saw Brij holding geet's hands roughly AngryAngry'while geet was panicking 'it seemed as if she was least bothered about her hurting hand but something else ..maan was getting confuse as to what was going thr while he saw geet trying to hide brij's rough hold on her hand 'he dragged aniee to the car n asking aniee to go inside the car with tone that aniee knew she should nt argue further 'but moreover she was scared seeing brij ..n his angry face so only went away 'not be4 saying about geet ..

Aniee (scared) : bhai wohh geetu 'aap usko

Maan (cupped her face n assured her) : tum chalo princess ..ill see what happened move ..

Maan knew about how sensitive aniee is only made her exit as he defo didn't wanted to see him n brij in any hot argument 'but next moment he saw back n was equally surprised seeing geet getting her self out of his hold in a manner that is taught in martial arts only WinkWink'reaching towards them he heard Brij ..

Brij : geet tu ..//

Before he could have said any more curses n threats geet interrupted ..

Geet : mujhe jo karna hai mien karongi ..aur aap hote kuan hain mujhe rokne wale ..

Brij was only speaking with her in a hush tone coz of maan's presence but then saw him leaving he became wild ..n then in his temper didn't saw maan coming back 'n was about to slap geet when maan stopped his hand in the middle by his iron grip 'n came in between geet n brij ..
Geet startled seeing him as she thought maan left with aniee ..n only then she reacted to Brij's word didn't wanted aniee to see any of Brij's fierce action knowing him ..but seeing maan she was again conscious about aniee being around 'but be4 she could react she heard maan's commanding voice ..


 Geet was shocked 'at first n then got worried seeing maan's raged face n his rough grip over brij's hand ..n the way brij was trying hard to get out of his hold ..she looked at him turning sideways ..may be a bit scared maan thought my the way she clutched his arm ' so only he tried sounding firm n looked side ways n asked her to go in looking straight in her eyes ..

Maan : jao andar geet '(n slightly pushed her forward ..n ramu kaka came taking geet along with him)


Maan's car was tinted in black 'n that prevented aniee to see anything ..but she was really scared praying for everything to be fine '
While maan was again raged seeing brij manhandling geet for the second time 'n told in a low but dangerous tone ..making brij understand the danger in front of him ..

 pls avoid geet ..OuchOuch

Maan : ek thappar kafi nahi tha shayad tumhare liye Brij Handa 'mene kaha tha tum se dobara apni baat ko dhurana ..MSK ki adat nahi hai 'par tumhain shayad zuban ki baat samajh hi nahi aati ..
Meri baat kaan khool kar sunlo aur apne dil  dimag mien betha lo 'aaj ke baad geet ke saaye ko bhi chune se pehle ye yaad rakhna ke tumhara samna Maan Singh Khurana se hai Embarrassed'aur mien apne parivaar par nazar daalne wali ankh ko salamat nahi chorta '
Umeed karta hoon yeh baat nahi bhologe meri ..Big smile

Brij (rubbed his neck in confusion as to how he should amend his act) : oh gi wohh tou ..itni raat ko larki bahar thi tou ..DeadDead

Maan : Brij Handa ..galti se bhi 'galti se bhi yeh haath geet par dobara nahi uthna chahiye 'warna yeh MSK ka wada ke mien iss haath ko tumhare kisi kaam ka nahi choronga 'Big smile

With that Brij went in ..fully raged with maan's choice of words but didn't showed it in front of him ..n maan also was about to leave when he saw geet standing thr 'she wasn't scared 'neither shocked 'what surprised him was that little cunning smirk of hers to Brij 'as if trying to tell him BETTER NOT MESS WITH ME NOW 'brij gave her an equally angry glare but went in 'while geet stood thr with a cunning smirk over her face n then only saw maan looking at her confused '

n she again turned her face blank ..but this time maan could read the relief she has on her face 'didn't knew if it was for aniee not getting know this side of her life or was it coz he defended but yes now he was able to see that relief 'but the confusion in his mind was clearly depicted on his face n geet 'twitched her brows n asked WHAT ..while maan said annoyed with this hide n seek game of his life ..

Maan : mene tumhain andar jane ko kaha tha aur tum yahan khari reh kar meri baat sun rahi thi ..

Geet (super arrogant manner.. she wasn't angry but yes wanted maan to stay away so shpwed a bit more anger..LOL) : Mr. Maan Khurana ..mien aapki slave nahi hoon jo aap jaisa kahenge waise mien karongi 'aur ek aur baat aapko meri family problems mien parne ki zarorat nahi hai ..i can take care of it very well so pls STAY AWAY ..

Maan (angry with her arrogance ..he was only trying to protect her after all n here she is throwing her attitude on him ..) : geet tum '//

But before he could say anything aniee came from back after mustering her courage she went out of the car n came to see what was actually happening n saw geet back firing at maan only ..

Aniee : kya huya hai geetu 'woo 

Geet (instantly calming her self) : nothing sweetu ..buhat raat hugayi hai u should leave now 'warna defo kal tum 12 bje tak soo rahi hogi ..

Aniee (while geet came forward to the bench to collect the bowl n mugs) : hwww ..mien itni bhi lazy nahi hoon 'wohh tou tumhara kaam hai 'remember college lectures ke liye kaise ridz tumhain 1 hour pehle uthana shoro karti thi ..

Geet (lost in her thought n said with a heavy voice facing her back to them) : wohh 2 saal pehle ki baat hai anvesha ..things changes 'people changes ..n so thr habits too 'Cry

Maan n Aniee both were confused as to y she was calling her as anvesha 'she never does so ..n then her words 'maan had by noe given up on thinking more about this for tonight atleast knowing he  won't get any answers but aniee 'she was defo super confused 'all the years the geet she knew n has been living with 'it was not that same GEET HANDA in front of her NOW ..thr is definitely something she is hiding 'n aniee knw this ..may be she can't understand the difficult worldly issues n is totally unaware of the prolems one faces in this world but she can read her close'ones heart like an open book n this one quality makes her odd one out in this world 'n this is the reason geet was avoiding her since 2 years 'she knew her little sweetu is way too smart to catch her lies n see through her painful eyes 'n now her silence proved it to geet that she has given aniee a point to raise question .. which she really wasn't prepare to face so only hurried to go back in '
N tripped just passing bye maan '

Maan : gudya sambhal ke 'OuchOuch

The moment felt at pause 'as if the whole world stopped n aniee looked at him astonished 'while geet couldn't even muster the courage to look at him ..her heart screaming that she heard her nick name from him 'but mind fighting back that it can't be 'the tears pilled up in geet's eyes while she stood still facing her back to aniee n standing beside maan ..

Precap :-
Y geet never contacted maan after accident ...Cry
getting to know the real Geet Handa or say Geetu ..ya fir Gudya ..WinkWink LOL poor maan i would say ...TongueTongue

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Nice Update

Maan is totally confused

Gud tht Maan warned Brij to stay away from Geet

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nice update

but med very confused

why geet is staying with handa's if they r hurting her

why was the door locked and why she came frm window
than why did maan ask brij to stay away frm geet

does he knw and remember her

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Superb update

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