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20/7 Dragon Club: Bua's Betrayal (Page 34)

Eva JQ IF-Dazzler
Eva JQ
Eva JQ

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Allbut1

Originally posted by jyoti06

we can hope for a good end to this july month and a grand comeback of both you and borna together LOLEmbarrassed...

Borna, I hope you are reading this LOL

@Eva & Veena: Thank you so much for the well wishes! I am sure I'll be up and about in no time! Plus college starts in 5 weeks so I need to be running by then Tongue And Eva, I am on Vicodin right now, need some seriously strong stuff to begin with and then they'll ease me out to over the counter pain meds!

@Veena: Thanks for the sweet feedback! I am glad you liked them Smile And yeah Chahoon Bhi is my favorite as well, in fact I think I like it the best out of all the VMs I have done! I think it has to do with the song and then that stunning promo, but looking back I am happy with how it all came about! The only thing I like about the new PKHJD one is it's quality, it's crystal clear which is usually pretty hard to get. Plus it includes scenes from the very beginning so I wasn't able to focus too much on the current ones, but then that's what CB was about Wink

@Maham:  thanks for the lovely VM, you can create your own serial by your VMWink..I think Vicodin is equally strong like Ibuprofen. There's also a pill known as vicaprofen combination of Vicodin and Ibuprofen which is some claim good for injuries. I dont know much about these meds but I had serious shoulder problem when i was in the UK and my GP prescribed me Ibuprofen. It did magic on me. But in Malaysia this med is hardly found in supermarket. I have to go to the pharmacist to get ibuprofen. They told me in Malaysia ibuprofen is a controlled drugOuch

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saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
@ Maham: Missed your long posts so it's good to have you back. Hope u feel better soon and get lots of rest. Ohh and I absolutely love the new video.

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MelodiousDreams IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
I step out to watch JDJ5 and all this happens in between! Playing catch-up, so forgive me if all my responses are off-topic as far as immediate discussion is concerned!
@Maham: Get well soon, my TSS! Cry Just reading about your accident made me think, "Oh my God, is she okay?" Serious kudos to you for writing out that HUGE post on page 32, which I skimmed (will read through the details now). It's ironic (actually maybe not so ironic) that just yesterday, I was writing out a PM to Kirthi and I wrote so many of the same things that you mentioned in your post...I lost the PM reply because my computer shut down on me after I'd written for at least half an hour Confused but seeing you saying a lot of the things that I was thinking about yesterday has seriously impressed me! I feel like your entire post might end up being a near-Word! from me...Let's see.
@Jyo: Read your response to Maham (and me, LOL) and that was another thing I was discussing in the aforementioned lost PM...Gurmeet's progress at "becoming Yash" has been tremendous. His comfort level with everyone on set, especially the kids, is more and more evident now, and it's fabulous to see that there's a natural parallel between Gurmeet's journey as Yash and Yash within the narrative. That's one thing I love the most about the way this show has been written/outlined/graphed...There's a similarity between Yash-Aarti's changing dynamics and the natural progression offscreen from discomfort (or misconceptions, even where KS and GC themselves are concerned) to forming a strong rapport and camaraderie between each and every actor and crew member, as opposed to just "chemistry" between the lead pair.
With Kratika, I feel that she never had much of an issue understanding Aarti or "becoming Aarti" but most of her opposition came from external factors, mostly fans who were NOT letting go of the past. That prejudice and ignorance was blinding and it has happened before PV also, during JKR times, as I wrote in her BT. Although everyone is entitled to an opinion about "beauty", all the surface-level criticism about her figure were ones that I attributed to the "skinny/size-zero is beauty" mindset. How a person's figure or body type affects acting abilities (or even whether or not the person can act, for that matter), especially when that person is healthy and happy, is something I cannot for the life of me figure out! Personally, I hardly ever look beyond Kratika's and Gurmeet's faces, but I have noticed a change in Aarti's saris (and the camera angles during some scenes) that possibly implies more confidence on Kratika's part to carry off the outifts necessary for a scene. She does look more toned ever since the yellow sari montage, and that's commendable - no super-skinniness, thank you! Anyhow, emoting and expressions are on a much, much higher pedestal, and she has always been the embodiment of excellence there (pun intended!). Sorry about the rant...Had to get that off my shoulders! All that said and done, she has been looking even more beautiful than usual, and I didn't know that was possible! Aarti's love has transformed her! And it's been affecting Gurmeet's Yash as well. Mausam ka jadoo hai, mitwa! Big smile
We always keep going back to those initial criticisms, don't we? It's heartening to see that there is so much admiration for both Gurmeet and Kratika now, though! And it hasn't even been 6 months yet!
As for Kratika's portrayal of Aarti...My favorite moment from the 100 Episodes Party was an exchange between Sumeet Mittal and Kratika, with Gurmeet off to the side...Sumeet Mittal was talking about how Gurmeet told him "Now I understand my character" one day during shoot - and that was Sumeet Sir's most memorable moment, according to him...Kratika, not one to be left out, chimed in with, "Sir, you directed my scenes, too -" at which point her Sumeet Sir interrupted and said, "You understood just like that from the beginning! Make a mistake, and then understand..." to which Kratika, in mock-seriousness, responded, "Got it." LOL
That lighthearted interaction revealed a lot about the two actors and their baseline starting points before the show really took off; Sumeet Mittal's comments about the two of them at the launch were spot on!
I've noticed that both of them seem to completely immerse themselves in the skin of their character (and major credit goes to the writers and director for developing the characters) and that was partially visible during their look test...Regardless of where they started out, they both have been supporting each other beautifully every step of the way.
*looks at post* Oops. Sorry! Got carried away again...*takes shelter behind a pillow* Serious discussion can ensue now, just ignore me!

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
@Maham: Oh ma...Maham, what happened? Is it bad? Does it hurt bad? No wonder there was such a complete silence from your end...though I did see you around because of the likes. Take care, dear friend. We want you completely recovered soon. God bless you!!

Loved, loved your analysis. After such a long time it was wonderful to go through your thoughts. Agree with all. We are going through a very interesting and a very important bend in our story, wherein Yash is waking up to life in every which way. Where Arpita kept him in Nether regions for four years, suddenly there is this life force around him who insists on pulling him out and make him breathe in the open, bright world. He is confused...he feels the pull from both directions...yet inadvertently he has started taking very tiny forward steps, which are slowly unshackling him.

The VM is getting uploaded..I'll let you know how very much I adored it in the VM post. Thank you for working through it even through your injury just to give us this happiness. You are a jewel.Hug

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Telly.Addict Senior Member

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
I hope things improve soon.  I hope you didn't spend eight hours at one go on that gorgeous vm.  Though I dint understand technical things about it, I loved it, and the one before, which I couldn't respond too as my adult stole my phone off me Smile
I hope you feel well enough to start reducing the vicodins, and start on lower strenght alternatives. I know how hard it can be to not type replies, but you've written plenty for a week.  Your mum may not know how much time you're spending in dc, but I will, and I'll.go chasing you round the whole IF forum to make sure you don't do much more then like posts.
Your mind needs rest, as much as your body. That's why the vicodins make you sleep. Please please please listen to the medics. Your hands and wrists do so much work during your life, that if you don't give it proper rest to recuperate at this time, in the future you will come to suffer more, and none of us want that for you.
Just using mouse or hands to read through websites is a lot of strain from your fingers through arms, shoulders, neck, head and back. I know. It is very frustrating, as you can't even go out with mates, if you're stuck inside recuperating. Give yourself a week, fortnight, and we all hope that you'll be able to at least go out for a drink on your birthday with your friends.
Wishing you the speediest road to full recovery
Your Aunty Sungum( till you're back to your health)

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MelodiousDreams

@Indu and Sammy: Your points about Aarti's blind fath in Yash reminded me of Kratika's recent interview where she said that Aarti is now "lattoo" (that's the exact word she used, accompanied by emphasis on the word as well) over Yashji and whatever he says isn't going to make her feel bad...I think the difficulty of Aarti's balancing act may be exactly what the creatives are trying to show here. Realistically, people don't sit around and plan how they're going to react to situations...And I think Ansh's immediate appearance just when Yash and Aarti were beginning to talk about how to deal with the Palak/Ansh attention issue left them with no choice but to think on their feet...Good intentions, unforseen complications...All of this is so real and so interesting!

@Borna: Like I have mentioned so many times earlier, through you I come to know about Kratika's comments (thank you so much for that)...and they always amaze me as to how in depth she knows Aarti. From being unhappy with her circumstances and herself to being so much at ease and happy with her life, Kratika has done a marvelous job with Aarti's body language. And yes, very, very realistic scenarios...once a parent takes a call in front of the child, the other one should support it all the way, otherwise the kids get confused with the visible rift. On the other hand, on-the-spot decisions can sometimes work opposite to what intended...and this is what happened in the competition decision. That's why a golden rule for adults is, "Be careful what you say in front of a child," because a child might interpret the connotation wrongly, due to his/her immaturity.

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angake IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:14pm | IP Logged

@Maham, what in the world happened? I knew you had family over like I did and that you were busy but an accident???? My heart had stopped when I read about your earlier accident and now this. I hope you are doing okay. Get well soon. We have missed you so very much. You and Borna are my "take me to heavens and back" friends. Without your takes ArYa moments seem incomplete. Coming to that, I loved loved your take on the last two days. I would have said keep them coming but I really do want you to get better first. HugI still haven't checked out your latest VM. I will soon. 

@ Borna, Ahhh thank goodness for this looong post from you. I was getting really worried that I wasn't going to see any detailed takes from you. *Confession time*: I even thought you might be losing interest in the show. ShockedSo, I feel good after reading your post. Smile*Question* Does this mean I am not going to get my detailed PM now?Confused

I am brain dead after all the weekend activities so no analysis from me tonight but wanted to touch on what you said about KS and GC. 

First GC: I think by now I must be sounding like a broken record but GC has come such a long way as Yash the papa. His discomfort with the kids was very obvious in the beginning episodes and now he has become such a natural. In the earlier episodes, I could connect with Yash's pain, I could connect with his trauma, I could connect with his sense of loss, I could connect with his loneliness but I could not connect with him as a parent. I had a difficult time connecting with the way he related as a parent to his girls. 

Now to Kratika: Kratika on the other hand was such a natural as Aarti. I could connect to her and the way she treated Ansh. Her over protectiveness, her indulgence, her pride in Ansh, her talks with Ansh on his level were all very relatable even though I am not anything like Aarti as a mother. And that was because Kratika totally got into the groove as a mother from the word go where as Gurmeet did not. 

Kratika excels by the day yet today it is when I see Gurmeet emoting his parental side that I feel so proud. The little scene on Thursday (I think) will always be etched in my heart- the scene where Yash calls Palak over to him and congratulates and encourages her on a job well done. That bit was definitely scripted but then he immediately includes Payal in the conversation and asks her if she would do a speech too. I am so curious to know if that little bit was scripted too or if it was Gurmeet's spontaneity that they captured and decided to show on the show. Whatever it was it was so so natural. Truly, I wonder how challenging this role was for GC. But with the way his stature as Yash is growing this show has to be the one where GC discovers himself as THE complete actor. 

Coming to Kratika and all those awful comments about her, Ghosh! The promo videos and the Holi special video on you tube has some of the nastiest comments about KS and like you said demeaning her on a very human level. It always amazes me how low people can go just to prove their point and I see the same against GC on JDJ now. Very sad indeed!   

Completely agree with you that Aarti looks gorgeous. EmbarrassedI am super glad that she is not a size zero. Big smile She looks beautiful being in love. Yash is gorgeous as always but I can't wait to see the twinkle in his gorgeous eyes just like Aarti has in hers now. 

All right, its been a long day. Goodnight everyone. Let us hope for a wonderful week ahead with Bua getting her just desserts and Palak on her way to discover a best friend and mother in Aarti.

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MelodiousDreams IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
@Kirthi: Since it looks like you're leaving soon and I probably won't finish writing up a reply to your post on this page before you head off, be sure to come back here tomorrow!
First reaction to skimming your reply: WHAT?! Losing interest in the show? ME?! Shocked Kirthi, you know me better than this! Especially after that PM I sent you earlier...Another one is coming up, promise, since you seem to want to read a lot LOL.
Now that I'm actually reading through what you had to say about Gurmeet and Kratika, I can't think of anything else to say besides "I agree!"
The question you've raised about improvisation is one that crosses my mind quite a bit after I watch an episode a few times. I think it's a sign of good directing and good acting that any improvised bits are indistinguishable from the scripted dialogues.
The YT comments: What a nightmare! Every time I go to check out the promos or the Holi performance, those comments always make me scowl at my computer screen, but sometimes I end up laughing sadly (or shaking my head wearily) at the immaturity of some (most) of the comments there. The look test video has some of the most ridiculous comments. I guess there will always be people who simply don't want to ignore things they don't agree with.
I'm just staying away from the JDJ forum for the most part now. Did the same thing with JDJ4 ultimately since there were a lot of contestants I liked watching during that season...I hate when forums turn into battlegrounds or constant complaint zones.
On a more positive note, I really began loving Kratika even more when I noticed that she would take a sporting and positive approach to many things. There were at least two instances earlier where Kratika spoke about how she is not "patli", one of which was during the shooting of her intro song (instant hearts from me back in Feb! I was like, "You're healthy, beautiful, and I love that you're sitting there munching on a snack, perfectly content with the way you are! Love!") and the second was when they were shooting the marriage rituals. Of course the two times I can recall off the top of my head where Gurmeet was teasing her and then they both started laughing were even more lovable. The moments of lightheartedness with Gurmeet amazed me because she seemed to anticipate what he was going to say about her during the high heel episode - there was a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face even before he got to the end of his playful jab! A sort of "Are you seriously going where I think you're going with that comment? You're going there again? I had a feeling this was coming up!" LOL The bachelor's party craziness and laughing fits can't be forgotten, though. That probably remains my favorite moment of theirs because of their laughter and silent eye conversation. (I think this might be the end of figure-related discussions for me; I love KS for being just the way she is...I don't want to accidentally get kicked off the forum for the stuff I've written, though!)
@Indu: Two parts to this response...
Kratika/Aarti: You're welcome about the comments! Mentioning quotes and referencing offscreen incidents are two things that I do quite often once I am familiar with an actor. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of that, since I adore Kratika far too much! Whenever someone gets started talking about Kratika's body language (and I know I do that all the time) I have to stop myself from launching into a rant about the look test. I'm going to do the same thing again...Reserving that and many more thoughts for a later date. But yes, I'm very much with you about being amazed by her knowledge of Aarti's thoughts and, more importantly, how her interpretation and execution show what she and the PV team want to convey to the audience. I don't know how much discussion goes on between the writers, director, and actors before every scene or episode, but it is truly impressive that everyone is on the same page. Teamwork in every sense! That's how it should be!
Parenting: I'm going to keep all of these points in mind if I ever need the knowledge! Isn't it neat how that golden rule has been deliberately disregarded by Maya because she wants to use the kids as pawns to force Yash and Aarti apart, while the rule was accidentally/unintentionally broken by Yash and Aarti because they didn't have a chance to think things through completely before being forced to take action about Ansh's speech?
It's also interesting to me that during that Yash-Aarti-Ansh scene, Yash was being playful with Ansh by using humor that was not lost on Aarti, but by doing so, Yash was temporarily placing Ansh in a "friend" spot, like Aarti used to do earlier. Straddling the line between "parent-as-authority" and "parent-as-friend." Does that make sense? Confused It sort of makes sense in my mind...

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