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20/7 Dragon Club: Bua's Betrayal

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:35am | IP Logged

Credit for this gorgeous alternate banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Episode Analysis

Looking back on the whole week, and all the Bua torture we had to suffer, I am coming out the other side with only the highest respect for the writers of this show. They could have easily shown Palak winning this battle with stage fright, we were all defending it and expecting Aarti's success in any case, but they didn't take the easy way out here. By introducing Bua's malicious ministrations to he mix, they made the situation as complicated as it could possibly get, from the sibling rivalry between Palak and Ansh, to the fact that Palak does not consider Aarti a person worthy of trust, to even bringing cracks in the Yash-Ansh equation, and I think by the time all these issues are resolved, we would have reached another new level in all the relationships and in the story as a whole.

Bua has a one track mind and a single agenda and she is least concerned about peripheral damage ddone. Her goal is twofold in this case, to show Aarti "her place" and to distance Aarti from Yash, but what she does not know is that by changing Ansh's speech, she has gone a step too far, been the tiniest bit too overconfident in her actions. The strength and discretion of Bua's acts of malice lies in the fact that she never lies outright. She merely presents the truth in the worst possible light. This is what she did with Palak, when she told her that everyone had clapped for her just to be nice, and not because she was good. It was actually the truth, and that is where Bua won out. Similarly, she uses Aarti's actions to turn Palak against her rather than making up stories.

However, with Ansh's speech switch, she made her first ever blatant deceit and in order to cover it up, she left tell tale signs in her wake, including divulging the plan to Palak, knocking over the vase, and dropping the water glass. I have a feeling this time her deceit will not go unnoticed, simply because it was just that deceit, rather than her usual clever twist of the circumstances.

The Aarti and Yash scene with the rain pretty much spoke for itself so I am not going to dwell too much on it. The conflict has begun for Yash, between Aarti and Arpita, past and present, pain and joy. It is also significant that they focus on the kangan in that flashback of Arpita. That kangan was on the hand of the one who died in the rain, and today, on a different hand it is enjoying and playing with the rain once more. It makes you think, if the kangan can do it, why not Yash?

Our Aarti has grown up and gotten so smart! When Gayatri walked into the kitchen today, asking if she was worried, it reminded me of the time that happened when Ansh was first sent to the new school. At that time, Aarti blurted out her worry and Gayatri was furious. This time, not only is Aarti worried about Palak, but she also has the good sense to reassure Gayatri and send her off to the mandir in a good mood. Gayatri is a paranoid and fidgety person for whom the slightest insecurity can become an avenue to vengeance. So Aarti fills her with faith, rather than doubt, abandoning her naivety and recognising that Gayatri is not  confidant, but a person to be taken care of and shielded herself.

And then she finds the right confidant, the one who should be in on her fears and her problems and though it takes her a few tries, she manages to come out with her worries and be comforted. There were two things that I loved about this scene. In it, we could see the Aarti from her own story, the one who stammered and was intimidated to speak, but conquered it in order to be taken seriously. I also think that the intelligent way in which Aarti is dealing with Palak on the stage fright issue, comes fro the confidence she got when she was working with Yash and he praised her work, and then when she solved the Neelam issue with him and he praised her strength of mind. He is the one that boosts her confidence so she can believe in herself to believe in Palak, and thereby raise her confidence. So when she felt her own faith and confidence flagging, she went straight to the source.

Yash did not disappoint! He immediately started weaving dreams with her, of both his children being selected. It made me wonder though, perhaps if Ansh and Palak had been sent to school with the notion that both of them would win, Ansh would have been less ruthlessly competitive and Palak less scared and pressured. Instead, at the time, Yash pitted them against one another and created this unnecessary tension between the two already antagonistic siblings. Was there a better way around this, that could have salvaged both sets of feelings? Or was this the best way, and the consequences just have to be dealt with? It's something to think about.

Finally, I loved the way the school scene played out. Ansh was not leaving a single chance to psych Palak out, considering how single minded he is in his goal of winning. Realistically speaking we should have seen this coming considering how much we know that winning means to him, from the two sports day races. When it is not a competition, he is totally willing to be Palak's best friend and on her side, but now that it is on, it is SO on for Ansh. He is not leaving an inch for Palak to breathe.

I think this, coupled with Bua's words is what did Palak in, and again, I am so glad they showed her not succeeding this time. It would have been far fetched if she had, because one negative comment, especially if it is based in fact, can dig much deeper than all the compliments in the world. Palak saw all her classmates looking up at her expectantly and all she could think of was being laughed at and ridiculed by people who were not her own, who would not have the grace to humour her.  It realistically showed the effect of Bua's remarks, even when her intention was not to undermine Palak but to undermine Aarti. The damage was done and no amount of damage control, even from Yash, could rebuild the card castle that Aarti had built meticulously card by card, and which Bua toppled when her hand swept across it to swat Aarti.

I am very interested to see how AarYa deal with their respective kids. In a way I am happy that Ansh will be displeased with Yash. Winning Ansh has been all too easy for Yash, thanks to Aarti's help and the complete lack of obstructions between his heart and Ansh's, and I have always resented the fact that Yash got all the credit for that, when it was mostly Aarti's work. Now Yash and Aarti will face equal problems where no one can be the hero or the victim of the situation, because both are in equally deep trouble with their kids. I like that idea and look forward to how they get out of this one.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:35am | IP Logged
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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged

Boa is a despicable person the way she has targeted the kids in order to separate AarYa is just wrong and evil...I really hope everyone get to know soon what she has done and she gets a serious blasting from AarYa and SP as well Angry


Wow Pratik is really insecure which is understandable but to go through Paridhi's phone is just a nono in my book he should talk to her...this mistrust between them is gonna be a big problem

Aarti playing in the rain and Yash watching her was beautiful Embarrassed but once again Arpita's memories hunt Yash cause he lost her on a rainy night Cry Cry...ITA with that someday Yash gonna LOVE the rain
OMG AarYa are too cute the way they are assuring each other that both their kids are gonna get selected but i feel for them all cause Monday they are get the shock of their lives Ouch
Poor Palak WTH boa has brainwashed her so bad that she doesn't even believe in herself that she choose to give up Angry Cry...It was sad to see Ansh laughing at her but that's just how children are Unhappy
Today's epy was the pre-beginning of the aftermath of boa's evil deeds Angry Angry Angry

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Have always believed that rain and romance go hand in hand!

Here's to ARYA


PV Creatives, here is a list of songs that we would like to see on Yash and Aarti! DC members or anyone, if you want to see any other songs, please drop me a PM and I'll try to update list on page 1 of DC daily!

#1. Dil kya kare jab kissi ko (julie)
#2. Bheegi bheegi raato mein
#3. Haye haye ye majboori :P
#4. Woh hain zara
#5. husn ke...laakhon ke rang
#6. aaj rapat jaiyo (namak halal)
#7. sajna hai mujhe Blushing
#8. Baahon mein challe aao
#9. Jaane do na
#10.Roop tera mastana
#11 Piya tu
#12. Bhor bhaye panghat pe
#13. Chadhti jawani meri ROFL
#14. Aa zara (Murder 2)
#14. Aaja Piya
#16. Zara Zara touch me
#17.choli ke peechhe kya hai
#18 Hey sexy lady
#19. Sarkai liyo khatiya ROFL jaada lagge! ROFL
#20. Jaadu hai nasha hai
#21.Could I have this kiss forever!
#22. Bheege hont tere
#23. Ooo lala Ooo lala (Dirty Picture)
#24 Tune ye Rangeela kaisa Jaadu kiya
#25 Hoton se Chulo Tum
#26 Chura liya hai Tumne jo dil ko
#27 Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam
#28 Kaise Tum Mujhe Mil Gayi
#29 Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar
#30 Sajda
#31 Saibo
#32 Ishaqzaade title song
#33 Phir Mohobbat karne chala

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Yash in naughty and sarcastic mode ..hmmm interesting Tongue
I just caught the repeat of that yesterday's tea scene again and I feel I missed out the best moment in my take yesterday which is Yash being playful with words while telling Aarti about the mommy vs daddy competition TongueTongue
What I loved there was even after Ansh leaves the room , Yash does not go back to his formal self but rather remains in that naughty joking mode only  when he tells Aarti with a naughty smirk that be ready for the challenge as u never know I might defeat u in this game Wink and then Aarti was like oh really , we will see LOLEmbarrassed...I thought that was a pretty interesting foreplay going on between both which actually took Aarti by a pleasant surprise because she was not at all expecting such informal sarcasm from Yash ShockedEmbarrassed...
Even the sugar part which Yash tells Aarti , I thought there was a certain naughtiness in the way he said it as if he was enjoying Aarti's every fumbling reactions because its bringing lots of exctiement in his otherwise boring perfect life EmbarrassedEmbarrassed .. And then when Aarti was going out to bring the sugar , he starts sipping that sugarless tea only which could mean two things .. Either sugar was fine and he was playing around with Aarti Wink or he does not mind that sugarless tea because Aarti made it Embarrassed...In both cases what comes across is the fact that Yash is beginning to enjoy every action of Aarti whether its perfect or not Embarrassed...He is beginning to trouble her lovingly to enjoy her reactions which he once used to do with Arpita and this explains why Aarti looks at Yash-Arpita's picture and sort of compares both scenarios because on both occasions one common factor is Yash at his naughty self Tongue...
Episode Analysis
Today's Episode was a bit incomplete for me because I m blank which direction this whole Palak track will go and what will b the outcome in the end .. Will Palak get her confidence back ?? Will Ansh get rid of his insecurities ?? Will AarYa jointly sort out both Ansh and Palak's issues ?? Will Bua get caught this time or will again go scotfree and if she gets caught ,will she b kicked out of the house for messing up with kids this time ?? ErmmErmm...So many questions and I guess we need to wait for Monday for all these answers as today it was just a build up of all these questions ConfusedConfused
Palak-Ansh rivalry has an interesting message Smile
There is one interesting underlying msg in this whole Palak-Ansh Rivalry  ...
When someone is laughing or making fun of another person , then he/she should b ready to go through similar humiliation as well  because when u point one finger towards someone , rest of the four fingers r pointing towards yourself Smile...
When Palak could not give her speech , Ansh laughed at her .. he almost got a certain sadistic pleasure Ouch... Tomorrow Ansh will give a speech written by Bua and he too will face similar humiliation because its obvious that Bua's speech will b even more worse than Palak's silence LOLOuch...So next time Ansh will never laugh at someone else's misery Smile
Aarti and Yash will have to jointly put in efforts to sort out both Ansh and Palak's matter Smile..But what is shown today was quite a realistic approach as issues related to kids cannot b solved overnight Smile
CVs r actually taking it in a realistic way .. they could hv gone on a more easy route by showing Palak giving a wonderful speech and then her bonding with Aarti overnight... Even Ansh giving a wonderful speech written by Yash and he too getting selected LOL ... we would hv all gone awww over it LOL
But I feel they r capturing the reality here because its not a cake walk to get a child out of her stage fright issues overnight especially when u hv a Bua like woman sitting in the house Ouch... Palak and Ansh both will need AarYa's support and positiivty around the house to feel positive about each other and grow their confidence too without any fright or insecurity ... Palak's stage fright and Ansh's insecurity both r a result of Bua's divide and rule politics which is very common in any such joint families ... AarYa as parents will hv to overcome these issues  and this is their biggest challenge ... Approve
Actually young kids always pick up the negativity that is filled in their head because it affects them the most Ouch...already Palak has lack of confidence and stage fright issues .. on top of that when Bua brainwashed her by saying how  everyone will laugh at her if she gives this speech because they r not family but outsiders , it sort of affected her more compared to her father's positive words Ouch... I just hope Palak comes and tells it all to Yash about what all Bua told her .. so that picture is clear in front of Yash ... Also Ansh should show that speech to Yash and tell him see what bad speech u wrote for me so that Yash can get all the details and throw Bua out of the house this time AngryAngry
In short if AarYa jointly work together in this mission and can get rid of Bua from Palak and Ansh's life , then things will fall in place automatically and my gut feeling says even tually both Ansh and Palak will b selected in this debate competition Big smileBig smileBig smile...
Rain will b the real essense of AarYa's love story EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Rain in this show is playing an important role in AarYa's life Embarrassed ;Both had their first interaction in rain thanks to Cafe delight fiasco LOL ; Yash lost Arpita in rain Ouch ; Yash almost lost his life in rain too when Aarti saves him and realises her feelings for the first time Embarrassed ;Palak gets her theme for debate competition selection as Rain ,; Today Yash sees Aarti enjoying the same rain since she loves rain EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Aarti discovered her true happiness in rain when she saved Yash and realised her love for him , reason why she loves rain and believes that rain can bring happiness and peace in everyone's life EmbarrassedEmbarrassed whereas Yash lost his wife Arpita in same rain and so he hates rain since he believes that rain can only bring pain and disaster in everyone's life OuchOuch...
Yash is still stuck between his past and present .. His past which was lost in rain Ouch and his present(Aarti) who is celebrating the season of rain Embarrassed...Today Yash stops Aarti from displaying her celebrations  but Aarti believes in future same Yash will himself enjoy these celebrations as rain brings positivity in everyone's barren life and it will bring positivity in his life too one day StarStarStarStar...This tells me  AarYa confession of love will happen in rain too and the day Yash starts loving rain will b the day we can b sure that he is falling for Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Today this Rain loop is closed when Yash stopped Aarti from enjoying rains and asked her to close the windows Ouch...In future same Yash will open the windows and will enjoy those rain drops thus closing today's loop Big smile...
AarYa communication is improving every passing day Big smile
This is another piont which I liked in the episode  especially when next morning Aarti tells Yash about her nervousness regarding Palak matter and then Yash assures her that both Palak and Ansh will do well Big smile...What I loved here was the growing comfort between both  , the way both r discussing about the kids EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Last night Yash was angry on Aarti for that rain play but still next morning both were so comfortably speaking to each other EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Aarti was a bit hesistent in the beginning when she calls him from back almost 3 times I guess LOL but what I liked here is she approaches him to talk about her worries and he too reciprocates it with positivity StarStarStarStar..This understanding between each other is really important before the love phase EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Pratik-Paridi  trouble in paradise Ouch
Pratik is definitely doubting Paridi's intentions here especially after he calls that guy from Paridi's phone Ouch ; This is what happens when there is lack of communication and wife does not hv enough trust on her hubby to share her secret ambitions with him  because she knows he wont support her  Ouch...
Pratik never took Paridi's ambitions seriously and was more involved in other matters of the house , reason why today his marriage is in danger to some extent Ouch...Mayb this is lesson learnt for Pratik that never take your wife for granted as she too can hv some dreams and ambitions ... respect it Smile
Overall it was a build-up episode  and I feel main drama will come on Monday ..So fingers crossed for Monday ... Loved the two AarYa scenes shown ...Embarrassed

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TAPD Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged
silent romance in rain!  what a treat for friday and to end the week!

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KinSanj IF-Stunnerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:03am | IP Logged
hey peepz...
I'm here!
Gosh, hasn't bhua been pain enuf that we have a DC dedicated to her..Bhua's betrayal!

I rlly hope she gets caught soon..she's become intolerable

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bbbccc IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
I hope they do play that song from Chandni in BG, one of my all time favorites from one of favorite movie..

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