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For those who bash Anjali!! (Page 13)

Maverick29 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Commnnn This is not Anjali Bashing -- it is the behavior that is alien for Anjali just because of those things you mentioned.

She wouldnt behave this way if she was a real life person.  That is the point -- Anjali is not a real person, it is a character and the writers who created it are not being consistent with her behavior.  That is the reason all the bashing is VALID.

Whoever is playing "Anjali" the creative guys "brain storming" sessions has gone LOONEY TUNES.  This is a retarded person not a sane human being -- walking away because she caught her bro and his wife together -- after they have been through something like a kidnap and finally exposing someone like Shyam is just pathetic -- she is being self-centered.

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sree07

hello fan girl... I loved all the points above its true. We all loved her when she did the above.

 - She is the same woman who forgot about all the above bullet points and turned a little bit selfish about her own life.

She come across as a little selfish and self centered for a lay viewer. When her world was glossy, all is well. But the moment it shattered, the bitterness pops in. I can not connect with her and the selfishness trait in her. 

Dialogues were all wrong today and has confusing meanings. Hope the CVs give another make over to the character. I am tired of this unlimited interruptions.

I can not take a another version of MIL - DIL drama in IPK yaar. Just simply plain tired. Wish I could see a love story.

Hug heylo Sree...

I see many of my buddies finding her selfish but tell me one thing dear...what selfish trait she has shown till now..I was equally angry with her on her dialogue with my Arnie..Wink but keeping phangurl aside..she is still fairly understandable and human at this stage...Her world has changed and she doesnt know how and why...She deserves to know every truth about shyam but still it is hidden so her giving benefit of doubt to him is okay coming to selfish part- her husband is thrown out by her very own brother and she is still in his house stating that her chotte will not think bad about her so she tries to cope with trauma only to find that her chotte is oblivious of her pain..she is hurt..a normal person will be..She has not blamed anyone right now..She has even pointed fingers at khushi but she is same person for whom her brother has thrown her hubby out and is celebrating while she mourns and coming to last episode..she is upset that arnav lied to him thats all..not because he chose to spend time with his wife but because he lied..Ouch

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sita1150 Senior Member

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
i agree with u , Anjali nd daljeet both shudnt  be bashed,,  its the story line, daily soap needs drama also ,they shudnt show anjali turning total negative ,,circums ances cn be villian  ,i m ok with this  story line,bt anjali drama must be balanced in each episode , whts the use of turning a sizzling love story into depressive  drama,,i hope cvs wont do this
,,shyam will return with  his cupid plans nd engage Anjali   everthing will be ok WinkWinkWink
  it wud be gud to show lots of romance Winkwith added pinch of  drama  ,
,5, 7  minutes drama 15 minutes romance my desireWink

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mpk2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sunflower52

Originally posted by mpk2011

Originally posted by sunflower52

Good that you made this post.

People change according to circumstances nothing is constant in life. So Anjali changed because her life changed in one day, her husband was accused without any proof by her sister in law, whom her brother loves and on her saying they kick her husband out of the house.

One more the thing even if Anjali wanted to leave "DO YOU REALLY THINK ARNAV WOULD HAVE LET HER LEAVE WITH SHAYM". THE ANSWER IS A BIG FAT "NO".

This is the second time her life has changed drastically, this is the second time she has faced a big trauma. So if a person does not go a little crazy then he/she is not a human being. 

Unlike our Khushi who also has faced trauma but does not behave like a human being. 

Easy to say I would have done this and done that you do not get it unless and until you fall in the situation.

For Arhi romance only I do not want the cv's to change their story line.

Very nicely presented !!

Thanks, what people are not getting is that this is the 2nd time that is happening with Anjali, that her world changed drastically. 

If major trauma hits you 2nd time its double the worst then the 1st time. 

I hope the cv's show this properly.

?Yup, the insecurities she is facing now is very well understandable. The insecurity of loosing someone dear. In fact Arnav also use to suffer from similar insecurity as was evident from the last year rakhi episode and in the episode where Anjali had that accident. Arnav seems to be in a perpetual panic mode of loosing her ! Anjali has voiced that insecurity of her's for the first time.
Even when Shyam was thrown out of RM she was shattered but the sense of loosing somebody close was not so evident in her eyes. Anyway, even when Shyam was there in her life, it was alws Arnav who topped her priority list, as we have witnessed in many scenes!

Given the situations she had witnessed over the last few days she has every right to feel the way she is feeling now. She had crossed all hurdles of life just by knowing that Arnav is there by her side, so now if she suddenly sees him drifting away (though unintentionally) then the thing is bound to affect her given her present mental and physical conditions !

I hope the cvs present their past in a very proper way because what so ever may  ppl say the Arnav-Anjali past is the crux of the story. That past defines their remarkably strong bond and it also defines the very character of Arnav Singh Raizada !!

Finally, one word on 'Why Anjali is not leaving RM'. The answer is, neither would Arnav let her go nor would she leave him and go. She has repeatedly promised him that she won't leave him ever and what importance Arnav still holds in her life was evident from the last scene of yesterday's episode.

Edited by mpk2011 - 20 July 2012 at 11:19pm

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mpk2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cutebarun

Originally posted by ymail_my

Enlighten me plz
Also looks like tht is the only Q tht has answer??!!

when some1 tells a story, they knw what POV they want to project... Why Payal's feelings r not projectd, while Anjali's is?

Then, why wasnt Akash being a 'character' frm d beginning of d show never was projectd, while NK, who came in between got more emphasis?

Why do we never saw the importance of Akash's father, when he was in the show? Dekha jaye tho, he should hav been d one, who took care of Raizada family in d past, when Arnav was a child. Bt, his opinions didnt count, while Mami is there in every frame.

I'm not telling who r right n who is not! Bt, the story frm d first day clearly hinted dat 'Anjali' is the nucleus, while 'ARHI' is the universe.

If it was just two star crossd lovers, and their prblms, then 'shyam, the brother in law of Arnav' wouldnt hav got engagd to Kushi. That cud hav been any other man.

If it was a 'sister's jealousy towards brother's wife, then Anjali n Kushi wud not hav had Shyam in their life. It could have been 'kushi a girl, who marries Arnav, and Anjali her sister in law, who cant see her brother loving another woman'.

Damn good rep dear !!!!! After 1 yr of show it seems there is still doubt about what the show is supposed to be all about LOL !!!

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mpk2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by riti4u

Originally posted by mpk2011

?Well said dear. I didn't see anything wrong in Anjali today, though I did expect that she would be bashed today.
Her reactions r understandable even now. I had anyway seen it coming yesterday itself when Arnav was flying high with his romantic mission !
Anjali first misunderstood Arnav, given the last two-three scenes she had witnessed, her misunderstanding is understandable.  At the end I think she trusted Arnav. They know each other well enough so as not to let the distrust drag for ever.

The second thing that is playing in her mind is a sort of insecurity of loosing her chote. She is passing through the worst phase of life any lady can pass through, so naturally the first thing that comes in her mind is to find solace in the form of the only one person who has been her life since his birth and specially since last 13 yrs. Now somewhere she feels that she is loosing him

and thus the insecurities crept in.

Arnav was at fault at some points in this matter and the look in his eyes during his heart to heart interactions with Anjali was a proof enough that he had understood that somewhere he had gone wrong though unintentionally.

I personally liked the way she spoke out her mind to him. No lying or hiding business.

Just because everybody wants to see the romance between the lead, that doesn't make the other characters unimportant for the story. In fact it is by the support of these other characters only that the story gets its beauty and new dimensions.
Even in real life also human life involves many relations other than the romantic interactions. Human character is complicated and it is the plethora of emotions that builds up a human character. Deprive somebody of one of these emotions and u will see the change in his/her character !!! One dimensionality of mind doesn't work, neither for the story nor for the life.

As far as bashing and disagreeing is concerned then "kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna!"

Well said dear specially bold part...Clap

Thanx dear Wink

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ASADsweetZOYA IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:44am | IP Logged
i loved anjali's character...not this moment anyway...Wink
let me ask...wat the hell is going on actually...?Angry
yesterday Anjali was saying u changed chotte ...!!!wat does tat mean..?Angry

but actually Anjali is the one who changed...not Arnav...Thumbs Up
Anajli is the one who was the one who tried 2 make them together, Embarrassedshe was the one who made baali honeymoon & told them 2 enjoy their honeymoon at its peak, Embarrassedshe was the one who said khushi 2 repair ASR's button & left them alone Embarrassed, she was the one who said arnav 2 care 4 khushiji Embarrassed& make him realised tat how much he cares 4 khushiji in front of the mirror, Thumbs Up
is tat the same Anjali..???????Confused
if she was fine & didnt hav any problem tat time then y should now????????Angry

yesterday she said 2 him tat u wanted 2 spent time with khushiji...Dead
if he wants 2 spent some time with his wife wats the problem..?and obviously he has 2 change after marriage...he cant sit with anjali 24*7 time near 2 her bed & make her sleep by singing ballads...Ouch
she was saying "u r in love now" wat??????? cant he?????Dead
anajli was in love with her spouse ...and ASR too...wats the big deal|???Angry
so she dont want her chotte in love ?she wants 2 make him angry ASR & only sweet with Di???Shocked
just pissed off man...seriously just pissed off with this whole RM family except nanijji...
its better 2 bear the snakewaa i think.Angryomg..he was far better i think!!!!.AngryCry


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lara3110 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:31am | IP Logged
Anjali has already done the damage to Khushi.  Khushi is quite aware of what Anjali thinks of her, the animosity, her anger.  That is why if you have seen yesterday's episode, when Khushi saw Anjali coming from her room, Khushi goes into her room with her cup of tea. 
Anjali has destroyed all the happiness and is now trying to destroy whatever feelings Arnav has for Khushi.  Why are the Raizadas shielding her. She is grown up woman, for god's sake. They should tell her the truth.
Anyways, IPKKND is loosing its charm.  The little happiness we had seeing Arnav and Khushi today in the first 7 minutes was destroyed by the hungama that followed. Disgusting attitude of Mami, snobbish Akash and Nani hiding herself instead of taking care of the situation. And poor Arnav caught up in the middle.

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