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Director's Cut - July 20, 2012

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The Grey Lady

(Since most of you will be drooling over the hug... I thought I'd give you a chill pill to sober up over the weekend! Next week is gonna be tough, ladies!!)

The introduction of the negative aspects of Anjali's character has outraged a lot of people. There were outcries of how could people call Anjali negative, how could the creators MAKE her sound so negative? And WHY is Anjali so negative? Today, I'd like to take a walk in the mind of the creators of Anjali Manohar Jha nee Singh Raizada.

Some time ago, I wrote a post on Anjali Jha: the Enigma. ( There, I tried to see beneath the surface of Anjali Manohar Jha, who to me was always a mystery, and I tried to outline all the negative aspects of her character, which we were given glimpses of, but were never focused on. The pointers were all there, but just like Anjali, we didn't see it.

Right from the start of the story, we have seen how entwined her brother's life is with hers. Over and over, the story emphasized their love for each other, his dependency on her happiness, his willingness to go to any lengths to protect her, guard her against anything that might hurt her and later on, her baby. But what did Anjali's happiness depend on? Her husband and her brother, we all know that.

The Anjali that we knew before is beautiful, sweet, sometimes cloyingly so, religious, and never has a bad word to say about anybody. This last is a pointer to her character. No one can go through life with blindfolds on. Even mami's jibes at whoever happens to be the target of the day only makes her roll her eyes.

Fast forward to the impending marriage of Akash and Payal, mamiji is furious about Akash's choice. The whole house is in Uproar mode. As an older sister, one expects her to stand up for her brother and show some spunk, after all, she has those same genes that Naniji, Akash and Arnav have. Even Mamaji stands up to Mamiji. Anjali just looks miserable. Then came the havan debacle. Here we still see Anjali as only a bystander. Her participation is reduced to her large eyes filling with tears and half-hearted attempts to pacify mamiji. It is Naniji who brings a halt to mamiji's rants. Anjali is non-confrontational by nature.

The Singh Raizada DNA is a tough one, but where is Anjali's toughness? Did she not inherit any of those genes? I am afraid we will be witnessing that soon, very soon.

Moving on to Arnav's marriage. Like the rest of the family she is also upset. A day ago, she was plotting with Nani to get Arnav to confess his feelings for Khushi. She was looking forward to him finally tying the knot with a girl that they all loved. She was throwing Arnav into Khushi's arms by sending Khushi to the poolside, knowing full well that he would follow her. So why the anger when he married that very same girl? Why could she not support her brother in this major step that he took? Because she did not participate in his decision. It seems to me, that Anjali expected her brother to marry Khushi, but not until she (and the family) thought it right for them to marry. She needed to be the one who made that decision for him.

Coming to the present day. Anjali is shattered. Her world has fallen apart with a swiftness that is breathtaking. And her FB's (abortion episode) give us insight into her emotions. Suddenly, the creative minds behind her character unleash this view of Anjali Jha on us that they had only hinted at. She tries to get an abortion. She walks in without knocking, into her brother's room, knowing that both Khushi and Arnav are at home, and after Arnav has made it publicly known that he will defend Khushi's honor, no matter whom it came from. She walks into a private celebration between a man and his wife. All of a sudden, she is unable to understand her own brother. She is unable to comprehend that her brother would order flowers for his wife. That he would be feeding his wife cake on her birthday.

Which begs the question: when she wanted Arnav to get married, did she think that his wife (Lavanya or Khushi or whoever) would NOT hold a high place in his life? That his priorities would NOT change? that he would NOT have to give equal time, affection and care to his wife if not more than to his (then married) sister? WHAT image did she hold in her head and heart for Arnav's married life? With Khushi in Arnav's life, she sees her control on him slipping away.

In her defense, she is at the lowest point of her life. Her god-like husband has been thrown out of the house by her brother. He on the other hand, is romancing his wife. When she pleads with him to bring her Shyam back, she never once sees the torment in his eyes. At that point, she basically has asked him to choose her happiness over his own. For the first time, she is articulating the fact that she is selfish, truly selfish. Aside from the first moment when Arnav walked in, she has never once asked him about his 15-day kidnapping ordeal. She cries to Grandma: What is the truth? Why not ask her brother who lived through the truth? She doesn't ask her him, because she knows that if she does, she will hear uglier truths about Shyam that she doesn't want to know.

She withdraws further into herself, clinging to her memories of Shyam. But she still turns to Chotey when she needs to, only to find him still lost in his Khushi. She feels abandoned by him. Let's take Shyam out of the equation for a second here. If he were still in her life, this scene would have played out differently. She would have been happy that her brother is thinking of his wife, because she is happy in her life with Shyam. But now, that very scene underlines something: she is not happy, therefore how can Chotey be happy with someone else, especially when that someone is Khushi? How could he forget her unhappiness so soon? How could Chotey be so selfish?

'Happiness is something you create within yourself' and by extension 'unhappiness is also something you create within yourself'.

Anjali Jha is digging inward to find all the reasons to be unhappy. She is still clinging to her memories of both Shyam and Arnav.

Today marks a new low for her. She was okay to let Arnav leave her side to go to Agra: as long as he is not with Khushi. And she is NOT okay with Arnav coming home to be with his wife. She accuses him of lying! Again, if we take Shyam's exit out of the picture, this scene would have had a different outcome. She would have teased him about it, and said some more of her 'saanse rukh jayengi' lines. Although now that her Arnav has finally found his 'saanse rukh jayengi' partner, she is NOT happy. Once again, she starts her emotional blackmail with him. She goes to her room. She will not come out and play. But Arnav is also capable of using the same weapon on her, asking her if she wants him dead, and he makes her take her (bitter) pill.

Anjali has started projecting her own negative views on Chotey.

Chotey's change, as she sees it, has come about since he married. Just as Arnav finds it hard to pronounce Shyam's name, she finds it hard to bring Khushi's name to her lips. It's all Khushi's fault, that he does not answer her questions any more. Now, to her muddled, ill-informed mind, that is when the betrayal started. Does she not know her brother? Did he not refuse to answer questions about his broken relationship with Lavanya? He has always been like this! But she is once again only seeing what she wants to see: her own interpretation of the negative (keeping him away from his sister) influence of Khushi in his life. Anjali is becoming a pathetic woman, who cannot bear to see her child learn to walk on his own, to make decisions on his own. Her brother is a business magnate; did she think he got there because of her influence on him? He did it on his own. Her brother learnt to walk and learn from life, all on his own.

Anjali deserves to be happy, truly happy and especially with someone who values all the innate goodness in her. At some point, the CVs have surely got a plan for her. I just don't know how the writers will take her to her happiness.

So why was all this negativity in her character unleashed all of a sudden?

Any good story needs a conflict between good and evil, dark and light. It can be external and it can be internal. Arnav and Khushi dealt with their own inner conflicts inside of their heads and hearts, and within their own relationship.

Shyam provided the element of the conflict that is external to them, and has a huge impact on them. He was the dark to Arnav's light. Arnav shone because Shyam started out light and got darker and darker until when we last see him, we see a black Shyam. Arnav started out dark and got lighter and brighter, until we almost see a halo around him when he revives his wife with his heart, and then wins her heart over!

With Shyam's physical presence no longer on the scene, how do the writers provide a contrast to the good or light represented by Arnav/Khushi? The contrast can come from within them, as it did within the initial 'nafrat' phase, and also during the post-marriage phase. But now, nafrat is slowly going away, and mohabbat phase has started. The conflict between their hearts and minds has already been resolved.

There needed to be another external conflict and Anjali already had those characteristics that would provide the foil to them. It is only right that when Arnav and Khushi are reaching the brightest time in their lives together, recognition and acknowledgement that the one you love is the one who loves you; that there is a need for some darkness, some sorrow to highlight it. Anjali's depression, her sense of abandonment, her antagonism towards Khushi is providing that counterpoint. Poignancy is added to their budding love, with a parallel one of heartbreak and despair.

This is what makes for a great story and excellent drama.

Afterthought: Anjali's hairstyle has changed. She now parts it to the side and combs it forward, hiding her sindoor. Is she subconsciously ashamed of Shyam who put the sindoor there? Or she does not want toremind her family of Shyam and the trauma he brought on them?

Khushi's walk/run through the dark to Arnav's arms, the lights turning on, and the rose petal-strewn path, all say one thing. That no matter how thorny life is, together they will walk in the light of their love, on a path strewn with roses, whose thorns have been stripped away.

But first, Chotey will have to make his sister take another bitter pill.

(That song, ugh! I would have preferred that scene to just have been punctuated by 'dhak-dhak', their dhadkans would truly have become one! But I guess the CVs are keeping that for another day).

One more afterthought : Kahin woh missed call Lakshmiji to nahin thi? (sorry, that one HAD to be said).

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                       BIKHARE SAPNE 

A broken bone can heal, but the wound a word opens can fester forever. 


 The value of the spoken word is so seldom realized .. a nice word can open doors .. a nice door can open hearts .. a nice word can bring a smile .. a nice word can change a life .. a cruel word can steal a smile .. a cruel word can end a life ... a cruel word can  break a heart ... a cruel word .. can SCATTER the emotions of a family ... 


Dear Fellow Viewer & Reader ... welcome to yet another edition of DC . .. a shocking episode for most of us .. what with all of us imagining tons of romance & suddenly getting tons of poignant drama .. but friends romance or drama .. the episode packed a punch .. the episode .. opened a lot of cans .. if the episode brought in a tear  ..well it also brought in a smile all in 18 minutes of edge of the seat thrill .. all in a day at the IPK.

Guys will leave the first 4 mins today for the last .. as they say .. desert comes last 

The Episode ... 

A tired fatigued family walks into their home .. a home they had left .. full ..a home when they had left still had a semblance of unity .. a home when they had left .. was a home ... they came back to make it a HOUSE .. 

If you remember my yesterday's analysis i had told you to remember the dialogue Anjali speaks to her Chotte 
excerpt for yesterdays post

Pause Pause : Directors Lens 

A pretty much straight forward scene ... but what stood out was the awesome lighting & .. the whole darkness aura created & the stealth of shadows created was very good ... Sanaya was good in her portrayal of fear ... guys there were 2 important things in this scene that the Director conveyed to us .. hope you focussed on it ...
1. Anjali & Arnav scene .. when Arnav gets a call from Aman to go to Agra & he first refuses .. Anjali is happy & then she tells him don't hold for me you go ... NOW look here .. what she says .. IT is  ENOUGH FOR ME that you THOUGHT OF ME ... please remember this dialogue .. will be extremely important in the future playout ... 

When Anjali left home .. the words reverberating in her heart were that her Chotte cares for her .. he still thinks the world of her .. he still will go out the way for her ( he is willing to cut off a meeting) she still bares priority in his life .. .. it is with this belief Anjali walked out of her home ... 
To return .. to a house decorated in flowers .. her brother in the arms of the woman he loves .. her brother .. who was supposed to be out of town .. hence he dint accompany her .. a brother who according to her .. was holding his TRUE priority in his arms .. holding HIS WIFE IN HIS ARMS .. 
A shocked family looks on ... Mami the acerbic princess starts her rant be fortunately interrupted by Nani .. who leads all out of the room .. 

Anjali walks forward .. dejectedly shuns her CHotte saying that i thot you were to go to Agra .. Aranv trying to explain moves ahead .. but Anjali shuns him & walks away ... Aranv turns to see Khushi too walking away to the other side .. we are left with an Arnav standing in the middle .. wondering .. WHAT THE .. 

Ok Ok  .. Pause Pause ... 

What just happened .. why should a sister be so miffed with her brother spending more time with his wife .. why should a surrogate MIL have a problem with the son spending time with his WIFE .. why should people be shocked with a man wanting to spend time with his WIFE ... his legally wedded wife ... 
This is what your maker is telling you... you know what this couple has gone thru .. but does the family know .. the family is under the guise this is a normal marriage .. & the current situation is this the daughter of the house is shattered .. she is seeing budding romance in a couple ..when her married life is in shambles .. 
The maker was telling us today .. time stands still for no Man .. today Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada has the woman of his dreams in his arms .. his love is about to be brought to fruitian ... his wife is about to claim him as her Husband ... & reality stepped in .. 
Once again Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada was brought to the threshold of being in between his love .. & his Devotion.. Sad the sister dint realize he still chose to follow her today ... not his lady love .. 
Somehow brought to mind .. the play of words DIVINE VENGEANCE .. u did not respect what i gave you .. Hence Mr. Raizada work harder for it .. Looks like Khushi's words at the Devi Maiyyah temple .. telling ASR that he would one day realize all the strings are held by the almighty we are just the puppets .. seems to be moving in closer to Mr. Raizada. .. Prophetic words .. so hope NOT .. 

Moving on .. Release Pause .. 

Lets see what else happened at the Raizada house tonite .. a visibly frustrated Akash . who could not offer his sister the solace that she wanted .. a visibly angry Akash .. who was shocked at his brother today . .. walks into his room .. to find his wife serving him food .. a brother faces his wife .. & wonders how he can have food when his sister is starving her self of her meds .. there ensues a war of words .. ably joined by the acerbic mother .. Mami .. 

Pause Pause .. 

What was being communicated here .. a bunch of people .. who are tied to each other in the most closest of bonds .. are in a relation which is the most closest of relation .. have no understanding of the other .. today .. a Payal .. yes you are in love with your husband & care for him .. but he is shattered seeing his sister .. needed space .. while Payal was crowding him .. A husband who couldn't understand a wife who was offering him comforts & solace .. a balm for his wounded soul .. could not see the gesture ... 

It left you to wonder .. do these people understand the true meaning of the word marriage .. did they understand .. what each ones words were doing to the other .. i was left with only one thought in my mind for these 2 .. & miles to go before i sleep .. 

 Moving On ... .

Arnav goes to his sister .. finally trying to get her to eat her meds .. but Anjali is adamant .. Arnav finally gives her a promise on himself .. on his life .. & she still hesitates .. Arnav asks her if she dint value his life anymore ..she agrees to eat .. but she tells him that things have changed now .. the dynamics of their lives has changed now .. today Khushi his wife was his first priority .. & ever since he had married her .. his priority was Khushi .. as he refused to divulge answers to her Questions ... A shocked Aranv looks On ... 


Guys the most important scene of today .. & also the most important scene of the TRACK .. TODAY .. the dynamics in relations changed ... today .. a sister ...a mother put herself over her brother .. her son .. 
Today by saying these simple words .. words which unfortunately she will never be able to take back .. words .. which have once been spoken ... have forever shattered .. what was till date the most precious of relations ... 
Today Anjali ... has brought out her insecurity in front of her brother .. today she showed her brother .. that she still wanted full control over his life ... today the real Anjali emerged ... the Anjali who Knows when to call her brother ... Arnav ... & when to call her Brother .. " CHOTTE " ... 

 The use by the maker of Chotte today was the piece de resistance .. it showed the subtle way Anjali was manipulating her brother ... away from his wife ... it showed .. a woman who was shattered .. & looking to place the blame ... knew today whom to place that blame on ... did you see .. how throughout the car ride ..& on her way back .. Anjali was faint .. & the moment the cloud cleared in her mind .. there arose the woman the wife ... There stood up .. Mrs. Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha ... 

 Ok Fellas ,, after so much heavy duty emotion ... i want the break .. i just want to ask you all ..Tell me do we really need an analysis on the first 4 mins of the episode .. i say .. watch it & enjoy .. TRUE LOVE NEEDS NO WORDS  ..

As i leave you guys .. i want to bring to you some important pointers .. 

Points to Ponder:

1. What was the Blank Phone call Anjali got ,... is Shyam coming back .. was that him?
2. What will Khushi do now .. has she lost the bet ... does she accept Aranv as her Man 
3.What is the role that Nani will play now ... that her family is in tatters .. 

Today i saw a family.. who had their dreams scattered .. a family who was thrown asunder .. i saw a brother & sister .. who lived for each other .. at the threshold of the first crack in their hitherto pious relation ... i saw a woman .. in the arms of the man she loves ... finally finding her home .. to be rudely jerked back from this all .. & finally i saw a MAN .. Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada .. who was standing alone ... grappling with the whole turn of tide .. grappling with his love & his devotion ...

As i end this .. once again i will go back to what i wrote a couple of days back ...

The Sister in me cried for Anjali ... a sister no more
The Wife in me cried for Khushi .. who is yet to be the Wife
But the Woman in me cried for Mr Arnav Singh Raizada 

So guys a firm Pack up .. from me tonite .. &
 C U  again at the IPKs 

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"Dil ke Armaan Aansuon mein Beh Gaye"

So this is the first thing that came to my mind after watching today's episode... for this one song, fits almost everyone today...

Let's see how...

Arnav... Finally he had his lady in his arms, he's about to finally brand her as his... with the first proper kiss of their new found love for each other... and the family comes in just about then...

What's going on in Arnav's mind...

Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye...
Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye...

Khushi... who is glad her husband is there when she was alone and scared... runs to hug him... forgetting it was a challenge... but finally... finally giving in and accepting him as her husband... is ready to take the next step... and the family decides to walk in on them... looking shocked... Not just Maami's taunts, but seeing Di so visibly upset... Khushi feels sad to be the reason yet again to have upset every one in the family ! 

What's going on in Khushi's mind...

Hum wafa karke bhi tanha reh gaye...
Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye...

Anjali... is feeling betrayed by her brother as she walks in on him and his wife in a passionate clutch in the middle of the hallway on a carpet of roses ! She is rudely reminded of her own sad and lonely existence while her brother, for whom she used to be center of the universe... has now changed his priorities, specially at a time when she needs him the most !

What is going on in Anjali's mind...

Zindagi ek pyaas bankar reh gayi...
Pyar ke kisse adhoore reh gaye...

Payal... She is desperate to right her wrongs... desperate to make her husband believe her, not helped by the ever meddling mother-in-law ! She wants to be a good wife, a good daughter-in-law, but no matter what she does these days, she is unable to pacify her angry husband !

What's going on in Payal's mind...

Shayad unka aakhri ho ye sitam...
Har sitam ye soch kar hum seh gaye...

Akash... He has recently realized that his wife, who had promised him of never keeping a secret from him, has been keeping a big one
ever since they got engaged... and it affects, not just him but his whole family, his Di's life is shattered because of it ! He has wooed this woman endlessly in the past... so that she accepts him as her life partner ! He made a mistake during their wedding, because of which she had to bear the brunt of his mother and he promised her never to ever lie to her again... and he expected the same from her... but it was not so !

What's going on in Akash's mind...

Khudko bhi humne mita daala magar...
Faasle jo darmiyan the reh gaye...

And finally, the viewers... people like you and me who were expecting one episode, just 22 minutes of pure, uninterrupted romance by the lead couple, because that is what was promised to us one year ago... a passionate love story... a magic called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... We can't help but feel...

Love, Sex aur Dhoka, Darling... Love, Sex aur Dhoka !!!


If you missed them, here's where you can enjoy the previous Director's Cut:

July 16, 2012

July 17, 2012

July 18, 2012

July 19, 2012

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Before I start writing,I wanna share something that I've been taught by my mother since a pretty young age that instead of going vitriolic on  a thousand bad qualities of a person,praise the one good quality that they might possess..


So while writing this,these words keep ringing in my ears…and before I proceed to pick out the sore points of the episode,I solemnly swear to respect and praise what I liked..


The Hug:Need I say more??The passion oozing out..Arshi have shared quite a few of them in the past few weeks and it won't be inappropriate to say,each one of them outdoing the previous….The way he holds her tight,doesn't let go of her….No wonder these two sets million hearts aflutter with their sizzling chemistry..Loved it to the core…The ardour so visible…The way she seems to get a gift of life on seeing him,his arms are her abode of peace,sanity..The swank husband proudly  and with his usual aplomb declares his victory,the way she finally accepts him and is set to accept his kiss of love-set my heart racing!!Beautifully portrayed by BS and SI!!


Payal finally opening her mouth..Trying to explain her stand to Akash….This girl needed to grow some spine,pronto and it's really good to see that she's been  given her much needed dialogues!!


Okay I'm done with all the praiseworthy points..Was there anymore??!My   phan girl soul with an ambivalent mind  couldn't find anything else!!


Now I'd come straight to what pissed me off big time..I'll try to be clear and spot-on…


I know the PH runs by the Legen-wait-for-it-dary slogan,"Dekhna hain toh Dekho" to an extent and that IPK is your baby..But it so happens we labh this serial as much as you do..and we rant and go argy-bargy because we care..Now maybe we differ in our definition of care..Few people care when there aren't enough ArHi scenes,few others care when the trp's are at stake,others care when the story and screenplay are messed up..But imagine when these three situations are juxtaposed..Will you still ignore all our rantings and go your own way??Don't you guys think we need a reality check here??!!Confused


Why confuse people in the first place??On Wednesday we got a small but significant insight into Anjali's thought process..Today her dialogues were nothing but a mish mash of muddled thoughts..The lady is "Di-lusional"no doubt,but why  turn into a vamp in the first place??And Puhleej don't come with another interview to justify your stand…What did she mean when she said,"Chotey aapko pyar ho gaya hain!!"So is her Chotey not supposed to fall in love??!!I understand her state of mind..But I hope I don't have to remind you that general trp viewers want "spot-on"dialogues and scenes…You can continue with your subtle story-telling but to garner those trp's you also need some pertinent stuff …At first you  come up with 5 mins of Arshi romance to serve as an anti-dote for the nest 15 mins of emotional atyachar….For my money,this recent trend of yours is pretty much imprudent!!


Who are you justifying yourself to??To the IF members??90%of whom don't count for your trp's!!To the wide range of netizens!!To end a week on a cliffhanger,on a pathetic sob-note,without a precap..and still scratching your heads for the yo-yoing TRP's??


If IPK started it's marketing campaign as a star crossed love story,300 episodes later,why on earth would people accept it as a Di ki Saut??Anjali remains an integral part of the story,no doubt..But do not forget..Di ki Saut has a huge negative impact on the minds of the people….No one wants to see the female lead as a "Saut",period!!And you're still out on twitter,asking reasons for the forum going all apoplectic??!!In fact…if you continue with this poor strategy,be ready for some more rounds of harsh crticisms coming your way…


So…without going further on what could have been done to avoid TRP mishap,I'd again request you guys to go back to basics…as I said in my 18th July DC post…If romance took you to the zenith of trp charts…it'll again bear you some sweet fruits…Just go back to square one,focus on marketing…Promos promos and some more sensible promos instead of some shoddy channel-cut ones….Stop putting your foot in the mouth and come to conclusions that we want Arhi and Arhi only….What about some sweet and sour concoction of romance and drama instead of focusing just on tear jerking drama for the freaking two-third of the episode….And Puhleej end the week on an interesting note..Something that keeps people glued, wanting for more instead of some.."Kab khatam Hoga yeh drama…"slogans…


And for some people who literally wants Khushi to become a nun and making the forum all chock-a-block with their "Nari Mukti"Morchas..sorry for sounding acerbic,IPK or as such any prime Time show shouldn't be your place then…At the end of the day IPK remains and will continue to remain an arche type SP show where you generally don't expect a redemption….Sorry,but this trait remains implacable..Come to that,I find myself pretty lucky  to be watching a show where a villain gets at least a slap for mistreating the protagonist's wife…But just like we've all learnt to restrain our expectations for romantic scenes,we need to stop going high on "Khushi leave RM"slogans too…




I know I ranted a little too much..Sorry..for once my young fan girl soul couldn't be held back…Ouch

Thanks to Ruby and Ritzy for coming up with this threadClap...And sorry if I kinda disturbed the peaceful ambiance here with my untamed rantings today!!Big smile


Carpe Diem..Big smile

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pls update tat i ll realize y they did all tat..wat the director is trying to say...Cry

Embarrassed hey redwine1... i knew u ll make my mood ok again...
before reading this..i watched the repeats again... bec the first time .. i only watch arshi n then wait for them to come together impatiently.. don even listen to wat the other characters are saying...
tats y i was so upset...
but now i saw wat i ignored..
great update.. thanks for the pm...Hug

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Well said

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