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Maan's long fingers moved on her back skin and a moan escaped from those petal like lips and he kissed her shoulder skin even more possessively.After some ages i think Geet opened her eyes and saw herself hugging Maan and Maan lost in her hug and Geet's eyes widened in shock and she pulled herself fm him and saw him with total shock and said angrily,"Door rahiye aap mujhse'.!!!!!"Geet stepped back and she tripped and fallen inside the deep ditch while Maan screamed,"GGGeeettt''''''..!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On that time Viren was scolding Prithvi for not going behind Geet and was so tensed for Geet as they had sent her with a stranger...Viren asked angrily,"Oye...Prithvi kya kar raha hai yaar...Geet ko jaane diya...tumne aur Geet ne rok diya nahin us bande ko mein kachcha chabaa jaata...uske himmat kaise huyi..lekin woh hai kaun...jisse Geet itna darti hai...meine kabhi Geet ko aise nahin dekha...!!!!!!!!"

Prithvi dint say anything as he sat there totally blank and said softly,"Viren...kuch aise baatein hai Sam ke tumhe nahin pata...woh banda jo Geet ko ghaseetke le chala woh aur koi nahin Maan Singh Khurana hai...!!!!"Viren was shocked,"Ek second iska matlab hai ki yeh banda jo humse lad raha tha woh Maan Singh Khurana Sam ki nayi dost tha...jinke wajaise woh hum sabse ladti thi humesha keliye...!!!!!!"Prithvi nodded closing his eyes with helplessness...

Viren's eyes widened with shock and asked,"Ab toh ye banda nahin bachega...isse maaloom bhi hai ki Sam ki marne ki hai...!!!"Prithvi said immediately,"Nahin Viren..isme Maan ki koi haath nahin...!!!!"Viren was confused now,"Toh maajra kya hai yaar...!!!!"Prithvi was about to say when someone said,"Mein bataata hoon...!!!!!"Everyone spun around to the direction of the voice and gave a questioning look to the person who spoke to them.


Maan shouted and fell inside the ditch where Geet was trying to swim as the ditch was so deep.Maan immediately held her from the waist and pulled towards the wall which was rough..and started climbing upwards holding the protruded rocks.Geet's legs were surrounded around his waist while her hands was around his neck.Her face was so near his face and her soft supple lips would touch his face here and there giving butterfly kisses to his cheek of to his corner of his lips or to his ear...

Maan was totally melting away becoz of her proximity and her butterfly kisses were making his devil to rise inside him.Geet was totally scared that she had closed her almond eyes and wasnt giving attention for what she was doing.

Maan immediately climbed up the wall of the deep ditch and made Geet to climb immediately.Then Geet gave her soft milky hand to help him and held his rough muscular hands tight.Maan got up immediately and slept on the ground breathing heavily while Geet who was scared and hadnt ate from the morning collapsed beside him and fainted.

Now Maan was even more worried and lifted her in his strong arms and kept her inside the car and drove towards his estates which was nearer to the place.Maan lifted her and made her sleep near the fireplace of his drawing room and ran to search something to eat.There was eggs inside the refrigerator and some chilli powder and salt with some onion so he made Omelette to her and came near her and said,"Geet...isse khaalo u will feel better...!!!!"

Geet opened her eyes and saw the food which was kept in front of her and took a bite and was about to take near her mouth when she smelt and said immediately,"Chi...aaj mein ye sab nahin khaa sakti...kal tak toh kabhi nahin...!!!!"Maan was shocked as he knew that she was Omnivorous...Maan insisted,"Geet...zid mat karo...isse khaalo...!!!"But she was no way listening then he ran and saw fruits in the fridge and ran to her to eat it.When Geet saw Apple then she pounced on it and started eating as if she was starving for ages.

Maan gave a smile to her when she was eating the fruits and he ate the Omelette seeing her face intently which gave the excitement,satisfaction.Her almond eyes showed so many things and he relished the Omelette seeing her cute face and her lush lips hungrily.After eating the fruits she saw around her now and glanced where was she and asked,"Maan sir...!!!!"For Maan glared at her and she gulped down the saliva and said immediately,"Maan..where r we????"

Maan said rudely,"U r with me...!!!"Geet glared at his attitude and tried to get up but she cant as she was hurted on her leg and she immediately fell but inside the strong arms and her dress was all wet and she had scratch as she fell into the ditch and her thighs scratched to the wall of the ditch.Geet's face was showing pain but still she said,"Am ok Maan...please leave me...!!!!"But Maan was no way to listen and took her to his room and made her sleep and went to his wardrobe,took his shirt and gave it to her to wear it.

But Geet said seeing his dominance,"Mujhe aapki madat ki koi zaroorat nahin...!!!!"Maan said sternly seeing her rejection,"Pehenlo..nahin to pehna doonga...!!!!!"For which Geet's almond eyes widened with shock and thot,"He's the man of action..take the shirt Geet and wear it..or else..he's gonna do it like in the car yesterday...!!!"And unknowingly a red tinge came on her chubby cheeks and she snatched the shirt glaring at him.

Maan chuckled at her red hue and knew what she was thinking and her cute glare which would melt anyone and went from there.Geet ran inside the washroom and changed and came but holding the wall as she had the pain on her thighs which was rubbing each other and was making her pain even more.Maan saw her and lifted her immediately and made her to sleep on the bed and opened an ointment tube and lifted her shirt for she immediately said,"What r u doing???"

Maan said immediately,"Applying ointment for ur scratches..dont leave it be...or else septic will start and can complicate things...!!"Geet immediately snatched the ointment and said,"No i will apply myself..u go from here...!!!!!"Maan was so angry now and said angrily,"Why...when he touched you then you dint feel anything...u would have told him that u r only mine..but no..u stood there like a statue and now u r not letting me to touch u...u r only mine and no one can touch u in that way..understand...and u let him to touch...!!!"

Geet was scared seeing Maan angry and stuttered,"Woh...woh...I dint mean that...and who r u to talk about my friend..he's my friend..and he have every right to touch me...!!!"Maan was so angry on her that he hovered on her immediately rubbing his body to her.Geet gasped when she felt a current run down her spine and Maan's eyes turned into dark desire...!!!"Maan eyed her elbow where Viren had touched it and immediately grabbed it and gave a tight kiss...Geet's eyes popped up feeling his rough M shaped lips on her skin which made heat produce inside her veins...

Maan glared and said,"This is the place where he touched right...!!!!"Geet nodded cutely while he licked the soft milky white skin and nipped it marking his possession.Geet winced in pain immediately while he licked his harsh bite to soothe the pain while Geet was melting away.Then Maan came towards her lush lips and captured in one swallow which made her eyes popped open and tried to push him off but his exposed warm chest rubbed her curves from the barrier and she felt a current run down her spine.

Unknowingly a moan escaped from those petal like lips but was muted by his rough M shaped lips which nibbled her upper lips and sucked it honey sweet juice.Maan's hands moved and slowly he started to unbutton her shirt and she slowly lie down on the bed.Maan's muscles twitched and flexed when his hands moved on her soft curves..squeezing it slowly...and pleasurizing her...Geet's mouth went dry as his tongue explored every bit of her sweet and warm mouth sucking its honey sweet juice...Geet was moaning in the kiss when reality turned and she powerfully pushed him from her and saw him with stunned face.

Maan was totally shocked becoz of her sudden push and glared at her.Geet shouted angrily,"Door rahiye..aap mujhse...!!!!"Maan asked angrily,"Kyun????"Then Maan pulled her inside his embrace and slid her shirt sideways and bit her milky white skin..making her wince in pain.

Geet started punching him from her small fist but he felt a feather is moving on his rock hard chest...Geet was totally angry on him for kissing her but he was no way to leave her...Geet was abt to shout when Maan glared at her and muted her soft swollen lips from his palm saying,"Shh...!!!!"Geet's eyes glistened with tears due to the pain on her thighs while he licked her salty water and made her lie on the bed once again.

Maan took the ointment tube from her and lifted her shirt to expose her soft milky white thigh and Geet opened her mouth o protest but Maan gave one angry glare and she became mum.Maan's fingers traveled on her thighs where scratches were hurting her.He pressed the tube and smeared the paste on her thighs controlling his every cell from the wild desires.Geet's breath caught when she felt his long fingers on her thighs.She closed her eyes to feel his caress and love...but also felt demon aroused inside her.

Maan smiled at her reaction as she was feeling for him..he too always felt like this only when she was around and now he was seducing her...Geet couldnt control her feelings and immediately shouted,"Chodiye mujhe..aap mere zakhmi hone ka faida utha rahe hai...!!!!!"Maan was shocked hearing her harsh words and said angrily,"Mein koi faida nahin utha raha hoon...mein toh sirf malam lagaa raha hoon..aur theek se baith nahin toh haath us jagah pahunch jaayega...jahan nahin jaana chaahiye...!!!!"Maan said giving teasing smile and Geet saw him with stun..but unknowingly a blush crept on her cheeks.

Maan came near her softly kissed her red cheeks and left her making her even more shocked...Geet thot,"Har baar mein inse door jaane ki koshish karti hoon lekin yeh mere utne hi nazdeek chale aate hai...aur upar se yeh..aise baat karte hai..jisse sunneke baad mujhe sharam aajaati hai...!!!!"Geet immediately lowered her eye lashes with shy when his fingers travelled on her shirt.Geet's eyes popped open scared that he's gonna open it further but for her dismay he closed it..and she breathed peacefully but his next movement made her eyes popped open once again as he pecked her swollen lips and wished her good night and slept beside her comfortably.

Geet said,"Aap yahan kyun so rahe hai jaake doosre kamre mein jaayiyena...yahan mein sovoongi...!!!"But Maan dint give any heed to her orders and pulled her and she landed on his rock chest and he closed his eyes hugging her waist possessively.Geet's eyes popped open when his fingers moved on her soft waist on her shirt which was tickling her softly.Geet laughed loudly when his hand went inside her shirt and squeezed her waist.Maan opened his eyes and gave a teasing smile and asked,"Toh yeh hai tumhaari weakness point...!!!"And he started tickling immediately.

Geet laughed at his tickling and she too tickled his waist for he too started to laugh and both started tickling each other till they were tired.Geet's magical laughter spread away in the room making the room more brightened and Maan was too laughing with her tickling her continuously.Geet said totally tired,"Bas Maan..mein aur nahin seh sakti...!!!!"But Maan wanted to hear her magical cute laughter and still he was tickling her.

She was totally tired and collapsed on the bed and slept immediately due to fatigue and tiredness.But she wasnt on the bed for more time and came inside Maan's embrace cutely and slept on his muscular shoulder peacefully kissing his left chest from her soft swollen lips.Maan groaned feeling her soft supple lips and pecked it softly while his hands went around her soft slender waist possessively and made her sleep on him totally and her soft curves pressed his rock chest making him groan but he calmed down seeing her cute serene face.

Precap-Maan to his ex-secretary Tasha,"Tumhaari himmat kaise huyi Geet ko wahan bhejneki...get lost before i kill u...!!!!!"

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Next Part 11-

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viren prithvi know about sam someone telling them maan saving geet and taking care of her and tickling her awsem precap scary kahan bhej diyaupdate

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wow...maan takin care of geet...dats new...n gr8 maan...geet ne jo kaha sahi hai...woh chaha kar bhi maan se door nehi ja sakti...

n wonderful update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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awsome updateee...Smile loved maneet was sooo cuteee...Embarrassed eagerly waiting for d next updateee...

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Lovely update...
Maan taking care of Geet...she also feeling something when he is close to her...loved the tickling moment Day Dreaming

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fabulous updtae dear:)

loved it:)

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Awesome there is mystery in sam dead aur maaneet part was too good maan taking care of geet and his naughty work which made feet to hell laugh 

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Awesome there is mystery in sam dead aur maaneet part was too good maan taking care of geet and his naughty work which made feet to hell laugh 

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