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Geet saw those chocolate brown eyes and said firmly,"Am not gonna call u Maan'..!!!!"Maan held her shoulder tightly for she felt pain as her face wrinkled and Maan said angrily,"Meri har baat ko tum naa kehti ho'.call me Maan'.!!!!"Geet nodded no vigorously which made him glare at her with anger but stopped himself and said,"Ok'dont call me but u hv to play a game with u and if u fail in that then u will call me Maan till my death'..understand'.!!!"

Geet came to rebellious mode and said firmly seeing Maan straight in his eyes,"Ok..but this time i win'.!!!!"Maan smirked giving d killer smile and left her where she came back to her cabin and took d deep calming breath.Geet saw around her after breathing and saw it was so beautiful cabin with colors of red as her fav color is red and a smile crept on her lush lips.Maan was observing this and he too smiled seeing Geet fm his cabin where they were seperated by a glass where he can see her every movement.

Geet took her file while Maan phoned her up.Geet answered it and Maan said cutely but lovingly,"Miss Secretary...mein kaam kar raha hoon so i dont need any kind of disturbance got it????"Geet said politely,"Jee sir...!!!!"Maan was smirking seeing her expression while Maan turned that side to work as he was so much attracted towards her cute antics and adorable face.On that time Maan's old secretary was trying to call Pammi while Pammi was calling d office fm her mobile.

Geet answered the phone and said,"Khurana Constructions...!!!!!"Pammi felt a new voice and asked,"Mujhe Maan se baat karvaayiye aur aap kaun hai????"Geet said immediately,"Mein Mr.Khurana ki secretary hoon..nayi secretary aur aap...!!!!"Pammi was shocked and thot,"Maan ne secretary badaldi aur mujhe bataaya thak nahin...aur yeh ladki kaun hai...!!!!"Geet said politely,"Hello..madam...aap wahan hai kya????"Pammi said with attitude,"Jee haan...mujhe Maan se baat karvaayiye...!!!!"Geet answered politely,"Am sorry madam...woh sir ne kaha ki unhe koi disturb na kare...!!!"

Pammi got angry and said with attitude,"What the hell...aap humein mana kar rahi hai aap jaanti bhi hai ki hum kaun hai...!!!!"Geet said politely,"Nahin madam...!!!"Pammi said immediately,"What????"Geet said politely,"Jee madam..lekin bahut jald jaan jaavoongi aap kaun hai lekin is waqt mein sir ki order follow kar rahi hoon aur unhone strictly mana kiya hai kisi phone ko transfer karne am sorry madam...!!!!"Maan was working on some file that he dint notice Geet's trouble and Geet answered Pammi politely but Pammi was fuming with anger that she cute d call immediately.

Geet felt that she was harsh to her but she took off that from her ind while Pammi was fuming with anger and said clentching her hand as if crushing something and said,"Maan ne humaara call nahin liya this is not done...kuch toh change usme hai...aaj kal ghar nahin aa rahe hai...aur us guest house mein rehte hai..kya hai us guest house mein...pata lagaana padega...!!!!"Pammi took her car and drove to the guest house and reached there to talk to Maan while the servant said that he has gone to office while Pammi said that she has come there to see around her everything is in order or not.

Servant wasnt suspicious abt her intentions and walked past her to do his work leaving her alone in d house.Pammi walked towards his room and entered it and saw around her.Pammi saw his room was in order and saw around her and saw his study room.Pammi tried to enter the room but it was locked and wondered why Maan had locked it and couldnt understand his intentions.Then Pammi got a phone and Maan's old secretary said sighing,"Thank god aapne call liya madam...woh madam...Maan sir ne mujhe Sasha ki secretary banaa diya hai aur unke liye ek naya secretary laa diya hai..aur aap mujhse koi umeed mat rakhiyega aage...Qki us Sasha ke under kaam karna itna asaana nahin...i cant work for u anymore...!!!!!!"Pammi said,"Never ind but tell me what is the name of his new secretary????"

The secretary said,"Geet...Geet Handa...!!!!!"Pammi heard it and cut the call and started searching about her here in his room then she dint get to know about she knew she's some one special for Maan had brought and made her as his secretary.Pammi was tired searching about her then she dialled to her people and ordered them to know abt Geet fully.Here Geet befriend with Pinky who was the receptionist and Adi who was handling accounts dept.Pammi had lot tried to fire him fm Maan's office with the help of his old secretary that she was unsuccessful and thus Adi had become very much loyal to Maan in the office so he was fascinated to see a strange glow in Maan's eyes when he was introducing Geet to the office.

So Adi to get to know abt Geet he became friend of her.Geet dint know abt this and she get to know the environment of the KC.Geet started to adjust in the environment when she got another call to Maan...this time it was fm his dadi.Geet answered politely,"Khurana Constructions...!!!"Dadi dint get the familiar voice which always she got fm the old secretary she had ticked her number that sometime she would cut the call and whenever Adi or Pinky took the call then she would talk with Maan or else the old secretary would never let dadi to talk with Maan.But now dadi felt a warmth of the voice which was polite and calm that Dadi asked politely,"Aap kaun hai..aur Maan ki secretary kaha gayi????"

Geet asked politely,"Jee aap...!!!!"Dadi answered politely,"Hum Savitri Devi hai...Maan ki dadimaa...aur aap...!!!!"Geet said politely,"Namaste madam...mein Maan sir ki nayi secretary hoon...!!!!!!"Dadi was surprised and thot,"What happened to old secretary and asked politely,"Jee woh puraani secretary kaha gayi..aur usne koi protest bhi nahin ki jab Maan ne aapko rakha tab...!!!!"Geet dint say anything abt that while Dadi said warmly,"Aap humse kuch mat chupaayiyega...humein sab maaloom ho jaata hai aapke na bataaye bagay...!!!!"Geet said politely,"Jee mera woh matlab nahin tha madam...woh Maan sir ki puraani secretary ne Maan sir ko dhamki dee thi ki woh Pammi madam ko bataadegi iske baare mein lekin Maan sir ne unki ek nahin suni aur mujhe rakh diya...!!!!"

Dadi felt a helplessness in Geet's tone and said warmly,"Bete...shaayad aap unki secretary banneke laayak hai isiliye rakha hoga...aur aap chinta mat keejiye..Maan itne bure bhi nahin hai...!!!!!"Geet dint wanted to disappoint the old lady complaining abt her grandson's behaviour that she said politely,"Jee madam...!!!!"Dadimaa asked politely,"Kya aap humein Maan se baat karvaa sakte hai????"Geet dint wanted to disappoint the old lady but still she was following Maan's orders that she thot and she said politely,"Am sorry madam...woh aaj kisise bhi baat nahin karna chaahthe...!!!!"Dadimaa was disappointed but she wanted to make her to be in her good books so dadi asked Geet abt her sweetly.

Dadi joked something that Geet laughed and this was seen by MSK who saw Geet laughing with someone talking in phone.Maan came to his cabin after several times of not answering his phone that he banged inside her cabin and shouted angrily,"Tumhe phone ki ghanti sunaayi nahin deti...!!!"Geet was alarmed seeing him in anger that she stood seeing him puzzled and saw that he actually called her and stuttered,"Am sorry sir...woh...woh phone pe aapki dadimaa baat kar rahi thi toh mujhe nahin sunaayi di...!!!!!"Maan saw the hunged up phone and took it and said,"Hello...!!!!"Dadimaa said after hearing his shouting,"Maan bata hum Geet se baat kar rahe the...aap un par Q chilla rahe the...humne phone kiya tha unhe...aapse baat karni thi...!!!!"

Maan asked sternly,"Kya baat karni thi aapko?????"Dadimaa asked,"Hum aapse poochna chaahthe the ki aaj bhi aap ghar nahin aayenge kya...bete kab tak aap baahar rahenge...humse toh aap milne nahin aayenge????"Maan said rudely,"Nahin dadimaa..jab tak woh aurat us ghar mein tak mein nahin aa sakta...aur haan agar woh aurat baahar gayi toh mein us ghar mein aavoonga nahin toh aap mujhe bhool jaayiye...!!!!!"Dadi was so hurted with d words and said,"Ab hum aapko na dekhe bagay mujhe marna hoga kya...!!!!!"Maan dint answer her and he cut the call immediately and said smirking mishchievously,"Kaam ke wqat time waste karne se mein tumhe kaam se nikaal doonga yeh socha hai toh yeh tumhaari galafaimi hai jaan...mein tumhe zindagi bahr nahin chodne waala..samjhi tum...!!!!!"

Geet glared at him and said keeping her hands on her hips,"Oh hello..meine phone nahin kiya aapke dadimaa ko woh khud hi phone kiye the aur jab meine kaha ki aap phone nahin lena chaahthe tab unhone mujhse hi baat karna shuru kardiya...aur jab meine mana karne waali thi tab aap mujhe phone cheen liya...aur waise bhi mein time waste karo ya na karo...usse kuch badalne waala nahin haina...!!!!!"And she folded her hands across her chest making cribbing face.Geet was looking adorable in that expression that he felt to eat her alive and walked towards her.Geet got conscious and walked backwards but before she could struck by his body and the wall she escaped and on that time she got another phone.

Maan saw Geet's cheeks had turned red due to blush that he gave a mischievous smirk

Geet cribbed seeing her mischievous smile and she answered the phone.The phone was fm his client which he refused to take and she answered that Maan dont wanted to answer any of his call.Geet felt awkward when Maan stared her liking eating her and came behind her and stood behind her breathing on her shoulder.Geet got conscious and was abt to walk forward but Maan held her tummy and whispered huskily in her ear,"U still want to call me sir????"Geet nodded yes to his question while Maan said huskily which made her shiver down her spine,"Then get ready for d game jaan...!!!!"Geet saw around her where everyone were seeing them with total astonishment that she pushed him fm her and went fm there feeling extremely awkward.

Maan saw the staff and glared at them for they lowered their eyes immediately and ran for their life.Geet started working as Maan called her to his cabin for dictation.Geet knocked the door and a stern manly voice said to come in.Geet went inside and Maan said her sit down and started giving dictation to her.Meanwhile Pammi came to know everything abt Geet and came to office immediately with attitude.All the staff wished her while she walked towards Maan's cabin.Pammi saw Maan sitting with someone dictating something and the girl was scribbling something in a note pad.Pammi entered without knocking and stood in front of Maan who was fuming becoz of d banging entry of his mother.

Maan was abt to shout on his mother that she cut across him and said sternly to Geet,"Kaun ho tum...tumhe sharam nahin aati doosron ki jagah cheen ne mein...!!!!"Geet saw her puzzled and stood innocently,"Yeh bholi aankhen kissi aur ko dikhaayiyega..mujhe nahin aur aapki himmat kaise huyi Maan ke secretary ko nikaalne ki...!!!!!!"Before Geet would answer her,Maan said immediately and sternly,"Us sawaal ka jawaab aap wahan nahin mujhe poochenge to behtar hai...aur aapko koi haq nahin hai mere maamle mein dakhal andaazi dene ki...!!!!!Aur waise bhi meine usse mere secretary ke kaam se nikaala hai is office se nahin...toh behtar hai ki aap yahan se jaaye aur dobaara is office mein paavo bhi nahin rakhiyega...!!!"

Geet saw the scene with shock while Pammi's eyes welled up and asked painfully,"Aap mujhse is tarah Q baat kar rahe hai beta...hum aapke maa hai...!!!!"For which Maan glared at her and said sternly,"Aap jaa sakti hai...!!!!"Pammi wiped her tears immediately and turned but she gave an accusing look to Geet for Geet dint understand and stared Pammi innocently.Pammi exited d cabin like a storm and all the staff saw the scene with shock.Maan controlled his anger and saw Geet's hazel brown eyes which was unknowingly assuring him to calm himself that he calmed himself immediately.Maan said to Geet,"Geet is file ko le jaavo aur complete karo..and i want it this evening and give my dictation to print and send it by fax...i want it very urgent or else u have to call me Maan as u will lose ur bet...!!!!"

Geet was shocked and saw him with stunned belief and thot,"Now he was shouting with anger on his mother and made her to cry and now he was talking abt the bet...!!!!!"Which made her feel disgusted and asked angrily,"Aapko sharam nahin aati..apne maa se is tarah baat karne ki...pata nahin woh kis haalat mein hogi aur aap unke baare mein sochne ke bagay aap humaari bet ke baare mein baat kar rahe hai...!!!!!"Maan said rudely,"Tumhe unke baare mein chinta karne ki koi zaroorat nahin...!!!!!"Get said,"But...!!!"But Maan came forward to hold her which made her alarmed and she ran fm d cabin immediately.Then Maan saw Geet's cribbing face and pouting lips that he admired her cute antics having a smile on his M shaped lips.

This was seen by Pammi who saw Maan expressions with fumed anger and thot,"Mujhe rulaa kar aap muskuraa rahe hai...dekhiyega agar mein aapko nahin rulaaya toh mera naam Parminder nahin...!!!!"Pammi exited the KC immediately and Adi and Pinky saw each other worriedly.Becoz they knew Pammi is a dangerous woman who can go any lengths to ruin other's life and they were scared for Geet who was so innocent in this matters.Geet ready her file in time and was abt to go to submit it to Maan when Maan was not in his cabin.Geet saw him going outside that she followed him calling him sir that he entered the lift and she entered too to catch him up and Maan immediately pressed the lift button to close the door.

Maan held her by her waist when she was falling on the lift door and pulled to his hard frame.Geet felt a current run down her spine but she pushed herself fm him and and said,"Aap ek minute ke liye ruk nahin sakte the kya..mujhe aapko yeh file dikhaana tha...!!!!"But Maan said smiling mischievously,"Tum bet haar gayi thi aur mujhe ek ghante mein file chaahiye tha lekin tumne do ghanta lagaa u hv lost ur bet...!!!!"Geet was shocked that he was really playing with her and said immediately,"Yeh cheating hai...!!!!"Maan said giving teasing smile,"Meine kab kaha ki mein sach mein tumse sahi raaste se jeetna chaahtha hoon...!!!!"While Geet showed her back to him angrily where lift was moving slowly.

Maan hugged Geet fm d back and kissed her soft milky shoulder while Geet clentched her fist to control her desires.She felt that she's been burned with d hot fire which was inside Maan.Maan said kissing her shoulder ever so softly,"Call me Maan...!!!!!!"But Geet nodded no stubbornly for Maan got angry and he bit her shoulder harshly for she yelped with pain and pleasure.His hands moved on her tummy slowly and went inside her top and rubbed her milky white skin sensually and kissed his love bite and licked it sensually.

Geet started breathing due to his seduction that her knees were weakly hanging on her body while he pressed his rock chest to her milky white back and said with dominance,"Call me Maan...!!!!"Before Geet respond him his another hand went sensually on her shoulder and hands that she gave up and moaned loudly,"Maan...!!!!"Maan smirked with enormous satisfaction and kissed her another shoulder ever so possessively...

Geet went to the trance when she felt his warm lips on her shoulder that she clentched her fist tightly but it was freed when his fingers were entangled to her palm opening her tight fist.Maan took her soft slender neck giving butterfly kisses and kissed her nape ever so possessively.Geet was in trance that she felt her legs weak like a jelly and she was abt to fall but Maan pinned her to his hard frame crushing her back inside his embrace and he kissed her shoulder...neck...nape and kissed her hairs inhaling her feminine scent.A moan escaped fm those lush lips which made him insane and he turned her swiftly and took those petal lips slamming his rough ones on it.Geet felt his hands were roaming on her back nibbling her lips and she was in trance that she hugged him with all might.

After an ages of time which they felt they broke apart to grab some air when the lift was still moving as they r in second floor which was reaching d ground floor dat she saw Maan with horrified expression and her eyes welled up.Maan was in trance and he forwarded to kiss her once again and then only Geet said angrily,"Stay away fm me...!!!!"She showed her finger to him which broke his trance and saw Geet's accusing eyes which were glistening with tears.He so much hated her tears that Maan forwarded his hands to wipe her tears which made her to shout hoarsely,"Meine kaha mujhse door rahiye...!!!!!"?Maan was speechless as he couldnt answer her accusing look..he had broken his promise that he lowered his eyes with guilt...

On that time lift door opened and Geet exited immediately while Maan followed and said,"Geet meri baat suno...!!!!"But Geet said angrily,"Mujhe aapki koi baat nahin suni..mujhe chodiye...!!!!"Maan said immediately,"Geet meri baat toh suno...!!!!!"But she dint listen to him and ran fm there still crying and took a taxi to the guest house immediately.



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Fabulous part dear maaneet office sequence was too good

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It was a very nice chp.I hope Geet won't get into trouble because of Parminder.I wonder if Maan will be able to manaofy Geet since she was really shocked and upset with what they didConfusedLooking forward to the next chp and update soonSmile

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update pammi bi... maneet scene fab geet dadi forming bond

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  wwo lovely lovely maan ka bet and geet talking to dadi was cute maan  got J seeing his geet laughing to somone on phone..maan  was standing for geet against his maa...lovely scenes..geet u dont know abt our devil, for him all is fair in his love my maan  is seducing his geet..but geet  too response but hate too...i love te update so much dear...who is that lady who maan wants dadi to send away from their house?...

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liked the update soo very much!

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Superb Update !! Big smile !!

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fab update dear. continue soon.

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