Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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very nice TSR.. cant wait for the update..pls update soon

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Here Pammi was wondering why Maan has changed entirely,firstly he was ignorant and what happened around him he was just like blind and secondly he never was womanizer and more over he never spoke rudely to d women though they irritate him.(Guys u r confusing dat Paami is thinking like Maan isnt a womanizer but d truth is he's nt a womanizer.He was always wanted d healthy relationship not those unhealthy relationships but Pammi is also behind this and u come to know in further updates dat how much Pammi is so cunning  & cruel and true dat Maan is ignorant...ignorant for himself  as not for others he thinks dat he has stone heart and Maan's this condition also has d reason and d reason is none other than Pammi and dat's y he became shaitan[devil])

But yesterday's party behaviour made her left baffled and sat there completely blank as she dont know what to do..then an idea popped on her mind and she snapped her eyes which were closed due to blankness in her mind.Pammi took d mobile and dialled someone and waited to answer and banged d phone immediately and angrily becoz no one answered her call.Pammi cursed,"Yeh chote log...jab unki zaroorat hoti hai toh yeh log humein nahin milte...aur jab inhe humaari zaroorat padti hai tab yeh log mere saamne aake khade ho jaate hai...grrr...!!!!"[These small people...whenever  i have been needed then they wont answer my call but when they need me then they come and stand in front of me...grrr...!!!!]

Pammi dialled him and now her call was answered and Pammi shouted at him,"Kaha mar gaye the sab log????"[Where were u been????]The person asked knowing her temper,"Q madamji...aapko humaari zaroorat thi kya????[Y madamji do need me????]Paami said angrily,"Haan..aur mein pichle ek ghanta se tumhe try kar rahi hoon..aur tum phone hi nahin utha rahe the...Q koi chikni ladki mil thi kya apne havas poori karne ke liye????"[Yeah...and i was trying ur phone fm one hr but u were nt answering...y do any girl was there to satisfy ur desires???]That person stretched his legs and turned this side to reveal he was naked and a girl slept beside him and her white back was revealed when he was turned and he kept his hand on her back and stroked it.The girl moaned and turned and hugged him pressing her soft curves to his rock chest and he took her lips to tight smooch.

After dat passionate kiss he answered lazily,"Kaam kya hai bataayiye madamji...!!!"[What is d work tell me madamji...!!!]Pammi heard d moan and she made disgusting face and said,"I want u to keep an eye on my son Maan Singh Khurana...!!!"That person nodded yes but his eyes popped open and asked,"Oh madamji..mujhe marvaayega kya????"[Madamji do u want me to be killed???]Aapke bete MSK par nazar rakhna...yamraaj ko nyota dena ek hi baat hai...!!![Keeping an eye on ur son MSK and give d invitation to yamraj(king of hell)is same...!!!!!]Pammi said immediately,"Dont worry abt that i'll fix everything for ur entry but i need u to keep an eye on him and inform me everytime...ok..and for that u will get ur wish of money understand????"That person said,"Ok madamji...!!!"

Pammi cut d call and gave a victorious smirk while dadimaa observed this silently and went from there silently.Next morning Geet got up and felt hungry so much so she went to d kitchen to prepare something for her and saw d eggs,mushroom,pasta packet fruits and some of d kitchen accessories but couldnt find anything of her fav dish ingredients.Geet pouted her lips and talked to her babaji,"Hey babaji kaisa sa banda mere naseeb mein likh diya jo sirf apne baare mein sochta rehta hai...yahan koi bhi ingredients nahin hai jo mujhe pasand ho..she twisted her lips once again and walked towards her room then she smelt d freshly prepared aloo paratha with spicy curds.

Geet's eyes widened with excitement as she was so hungry dat her lips curved into cute smile seeing her fav dishes.She ran to it and opened every vessels lid and saw it with excitement and licking her lips.Geet said opening every vessels lid,"Khaana...sarso ka sag...makhi de roti..aloo paratha...haayee...babaji  jinhone  bhi yeh khaana bheja hai unki saari ichchaye..poori ho jaaye...lekin itna saara khaana kisne banaaya...!!!"She thot for a second but her stomach growled smelling d delicious dishes.Geet said immediately,"chaddo mein khaaleti hoon...!!!"Geet put some parathas to her plate and kept d bowl of d spicy dahi and took a bite and relished it cutely licking her lips.

A pair of eyes saw d scene with immense love and admiration in those eyes and that were none other than MSK who was observing her cute expressions.Her hazels widened seeing d aloo parathas with excitement her relishing style her licking lips...she was looking adorable in dat expressions.Maan felt to eat her alive as she was looking so cute and her antics were childish.Unknowingly a small smile crept on his M shaped lips and saw relishing her d breakfast now he wanted to tease her as she always refused his every offer and tried to draw her attention towards him.

Maan came and sat on d chair beside her and took d plate and put some paratha and poured d spicy dahi and started eating it relishing it.Geet saw him with shock as she knew dat he likes only continental food.He easily took d paratha bite and chewed it comfortably.Geet dint say anything as she too was busy in eating and she resumed her eating.Within a sec..Maan's dahi bowl was empty and he saw d vessel to put some of it but wasnt there as Geet had poured d last spoon too.

Maan saw dat some of d spicy dahi was there in Geet's plate and without her permission he dipped his paratha bite on it and ate it relishing it.Geet saw this with eyes popped up and glared at him as he was eating her jhoota(her left over food)Geet complained to Maan,"Yeh meri plate hai aap isse Q khaa rahe hai????"Maan said cutely relishing another paratha bite,"Geet meri bowl mein dahi khatam ho gaya isi liye tumhaare bowl se khaaya...Q koi problem hai tumhe????"Geet said innocently,"Aap aise kisike jhoota nahin  khaa sakte..yeh galat hai...!!!"Maan saw her almond eyes intently and asked,"Tumhe Q problem ho rahi hai...yeh baat toh mujhe sochna chaahiye tumhe Q farak pad raha hai????"

Geet was hell irritated becoz of his behaviour and was abt to go dat side to hv her breakfast in peace but Maan took another bite and dipped inside her spicy dahi bowl and chewed it relishing as if he was relishing her sweet mouth.Maan gave a lovely naughty grin to her for which she was fida fm inside but composed herself and went fm there and ate her breakfast in her room cursing Maan under her breath.Maan saw her cute antics and a killer smile crept on his M shaped lips and he went to get ready.Geet also got ready and went towards d near bus stop where she stood waiting for d bus while a thug looking so jerk came on d way towards d bus stop.

All d girls werer scared seeing d jerk and stand in one corner while Geet dint see behind her and stood there swinging her back seeing d traces of her bus.That thug saw Geet and his eyes fell on her curved waist which he eyed lustfully and came behind her and grabbed her waist tightly and said,"Tu toh bahut hi khoobsurat hai...!!!"He turned her towards his face and pressed her soft bosom to his rock chest and was abt to kiss but Geet punched him fm her small fist and screamed,"Chodo mujhe...!!!"But that thug was no way to leave her and she with difficulty pushed him and ran fm there but he was quicker to catch her but in a few seconds Geet heard d squeal of pain and she turned to see d scene with shock.

There stood Maan spitting d fire and saw d thug giving murderous glare where he pulled Geet towards him fm d waist and pinned her to his rough body.For d first time Geet felt she's safe inside d protective embrace of him and dint flinch or tried to pull herself and tears poured down seeing d torn dress of her.Maan observed this and closed her immediately fm his coat as everyone eyeing her lustfully seeing her milky white skin.Maan's one glare made them close their eyes tightly and Maan forwarded towards d thug and started beating him black and blue till he was unconscious and he was still beating for touching his Geet.Geet cant see d situation and she called his name with utmost pain for his entire existence shook when he heard it.

Maan saw her almond eyes which had turned to d pain and fear and he left d thug & carried her in his arms with total anger and made her sit inside d car and sat beside her protectively encircling his hands around her waist and saw her torn dress and blood boiled to kill dat thug.Geet dint say anything but her mind has become d big question bank but no answers in that as her mind was asking so many questions and her heart was unable to answer but only one word was coming fm her heart to trust him.Maan was so angry dat he squeezed her soft waist tightly for making d thug touch her while she wont give him permission to touch her for he had d first right.He was so angry and he saw outside still digging his nails on her soft waist for she winced in pain.

Maan was alarmed seeing her pain and saw dat he's giving pain and said softly,"Am sorry Geet...woh mein...tum mere liye wait nahin kar sakti thi kya hum dono office jaa sakte the saath saath mein...!!!"Geet said firmly,"Aap mere boss hai aur secretary apne boss ke gaadi mein nahin aati bus mein aati hai aur yeh baat aap maane ya na maane yahi sach hai...!!!"Maan glared at her and said angrily,"Aaj se tum sirf mere saath hi jaayegi aur mere saath hi ghar waapis jaayegi..samjhi tum???"Geet tried to aruge but Maan sealed his lips in to her lips immediately with utmost anger.Geet was shocked becoz of this new gesture where her almond eyes spitted fire once again and he noticed which made his heart enormous satisfaction and he left her lips after kissing passionately once again and licking it one last time.

Geet gave an angry glare fm those almond eyes which made Maan melt away but he composed to show d furious pretence and d driver stopped in front of d mall where Maan went fm there and Geet sat there completely blank.After few minutes Maan came back with a parcel and signalled d driver to go out of d car and said bossily,"Isse pehenlo...hum bahut late ho rahe hai office ke liye...!!!"Geet was blank but opened d box and saw a kundan designed yellow mixed green selwaar kameez and her eyes popped open and saw Maan intently.Maan said immediately,"Pehenlo..hum late ho rahe hai office ke liye...!!!"But Geet asked curiously,"Yeh aapne Q diya mein manage kar leti aaj...!!!Aur waise bhi mujhe nahin chaahiye aapki de huyi cheez...!!!"And she kept d box back on Maan's hand while Maan glared at her angrily and said angrily but firmly,"Haan dekh raha tha ki apne aapko kaise sambhaalti thi wahan par..aur waise bhi mein nahin chaahtha ki log tumhe in kapdo mein apni gande nazar se dekhe..isliye isse pehenlo nahin toh pehna doonga...!!!"

Geet's eyes popped up when he said dat he'll make her wear d dress.Maan saw her expression and teased,"Pehenaavoon...!!!"Geet nodded and shouted with shock,"No...!!!"Geet snatched d box and waited him to go out of d car but Maan waited her to wear.Geet asked cutely,"Ab baahar toh jaayiyena...!!!"Maan said immediately,"Nahin...Qki mein nahin chaahtha ki mein aur bhi late ho jaavoon so driver...!!!"Driver turned and Maan instructed him to drive d car and Geet asked cutely,"Mein aap dono aadmi ke saamne kaise dress change karoon..mujhe ajeeb lagta hai...!!"Maan pressed a button immediately and d curtains closed their sitting part closing d driver seat part and she saw dat with shock while Maan said,"Ab change karlo..abi bhi tumhe sirf 20 minute hai office pahunchne mein us samay mein tum nahin pehni toh mein tumhe pehna doonga...!!!"Geet argued too,"Mein aapke saamne change nahin karsakti...!!!"

Maan glared at her but said,"Theek hai mein apni aankhen band karta hoon change karlo...!!!"Geet nodded no vigorously and said cutely,"Meri maa kehti hai ek ladki ko nanga sirf uski maa ya uski pati hi dekhne ki permission am not gonna change it in front of u..u r nt my mother and not even my husband too...!!!"Maan saw her innocent eyes and started laughing and made Geet glare at him.Then Maan said,"Theek hai samjho ki mein tumhaara pati hoon...and dont worry koi nahin jaanega ki shaadi se pehle meine tumhe nanga dkha tha...and now change ur dress...!!!"But Geet refused and she pouted cutely to babaji for which her pout made her edible for him and he kissed her cheeks softly.For her eyes widened with shock and her eyes dint moved and she was stunned and Maan took this as oppurtunity and made her change d dress immediately.

Then Maan kissed her other cheeks and she came into d  present world and saw her dress has been changed and Maan gave d evil smirk to her.Geet couldnt take it any more and said angrily,"U...U...changed my dress...what do u want to do next..u wanna rape me...then do dat y r u troubling me...!!!"Maan glared at her angrily and said,"For ur kind information Ms.Geet Handa...ab kuch hi der pehle rape hote hote tum bachi thi us thug se...aur tum keh rahi ho ki mein tumhe rape kar raha hoon...!!!"Geet spitted fire immediately and said,"Lekin unme aur aap mein koi farak nahin..woh toh apni havas poori karne ke liye mujhe chuvaa tha lekin aap..meine aapke saamne surrender karne ke baavajood bhi aap mujhe apne paas hi rakh rahe hai...kya farak hai aap dono mein...har baar mujhe aap chot pahuncha rahe hai...mein humesha kehti aayi hoon ki mein aapse pyaar nahin karti..aur aap bhi toh nahin karte phir bhi aap mujhe apne paas rekh rahenge Q...ab samjhi Qki aap mujhe apne rakhel banaana chaahthe hai right...?????

That's it she had gone too far and Maan slammed his lips on her petal like ones harshly.He nibbled her lips with urgency and bit her upper lips and Geet was punching her hand on his rock chest which made his devil to provoke and he pressed his lips on her harshly.After sometime Maan struggled to seek entrance inside her mouth and bit her lips harshly and she gasped then his tongue entered and sucked her honey sweet juice which drove im crazy and his han ds moved on her waist and squeezed it harshly and after sometime Geet stopped her struggle and became silent relishing his kiss in which Maan became gentle and she was weak in her knees and Maan's hands moved on her bare back and opened her top's dori in swift moment and her eyes popped open when she felt dat and he pushed fm her with total force dat he banged his back to d car door and Geet sat there crying with difficulty.

Geet couldnt believe dat she responded him and sat there crying hoarsely which made him bothered and said painfully,"Geet please Geet..tum mar rovo...mujeh tumhaari aankhon mein aasoon achcha nahin sorry meri galati hai mein aaj se tumhaare paas nahin aavoonga..lekin pls rona mat...pls i feel pierced here...!!!"Pressing his index finger on his left chest where heart lies and saw her with painful eyes.Geet was so angry dat she was still crying hoarsely when Maan banged his hand to d glass immediately and hurted himself and Geet was shocked to see this side of Maan and her stomach lurched seeing d wound on his hands and said to Geet," i hv hurted myself..ab toh apni aasoon pochdo...!!!"Geet saw his painful eyes and couldnt believe him dat MSK who is ruthless to whole world hurted himself just to wipe my tears.Geet saw his wound and without knowing her fingers moved on d wind and touched it with utmost care dat Maan felt peace in his mind.

D way she was touching his wound with utmost love and concern which was glanced by Maan which was shown in her almond eyes made him totally fida on her.Geet dint know wat she was doing and she tore her duppatta and tied it to d wound immediately and caressed it with utmost care and asked as tears pored down her almond eyes which were flowing becoz of his wound,"Q kiya yeh sab..kya samjhte hai apne aapko...!!!"This tym Geet was angry on Maan for hurting himself and she forgot what went on previous seconds.Previous sec she was accusing him and now she was showing d love to him seeing d wounded hand and nursing it.Maan's heart rejoiced when her hand was on his hand which was making him current run down his spine.He felt a warmth fill inside him despite d cold body and he felt a strange peace come inside his body and his face turned into d content smile.and he gave a killer smile.

Geet pouted cutely and asked,"Aap has rahe ho????"And she said turning dat side cutely showing d angry face,"Chaddo mein aapse baat nahin karooongi...!!!"Maan came forward and whispered huskily in her ear biting it softly,"Jaan..philhaal abhi ke liye tum mujhse baat toh karni hi hogi nahin toh kaam nahin aagayi hai...!!!"Geet felt a shiver down her spine hearing his whisper with seducing tone and she got outside d car immediately.Geet couldnt figure out dat what happened dat he turned d situation into his favour dat she too carried away and she was shocked to know dat she too was changing.Maan got up fm d car and walked with full attitude and when his watchman saluted him then Maan nodded him and went fm there where Geet ran to match his steps.d watchman was surprised to see that as he never answered to his salute dat today he answered him nodding his head and saw d girl with him running behind matching his step and was shocked to see such a beautiful girl.

Geet walked into d lift immediately and was abt to fall on one of d security who surrounded him but was saved by Maan who glared at her and pulled her by her waist and pinned her to his rough body.Geet struggled to free herself but his one glare made her to stop d attempt and stood silently in d lift where they reached d top most floor.D security went outside and made Maan to walk past them and after that Maan walked towards his office holding Geet near her waist and dragged her pinning to his rough body.Geet tried to free herself but Maan glared at her possessively then Geet pleaded,"Yeh pffice hai aap pls mujhe chodiye nahin toh staff kya sochegi...!!!"Maan dint think abt it as he dragged her still pinning to his rough body.Geet felt awkward while everyone were shocked to see a girl..and dat too beautiful girl with MSK...and some was abt to gossip in their back while some girls eyes Geet with jealousy and some boys eyed Geet lustfully.

[SIZE=4]Maan dragged Geet to his cabin but stopped right away and said to d staff bossily,"Aaj se yeh ladki meri personal secretary hai aur is company ki junior architect aur mere under kaam karegi...inka naam hai Geet Handa...!!!"Then on dat tym a meek voice came to him which was a girl's voice wearing short dress  which would barely cover her thigh,"Excuse me sir..mein aapki secretary hoon toh phir aap is ladki ko Q kaam diya???"Maan said rudely,"Qki..yeh able hai aur efficient hai..and i want d people who work with me not drool over me...!!!"That girl's cheeks turned pink with embarassment and she tried to argue and said,"Agar Pammi madam ko pata chal gaya toh woh aapko nahin chodegi...!!!"Geet saw that girl and for a second she was shocked with d girl's audacity dat she's threatening MSK..then Maan said,"Unhe pata hai aur unhone hi mujhe permission diya it's better u clear up ur cabin u r working as d PA of Sasha...she'll guide u am sure and clear Geet's cabin now...!!!!!"Then Maan dragged her inside d cabin fm her waist and closed d door.

Maan saw Geet thinking something and asked,"Do u wanna say sumthing????"Geet asked,"Jab aapko pehle se hi ek secretary thi toh aapne mujhe Q rakha????"Maan answered her immediately,"Shayad meine tumhaare sawaal ka jawaab baahar dediya hai...!!"Geet thought and asked innocently,"Kya woh sach mein aapko drool karti hai?????"Maan nodded to her.But Geet's next set of words made him glare at her as she had called him das sir vaala raavan.Geet said immediately Shaayad uski aankhon problem hai...!!!"Maan asked curiously,"Tumhe kaise pata????"Geet said immediately without thinking,"Arrey dikhne mein aap toh das sir waala raavan lagte ho phir bhi woh aapko handsome guy sochkar drool karti hai?????"Geet was shocked wat she said immediately and saw Maan nervously where he was glaring at her angrily.Geet pouted cutely and complained babaji and Maan's angry melt away seeing d pout on her face and he started drooling over her.

Next moment Geet glanced him and their eye locked immediately as they lost themselves in each other's eyes.They came to d present world when they heard d knock at d door.Maan said bossily,"Come in...!!!"A man entered wearing glasses and saw Geet there and stammered,"Sir...mein baad mein aavoon...!!!"A s he thot dat Maan was busy with Geet but Maan said immediately,"Adi nahin...woh papers tayaar hai...!!!"Adi said,"J...Jee...sssirrr...!!"Maan examined it and gave it to Geet to sign it.Geet read d papers intently and signed it immediately but she dint read d last paper where she signed without seeing it and Maan smirked to himself.Adi asked with concern,"Sssirrr..aapke hhhaaath kkkooo...kkkyyaa huva..???"Geet looked up expecting d outburst but Maan said casually,"Nothing was an accident...!!!Tum jaake Pinky se first aid box leke aavo...!!!!"Adi nodded and went fm ther taking d papers while a cute bubbly girl entered munching chips and said chirpily,"Good morning sir and kya huva sir aapko chot kaise lagi?????"

Maan said smiling to her,"Kuch nahin Pinky it was an accident woh box mujhe dedo...!!!"Pinky asked chirpily,"Mein aapko help karoon????"Maan answered her calmly,"Nahin Pinky..mein khud hi lagaadeta hoon...!!!!!"Pinky nodded and went fm there closing d door before giving a cute smile to Geet.Geet also smiled at Pinky and saw dat he is nursing himself and went to him and said,"Mein aapko help karoon...!!!"Maan said,"Dont worry mein karta hoon tab tak tum woh phone attend karo...!!!"Which was ringing and she answered it politely,"Hello...!!!"No one answered while Geet said hello to d phone still no one answered while Maan winced in pain and Geet hung up d phone and ran to him.Maan was having difficulty to band aid it and Geet held his hand slowly and immediately which made him a current run down his spine.

Geet caressed his wound and nursed it whenever he winced with pain she would blew d air and he would eye Geet's lips hungrily.After band aiding Geet went to keep d first aid box but Maan held her hand and asked...Maan-Geet u still have nt told me what is love????Geet-"Maan sir...!!!"For which made him bothered as she was calling him as sir.Ofcourse as it is d office.Maan came forward slowly while Geet walked backwards afraid of his proximity.Maan came forward while Geet banged her back to d wall and saw Maan closing d gap with hungry move and eyes fixed on Geet's face.

Geet fluttered her eye lashes when she felt a current run down her spine with shock when his rough body rubbed to her soft petite body.Geet lowered her eye lashes with shy and Maan noticed this where his hot breath fell on her lush lips.He eyes those lips hungrily but said huskily,"Call me Maan...and till evening u will have to tell me d definition of love or else u will have to pay very dearly...!!!"

Geet saw those chocolate brown eyes and said firmly,"Am not gonna call u Maan...!!!!"Maan held her shoulder tightly for she felt pain as her face wrinkled and Maan said angrily,"Meri har baat ko tum naa kehti me Maan...!!!!"Geet nodded no vigorously which made him glare at her with anger but stopped himself and said,"Ok...dont call me but u hv to play a game with u and if u fail in that then u will call me Maan till my death...understand...!!!"

Geet came to rebellious mode and said firmly seeing Maan straight in his eyes,"Ok..but this time i win...!!!!"Maan smirked giving d killer smile and left her where she came back to her cabin and took d deep calming breath.

Precap-Now what happens next?????

Previous Part 06-

Next Part 08-[SIZE=4]

Note-Now guys i have given u long update and i want long comment and i want 150 likes this time and 20 pages of comment and FB likes 80.If u wont give it then i am not gonna give d update and jitna aap log late lagaayenge like aur comment dene mein utni hi late mein lagaavoongi update dene mein so d decision is urs...AND I WANT D LONG COMMENT I DONT WANT D AWESOME,LOVELY,AND FABULOUS LIKE COMMENTS...

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fab update...
loved Maaneet moments...
seems like Geet has started falling for Maan...
Maan character has surely undergone a change...
he is madly in love with Geet..n hope he accepts this fact soon...
BTW who did Pammi make that call...
waiting for the next part...

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awesome update
thanks for long and hot update
very well written and loved each and every line of ur update

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what he's planning yaar

can't wait
plz update soon

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The only word for this part is  ' Passion '...U clearly showed the extream of emotions .I loved it how Maan is showing himself .His lov with attitude...Geet she has also some where put her weapons down in front of Maann

"Theek hai samjho ki mein tumhaara pati hoon...and dont worry koi nahin jaanega ki shaadi se pehle meine tumhe nanga dkha tha...and now change ur dress...

these words shows he ll marry her...he has this in mind.When has to wait.

I m loving this extreme of emotions.Thanx dear for such a work


Jass Nagra

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it was a lovely update

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Maaneet4eve 852 153298 31 December 2013 at 12:19pm by jeyanthi123
SS - Unknown Desire (Thread - 2)(Thread 3 added)

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Author: ana1411   Replies: 817   Views: 126733

ana1411 817 126733 02 June 2013 at 12:59pm by turbulence
SS - Heart of the Sea (Thread 2) (Thread 3 added)

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Author: ana1411   Replies: 820   Views: 78336

ana1411 820 78336 05 December 2012 at 8:51pm by amandadsouza95
Mere Papa Maan Thread#5/Thread Six added

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Author: Sonia.KN   Replies: 801   Views: 49871

Sonia.KN 801 49871 15 November 2012 at 12:28pm by Tyro
PARI khaha ki pari

Author: mayurlover4eva   Replies: 4   Views: 1193

mayurlover4eva 4 1193 18 August 2010 at 11:04pm by rubab1690

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