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Rasika was alarmed seeing his anger and mumbled sorry to him and ran fm d party.Everyone saw Maan apprehensively while he said casually ordering another drink,"Guys don't worry abt this enjoy d party'..!!!!"Maan sat there sipping his drink with enormous satisfaction but someone had seen this incident which make them so restless as it was none other than his step-mother Mrs Parminder Khurana'who saw that first time her step-son was getting rid of a beautiful girl'.

Maan was sipping his drink then he saw Geet standing around searching for someone & saw towards him & gave a full dimple smile.Maan was mesmerised to see her there & her smile which were curved on her lush lips invited him to kiss it.But on that time he came to present world when someone tapped his shoulder & turned to see his mother.

Maan avoided her gaze and asked rudely,"Aap yahan...????"[You here????]Pammi smiled and stroked his hair lovingly and asked,"Beta aap us ladki par chilla kyun rahe the...???Kya woh aapko pareshan karne ki koshish ki????"[Son y u were shouting at that girl????Was she troubling u????]Maan dint answer her and sipped his drink silently.

Pammi was abt to convince him then he said rudely,"Enough..aap mujhe bhatkaana band keejiye...i dont want any of these problems in my life...dont interfere in my life now...!!!"[Enough...stop misleading me...i dont want any of these problems in my life...dont interfere in my life...!!!!]Pammi saw him with teary eye but he ignored it and walked fm d party giving d charge to Sasha.

Pammi came back to d home and entered directly to dadimaa's room and threw d purse into d bed where dadimaa sat angrily and said,"Aapne Maan ko sir pe chadaa kar rakha hai maa...meri baat kabhi nahin sunte...!!!!"[U have given liberty to Maan so much dat he wont listen to me once also...!!!!"]Dadimaa narrowed her eyes but composed herself and asked lovingly,"Kya huva beta???"[What happened dear?????]Pammi said angrily,"Woh kabhi humein apna mom nahin maante..sirf apmaan karte hai mujhe sabke saamne...!!!"[He wont accept me as his mom and only know to insult me in front of everyone]Dadimaa was so happy dat Maan never came under control of Pammi as she was d most greedy woman in this whole world.

She came 20 yrs ago as d servant of d KM and started spreading her evil mind to d people of KM and one day she took d place of Mrs.Yashodhara Khurana mother of Maan and murdered her thru d contract killers when Maan was only one month older.Becoz of her only Maan has become d devil a Shaitan..not having any moral values in his life or any principles for which Mrs.Yashodhara Khurana thot of giving it.

Till now Maan is alive that's becoz of Pammi's evil future consideration as he'll be earning d money and she'll be sitting in d home enjoying d richness where he'll be not having any happiness in his life.She's d snake having poison in her whole body with ready to kill d innocent person.In all these years dadimaa was only silent spectator of her evil deeds and if she opens her mouth in front of anybody can be murdered the then on d spot.

But these days dadimaa was a bit happy seeing d change in Maan and dint knew d reason of d change and Pammi said angrily,"Maa...woh aaj bhi mujhse battameezi se baat karte hai mein unki maa hoon iska koi maan nahin shaayad unki naam hum yeh rakhke badi galati kee hai...Maan...!!!"[Mom...he even talk with rudely now nothing to him..not even his mother..he wont respect me as his mother...i think we did d mistake keeping his name as Maan...(guys Maan's meaning means respect)]Dadimaa said slowly,"Beta..hum jaante hai ki aap par kya guzar rahi hai lekin bete woh bachpan se aise hi hai beta...shaayad aap achchi parvarish nahin dee unhe ki aaj aap bhugat rahi hai...!!!"[Dear i understand that what u felt but he's like this only fm childhood...i think u dint give d good morals to him for u r suffering]

Pammi was angry as dadimaa teased her,"Aapko kya lagta hai maa ki mein galat hoon..haan mein hi hoona galat jab dadi pote mil gaye hai toh mera kya kaam aur meri kaun sunta hai...!!!"[what do u think mom dat am always at fault here????Yeah my mistake only when grandmother and grandson r in same sides then who will listen to me????]And she went fm there angrily.Meanwhile Maan was going to farm house where Geet was present and thot abt d incidents which went on d previous day.He was unknowingly falling for those hazel almond eyes which had d world's i wish to drown myself in those deep oceans...

Maan was carrying away cherishing her beauty in his mind..those long white i wish to bite it...them Maan went downwards...those baby pink petal ones which were so soft like i wish to taste those baby pink lush lips and explore every bit of her mouth sucking her sweet nectar...then he saw her soft white wish to bite it...then he went downwards and saw her soft slender white i wish to nuzzle myself in those soft slender neck...

Then he went downwards and imagined her i wish to bite it and till it feels sour...then he went downwards and saw her soft slender waist which were milky white and i wish to to kiss her waist and bite it...and then he went downwards...this was leading to think him erotically and opened his eyes and said with determination,"U r only mine Ms.Geet Handa...only i have d right to make u laugh...only i have d right to cry..only i have d right to love u...only i have d right to despise u..only i have d right to make u crave..only i have d right to give u pain and have d right to wipe out d pain fm ur life...!!!"

But he thot,"What type of feeling is this...i dint felt so possessive of someone in this whole world...for me girls r nothing but d tissue paper..use and throw thing...but y i feel sinner in front of her...i fear to touch d pureness in her..i regret to give her d pain...y this world is turning upside down mind is screaming to me that what am doing is wrong...y my heart is beating erratically seeing her every move...her every move makes me fee that she's seducing me...y...whenever i saw d naked body of any girl..i wont feel anything but y i feel burning with her innocent wild mind wakes and my devil unknowingly unleashes it's belt...

Maan was so much angry becoz of Geet as she was affecting him so much.Maan said to himself angrily,"No Geet tum aise mujhe nahin tadpa sakti...mein tumhe dikhaadoonga ki mujhe tumhaari maujoodgi se koi farak nahin padta...!!!I wont feel anything to u..only one feeling can be possessed fm me to u and that is lust...!!!!!"[No Geet u cant make me crave for this feeling...i'll show u that am not affected becoz of ur presence...i wont feel anything to u...only one feeling can be possessed fm me to u and that is lust]

Maan took d phone and dialled to some one and said,"Mujhe aaj raat ko ek ladki chaahiye to enjoy...!!!"[i want a girl tonight to enjoy]He cut d call and smirked & thot,"Dekhna Geet mein tumhe aisa hi seduce karta hoon prove karne ke liye ki i want to feel ur body not ur love...!!!"[U'll see today Geet dat how much i seduce u to prove that i want to feel ur body not ur love]Maan in his ego was trying to prove Geet that he wont be affected becoz of her presence but unknowingly he was using d word love to his feelings and unknowingly he was falling for her love and craving for her love.

Maan got down fm d car with a girl of d age of abt 21 and she was looking beautiful but no one can be beautiful in front of Geet,Maan thot and wacked his head mentally to make her crave for himself.Least he knew that what is gonna happen further.Maan walked towards her room and saw her reading a magazine.Maan saw her reading intently and knocked d door to draw her attention.Geet looked up and saw Maan standing with d girl keeping his hand around her waist.

Geet saw him blankly while Maan said mean pretended to be angry and said,"Hello...jaan..tumne meri khwaish poori nahin ki toh mein apne shock ko prove karne ke liye isse laaya...kyun???"[Hello...darling u dint fulfill my wishes so i have to bring her to fulfill my wishes...what's say u????]The girl dint wanted to involve herself in this matters and thot that they both r husband and wife and he's trying to show his wife low by summoning me but she too wanted to run away fm here with d enough money which he gives and saw them blankly.

Geet dint say anything as she stood there seeing him blankly folding her hands while Maan said to surprise me to d girl.Girl started to dance in front of him and took off all her dress and stood in front of him in inners while Geet was making a disgusting face to see d scene and was abt to go but Maan held her hand and said,"Tumne bet aaj subah haardi aur aaj tum wahi karoge jo mein kahoonga...!!!"[U lost ur bet..and u have to do what i say today...!!!]And he pulled her and made her sit beside him and enjoyed d sight.

Geet felt uncomfortable as she thot of peeling those eyes which were seeing d other girl lustfully.Unknowingly a jealousy crept inside her but she resisted immediately as d girl walked towards Maan and started dancing in front of him shaking her curves and waist seductively.Then he blinked and saw d girl which he saw like Geet.Maan saw her intently and saw beside him and saw another Geet.

Maan saw Geet who stood in front of him wearing only inners and walked towards him seductively.Maan was baffled seeing her like that but her perfect waist's skin which was d glowing milky white color invited him to bite it.Her thighs which were milky white was twisting when she walked towards her.

Maan gulped down seeing her posture and her curves were dancing when she walked towards him.Maan asked,"Geet..yeh tum kya kar rahi ho...!!!"[Geet...wat r u doing????]But Geet said sensually,"Shhh...!!!"Geet sat on his lap rubbing her b*** sensually which made his m******d erect and Geet forward to take his M shaped lips...

On that time he felt suffocated..he rejected this touch as it was touched by Geet he thot and when he blinked then d girl came into d vision and he rocked backwards immediately as she was abt to kiss him.Maan was baffled seeing his position with d girl in front of Geet who was seeing him with disgust.Maan thot,"Yeh har jagah kyun phel rahi hai????"[Y she's spreading everywhere????]

Geet saw him with disgust and went fm there to her room and banged d door angrily and sat there crying instantly.Maan followed her leaving d girl baffled and knocked d door so much calling Geet.Geet dint open d door while girl stood there nodding dismissively and said,"Sir..meri payment...!!!!!"[ payment...]Maan dint say anything and gave a bundles of notes to her and made her shoved off immediately.The girl dint went simply but kissed her cheeks which left d lipstick marks which were disgusting to him and before he would shout she ran immediately collecting her clothes.

Precap-What happens next now????

Previous Part 04-

Next Part 06-

Note-Now guys tell me is it boring u all or not becoz i have seen d number of likes to this ff...if u wont like then please tell me honestly dat i wont like it and will stop it the then...please guys answer me honestly...and coming to dis part it is only budding love story of MSK...he dint wanted to hurt Geet but his ego isnt permitting him to accept d change in him and that too becoz of Geet so he is trying to hurt her in every possible way and trying to make her weak to give herself to him but his heart is acting on its accord and overpowering d thots of brain and trying to make him as a man fm d devil..Shaitan...if there any doubt then do send me PM...and will clear ur doubt..and now i have justified ur questions by this part...

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me first yipeee

wow superbb update
ye parminder
disguisting lady
sirf iss gadhi ki vja se my maanu is like that
he is changing na
uff the teaser was such a tease bt omg kya socha kya nikla..
tbi mai sochu geet nd wo sab
hayee babaji chi chi...LOLLOLLOL
geet j ShockedShocked
maan babu kya hoga tera... cont soonnn

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Awesome update dear ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap. I really like this ff a lot. Please continue soon dear. Can't wait to read more.

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Maan should come out of Pammi's evil handsAngry and he should also realize that by doing such cheap things he can't deny his budding feeling for Geet!!

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awesome update
slowly slowly maan is changing but don't want to accept it
loved it

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Wow lovely update dear..yes only my maan hav all rights on his geet and same to geet..maan whom u want to prove to geet or to urself, tat u only lust for ur geet not love,.. Buddhu maan realize ur feelings for ur geet..go and talk to her.,before going wipe tat lipstick mark on ur cheeks..bechare geet crying..buddhu singh khurana..i love te update so so so much..oyiee kutty dont think of stopping tis ff,atleast for me u can write naa..maan ki nalini is asking..

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gr8 update,specially d part wen dadima realises dat maan is changing 4 good

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awesome part dear
loved it so much
geet started feeling for maan, me happy
maan's plan backfired...hehehe...
continue soon dear
can't wait

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