Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Originally posted by geetsrir.maan


Guys mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai third part ki Shaitan Ki Pari likes de kar...ab meine thaand lee hai ki jab tak mujhe 100 above likes aur 5 pages of comment nahin miljaate mein aage nahin badhungi...agar aap logon ko meri story achcha na lage to honestly bataa deejiyega mein stop kardoongi aur do sapne ko bhi aisa hi ho raha me gong offline if u want next ud then u have to give me 100 likes till then am not gonna ud it further..d decision is going offline...Cry
Its already 103 likes dear

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calm down sweety
it is already crossed 100 now it is 103
and pg of comment is 24 to 32
so  give next part soon
love your story very much

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Geet saw him with disgust and said angrily,"Toh aap kyun nahin mujhe chodte..meine aapko kaha tha na to do what ever u r then y didnt u do and now meri marzi hai mein kya karoon ya na...aur aapki koi meherbaani nahin chaahiye samjhe aap..chodiye mujhe...!!!"Maan said angrily,"Mein tumhaara ghulaam nahin hoon jo tum order de rahi hoon philhaal abhi ke liye tum mere kabze mein ho...aur agar aise stunts karna hi hai toh zaroor karna when am finished with u understand...!!!"Geet saw him with disgust while he saw with enormous satisfaction as he was fearing that when she get's up and starts crying making d big drama of y u saved me and all.

Maan put Geet gently on the bed and was abt to go but Geet held his hand and he felt a current run down his spine.Geet also thought but she shrugged off her thought and saw him showing her questioning almond eyes.Maan saw her face and was melting inside seeing her puppy face with questioning almond eyes.Maan thot seeing her big brown eyes,"Kyun mein in aankhon mein khona chaahtha hoon...????"Geet left her hand immediately and asked intently,"Aap mujhe kyun bachaaya????"

Maan was expecting this question fm her but he dint know dat it's gonna come very soon.Maan said rudely,"Tumhaare sawaalon ke jawaab dena zaroori nahin samjhta...!!!!!!"Geet saw him with mouth hanging open.She thot he's gonna take credit of saving her and asks for return of something nasty which she cant fulfill and end up getting intimated without her will but he was silent.Maan observed Geet's expressions which was changing secs after showed disgust and then hatred and then delight and asked with sarcasm at last,"Mere sawaal ka jawaab dene se aap darte hai kya????"

Maan said with attitude,"Darr..aur MSK ko..meri dictionary mein darr ki baat hai hi nahin...!!!!"Geet asked immediately,"To phir aap apne nazare kyun jhukaa rahe hai????"Maan said amused,"Mein kyun nazare jhukaavoon fact tum jhukaa rahi ho mujhse...!!!!"Geet argued,"Nahin toh aap shaayad theek se mujhe dekha nahin...!!!!"Maan said immediately,"Toh theek hai hum ek doosre ko dekhte rahenge sirf ek minute ke liye agar tumhaari palak jhapi toh tum wahi karoge jo mein kahoonga...!!!!"

Geet's rebellion aroused inside her and said immediately getting sportive,"Theek hai...!!!!"Maan came so near that his breath fanned on her lips and saw her hazel almond eyes intently.Geet felt his piercing gaze on her eyes and held herself immediately and saw his deep ocean eyes.Maaneet took this as a game but they lost in their eyes immediately which was hypnotizing each other...tempting them to proceed...Maan came near her still not breaking eye-contact and held her soft reddened cheek which were blushing becoz of his piercing gaze.

Geet wanted to defeat him but he didnt break any eye-contact which made her become weak in front of his piercing gaze.Maan was lost in those hazel almond eyes which were hypnotizing him to capture him...make him act on their accord and he dint break eye-contact still d one minute was over.Time went 1 min to 10 mins and after that 10 became make one hr complete still Maan dint break his eye-contact and captured her almond eyes into his piercing gaze.

Maan was lost in those hazel eyes but Geet broke d eye contact and lowered her gaze with shy immediately and a pink tinge formed on her white chubby cheeks.Maan saw this when the eye-lock was broken from her and had the urge to bite those red cheeks which were making him think erotically abt her.

Maan lost in her shy but composed himself immediately and turned that side to hide his inner turmoil and said turning giving victory smile,"Dekha mein tumse nahin darta...aur meri kaafi time waste kar chuki ho araam karlo yahi par aur kissi bhi cheez ki zaroorat ho to servant ko bulaa lena neeche utarne ki koi zaroorat nahin...aur haan servant ko going to a party and will join u this afternoon...!!!!"

Geet protested immediately,"But sir mein aap nahin hoon chutti lekar baithne ki meri boss mujhe daantenge agar mein aaj leave liya toh...!!!!"On that time Maan said with attitude,"Tum bhool rahi ho ki tum MSK se baat kar rahi ho aur tumhaari boss ab Mr.Malhotra nahin mein hoon and u r appointed as my PS and i hv given u leave today and dont u dare defy me now..or else consequences will be very regretful...samjhi tum...!!!!"Geet stood there with mouth hanging open with shock while Maan chuckled at her expression and said,"Moo band karo nahin toh makhi ghus jaayegi...!!!!"

Maan was abt to go but Geet said immediately,"Mein aapke saath kaam nahin karoongi...!!!!"Maan anger towered and turned towards her glaring and he moved so fast that Geet's vision blurred immediately and he was holding her shoulder angrily squeezing it,"Kyun nahin kaam karsakti...kya sochti ho mere baare mein...mein tumhaari in khoobsoorati ko dekhkar kaam nahin diya hai tumhaari intelligence ko dekhkar...aur agar manaa kiya toh mujhsa bura koi nahin hoga samjhi tum...aur ek baat kaan kholke sun lo agar jo chodne ki soch tumhaari dimaag mein aayi bhi toh mein tumhaari zindagi barbaad kardoonga kyunki tum par bahut saari zimmedaariyaan saumpne jaa raha hoon aur agar tumne usse lene se aanakaani ki toh mein tumhe is poori duniya mein koi bhi company kaam dene se manaa karvaadoonga samjhi tum...!!!!"

Geet's eyes welled up becoz of his hold which was hurting her and she was weak for her vision blurred and she fainted immediately.Maan was shocked seeing her like that and screamed,"Geeettt...!!!!!"Maan took the glass of water from the bedside table and sprinkled it with panic and said kissing her forehead,"Geet am sorry...mein aaj se tumhe force nahin karonga i promise kissi ke liye bhi please aankhen kholo...!!!!"

Geet opened her eyes slowly but her eyes were closing due to weakness.Maan said making her sleep on the bed gently,"Mein tumhaare liye abhi khaane ke liye kuch laata hoon...!!!"And he ran to the kitchen fridge and took d orange juice and poured it into d glass tumbler and ran to her room.

Maan kept d glass of juice near her mouth taking her gently inside his embrace.Geet saw that and drank it slowly and emptied d juice glass.Maan saw her with panic and Geet opened her almond eyes and saw around her and she was inside Maan's embrace.Geet saw this and freed herself immediately and sat far away from him.Maan's eyes showed disappointment but didnt protest seeing her state and went from there silently without saying anything to her.After sometime a servant came to Geet's room and kept d food to her and said that Maan sir told him and ran from her bedroom as Maan had warned him not linger there for a second also.

Geet felt weird seeing his behaviour but she shrugged off while Maan was sipping his drink sitting in d bar in his party alone thinking abt Geet.When he closed his eyes Geet came to his vision when he opened then he would imagine that Geet is around her.Everywhere she was seen and he was getting frustrated becoz of this change of his behaviour.Either he was hallucinating or it was only his imagination...when he tried to sip his drink then he felt that it was also bitter.

On that time a lady came near him and said giving cheeky smile,"Hi Maan am Rasika...Rasika Rathod...!!!"

Maan wasn't interested and sat there sipping his drink which made Rasika very disappointed but she bent down to correct her shoes and exposed her curves to him for which he rolled his eyes and turned that side.Her movement was making him awkward and was feeling restless and it was d fear of betrayal...but for whom he dint know dat till now but everytime he closed his eyes then Geet would come to his vision.

Rasika saw this and felt weird abt him today as Maan always was d arrogant and hot man and girls r ready throwing up themselves on him but this weird behaviour made her apprehensive and disappointed but she help her last hope and said,"Maan u r so would be good if we meet in my room becoz i need to talk to u...!!!!!"Maan said single word,"Not interested...!!!"And he calmly sipped his drink while Rasika went redder with embarassement and asked rudely,"Why???"

Maan answered immediately,"That's becoz ur all body parts r totally fake...i don't see any special inside piss off...!!!!"Rasika fluttered her eye lashes with red in embarassement and said giving victorious smile,"So someone is there who is beautiful than me...who's it..or u r a gay to accept my offer...????"That's it she broke MSK's patience and stood broking d glass from his hand angrily and glaring at her.Maan said angrily,"Just get lost from my sight before i kill u...don't u dare flirt with me or else consequences will be very regretful...becoz u r gonna remorse of crossing my path mistakenly.

Rasika was alarmed seeing his anger and mumbled sorry to him and ran fm d party.Everyone saw Maan apprehensively while he said casually ordering another drink,"Guys don't worry abt this enjoy d party...!!!!"Maan sat there sipping his drink with enormous satisfaction but someone had seen this incident which make them so restless as it was none other than his step-mother Mrs Parminder Khurana...who saw that first time her step-son was getting rid of a beautiful girl...

Precap-Maaneet working each other...

NOTE-Ok guys i hv given u part 04 and tell me how ws it but this time i want 120 above likes and  15 pages of comment & i know that u cant give me but i can relax a bit till i get d required likes and till then enjoy reading and please comment.

Previous Part 03-

Next Part 05-

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Loved it 

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love it maan dissapointed to see geet disgusted him waiting for maan to change

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