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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 97)

Pankhuri295 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 3:24am | IP Logged
Hey plz update it fast...can't's awesome read all chapters in one go...n plz pm me the update

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zk456789 Goldie

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Hey anandita please update waiting eagerly for next chapter

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SmileSmilehey plz update the next part soon
I am waiting for it SmileSmile

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hey...update soon!

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hey anandita please update na..

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Swayam and Sharon were neighbours and they were best of friends. They never knew each other by their good names. They used to call themselves Donald and Daisy. When they were 7 years old they parted as Swayam's family shifted their business from India to London. They promised each other unknowingly that they will be each other's partner forever and the mother/father of their child. At that age they didn't understand that meaning of this promise but when they grow up they realised it and kept on waiting for the other person to come in their lives. Swayam promised Sharon before going to London that he will come back soon. N he kept his promise; he came back to Mumbai in search of his Daisy. In Mumbai he met an arrogant girl, Sharon Raiprakash. Both used to feel that the other person is their love. N finally they found out they was their love. Swayam came to know why Sharon has changed herself into an arrogant, cold girl and now he has promised her to bring her out of this shell which she has created around her. He promised her to help her say the truth to her friends who still doesn't know the real Sharon.


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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 18

In college canteen

Rey: so guys let's go in the rehersal hall and practice. [Looks at Sharon] Sharon why have you made such a weird face?

She looked at Rey and then at Swayam.

Sharon: Rey..

Rey: Sharon i won't listen to any of your excuses. Let's just go. You two will have to perform.

Sharon looked at Swayam. He assured her through his eyes that everything will go smoothly. He felt Sharon relaxed a bit.

In the rehearsal hall

They were in the rehearsal hall and Rey announced it will be Swayam and Sharon who will practice first.

Rey: guys let's start with the special performance that is with Swayam and Sharon.

Sharon's heart was pounding in her chest. She was hell nervous about how she will dance with Swayam in front of everyone. The flashes of their last dance-salsa ran in her mind. At that time she didn't know who he was. He was just an enemy for her but still she got lost while dancing with him. N now she knows that it's Donald, her Donald. How will she manage? On the other hand Swayam prayed to god to make him strong so that he could handle the situation and stop Sharon from falling into any awkward situation.

Kriya: yeah that will be great. But what song we will choose?

Simmi: i think 'haye rama' will be an apt song for them.

Both looked at each other. Sharon asked Swayam with her eyes "how will we manage?" Swayam again assured her that everything will be fine though he was a bit nervous. But he hides his own nervousness because of Sharon. If she finds out he is also feeling nervous then she will lost it. Kriya decided that Swayam will be the matador and Sharon will be the bull. They all discussed about the choreography and when it was set they started with the practice.

The music started.  Swayam closed his eyes and changed his facial expression into an aggressive one and started to dance. Sharon was standing in one corner. She will have to come from there in middle of the dance flow, doing her steps, where Swayam was dancing. She told herself "come on Sharon it's just a dance. You can do it. Just be professional." But her heart didn't accept it. Professional and that too with Swayam? She took a deep breath and moved towards Swayam .

Hai rama ye kya hua kyon aise humein sataane lage
Tum itni pyaari ho saamne hum kaabu mein kaise rahein

Jaao humko to aati sharam hai
Teri aisi ada pe to fida hum hain

Swayam's hand brushed from her arm till her wrist to make her swirl.

She shivered while doing the steps.
Their eyes met and it felt like the song was actually depicting their feelings to each other. Each word, felt like they were actually saying to each other.

Hai rama ye kya hua kyon aise humein sataane lage
Tum itni pyaari ho saamne hum kaabu mein kaise rahein

Jaao humko to aati sharam hai
Teri aisi ada pe to fida hum hain

But still they controlled their feelings and kept on dancing. One point came where Sharon had to jump up and had to clutch Swayam's waist with her legs and he had to swirl her around and then pull her towards him. That was it, their eyes met again. Swayam's neck was being snaked by Sharon's hands. Her legs were around his waist and he made Sharon stay in the place by holding her by her waist tightly.

The song continued. But they couldn't move, couldn't dance anymore. Both were lost in each other. In the ocean of love in each other's eyes.

Tauba meri tauba ab kya sitamb hai
Kaise zidd karne lage
Jaane tumne kya kya socha aage aage
Hum to ab darrne lage

She slowly looked down, her cheeks has turned red as a beetroot. There was a smile playing on Swayam's face. It gave him immense happiness to see Sharon blushing cause of him. But he wanted her to look at his eyes. He pulled her a bit closer, which made her look at him. Again their eyes got locked.

Arre socha hai yehi raat aur din
Tujhe pyaar karenge hum
Darrte ho kyon o jaaneman
Mere pyaar se

She felt as if Swayam said those words to her. She wanted to tell him that she is not afraid of his love. She can never be afraid of his love. To prove this she leaned forward.

Kaali kaali zulfein gori gori baahein
Mujhko tadpaane lagin
Honth bheege bheege

Swayam's eyes travelled to her lips which were just inches away from him.

nasheeli ye aankhein

pyaas ko jaagane laagein

Then back to her eyes as if taking permission from her. She leaned a little forward and now their lips were almost touching. All their friends were looking at them with their mouth and eyes wide open. All of them cleared their throat but nothing happened. They couldn't hear anything. Rey went and stopped the music thinking may be now they will stop but they didn't. They were still lost in each other and in the verge of kissing each other. All were looking at each other and then back at them. The boys went and jerked Swayam from the back.

This brought both of them back to their senses. They were shocked when they realised what they were going to do. Swayam slowly put her down on her feet. All of them were looking at both of them with questioning eyes.

Vicky: [in a teasing tone] did something special happen last Friday?

Everyone smirked and some cleared their throats except one person-Swayam.

Sharon looked at her friends. She felt extremely guilty for hiding herself from them these years and now again a new thing, her relationship with Swayam. She couldn't take it. She couldn't hide anymore, lie anymore. But how will she face them? Will they understand? She wanted to tell them the truth then and there but she couldn't. She didn't get the guts to say. She didn't know why. She just knew she didn't want to lose her friends, their trust.

Without saying a word and glancing back to anyone she left from there. Everyone called her but she didn't stop. She left from there.

Swayam could feel she is going through emotional turmoil. But he couldn't see her like this, going through pain. She has already gone through a lot alone. He wanted to make her happy and make her come out of this emotional turmoil.

Rey: Swayam, can you please tell me what the matter is? What happened on this Friday? Did you hurt her? What..?

But he was cut in between.

Swayam: Rey please excuse me i need to talk with dai.. Sharon.

And he left.

Rey: but Swayam..

He didn't stop. Right now he knew his Daisy needed him the most. All of their friends were hell worried for them. Rey wanted to go after them to see whether Sharon is fine or not but then Kriya stopped and told to him and to them..

Kriya: guys i think if something has happened also they first need to sort it out before sharing it with us. Let us give them some time to sort things out. If they can't then we are always for them na?? We will step in.

Everyone agreed to what she said. They decided to wait for them in the rehearsal hall and till the time they come back they will practice.   

He was searching for her in the college but then it dawned onto him that whenever she becomes upset or wants to stay alone she always goes to the terrace. This is a habit of her from her childhood days.

In the college terrace

He rushed to the terrace to see her crying. it felt as if someone has wrenched his heart when he saw her crying. He ran to her and without saying a word he hugged her tightly and started to soothe her by rubbing his hands on her back and hairs. She immediately hugged him back.

Sharon: Donald..

Swayam: ishh Daisy please stop crying. Trust me Daisy they will understand you. They..

This made her sob more loudly. He couldn't take it.

Swayam: Daisy please, please first you need to relax okay?

He made her look at him. He wiped her tears and kissed her on her forehead. This made Sharon smile a little.

Swayam: relax [he whispered]

His touch made her relaxed. She knew whatever happens in her life he will be with her. He will be always there to soothe her, to bring a smile on her face. He cupped her face.

Swayam: let's tell them.

He could see frown on her relaxed face.

Swayam: do you trust me Daisy?

She nods her head in positive.

Swayam: then trust me Daisy they will not misunderstand you. They are your friends Daisy. They love you and they need to know the truth. She took a deep breath and nods her head. He holds her hand and they started for the rehearsal hall knowing they must be still there practicing for the charity event.

In the rehearsal hall

When they reached there everyone ran towards them. Rey came and hugged her. She was whimpering. Rey glared at Swayam. He thought maybe he has done something which is making her cry. He pulled Sharon from Swayam's side to his.

Rey: has he done something with you Sharon? Tell me..

And again glared at him. This made Swayam smile. He was happy to see concern for his Daisy in Rey's eyes. This made him more sure that he and all her friends will understand her.

Sharon: Rey he..Don..Swayam and..

He couldn't let her complete. He held Swayam tightly by his collar.

Rey: what did he do Sharon?

She was shocked to see Rey thinking Swayam could hurt her.


This made everyone confused. All of them were looking at her with confusion in their eyes. This made her more scared. Scared of how they will react.

I couldn't check it after writing this chapter. Please forgive me for my mistakes. Ouch Thank you so much for your likes and lovely comments. I couldn't reply to every individual comments this time but will surely do from the next time. Smile
Finally I managed to put the pictures in this chapter Approve
Do hit the like button and leave your precious comments Embarrassed


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zk456789 Goldie

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Wow awesome update that too after long time
Super duper hit
Love the dance sequence

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