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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 96)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 17

Swayam's flat, Mumbai

Swayam kept looking at them with a disgusted face. They pulled away from the hug and walked passed Swayam to sit on the couch. They sat on the couch and kept on talking with each other ignoring Swayam's existence. He was burning inside. Suddenly Sharon looked at him and said

Sharon: oh Donald you are here, sorry i didn't notice you. Come, come and join us.

To her surprise he didn't go to sit and talk. He went away from there in his room. She was looking at his room and was thinking why he went away. Was he hurt? She thought of checking on him. But before she could get up he came out with a cricket bat in his hand. Both Sharon and that boy were hell shocked. Swayam didn't say anything he came and started hitting him with the bat.


The boy kept on shouting and running away to save his life. But Swayam didn't stop. He kept on hitting him with the bat and kept on saying.

Swayam: how dare you hug my Daisy? I am not going to leave you today. I am not going to leave you. I will kill you.

Sharon kept staring at them with her eyes and mouth wide open. At first she didn't know what to do. She didn't think in her wildest dreams that Swayam could behave in such a childish manner. She felt happy that her planned worked and he felt jealous. But she was feeling extremely bad for the poor boy. She started to run behind them. All three were running around the whole living room.

Sharon: Donald what the hell are you doing? Please stop. DONALD..

He stopped abruptly and stood there looking at her with a puppy dog face.

Sharon: what nonsense was that? Huh?

He still stood there quiet with a pout on his face.

She sighed. She looked at the boy.

Sharon: Rohan are you fine?

[Note: Rohan Raiprakash is Sharon's younger cousin brother. Rohan and Simran were of same age and they were great friends. Both Sharon and Swayam used to love and adore Rohan and Simran a lot when they were kids and still they love and adore them.]

When she said Rohan, Swayam's face lit up. He turned towards Rohan to hug him but he ran away from him and went and stood behind Sharon. Swayam looked at him helplessly.

Swayam: [with a pout] i am sorry both of you, especially Rohan. But how could you do that? From your childhood you used to be on my side. Now what happened?

Rohan: [with a pout] what can i do Bhai? Di made me promise her that i will help her in this drama.

Swayam glared at Sharon.

Sharon: [smirked] what? Why are you glaring at me? Now at least admit that you also get jealous.

He starched his head. He knew if he denies it then Sharon will take the bat from his hand and hit him to the death.

Swayam: okay fine i also get jealous when someone touches you.  [He said with a pout]

She giggled.

Rohan: because of you two my whole body is paining. Huh i hate you both. [He pouted]

Both Sharon and Swayam took Rohan in their arms and hugged him.

Swayam: i am so sorry bachha. How are you? How are your studies going?

Rohan: it's okay Bhai. But i will answer to your questions later. First you tell me how you two became lovers from being best friends? [He asked them with one brow raised.]

Swayam: ohho Mr. Curious we will tell you everything, first sit and relax..

The three of them sat on the couch and talked for an eternity. They told him their story, about their promise. Rohan was a sweet boy somewhat like Swayam. He has always looked up to him as he used to say and till now he says that Swayam is his inspiration, he is his idol. They talked till the evening and Sharon made gajar ka halwa for them and Swayam gave Rohan a pain killer as it was really impossible for him to tolerate the pain. Swayam kept on saying sorry to him and Sharon kept on glaring at him.

After Rohan's departure Sharon kept on teasing Swayam for few minutes for getting jealous but stopped looking at his puppy dog face.

Next day, Swayam's flat, Mumbai

They were ready for the college and was about to start for it. But Swayam thought of taking with Sharon as from the morning she was lost. He hold her wrist and took her to the bed. After making her sit, he sat in front of her and asked.

Swayam: what is it Daisy? Tell me..

Sharon: Donald i don't know why i am feeling scared. What if they misunderstand me?

Swayam: they won't Daisy. Trust me. They are your friends and they need to know the truth. They all love you Daisy. They will never misunderstand you.

Sharon: but Donald i can't just go and tell everything to them.

Swayam: i know Daisy, it will take a lot of time for you to open up. But you will have to try right? And i am with you so don't worry everything will work out.

Sharon: Donald do you think we should tell them that we are in a relationship?

Swayam: princess i want to tell the whole world that you are mine. But right now you tell me what do you want? Do you want to tell them that we are together?

Sharon: umm. No Donald. I want some time. First i want to tell them that who actually i am. I want to tell them that i am not the arrogant bi**h they know. Then i will disclose our relationship.

Swayam: [smiling] sure Daisy i am with you. Now let's go we are getting late for college.

He was about to get up when she stopped him by holding his hand. He asked her 'what' with his eyes.

Sharon: Donald i can't fake a fight with you in front of them.

He looked at her confused.

Swayam: why you need to fake a fight with me?

Sharon: ofho Donald in college everyone knows that we are enemies and we always fight. Till this Friday we did the same right? But in these two days everything changed.

He chuckled remembering their first encounter, their fights in the college and finally his teasing and her calling him a monkey.

Swayam: okay my dear princess then tell me how will you behave with me in front of them?

He leaned forward.

Swayam: will you blush like the way you are blushing now?

Sharon: [cleared her throat] shut up Donald we will see what happens. I don't want to think so much. But i only know that i will not behave rudely with you.

He smiled and kissed her softly on her lips.

Swayam: okay. Now let's go.[he whispered]

They went to the college on his cycle but he dropped her outside the college gate.

In the college canteen

Everyone was chatting there when Swayam reached.

Swayam: hi guys.

Chorus: hi Swayam.

Rey: how was the meeting with the manager?

Swayam: it was good Rey. We are done with the payment and you know it very well that just after a week we have the event.

Kriya: yeah Swayam. We will have to practice a lot.

By that time Sharon came.

Sharon: hey guys.

Simmi and Rinni got up and hugged her. She looked at Swayam and he was also looking at him. But when Swayam saw she is totally lost in him he looked away.

Simmi: Sharon are you okay? Why are you looking at Swayam?

Vicky: hmm something interesting happened or what?

Sharon: [cleared her throat] what..what nonsense guys. Stop talking rubbish. Why will i look at him?

Rey: guys please i don't want you two to fight again.

Sharon: [blushing] yeah Rey i also don't want to fight with him.

Swayam mentally face palmed seeing the way she was getting lost in him. He thought he will have to take care of the situation otherwise Sharon will fall in an awkward situation.

Swayam: yes why will you fight with me? You know that you can't win.

Sharon was shocked. She gave him a look.

Sharon: what..what do you..

Kriya: guys stop please. We need to decide the dances for the charity event. So please stop fighting.

SwaRon: fine.

Rey: Swayam and Sharon please you both take a seat.

They both wanted to sit beside each other. But they didn't.

Rey: guys i have decided that I and Kriya will do salsa, Vicky and Neha will be doing bollywood, Simmi will do belly dancing and there will be a group dance. Okay?

Chorus: yes Rey.

Rey: but yes there will a special dance performance which will be done by none other than Swayam and Sharon and they will..

Sharon: [jumps excitedly] really?

Swayam looked at her startled. Everyone else was looking at her shocked. Swayam cleared his throat.

Swayam: uhu-uhu.

She realised what she was doing.

Sharon: [sarcastically] really? With him? Oh Rey why?

Rey: Sharon i know you guys fight all the time. But you will have to. The cultural team should perform that too on the special dance performance. 

Sharon: [she made a face] fine with me. Which form?

Rey: pasa doble.

She made her big greenish eyes more big and thought

Sharon: [in her mind] omg how am i suppose to dance with Swayam in front of everyone that too pasa doble. I always get lost when he is around. How will i do this? N i am not getting a way to show them my real self. What do i do? Why this is so difficult?

Swayam was looking at her and by looking at her face he guessed what she is going through. He signed. He knew this is not going to be easy.

Finally I updated DHT Tongue I tried to give a summery of the whole story in that 'Recap' but I guess still its not that much clear. Don't know Embarrassed Still now I used to write this story I mean the dialogues in Hindi. I want to know in which language do you guys want the dialogues? English or Hindi?

Do hit the like button and leave your precious comments.

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Swaronvrushan IF-Sizzlerz

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Oh my god u finally updated...i luv this ff...entry f rohan was cute nd college part was hilarious...i luv how swayam try to control the a swaron dance...

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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My Cutie Pie Hug

This is the cutest Swaron FF i have ever read...the way u have designed the characters...justified them so well...their love..their reasons..their pain...AMAZING...

Coming to the update...ahaa...Jealus swayam is so so cute & adorable...i was grinning n laughing like mad while reading this...

The boy kept on shouting and running away to save his life. But Swayam didn't stop. He kept on hitting him with the bat and kept on saying.

Swayam: how dare you hug my Daisy? I am not going to leave you today. I am not going to leave you. I will kill you.

The new entry was cutely done...aww..karan wahi..he is sooo cutee...loved the way they cherished their past...From best frnds to love birds Embarrassed

Coming to the part in was adorable..sharon getting lost in swayam...swayam trying to handle the situation...swaron pasa doble...woah...can't wait for it...



Ur Di

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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res htt Done
plz update

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Swaronvrushan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by deep_Tanha

i wanted to comment 1stCry

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Swaronvrushan

Originally posted by deep_Tanha

i wanted to comment 1stCry
hehe..just kidding Tongue

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zk456789 Goldie

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Finally u updated
Lovely update as usual
Thnx for the pm

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BilluKiBilli Senior Member

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This is my all-time favorite FF of all timesss! AND YOU UPDATED IT AFTER SO LOOONNNGGG.
Coming to the update, how can anything you write ever be less than AMAZING <3?

I absolutely loved the update! Sharon just doesn't seem to have control over herself when she is around Swayam, her Donald. AWWW.

New character and that too, karan wahiii! :D

Thanks SO MUCH for the pm!


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