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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 77)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2013 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by deep_Tanha

EmbarrassedHey My cutiepieHug
U are back..i missed u soo much...Cry
Such a beautiful update Baby...Big smile
I love the way u have penned down SWARON pain...OuchEmbarrassed
Her fear..her apprhensions ..of loosing him..
His love...his guilt ..of letting her get his absense...
Wonderfully expressed the fragile feeling of and affection...uncondition..pure love...Heart
I am loving the mature way u are handleing such sensitive concept...
Sharon the Diva...but for him just his daiseyy...awww
Adorable duo...sooo cute them...
U my one of the cutest writer on SWARON..luv u Embarrassed

heya di Hug first of all love u too n i miss u a lot...thank you so much for the lovely comment u loads Hug

Originally posted by Tanya_Swaronluv

Finally you updated! I was waiting  for the update!Big smile 

Loved it deary. Swayam is such a sweetheart. Hahaha Swayam teasing Sharon was hilarious. LOL

Is Sharon a wrestler or what she eats too much hahaha.. Poor swayam can't even take help from Kaka. I wonder when sharon will return is she going to have lunch or not..God knows! LOL LOL

I love how supportive Swayam is to Sharon, Sharon cried and asked you hate me right was awe. EmbarrassedSmileCry

Update soon and PM me, next time aur bara wala update pleshh! Smile

LOL yup finally i updated..again today i am late in updating Embarrassed thank you so much dear for the lovely comment...Big smile Hug

Originally posted by ...pujan...

fantastic update...

thank you so much dear for ur sweet comment Big smile

Originally posted by Joshua_TANHA

 I loved the update!!! I admire swayam , how swayam understood her pain and supported her all through!!!
It started on high emotional quotient -became cute in middle-ended on emotional front Tongue
Looking forward how , Sharon is going to comeout of her self-built shell
As usual I loved all pics.. its always a walk back to the memory.. the last photo made me watch confession scene againTongue they are so damn good actors Embarrassed
Because of IF's stupid behaviour I reserved this, but without wasting the post , I say again,
I loved the update Smile

thank you so much dear for the lovely comment Hug n true TANHA rocks!!! they are truly damn good Day Dreaming

Originally posted by sadiyaswaron

Awesome update dii
I was waiting for this update from soo long..:)
Coming to update
It was really cute.Swayam is a sweetheart.Loved their cute,sweet talk n teasing section.I really liked this possessive Donald who doesn' t want his Daisy to live alone.
Update next part soon...:D

hey dear Hug thank you so much for the lovely comment dear Big smile

Originally posted by stuti1995

Hey amazing update do pm me wen u update:)

hey dear thank you so much for ur sweet comment n sure i will pm u whenever i update Big smile

Originally posted by arch2012

awesome ff and lovely update.thanks 4 pm
update soon

thank you so much dear for ur kind words and for ur sweet comment Big smile

Originally posted by Neeti96


heya my baby sis Hug i know u r busy with ur project work so unres when u r free... study u loads Hug

Originally posted by sadafarsha

Awsum just perfect thanx for the pm and do pm the next part soon

thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear Big smile

Originally posted by Suni1986

nice update
swayam understand her, which relieve her now
swaron r too cute
swayam wil help her to come out of her shell
swayam care for her nd he wants to she live in his apartment
i love it

thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear...thank you Big smile

Originally posted by raj_tanha_fan

Wow!!! what a chapter anindita!!!
It was worth waiting for such a long time!!!
I love Donald daisy concept!!
Fanastic chapter!!
Thanks a ton for the PM!
Do update soon!!

hey raj thank you so much for those kind words..Embarrassed n thanks for this lovely comment dear...Big smile

Originally posted by Love_shantu

Awesome update just love this...

Long also...

Thankq for the pm. Heart 

Plez pm me when u update next.

thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear Big smile

Originally posted by sanstina

Awesome update Smile
Swayam calming Sharon n promised her to help in breaking the shell 

hey dear thank you so much for ur sweet comment Big smile

Originally posted by nature2

ab toh late hone ki aadad hai mujh  ab kya kar kate hai
superb update Anu
LOVE swaRon Embarrassed

thank you so much neeraj for ur sweet comment..n i will always try not to be late in updating...Big smile

Originally posted by AninditaTanHa

eeep!!! u updated ...
thank u so much for this awesome se v awesomistic update loved it Embarrassed Clap
update soon Tongue

heya anindita..same name haan Embarrassed Tongue btw thank you so much for ur kind words Embarrassed n thanks a ton for ur lovely comment Big smile

Originally posted by arjuhiswaron007

I loved it to the core!!Big smile
A great package!Wink

hey vedika Hug thank you so much for ur lovely comment n for ur sweet n kind words Big smile

Originally posted by 1D_D3-Crazy

Loved the update :-) thanks for the pm

Nikki <3

hey nikki thanks a ton for ur sweet comment Big smile

Originally posted by ABBY92

That was super sweet update and I'm happy that Swayam made sure that Sharon knows that he will be with her and help her be her old self again !! Loved the way Sharon told him that she will always be Daisy to him and the punishment she gave him was super cute !! Can't wait for the next update !!

heya abi Hug thanks a ton for this super sweet comment...thank you so much Big smile

Originally posted by TANHA_H


thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear Big smile

Originally posted by sweetsimi123

Awesome update...Loved this chappySmile

thank you so much simi for ur sweet comment Hug

Originally posted by binuja_

Hey Ani...Hug
i know i m very late to comment...but u only told me to comment aram se...Tongue

coming to the update...u dont have any idea how much i missed reading my donald-daisy update...:(
glad that u did it finally...and must say the wait was really worth...Big smile
Firstly, i really liked the way u showed the understanding nature of swayam...he listened to her calmly and even promised her that he wont tell her dad anything just for sweet of him...Smile
then sharon tho is very cute right from the beginning of the update, where she is bandaging his hand, requesting swayam not to tell anything to her dad as she is afraid that he will feel guilty, sharon ordering swayam to cook her favorite dishes yet mailing him the recipes...all in all i m totally in love with sharon's character in this update...Big smile
also i vl never fail to appreciate ur picture just adds more charm to the FF..:)
waiting for the next part eagerly..Embarrassed

PS; I am glad that u are back...missed u so much...Heart

hey dear Hug yes i do remember that i told u to comment no comment whenever u get time...n thanks a ton for this lovely comment dear..i am glad u liked the pics which i added in this update n yes i missed u too...a u loads Hug

Originally posted by pri_swaron

Finally u updated!! It was beutiful!! One thing I love about ur updates is dat u upload all related pictures!!! I was smiling all d while reading ur update n those pics bring back all beautiful Swaron/TanHa memmories!!!

thank you so much pri for ur lovely comment...n true i also get to watch them when i add those pics...Day Dreaming

Originally posted by swayamsharon

read four update together..all were just awsum, really loved it...
finally sharon knows about her donald and then that tsunami was great too lol...
really loved swaron romance in room, sharon blushing hard, kaka teasing swaron all were good...
vikrant part as reason for sharons shell was unexpected but really liked it that sharon was always waiting to open that shell for swayam and swayam actually meet the expectation... he not only understood his love but also console her love to be herself and not change for anybody...
ps: sorry for late reply and thanks for pm...

hey dear no need to say sorry...n thank you so much for ur lovely comment Big smile

Originally posted by creepy_classic

awesome update...

loved it...

update soon...

thanks for the pm...

thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear Big smile

Originally posted by prateekdave7

So,i am last one here for comment..I just loved it..SWARON's convo is so sweet..and now she is not afraid of loosing swayam..her man..So what to say..u'r FF is really are also great..So at last,i really enjoyed it..So next time..BADDA wala update,and thanx for Pm..I know u are busy in project all the best..and For next update,pls pm asap..
Good DAy

hey prateek..i will try to give isse bhi badda wala update but not sure Ouch btw thanks a ton for ur lovely comment dear... n thank you so much for ur wish...Big smile

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 13

Swayam's flat, mumbai

Swaron were standing in each other's embrace in swayam's room lost in each other, when they heard the sound of coughing. They turned and saw kaka standing at the door steps. Sharon looked down feeling embarrassed and swayam was still looking at Sharon lost in her.

Kaka: uhu-uhu.

Sharon: umm woh main ghar ja rahi thi. swayam ne kaha ki main yaha rahu isiliye main luggage lane ja rahi thi.

Kaka: [smirking] ha gudiya mujhe dikha ki tum ghar ja rahi thi, par style kuch alag tha, sayed tum [looking at swayam] usse apne saath le ja rahi thi god me uthake.

Sharon blushes and swayam says

Swayam: nahi nahi kaka god me nahi woh mujhe gale lagaye huyi thi.

Sharon: [snaps her head up] DONALD

That shout brought him back from his trance and he then realizes what he said and bits his tongue. On the other hand sharon's eyes were wide open and she was looking at swayam with a horrified look. He saw her glaring at him and mouthed sorry to her. But she was still glaring at him.

Kaka: [grinning] tum dono ki agar akho hi akhose kiya huya ishara khatam ho gaya ho toh main kuch kahu?

Both of them looked at kaka blushingly.

Swaron: [together] ji.

Kaka: [with a raised eye brow] gudiya k gal pe khoon kaisi lagi? Kise chot lagi hai aur kaise?

Both looked at each other and then at kaka. Kaka saw swayam's bandaged hand and then take a look of the whole room.

Kaka:[with concern in his voice] Phirse ladai ki hai kya? Kamra toh thik hi lag raha hai? Huya kya? Ye chot?

Swayam: kuch nahi kaka woh bas aise hi lag gaya. Aap tension matlo, main daisy ko car tak chod ke aata hu.

Kaka: thik hai par gudiya aise jayegi? [looking at sharon] jao gudiya jake moo dholo.

Sharon: ji kaka.

After she washes her face and comes out of the washroom swayam grabs her car keys and both swayam and Sharon went down in the parking lot hand in hand.

Sharon: so food ready rakhna. Main ghar pohochte hi tumhe mail kar dungi recipes.

Swayam: [nervously] sure daisy. Anything for you.

Sharon: [smiles, in her mind] aww Donald tum kitne sweet ho. Kuch der baad jab main mail karungi tab tumhe pata chalega main actually me kya chahti hoon tumse. [to swayam] okay so bye for now.

Swayam: [pouts] please come as fast as possible. I will miss you. [kisses her forehead]

Sharon: I will miss you too Donald. Main jaldi hi aa jayungi. Its 6:20 now and I will be back by noon.

Swayam: [pouts] no not that late. You will come back within 3 hours. Main tumse utne time tak dur nahi reh sakta.

Sharon: [smiles] main bhi nahi. But I will need some time na Donald. Mujhe freshen up hona hai n packing bhi karni hai. [puppy dog face] please.

Swayam: [pouts] don't give me that face. Fine, then within 4 hours not more than that.

Sharon: [laughs] fine I will be back by 10:30, fine with you?

Swayam:[sternly] not fine.

Sharon glares at him.

Swayam: [smiles weakly] umm okay fine with me.

They hug each other and then Sharon drove off. 

Swayam went back to his flat and started looking for easy recipes for the dishes which Sharon ordered in the internet. 

After few minutes his phone buzzed. A smile crept on his face as it was a message from Sharon.

"Hie donald, Instead of mailing I m messaging u the recipes. The ingredient for the food is love. Only love. So make or do whatever you want to do with your love. I only want that from you. So you decide what you wanna do or make. Love you n missing you already. Will be back soon :* "  

He replied back to her with a huge smile on his face.

"Hey, love you more. N you are in for a surprise my love. Missing u too. Hugs n kisses."

Sharon replied..

"Wow, can't wait for it. Coming asap <3 :*"

He shuts down his lappy, runs to the bathroom, takes a quick shower, gets ready and goes out on his cycle bidding goodbye to kaka. 

He goes to a nearby mall and shops for some time. Then with those stuffs which he had bought goes back to his flat. He was checking the decorations of his room which he did for Sharon, when kaka came.

Kaka: lagta hai aaj kuch special karne ka irada hai gudiya k liye?

Swayam: [smiling n looking a bit nervous] ha aapko decoration kaisa lag raha hai? Thik hai na?

Kaka: bohot achha hai. Par ye dekh k mujhe nahi lagta mujhe aaj tum dono k bich me kabab me haddi banna chahiye. Toh main purane wale ghar me aaj chala jata hoon.

Swayam: [shocked, then pouts] kaka aap kyun mere piche lag jate ho? Maine kiya kya hai?

Kaka: [smiles n pulls his cheek] kuch nahi. Par aaj tum dono akele hi raho. Mujhe Mahesh se milna hai. Par ha koi shaitani nahi. [pulls his ears] warna.. [gives him a  warning look]

Swayam: ji ha kaka main apke gudiya k saath kuch kar sakta hoon kya? Mujhe marna thori hai? Mom se leke aap sab mera band baja doge.

Then both laughs out loud.

Kaka: thik hai main chalta hoon. Kal Sunday hai toh tum us ghar me aa jana hum ek saath wapas aa jayenge. Tum bohot salo se waha nahi gaye ho.

Swayam: ji kaka. [in his mind] kal Sunday hai. Waise bhi daisy every Sunday waha jati hai so kal bhi jayegi. Hum finally ek saath uss ghar me and park me jayenge. Wow. 

Then he looks at his wrist watch, it was 9:45. He once again checked the decorations and went out for sharon's house on his cycle. Before riding he texted rey.

"Hey buddy, can you please text me sharon's address. I need to discuss with her something about the charity event. I called her for the address but her phone is unreachable. Please help me out."

Rey replied back her address to him. He went to sharon's house.

Outside sharon's house, mumbai

When he reached it was 10 passed 5 mins and he saw the servants were putting her bags in the dickey. After few seconds Sharon came out. She was wearing a denim hot pant and one white t-shirt. Her hair was loose and wet. She was looking like an angel. When she came out she saw swayam smiling at her on his cycle. He was wearing rugged blue jeans, white t-shirt and a light blue checked shirt over it. She went to him.

Sharon: tum yaha? Main aahi rahi thi.

Swayam: mujhse aur wait nahi huya so I am here.

Sharon: [smiling, she hits on his chest lightly] tum bhi na donald. Achha batao na surprise kya hai? [Jumping up and down excitedly like a small kid]

Swayam: [laughs] abhi nahi. Tumhe woh ghar jake hi pata chalega.

She with a fake anger goes to her driver and told him to bring the car and all the bags to swayam's house. She then goes back to swayam.

Sharon: [faking anger] chale?

Swayam: [grinning] gladly. [nervousness spread all over his face] Oh ha daisy..woh..umm..

Sharon: [nervously] what? Say na.

Swayam: woh..

Sharon: [scared] bolo na Donald. You are scaring me.

Swayam: [blurts out in a breath] kaka ghar pe nahi hai tumhe problem toh nahi hoga mere saath rehne me?

Sharon: [glares at him]

Swayam: okay I got it. Nahi hoga. Lets go. And one thing else.

Sharon: now what?

Swayam: you are looking very beautiful.

Sharon: [blushes n shyly says] tum bhi bohot handsome lag raheho.

Swayam: [smiles] I love you.

Sharon: [sternly] so what can I do?

Swayam: [shocked n faking anger] toh thik hai tum jab tak mujhe woh 3 magical words nahi kehti I am not going anywhere.  

Sharon: [face palmed] Donald you are just like a small baby.

He looks away faking anger and folding his hands on his chest.

Sharon: uff fine I love you too. Now lets go. I can't wait for the surprise.

Swayam: [smiles] sure.

Sharon with a huge grin sits on the cycle and he starts paddling. 

While riding sharon's wet silky hairs were flying and they were hitting swayam's face. He was feeling someone was tickling his face with soft feathers. He closed his eyes to feel her hairs, the strawberry scent of her shampoo, the softness of her hair, and her closeness. There was a bumper which he couldn't see as he was feeling the touch of sharon's silky hair. Their cycle jumped up and down and Sharon held his hand tightly. 

Swayam came back into his senses and opened his eyes.

Swayam: [huskily] sorry woh..

Sharon: its okay. Dekh k aramse chalao.

Swayam: [sadly] ha woh tum apna umm hairs side me karogi please. [he didn't want to say this but had to nor both of them would meet with an accident]

Sharon: [she placed her hair on her shoulder, embarrassed] sorry Donald I didn't realize it was disturbing you.

Swayam: [he nuzzles on the back of her head] hey you can never disturb me. Woh toh maine isliye kaha kyunki mujhe tumhare saath iss world me apna life spend karna hai as human jo hamare liye heaven hoga, hell me nahi as ghosts.

Sharon: [sternly] shut up. Then both laughs.

Swayam's flat, mumbai

They reached swayam's flat. He was unlocking the main door. When they entered he closed her eyes with his one hand.

Sharon: Donald kya kar raheho? Kya huya?

Swayam: sshh just come with me.

He snaked his right hand over her stomach and with his left hand he was closing sharon's eyes. They slowly started to move. He took her to his room very carefully and giving her the directions properly so that she didn't get hurt. When they reached swayam whispered in her ear.

Swayam: here is the surprise for you daisy, hope you like it.

And slowly removes his hand from her eyes. After seeing the room and every other things in front of her she had tears in her eyes. 


Sorry again I am late Ouch Forgive me for my mistakes.  I will try to update the next part soon. I am busy with my studies. Hope you all can understand. Sorry. Do hit the like button and leave your precious comments. Thank you. 

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Anu_TanHa IF-Stunnerz

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Me first 4 the first time hehehe
wonderful update.and the pics you used for describing the each scene is just amazing(beautiful memory of tanha *sigh*)
kaka is so understanding and cute the whole convo between swayam & kaka was lovely,i loved it.
swayam is so much caring and doing so much effort to make sharon happy and feel the love once again and trust herself after that ugly past becoz of that beep.
i am also waiting to know his surprise so update soon

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Phoenix_ Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 2:13am | IP Logged
Awww... Heart Heart Cho chweet... Smile Embarrassed Embarrassed
Just awesome...
I know ur busy but update soon... Smile

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.....pujan..... IF-Dazzler

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such a cute n beautiful update...Smile

waiting for next update eagerly...

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Awwwhh, that was sweet of Sharon to say that she'll like anything that Swayam makes out of love !! Can't wait to see what is the surprise he has planned for her !!

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