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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 65)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 3:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sakshibshah


thank you so much dear for ur sweet comment...i am glad u liked it Big smile

Originally posted by Suni1986

awesome update 

waiting for next update

Pls PM me

thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear...i am glad u liked it Big smile

Originally posted by prateekdave7

Thanx a lot for pm, so, again very fast and furious update... great job..
loved this update.. ramu kaka and swaron convo was sweet and teasing.. but the magical kiss was not possible this time.. so hope best for next time..
the interior scene of room was awsum and swaron's bursting out their feelings to each other was intense and awsum...
picturization was commendable.. as always..
so, i am happy that i will be known about that person in next update..

thank you so much for ur lovely comment prateek...i am glad u liked the pics...Big smile

Originally posted by marauder

Here is my comment Wink. Well Kaka continues to amaze us with his dialogue. I liked how this time Sharon was also along with Swayam to face the teasing of Kaka. Now I am seriously missing Swayam sis and his parents :( But any way it was amusing. I liked how you described Sharon in Swayam's clothes. She must be looking like a cartoon no doubt but in the mean time I am certain she would be looking awesome too. This reminds me it would had been awesome to see Sneha in such weird wardrobe on the show. But ab kuch nahi ho sakta. Now coming to the last part. Just marvellously penned. Sharon's fear, pain and some sort of insecurites everything marvellously written. In the mean time beautifully depicted the mental state of Swayam on seeing Sharon like that. Awesomely done.

P.S - I liked how you have not used their real name in their convo ever since they had came to know about the truth about other. Well done.

hey shishir thank you so much for ur lovely comment Big smile yup sneha must have looked awesome in his dressDay Dreaming but now Broken Heart thank you for ur kind words...thanks a lot...n yes using donald n daisy instead of swaron is quite difficult Ouch

Originally posted by TANHA_H

 Lovely update like always...

thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear...i am glad u liked it Big smile

Originally posted by 1D_D3-Crazy

thanks for the pm and awesome update :D cant wait to now about Sharon's past

Nikki <3

thank you so much nikki for ur sweet comment..i am glad u liked it Big smile

Originally posted by arjuhiswaron007

Sooo sorry for the late comment...
The realisation and flour fight  was just magicalLOL
The pure love and concern really touched my heart...Big smile

hey vedika Hug no need to say sorry dear...i understand completely...thank you so for ur lovely comment dear Big smile 

Originally posted by princessaaliya

just read the last 2 parts..awesome!
suspense killing me also..waiting for the next update!

thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear...i am glad u liked it..Big smile

Originally posted by Mahirah

Anindita Hug
amazingly amazing updateBig smile...SwaRon romance was way too cute and adorable *Touchwood* and ramu kaka teasing SwaRon was like an icing on the cakeBig smile
very well written and fantastically pennedClapClapStar
and the way you showed  swayam's concern for his daisy just stole my heartEmbarrassed
keep up the good work and please jaldi batao woh kaun hai ?!?Wink

hey mahirah thank you so much for ur lovely comment...i am glad u liked it Big smile

Originally posted by Rutu

Awesome update Anindita I loved it.
And you know the pics which you have included makes me stop for a second and just relive those moments, especially the hug sceneDay Dreaming I'm in dreamland.
Coming to the update the suspense is also killing me just the way its for Swayam. Why is Sharon so scared to tell him, thinking that he will hate her. Its very intriguing, please update soon

hey rutu Hug thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear...i am glad u liked the pics...all those swaron moments r awesome..Day Dreaming

Originally posted by Coolioqueen

So cute! Luved it

thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear...i am glad u liked it...Big smile

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 3:29am | IP Logged

Chapter 11

[Note: This chapter is not to hurt anyone's feelings. It's purely fictional]

4 years ago [swaron 14 years old]

Raiprakash Mansion, Mumbai

Sharon was alone in her room trying to concentrate on her studies. After her mother's death 4 years back when she was just 10 years old her father very few times comes to Mumbai. He has shifted his business to Delhi and he stays there. Its not that he ignores Sharon. He gives her everything which she is necessary for her even before she wants. But those things are material things. He never understands that like he feels lonely without his wife, she also feels lonely without her parents. She is just a kid, who is growing up. At this time she needs the most is her parents. Her mother is no more. She can only depend on one person that is her father. But he is so caught up with his own loss that he never thinks from his daughter's point of view. She only craves for love. Her father's love. But what she get is loneliness. By this time she has started realizing that her feelings for swayam is more than friendship. She has started to understand the meaning of their promise which they made when they were 5 years old. With her father's love she craves for her swayam's, her donald's love. But she knows he can't be here at this moment. He is not at that age where he can be dependent on himself and come to Mumbai and stay alone. She was trying to cope up with her loneliness, her pain, her loss, her grief. But it was very difficult. She was crying looking at her mother's photo and hugging her Donald soft toy which swayam gifted her before going to London. 

[Mrs. Raiprakash]

Suddenly she heard her father's voice. He was calling her from downstairs. She wiped her tears and with a huge smile rushed towards the voice.

Sharon: daddy aap aa gaye? [she saw him after 2 years. He came to meet his daughter after 2 YEARS]

Gautam: meri princess kaisi hai? Come to daddy.

She rushed to his arms. She was crying hysterically. She has missed him like hell. He only used to call her once a day and send whatever he thought was necessary for her. There was no one with whom she could have talked. She had friends. But a father's love is something different, which can't be substituted by any other thing in this whole world. After her parent's it was only swayam whom she loves the most. But he was also not here.

Gautam: baby rote nahi hai. Ro kyun rahi ho?

Sharon: [still sobbing] I miss you daddy.

Gautam: daddy misses you too princess. [looking towards an unknown person for sharon] see we have a guest here. He is Mr. Deshmukh. My partner for a business project. Pata hai he just 23 and inti kam age mein bohot jyada successful ho gaya hai.

[Mr. Vikrant Deshmukh]

Sharon felt very hurt. After 2 years her father came home but still he was discussing about his business and business partner for a project. She controlled herself and came out his daddy's embrace.

Sharon: [wiping her tears, and forwarding her hand] hello Mr. Deshmukh. I am Sharon.

Vikrant: hello Sharon. Nice meeting you. But please don't call me Mr. Deshmukh. Just call me vikrant.

Sharon: no aap mujhse bare ho. Then better I would call you vikrant bhai. You are like a brother to me.

Vikrant: okay Sharon as you wish.

Gautam: aap dono baatein karo main jata hoon. Ek ghante mein meri flight hai.

Sharon: daddy aap abhi toh aaye..

Gautam: ha beta I have a meeting tomorrow morning. So mujhe jana parega. Kal yaha bhi ek client k saath important meeting hai so vikrant yaha hamare ghar me rahega aaj. Kal meeting k baad he will come back to delhi. Main vikrant ko bas ghar chodne aaya hai. He is my partner after all. Hotel main kaise rehta. Princess vikrant k kheyal rakhna. Thik hai?

Sharon: [her eyes moist and her voice choking] sure daddy.

He left bidding goodbye to Sharon and vikrant. Only Sharon and vikrant were in the hall.

Vikrant: so you miss your father a lot haan?

Sharon: [trying to control herself] yup.

Vikrant: mere saath share karo baby. U shouldn't cry like this.

Sharon: [wiping her tears] no bhai its okay. Main thik hoon.

Vikrant: achha thik hai. Meri meeting toh kal hai aur meri sari preparations bhi ho gayi hai. So lets go out and enjoy.

Sharon: [confused] matlab? Kaha challenge?

Vikrant: woh sab bahar jaake decide kar lenge. Lets go now.

He grabs her hand and takes her out.

Sharon: par bhai mujhe change to karne..

Vikrant: you are looking good in this Sharon. Chalo.

They sat in one of Mr. Raiprakash's car which he has gifted vikrant. He took her to an ice cream parlour. They had sharon's favourite ice cream. He bought her chocolates, teddy bear, and dresses. Then he took her to a Chinese restaurant and they were having dinner there. By this time Sharon was very happy. She was getting the love she has always craved for. She felt complete to get a brother like him. A brother who can be said is like a father, who is next to a father.

Sharon: thanks bhai mujhe itna kuch dene k liye.

Vikrant: [sympathetically] my baby.. you deserves all these. Its okay Mr. Raiprakash busy rehte hai. Main hoon na main tumhe time dunga aur woh sab dunga jo tumhe chahiye. Don't worry. Itne beautiful face pe tears ache nahi lagte.

Sharon: [smiling] thanks bhai.

Vikrant: its my pleasure baby. Kabhi depressed mat hona. Samjhi [ruffling her hair]

 After their dinner they were in the parking lot of the restaurant standing in front of the car.

Vikrant: chalo main tumhe apna farm house dikhata hoon. Mumbai se thode duri par hi hai.

Sharon: nahi bhai. Itna late ho gaya hai. Ghar chalte hain na..

Vikrant: arre chalo toh sahi..its beautiful. Maza aayega. 

Sharon: thik hai phir chalte hai.

He drove off to his farm house. They reached there after an hour. 

It was a beautiful place. He opened the door and took her in. She was mesmerized to see the sight in front of her. She took a look of the whole place. It was looking like heaven.

Sharon: wow bhai aapki farm house to bohot beautiful hai.

Vikrant: come on Sharon not more than you. Look at you. You have such lovely eyes, beautiful hair, gorgeous skin..

She got uncomfortable because of his sudden compliments.

Sharon: [cuts him] chalo bhai ghar chalte hai. Its too late now.

Vikrant: offho Sharon itni kya jaldi hai?

Sharon: bhai kal mujhe school bhi jana hai, aapki meeting bhi hai. Chalte hai na abhi.

Suddenly he touched her cheek with the back of his hand and was caressing it.

Vikrant: I will drop you to school baby. Tumhe nahi lagta Sharon maine tumhe itna kuch diya toh mujhe jo chahiye woh tumhe dena chahiye?

Her heart started to beat at a rapid speed.

Sharon: [her voice shaking] aapko..kya..chahiye?

His hands started to play with her hair.

Vikrant: tum.

She was too shocked to say anything for a moment.

Sharon:[she was trembling] bhai ye aap kya keh rahe ho? Aap mujhse kitne bare ho. You are like a brother to me.

Vikrant: toh kya huya? Take the cash and let the credit go..

Suddenly he leaned and kissed her lips. She was too shocked to react. He started to push his hands down her shirt. She tried to push him away but he was too strong. He then carried her forcefully to his bedroom. She was screaming to let her go. But there was no one who could help her. He threw her on the bed and locked the door of the bedroom.

Sharon: [sobbing] bhai aap ye kya kar rahe ho? Please mujhe jane do. Please.

She kept on pleading with him. But he didn't listen to any of her words. He brought out ropes from his cupboard and tied her hands and legs forcefully to the bed. She was totally helpless now. There was no one to help her. No one who could hear her screams, her shouts. He suddenly jumped on her and started to kiss her lips. She twisted her face away from him.

Sharon: bhai please don't..

He managed to twist her face back and again started to kiss her. He was behaving like an animal. In that room, not only room. In the whole house only two souls existed. One, who was totally helpless, scared and the one who was taking pleasure by giving pain to someone. Only her screams, her shouts, her pain and someone's animalistic behaviour echoed in that room. She couldn't take it anymore. She fainted.

When she woke up it was dark everywhere. She found the place to be similar. It was the park near her house. She was lying under the see-saw. She looked at herself. She was in a fresh new dress which vikrant bought for her. She also saw those toys and other dresses and a note with them. 

She felt like ripping her own head for trusting some unknown person just because she got the care and love from him which she craves for. She without taking them rushed to her own house. She directly went inside her bathroom and stood under the hot shower. All those deadly moments where flashing in her mind. She tore that dress which he has gifted her. She could see scratches and blue marks all over her body. They were paining a lot. She started to rub her body with the hot water thinking they will clean the dirt from her skin. Vikrant's touch which she could feel still now on her body was like dirt to her. After sometime she felt her knees giving up. She felt on the hot floor, hugged her knees and started to cry hysterically. She was cursing herself for trusting someone in such a short period of time. There was no one with whom she could share this deadly experience of hers. She knew her father will not get time to listen to her pain. At that time she could remember only one person. That one person whom she loves the most. Her Donald. She was only repeating one thing "I need you Donald". She was repeating this constantly. She slowly got up and wrote on the mirror of the bathroom which was covered with steam. 

With time she changed herself into a serious and bitter girl who trusts no one. Not even her friends, fully. She trusts her best friend rey but still not fully. She created a tough shell around herself which was so tough that it was impossible for anyone to break. She only waited for one person, her Donald with whom she wanted to share her pain. She knew only he will listen to her, understand her, love her, protect her. She wanted him to break that shell which she has created around her. She wanted him beside her forever.

I didn't get time to read it so please ignore the mistakes. I hope no one got upset after reading this chapter. I am sorry if I have hurt anyone's feelings. Extremely sorry. I know no swaron in this chapter. Will compensate in the next chapter. Please forgive me for my mistakes. Do hit the like button and leave your precious comments. Thank you.

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Yippee I am the first one this time Big smile

Super awesome update !
it was so stupid on sharon's father's part to leave sharon alone with that guy .
The guy is worst than an animal , molesting a small 14 year old kid.Angry
the update was heart wrenching , poor sharon.
fantastically described emotions and very well written.
hopefully swayam can mend sharon's broken heart and bring the old sharon back.
will be waiting for the next part , update soon..
thanks for the PM.

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Proudly Reserved.
HPHolic-3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Finally the mystery revealed.Poor sharon she faces soo much thing at such a sensitive age.I hate her father how can he do that to her? he didn't even care for her.Kudos to u for writing on such a sensitive issue of nowadays.
Hope swayam help sharon to come over all this
Waiting for next part eagerly

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Anomic_loner Goldie

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 4:24am | IP Logged

aww di...Hug

apne itni achi updates kaise likhti hoon...though i missed swayam here...again one of the cutest update as usual...Smile

finally the secret is stupid can sharon's father be to leave her alone with that monster...though loved the term u used for him "animalistic behaviour"...

She was crying looking at her mother's photo and hugging her Donald soft toy which swayam gifted her before going to London. 
aww how much she vl be missing her mom...u depicted her feelings so well...and hate could he do this...and moreover Sharon was too small that time...Angry

and not to forget ur picture selection is amazing as usual...i really liked the last one specially, written "i need u donald"...Smile

all in all...awesome di...i loved it...Heart

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Awsume update...i was actually thnking f the same accident bt i was nt sure...thnks for pm

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Coolioqueen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 5:00am | IP Logged
vikrant is just a animal! He deserves enough punishment.
Continue soon!

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