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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 60)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 7:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by frankyfio

ooohh it was a cute update

n finally daisy got to know abt donald
i loved the fb...

Waiting 4 e next one

thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear...i am glad u liked it...thank you Big smile

Originally posted by reet_26

cute and Awesome update

thank you so much reet for ur sweet comment Big smile

Originally posted by binuja_

Aww was just super cute update...finally Sharon came to know that swayam was none other than her Donald...and the small swaron were so cute... Smile 

Loved each and every part of it...superb.. Smile

thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear...i am glad u liked it...thank you Big smile

Originally posted by creepy_classic

awesome update...Clap

thanks for the pm...Smile

update soon...Tongue

thank you so much dear for ur sweet comment...Big smile

Originally posted by sadiyaswaron

Awesome update
It was soo dam cute
Finally sharon knows that swayam is her donald.Pics r really amazing.Their sweet tom n jerry fight was really cuteLOL.Flashback lil donald n daisy r really adorable.Their kiss(aww i m in swaron dreamland now..:p)
Update next part ASAP

thank you so much sadiya for ur lovely comment Big smile

Originally posted by Edlyn

Awesomee update! So finally Sharon knows Swayam's Donald =D
Update next soon <3

thank you so much dear for ur sweet comment Big smile

Originally posted by swaron20

awesome update!!! LOL
at last sharon know that swayam's donald.
thanx for the pm.
waiting for the next update...

thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear Big smile

Originally posted by surbhimathur

Aninditaa! Big smile
Tumhara timing toh bada acha ho gaya hai yaar...i am impressed!! Cool
Awesomee Updatee!! Clap
Finally Daisy Met Donald Dancing
And hahaha buri haalat kardi swayam ki toh Flour then Powder...fir flower case!! LOL
Swayam ka reaction was soo darra huaa ROFL
Then ahem ahem Blushing
Waiting for the next update! Smile

hey surbhi Hug thank you impressed hone k liye LOL n thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear...Big smile

Originally posted by pujan_luv_kreya

fabulous update.

thank you so much dear for ur sweet comment...i am glad u liked it...Big smile

Originally posted by 1D_D3-Crazy

thanks for the pm and sweet update :D finally Sharon has found out Swayam's her Donald and the update was definitely not long or boring it was the complete opposite

Nikki <3

thank you so much for ur sweet comment nikki...i am glad u liked it...Big smile

Originally posted by Sudha-SK

Couldn't be happier that you update fast and it made such a pleasure read. For most part i was surprised at the turn of events and i like it when that happens so kudus to you.. i liked the different approach you was Swayam who was above to fall and Sharon who went rescuing..end results may be the same LOL but i likey Embarrassed Just like always perfect pics and the last one you added from RDX party..took me to SwaRon land.. Now looking forward to read how SwaRon are going to be after knowing the truth and what Swayam is going to do to find out about Shaorn's past.. 

hey sudha Hug thank you so much for ur lovely comment dear...i am glad u liked the pics...Big smile

Originally posted by truptiswaron

awesume update.finally sharon got to know that swayam is her donald.flashback was so cute.nd present me swaron ki fight was so funny.loved the ending part also.
thanks for the pm nd pls update next part soon

thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear...i am glad u liked it...Big smile

Originally posted by Coolioqueen

I really luv dis FF. Luv d way u describe! Very nice. Luv donald's expressions! Thanks 4 d pm.

thank you so much dear for ur comment n ur kind words...Big smile

Originally posted by pri_swaron

Yaayyy!!!Dancing Sharon finally knows that Swayam is her Donald!!!
Why did u stop here?? UnhappyContinue soon

thank you so much for ur sweet comment dear...i am glad u liked it Big smile

Originally posted by prateekdave7

Thanx for pm, and this time u create a history for me..
"itna fast update"..!! cant believe.. keep it up..
i am so happy after reading. and finally,we get sweet fight of swaron and their magical kiss..
and childhood convo of swaron was so cute..i loved it..
so this update is completely swaronilicious...
i loved this update..

but the mystery of those man is continued... so pls update fast just like u done this time...

and last,picturization part was awsum and too good..(as always)...

hey prateek thank you so much for ur lovely comment...n i know i have very fast this time -LOL thank you for appreciating it...i am glad u liked the update n the pics Big smile

Originally posted by sakshibshah

Awesum FF...

Read all the parts today itself...frstly thot aftr reading the 1st chap...will continue to read tom...but was tooo eager & couldnt resist myself frm reading all the partss...
Hattss offf...ClapClap

Daisy & Donald...awww shooo cuteee !!!
Sharoon atlast knew abt her donald...
The fight was adorable...

But the creeep...!!! Dead
Resttt all is superbb !!!StarStar

Sakshi..!!! Smile

Update nxxtt part ASAP...
Do pm me...


i have no words to reciprocate these kind words of urs...just can say thank you from the bottom of my heart...Big smile 

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 7:45am | IP Logged

Chapter 10

Then he leaned to claim her soft rosy lips. His sweet like honey lips were about to touch her soft rosy lips..

Kaka: [clears his throat] uhu-uhu.

They came back to their senses and made themselves sit on the bed. Both of them felt embarrassed on seeing ramu kaka there. They saw him glaring at them with one brow raised.

Swayam: kya huya?

Kaka: apne charo ore dekha hai?

They took a look of the room. It was totally messy. Water, flour and powder all over the room, pillows on the floor, the bed fully wet and covered with flour and they also wet and covered with flour. Mainly swayam. Sharon got wet because of swayam and the wet bedspread.

Sharon: kaka don't worry main sab kuch saaf kar dungi.

Swayam: ha hum dono milke sab kuch saaf karlenge. Aap tension matlo. Aap jake so jao. 

Kaka: bohot jaldi hai mujhe bhagane ki.

Their white cheeks turned red listening to that.

Kaka: [chuckles] dekho toh kaise tum dono ke gal lal ho rahe hai.

Swayam: [pouts] kaka hamne aapka kya bigara hai?

Kaka: [laughs] achha achha thik hai. Tum dono kamra saaf kar lena. Main jata hoon tum dono ko AKELA chodke.

He stresses on the word akela and leaves. Both look at each other and shyly smiles. After few seconds swayam says

Swayam: we need to talk daisy.

Sharon: kuch bhi baat karne se pehle go and change your clothes. You are fully wet. Tumhe sardi lag jayegi.

Swayam: aur mujhe bhigaya kisne?

Sharon gave him a deadly glare.

Swayam: achha achha thik hai main jata hoon. Waise daisy I think you should also change. Tum bhi pura bheeg chuki ho.

She blushed listening to it. It reminded her of the moment which happened few minutes ago.

Swayam: [smirking] jis moment ko yaad karke aap blush kar rahi hai usse phirse repeat karu?

She straightens herself and says

Sharon: how can you be so shameless? Just shut up and go. I will change after you.

Swayam: but daisy tumhe fever tha. You should change first.

Sharon: nahi tum pehle jaoge and it's an order. Go..NOW.

Swayam: fine. Tumhare order ko kaise ignore kar sakta hoon. Ignore kiya toh mujhe koi nahi bacha payega. [chuckles] I am going. Pick whatever dress you like from my cupboard.

Sharon: [rolling her eyes] okay. You go.

Swayam took out a T-shirt and a boxer from his cupboard and went inside the bathroom to take shower.

Sharon was grinning like an idiot thinking about what happened between them few minutes ago. After some time she got up from bed and went to choose a dress for her. She opened the cupboard and saw all the clothes were neatly kept. A smile crept on her face remembering how much swayam was always particular about keeping his stuffs in place. That too very neatly.

Sharon: [in her mind] aaj bhi waisa hi hai. Perfect in every way.

She chose a white T-shirt and a khaki colour boxer for herself and was grinning inside about his reaction when he will see her in that tee and boxer. She kept them on the bean bag which was there on his room and started to clean his room. First she cleaned the flour and powder from the bed and floor. The floor was almost dry by that time. So she let it fully dry by itself. Then she changed the bedspread. She laid a fresh white bedspread with red floral print on it which she took out from the divan. White because the curtains were made of red cheesecloth. She thought it would look pure and most importantly romantic. The colour of the room was white and the furnisher's colours were chocolate brown. She took a look at the whole room. Yes it was looking presentable, bright, romantic and pure. Just like their love. She blushed at her own thought. Then she moved towards the place where their baby doll was kept. She took it in her hands n was blushing remembering about their promise.

Swayam: oh-ho. Koi abhi bhi blush kar rahi hai.

She comes out of her thought. Swayam was surprised to see the changes she has made. She kept their baby doll at its place.

Swayam: arre wah koi abhi se household kamo mein lag gayi hai. The room is looking awesome.

Sharon: [smiles] thanks.

Swayam: ab tum jaogi please. Tumhe nahi toh phirse fever aa jayega aur main woh dekh nahi payunga.

Sharon: yeah going.

She took the dress from the bean bag and went to take shower. After about 20 minutes she opens the door of the bathroom. Swayam saw her hiding behind the door.

Swayam: what? Come na..

Sharon: no I am looking like a cartoon.

Swayam: [chuckles] cartoon?

She remembered his teasing her by calling himself a cartoon. She gave him a look.

Swayam: [stops chuckling] come on. You can never look like a cartoon. Tum iss duniya ki sabse beautiful girl ho aur tum hamesha all correct lagti ho.

She hesitantly comes out of the bathroom. She was looking like an angel in the white tee and khaki coloured boxer. Though the boxer was looking like a three quarter on her. Actually more than a three quarter. The length was between a trouser and a three quarter. It was because of her height. But because of that she was looking like and angel. The tee was a little loose on her. All in all it made her look like a doll. Cute doll.

Swayam: [in his mind] wow she looks so cute. I just love her.

He went up to her and drew her into his arms and gave her a big, warm bear hug. Then he made her sit on the bed and he made himself sit beside her. She was smiling looking at him.

Swayam: you look beautiful daisy.

Sharon: she blushes at his compliment.

Swayam: [he smiles and gives her a kiss on her forehead] ab mujhe batao lift mein kaun tha? Tum itna darr kyun gayi thi?

Suddenly her smile vanished from her face and confusion and fear took over. Till the time her happiness, happiness to get back her love, her Donald suppressed her fear, her confusion, her pain. She was frightened, frightened to lose her love, her Donald. Her heart was beating rapidly.

Sharon: [in her mind] Donald ko toh 4 years pehle jo huya tha uske bareme kuch nahi pata. Agar usse main galat lagi toh? Agar usne apna promise break kar diya toh? If he starts hating me. Main bohot mushkil se khud ko samhal payi thi. Agar Donald ne mujhe galat samjha toh main.. no I won't be able to take it. I will die with his hatred. I will die.

Tears started flowing down from her eyes. He saw tears in her eyes. He cupped her face and said..

Swayam: daisy please don't cry. Who insaan yaha nahi aayega. Aur main hoon na tumhare saath. Main tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga. Just tell me what is it? Who kaun tha?

She jerked off his hands from her face. He was confused. Her behavior was scaring him. His heart started to beat furiously. He was scared. Scared because of his life, his soul, his daisy.

Sharon: [getting up] mujhe abhi jana chahiye. Its too late.

Swayam: what? Tum kahi nahi ja rahi ho. Just tell me please. I can't see you in tears.

She searched for her car keys and her bag and saw them lying on the bed side table. She took them and was about to go. He snatched them from her hands and kept them on the bed and pinned her to the wall, blocking her way from either sides. 

Sharon: donald kar kya rahe ho tum? What nonsense is this?

Swayam: nonsense? Main nonsense harkatein kar raha hoon ya tum? why are you behaving weird daisy. Its me your Donald. Just tell me what is it.

Sharon: main tumhe kyun batayu? Aur tum hote kaun ho mujhse kuch bhi puchne wale?

She cursed herself for saying this to him. She knew how much hurt he must be. It killed her from inside for hurting her Donald. Who is her life, her love. Swayam grabs sharon's shoulder tightly and shook her.

Swayam: [burst out] MAIN KAUN HOTA HOON? HAAN DAISY? MAIN KAUN HOTA HOON? Main wohi hoon jiske bareme sochke..jiske intezaar mein tum aaj bhi uss park mein jati ho jaha hum bachpam mein khelte the..uss ghar mein jati ho jaha hum ek saath homework karte the..main wohi hoon jiske bareme tum ek bhi galat baat nahi soon sakti'main wohi hoon jiska ka tum pal pal wait karti ho..[in a low voice] the one whom you need..the one whom you love..your Donald..

Sharon who was fighting back her tears till now for hurting her donald but couldn't do it anymore. Tears started to fall from her eyes listening to his words. He saw her crying. Seeing her like that made his heart ache. He wiped those tears which were coming out of her eyes.

Swayam: stop crying daisy. Aur mujhe sab kuch sach sach batao. Kaun tha woh lift mein?

Sharon: [her voice choking] let me go Donald.

He hit the wall with his fist out of frustration and it started bleeding. Sharon on seeing this gets scared. She hold his bleeding hand in her hands and said

Sharon: DONALD. What the hell is this? Why you are hurting yourself? Where is the first aid box? Tumhe bandage ki jarurat hai.

Swayam: mujhe kisi bandage ki jarurat nahi hai daisy. I need to know the truth. Just tell me that.

Sharon: maine kaha na tumse..

He again bangs his hand on the wall and this time blood started to come out of his hand furiously.


Sharon: I CAN'T TOLARATE YOUR HATRED DONALD. I JUST CAN'T. I WILL DIE WITH IT. [in a low voice] i will die with it. [and breaks down]

Swayam cups her face in his hand.

Swayam: main tumhe kabhi hate nahi kar sakta. I love you too much to hate you daisy. How can I hate you?

Sharon: aur agar tum karne lage toh?

Swayam: no I won't. Never.

Sharon: main kaise sure ho jayu?

Swayam: you know because you know. You know that I can never hate you.

Deep down she knew that her Donald can never hate her. This realization made her cry more. She was crying hysterically. Swayam couldn't see her like this anymore. He hugged her tightly and she also responded back in the same manner. She hugged him so tight that it was crushing him in between her arms. 

She cried and cried and cried holding him in her arms. Swayam didn't stop her. He knew she has waited for this day for long. She has always wished for him to be there so that she can cry her heart out and today was the day. He held her tightly with one hand by her waist and with the other one he was stroking her hair to soothe her. After like ages her crying became sniffing. 

Swayam: daisy this suspense is killing me. Please mujhe batao baat kya hai. Please daisy.

Sharon: Donald..woh..woh..

Swayam: kya daisy? Bolo. Trust me I can never hate you. You know that. Apni insecurities se bahar aao and tell me. You know na how desperately I love you. I will be always be there with you daisy. Please mujhe batao.

These words made her more comfortable. She knew he can never hate her and he is always there for her and he loves her. But these words made her sure about it fully.


I am very bad at describing rooms, cloths and surroundings. Hope I could make you understand what I wanted to or have I messed it up??? Don't know. Do let me know if I have. Criticisms are always welcome. Do hit the like button and leave your precious comments. Forgive me for my mistakes. Thank you.

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Anonymous-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 7:58am | IP Logged

WOW This update was so sweet
Sharon in his boxer shortsLOL
And her being afraid he will hate her..AwwEmbarrassed
But Swayam banging his fist on the wall..Cry
Pls di jaldi suspense khol do kaun hai ye Mr Secret Guy.
Waiting to know

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HPHolic-3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Dii well first of all a big hug for a long update.
Coming to update
It was cute,sweet,romantic n a lil bit emotional update
kaka's timing was really bad ek kiss to karna dete...:p
I really loved how they r behaving like a newly gf bf+best friend.N i can imagine sharon(sneha) in swayam's attitre she must be looking like a cute doll.N now this mystery is killing me.Cliffhanger not fair??
Waiting for next part
Update it ASAp

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SanskritiS IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Swaron blushing when Kaka teased them
Hoping that Sharon will share her insecurities with Swayam soon n Swayam will solve her problem

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Cutie PieHug

Lovely update like always...m loving ur fast updates...awww...that kiss...

kaka came in between their first kiss...I loved even the kaka's teasing part...lovely...

Sharon changed into swayam's boxers and tee ...the way you described..she must be looking cute and adorable...the room description was beautiful...

Her fear...and the way he consoled her...awww...the hug...1st hug...m waiting for the suspense to open ...lovely lovely part baby ...plz continue soon...

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Tanuka_TanHa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 9:04am | IP Logged

Anindita Hug

This time i am not the first one to comment Ouch
Awesome update !
very well written
kaka's entry time was amazingly funny LOL
sharon must have looked uber cute in swayam's cloths .
swayam actually said I love you to sharon in this part .
the way swayam was making sharon understand that he can nevr hate sharon and she should tell him the truth was really nice .
but u had to stop at place where sharon was convinced of telling abt the person :(
eager to know who was the man in the lift and what happened 4 years ago.
will be waiting for the next part , update soon..
thanks for the PM.

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Joshua_TANHA IF-Addictz

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Beautiful update loved it completeley!!!

Chalu KaKa  ..LOL should have let them kiss Tongue someone other bothers swaron when ever they get romantic LOL LOL
Sharon cleaning the room to her coming out wearing swayam 's cloth , all are explained beautifully...I can even imagine her in oversized cloths LOLLOL
Then things start getting intense... Love swayam's unconditional love here!!!
Even I am eager to know the truth , but you have given a cliffhangerAngry!!
Thanks once again for the photosHug..they just go well with the story and bring back so many memories!! No one can Blush like Sneha blushes  Blushing

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