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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 55)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 9

Swayam's flat, Mumbai

The clock was striking 2:55am. Two souls were sleeping peacefully in each other's arms. 

One of them started to wake up. It was Sharon. She felt something heavy on her, something blocking her from moving. She opened her eyes and saw swayam was sleeping peacefully hugging her tight. She was shocked. She was fully awake now. She jerked his hands off from her body and sat on the bed making some distance between them. Swayam moved a little bit and then again falls asleep. Yesterday's events flashed in her mind. She again started shivering remembering that prison and that monster. Then she remembers that moment where swayam saved her from getting hit by the car and then she fainted in his arms.

Sharon: [looking at him in her mind] thank god kal swayam mere saath tha nahi toh pata nahi kya ho jata. Lift mein woh.. [tears started to flow from her eyes]

Then today's event flashed in her mind. Swayam sleeping beside her hugging her tightly. She immediately wiped her tears.

Sharon: [in her mind] yeh monkey. How dare he touch me? Chorungi nahi main isse. He slept on the same bed that too hugging me? How dare he do that?

Sharon: [jerking him] swayam utho. RIGHT NOW.

Swayam moves a little bit and says

Swayam: kaka sone do na. Abhi toh soya tha.

Sharon: [again jerking him] TUM ABHI UTHOGE YA NAHI?

Swayam pushes Sharon by her face, turns around and covers his head with the pillow and says

Swayam: please don't disturb me.

Sharon: [in her mind] mujhe dhakka deta hai. Mujhe? Sharon raiprakash ko? Abhi dikhati hoon isse.

She gets down from the bed furiously and looked for the bathroom. When she finds it she went inside the bathroom and searches for an empty bucket. After getting it she places the empty bucket under the tap and opens it. She then waited for the water to reach till the rim of the bucket. When it was done she took the bucket full of water and proceeded towards the bed. While going towards the bed her eyes fell on something. She placed the bucket on the ground. It was her favourite doll. The one with which they have promised to be together forever. Her mind took her to that day when she gave her baby..her favourite doll to him.

11 years ago [swaron 7 years old][the day shekhawat family left Mumbai]

Swayam was waiting for Sharon at the park to meet her for the last time before going to London. He was very sad because he will have to leave his best friend and his family behind. Raiprakash family was like his own family. And for Sharon shekhawat family was like her own family. He waited for one hour but she didn't come. He then went to her room and saw her crying holding their baby doll. His little heart ached seeing his best friend daisy crying. He went towards her and with his little fingers wiped her tears.

Swayam: ro mat daisy. Main bohot jaldi wapas aayunga. Ekbar mujhe bada hone de. Main aa jayunga tere pass.

Sharon: [sniffing] tu chala jayega toh hamari promise ka kya hoga. Meri aur hamari baby doll ka kheyal kaun rakhega.

Swayam: main rakhunga na kheyal hamari baby doll ka. Main isse apne saath London leke jayunga. Main iska hamesha kheyal rakhunga. Lekin ha jab main wapas aa jayunga na tab hum dono milke iska kheyal rakhenge. Aur mujhe hamari baby doll ki jarurat paregi na London mein. Waha tu nahi hogi toh main kisse baat karunga?

Sharon: [questioning eyes] achha tu isse apne saath leke jayega toh mera kya hoga? Main toh bilkul akeli par jayungi na?

Swayam: [smiling] nahi main bhi tere pass kuch chodke jayunga na..

Sharon: kya?

Swayam: ruk..

He runs out of the room and after few seconds comes back with a Donald soft toy which he hid outside of her room to surprise her.

Swayam: yeh main mom k saath jake tere liye laya hoon. Jab tujhe mujhse baat karni ho isse baat kar lena aur main hamare baby doll se baat karunga jab bhi mujhe tujhse baat karni hogi.

Sharon: [flashing a cute smile] wow yeh kitni pyaari hai [takes it from his hands and hugs it]

Swayam: hai na? bilkul teri tarha hai.

She in return gives him a huge smile.

Swayam: main bohot jaldi hi wapas aa jayunga daisy. Tu kisi aur ko apna dost mat banana. Mera wait karna. Aur hamara promise yaad rakhna.

Sharon: main kabhi kisi aur ko dost nahi banayungi. Hamesha apna promise yaad rakhungi. Aur tu bhi yaad rakhna.

Swayam: ha hamesha.

Present day

Sharon happily looks at sleeping swayam and then quickly jumps on the bed and hugs him tightly. She felt she is the happiest person of this world. Tears of happiness came running out of her eyes. That person for whom she has waited for more than a decade is here with her. That person whom she needs the most. Whom she loves the most. Her life. Her Donald. Then she remembers those moments where he was teasing her by calling himself a cartoon. She clutched his shirt and with rolling eyes said to herself.

Sharon: hmm toh mister Donald. Mujhe satane me koi kasar nahi chora hai aapne. Usdin mere samne ek k baad ek jelly candy's kha rahe the aur aapne aap ko cartoon bol bol ke mujhe tease karte rahe. Mujhe bataya bhi nahi ki tum Donald ho. Ab kya lagta hai tumhe main tumhe chod dungi. Main tumse pura revenge lungi mister. You are in for a big trouble now.

She had a naughty smile flashed on her face. She left him and gets down from the bed. She again took the bucket full of water and splashed the water forcedly on swayam. He jerked up from his sleep saying


Then he realizes it was not tsunami it was Sharon who splashed water on him. She was standing in front of him with folding hands over her chest. That sight gave him the shock of his life. 

He rubbed his eyes to believe what he was seeing is truth. He looked at the clock nervously. It was striking 3:20.

Swayam: [in his mind] yeh itni jaldi kaise uth gayi. Cute daisy se sherni ka roop dharan kar liya hai isne. Aise dekh rahi hai jaise abhi mujhe kha jayegi. Ab toh bhagwan bhi mujhe nahi bacha payenge. Ab main kya karu? Kaha jayu?

He gulps down the lump in his throat and nervously opens his mouth.

Swayam: listen..sharon..woh..

Sharon: daisy.

Swayam: [shocked] haan?

Sharon: DAISY.

Swayam: daisy matlab?


Swayam: [he understood she knows it that he is donald] tumhe kaise pata chala?

She points her finger towards their baby doll. Swayam looks at that direction and understood she is pointing towards their baby doll.

Swayam: [in his mind] arre yaar main hamari baby doll ko toh kal cupboard mein rakhna hi bhool gaya. Daisy ko surprise karne k chakkar mein mujhe duniya ka sabse bara jhakta lag gaya. Ab ye mujhe mar dalegi.

Swayam: daisy woh..

Sharon: KYA WOH HAAN? KYA WOH? Tumne mujhe batana jaruri nahi samjha ki tum Donald ho. And upar se mujhe tease karte rahe. Meri dil ki sari baat janli aur mujhe apna bataya bhi nahi..

Swayam: [smirking] achha toh tumhe meri dil ki baat janni hai. Kya kya sunna chahti ho tum?

Sharon: SHUT UP.

She picks a pillow and throws it on him.

Swayam: arre par meri baat toh suno..

Sharon: mujhe kuch nahi sunna. Ab tum sirf meri baat sunoge.

She started to throw the remaining pillows on him. Then she ran towards the kitchen. He silently follows her to see what she is up to. He saw that she was searching for something in the racks. Then he saw her picking up the bucket of flour and coming towards him like an angry rinosaurous. He ran towards his room and she followed him.

Swayam: daisy kya kar rahi ho. Meri baat toh sunlo.

She didn't say anything. She throws the flour on him. Half of the flour fell on him and the remaining fell on the bed. Then she picked the powder case from the dresser and throws the powder on him. He was looking like a white ghost with flour and powder all over him.

Then she took the flower vase in her hand which was there on the bed side table.

Swayam: daisy pagal ho gayi ho kya? Usse rakh do. Bhoot aa gaya hai kya tumhare andar?


Swayam: maine tumhe kab bhoot kaha?

Sharon:  ABHI.

Swayam: par..

Sharon: [cuts him] you are so dead now.

She started to run after him. They were running all over the room. While running swayam jumped on the bed and he slipped because of the messy wet powdery bed cover. He was about to fall when Sharon comes and holds him trying to stop him from falling. But her sudden force made him loose balance and they toppled over and fell on the bed. Sharon was on top of swayam. But he quickly rolled over and took the flower vase from her hand and kept it aside and holds her wrists from either side.

Swayam: meri baat toh suno pehle.

Sharon: KYA?

Swayam: I only wanted to surprise you. Tumhe surprise karne k chakkar mein mujhe itna bara jhakta milega kise pata tha.

Sharon: huh jhakta haan?

Swayam: [in a very low voice] hmm

She understood he was lost in her. Their faces were too close. Just inches apart. He was lost in her beauty, in her big greenish eyes and she could only see pure love for her, she could only see her own image in those chocolaty brown eyes. In the eyes of her love, her life. He started to lean forward. She slowly lowers her gaze. Both were lost in each other. They could feel each other's hot breath on their face. He slowly brushed his right cheek on her right cheek and kissed the mark softly which was left by the flour. She closes her eyes and shivered. His touch made her shiver. He then slowly moved his hands forward from her wrist towards her palm and intertwined his fingers with her. He then brushed his left cheek on her left cheek and kissed the mark softly. He brushed her tiny nose with his nose and kissed it. Then he leaned to claim her soft rosy lips.


For the first time i updated this fast. Just within 1 day LOL I know this chapter is a bit long. I hope you all didn't get bore reading it. Do hit the like button and leave your precious comments. Please forgive me for my mistakes. Thank you.

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Tanuka_TanHa IF-Dazzler

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Anindita Hug
I am again here without a PM
Awesome update !
very well written.
i love how u use pictures in ur updates , its just make thr reading exprience more fun Big smile
finally sharon got to know that swayam is her donald .
the flashback was adorable .
present mein the way sharon was running behind swayam was cute and funny .
last mein swayam kissed sharon . awww Day Dreaming
will be waiting for the next part , update soon..
thanks for the PM.

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SanskritiS IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update Smile
Sharon finally realizes that Swayam is her Donald
She threw water on sleeping Swayam his reaction was cuteLOL
Swayam turned into white ghostLOL

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Swaronvrushan IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow...loved it

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey My Cutie PieHug

The much much awaited chapter is here...finally ...i was waiting for this day...when sharon will know swayam is her donald..i had loads of expectations from this update...and u surpassed those expectation...beautiful update cute...

Awww...she got to know about her Donald from the baby doll she gifted him...I was literally dancing with joy...

Awww...the childhood was too cute ...i dont have any words to praise...

Swayam: main bohot jaldi hi wapas aa jayunga daisy. Tu kisi aur ko apna dost mat banana. Mera wait karna. Aur hamara promise yaad rakhna.

Sharon: main kabhi kisi aur ko dost nahi banayungi. Hamesha apna promise yaad rakhungi. Aur tu bhi yaad rakhna. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

And the strond..tsunami ...aha...loved it...finally the romance...cute ..adorable...the kiss...


U R AMAZING SWTHRT...LOVELY UPDATE...plz update soon...

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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cuteee meeting swaron
Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smilelove itBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
bachara swayam LOLLOLLOLLOL
lovely part Dear ... keepit up Thumbs Up GreaT

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Joshua_TANHA IF-Addictz

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res :
Loved the update . Sharon didnt disappoint me , while she woke up she indeed said " how dare he " LOL
Finally sharon knows  that swayam is  Donald(cartoon)Tongue Loved their nok-jhok Smile and the kiss too Blushing
I love that you add pictures, 1. it helps me visualiseLOL 2. it brings back lots of old swaron memories Embarrassed
Now waiting for that update when swayam will ask about her fear

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swaron9113 IF-Sizzlerz

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superb awesme

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