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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 51)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 1:13am | IP Logged

Chapter 8

At the 9th floor the lift stopped and someone marched in. Sharon was totally numb seeing that person. She felt the whole world revolving around her. She was sweating and shivering like hell. Swayam noticed the change in her. The lift again started moving towards its destination with three souls in it. One who was very much scared seeing that person. One with confusion in his mind and fear in his heart. Fear for the person who is his life. And the one with evil smile on his face and a bad intention in his mind. That person was constantly looking at Sharon with an evil smile. He started to advance his moves towards her. Swayam saw his daisy shivering and sweating badly. He saw tears in his daisy's eyes. He glared at that person who was moving towards his daisy. Then he took a step forward and stood between his daisy and that person who was making his daisy cry. Cry out of fear. 

The person stopped moving further and glared at swayam. In the mean time the door of the prison opened. Prison..sharon felt that she is stuck in a dark prison with a dangerous monster who can kill her any moment. As the door opened she pushed swayam aside and started running. Swayam saw his daisy ran out of the lift. He called her but she didn't stop. He didn't want to leave that person who made his daisy cry but he has to just to be sure that she is safe. He gave a deadly glare to that person and followed her.


But she didn't stop. She was running in a high speed. She has reached the main road now. He was scared. Scared for his life...for his daisy. Then he saw a car proceeding towards her.


But she was in no mood to move away from there. He increased his speed and in the right time pulled her towards the other side of the road.

Swayam: pagal ho gayi ho tum? Yeh kya kar rahi thi. Sharon..sharon you okay?

He saw his daisy slowly fainting in his arms. She felt his arms around her. She was still scared. But somewhere her heart said that she is in safe hands now. She faints there in his arms. Swayam's heart was beating in an abnormal speed. He felt that he will lose his life. He felt someone is talking away his soul out of his body.

Swayam: [in his mind] woh kaun tha? Daisy ne aise kyun react kiya. Agar aaj usse kuch ho jata toh. Woh car.. nahi nahi daisy ko kuch nahi ho sakta. Main usse kabhi kuch nahi hone dunga. [to sharon] sharon you okay? Please utho. Sharon.

He shakes her few times and called her name but she didn't respond. He was hell scared now. Tears started to flow from his eyes seeing her in this state. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to her car. 

He placed her on the car bonnet and searched for the car keys in her bag. After finding it he opened the car and placed her on the back seat. He then makes himself sit on the driver's seat and drove away to his flat.

Swayam's flat, Mumbai

Ramu kaka opened the door.

Kaka: swayam baba yeh ladki kaun hai?

Swayam: kaka yeh daisy mera matlab Sharon hai. Aapko yaad hai Sharon?

Kaka: Sharon kaun? Achha aap pehle isse apne kamre me leke jao.

Swayam: ji kaka.

Swayam carried her to his room and very carefully placed her on his bed. He then felt her shivering. He checked her forehead and it was burning.

Swayam: kaka isse toh bohot jyada bukhar hai.

Kaka: baba aap ruko main iske liye thanda pani aur kapra lata hu. Usse sir pe dene se iska bukhar kam ho jayega.

Swayam: thik hai.

Ramu kaka left. Swayam covered her with the quilt and removed her shoes. Then he sits beside her holding her one hand and starts rubbing it.

Swayam: [in his mind] huya kya hai daisy k saath. Woh tha kaun aur daisy ko aise kyun dekh raha tha. Aur daisy itna kyun darr rahi thi jaise kisi doggie ko dekh liya hai. Doggie ko dekh k bhi woh itna nahi darti hai. Who the hell is he? Aur woh daisy se kaise connected hai?

Ramu kaka came back and brought him out of his thoughts.

Kaka: baba yeh lo..uske sir pe rakho.

He gives him the cold water dipped cloth and swayam placed it on her forehead. He kept on repeating this process for few times.

Kaka: baba tumne bataya nahi Sharon kaun hai?

Swayam: kaka aapko Sharon yaad nahi hai? Yeh gautam uncle ki beti hai.

Kaka: gudiya? arre issko kya ho gaya hai? Woh tumhe kaha mila baba? [ramu kaka used to call Sharon gudiya n swayam baba from their childhood days]

Swayam: woh mere saath college me padhti hai. Hum ek hi class me hai.

Kaka:[smiling] achha.

Swayam saw him smiling.

Swayam: kaka aap muskura kyun raheho?

Kaku: nahi baba kuch nahi..

Swayam: batao na..

Kaka: nahi gudiya k liye hi tum Mumbai aaye hona sab kuch chodke?

Swayam was shocked.

Swayam: ab aapne bhi mujhe chedna suru kar diya? Mom, dad aur sim kam the jo ab aap bhi suru ho gaye. Waise aapko aisa kyun lagta hai?

Kaka: arre mera bachha main akela kaha? Kal subha tumhari mom ko batayunga gudiya k bareme toh woh bohot khush hongi. Sab bohot khush honge. Hamari ghar ki bahu jo banne wali hai. Aur mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai? Yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat hai? Maine tumhe bachpan se dekha hai. Mujhe pata nahi chalega. Apna shakal dekhi hai? Kitna pareshan ho tum.

Swayam: [shyly pouts] thik hai thik hai. Aur ha ab toh mauka mil gaya hai na. Sab milke phirse mujhe chedna suru kardoge. Achha aap ek kam karo..aap jao jake so jao. Main rukhta hoon yaha.

Kaka: thik hai baba. Gudiya ka kheyal  rakhna. Waise tumhe ye batane ki jarurat toh nahi hai. Tum rakhoge mujhe pata hai. Phir bhi keh diya. Meri gudiya ka kheyal rakhna.

Swayam: [blushing] ji kaka main apni dai..mera matlab hai apke gudiya ka kheyal rakhunga.

Ramu kaka pulls his cheeks sweetly and was going. Suddenly he stops and turns.

Kaka: baba humme gautam ji ko toh batana parega ki gudiya yaha hai. Woh pareshan ho rahehonge.

Swayam: ha kaka maine bhi isbare mein socha hai. Mere pass uncle ka number nahi hai. Aur itni raat ko ghar pe phone karenge toh sab pareshan ho jayenge. Main dekhta hu kya karna hai.

Kaka: thik hai tum kaise bhi karke batado gautam ji ko..

Swayam: ji.

And he leaves the room. Swayam felt a tight squeeze on his hand. He saw that Sharon was moving.

Swayam: dai..sharon tum thik ho? Sharon.

She moves a bit and keeps her head on his lap and holds his hand tightly.

Sharon: [in a very low voice] Donald

He could hear his name which she took in her sleep. He smiles and nuzzles her hair.

Swayam: [in his mind] thank god tum abhi thik ho daisy. Tum ekbar uth jao phir main tumhe bata dunga ki main hi tumhara Donald hoon. Maine socha tha main tumhe surprise dunga lekin main aur wait nahi kar sakta yeh janne k liye ki woh kaun tha lift mein. Aur waise bhi morning mein toh tumhe batana hi parega kyunki tumne agar uthne k baad humme aise dekha toh pakka siren ki tarha bajhne lagogi. [laughs]

Then he bends down and places his lips on her forehead. She again moves and makes the hold on his hand even tighter and says in a very low voice.

Sharon: Donald i need you.

But he could hear it. He smiles and says

Swayam: i am always there for you daisy..forever..i love you.

And again kisses on her forehead. He then carefully takes out his phone from his pant pocket so that sharon's sleep didn't get disturb and calls up rey.

Rey: ha swayam bol. Meeting sahi se ho gayi?

Swayam: [in his mind] main rey ko kya excuse do daisy ka ghar ka number mange k liye. Truth toh usse bata nahi sakta. It's not right. Pata nahi issbare me daisy ne usse kabhi bataya bhi hai ya nahi..

Rey: swayam you there?

Swayam: ha rey..woh actually sharon ka phone mere pass reh gaya toh isiliye tui please uska ghar ka number mujhe de payega taki main usse inform kar saku.

Rey: par how come? Sharon ka phone tere pass kaise aaya. Car toh uski thi. Woh toh apne car mein bhi nahi chod sakti.

Swayam: ha...woh..woh..ha meeting k baad hum coffee pina gaye the toh Sharon k dress mein coffee gir gaya tha toh jaldi mein phone table pe hi chodke chali gayi washroom.

Rey: ha toh tere pass kaise aaya?

Swayam: arre late ho raha tha toh maine uska phone apne pass rakha aur uske washroom se bahar aate hi hum chale aaye wahase.

Rey: oh aur phir Sharon phone mangna bhul gayi..

Swayam: ha yaar aisa hi huya..tu chodna yeh sab..mujhe number bata.. [in his mind] kitna question puchta hai. Pata nahi hai isse ki main kaun hu. [and flashes a naughty smile looking towards sharon]

Rey: ha its..

Swayam: okay..thanks..bye..

Rey: ha bye. Good night.

Swayam: good night.

After that swayam calls at sharon's house and comes to know that Mr. Raiprakash is out of town so he informs her maid that she is not coming back home today because of some urgent work in college. He then checks sharon's forehead and found out that she is much better now. He bends backward and sleeps and with him he carefully pulls Sharon on his chest.

Swayam: [in his mind] daisy k uthne se pehle mujhe uthna parega warna ye mera hal kharab kar degi [chuckles] my cute princess and hugs her tightly and drifted off to sleep.


Guys i know you all want to know about who the person was in the lift. You will get to know about him very soon. Please have patience. Do hit the like button and leave your precious comments and please forgive me for my mistakes. Thank you.   

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Tanuka_TanHa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 1:25am | IP Logged
I was hoping we are gonna get an update today and we did , YippeeBig smile 
unres Embarrassed
awesome update !!
the way swayam stood between sharon and the mystery guy was really nice , protecting sharon always , also saved sharon from an accident .
swayam and kaka's convo was very well penned , kaka was teasing swayam LOL
sharon remembering donald in her sleep was cute .
it will be interesting to see how sharon reacts to swayam sleeping so close to her on the same bed .
really eager to know who was the mystery guy , suspense jaldi khol ani .
will be waiting for the next part , update soon..
thanks for the PM.

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.....pujan..... IF-Dazzler

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fabulous update.

omg.. sharon scared like hell...

swayam confused...Confused

sharon run n faint in swayam's arms...

sharon traped in fever...

sharon needs her donald (how cute)

swayam always there for her daisy (so sweet) ...

now i'm curious to know who's that evil?

who can intimidate swayam's daisy like this?

plz do update asap.

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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resBig smile


Awww...its the CUTEST FF ever...Tongue

I am madly in love with this FF...Embarrassed

Donald & Daisy...Heart

Who was that person...i hope she will know his identity soon & they will together fight the evil..Ouch

Kaka-swayam convo was cute...swayam blushing...awwwBlushing

She was missing her donald...even in sleep...awww...


LOVELY UPDATE...update soon swthrt

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pratik54000 IF-Rockerz

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heya mishty superb update...after long time i read your update...and i really enjoyed a lot both the updates...

now comming back to this was superb...the way sharon was getting scared with that unknown person was really well created suspense...and swayam was also puzzled about her wierd behaviour...

But the suspense was still not reveled that who it was that scared sharon so much scared with person...what is the relation of that person with sharon??

than the road accident part and sharon fainting in swayam's arms...the way showed worried swayam and his actions were absolutely superb...and the monologues were just outstanding...

than swayam and ramu kaka convo came which was cheerful and brought all smiles to our faces...ramu kaka knew swayam liked her from all beginning and he came back for her so it was just cheerful...

than came rey swayam convo which irritated swayam as he had to lie and rey was all over him as dectactive...and finally after all the explainations rey gave swayam no and relief you showed there in swayam's expression was really enjoyable..than swayam.called sharon's home and still swayam is worried for sharon...

but the most cutest moment was now in the whole update sharon was remembering donald and wanted him near it made her all happy so it was very nice way to end...waiting for next part now...

thanx for update soon...


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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 2:38am | IP Logged
fabulous updateClapClapClap
update next soon very soonBig smile

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ABBY92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 2:46am | IP Logged
Love the way Swayam stood between Sharon and the mystery guy !! He's always there to protect her !! Ramu Kaka teasing Swayam about Daisy was cute too !! I can't wait to see Sharon's reaction when she wakes up and hopefully Swayam will let her know the truth that he is Donald !!

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marauder IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 December 2012 at 3:18am | IP Logged
Well I think that this update is more like calmness that precced a storm. I am sure kal Sharon pehle uthegi aur Swayam ka band bajayegi :p Looking forward to the moement when Swayam discloses his identity to her. Fabulously written update. Swayam and Ramu kakaa scene was amusing but it made me miss Swayam's mom and dad and her sister. They were awesome in the first chapter while teasing him. And the way Swayam took care of Sharon and meanwhile Sharon was mumbling donald in his sleep was really a nice touch. Will be waiting for the update.

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