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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 35)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 10:53pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by namratajadhav

amazing darls..!



thank you so much namrata...Big smile




Originally posted by shaani2209

Amazing update anindita...

thanks for the pm..



thank you so much roshni...Big smile


Originally posted by swaronland

awesome update

loved pictures u posted

update soon its getting interesting

thanks for pm



thank you so much dear...i am glad u liked the pictures...Big smile



Originally posted by dazzlingmanavi










hey manavi thank you so much for liking it...Big smile n right swayam dance kare aur koi surprise na ho...Day Dreaming


Originally posted by sadiyaswaron

Awesome update
Finally swayam is the 6th dancer now
All pics r amazing
Swaron dance,well there is no words to describe their dance.They always create magic together...:)
Swayam n sharon to meet as daisy n donald... :D
Waiting for next part
ps.Yes u forgot to pm me...:(


thank you so much sadiya...Big smile

u r absolutely right...they always create magic together...Day Dreaming

i am so so sorry for not sending u pms...this will not happen again...Smile




Originally posted by Rutu

Loved the update Anindita and Swayam's dance as well. The SwaRon dance gave me a picturesque version, lovely indeed. And then he is going to meet daisy, and I think somehow he knows that Sharon is only his daisy. Awesome work


PS: I usually give big comment but my exams are turning up so I'm in a hurry , I'll definitely give a lamba comment next time


thank you so much rutu for commenting...n ur comment is what matters to it small or big...Embarrassed all the best for ur exams...i am sure u will rock...Thumbs Up




Originally posted by frankyfio

loved it

finally u updated
very eager to read our donald n daisy's meet 

next time update sooon
n plsss make it reallly lonnnggg



forgot to mention 
that i just love the way u 
insert pics in between



hey dear i know again i am giving a small exams are coming near...will increase the length when my exams gets sorry for this one...Cry

thank you so much for liking the pics...Big smile


Originally posted by crazysky

its awesome

loved it

loving the story


thank you so much chetna...Big smile



Originally posted by Neeti96

Hey awesome update !! I just loved reading it! Sorry thoda late comment kiya coz exams chal rahe the  I'm so happy u gave a long update! As always i loved ur use of pictures. And also how u use everybody's talking style especially Neha  

The part I loved the most was the dance. Unka duet dance. U described it really very well!

I can't wait for the next update!Thanks for the PM! Do PM me!!

And best of luck for your xams!
  You'll rock them  !


awww thank you so much neeti for ur sweet comment...ur exams were going on at that time n i wished u today...silly me...D'oh

i am glad u liked the pictures n the dance part..n thank you so much dear for lovely ur wish...Hug




Originally posted by Ananya.SwaRon


finally you updated. though a small one,it was as good as your previous ones. the Donald-Daisy fiasco was soo cute. and what to say about Swayam's dance,he is our Indian MJ. while Sharon is our indian Shakira [though not a belly dancer ]. loved the first line with which you started 

"Sharon: guys isse luck ki nahi humme zarurat hai. After all iska dance jo tolerate karna parega. I am sure isse dance toh aata nahi hai and now we will have to tolerate his nonsense dance.  "  

the storyline was nicely scripted with the perfect amount of Humor,romance,chemistry and nostalgia to it. Loved it. waiting for the next update,please update soon. 


P.S:the salsa dance which came out of the blue was really good.


hey sissy Hug 

LOL swaron indian MJ n shakira...very true...Day Dreaming

i am glad u liked it sissy...hope i updated soon...but dear i am waiting for ur update...when will u??? Embarrassed




Originally posted by princessaaliya this ff..its awesome!

do continue soon!


thank you so much for ur comment...i am glad u liked it...Big smile


Originally posted by ABBY92

You finally updated and I loved it !! The way Sharon told Swayam that he couldn't dance and Swayam proving her wrong by impressing everyone, eventually becoming the 6th dancer of Team Weakling !! Loved the SwaRon dance and I really hope Swayam finds out that Sharon is his Daisy in the next update !!


hey abi i am glad u liked it...thank you so much for ur sweet comment...Big smile




Originally posted by Solicitous

You updated after long, but I'm glad you updated. Awesome update bud, I hope Swayam knows Sharon's daisy in next update.


Update soon and thanks for the PM (:


thank you so much dear for ur comment...Big smile


Originally posted by ShrutikaSwaRon

Awesome update...i luved the way u described their dance...but why did u stopped there...u shuld have continued...anyways continue asap...n thnx for pm...n all the best for ur exams.


thank you so much shrutika...n sorry for stopping there...n aww thanx a lot for ur wish...Big smile

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 May 2012
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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
Chapter 5

He saw few cute little kids were playing with a girl. He felt the girl to be familiar to him. He couldn't see her because her back was facing him. He saw that the girl was blind folded. She was trying to catch the kids. He parked his cycle at one side of the park and started to move slowly towards them. With each step his heart beat increased.

Swayam: [in his mind] yeh ladki...yeh toh Sharon lag rahi hai...kya woh yaha sach mein hai...par iss park mein kaise? Toh kya Sharon hi...

By now he has almost reached that place. While running one small little kid pushed that girl by mistake. She was about to fall when swayam rushed and saved her. He was shocked to see that girl.

Swayam: Sharon?

He slowly removed the cloth with which sharon's eyes were being blind folded. Both were looking at each other. 

Both were shocked thinking what the other person is doing here in this park.

Swayam: [in his mind] Sharon yaha woh bhi iss park mein. Iss park ke bareme usse kaise pata? Toh kya Sharon sach mein daisy hai?

Sharon: [in her mind] swayam yaha kya kar raha hai. Kya woh yaha kahi aas pass rehta hai. Iss park mein kaise?

[To swayam] Tum yaha kya kar raheho? And how dare you? Tumne phirse mujhe touch kiya.

Swayam: [leaving her]main agar tumhe nahi pakadta toh tum gir jati.

Sharon: don't act smart. Tum..

Swayam: [cut her in between] please mujhe tumse phirse fight nahi karna hai. Just tell me tum yaha kaise?

Sharon: yeh question maine tumse pehle pucha tha. Tum yaha kya kar raheho?

Swayam: no tum pehle bolo. Kya tumhara ghar yaha hai? [looking towards their house] [in his mind] agar Sharon ne yes kaha that means yahi daisy hai.

Sharon: nahi. Mera ghar yaha nahi hai.

Swayam: [disappointed] yaha nahi hai. Then tum yaha kaise? Iss park ke bareme tumhe kaise pata?

Sharon: listen tumhe nahi lagta yeh question mujhe tumhe puchna chahiye. Tum new ho Mumbai me. So you tell me how do you know about this park?

Swayam saw a middle aged woman was coming near them with her pet dog. They were talking a walk in the park [in his mind] not again. Yeh doggie agar kisi tarha Sharon ke pass bhi aayi toh phirse yeh shout karegi and both will get scared. I will have to take her away from here. So he holds Sharon's hand and takes her in front of their house.

Sharon: how dare you? Choro mujhe. Tum yaha kyun le aaye mujhe?

The park was visible from the place where they were standing. Swayam points his finger towards that woman and that dog.

Sharon:[looks towards there and while clearing her throat] ha toh. Toh hum waha rehte toh kya hota?

Swayam: wahi jo usdin huya tha. Tum darr jati. And then tumhari shout se woh doggie bhi.

Sharon: main dog se nahi darti.

Swayam: really? Yeah yeah i know [and burst out laughing]

Sharon: listen you...

Some cuts her in between.

Boy: Sharon didi aaj aap ghar nahi aayi?

Sharon: ha mahesh main aane hi wali thi kuch der mein. Iss idiot ne mera time waste karwa diya.


Swayam was shocked by hearing that name "mahesh". Mahesh is ramu kaka's grandson. Ramu kaka's son used to take care of shekhawat's house in mumbai. But he died in a car accident so now mahesh takes care of their house. Swayam and mahesh never saw each other because he used to stay in ramu kaka's village. But after his father's accident he came here. Swayam knew that ramu kaka's grandson now stays here in their house. He was very happy. Now he was sure of it that Sharon is none other than his daisy.

Sharon used to come to swayam's house every Sunday. She used to live all those memories which they shared during their childhood. There she used to feel that her Donald is with her. 

Swayam: [in his mind] wow Sharon hi daisy hai. i am so so happy. Lekin woh aise change kaise ho gayi...ya phir yeh behaviour sirf apna real side chupane k liye hai. Lekin kyun? I will have to find out. Main usse abhi nahi batayunga that i am Donald. I want to give her a surprise. So my dear princess daisy a big surprise is coming your way.

Sharon notices that swayam is smiling looking at her with a huge grin on his face.

Sharon: aise smile kyun kar raheho? Pagal ho gaye ho kya? Doctor ke pass le jayu?

Swayam: nahi mujhe kisi doctor ki zarurat nahi hai. Aise hi smile kar raha tha. Waise tumne toh kaha tha yaha tumhara ghar nahi hai. Then ye mahesh...

Sharon: ha yaha mera ghar nahi hai. [pointing towards swayam's house] yeh mere best friend ka ghar hai.

Swayam: [in his mind] mere ghar k pass hi toh iska ghar hai..aisa kyun keh rahi hai [to sharon]oh matlab college mein se kisika...rey ka kya?

Sharon: nahi rey ka nahi..Donald ka.

Swayam who was dying to hear the word Donald from his daisy's mouth for so many years. After hearing it was very very happy.

Swayam: Donald? Ye kaisa naam hai?

Sharon: tumse matlab?

Swayam: nahi naam se toh lag raha hai koi cartoon hai.

Swayam very well knew from childhood whenever someone used to say anything wrong about him Sharon used to make that person's life hell. She was a very calm girl but when it comes to swayam she could never tolerate anything wrong against him and he has missed all these things a lot. So he thought of playing with her.

Sharon: [shouts] cartoon? Tumne mere Donald ko cartoon kaha? Apna face dekha hai. Monkey dikhte ho. mere Donald k bareme kuch mat kaho. Otherwise i will not leave you.

Swayam: mere Donald?

Sharon blushed at that. Swayam who was noticing her.

Swayam: toh tum blush bhi kar rahi ho. lagta hai tumhara ye Donald koi bohot special hai.

Sharon: ha woh meri [now Sharon realised what she was saying and doing. Back to diva mode] main tumse ye sab kyun kahu. Tum ho kaun? Just get lost. [turns towards mahesh] chal mahesh.

Saying so she zoomed off from there with mahesh to swayam's house.

Swayam: [in his mind with a broad smile on his face] bohot jaldi hi tumhe pata chal jayega daisy ki main kaun hoon.    


I know this chapter is lame. I am sorry guys. May be this is the last update before my exams. If i get time i will give another update. I am not sure about it right now. My exams will get over on 22nd November. And again i will say please forgive me for my mistakes. I couldn't recheck it. Thank you. 

PREVIOUS                                                                                           NEXT

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Anonymous-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 November 2012 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
Res Smile


Wow di amazing update i just loved it! It was very cute! I am so glad Swayam now knows ki Sharon is only Daisy. Now I m sure he'll surprise Sharon in some unexpected way.

Mahesh.. ROFL Hahaha that picture was soo funny!!

But I liked how you made Swayam realise Sharon was daisy by deducing many facts..Smart boy Wink

And he knew she was scared of dogs thats why he took her away from there..Awwwie ^_^

And the best part is that Sharon still loves her "Donald"!! I cant wait for her to find out Swayam is Donald!! Big smile

Awesome update. Do update soon. Best of luck for you exams Smile

P.S - I came here without PM Tongue

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Ananya.SwaRon Goldie

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 12:12am | IP Logged

BBM,the update was sweet. i liked how you showed us the soft side of Sharon i.e. the real daisy. i love how you use the pictures to convey your means. also,you always use the appropriate picture. you hit it right there. good one. Swayam is surely an evil mind he is planning to play some games with the girl. i wonder how the girl would reciprocate. fingers crossed. thanks for the PM.

P.S:try and update soon. 

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Hey Sweet heart Hug...m finally commenting here...silly meOuch..itne sweet update ko padhne me itna time laga diya...koi nehi... this FF is the sweetest FF on damn adorable...donald and daisey...WOW...finally swayam knows that sharon hi uski daisey he...sharon blushing on name of donald Embarrassed...being protective and possessive about his house and his memories...loved the moment when sharon said "mera donald...".Heart...uspe swayam ka smile ..loved  loved ...this update swthrt...update soonEmbarrassedSmileTongue..can't wait for donald daisey meet Embarrassed

p.s-loved the pics u went with the story so wellSmile

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Ananya.SwaRon Goldie

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 12:45am | IP Logged

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HPHolic-3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Amazing update
Soo swayam finally know that sharon is his daisy n he will surprise her...:)
Their lil fight was soo cute
Waiting for next part
ps.Best of luck for ur exams

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Tanuka_TanHa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 12:55am | IP Logged
Awesome update anindita !!
swayam got to know that sharon is his daisy .Big smile 
I am waiting for the day when swayam gives her a superise telling her that he is" her donald "
sharon getting all possesive abt donald was really nice.
will be waiting for the next part , update soon..
thanks for the PM.

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