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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 17)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged

Originally posted by shaani2209

Donald and Daisy me loving it

lovely update dear...

thanks for the pm...

Thank you so much shaani


Originally posted by -Ripal-

once again awsum chapter

lvoed the first meeting of swaron it was amazing

nd swayam is donald nd sharon is daisy haha soo cutee

thnks for the pm

update soon :)

Thank you so much ripal...updating now...


Originally posted by jumrulzz

I loved the Beautiful family talk.. i enjoyed along wid the simran and swayam thing.. it was Realistic! i loved theyre Family.. 

awww.. Donald and daisy!! <3 cute.. really willing to read more.. So cute.. puppy <3 
correct tym swayam saved the puppy and her.. :P :D :) 
I lved each and every part of it.. is der any  demand? 

Thank you so much jum...this time i forgot to give the demand...u know na i am a time i will surely give the demand..


Originally posted by cuteswayu

really nice update..loved it..sharon scared of dogs and puppies..loved the scene wen both puppy and sharon were screaming in swayam's arms.. swayam and sharon are donald and daisy..really cute...update soon and pm me..n is der any demand?

Thank you so much nisha...yaar i will give the demand next time...pakka


Originally posted by Coolioqueen

Donald-Daisy going so cute. Nice part.

Thank you so much dear...


Originally posted by AmritaluvSwaRon

Sharon reaction when puppy was on her legs was  i could visualize Swayam ka reaction looking at Sharon like this. They both felt some connection..cute update...thnx for PM update soon. 

Thank you so much amrita...m updating...


Originally posted by sachiarsha

woweeii...hahaha the puppy part and sharon screaming was damn good i had fun reading it...thnx for the pm it was an ausum update...update soon n do pm me...

Thank you so much sachi...m updating n will surely pm u...

Originally posted by kritzzz_ArSha


Thank you so much kritzzz


Originally posted by tashu20

awesome...specially puppy part...

plz update it soon...thanks for the pm

Thank you so much tashu...m updating...

Originally posted by tanukaswaron

awesome update anindita !!

loved donald-daisy 

sharon getting scared of the dog and swayam comforting her was really cute 

will be waiting for the next part , update soon...

thanks for the pm.

Thank you so much tanuka...m updating dear...

Originally posted by swayamsharon

donald and daisy r so cute!!!! i really liked it... update next part soon & thanks 4 pm

Thank you so much dear...


Originally posted by marauder

It was another fabulous update. Beautifully penned down chapter. Loved the whole puppy part and how the puppy had taken a likng to wards Sharon. Best bit was both jumping and shouting at the same time while Swayam was holding them. Waise I didnot told you earlier but i loved the nick name they have for each other. Looking forward for their encounter in college. 

Thank you so much shishir...thanx for liking their nick name...donald n daisy..


Originally posted by ABBY92

The chapter was absolutely adorable !!! I loved the way Sharon reacted and how both of them felt that the other person was their Donald / Daisy !!! Can't wait for the next chapter !!

Thank you so much abi...m updating now... 


Originally posted by cenation123

lol this was hilarious poor swayam ek taraf sharon chilarhi thi ayr ek taraf puppy bhonk rha tha lol lol lol

Thank you so much dear...


Originally posted by nature7

 really nice update

Thank you so much dear...


Originally posted by namratajadhav

Ur writin a ff n i get a pm so soon wow..!!
Dis is nt fair at all girl..!!
Direct chap 2 pe i cum 2 knw u hav written a ff... 
Very bad m angry on u fr dat baba ..
Nxt tym se btr send me pm's fr dis ff ok..!!
cuming to d concept...
Its really different concept... N m loving it yaar..!
Donald daisy haha wow..!!!
Sharon's encounter wid swayam was bapre... I thot dono ladna na suru karde ab...
Swayam ki family's soo cute...
Teasing him haha...
Juzz lovinf dis ff...
Update soon dear...
N ya do pm n tell me sabko eksaath kaise reply deti hi hmm matlab vo ek hi post me kaisa dikhata hai..!!
Update soon n pm me fr sure...
Thnkz fr chap 2 ka pm...
Loved it 2 d core..!!

Thank you so much namrata...yaar i am really sorry...dubara nahi hoga...kan pakad rahi hu...sorry :(


Originally posted by nature2

Loved it 2 d core..!! 22

Thank you so much dear...


Originally posted by Sravani...

I loved how he holds both sharon and puppy at the same time ,... Continue...soon 

Thank you so much sravani...m updating..


Originally posted by mohitmohanty19

Mast tha yar...1st chapter swayams family
2nd chapter swaron..fiast meet after 11 yrs.. ...ab jaldi yrd chapter 3 bhi...bhaj dena ...:):)...

Thank you so much mohit...ha chapter 3 abhi update kar rahi hu...


Originally posted by neetha

awww anu..i love donald n daisy..they are soo cute..superb..zyada filmy nahi tha..mast hai..loved waitin fr ur updates..n haan woh pup bohut cute tha..tera hai kya???

Thank you so much neetha...nahi nahi woh puppy mera nahi hai...woh toh swaron k liye cupid hai for 1 chap :P :D


Originally posted by Sudha-SK

Anindita awesome update dear

The best part was when Swayam holds both Sharon and the puppy and the puppy starts licking Sharon's hand 

And i could just imagine Sharon jumping around screaming and the puppy being scared as well..kya confused shocked look hoga Swayam ke face pe..

They were lost in each others eyes and were thinking about each other was cute, looking forward to the next update and their next meeting. 

Thank you so much sudha.. i m updating in few minutes...

Edited by Anindita91 - 30 July 2012 at 9:45am

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 May 2012
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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged

Originally posted by pratik54000

awsome update...nice swaron moments...liked it totally...

thanx for pm...and waiting for next part...

Thank you so much prathik...m updating...


Originally posted by neeliyer

loved there first meet after 11 years.. waiting too see there reaction on knowing the fact that they were actually Donald & Daisy  ..


Update soon ..

Thank you so much dear...m updating...


Originally posted by sadafarsha

it was nyc lyk they have started adoring each other jab unhe pata chale ga that they r donald and daisy ufff cant w8 for another part update it soon  

Thank you so much dear...m updating now...


Originally posted by Swayamd3


Thank you so much arshak...


Originally posted by swaron_d3

luved it!
swayam's eyes no less than buttons'


swaron's first meet was damn cute!

and the puppy,well he played a major part in the story!

update soon!

Thank you so much ananya...m updating...


Originally posted by D3fan_forever

nah...u didnt mess it up but yeah it was filmy. but it was funny too. n their reactions after meeting each other was sooo sweet n BHOW BHOW???? u sure have a fetish for detailing . but it was very sweet n the story can be continued beautifully which u will...update soon
btw u r doing justice to swayam's character much better than those ppl

Thank you so much dear...thanx a lot for thinking i am doing justice to swayam's character n thinking that i can continue the story really encouraged me...i hope i stand up to everyone's ur expectations...n don't let u down.. :)


Originally posted by ShrutikaSwaRon

Nice one...sharon n swayam meeting after so much time in such a way was too gud...luved d puppy moments...update soon

Thank you so much shrutika...m updating...


Originally posted by Nehal92

donald and daisy... i m loving them :))


poor swayam..bechra ek taraf innocent puppy or ek taraf innocent sharon:)))


plz update soon!! 

Thank you so much nehal...m updating in few minutes...


Originally posted by toshanaik3011

nice update...

thanks for the pm...


Thank you so much toshanaik...


Originally posted by -mimi-

wow.. wat a cute update...

yaar wo puppy toh bahot pyari thi...

Sharon r hothat ki holo?? i guess Donal chole jaoar por theke orokom type hoe gache...

Thank you so much mimi...ota pore jana jabe kano Sharon arom hoye geche...aktu wait kor... :)


Originally posted by Rutu

Hey it was an awesome update...i loved it when Swayam was confused so as to whom he should comfort first Sharon or the puppy.

Loved their first meet after many years, they really missed each other na??

update soon dear

Thank you so much rutu...yes they really miss each other...


Originally posted by meevee

Very adept story telling...luvd the way they meet after so many years without knowing each other yet feel within their heart that they know each was hilarious to imagine Swayam holding Sharon in one hand & the puppy in the other wondering who needs more attention...hope u update soon

Thank you so much di...m updating in few minutes...


Originally posted by SwaRonLuver

hey anindita i knw m too late so sorry for commentng dat late..


concept-awesome wel as cs


chap1- loved swayam's family n deir family talks..his dad, mom n sis pulling his leg dat was soo sweet..


chap2-swaron's first meet kya intrestng hui boss..ek puppy ne milwaya dono ko...n wat happened to sharon 4 yrs back dat she never wanna be her real self again..?? very eager to knw..

waitin for d next update..update it sooon...




Thank you so much monica...dear plz no need to say sorry...its absolutely fine...i m glad u liked it...u will come to know about that secret in few more updates...n i m updating in few minutes...



Originally posted by sreya19roy


Pehle toh u stop saying things like ur updates r "BORING" or u "MESSED IT UP"  warna I warn u, u r gonna get a6a wala beating from me  

Hmm now coming to the "FILMY FACTOR"...arrey bhai hum to filmy chizo pe hi marte hai aur filmy updates ka hi wait karte hai  see the thing is ki no guy in real life is actually so filmy n romantic yet nt cheesy (atleast I haven't seen any ) n neither do in real life we see such eye-lock scenes or the girl falling n guy catching her n then those "look-look-hawa-hawa" moments Blushing  n that is why we love these "FILMY ROMANCE"   so chill n give us more such "FILMY" romantic moments  

A6a now coming to the I still need to say that I LOVED IT???  God damn I nt only loved it, it was FREAKING AWESOMEEE MAN...LIKE WOW  

N u know the best part was when sharon jumping n shouting seeing that was HILARIOUS    

Hmm n something happened to sharon 4yrs the suspense n mystery ki kahani has already started...hmm interesting...swayam k aane se pehle hi kuch ho gaya chalo waiting to see ki mystery kya hai.. 

N one thing ur really wanna say...the best part about this whole FF is the way u r describing the whole situation n every feeling that the characters r having, it kinda makes every thing so real so kudos to u Clap 

Oh I forgot to mention...update jaldi koris bt monday er pore koris  amar exam sesh hoe jabe r amae erom sobar last e cmnt korte hobena tahole 

Thank you so much this time such a biiig sweet...n i got ur warning dear...i will not give my opinion for the updates...:P :D Ami aaj evening a update korchi as per tor demand...but tui koi gayeb hoye royechish??? Reply korish online hole... ;)


Originally posted by Gaveshni



 aww the puppy incident was funny

Thank you so much gaveshni...


Originally posted by jumrulzz

dude DHAMKIII!!!!!!!

kar rahi hu update kuch der me...i will not break my promise :)

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 3

St. Louis College, Mumbai

Swayam reached college. He was already late. He quickly parked his cycle in the parking lot. Then by asking a peon he gets to know where his class is. He then runs towards his class.

Swayam: sir may i come in?

Prof: yes..who r u?

Swayam: sir swayam shekhawat new admission.

Prof: oh yes prof dixit told me about u. But u r late.

Swayam: sorry sir. It won't happen again.

Prof: today is your first day that's why i am letting you in..from the next class i will not tolerate all these excuses..

Swayam: no sir i won't be late from the next day.

Prof: come in and take your sit..

[he goes in and looks around the whole class and finds one empty seat next to Rey. He sits there]

The prof again starts teaching. In between the class

Rey: [forwading his hand] hey dude i m rey. The GS of this college.

Swayam: [shakes his hand with him] hi rey. I m swayam.

Rey: hey swayam. So half of the semester khatam ho gaya hai n tum abhi join kar raho. Where were you till now?

Swayam: ha woh main dusre college me tha par as St. Loius is the best college in Mumbai i always wanted to join this college. So here i am..

Rey: that's great toh ab tak kaun se college me the?

Swayam: [in his mind] ab main kya bolu..agar maine sab kuch bata diya toh phir baat toh wohi ho jayegi..yaha sabko pata chal jayega main kaun hu..

Rey: dude where are you lost?

[swayam comes out of his thoughts.]

Swayam: ha woh main..


The prof smacks on their head and shouts..

Prof: stop talking in the class otherwise i will throw you out.

Reyam: sorry sir.

Swayam: [in his mind] bach gaya isbar..thank you sir..

After the class rey introduces swayam to everyone.

Rey: hey guys meet swayam n swayam they are my friends.

Kriya: hi swayam i am kriya, welcome to our college.

Neha: ha swayam welcoming you are. Me neha. [turns towards vicky] N this is my deewana Vicky. Together we are bagu.

Swayam: what bagu?

Vicky: main aur meri deewani. Babu n kagu. In short bagu.

Swayam: that's sweet. [laughs]

Nilesh: yaar tum dono kahi pe bhi suru ho jate ho. hey swayam this is nilesh.

Bharat, vishaka, simmi n rinni also introduces themselves. They all became friends with swayam. He then excuses himself and goes to the library for issuing books. While coming back he saw in the notice board that team weaklings need its 6th dancer. The audition is hold today after college. He loves dancing. Dancing is his passion. In Londan he was famous for his dancing. Actually not only dancing but studies, basketball. He is an all rounder. Best in everything he does. So he thought of giving the audition in the evening.

[Note: here the dazzling and weakling fight is over. They all are friends now. Team weakling's lead male dancer has left the college for some personal reasons. Because of that the team needs its 6th dancer.]

In the college canteen.

 Everyone was present there except swaron. Sharon is still not back in college.

Kriya: pata nahi humme 6th dancer milega ya nahi. Universeji please aap sambhal lena. Aaj auditions thik se ho jaye aur humme ek achha sa dancer mil jaye.

Vishaka: ya dude don't know aaj kya hoga.

Neha: tensioning neha is.

Rey: guys tum log itna tension kaise le sakte ho. Don't worry sab achha hi hoga. After all audition sharon main aur meri baat cutter...[vicky cuts him in between]

Vicky: kya bola baat cutter. Ye baat cutter kaun hai. [kriyaansh are couple n it is a secret]

Nilesh: ha rey bata ye baat cutter kaun hai.

Kriya: [glares at rey]

Rey: arre nahi nahi kuch nahi guys chodo na. Hum log bhi kya baatein kar rahe hai. Main toh bas keh raha tha ki auditions achha hoga. So don't worry.

Rinni: par guys auditions toh tab hogi na jab sharon yaha hogi. Woh toh abhi bhi aayi nahi hai.

Amar: ha shalon ko toh ab tak aa jana chahiye tha.

Just then sharon enters.

Sharon: hey guys.

Simmi: hey sharon tum aa gayi. Itna late kaha ho gaya.

Sharon: pucho mat simmi. Raste mein ek idiot mil gaya tha. Cycle bhi thik se chalana nahi aata usse. Uski wajase main late ho gayi venue pe pohoch te.. [in her mind] main in logo ko sach toh nahi bata sakti ki actually me kya huya tha..usne..

Rey:[breaks her thoughts] sharon calm down. It's ok. Hota hai. Tum thik toh hona?

Bharat: arre tu isse kya puch raha hai thik hai ya nahi. Us insaan ke bareme soch jispe ye baras ke aayi hai. Mujhe toh taras aa raha hai us bechare par.

Sharon: [glares at bharat] tumhe kya lagta hai main...[someone cuts her in between]

Swayam: hi guys. [he can't see sharon because she is facing her back and sharon can't see swayam because he is behind her]

All turns to look at swayam including sharon. Both look at each other.

Swayam: tum?

Sharon: tum?

Chorus: you both know each other?

Sharon:[shouts] ha guys yahi woh idiot hai jiske bareme main bol rahi thi. [looks at swayam..she was determined not to show her real self again] tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? Just get lost. Tumhari wajase main late ho gayi venue pe pohoch te..

Swayam: [calmly] lekin late mere wajase kaise huyi tum batao..

Sharon: maine kaha na main tumhari wajase late huyi tum mujhe milte aur na main late hoti..

Swayam: late tum meri wajase nahi huyi thi..woh puppy..[Sharon cuts him in between]

Sharon: just shut up..

Rey: guys guys stop. Sharon please calm down.

Kriya: ha sharon aap calm down ho jao. Swayam aap hamare saath audtions dekhne chaloge.

Swayam: ha kriya main chalunga toh sahi par auditions dekhne nahi balki dene.

Bharat: kya tu auditions dega.

Vishaka: wow dude that's great.

Sharon: what great vishaka? Isse pucho isse dance ka D bhi aata hai kya.

Swayam: arre what do mean dance ka D bhi aata hai. I know dancing..isiliye toh audition dunga na..

Sharon: listen auditions main lungi. So don't dare to lie.

Swayam: tum phirse chillane lagi..tum chilla kyun rahi ho? Aur main jhut kyun bolunga. Auditions tum lo ya koi bhi le tab prove ho hi jayega main jhut bol raha hu ya sach.

Sharon: will see..

Sw: surely you will..

Rey: guys stop bohot huya. Auditions pe sab dekha jayega. Abhi fight mat karo. Chalo auditions ka time ho gaya hai. Chalte hain.

Sharon: ha chalo.

Swayam: yeah.

While walking swayam and sharon were stealing glances and were thinking why they felt like this for the other person in the morning and why they felt the other person is Donald/daisy.


Here is the end of chapter three. i know very less swaron..i will consider it to be no swaron and i will make it up in the next chapter..Thanx all of u for ur comments. It really encourages me...forgive me for my mistakes. Thank you. Jum see i didn't break my promise...i updated today itself... Tongue

PREVIOUS                                                                               NEXT

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-Jum-RulzZ- IF-Rockerz

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dude DHAMKIII!!!!!!!

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kritzzz_ArSha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged

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TANHA_H Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged

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swayamsharon IF-Dazzler

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hey it was good!!!! i really like your pic selection!!!! so specially for pic Clap& yes waiting for swaron...

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Mahirah Senior Member

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hayeee M just loving this disney romance of SwaRonEmbarrassed

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