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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 12)

Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 9:51pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by -mimi-

awsm. bt or sis r jaigai ami tani kei imagn krbo shilpa k or thke onek boro lage.

Thank you so much mimi for liking it...yes its true mimi shilpa anand is elder than tannu in real life...but this is an ff...n i love her a lot...coz of that i made her swayam's sister...


Originally posted by Luvsd3

What a start...seriously not just liking it...i am loving it...update soon yar can't wait to read more!!!

Thank you so much for loving it...m updating now...


Originally posted by d3lover90

It is super awsm..
Waiting for swayam nd sharon to meet up
pls pm me nxt tym u update


Thank you so much for liking it...will surely pm u...


Originally posted by nature2

loved it amazing 

Thank you so much for liking it...


Originally posted by tanukaswaron

super awesome start anindita !!

nicely written 

swayams family conversation was really good .

eager to read meeting of swaron.

will be waiting for the next part , update soon...

thanks for the pm.

Thank you so much tanuka for liking it...m updating now...


Originally posted by pratik54000

awsome starting...really like this story...this will be so good i am tok much eager to read next update...please update soon as soon as you can...

thanx for pm...and do update soon...

Thank you so much pratik for liking it...m updating in few minutes


Originally posted by toshanaik3011

nice update...

update soon...

thanks for the pm...



Thank you so much toshanaik...i m updating now...


Originally posted by basket_101

That was a nice part!

Loved the way the Shekhawat family tease each other =P

Thanks a lot for the pm! =)

Do continue soon!!

Thank you so much for commenting...


Originally posted by AmritaluvSwaRon

Aww this is superb...Swayam's family is so sweet...his parents and sister were pulling his leg...poor swayam, Love how they keep teasing each other...mummy ne ramu kaka ko bhi bhej diya saath main. 


I am loving this..waiting to read about dere first meeting now. Thank you for the PM...update soon. 


Thank you so much amrita for liking it ...m updating


Originally posted by Sudha-SK

Awesome update gal  style='orphans: 2;text-align:-webkit-auto;widows: 2;-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;word-spacing:0px' alt=Clap border=0 v:shapes="_x0000_i1029">
Love Swayam's family, they are so picture perfect. Looking forward to SwaRon's first meeting.
P.S - The pics you add, are lovely. Thanks for taking the extra effort in doing so  alt=Smile border=0 v:shapes="_x0000_i1030">


Thank you so much sudha for liking it...i love adding those pics..


Originally posted by tashu20

awesome update

loved it

thanx...for the pm...

Thank you so much tashu for liking it...


Originally posted by mohitmohanty19

Its just awsm...yar...i just just wan to sy ur a awsm writr...keep writng pm please ...and send mee also...:)

Thank you so much mohit for the compliment...i will surely pm u...


Originally posted by meevee

Sorry Anu...bohat late comment hai pataa hai...this is one of the bestest first chapter of a firsttime writer that I hav read...I believe that summarizes all that I mean to convey... the Shekhawat family bonding...Swayam's principles are hilites for me...eagerly luking forward to the next chapter

Di again sorry...thank you so much for this lovely comment...i m updating now...


Originally posted by D3fan_forever

sorry for being wasnt boring at all.all the characters are so beautiful n pure.loved it.n ofcourse swayam s again a character to fall for.awesome.update soon. 

Plz don't say sorry...thank you so much for liking it...updating...


Originally posted by jumrulzz


PLSS AGLI BAAR mujhe bhi PM KAR DEna ! 
i read all of dem.. and was a Very Beautiful Presentation.. and Beautiful Concept! 
wid awessoem Ppl ! 
Plsss... UPDATE SOON...

Thank you jum for liking it...maine toh isbar bhi pm kiya tha...u didn't get it?? so sayed mujhse koi mistake ho gayi hai...i will surely pm u this time..n i m updating..


Originally posted by neeliyer

Superb start .. loved swayam's family ... the whole family convo was awesome ... 


Update soon ..

Thank you so much for liking it...updating..


Originally posted by sachiarsha

Sorry Anindita i'm late but was a l'il busy as u know i wasn't even well...i rlly liked it and wud surely be waiting for next part so update soon and surely pm me...

Hey sachi plz don't say sorry...thank you so much for liking it...m updating n will surely pm u...


Originally posted by Gaveshni


 i loved it... awesome


Thank you so much gaveshni for liking it...


Originally posted by gunnu1

sorry sorry sorry!! i knw apne mujhe bahut pehle pm kiya tha nd mai itna late hun but mera pc kaam nhi kr rha tha so!!

i really luv d concept of dis ff!

puchne ki toh zarurat hee nhi thi ke continue krna hai ya nhi!!

d names..daisy nd donald dey're mah personal favourites too specially d baby daisy nd donald!!


very cute...hope ke woh Sharon ki car ho lekin sirf Shar use pehchane not Swayam...:)


pange to unme hone hee hain...


Gunnu plz don't say sorry..thank you so much for liking it...1st meeting me koi kisiko nahi pehchanega...sorry dear...thoda wait karo dono ko toh janna hi hai they r actually Donald n daisy... :)


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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 May 2012
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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 9:51pm | IP Logged
Chapter 2

He was on his way to college when he saw a puppy in front of his cycle. To save it he turned his cycle towards the right. He didn't notice a car proceeding towards him. But when he did it was very close to him. He started to paddle quickly so that he doesn't get hit by the car. But unfortunately he lost his balance and fell down. Luckily the person who was driving the car slammed the break in time. Otherwise swayam would have gone today. He saw a girl who was driving the car came out and started shouting.

Sharon: [shouts] ankhen hai ya button. Cycle dekhke nahi chala sakte. Ya phir cycle chalana aata hi nahi hai.

He slowly got up and said...

Swayam: [calmy] i m really sorry woh mere cycle ke samne ek puppy aa gaya tha isiliye i had to take the wrong turn.

Sharon[shouts again]: oh apna galti chupane k liye ab jhut bologe. Listen i hate liers. Don't dare to lie to me.

Swayam: main jhut kyun bolunga. Main keh raha hu na puppy tha isiliye mujhe turn lena pada.

Sharon: [shouts yet again] ya right toh kya main blind dikhti hu tumhe. Kaha hai puppy. Dikhao. Mujhe kyun nahi dikh rahi hai.

Swayam: tum chilla kyun rahi ho? maine kaha na puppy tha isiliye i had to take the wrong turn and i said i am sorry..Aur mere upar na chilla k agar tum apni akhon ko ghumati toh tumhe puppy dikh jata..woh raha puppy [he points his finger towards the left side of the road where the puppy was standing]

Sharon followed her gaze towards the place where swayam's finger was pointing. Now she could see the puppy. 

But she could see another thing also. As she was standing in front of swayam she could see a car proceeding towards the puppy. Swayam couldn't see it coz it was coming from his behind. The puppy was standing in the middle of the left side of road. 

Sharon: [shouts] oh god woh puppy mar jayega..dekho woh car aa rahi hai..

Swayam turns and sees a car proceeding towards the puppy. He runs with his utmost speed and reach there in time. He picks up the puppy in his hand and was coming back with a smile on his face. But in a while his smile vanished and his expression changed into a shock. 

Sharon: isse yaha kyun la rahe ho..isse yaha se dur le jao..don't come near me.. plz isse yaha se le jao...plz don't come ne..

While saying this she was taking steps backwards..she misses a step and was about to fall but swayam catches her. *look look hawa hawa* Swayam was looking into sharon's big green eyes and she was looking into his deep brown eyes. His right hand was around sharon's waist protectively holding her and with his left hand he was holding the puppy near his chest and sharon's hands were on his shoulders. Both of them were lost in each other. They felt as if they have some connection. As if they know each other. But suddenly Sharon felt something cold n damp on her right hand. She came back to her senses. The puppy was licking her right hand. The poor little puppy didn't know that Sharon is afraid of dogs. Not only dogs she is afraid of a new born one day puppy also. 

Sharon: [started screaming] AH AH AH.

Puppy: [got scared coz of her started to bark] BHOW BHOW BHOW

Swayam was totally shocked. He didn't know how to react. He was dumbstruck whom and how to comfort first. Both the puppy n Sharon were hell scared. Both of them were literally jumping in his arms. Unfortunately Sharon slipped and fell down. Swayam put the puppy down from his hand and forwarded his right hand towards Sharon. She didn't take his help. She got up by her own. While she was getting up the puppy was smelling the ground.

Swayam: tum thik ho?

Before she could say anything the puppy jumped up and was standing on sharon's legs with the support of its forearms and was moving its tail as if Sharon is its master. This was the limit for Sharon. IT WAS STANDING ON HER LEGS. A PUPPY STANDING ON HER LEGS. She shut her eyes tightly and started to jump and scream like a maniac.

Sharon: AH AH AH AH

The puppy got more scared this time. It started to bark again.


Swayam who didn't expect this to happen didn't know what to do. He once looked at Sharon with a shocked expression and then at the puppy with the same expression. Shocked. As the puppy barked again Sharon thought it will bite her now. So she started to scream n jump with more force.

Sharon: AH AH AH AH

This time the puppy while barking ran away from there. Swayam was looking at the retreating figure of the puppy. He still was in shock. Then he looked at Sharon. She was still screaming and jumping as if she has seen a ghost.

Swayam: [softly] it's gone.

Sharon: AH AH AH

Swayam: [increased his voice] miss..whatever your name's gone. Plz stop screaming.

Sharon: AH AH AH

Now swayam was left with no other option. He took her shoulders in his hands and jerked her.

Swayam: [shouts] ITS GONE. OPEN YOUR EYES.

Sharon stopped screaming n jumping and opened her eyes. She was looking into his eyes. He saw that her eyes were wet.

Swayam: [softly] its ok..the puppy is gone. See it's nowhere near. It will not come back. Plz calm down.

Sharon looked everywhere to see if the puppy was still there or not. It was not there. It was gone. She looked back at swayam. Swayam was rubbing her shoulders to calm her down.

Swayam: see it's gone. You plz relax.

Both were looking at each other and again they were lost.


The horn of a car brought them back to their sense. Now Sharon was fully back to her sense. Back to diva mode. When she recalled the incident she realized what she did. She broke the promise which she made to herself 4 years back. The promise was to never be in her real self again. Never to show her weakness, her tears, her emotions to anyone. Never to show anyone that she is actually an emotional n sensitive girl. Not the one she shows. Even rey doesn't know her real side. He knows her inside out but he knows only those things which Sharon wants him to know. She has mastered this power with time. She is best at hiding her emotions. It's very difficult for anyone to find out what actually she is feeling and what she wants and what is going in her mind. She was irritated with herself for showing her weakness to swayam.   

Swayam: are you fine now?

Sharon: how dare you touch me?

Swayam: what?

Sharon: leave me right now.

Swayam: [he realised he was still holding Sharon by her shoulders] oh i am sorry. Woh tum itna darr gayi thi aur..

Sharon: just shut up.

By saying this Sharon went inside her car and stomped from there. Swayam was stunned. He took his cycle which was lying on the ground and looks at his watch. He was running out of time. He quickly set himself up on his cycle and headed for the college. While riding..

Swayam: [in his mind] mujhe aisa kyun laga ki main use janta hu? Woh bilkul daisy ki tarha react kar rahi thi. Daisy bhi dogs se itna hi darti thi aur aisehi react karti thi. Toh kya.. nahi nahi ye daisy kaise ho sakti hai. Daisy kabhi bhi kisise aise baat nahi karti thi. Woh toh hamesha sabse pyaar se baat kiya karti thi. Ye daisy nahi ho sakti. Ab sirf pure world me daisy hi toh nahi hai jo dogs se darti hai.. don't worry swayam the wait is about to end. Ab bas Sunday aane ka wait hai. Sunday ko main daisy k ghar jayunga aur use 11 years k baad milunga.. i am so happy.

Sharon while driving her car

Sharon: [in her mind] main apne emotions ko control kyun nahi kar payi..mujhe us tarha chilla na nahi chahiye tha..ek puppy hi toh tha..kya soch raha hoga woh mere bareme..mera apne se kiya huya promise bhi tut gaya..arrgghh..par woh mujhe bilkul waise hi comfort kar raha tha jaise Donald mujhe karta tha..toh kya woh Donald..come on Sharon what are you thinking..u know that Donald is in London..woh yaha kaise hoga..tum hamesha uske bareme sochogi toh har koi tumhe Donald hi lagega..woh Donald nahi ho sakta.. Just stop thinking about that idiot and jaldi se venue pe jao..varna you will be late for college..


Here is the end of chapter two. I feel i messed this chapter totally..its too filmy..hai na??? sorry guys..plz forgive me for my mistakes..

Don't forget to press the like tab n leave ur precious comments..

PREVIOUS                                                                                  NEXT


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shaani2209 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
Donald and Daisy me loving itTongue
lovely update dear...
thanks for the pm...

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-Ripal- Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
once again awsum chapter
lvoed the first meeting of swaron it was amazing
nd swayam is donald nd sharon is daisy haha soo cutee
thnks for the pm
update soon :)

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-Jum-RulzZ- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
I loved the Beautiful family talk.. i enjoyed along wid the simran and swayam thing.. it was Realistic! i loved theyre Family.. 

awww.. Donald and daisy!! <3 cute.. really willing to read more.. So cute.. puppy <3 
correct tym swayam saved the puppy and her.. :P :D :) 
I lved each and every part of it.. is der any  demand? 

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-.Nisha.- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 July 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
really nice update..loved it..sharon scared of dogs and puppies..loved the scene wen both puppy and sharon were screaming in swayam's arms.. swayam and sharon are donald and daisy..really cute...update soon and pm me..n is der any demand?

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Coolioqueen IF-Rockerz

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Donald-Daisy going so cute. Nice part.

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AmRiTa_S IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2012 at 12:01am | IP Logged
Sharon reaction when puppy was on her legs was LOL i could visualize Swayam ka reaction looking at Sharon like this. They both felt some connection..cute update...thnx for PM update soon. 

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