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~~Dil Hai Tumhara~~SWARON FF (Page 106)

TANHA_H Goldie

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Posted: 23 July 2013 at 4:21am | IP Logged

SUperb Awosm chpterWinkLOLLOL

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 July 2013 at 2:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zk456789

Wow awesome update that too after long time
Super duper hit
Love the dance sequence

Thank you so much dear Big smile

Originally posted by pooja123456

loved the update!
u updated after soo long
waiitng for the next part!
update sooon!!!!!

Thank you so much Pooja Big smile

Originally posted by nature2

res plz til read Done

SUperb mindblowing PART
n  n n once again Hey ramaaaDay Dreaming
kya baat hai ani 
love it
n rey kya bolu usay toh kuch bol skte hai
update soon  fab update dateWink

Thank you so much Neeraj Big smile

Originally posted by tanzz15

res Embarrassed

Originally posted by swaronlove001



woaoo veryyy nicc update.. . 

dance sequence is good its a oswm update

plzzz update soon nd fast..

Thank you so much dear Big smile

Originally posted by deep_Tanha


Originally posted by vrushan11swaron

wow...this was awesom...
but nxt part bhi jaldi do
n thx for d pm

Thanks dear. N yes I will try to update fast from now on Embarrassed

Originally posted by Twinkle_d3

Nyc update finally they r going to disclose their relatinshp
waiting for nxt part

Thank you so much Saloni Big smile

Originally posted by -Chaitra-

wow u updated it finally after ages...

very nice update...
the way  u described the dance was lovely...
pls update next part soon...

Thank you so much Chaitra Big smile I am glad u liked the dancing part Embarrassed

Originally posted by -spongy-

that was a beautiful chapter 


i really like the way you add pics... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


the dance was really well described

wanting to read more

please update soon

thanks for the PM

update soon

Thank you so much dear Big smile N about the pics, I really love adding them, especially in this FF. Embarrassed

Originally posted by cenation123

update after so long that too this awesome one
awww the dance was super hot i was reliving the haaye rama dance again the pics didnt help either
loved how swayam just loves sharon so much finally they are going to tell everyone aww rey so protective of his best frien loved it update asap

Thank you so much dear Big smile I am glad u liked the dancing part and the pics also. Thanks Embarrassed

Originally posted by vrushanharshi

awesome update

dat too after a long long tym 
loved the dance sequence n the way u described it was Thumbs Upn dat to haye rama Embarrassed
loved the update 
thanx for the pm 
plz now give updates soon 

Thank you so much dear Big smile I am glad u liked the dancing part Embarrassed

Originally posted by sadafarsha

It was awsum i luved it alooot 

OMG rey itna gussa kerta hai plzzz koi roko usey hehehe:)
Plzzz update next part sooon and do pm me 
Thanx for the pm

LOL Rey is a protective friend. N thank you so much for ur lovely comment Big smile

Edited by Anindita91 - 25 July 2013 at 2:48am

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 May 2012
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Posted: 25 July 2013 at 2:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lassipriya

Ausum update... Loved itSmile
Dance part was beautifully discribed...Thumbs Up Just releived those moments..Day Dreaming
Waitg for nxt update...

Thank you so much di Big smile I am glad u liked the dancing part Embarrassed

Originally posted by sanstina

Awesome update Smile

Sharon scared of her friends' reaction
Loved the way Swayam consoled her
Dance was beautifully penned

Thank you so much Tina Big smile

Originally posted by 8085548022

why did y stop I wanted to read further

it was an awesome threesome update really it was very good
the dance sequence
the teraace portion and then rey coccern for Sharon
 I so wanted to read it further
plz update the next part soon

Embarrassed I am glad u liked the chapter. Thank you so much Big smile

Originally posted by piyu1990

yes finally u update
awesome as always
loved dance sequence that to on haye ramaEmbarrassed
loved terrace portion too & then rey's concern for sharon
plz update the next part soon

Thank you so much Piyu Big smile

Originally posted by kritikasoni

nice updateSmile

waiting for next update

Thank you so much dear Big smile

Originally posted by raj_tanha_fan

super duper awesome!!!

loved it!!
sharons hesitation to reveal their relationship reys concern all elements perfectly blended with each other!!
the sensual hayye rama dance was extremely well written!!
thanks for the pm anindita!!
your writings always make me happy!!

Thank you so much Raj Big smile I am so glad and honoured to know that my writing make you happy. Thanks a ton Embarrassed

Originally posted by sweetcherry95

awesome chappy

Thank you so much Aruba Big smile

Originally posted by Joshua_TANHA

Nicely written... Finally they are going to admitt front of friends Smile

You know how much I love the photo you insert in between...Embarrassed
The photos directly took me to TANHA land Smile

Thank you so much Somi Di. N as you love see those pics, I also love to insert them. Thanks Embarrassed

Originally posted by austen4ever

thank you thank you thank you so much for adding haye rama thereBig smile
its one of the most iconic SwaRon dances and reading about it made me so happily nostalgicEmbarrassed
The understanding between these two is inspirational.
Loved Rey in this update,he is a great friend and I'm sure Swayam's right when he says that their friends will understand.Still wanna see how the revelation goes down so waiting for the next update.
The pics were really nice and definitely made the update more effective.
Good job. 

Thank you so much dear Big smile I am glad u liked this update Embarrassed

Originally posted by anushka1129

awesome update..
swaron danceEmbarrassed
thank u so much for adding haye ramaBig smile..
n picture are in tanha dreamlandEmbarrassed
rey concern for sharon was so nice..
swayam is right that her friend will understand her..
now wanna read more how she will reveal her secret infront of her friend..
plz plz update soon ..
n thanks for the pm :)

Thank you so much Anushka Big smile I am glad u liked this chapter n the pics. Thanks a lot Embarrassed

Originally posted by Pankhuri295

Whoa finally u's really amazing loved reading it...update the next part soon...eagerly waiting for it 

Thank you so much Pankhuri Big smile

Originally posted by dazzlingmanavi


just so much loved it

Thank you so much Manavi Big smile

Originally posted by TANHA_H

SUperb Awosm chpterWinkLOLLOL

Thank you so much dear Big smile

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 July 2013 at 2:42am | IP Logged

Chapter 19

In the rehearsal hall

Rey slowly removed his hands from Swayam's collar and asked Sharon totally confused.

Rey: if he didn't do anything then why are you crying Sharon?

She looked up at Swayam who gave her a smile which says go on and tell them and i am always with you. She took a deep breath and said in a breath.

Sharon: we are a couple.

Everyone was looking at her and then Swayam with mouth and eyes wide.

Sharon was getting restless to know what they are thinking but they were not saying anything, not reacting and only looking at her and Swayam shocked. This suspense was killing her.

Simmi: what did you just say?

Sharon didn't answer. She just wanted to know what they are thinking. She didn't want to repeat the same thing that they are a couple.

Swayam: she said that we are a couple.

Rey: [sternly] but you guys met last Friday and you became a couple in one day? Don't you think this is weird?

Swayam: Rey..

Rey put up a hand to stop him from saying further and glared at him and said in a stern voice.

Rey: listen Swayam we thought you to be a good person but [he shook his head] forget it.  Just stay away from our friend. We know her very well and she never give a damn to any boy and now she is with you just in one day? What have you done with her huh?

Sharon was hell shocked. How could they blame and suspect Swayam. How could they even think that he would do anything to hurt her? How could they think that he is not a good person?

Sharon: Rey please..

But she was cut off. Rey hold her hand and told her to come with him.

Rey: Sharon please you don't need to say anything. We are there for you. Just forget him.

Sharon: but Rey..

He was dragging Sharon with him outside the hall and she tried her best to free herself from his grip. But she couldn't. Swayam hold her other hand to stop Rey.

Swayam: listen Rey stop pulling her away from me. She is not a rope so let's just stop playing this tug of war with her and talk.


He yelled. Swayam shook his head and said.

Swayam: Rey i understand you love her and you no not only you but all of you love her and wants to see her happy but first listen to her at least.

Kriya: Rey please let's just listen to them.

Sharon: Rey..

Rey: Kriya please, he had already brain washed her and Sharon i don't want to listen to anything just let's go.

He again started to drag her outside but she stopped him with all her strength.


She snapped at him.

Rey: SHARON ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? You don't even know him properly. You just met him last Friday and in a day you started to trust him and so much that now you are not listening to your best friend?


She yelled back. Rey groaned and everyone was shocked. They were hell shock and confused with her behaviour. Till morning on Friday she was fighting with Swayam. When they went for the meeting, at that time also she was fighting and now she trusts him more than herself. She has never opposed to Rey in anything ever. And now.. They couldn't digest it.

Rey: what has he done to you Sharon? Has he threaten..

Sharon frowned. This was the limit for her. She couldn't take a single word against him, her Donald.


She was shaking cause of anger. Swayam knew that she needs him. He knew it very well when someone says something bad to her Donald it makes her go crazy. She can't take it. He went beside her, holds her hand and started to soothe the back of her hand with his thumb. Everyone glared at him and his hand. Sharon continued.


Rey: Sharon what rubbish is this? He just said few words and you started to trust him. There were so many boys who said that they loved you. But you never gave a damn to them. N now..


Chorus: DONALD?

They asked shocked. She looked at them and then at Swayam. She knew she was almost there..Just another word and her truth will be revealed. She was feeling numb and scared. But she can't back out. She will have to tell them the truth. They can't misunderstand her Donald. If they want they can misunderstand her but she will not let them misunderstand him. Yes it will kill her from inside if they didn't understand her but she can't see anyone bad mouthing her Donald NO. A big NO.

Swayam could sense that she is going through emotional turmoil. He told them calmly.

Swayam: guys can we please sit and talk. Please. Do this for her.

They agreed and all of them settled down. All of them were looking at Sharon to continue but she was looking at her Donald.

Swayam: do you want me to tell them?

He asked quietly. She nodded her head to a no. She wanted to tell them. She wanted to tell them that her Donald can never hurt her. She wanted to tell them what he is for her and how he makes her feel alive.

Simmi: Sharon please say something. We are really getting worried for you.

Rinni: yes Sharon please tell us what is it?

She cleared her throat.

Sharon: i know Swayam from my childhood days..

Chorus: WHAT?

Rey: then why were you fighting with him that day?

Sharon: because i didn't know at that time that he is my Donald. I came to know about it this Saturday.

Vicky: [smirked] oh so you were saving yourself these years for him?

Simmi: shut up Vicky. Sharon i am not getting anything please..

But she was cut off by Swayam.

Swayam: guys let her complete.

She looked at her Donald then back at her friends. She took a deep breath and then continued.

Sharon: we are best friends from childhood. When we were seven his dad's took his business from here to London and we got separated. But he promised me that he will come back and we will be together..

Kriya: but Sharon at seven you were too small and how could you promise of being together?

She blushed and looked at a smirking Swayam. She glared at him and continued.

Sharon: guys that's our secret and we can't tell you what and how we promised. So don't ask me or him about it.

Everyone cleared their throat and teased them.

Sharon: STOP.

They laughed.

Sharon: we..

Rey: Sharon before you continue first let me say sorry to Swayam. [he looked at him] Swayam..

Swayam: [cut him off] Rey it's not needed. I honestly understand. But please let her complete.

He smiled and nods his head and looked back to Sharon.

Sharon: Friday something happened [she shivered and Swayam took her hand in his to soothe her] and he took me to his house. There i came to know that he is Donald.

Neha: why calling him Donald?

Sharon: because we used to call each other Donald and Daisy and still do.

All the boys laughed and girls said "awe" in a dreamy way.

Simmi: but Sharon this is so not you. How could you let anyone call you 'Daisy'?

She air quoted. She looked at Swayam and he blinked his eyes to tell her to continue.

Sharon: this is me guys. This is the real me. The arrogant bit*h you know was never me.

Chorus: WHAT?

She looked down guilty.

Sharon: [almost crying] guys i know i have always hidden myself from the world, even from you guys. But i had to. I was scared and this was just a shield to protect me. [they were looking at her confused] i know i should have told you. Trust me guys it's not that i don't trust you. I trust you fully but i was just scared.

Rey: Sharon you are scaring us. What happened to you that you had to hide yourself from us?

Her eyes couldn't hold back the tears anymore. When the memories of that deadly day came rushing back to her, it made her shiver like hell. Swayam hugged her to comfort her.

Rey: guys please tell us what is it? Sharon why are you crying like this?

Swayam knew till now it was fine for her but the further details..She will never be able to tell it to anyone other than him. He knew now he will have to take over. They were looking at the vulnerable Sharon worried, confused. It was the first time in their life they have seen her vulnerable, crying hysterically, holding on to someone so tightly. It made them feel as if she is scared for her life. They couldn't see their friend like this.

Rey: Sharon? Please stop crying. What happened?

Swayam: guys..

He was cut off by the peon. He said that RDX sir has called them in his cabin. They had to go reluctantly. Swayam told them to go ahead and he will bring Sharon with him. He soothed her and took her to RDX sir's cabin by holding her hands. When they entered his cabin she clinged into Swayam more tightly by seeing someone and he also hold her tightly to him. They both were shocked to see that person.

I wrote this chapter very fast so I practically don't know what I have written. Ermm Please forgive me for my mistakes and bear with this chapter if its boring or something. Wacko

Do hit the like button and leave your precious comments. Embarrassed


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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 July 2013 at 2:54am | IP Logged
I loved this chapter baby...Daisey cant hear a word against her Donald...loved her outburst when Rey tried to beat Swayam...loved her lines ..her trust on her Donald..he loves her the most in the entire world...her donald...Embarrassed

Loved the update...beautifully writtenSmile

Love u babyHug

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-spongy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 July 2013 at 3:39am | IP Logged
yes update 
piyu_swaron IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 July 2013 at 3:41am | IP Logged

so finally Sharon told everything about them to the team..
loved how sharon can't take a single word against her donald.. n how both love each otherEmbarrassed
loved sharey n gang bond..
i thought that is d same person who is in lift
loved it.. update soon..

Edited by piyu1990 - 26 July 2013 at 5:45am

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swaronarshi Senior Member

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Posted: 25 July 2013 at 3:52am | IP Logged
nice updateClapClapClap
so finally Sharon told everything about them to the team
I like the caring rey and the teasing Vicky
swayam so much loves Sharon
I just wish the man n the rdx office is not swayam dad's partner
thanks for the pm SmileSmile

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