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LovelyArnav Newbie

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Oh My God that was explosive ... He was doubting Khushi for an affair with his Mama that was very much understandable during the office Pooja also he had this doubt seeing his Mama talking with Khushi on the phone

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ranjanatripathi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kalyaani

Liked Khushi's concern for Mahi...
Hmmm How are Arnav & Khushi goin to handle all this...

Chapter Twenty - nine



This update is dedicated to Usha (serialwatcher16), darling...your prediction was close, very close.


She was a girl after all; receiving attention from a man like Arnav Singh Raizada would have melted any ice maiden. Her senses heightened when he was around, his personality was simply magnetic. She could not ignore the fact she felt more beautiful because of the attention he paid, the reason may be indiscernible but she still felt special. The past few days saw her spend more time in front of the mirror. The quick routine of presentable make up in the mornings had now changed to a careful exercise. Ensuring that the makeup was subtle that enhanced her beauty and not made harsh by excessive application. Taking care to highlight her best features eyes and lips; always attempting to cover the mole she didn't like much. Bua was thanked whole heartedly for the new wardrobe; she realized the important of dressing and not only for office but to look chic not just presentable.


Hers was a catch-22 situation, she was attracted to Arnav. If she acknowledged this attraction she was at risk of losing focus on the basic purpose of coming to Delhi and complicating matters. If she didn't act on the attraction she would continue to be tortured by his attention and her treacherous feelings. All her efforts to keep away from Arnav were failing miserably and he was getting bolder by the day. Outrageously flirtatious and obvious with his appraisal, never missed a thing that devil. His comments included everything imaginable and particularly those that unsettled her. Despite her efforts she could not help her reactions giving him the satisfaction and worsening her plight.


He seemed to have all the time and energy these days and if the office gossip was to be believed, he was not looking for another girlfriend yet, though many in office had tried to replace Lavanya. This spelt trouble for Khushi, she found herself buried with work and would have enjoyed it but for his comments. He pushed her to do more and get better at her work, it seemed to annoy her yet endear him to her, the attraction showed no signs of going away; in fact it was getting stronger by the day. She had given up fighting it and went with the flow.


He was back from Lucknow and did not look too pleased to have visited that city. She hoped they would not get back to the old ways of arguing and irritating each other. Mahi had not come into work that day and she had tried his cell and it was turned off, surprised she let it be and got down to work. She did try his number a couple of times during the day with the same result. It was late and most of the staff had left for the day, she was winding up for the day and decided to check with Arnav if he knew where Mahi was and if was coming in to work the next day.


She found Arnav in his cabin, the door was left ajar; standing at the doorjamb she observed him and was surprised to find him in that state. He looked stressed, the tie hung loose around his neck, sleeves was rolled up to his elbows and hair was disheveled, like it was used to vent his frustration repeatedly. He had his elbows on the desk with his fingers pressed to his forehead and eyes closed. His entire countenance spoke of tension and was that a drink on the desk, she had never seen him drink and that too at office and he was too much of a control freak to drink while working. There must be something that was the issue, Mahi was not in office and Akash was out of town. As far as her knowledge went; there were no issues of such magnitude that would agitate him in this manner; had something happened in their factories which he had gotten to know of in the past hour or so.


She came in "Mr. Raizada, are you all right sir? Is something the matter, I was a bit concerned; Mahi has not come in and you look worried, I don't intend to pry, but do let me know if I can be of assistance."


He sensed her when she came and stood at the cabin door, it was late and only a few staff members were left in office. She had stayed back as Akash was away and she had a lot more on her hands. Looking at her he felt calm as some of the tension he felt in his shoulders recede. The concern on her face was genuine and it did surprise him despite his constant riling she did not think twice before stopping to check if he was doing well. Offering assistance if something was the matter, finding him in this state. She could have turned her back to his discomfort, feeling happy that his chips were down; but her she was enquiring if he was doing fine. Holding her gaze for a few long seconds, he did not answer.


The issue at hand must be grave for him to not answer and stare at her in this manner, she asked again; the concern in her voice stronger. "Sir, please tell me what the matter is; you are looking rather out of sorts and it is quite unsettling."


He stood up, finished the remainder of his drink with a quick gulp and walked up to the other side of the desk and stopped to lean against it and spoke in a tired voice. "Khushi, there is nothing wrong with me I am doing fine, just tired. Mama suffered a mild cardiac arrest last night and is hospitalized." He had expected concern from Khushi as he was aware that she and his Mama were compatible colleagues but her reaction shocked him. She turned pale, face was white as a sheet, eyes wide and with a weak "oh no" she fainted. He was so dazed he did not realize when she swooned and lay on the floor.


He was worried and anxious, lifting her off the ground he placed her on the couch "Khushi...Khushi...Khushi...what happened? Oh SHIT!!!! Wake up Khushi?" the panic evident in his voice. Fisting his hair in frustration he looked around erratically hoping a solution would spring out of nowhere and help him. He opened the top two buttons of her blouse to help relax her neck and picked the new paper lying on the table near the couch and fanned her, she did not move. How was one supposed to handle such situations? He checked her breathing and there was no need to carry out CPR on her. Why the hell had she fainted and why was she taking this long to come out of it. Moving to his desk, he took the bottle of water and pouring some in his cupped hand, splashed water on her face and she stirred and he sighed in relief, emptying the bottle of water in desperate gulps to wet his dry throat.


She felt the water on her face and the top of her blouse, blinking slowly to adapt to the light and the place she found herself in. Eyes wide open now; she saw a face drawn in tension, winged eyebrows, and eyes staring at her with such concentration, it scared her. She sat up with a start and looking around the room she was in, that face belonged to Arnav. Her heartbeat slowed down for a second and then picked speed at an astonishing rate, conscious of her rather inelegant posture she sat up straight.  Just not able to look at him at that moment, she was staring at her hands that were now fisted and on her lap.


He was glad she had come around, "Are you alright Khushi? Why did you zone out like that?" he asked anxiously.


"What happened to him? Please tell me" she spoke in a croaky low whisper as if the words that would come out his mouth would determine her next breath, eyes still downcast. He looked at her incredulously, this not only surprised but infuriated him was she in love with his Mama? Is that why she was so moved by his condition? Here he was losing his f**king mind, seeing her faint and all she cared was for Mama.


"As I mentioned Khushi, he is fine now, recovering and his life in no danger as of now" he spoke bitingly


Angered by his flippant reply, she snapped her head to glare at him and lashed out "Wow, some concerned nephew you are, life in no danger, do you even hear yourself, you sound like you couldn't care less, he should mean something to you. But no, what do you do, sit here drink and talk in this manner" unsure and unaware of her words or tone. Mahi was in hospital and that brought back unpleasant memories and could not imagine him there.


"Who the f**k are you to tell me that? He is my Mama and how I feel or don't feel about him is least of your concern. Your reactions are shocking...Khushi, your concern though touching is way out of line. You are not his family or are you something else to him?" he screamed fists balled desperately holding back from punching the wall behind her.


"Trust you to say something this derogatory, you will never understand. I know what he means to me and that is least of your concern" she spat out, getting up hastily she turned to leave. He caught her elbow in a firm grip, angry and face close to hers "care to explain, when you say he means something to you? What does he mean to you Khushi?" tone menacing.


"It's none of your business, let go of my hand Mr. Raizada and since it is not work related I am not obligated to answer" she tried freeing her hand. He let go to grab her by the waist and with one hand he held her head firm and bent down to kiss her. He was angry with her, for showing so much concern for his Mama, for answering him in that tone and mostly for not being considered an option as someone she could be interested in, that by far hurt the most.

Her eye widened in shock, seconds before his mouth covered hers, so shocked was she; she did not react. His lips were warm and firm as they bruised hers. His arms kept hers imprisoned in between their bodies. She struggled for a few seconds and when he would not stop, she found herself responding to him. This was happening for real, it was better than anything she had dreamt off as new sensations exploded behind Khushi's closed eyes. Her knees buckled, but Arnav held her up while he invaded her senses with his mouth and tongue as the unfamiliar but welcome warmth spread across her body. This felt wonderful; his tongue forced her lips apart so that he could deepen the kiss. Mahi was forgotten; even the fact that they were in his cabin, door unlocked and anyone could walk in to catch them in this passionate embrace.


Pushing her down further on the couch and his hands were moving all over her back while she was clutching on to his shoulder. He pulled her shirt out of her skirt and moved his hand over her skin. Soft, hot and goose bumped and her response to him was intoxicating. They drew apart for some air and he was kissing her over her face and neck and his hands were inside her blouse on her breasts, squeezing them over her bra and he captured her mouth again when she moaned. He teased her breast and she arched her back and that act flamed his desire more. He opened her shirt buttons, exposing her chest and was kissing her breasts over her bra, when the phone rang and they both snapped out of the moment and looked at each other and at their own state. Hair...clothes...lips all bearing proof of their passion. He got off her to answer, schooling his face and voice hoarse the words barely forming coherently "haan Mami, and yes. I am at office'.will come there tomorrow. I will stay there, don't worry. Ok." He disconnected the call and raked his hair with frustration and turned to stare longingly at Khushi.

She was fixing her hair, having buttoned her shirt and straightened her clothes; tears were rolling down her cheeks. OH SHIT! Why the hell was she crying like that? He hated seeing her upset and to make matters worse he was responsible. Fighting to keep his own need in control, he went and sat next to her and saw her move away from him. Suppressing a frustrated groan in his already tight throat; he took her hands in his "Khushi, there was just too much sexual tension between us, and this happened. I am not sure if there is any other way to address this issue but we have to do something about it. I am attracted to you and didn't mean to hurt you, do understand that I want to deal with this." His grip tightened on her hands when he noticed her breathing rapidly.


Khushi tugged at her hand and when he held it firm, looked at him with eyes swimming in tears and spoke with full conviction "I want to leave and don't want to talk about anything now" with that she stood up shakily and he let go of her hand, without a look in his direction she left the cabin. Arnav watched her walk out; head hung in shame and cursed himself profusely, had he really gone overboard this time, her response aside. It was not done given the circumstances and their professional relation. What an opportune time for things to happen, first Mama being hospitalized and now this episode with Khushi.



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SansShyam Senior Member

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
this is too good to be true..!! Big smile Big smile i love how arnav realized the serious situation that he had created for him and kushi both...oh now even if kushi wants to stay away she can't!!  she would have to visit Shanti nivan or at least visit the hospital..mahi is important...

cant wait ...keep the updates following pleej..Wink

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msin IF-Rockerz

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Lovely update... Was missing Arnav khushi interactions in the last 2 ones... But Raizada and sons link is not working for me..

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shree10 IF-Rockerz

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Wow Kalyani That was some update!

I was laughing when Arnav was suspicious about Khushi and Mahi's relation.

Dialog - You are not family.. Just you wait Arnie baby. then we will see.

Waiting impatiently for next update now. Want to know what Khushi will do? Will she avoid Arnav? Will she take him head on? Or she will be first revealing the truth to Mahi?

One thing I missed. Mahi doesn't have any kids post marriage right? And Akash is Ajit's son?

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Anamika100 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Kalyaani

Originally posted by Anamika100

Interesting that there are all these men, .vying for Khushi's attention in various capacities...Shashi, Mahi, Ajit and ASR.  

When this story began, ASR and Khushi met in the hospital and he kissed her...subsequently we heard about ASR in South Africa where Lavanya  joined him and they shared a living arrangement...I am now finding ASR very toned down and truth be told, not that exciting.  The whole outing with the niece...which was nice and framed him as a family man.

Did he have to be toned down to make him palatable to Khushi or worthy of Khushi?  could she not have handled him in his man of the world Avtaar?

Interesting indeed, he is what he is and has not altered for Khushi; our man is too entrenched in his ways to bother. It is more her view of him that is changing, he is taking her as a challenge to impress, is that not signature ASR, everything is a challenge for the man.

As had mentioned in one of the updates, Jekyll & Hyde'.that is what he is.

On her part Khushi likes both and has admitted to this as well.

Thanks for explaining.  That makes sense as long as Khushi can accept who is ...Jekyll or Hyde.  It would not have been believable if he completely changed because people can not morph to be someone else...even for love.

Precap was great!!!!!

Edited by Anamika100 - 21 September 2012 at 11:14am

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PersieV IF-Rockerz

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BLEH! How could Arnav think that Khushi loves his MAMA! Is he Mental? But still I love him! 

He told her he's ATTRACTED to her! OMG! And she said she didn't want to talk about it and walked away! 

What now? What the?

I feel for them both!

SO when will the next update be? 

Love youuu


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aeyshaalim Goldie

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Aww awesome update
Love the kiss

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