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ARHI FF:When I Met You#3 -Link to Thread 4(Pg 145) (Page 52)

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Still waiting for next cptr darling .. when u gone update it Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by Ruki.F

Still waiting for next cptr darling .. when u gone update it Day Dreaming

Umm...not sure dear...will try and finish it today so will prolly update it tonight or tomo :) x

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Awesome ff, really good story I really hope Anjali don't do any stupidtiy. Wow Snake much be the guy who tried to get intimate with Khushi in the past. Hope he don't come between Arshi, the confesstion waoh it was beautiful. Hahaha Arnav Singh Raizada getting desprsate.

Plz pm me next time you update Big smile
-Kina- IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting for update
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wow..loved it:)

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Hey Guys!

Chapter 25's up! I know i took long this time..but can't help it. I'm not getting time to update quicker but will try my best!
So like i said earlier...i may start blog updates soon, i don't wanna be thrown off IF Shocked tho i think i'll only start on the blog when the scenes get much more steamier Wink

So enjoy the next chapter! Happy Reading!! xoxo

Chapter 25
(Mature content ahead.)

Arnav squinted as the harsh sunlight filtered in through the slightly open curtains, he closed his eyes again but smiled as he felt a warm body squirm against his, he looked to his left and saw khushi's face buried in the crook of his neck, her even breathing blowing soft warm breaths, he turned towards her and tucked the few stray strands of her hair resting on her forehead behind her ears. He then leaned in and kissed her softly"Good morning sunshine" he whispered lazily.

He laughed as khushi scrunched up her pretty face and snuggled more into his side as her long arms tightened their hold on his body. Arnav felt her delectable body slide deliciously close to his, he took a deep breath as he felt her lush curves press along his length, arousing him completely, his eyes darkened as he took in the seductive picture she made with her lips slightly parted, her nails digging into his flesh while her body still retained the blush of their wild lovemaking.

He shifted slightly to accommodate her and started running his fingers along her sides urging her to wake up, he groaned as she bit him slightly on his shoulders "Not again Arnav...i'm so exhausted from last night, God how do you have the stamina...can we sleep for another few minutes.." she mumbled near his chest, her lips lifting in a lazy smile as arnav continued his ministration, completely ignoring her protest "Ok Khushi, you can sleep for a few more minutes, but don't stop me from what i'm doing" he growled in her ears.

She laughed as he tickled her on her belly, her eyes opening to find his dark molten brown ones staring at her, amusement and love evident in their depths, she really felt blessed being in his arms. She blushed remembering the previous night when they had made love three times with arnav taking her to newer heights every time. She trailed her hands over his hard chest, while her mouth pressed small kisses on it. She balanced herself on one elbow and encircled one leg along his waist, his hard arousal pressing against her pelvis.

She sighed as he leaned over her and whispered "well, i thought someone was sleepy...couldn't resist i suppose?" Khushi snaked her other hand along his neck and tangled it in his hair pulling him down towards her parted lips "Well, lets just say i took pity on you.." she said softly before crushing his lips to hers, they kissed like there was no tomorrow, like being away from each other for even a second was torture, they devoured each other as khushi sucked on arnav's lips while arnav thrust his tongue in her sweet mouth, she moaned as his tongue continued its assault, making khushi want the same action somewhere else.

Arnav took both of her hands and pinned them above her head over the soft down pillow, he lowered his head to the straining pink peaks, waiting for his tongue to pay attention to them, he pulled one in his mouth and sucked hard, repeating the same for the other, he came back up to take khushi's swollen lips in his again before trailing small kisses along her entire body, making her writhe under him "" she moaned as he lost it completely, he never wanted her to beg for something which was always hers, he quickly donned protection before parting her legs and plunging deep within her wet core.

She screamed as arnav's thrusts became harder and harder, building up that delicious rhythm she had become so familiar with, she held onto his back, her hands moving of their own accord, grasping his buttocks and sinking her nails in them as he thrust into her a few more times before her body shattered into a delicious mind numbing climax, she held on to arnav tightly as his body too went rigid a few second later as he came along with her. He remained inside her for a few more seconds before pulling out as their bodies relaxed; both holding each other close.

It had been more than half an hour and arnav was still lost in khushi's arms after their passionate love making, he felt khushi push him slightly as she got up holding the sheets to her bosom "Arnav...we have to get ready...its already past 10am, you need to go and meet all the designers before we leave, which i think is by noon..." Khushi looked at him exasperatedly as he gave her a lazy smile "Well, i think i have already thanked one designer, the one who designed the show stopper i guess that should do"

Khushi hit him lightly on his arm before getting up and pulling the sheets along with her, she blushed at the totally naked arnav sprawled on the bed, she winced at the slight dull ache in her pelvis which did not go unnoticed by arnav, he quickly got up and held her by the wait "Shit..i'm sorry Khushi...i can't believe what an animal i was your first time...i should have taken it slow.." khushi smiled at his puppy dog face, she kissed him softly on his lips "Don't be sorry arnav, its just a small pain which will go away in few hours...what we shared yesterday and today was beautiful, i don't ever want you to feel sorry about any of it". She said lovingly.

He smiled at her words and picked her up taking her to the bathroom, he put her down and opened the shower adjusting it to the right temperature. He saw her standing shyly in the middle of the room clutching the sheet against her. He went towards her and slowly divested her of the sheet, he then led her slowly to the shower cubicle and made her step inside, he kissed her on her forehead before stepping away "Take your time Khushi, relax and finish your shower...i'll keep your clothes ready for you" he smiled at her before closing the cubicle and walking out of the bathroom. Khushi smiled as she let the hot water pour over her tired muscles.


"Oh My God!! Ma!! come here at once! Did you see this picture?? they look so cute together!" Anjali shouted while eating up her wheat bran, she had woken up late since there was no college today and as always was having late breakfast. She squealed as she saw a huge photo of Arnav and Khushi's from last night plastered across page 3 of Delhi times. She turned around to see Maya walking towards her.

"Oh, you saw it now! Beta we saw that as soon as the paper got in! We are early risers you know" Maya raizada said as she sat down next to her daughter. She picked up a slice of apple from the fruit plate and looked at Anjali with excitement in her eyes "Anji, I don't think i can wait any longer for them to get married...I'm going to call the pandit right away and work out a good wedding date...and i need to talk to Khushi's aunt too..remind me to ask Khushi as soon as she comes ok!" Anjali nodded with a huge smile as her mother went to call the pandit.

Anjali smiled as she thought of her new resolve, seducing Mr right...she blushed as she thought of the list of items she had made the night before; sexy lingerie, short purple dress (because it was Shyam's favorite color), silver high heels (though she was never comfortable in them), her favorite perfume and a pack of condoms..whatever they did she wanted it to be safe. She finished her cereal and got up to get ready. She had to go and shop for all these things on her own..she could not risk anyone else knowing about it.


"Umm...this is so delicious" Khushi crooned as she licked her fingers of the sticky syrup from her maple and pecan roll, she glanced up to see an amused looking arnav looking at her with an odd expression "What? I enjoy my food...and this is seriously so delicious!" she said as she broke off a piece of the sweet sticky roll and held it up to his mouth, she gasped as arnav's teeth brushed against her fingers while taking the sweet bread in his mouth "Careful Khushi...all your moans and licking are not helping me keep up my resolve"

Khushi gave him an impish smile as she sipped on her sweet tea, "And what may i ask is your resolve?" arnav caught her arm as she kept her tea down, he slowly got her resisting hand towards his mouth and took one long elegant finger between his lips, he sucked on it slowly and watched as khushi's eyes darkened, he smiled as she gulped visibly, her smile vanishing as her eyes focused on arnav's mouth

"To not jump you.." he said seductively, khushi looked at him with a blank expression "Huh?..wha..?" she said with a confused dazed look, arnav stopped his teasing and let her hand go and spoke looking her directly in her eyes "My resolve not jump you"

Khushi pulled her hand back as if it was scorched, she was still blushing with the wonton thoughts her mind was throwing at her, she wished it was somewhere else his mouth would do those things. She slapped herself mentally 'Focus Khushi...control your mad female hormones!' she chided herself as she got up to finish the rest of the packing. She avoided looking at arnav, who sat lazily on the huge arm chair near the french window.

He got up to see what had taken Khushi's fancy as she stood near the bedside table, she was holding something in her hands and smiling. He came behind her and held her gently by her waist, leaning over to see what she was looking at. She turned her face giving him a radiant smile while placing one dainty hand over his rough ones "I'll always cherish this night and this one has even done anything like this for me arnav..i don't know how to thank you for this" she said softly as she felt arnav turn her and place his finger on her lips.

"Ssshhh...don't say that..i did all this and i will do many such things because i love you. Its as simple as that." he said lovingly, his finger sliding slowly over her berry red lips, he inhaled her scent and rested his forehead against hers "and as far as showing your gratitude, i think you already have" he crushed her body to his and sighed as khushi held him tight, her arms going around his waist "By existing...thank you for being khushi...thank you for existing" he said in a throaty voice as he felt khushi's tears run over his thin shirt, tears of happiness he knew, looking at their photo on the bed.


That same photo was causing tremendous indigestion and hyperventilation somewhere else; "What is the meaning of this Lavanya? Tell me...did you know about this?" Madhu asked a perplexed Lavanya. She got up from her bed and poured herself a huge glass of cold water, Lavanya stood back looking at buaji breathing deeply as she gulped down a glass of ice cold water, something she never did before "Buaji, I am as confused and worried as you are. I had no idea about fact i spoke to Khushi three days ago and she did not tell me anything!" Lavanya said as she came and sat next to buaji.

Lavanya had woken up from a dreamy sleep at 8 in the morning as her phone had started its rendition of kiesha's tick tok, she opened her hungover eyes and glanced at the caller id, she was really surprised to find buaji's number flashing. She got up and took the call only to hold it way away from her ears as she heard buaji's screams from the other side,not really understanding what buaji was saying, she had gotten ready hurriedly before driving her mini cooper at breakneck speed to buaji's old age home, worried that something really bad had happened to her. She just prayed that buaji was ok.

The sight which greeted her was chilling, instead of a sick or weak buaji, which she had predicted, though she was not very sure from the ferocity of her voice during her call, she was scared to see an absolutely livid madhu bua, who was pacing her room from the bathroom to the bed, her eyes blazing red and angry. Lavanya hoped that everything was ok, but as soon as she walked over to her, buaji plonked a copy of The Sun towards her, open on the celebrity section, the tiny picture and the caption below it left Lavanya stunned!


Billionaire Indian Playboy Taken!

Yes girls, the Indian entrepreneur Arnav Singh Raizada and owner of AR textiles, or as he is better know in the fashion circle 'ASR' is no more single! Yep, the most eligible bachelor who was rumored to be dating Brazilian supermodel Anna Campos recently left the media in a state of shock as he introduced his lady love and fiance Khushi Gupta at the Magnificent AR Fashion gala yesterday in India. The gala was attended by the who's-who of not only Indian but also International fashion gurus and designers. It also introduced the much awaited 'Joie' line of fashion house, which will be soon launched in the UK as well. We also came to know that Ms Gupta is a recent graduate of Visiguene Institute of Fashion, London and resides in the United Kingdom and is a British national. Here's The Sun wishing the happy couple congratulations for their future life together!

Lavanya finished reading the article and glanced at the tiny picture above it, the man was definitely ASR and the girl in red was none other than her best friend Katya...Khushi that is! What the hell was going on..Lavanya stared at the picture as if hoping there was some mistake and that the paper had printed the name and the photo incorrectly..but she knew that was not possible. She looked on worriedly at buaji who seemed to be loosing color, she called the on-duty nurse to come and check her, She was also extremely irritated at Khushi for not telling either of them about this!

After the nurse checked and gave buaji some anti-stress meds, Lavanya helped buaji get into bed, she pulled the covers over her and took her phone to call Khushi, she had to talk to her and clear this confusion "No use!" buaji coughed as she saw Lavanya dial Khushi's Indian number. "I tried calling her as soon as i read the article. Her phone is switched off!" buaji said as she closed her eyes, the sedative effect of the medicine taking over.

Lavanya knew that she would fall asleep in a few minutes, she nodded and looked at her "Don't worry buaji, i'll sort this out ok? I know someone in AR who can give me ASR's Indian office number. I'll try and get through to him if i can't get through to Khushi" she squeezed buaji's frail hand as she got up "I will clear this confusion ok? Even if i have to hop on a plane and go to India myself!" she kissed buaji on her forehead and walked out closing the door behind her. She dialed her friend Gemma's number and waited for her to pick up.

"Hey Gem! How are ya? Listen i know this is a very sudden call but i really need your help." Lavanya said cheerily on the phone, she smiled as she heard Gemma greet her. She quickly asked Gemma to help her with ASR's Indian office number as she had to track a friend of her's who's gone there for an internship, "Oh you looking for Tony?" Gemma asked softly. Lavanya shook her head as she replied "Who's Tony?" she heard Gemma laugh at the other end "He's the intern Divvy! And he is not in India, there were no internships in India, Tony's the only intern from your institute and he is very much in London"

Lavanya's eyes went huge as this new piece of information reared its ugly head. She thanked Gemma but still insisted she send her the Indian office number, she said good bye as she ended the call and sat down on one of the chairs in the brightly lit corridor 'What the hell is going on!' she thought, her fingers shaking as she remembered hers and Khushi's last conversation three days ago where Khushi kept blabbering on about the amazing designs she was working on. She closed her eyes waiting for Gemma's text, she had to get to the bottom of this. She just hoped that Khushi was all right.


"Shoot! My phone has been switched off this entire time!" khushi moaned as they sat in the helicopter, she looked at arnav with a sad face "I think i forgot to charge it last night..all thanks to you!" arnav pinched her as she yelped "Hey! ok..fine it was also partly my fault" she said smiling, "But what if Buaji had called, she'll be so worried" Khushi said aloud.

Arnav looked at her with scrunched up eyebrows "Buaji? If that your aunt? I thought you just made her up for the benefit of my mother. Khushi looked up at him suddenly "No i do have an aunt, my Buaji who stays in London. In fact i took this job offer of yours only for her." khushi said with a sad smile "Oh arnav...there is so much you need to know about fact i have not told you anything" arnav pulled her close to him as they belted themselves up. He held her hand in his and looked in her moist eyes "We have all the time in the world love, lets start small ok..tell me about your family" he asked, but regretted as he saw a huge tear run past her cheek.

She gave him a teary smile and went about telling him about her family, he had a right to know everything about her. She did not keep anything away from him as he listed attentively to her, holding her close and squeezing her hands to comfort her as she spoke about her parents, her lost brother and her only surviving aunt, her Madhu buaji. She also told him about Lavanya who was probably her only close friend in UK, he wiped her tears as she took a deep breath "So you see, when you gave me an option to do this Job, for all that money i had to take it. i only wanted what was best for my Buaji"

Arnav felt tears prick his eyes as he remembered that day when he accused her of lying to him for money, he had thought of such horrible things for her because he had judged her wrong. He had really wronged her, she was one in a million, a true rare diamond who only thought for others, never once thinking of any consequences which could affect her. He tipped her chin up and spoke in a hoarse voice "We'll get your buaji back here ok? I'll get the best treatment for her and she can stay with us, i won't let you lose or miss her all right. This is my promise to you"

Khushi felt the largest burden leave her body as she heard arnav's reassuring words, she did wonder earlier that now that she had agreed to arnav's proposal, how would she take care of buaji? but arnav had solved that too for her, she had to call buaji and explain everything to her soon. She also had to call Lavanya and tell her the truth, she was her only hope to convince and make buaji understand. She pulled arnav's hand towards her and kissed him on the palm, resting his rough skin against her smooth cheek.

"What would i have done without you?" she said looking at him with all the love she could muster, but suddenly she felt scared "Arnav...what if your family don't like the fact that we lied? And that i was living under your roof under false pretense..Oh arnav i can't have them hate me" she said in a soft scared voice, arnav grinned at her worried face "Don't worry khushi, i'll handle them. Plus we have mamaji on our side" he looked at her shocked face "Yes, he knew about all this from the beginning. We'll take his help, plus the family already love you so its not going to matter either ways!" he gave her a reassuring smile.

They leaned back in their seats and looked out as they approached Delhi, arnav put his arms around khushi and whispered in her ears "By the way, now that you have told me about your family and all, there are other things which i need to know about" khushi slapped him playfully in his arms "Oh yea! Like what? When did i start PMSing?" she giggled at his disgusted face

"Noo..khushi, don't tell me that even in fun! No i meant stuff like...did you have any boyfriends? Cause you know about my love life..hell the whole world knows about it! But you know...i should know if some psycho ex-boyfriend of your's will turn up at my doorstep with an axe!" arnav laughed as the pilot told them to buckle up.

This time arnav did fail to notice the paleness of khushi's face or how she gripped the arms of the seat in a sudden reflex due to the fear she felt in those words arnav had just spoken, words which were uttered out of fun but held a depth of truth in them.

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