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SS - Wooing KKGSR(Last Part) (Page 48)

glv_15 Goldie

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 2:48am | IP Logged
nice update.selfish anjali... dont want kushi 2 leave rm.. continue soon. thanks for pm

crazyyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 4:44am | IP Logged
Hi All Smile here is the next and final update! Winkya am ending this SS with this part.And since its the last its fairly a long oneTongue pl bear with me on this !
Part 12 (Last Part)
They both stayed like that finding solace in silence.Taking strength from each other.Khushi murmered "Arnavji"
Arnav lifted his eyes looking at her with pain visible in his eyes.She lightly touched his hair and continued "Arnavji humme lagtha hai ki..."
She hesitated.
Arnav looked at her questioningly "Kya baath hai Khushi bolo na"
She hesitantly continued "Arnavji humme lagtha hai ki kuch din ke liye humme yahaan se chali jaana chahiye"
"What??? Khushi yeh tum kya bol rahi ho ? Aur tum kahaan jaane ki baath kar rahi ho? main tumhe kahin nahi jaane dhoonga " getting up from the recliner and towering over her.
"Arnavji,dekhiye jo kuch bhi hua uski waje se di ab pareshan hai, aur iss waqt apne aap ko bohot akhela mehsoos karthi hain.Iss samai pe aap ko unke paas hona bahot zaroori hai.Agar di humme dekhthe rahenge toh unko woh buri waqt yaad aayegi.Aur hum bilkul nahi chahthe ki hummari waje se di ko koi parishani ho"
Arnav held her by her shoulders making her look at him "Khushi yahaan jo kuch bhi hua usme tumhari koi galti nahi hai.Haan main maantha hoon ki di ab parishan hai dukhi hai par iss main tumhari koi kasoor nahi hai.Kuch dinon main sab kuch teek ho jayega"
"Nahi Arnavji aap nahi samajre.Jab tak hum di ki saamne rahenge tab tak unki haalath aise hi bura hoga.Iss liye hum kuch dinon ke liye buaji ki ghar jaana chahthe hain.Issi main di aur sab ki balaai hai"
"Khushi mera kya ? tumhe mera parva nahi hai? " he asked her searching her eyes for answer,feeling miserable with every word she uttered.
She blinked back tears and held his face in her hand "Arnavji aap iss saval ka jawab jaanthe hai.Hum aap ko batha nahi sakthi ki humme iss faisle se kitna bura lagra ha hai.Par humme yeh di ke liye karna hoga"
"Khushi listen,di ab buri waqt main guzar rahi hain iss liye aise behave kar rahi hai.Iss ka matlab yeh nahi hai ki woh tumse nafrath karthi hai woh bas thoda confused hai aur iss halath main kuch soch nahi pa rahi hai "
"Hum achi tharah samach sakthe hain ki di ki maan main kya guzar rahi hai.Kuch din main sab teek ho jayega.Humme jaane dhejiye Arnavji"
Arnav irritated and tightened his hold on her "Dammit Khushi maine kaha na.Main tumhe jaane nahi doonga.Tumhare bina main -------"he stopped abruptly."Khushi try and understand tum yahaan se jaane se kuch nahi hone wala hai"
"Arnavji aap humme rokh nahi sakthe.Aur waise bhi hummari contract tho kuchi dinon main katham hone wale hai aur uske baath hum yahaan nahi rehsakthe.Hum abi jaana chahthe hai"
"Khushi damn the contract! mere liye uss contract ka koi matlab nahi hai.Khushi am sorry for everything but mujhe chod kar math jao.Mujhe tumhari zaroorath hai.tumhare bina main--------Khushi pls dont go"He spoke to her holding her hands.
Khushi felt her tears now flowing uncontrollably.Even though he dint say the words she knew he is trying to say he cant live without her.She hugged him crying her heart out."Arnavji hum bhi aapke bina nahi rehpaayenge par humme yeh kar na hoga.Di ki khushi ke liye"
He crushed her to him holding her tightly.Never wanting to leave her.He hated feeling like this.Hated having to choose between the two most important people in his life.He knew Khushi is partially correct.But he dont want to choose between the people he love the most.He hate feeling helpless.
Khushi came out of the hug slowly looked at his pain filled eyes and felt her own heart constrict with pain."Arnavji pls humme jaane dhijiye.Waise bhi contract katham hone ke baad humme jaana tha.Toh kyun na hum abi jaayen"
On hearing her mention the contract he closed his eyes in pain.His hands clenching in his sides.He opened his eyes and looked at her directly "Khushi mujhe uss contract se koi matlab nahi.Main tumhe waise bhi 6 mahinon ke baath jaane nahi dhetha" he said this with a trace of small smile.He held her face in his hands"You are too important to let you go"
Khushi smiled slightly with tear filled eyes.He wiped her tears and kissed her on her forehead softly.He looked into her tear filled eyes and said huskily "I love you Khushi tumhare bina main jee nahi paunga.Main tumhe hamesha ke liye Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada banana chahtha hoon"
Khushi felt her heart swell with love for the man standing in front of her.Her husband who is pouring his feelings to her finally laying his heart bare in front of her.She replied smiling happily "Hum bhi aapse bohot pyaar karthe hain Arnavji.Hum bhi hamesha aap ki Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada rehna chahthe hain"
Arnav smiled broadly hearing her confess her love for him.He knew she loved him but hearing her say that made his day.He held her face in hands and gently kissed her.Pouring all his emotions onto that kiss.Khushi felt her hearbeat with joy at being kissed by him again.This kiss is different from the previous two.This kiss spoke of love commitment and care for each other.
They broke apart after few moments.Khushi touched his cheek lightly."Arnavji pl aap humme jaane dheejiye.Kuch din ke liye.Di ki khushi ke liye.Ghar waalon ki khushi ke liye.Pl Arnavji "
Arnav stood still for few moments just looking at her finally took a deep breath and said "Teek hai Khushi bass kuchi din ke liye main tumhe jaane doonga.Par jab yeh sab kuch teek ho jayega toh koi bhi hume ek doosre se alag nahi kar saktha.Main aise hone nahi doonga samji tum"He held her face in between his hands looking deep into her eyes.
Khushi nodded her head silently as tears continued to flow.Arnav felt his own tears falling down his cheek.They hugged each other tightly again.
Finally they broke apart and Khushi wiped her tears and looked at him "Arnavji hum abhi nikalthi hain"
"What abi?? Khushi aaj hi jaane ki kya zaroorath hai.Tum kal jao"
Khushi shook her head "Nahi Arnavji jab hum dhono door rehne ki faisla le hi chuke hain toh dher karne se kuch nahi badal ne wala.Hum aaj hi buaji ki ghar chali jaayenge"
Arnav nodded sadly "Mujhe yeh faisle main bilkul manzoor nahi.Par tum bhi teek kehrahi ho.Aur Khushi main tumse waadha kartha hoon ki jal se jal yeh saari problems ko katham kar ke main tumhe issi ghar main waapas le aaonga.Iss bar puri duniyaan ki saamne tum meri patni bankar aaogi"
Khushi smiled liking what he is suggesting"Hum uss din ke liye intezaar karenge "hugging him happily.
Khushi went to nani's room to tell her about her decision in going to buaji's house.She found nani sitting with lakshmiji on her lap.
"Arey Khushi bitiya andhar ayiye,ihaan betiye humri paas"
Khushi smiled slightly and sat next to naniji,her hand stroking lakshmi.
"Naniji kya hum kuch din ke liye buaji ki ghar main reh sakthi?"
"Ka huyigawa bitiya? madumatiji teek hai na unki thabeth?"
"Arey nahi nahi naaniji buaji bilkul teek hain.Bas humne laga ki jab tak hum yahaan di ki saamne rahenge woh yeh sab kuch bool nahi payenge.Iss liye humne socha ki kuch din ke liye hum buaji ki ghar main rahenge"
"Teek hain bitiya hum samchsakathe.Aap jayiye aap ko bhi apki buaji aur amma babuji ke saath rehne se shanthi milega"
"Shukriya naniji hum thodi dher main nikalthe hain"
After getting her things packed she and arnav came down.Payal,mamiji and naniji were already assembled there.
She went and hugged payal "apna khayal rakhna jiji aur jab jijaji mumbai se waapas ayenge toh unse bhi kehdhena"
Payal tearfully hugged Khushi "Apna khayal rakh na Khushi aur jaldi waapas aajaana "
Khushi smiled tearfully.She went and hugged naniji who gave her blessings.
She went near mami "Hello Hi Bye Bye phatti side aaj tumka Bye Bye hui gawa.Maiternity home se jaldi aane ki konu zaroorath nahi" with that she went off to her room without glancing at Khushi.
She said goodbye to all and was about to step out of the door.Arnav carried her bags and stood next to her silently his heart breaking with every passing minute.She turned back once again and looked at the family she loved she dont know when or if she will ever come back again.With a sad smile she stepped out of RM her heart heavy with pain.
Their drive to Gupta House was silent as neither of them felt like speaking.They were both depressed and saddened by the thought of being away from each other.Finally Arnav reached GH and stopped the car.He opened the back door and took hold of her bags.Khushi looked at him tearfully.
"Khushi ek baath yaad rakh na chahe kuch bhi ho jaye main hamesha tumhara saath hoon"
She smiled sadly nodding.Then suddenly realising something "Arnavji buaji aur amma babuji ko kuch nahi patha honi chahiye.Agar woh kuch poochenge toh hum jawaab dhenge aap chupi rehna"
He nodded and they walked to the door.Khushi knocked buaji's door her fake smile already in place.
"Hai Re nanda kisore khon hai" Buaji opened the door to find a beaming Khushi and a quiet looking Arnav by her side.
"Arey Sanka Devi,Arnav babua aao aao beethar aao" She turned inside "Garima ee dekho khon aaye hai"
Garima smiled happily "Arey damadji ,Khussi aao aao "
Khushi hugged garima tearfully.Garima and buaji gazed at each other confused noticing the bag in Arnav's hand."Khussi kya hua ghar ma sab teek hai na "
"Haan amma sab teek hain..Humme aap sab ko bohot yaad aarahi thi iss liye Arnavji aur naniji se kehkar kuch din ke liye yahaan rehene aayi thi "
"Ka ihaan rehne waale ho matlab damadji bhi ihaan rehenge "buaji asked looking at Arnav.
Arnav looked at Khushi for help "Arey nahi nahi buaji Arnavji ko bohot kaam hai.Aur ghar main Aakhash jijaji bhi nahi hain.Di ko khon khayal rekhega iss liye yeh wahi rahenge hai na Arnavji "looking at him hoping he'l catch up along.
"Haan buaji main aise haalath main di ko akhele nahi chod saktha"
Buaji finally seemed somewhat convinced "Teek hai babua "
Arnav glanced at Khushi and said "Toh aunty buaji main chaltha hoon"
They both nodded and asked Khushi to see him to the door.
Khushi stepped out and went with him until he reached the car.Her heart was shattering inside.Both of them stood looking at each other so many things still left unsaid between them but their silence spoke volumes.Arnav pulled Khushi into a close hug unable to bear the pain.
They held each other not wanting to let go.Finally Arnav broke the embrace took her chin in his head and kissed her softly on her forehead"Take care Khushi i will miss you badly ".
Khushi smiled sadly "Hum bhi aap ko bohot miss karenge.Apna khayal rakh na..Dawaiyan waqt par lena"
Arnav nodded sadly and hugging her one last time,he drove off to RM.Leaving a tearful Khushi behind.
Thats about it guys,I know its been a rather longer part and i hope it wasnt a bore.Some of you might not be happy with the ending Embarrassed..But am planning to write a sequel FF ( I cant leave Arshi seperatedEmbarrassedWink).Do let me know how you like this part and i would also like to know if you all like me to write the sequel to this.HugThanks to all those who have followed this SS so farStar
My Sequel FF link Below

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yay me first...wooohoooPartyPartyParty

loved it very much was simply awsuuum...oh my they have to be separated...i loved the way arnav finally opened up in front of khushi and confessed was very sweeet...really hope this separation is not for long n pliz do continue with a sequel as it is very hard to imagine arshi separated...loved it very much n thnx 4da pm dear...

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Jyo.Arshi.IPK IF-Sizzlerz

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that was simply too beautiful !!!!
thanx for the PM dear and pls do start the sequel FF !!!!!
Thrish Senior Member

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I can't see them separated...plz write the sequel soon...
gom3090 Goldie

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 5:05am | IP Logged
plz don,t end the ss..its really very nice...plz continue...we want a happy ending...
cheval IF-Dazzler

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plzzz dont let it finished like this i want them back together plzzz

it was lovely thanks
sunshinegal1224 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 5:34am | IP Logged
Wow! What an update. Didn't see this coming Cry
Actually I am glad they opened up to each other and confessed their feelings. Now looking fwd to Arnav - Khushi relationship on a  different level (in ur OS ofcourse!)

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