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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Originally posted by shruthiruchs

Originally posted by drrose31

Originally posted by shruthiruchs

finally u r back with a bang di...
missed u & ur writing a lot di...
hmmm... finally almost sab ko sach pata chal gaya...
luved father daughter relatinship...
its too good to c dat he is thinking abt geet & her feeling...& nt he is selfish abt his reputation & all...
d hug was too good...
geet abhi bhi mann se bacchi hi hai...aww...hugged kissed...
too good...
whoaa... finally she wore maan's gift...aur dono matching matching bhi hai hayyeye hw dreamy...luvly. pura hi dreamy ho gaya maan ne bhi geet ko kiss kiya... & abv dat maan ne thanks kaha am i dreaming... i wanted to c dis blushy geet... hw i missed her... hopefully raj samajh jaye...
luvly couple ka dance toh banta hai...
nw eagerly wi8ing 4 dis precap ...
awesome part...Big smileWink
kahin koi danger toh nahi precap mein..Ouch

hey shruthi dear 

i missed your comments on my os ..

where were you ??? hmmm..

chalo jao read os and give me your as usual longg wale comments

and about precap...

hmm keep guessing.. anything and everything is possible Wink    
so srry di thodi held up thi iss liye comments nahi de payi...
will read & give u comments long wala aft my exams wil get over na plz... just do hi baaki hai...
i'll give aft 31...

hey don't be... 

study comes first 

take your time 

do well in exams 

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Originally posted by 4komal4

awesome update
loved itHeart

thanks komal dear 

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waiting dear...

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      (credit goes to jyothikrish.. thanks jyoHug)

                                  PART 34 

Both were hesitant to dance but annie pushed Geet in pretext of dancing with yash ..Making Geet tremble forward but Maan hold her from her waist ,saving her falling down the floor..But in this process Geet's lips touched Maan's cheek accidentally and she quickly got her balance back and tried to move.. But this time Maan didn't leave her and asked for a dance which Geet agreed smilingly and Geet whispered a sorry …

{I deliberately didn't include any song seq here… um.. I didn't feel like adding in this situation .. but here is the actual link for the song seq to get the feel of the situation ... H

opefully I did justice here }


They danced for sometime … Actually Maan wanted to talk to her alone and this was the perfect and probably the  last chance to get her alone , as after that she will get busy in Annie's bidaai preps. and all… 

So taking a chance Maan escaped from there taking Geet with himself… surprising her … and now they were at a dark corner of the hall… 

Raj's eyes were continuously on Maan and Geet and when he saw Maan taking Geet with him he too went to that corner of the hall for eavesdropping..Wink

Maan:- Thank you…

Geet just looked down in shyness and hugged him…

Geet:- I should be the one who must be saying this … Thank you… (she looked up at him, still in his embrace) you are so nice …you know why??? Coz that night you were too much angry but still you didn't cross your limits…you are nice , coz you didn't force me at our wedding night…you are nice .. coz you saved me from those ppl are nice coz that reception night you again saved me from that Rahul… you are nice , (she again hugged him ) coz because of you I got everyone …A home, a family , dadimaa, maa, papa, a sister and a husband – A caring and loving husband.. who seems to be rude and arrogant from outside but from inside (she placed her hand on his heart) he is so caring , so soft natured man… I don't even remember when I started to LOVE you.. May be  your that caring and soft nature made place in my heart..  (she looked in his eyes directly)and I love you.. aur…

Maan stopped her by placing his lips on her…First,Geet was shocked but then she too responded and pulled him closer by his neck..Maan crushed her to his body and placed her feet up to the ground then to his feet… and they kissed…

Raj, stood there shocked, will be very small word to describe his condition..Raj smiled then looked away and then coughed to let them know his presence.. 

Getting disturbed Maaneet parted and were embarrassed to get caught like that that too in front of Raj ..Both didn't look at each other and Geet even avoided looking at Raj

Raj(pretending to be serious ):-what was that?? So is this what you have decided Geet???

Geet looked here and there and Maan was confuse at this quez… but Maan tried to answer..which Raj straightaway refused to listen and told him to shut up.. Geet got scared by the stern voice of Raj where as  Maan got to know what exactly Raj was trying to show..and smiled to Raj who in return winked to Maan and signaled Maan through eyes to play along..

Raj:- Answer me Geet ?? Am asking you something…???

Maan wanted to laugh seeing Geet's condition…  but when they saw Geet's teary eyes both became worried and Maan said

Maan:- oh come on dad... ab bas kijeye... 

Geet looked at them shocked.. They , both were smiling .. Geet made a face at both  and then hugged Raj.. who reciprocated the hug and said

Raj:- Aww.. sorry beta.. I was just pulling your leg..I knew your decision long back... 

Geet smiled and looked at Raj , she was still in his embrace when Maan too joined them in the  hug to which Geet smiled shyly..

They parted when the three of them heard giggles behind them.. They looked at the side and saw pari and annie were smiling at them.. both came forward and pari hugged Geet.. 

pari:- Am so happy for you beta..

Annie:- Me too.. 

and Annie too came forward and hugged both her mom and Geet together

pari and geet:- Are sambhal ke Annie.. ( careful annie)

Raj and Maan laughed.. Geet was again awed at their similar laughter.. Maan caught her gaze and winked at her.. she looked away..



Later that night, Geet was waiting for Maan to come to the room and they will talk ... well actually she wanted to move on with him. 

Maan entered and went to bed where Geet was sitting ,Geet felt nervous and shy... Maan knew what she must be expecting ...

Maan:- Geet... Am very tired today.. Lets sleep..Also have lots of works pending in office due to have to go early tomorrow...saying so Maan went to change room..Geet was expecting everything but not this ...

Geet(ST):- what happened to him now???

Maan(ST):- I know Geet what do you want .. but I need some time to get rid from my this guilt and also I want our first time more special rather than here in this room... 

Maan came out from change room and found her still in that posture... He came ,avoiding her gaze on him and laid on bed ...

Geet:- Maan, shall I give you head massage...??? you will feel better...

Maan(ST):- why is she trying to increase my guilt...

Maan:- No Geet am fine.. Just wanna sleep...

Geet:- you know , after massage you will sleep peacefully.. a relaxed sleep... Let me bring balm...


Geet was trying very hard to get Maan's attention so that she could convey her inner thoughts about proceeding their relation ahead, but Maan was not giving her a single chance to even let her talk to him casually... 


Geet was about to get down from bed when Maan grabbed her wrist and she came on him... 


Maan was getting frustrated with her unconditional love for him.. in turn making him feel more guiltier ... He was about to

shout on her but then he remembered how much she gets scared with his anger so he decided other way.. and by that move she will forget not only talks , which she wanted to talk but also will forget the massage...

Geet (shocked):- Maan...

Maan:- Ssshhh Geet... I know what are you trying to do...

Geet lowered her eyes..

Maan:- But am very much tired .. plz lets sleep... Hmm???

Geet just nodded.. How could she say no to him...

Maan (felt relaxed):- Hmm... Good night... and he closed his eyes... 

Geet:- Maan... paka you don't need massage???

Maan(took a long breath):- No Geet.. Now sleep...

With that Maan went to sleep.. Not getting any other word from Maan's mouth.. Geet thought he must be really very tired so she too slept hugging him ,keeping her head on his shoulder...



Next day on breakfast table... 

Maan:- Dad I wanna tell you something... Every head looked at Maan..

Raj:- Hmm.. 

Maan:- We got sharma's project and for signing the deal papers , have to go to Paris for a month...

Everyone was shocked hearing Maan...

pari:- what??? A month???

Maan:- yeah...

Maan analysed Geet's expressions.. which were shock at first then sad and may be hurt too..

Geet(ST):- He didn't tell me before??? 

Raj:- but why for a month??? you just have to sign only naa..Then??? and that can be done within few days in maximum...

Maan:- yes dad.. but I have few more works also there .. 


precap:- what Maan is trying to do???

            Is he escaping or there is something else...

       I know am evil... All I will say is to wait for the next part.. Embarrassed

Power cuts are back and so am also back with 1000 plus updates  

Feel free to ask me for pmzz or add me


like and comment if you like to



much love RoseWink

(AND this banner credit goes to maneetlover1 ... thank you kiddo Hug)

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~~ edited ~~

di i know i know why 1 month... WinkWink
coming to the update... awww it was so so cute... Big smileBig smile
loved it very very much...
hayeee maan took geet aside and thanked her..
but i am shocked and happy with geet's confession..
woww that was so simple and superb. ClapClap
their hug and kiss... EmbarrassedWink and raj...
their leg pulling... awww geet is crying yeh maan and raj bhi na... hamesha meri geet ko rulate hain...
but but atlast a happy family... geet want to tell something to maan and want their relation to another level...
but maan is guilty and want to make those moments special... ClapClap
and paris... i think i guess why 1 monthhh WinkWink
pls tell me i am right... pls pls pls...

continue soon di... aur mera FROL ka kya hua.. Ouch
love u... Big smile

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it geet confession maan trying to take time maan paris i think he will take geet 

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Originally posted by tamanna1391

it geet confession maan trying to take time maan paris i think he will take geet 

thank you dear

well wait for the next 

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