Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

FF: Mera Ishq Sufiyana-II ! NOTE on pg-50 (Page 39)

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Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by nancy1996

Hamare angle se dekho toh aapka kaam hai FF likhna.. lol ff lik na mera kaan hai?D'oh...then i should be paid right? Dancingtoh hue na aap kaam chor... vaise aapki leg ka kya haal hai? Better now? Kitni bed rest kahi hai doc ne? ...yaar for the past 2 weeks i am under bed rest...the rate of improvement is dead slow...btw you know what? i fall on Sep 11...ROFL...and my husband is making fun of me....Wacko
Sep 11.. wow!!!!!!!!!!! But kafi time ho gaya... is ur leg in a brace, cast? kuch aur nahin toh desi crocin le lo... farak padh jaayega...
Aur aapko payment milti toh hai FF likhne gi... hum sab ke comments aur pyaar.. aur kya chahiye... LOL

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Originally posted by nancy1996

Originally posted by shumi.

Originally posted by nancy1996

Hamare angle se dekho toh aapka kaam hai FF likhna.. lol ff lik na mera kaan hai?D'oh...then i should be paid right? Dancingtoh hue na aap kaam chor... vaise aapki leg ka kya haal hai? Better now? Kitni bed rest kahi hai doc ne? ...yaar for the past 2 weeks i am under bed rest...the rate of improvement is dead slow...btw you know what? i fall on Sep 11...ROFL...and my husband is making fun of me....Wacko
Sep 11.. wow!!!!!!!!!!! huband is telling i gave tribute to them it seems...LOL But kafi time ho gaya... is ur leg in a brace, cast? kuch cast nothing...i had a crepe bandage at home...that i use to put it during day time ....kuch aur nahin toh desi crocin le lo... farak padh jaayega...yep...i did i am not taking it as my pain has very much reduced...Big smile
Aur aapko payment milti toh hai FF likhne gi... hum sab ke comments aur pyaar.. aur kya chahiye... LOL wo tho worth more than $sTongue

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get well soon

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Hi shumi di... Smile

Get well soon... Smile
do take rest first .. health cums first di... Smile
all ur fans are waiting eagerly for ur updates...
and all are waiting from past 1 months... Smile

get well soon & cum back wid a bang again.. Tongue
apke fans ki gud wishes hai... apke sath... Smile

update soon.. bt take care of ur health too...
missong ur ff a lot...

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Girls SORRY for my very very late updateOuch...i know by this time i might have lost my readers...Ouch...Sorry againOuch


on the same day ,chopda house:

it was dinner time. seema was serving dal roti to every one.

kunal: Tongue...he was staring at the roti in his plate... every thing was looking beautiful and perfect for him...every thing looked in a different angle with different meaning.all because of his over whelmed excitement after his confession ...he kept staring at the roti...he could see beauty in the roti too.

kunal:' pretty ...Tongue' he said looking at the roti.

seema:' pretty nahi... roti...Confused' she corrected him thinking that it may be his slip of the tongue.


seema: ' waise aap ko kab se roti pretty lagne lagi?Wink...wo bhi jali hue roti!...Confused' she asked kunal.

kunal:' seema...roti, pretty woman banaya hai tho pretty hi ho na chahi yeh na?...Tongue' he buttered her to cover up his stupidity.


raveena:' waise aaj kal bhiya bahut kush nazar aa rahi hai...hai na?...Tongue' raveena added her comments on him.

kunal:'haan hai...tho?Approve'the way he answered surprised seema.

seema:' tho...kuch tho hai...Big smile'

kunal:' come on ladies...don't make kuch kuch from kuch nahi...Embarrassed' he blabbered.


kunal:'wo foD'oh... i am done with my dinner...Blushing'to hide his blushing cheek he left the dinning table and went to his room.

while going to his room he undone top few buttons of his shirts, threw his slippers from his feet in different direction and slipped on the bed staring at the ceiling.he don't even wanted to change himself in to his night wear...his feelings were indescribable...felt as if he was complete...he don't need anything else in the world.....he closed his eyes as if he wanted to hold on those amazing feelings within him for ever.

when he lazily opened his eyes the sun has already raised. he got up with the same laziness and sat on the bed as usual ,turned to his left and looked at the window...behind the screen he could see the raising was a new day for him! he grabbed his towel , came out of his room running his hand through his hair to fix them.

seema:' bhiya chai...Smile' she said from the kitchen.

kunal:' after shower!...Approve'

seema:' after shower!Confused...' she looked at him with wonder. she knew kunal never get down from his bed without having his bed was one of his bad habits which he can't change. when he came back to his room after his shower , seema followed him with hot tea.

seema:'bhaiya...Big smile' she stood with tea cup.

kunal:' keep it on the table...Confused' he was busy looking in to his wardrobe.

seema:'thandi ho jaye ge...Confused'she advised him.

kunal:' no worry...' he grabbed few shirts from the wardrobe and threw them on the bed.

seema:Confused...are you going for a party?...' she said looking at the shirts scattered on the bed.almost his whole wardrobe was on the bed.

kunal:'wo fo seeema...Disapprove' he pulled left out shirts from the wardrobe.

'patha nahi bhiya ko kya hogaya?Unhappy...kal se confused lug rahe hai...Confused' she went out confused.

her thought was right...indeed kunal was     confused...couldn't decide which shirt to wear to office.till yesterday the thing which he gave lease important, today he was much worried about it.' shall i wear this?Confused ...' he took his favorite plain sky blue dress shirt from the bed.' nahi...yeh tho mere mann pasand hai...i should wear her favorite...which is her favorite colour?...' he started thinking...he remembered her wearing pink and yellow colours more often...' eww...i don't want to wear pink or yellow shirt and look girlish...'Disapprove he discarded that thought.

' fine ...white tho sab ka favorite hota hai...' basic white top gave the solution to him. he  took out his white tuxedo shirt and american eagle jeans. to give his outfit stylish look he wore a blue and white nylon webbing ribbon belt and blue canvas high top shoes.he stood in front of the mirror, admired his look and outfit.' for sure siddhi will like me...Confused' he was confused to chose between ' it' and 'me' ,with slight body spray, got ready to go to office.

when he reached office neither siddhi was present nor ritcha. he looked at his wrist watch. it was 5 to 9am...soon he could hear the ascending foot steps...he could recognize was ritcha's.

richa:'tum  aagaye ?Smile' she entered questioning him.

kunal:' Smile...' he was yet to go to his seat.

ritcha:' kunal...what was wrong with you?Angry what nonsense you did?Shocked'  she was asking about his drunk and drive.


ritcha:' rohit told me...khud ek bade lawyer ho...and you didn't abide any traffic ruleShocked... unbelievable...Angry'


ritcha:'lo yeh aagaye...Angry' she said looking at siddhi entering the office.

ritcha:' she is yet another crazy...tum dono ko kya higaya?Angry...' she yelled neglecting her look.

siddhi:Confused...' she could not get what ritcha was talking and looked at kunal.she was in her favorite plain baby pink chiffon saree and short sleeve matching blouse...just like a strawberry ice cream!

kunal:Smile ...instantly a cheekiy smile flashed on his face over shooting ritcha's lecture...a kind of drooling...! 

siddhi:Big smile she acknowledged him with a sly smile.

ritcha:'you guys are smiling?Shocked...what is wrong with you?Confusedimpossible!Angry... whatever!Disapprove...' she went to her seat.siddhi and kunal too went to their respective seats with the ' ouch!' expression on their face.

ritcha:' i am going to the central jail to meet my client...chalo mere saat...Angry' she said gathering the required files.

siddhi:' abhi?...Unhappy' she asked looking at kunal.

kunal: he face palmed.

ritcha:' haan ...abhi...any problem?Angry...' she is still in annoyed mood.

siddhi:'nahi...Disapprove...' soon she joined her. while going out with ritcha, siddhi did not care to turned back and look at kunal.

irritated kunal got up from his seat fuming...' yeh siddhi bhi na...can't she turn back and say bye to me?...she use to do that when i was not expecting it...when i use to avoid her. now when i am expecting she is not...hard to understand her...Ouch' he went to ritcha's desk carrying his upset mood.

while ritcha was walking fast in the corridor siddhi followed her.

siddhi:' ritcha ji...Smile'

ritcha:'what...Approve' she did not stop.

siddhi:' wo...mai...i left my note pad...Disapprove' without out much built up she said her negligence. 

ritcha:'argh!...ithna bhi tumai patha need note pad to write down client's statements...go and bring...Angry' she said in a yelling tone.


ritcha:' i will be waiting in the parking lot...come soon...Angry' she walked fast.

siddhi:' Big smile..ji...' she ran back to her office.

kunal was standing near ritcha's desk facing his back towards the exit door, searching  for some file.suddenly he felt someone's hand on his was unexpected...he was surprised! and  dropped the file on the table with a thud! 

' did you miss me?Tongue...' siddhi whispered in his ear from back...his whole body tingled as sudden,...after letting out a slow and shaky breath he grabbed her from the side ...pulled her close to him... hugged her to his chest...she was like bunch of  pink roses in his hug...he looked at her face ...enjoy looking at  her face with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

siddhi:' did you miss me?Tongue'  she asked again wrapping  her hands around his neck as a lose hug.

kunal:' should i?...Wink' he asked her teasingly.


kunal:' yeh sawaal tho meri taraf se hona chahiyeh...right?...Tongue...'he slipped down his arms and wrapped  around her waist.he looked awfully good in his crisp white shirt and extravagantly wide shoulders...his acqua Di Gio influenced on her and made her incline more close to his chest... he gripped his hug...and leaned towards her face... his warm breath tickled her nose...his gaze trailed down the graceful curve of her neck and his manly lips urged to meet her's...he gazed in to her eyes asking for permission...

siddhi:' Approve...'she self controlled and placed her index finger vertically on his lips as her denial. ultimately he full filled his desire slightly kissing her finger.

siddhi:' Big smile...if i don't go now , ritcha ji will come in search of me...' she came out of his hug.

kunal:' Smile...he liked the way she checked him. 

siddhi:' bye.....' she ran out waving her hand.

' few minutes before i was irked , for siddhi not saying bye to me where as she pleasantly surprised me by making a come back , especially to say byeTongue ... always she is one step ahead of me, in spite of younger than me...Tongue' he went to his seat with the file.

around 4pm:

siddhi came back with ritcha after visiting central jail. she went and fall on her seat as she was damn tired and so ritcha.kunal was winding off his work.after relaxing for few seconds siddhi took her cell and text-ed kunal. kunal looked at his mobile which was kept on his table and read the text message without taking it in hand!

' i am going now...'

kunal grabbed the cell and text-ed her back:

'ok '


' what ok? too come...'


' what?Confused '


' why what?...'

while she was texting rohit came in.

siddhi:' tum!Tongue...' involuntarily she got up from her seat and went to him in haste leaving the cell on the table.yesterday as soon as kunal left her house the first thing she did was to call she could not reach him she text messaged him about kunal's confession.

rohit:' hi sidd...Big smile' he said hi looking at siddhi. 

siddhi:' hi...Tongue'with doubt she looked at kunal and hold on her steps which were hurried to move  forward towards rohit.

kunal:' Approve...he calmly came out of his seat with a no objection smile.

rohit:' i am happy for you...Big smileHughe hugged her... a side to side cordial hug!

siddhi: 'thanks...Embarrassed...Hug'

ritcha:' happy for her! Confused...for what?Confused' she asked rohit.

rohit:' congratulations KC sir...Big smile' he congratulated kunal neglecting ritcha's question.

kunal:' thanks...Smile' he joined them with a smile.

rohit:' i am not going to say sorry for being rude to you , at times...Approve' he teased him.

siddhi:'why not?Angry...' she interfered.

rohit: ' because...bad deeds with good intentions were not considered as bad deeds...Wink' he winked.

ritcha:' what are you talking?...i don't understand...Confused'

rohit:' better not...LOL...' he said to ritcha.

rohit:' it is going time now...' he said looking at his wrist .

siddhi:'Approve...she looked at kunal asking him to come with her.

rohit:' no need a invitation for himLOL...automatically he will follow you...' he smirked and he was right. kunal has already completed his work as he was sitting alone in the office from the morning and ready to go.

ritcha:'  half an hour more for the office hours to end...Disapprove' she disapproved.

rohit:'di...let her go ...Smile' he force her.

siddhi:Disapprove she looked at ritcha.

rohit:'don't look at her...she will say no to youLOL...'by force he send them out.

ritcha: ' what is happening here?...Confused'  she asked looking at kunal and siddhi going out together.

rohit:'they are in relationship...Smile'  he said looking at siddhi going with KC.

ritcha:'what!!!...Shocked'she had a strong stoke.

rohit:' that is why i told you not to ask... '

ritcha: '...and you helped themAngry ...i can't believe come you do that ? know i like him from my college days...Ouch' she started with high angry tone and ended in a low , helpless and pain filled pitch.

rohit:' di...Ouch...' he too felt sorry for her and came to her desk convincingly.


rohit:'di ...try to understand...KC never had that type of liking towards you...'

ritcha:' how come you do that to me?Cry...' she was stuck up in that question and repeatedly asked the same to him.

rohit:'... you know what? better to marry someone who loves you rather than someone whom you love... vineet likes you from his childhood...Smile'

ritcha:' don't teach me...DisapproveCry'she said angrily wiping her tears.


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part -27

bombay bandra road:

for the past 20 minutes kunal was driving according to siddhi's instruction...

kunal:'ab tho bolo where are we going...?Confused' he has no clue about her directions and has no patient to know where they were going.

siddhi:'right lo...' 

kunal:'Confused...' he did.

siddhi:'bas... enough...Big smile' she told to park.

kunal:'yahan!?Shocked ...yeh tho bombay ka slum hai!Disapprove...' he stopped hesitantly.

siddhi:'yep...dharavi slum!...yahan hamai kisi se milna hai...Smile' she got down from the car.

kunal:'hamai?Shocked...mai tho yahan kisi ko nahi jaanta...Confused' he too got down doubtfully with least interest.

siddhi:' mai jaanti hunSmile...'

' omg! siddhi's relatives lives here!Shocked...'he wondered with disgust.

siddhi:' chalo...Smile' she walked forward with out any hesitation as if it was her usual walk way.

kunal:' ewww...i don't want to come in to the slum...disgusting...Disapprove'he refused and stopped.

siddhi:Disapprove...she too stopped with him and looked upset.

kunal:' teek hai...ab tum ja rahi ho tho mai bhi chalungana...Ouch' he agreed half heartedly raising his nose for the sake of siddhi.

look at the dharavi slum !Ouch

kunal simply followed her closing his mouth and nose together with his left hand, without knowing what is she up to. siddhi too closed her mouth and nose to avoid the stink...they walked in to narrow dirty lanes, open sewers and cramped huts... children in the street playing with the mud...gents bathing outdoors ...ladies cooking outside in earthen stoves ...some were obtaining water from hand-drawn wells...teen aged boys squatting down and playing cards and marbles ...all these were first experience for kunal...he looked at them with aversion. he never expected that his first date with siddhi will be this hateful...he walked carefully looking down to avoid stamping on fresh cow dung and poop.

kunal:' yuck!Dead...shall we go back...Disapprove'he asked her in a requesting tone.he was nauseated... it was impossible for him to go ahead.

siddhi:' Unhappy...' her face instantly became sad.

kunal:' fine...don't make face...i am coming...Approve'he again agreed with her. tried to make his impossible to possible just for her.

siddhi:' thanks Big smile...'she gently slide her palm in to his free hand to sooth him , realizing his awful feeling... but she wanted him to go through it.

kunal:'pleasure is all mine...Wink' he said looking his hand in to hers draining out his disgust feeling.

after crossing all those ...siddhi stood in front of a hut made up of mud walls with tin roofing.

siddhi:' maa ji...maajiii...Big smile' as there was no door for that house siddhi stood out side calling maaji.a piece of  old gunny was hanging at the entrance as a screen.

kunal:' kun maa ji?...Confused' he looked at her with per his knowledge siddhi has no parents. then who is this maa ji? Confused...'

siddhi:'shayad sunaye nahi diya...come inside...Smile' she bend down watching her head and entered the one corner of the hut a old lady was lying on a charpoi (traditional hand-made bed) covering with a old tore cotton saree.

' tum!Smile...' that old lady strained herself to get up and greet them.

siddhi:'kaise ho?Big smile...' without any hesitation she went and sat beside her on the charpoi and the lady fall back on the cot.

old lady:' teek hun...aur yeh ...Confused' she shrunk her face and tried to look at kunal.

old lay:' yeh tho wo saab nahi haiConfused...' she tried to identify kunal with rohit.

siddhi:'...yeh kunal hai...Blushing'

kunal:' Confused...he was standing few feet away from the cot with a confused state trying to digest the surroundings.

old lady:Confused

siddhi:' inn ki hi gaadi se aap takragaye thi...Ouch'

kunal:' whaaat?Shocked...' he felt as if his cerebellum was hammered.instantly he understood why siddhi dragged him by force to this hut.

siddhi:' you recognized her? you will notOuch...yehi wo hamare gadi se takra gayeh te...' she told kunal looking at him.he was utterly shocked...he never expected that.

kunal:' what!Shocked...' he was completely forget about that incident. after the accident his mind was focusing on his bail papers, siddhi  and his confession.never thought about the person on whom he drew his come he be so irresponsible and inhuman? he felt ashamed of himself.

kunal:'...maaf kar na...Ouch' he said with deep regret ,stepping few more steps close to her.


kunal:' mai bahut sharminda hun...Ouch' he too sat on the edge of the cot beside the lady as a action of repenting.

old lady:' galati meri thi...mera dhiyaan sadak par nahi tha...Ouch' while she was saying a 19 year young girl entered the hut.

old lady:' bas issi kay baare mein har waqt sooj ti raha thi hun...srif iss ka hi fikr raha tha hai...Cry' she cried looking at her only daughter anmol...a young widow!

anmol:' namaste...Unhappy' she wished them with a pained filled smile. she was like a marble statue wrapped in a rag...with a charm and purity on her face!

siddhi:' maaji...hum anmol ka khayal rak henge...if she want to continue her studies we can sponsor her...i mean he can...Big smile' she pointed was her pre plane.

kunal:' sure...Big smile' he agreed with siddhi wholeheartedly and surprised with her wise suggestion.doesn't look like spontaneous one.

kunal:' siddhi...her hospital bills...Ouch' he slightly leaned towards siddhi and whispered to her in spite of knowing, he was too late to worry about it.

siddhi:' no worry ...rohit paid them...Smile' she too whispered.

old lady: ' yeh...Confused' she raised her doubt looking at the way kunal's compactness with her.

siddhi:' yeh? Approve...pati tho nahi hai...par hojayen ge inshallah...Tongue' she said with excitement.


siddhi:LOL...giggled at the way he got embarrassed.

siddhi:' maa ji ...ab hum chal te hai...' she got up from the cot and so kunal.before leaving the hut kunal took out his valet from his jeans pocket , grabbed few 500 rupees bill and gave to anmol.

anmol:' Ouch...nahi bhaiya...' she refused to take.

siddhi: ' bhiya kehati ho...fir kyu jhijhak ?...le lo...maa ji ko achchi aahaar ki zarurat hai...' she insisted her.

anmol: ' thanks...Big smile' she said from  the tip of her tongue and took the bills from him.

kunal:' can speak english.!..Big smile'

anmol:' i have passed my plus 2 Big smile...'

kunal:'oh i seeBig smile... no worry soon i will make arrangement for your college the way as of now what are you doing?Smile' he asked her with concern.

anmol:'accident kay wajai se maa kaam nahi karsakti...iss leyeh unn ka kaam mai karti hun...' she explained her situation.

kunal:'kaam! ...kya kaam?Confused' he asked with doubt.

anmol:' house maid...Unhappy'


anmol:Ouch ...'

kunal:' de kho...mere bhai kay do bachche hai...they need a tutor...i wish you come home and tutor them...' he gave her the offer.

siddhi:' wow...kunal...that will be very best ...Big smile'

kunal:' thanks...Approve' he said to siddhi.

anmol:' thanks...Smile' she said to kunal with the same accent.

kunal:'don't be very happy...ishaani and anokhi  are very naughty...Big smile'

anmol:' Big smile...'

siddhi:Big smile...shall we move...'

kunal: ' sure...Big smile

(girls... if at all i continue my ff i will show this anmol as rohit's love interest... Wink)

siddhi and kunal came out of the hut with heart-free happy feelings. while walking through the nasty lanes kunal hold siddhi's hand...slide his palm in to hers and locked his fingers with hers.

siddhi: Confused...she looked at him with a concerned question.

kunal:' yeh sab tum kaise karleti ho?Big smile...' he looked at her with wonder.

siddhi:'what is there to wonder?...yeh tho srif insaniyat hai...koi mahaan ta nahi...Smile' she enjoyed walking with him holding his hand.

kunal:' ek baat kahun?Tongue...'

siddhi:'umm...Big smile'

kunal:'tum bahut achi ho...Tongue' he slightly pulled her hand which jerked her more close to him. the slum people drooled with their dropped jaws looking at the beautiful couple walking hand in hand  in their dirty lanes. 

 andheri kurla road:

' where she is taking me now?' with that thought kunal was driving through andheri kurla road.

siddhi:' aur thoda aage...Tongue' when she told him to drive ahead , this time he did not asked her 'where they are going ?'

after a quite long drive siddhi told him to park.they were at a looking distance of  powai lake!

kunal:' powai lake!...Tongue' he parked near the powai , a huge artificial  and picturesque lake situated in the northern suburbs of mumbai.

powai lake view!Tongue

siddhi:'...Tongue' she got down from the car and walked along the lake.after getting out of that puking slum kunal felt , a walk through the lake is very refreshing and made him feel was a peaceful and soothing walk.

kunal:' very smart...Big smile' he appreciated siddhi for bringing him there.

siddhi:' i should beWink...?' 

kunal:' oh really!...LOL'

siddhi:' nahi tho tum jaise khadoos ko kaise pata thi?...LOL' she said proudly moving her front bang from her fore head.

kunal:' truly very smart...LOL'

siddhi:' tho pehla waala untrue tha?...Disapprove...' she tried to move away from him showing her false anger.

kunal:'LOL...' he grabbed her wrist and pulled her close to him, without any hesitation put his arm around her shoulder and held her close to him as if he don't want her to let her go even a centimeter away from him. as it was late evening and the climate was too cool she wanted that warmth of him and loved to be so close to him.they wandered lazily laughing and smiling around its bank enjoying the natural beauty of the place and the good feeling of each other...they never realize that they are in the midst of the crazy city with a population of more than 17 million.

kunal:'you know what siddhi?Big smile...i have come to this place many times all alone... it is a place where i can sit and chill down, think and be with myself ...but today...the feeling is absolutely different...i am loving it...Tongue' he said .

after a long walk they both sat on the grass folding their legs up...playing with the green grass...gazing at the lake view....the bronze winged jacanas and indian pond herons flushed ...a fringe of water hyacinth clung to the shore...plenty of house crows and black kites, chasing each other ...a kite on the post gazing intently at the water to catch a water snake... birds too seemed to liked the weather and they were busy mating.

siddhi:' Embarrassed Blushing...' she blushed looking at a pair of birds in courtship.

kunal: ' LOL...have you not seen these before?...' he asked looking at her.

siddhi:Blushing...i have...par isn't it grouse?...Confused'

kunal:' siddhiiiBig smile...those who are in love...for them it is a beautiful fact it is a blessing...yep , for those who are not in love is grouse...' 

siddhi:' i don't get it...Confused'

kunal:'forget about it...when you get marry you will get it...'

siddhi:'excuse meAngry...when I get marry?...Angry'

kunal:' i mean when WE get marry...LOL' he corrected the error from his statement.when she said about their marriage he immediately remembered some thing and interpreted her.


kunal:'waise siddhi ...muje unn se mil na hai...Approve' he said in hurry as if he don't want to forget it again.

siddhi:' unn se ! kin se?Confused

kunal:' tumhara mangetar se...Smile'

siddhi:' Ooo! unnn se...LOL' she giggled sarcastically.

kunal:' i feel sorry for him Ouch...i should say sorry to him...Ouch' he said seriously  regretting  sincerely.

siddhi:' say the sorry to meTongue...i will pass on to that unpad taklu...LOL'

kunal:' sorry...i should not have referred him like that...Ouch'

siddhi:' never mind...never mind...LOL'she said in hurry.

kunal:' don't you mind?Confused...he is your would be...Disapprove'

siddhi:' tho...aap kun ho?...Angry'


siddhi:LOL...waise don't owe sorry to any one...Wink'

kunal:'Confused it is ok...i can...Disapprove'

siddhi:' koi  unpad taklu ho ga thab na...LOL'

kunal:' what!Shocked...' he was shocked.

siddhi:LOL...she chuckled.

kunal:' what are you saying?Angry that day anand and raveena came to you...right?...' 

siddhi:'LOL...yep they came to me and we had our get together at juhu beach along with rohit...LOL' while she was narrating her cell was her kapil bhiya.

kunal:Angry..even though he got angry that  he was tricked by them with a false engagement act  he was relieved that there was no such thing happened.

siddhi:'haan bhiya...'LOL she was still in laughing mood.

kapil:' siddhi...where are you...?Confused' he asked with worry.

siddhi:' bhiya i went to anmole's house along with KC sir...Big smile'


siddhi:'...i am coming...Smile'

kunal:' it is getting dark...let us go...'he said looking at the sky and the clouds. they got up from the grass...started walking towards their car parking dusting their hands.

siddhi:' aap bhutta khayen gaye?Tongue' she drooled at a road side vendor roasting fresh corns on fire.

kunal:'Disapprove...' instantly his face shrunk when he looked at the man who was roasting corn in a cart.

siddhi:'i know won't...D'oh...' she said looking at his face expression.

look at the road side corn cab:Tongue

kunal:'...Approve...bhiya...ek bhutta de dena...' he went to the cart and asked for a roasted corn.

siddhi:'masale waala...Tongue' she added her choice to the cart waala and said thanks to kunal.

the cab man quickly peeled a fresh sweet corn, removed the husk , roasted it on the slow fire...soon after roasting rubbed with a coat of  fresh lemon juice , salt and chat masala...placed the hot roasted corn in its green husk along with the left out lemon piece and gave it to siddhi.

siddhi:' wow...Tongue' her mouth watered while holding the hot masala  corn along with the sour lemon...

look at the road side roasted corn!

siddhi:'Tongue...' she held the corn horizontally by holding its stem and the tip with her both hands...had a small bite of it from one corner... got the sweetness of corn and kick of the lemon-salt-spicy chat masala rub! 

siddhi:' aap..Tongue' she showed to kunal.

kunal:' i think it is very hot...later on...' he said no to her indirectly.

siddhi:' Tongue...' she did not mind him...busy looking and admiring her corn.the people standing near the corn cab started staring at her.which made kunal impatience.

kunal:'ab may rain at any time...Big smile' both started walking towards their car...just before they reach it started drizzling.

kunal:' get in...Smile' he opened the door for her. as soon as she got in to it he slammed the door , went around and got in to his seat.

kunal:' close the window...Smile' as it was drizzling he told siddhi to raise the glass window and he too closed his side widow.

siddhi:' uuufff...fffuuu...Tongue...' she was busy blowing air on the roasted corn, with her mouth to cool down the corn. kunal fixed his seat belt and looked at her expecting that she too might have put up her belt. but no...she was in her best try to bite the corn. the way she was eyeing the corn,...her disturbed front bang playing on her cheek ... her thin lips formed a O shape while blowing air on the corn...she was looking too cute ...admirable and attractive... kunal glued at her admiringly... loved her gesture...he could not take off his eyes from her and kept looking at her constantly.

siddhi:'issa kya dek rahe ho?Big you want to try...Tongue' she showed the corn to her.

kunal:' seat belt baand lo...Tongue' he reminded her.

siddhi:' can't you see i can't...Ouch...please aap hi baand diji ye na...' the way she requested childishly he could not deny...had no reason to avoid.

kunal:'Big smile...kabhi kabhi lagta hai tum meri teacher ho...mai nahi...LOL' with a smile he undone his seat belt so that he can freely lean towards her to fix her seat belt.

siddhi:' haa!Tongue...kaash mai hoti!Day Dreaming...tumari waat laga you remember  you gave me 2 out of 20...Angry'

kunal:'LOL... of course...LOL' he laughed out loud and leaned towards her ...put his arm across her chest with modesty...pulled out the belt from her shoulder side to fix it beside her hip...while he was attempting...

siddhi:' Aaa!...Ouch' she put down the corn and yelled with pain.

kunal:' kya hua?Shocked...' he immediately took off his hand from the belt before fixing it ...

siddhi:' Haa!...burning...Cry'...she said licking her lower lip with brimming tears in her roasted corn burnt her lips! she looked at kunal ...her lower lip turned red as it was burnt...

kunal:' Ouch Confused...' he looked at her helplessly and looked around in search of tissue paper or water, but he could not find.

siddhi:' paani...Cry' she muttered.looking at her pain he moved closed to her with the intention to help her...she turned towards him ...gazed upon his face with brimming tears in her eyes...her un shed tears stir his heart ! 

kunal:' siddhi...Ouch'he gently touched her lip with his finger tip.

siddhi:'aaa ouch!Ouch...' her pain filled cry pushed him to incline more towards her ...close to her face...his lips were at a rubbing distance from hers...she looked in to his what he was about to...she kept looking up at him and smiled a little...she knew what was about to happen...he leaned forward ...she remembered the way she checked him in the morning...this time she did not interrupt him as she needed him...she gently placed her hand on his shoulder as a sign to agree with him...keeping the eye contact he slide his right hand  over her waist ... butterflies did somersault in her stomach ...he grabbed her close to him...leaned in...they were like opposite poles of two strong magnets...slightly tilted his head to the right ... his lips gently and deliberately met hers... fulfilling their long pending desire ...she moved her lips over his to put off the burning sensation of her lips...that unexpected intimate moment made  both of them ecstatic with their pounding heart beat.she slowly closed her eyes to take that pleasurable moment cooperate with him she moved her fingers from his shoulder his back ...up to his neck...thin long fingers moved in to his hair... the tiny hair on the nape of his neck rose...chillness of her tender fingers passed threw his spine to reach his small brain and made him go crazy...the intensity increased! they demanded more... siddhi clenched his collar to make him realized that they should stop right there...they slowly released from their arms...back to their seats.

kunal:'hamai jaldi se shadi karlena chahiye...we can't live like this any more...Embarrassed' said fixing back his seat belt.

siddhi:Blushing...she too realized he was right.

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Well Shumiji,
Hope you are feeling better now.

not a girl but always enjoyed your FFLOL. since it has been long from last update, I read all the parts few times. Loved your update, especially office romance. i hope you continue on that part as much as possible.

Finally you have someone for your sweetuLOL
loved how you mixed romance and responsibility in part - 27. looking forward to more. what can i say, "dil mange more"

keep up the good workClap

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