Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

FF: Mera Ishq Sufiyana-II ! NOTE on pg-50 (Page 22)

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Shumi - finally read both the parts. Awesome as always. So when is the next update coming out? Waiting for this Kunal to confessTongue

Eid Mubarak to you and your family! Big smile

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Hi shumi di Smile

di kab update karoge eagerly waiting... Day Dreaming
plz update soon na... Big smile

Waiting for updates of ur mera ishq sufiyana... Smile

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Hi shumi di
waiting for updateDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by fasa

Hi shumi di
waiting for updateDay Dreaming

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shattered kunal wiped his tired red rimmed eyes one last time, took a deep relaxing breath and got up from the bed...wore a random shirt and a jeans , fixed his damp hair , collected his cell phone and car key from the table and came out of his room.

seema:' bhaiya breakfast ready...Smile' she said from the kitchen.

kunal:' nahi...i don't want to...Ouch' he said lacing his shoe.

seema:' don't want to!Confused...lunch box tho lelo...Smile' she came running from the kitchen with the hot pack.

kunal:' nahi ...Ouch' he said the same folding his sleeves up.

seema:' nahi chahi ye!Confused...' she was confused about his continuous nahi.

kunal:' i may come home early...Disapprove'with a shaky breath he slipped through the door way and made his way down the steps.

seema:'Confused...' she stood still looking at him going out.' sab teek tho hai na?Unhappy' she asked to herself.

kunal walked towards the parking with heavy heart thinking so many things in his mind...humid morning air hit his face trying to cool him down.looks like , it may rain at any time.

even though he couldn't concentrate much on road ,he safely reached his office  few minutes before time. siddhi was standing in front of the book shelf , facing her back to the exit door,searching for some law book . as soon as he saw her his emotions out burst. his helplessness agony of loosing her turned out as anger.with his two wide steps kunal reached her, grabbed her upper arm and turned her towards him with force.

siddhi:' aap!  Shocked Ouch...' she turned abruptly.for a second her feet lost the balance and she looked at him with her sleek feet.

kunal:' what is wrong with you?Angry...' he  yelled trying to keep his tone as low as possible.

siddhi:' exactly...what is wrong with you...?Confused...' she asked looking at his hand holding her arm.she looked annoying in his tight hold.

kunal:' tumai engagement karne ki ithne bhi kya jaldi thi?...Disapprove' he asked looking deeply in to her eyes.his voice was filled with hurt.

siddhi:Unhappy...she has no answer for him.

kunal:'unpad taklu se sagai kar ne ki kya zaroori thi?Angry...'he pierced her with his anger filled eyes.

siddhi: ' i don't think i owe to answer your questions...' she said reluctantly with her cool tone.

kunal:'ridicules...Angryhe snapped at her.

siddhi:'you better take off your hand from me...mai ab kisi aur ki hun...Disapprove' she tried to pull her arm from him.

kunal:' damn it...Ouch..' he left her arm.her statement '..mai ab kisi aur ki hun...' hurt him the core.

siddhi:' yehi book hai na?...this is what you were searching isn't it?Smile..' forcing a weak smile on her face she placed a big fat law book in his hand looking at the door way.

' hi...Smile' ritcha enter with a common hi to both kunal and siddhi.

kunal: Ouch Angry...without caring ritcha's entry he threw the book on siddhi's table and walked away leaving her with a bewilder look on her face.

' hi...Smile' ritcha said again.this time it was exclusively for kunal.

kunal:' ...see you later...Angry' he said clenching his teeth and without looking at her he walked out of the office suppressing his anger.

'is he not attending office? does he has any trial today?Confused' she asked siddhi looking at kunal going out.

siddhi:Ouch...she could understand to what extant kunal was hurt and shattered...but...she can't help him even if she wish to as he was too late.

kunal understood that his anger on siddhi is fact he may be one of the reason for siddhi's engagement with unpad taklu...due to frustration siddhi might have agreed for him.

his amazing experience of ' being in love ' had a short life.his love withered before it could bloom! he was left with nothing but the painful memory of all that happened for the past few months.he could not help to think that siddhi heading off in to her life with that bald man leaving him to drown in the memories of what they had by himself.constant thoughts burnt his heart down to the stomach.

' what a ill fate man i am! Ouchhow fate could do this to me?Angry...' deep with in him he knew he could't keep giving in to the pain he was some point he was going to stand up, dust himself off and move on.he will do that with the help of his family, but not yet was still too fresh, and he was just too weak at this point to even imagine moving on...'

' i would get better...i had to believe that...i need to believe that...
he stood for a while ...his heart burn with siddhi's reluctant behavior ..he has been on a slow burn.he wiped the sweat from his fore head walking aimlessly on the road. 

that day he did not turn up to office.from next day on wards kunal avoided talking with siddhi, almost stopped talking to her.never tried to look at her directly or indirectly. siddhi tried by all means to get his attention...all her attempts were failed.most of the time he was with his clients, away from the office. once in a day he made a quick visit to office just to look in to his day to day case file.ritcha was wondering about it. she was sure that some thing went wrong with him.

nothing went as he thought or planed. he felt like each passing day was more painful than the last.

it was friday again...end of hectic week!

around 1:30 pm,

ritcha went to meet the judge in his office,siddhi was sitting alone in her seat and eating her lunch ,when kunal walked in to the office.

siddhi:Tongue...she stopped eating and instantly said ' hi ' to him in a cheering tone.neglecting her ' hi ' kunal went to his desk and searched for the file he wanted.

while he was looking for the case file ritcha came back.

ritcha:' hi kunu...Big smile' she too was excited to see him.

kunal:' hi...Unhappy' he got the file and wanted to go out.

ritcha:' kunu...ruko...' she blocked his way.

kunal:' i have to go now...Disapprove'

ritcha:''you are not going...Angry

kunal:'my client is waiting...' he tried to over pass her.

ritcha:' oh really!Approve...' she smiled sarcastically.


ritcha:' siddhi...come here...' she called ...immediately siddhi went to them as if she was awaiting for that call.

ritcha:'kunal's client  is waiting in the visitors hall. go and talk to them and write down their complete case history...' her intention was to send siddhi out of the office so that she can have some personal talk with kunal.

siddhi:'sure...Smile' she went out with her note pad and pencil.

kunal:' no...i don't like others to talk to my client...Disapprove'he objected.

ritcha:' come on kunal don't say that.siddhi is a staff  here...'

kunal:Disapprove he couldn't refuse further. ritcha hold his wrist, took him to his seat and made him sit. she too sat beside him, gave few seconds to relax his mind and body.

ritcha:' tell me now...Smile'

kunal:' tell what?...Confused' he asked as if he don't understand her question.

ritcha:' what is bugging you?...what is your problem?Smile...' she took his hand in hers to comfort him.

kunal:' i am fine...Disapprove'

ritcha:'you are not fine...i can understand that...Ouch'

kunal:' issa kuch nahi hai...Unhappy'

ritcha:' issa hi know what day today?Smile...' she looked at him to get the answer.

kunal:Confused...he could not get her.the day he came to know siddhi got engaged he could not find the difference between day and night.every thing went dark for him.' what day today? 'he was less care about it.

ritcha:' today it is Aug 17th ...Tongue' she gave the clue. 

kunal:'Confused...'he looked confuse.still he could not connect her.

ritcha:' my birth day...Tongue'

kunal:Shocked Ouch ...he was dumbstruck.

ritcha:'...for the past 10 years you never forget to wish me on this day...Approve

kunal:'sorry...Ouch...' he said bluntly.

ritcha:'... this year you don't even remember it...Ouch'

kunal:'tch! sorry...Unhappy'

ritcha:' now tell me...what is troubling you?Smile...' she came to the same place where she started.

kunal:' i am fine...Disapprove'

ritcha:' firse jhoot...Angry'


ritcha:' fine...if you don't want to say don't say...atleast you can say birthday wishes to me ...right...Big smile'

kunal:' happy birthday ...Approve'

ritcha:' yahan nahi...we have arranged a party have to come and grace the party...'


ritcha:' say i will...Big smile'

kunal:' i will...' he said.

ritcha:' jab tak tum nahi aaogay i will not cut my cake...'

kunal:' mai jaunga tho na aaunga...Smile...'

ritcha:' sure...Big smile' she let him go.

that day evening:

thakral house was beautifully decorated with countless number of white & pink balloons and streamers.several gauzy baby pink and white curtains were hanging like sails to add more beauty. the table chairs were covered with pink and white satin cloths. looks pink and white were the colour theme of the party! 

look at the decoration!Tongue
an eye catching large pink & white three tier cake, topped with ruffled white and pink hand-made flowers was kept on a decorated table.the hall was crowed with guest .every one was in their best out fit trying to show that they are the best . ritcha was in one-shouldered backless baby pink full 'A' line skirt with fitted torso,without accessories ,awaiting for kunal to come.

rohit:' di i don't think he is going to come...Smile'he encouraged her to cut the cake.

ritcha:' he will come...Big smile...'she was confident. to add up her confident kunal entered with a fresh and soft pink rose bouquet.

ritcha:' i told you...Tongue' she said to rohit looking at kunal.

kunal:'sorry...held up in the traffic...Unhappy' he presented the bouquet with apology.he was in three piece white suit.looking cool in that white suit!

ritcha:' no worry Big smile...waiting for you is my pleasure...Big smile' she took him to the table where the cake was kept.soon her family and friends stood surrounding ritcha and sang the "Happy Birthday" song for her. she made a quick wish , blow out the candles. with the best wishes of family and friends ritcha cut the cake with a big happy smile.first piece of cake she fed to her beloved father thakral and her brother rohit.

ritcha:' kunal...tum lo...Tongue'when she tried to feed kunal ...

kunal:' thanks...Big smile'with a smile he took it from her in his hand.

ritcha:Ouch...' she was upset as she wanted to feed him.

kunal moved away from the crowd and stood aside eating cake.the party was on! the waiters moved around and served drinks to every one.

'hi...Smile' from no where siddhi came to him hesitantly.

kunal: ' hi...Big smile...'he very much expected her presence there , after all she is ritcha's employ and rohit's friend. she must have been invited from both side. 

siddhi:'Tongue...she was in  pure white fish cut lehenga and choli with lovely floral & paisley pattern and royal velvet fusion work . fascinating velvet patch white netted dupatta dripping from her right shoulder.she was wearing a  genuine cultured fresh water white pearl set with a beautiful luster and wonderful sparkle...looking like an angel!

kunal:' achchi lag rahi ho...Tongue' he complimented her .as it was a happy vocation he don't want to show his bitter feeling towards her in front of others.

siddhi:Big smile...'she did not say thanks instead a happy smile crept on her face and made her look more cute and kunal was keeping himself away from her for the past one week siddhi wondered what to speak. even she too don't want to spoil his mood.finally she thought of saying about her engagement to him.

siddhi:' wo mera engagement...Unhappy' she said licking the cake cream from her finger tips.

rohit:' hi sweety...Tongue'rohit interrupted with a bright was his first time calling her sweety! he was drunk!

kunal:Disapprove...he did not like his interruption and hated the way he called her sweety and his drunken state.

rohit:' chalo...Tongue...' he quickly snuck his hand closer and laced his fingers through hers.he began pulling her through the crowd ,walking with his unsteady feet, ignoring the stare from kunal.

siddhi:'Confused she too realise that he was over dosed with liquor.

the waiters moved around and served drinks to every one.kunal took a red wine cup from them...

kunal:Ouch Disapprove...his eyes constantly followed siddhi.

siddhi:Unhappy... Disapprove unfortunately she too happened to look at him. her mysterious look forced him to finished the wine in one go and searched for the waiter to get one more.

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he party was in full swing! the music was on ...the party organiser invited the guest to the dance that time kunal had gulped two more cups of red wine...frowning at siddhi and rohit.

rohit:'shall we dance?...Tongue

siddhi:Disapprove...Confused...'he took her silent as granted and grabbed her wrist.

rohit:'thanks ...Tongue' he took her to the dance bar. usual she obeyed him and followed him without knowing his intention.the dance bar was glommed with blue dim light and  was crowded with beautiful couples .siddhi stood confused looking here and there like a lost lamb, the crowed and the loud music suffocated her....and realized that she was under the intense watch of kunal.

rohit pulled her towards him, placed his left hand on siddhi's shoulder, hold her left hand with his right and started moving his body in the name of dance.

kunal:Angry ... infuriated kunal guzzled the red wine and searched for the server for another glass.

siddhi:Ouch...he made her twirled by holding her hand. 

kunal:Angry...his jaw clenched.he grabbed yet another wine glass from the server.

rohit:Tongue...while she was twirling she stopped her by placing his hands on her bare waist, between the gap of the lehanga chloli.

siddhi:' ...please rohit...Disapprove'she became nervous.she felt awkward and uncomfortable in his hold.

rohit:'  bear with me beauty...Tongue' he had a stupid attractive smirk on his face.

siddhi:' Ouch...' a tiny shiver slithered down her spine. she tried to take off his hand from her waist.

kunal:'Angry...anger effervescence from his stomach to throat. to put off that effervescence  he took a whole wine bottle from the server and gulped it.he felt as if it is affecting his sense more vigorously than his usual champagne.

siddhi:Ouch...she tried to pull away but he didn't let her.

kunal:Angry...his last thread of patient broke.he threw the wine bottle randomly and with his wide steps he dodged his way through the cluster bodies.the shattering sound of glass distracted ritcha and others too. she looked in the direction of kunal and understood that some thing went wrong or will soon go wrong. to avoid any disharmony in the function she followed kunal.with his unsteady feet he reached siddhi on the dancing floor and abruptly pushed her away from rohit. 

siddhi: Shocked...unexpected  siddhi wobbled on her loose feet.

rohit:'Shocked...' he grabbed her upper arm to stop her tripping.

rohit:'are you crazy?Angry..' he shouted at kunal.

siddhi:Ouch...for next few seconds she don't understand what happened to her and what is happening next to her.

kunal:' tumara dimaag kharab hogaya kya?Angry...can't you see he is drunk? Angry...and he is taking advantage of you...Angry'he growled at her. his eyes burnt her with the fury of his aggravation and agony.

rohit:'hahahaROFL...very called me drunk! look at you chopda sir! ...sharab mai tho aap bhi doobe hue hai...LOL' laughed mockingly.

kunal:Disapprove... he stood tilted to one side and  tried to see them squinting his eyes.

ritcha:'rohit...Shocked ...what is wrong with you?Angry don't you have manners? ' she interfered.

siddhi:Ouch she was held between rohit and kunal.

kunal:'...go to hell...Angry' he turned away and stormed out of the stage.

rohit:' wo tho mai jaunga hi...ROFL...' he mocked on his back.

siddhi:' Shocked...please rohit...Ouch' before she could complete her request rohit left his hold as if he was waiting for the right time to leave her.

rohit:' go now...KC sir ko tumari zaroori hai...Big smile' he let her go.

siddhi:Ouch...she rushed behind him.

ritcha:' kunal...Disapprove' she too tried to chase kunal as she don't want him to let the party and go with harsh feeling.

rohit:' di unn hey tumari zaroorat nahi thi, na hogi...Smile'

ritcha:' Ouchyou better don't talk...all because of dare you to drink in front of dad and me?Angry...'

rohit:'who said i am drunk?...'


rohit:' do pyaar karne walon ka milan kay leyeh mai ithna tho karsak ta hun...Tongue'

ritcha:' you are crazy...Ouch'

rohit:' yehi tho pyaar hai...Ouch' he said looking at siddhi following kunal.

siddhi left the party and walked fast towards the exit.

kunal:Broken Heart ...he held in that one tear that wanted to escape as he slammed open the exit door. it was entirely dark out side but the glowing moon made it easy for  him to see. ...he needed fresh air...he needed space...his hands began to shake as the events played over in his mind. it started drizzling...he ran his hand through his hair roughly. ' why was this happening to me?...why did i care?...why did it hurt so much?Ouch...' he stormed off till he reached the parking-lot.he could not walk as he wanted to...frequently tripped over on his own feet.

siddhi: 'kunal ruko...Disapprove'she followed him and tried to stop him.he remained deaf.

siddhi: 'kunaaal..Unhappy...'.she ran behind him

siddhi:Ouch ...' omg! how to convince him? am i going to handle his anger?Ouch' her stomach quaked at the mere thought of that.she was mentally chocked.

when siddhi was at few feet distance from him ,kunal reached his car , took the key from his pocket and tried to insert the key in the door,as he was intoxicated...he was unstable ... sway back and forth...struggled to open the door.

siddhi:'kunal...aap nashe mai can't drive...hum...hum taxi mai jayenge...i will call the cab...'

kunal:Disapprove...without caring her he kept on trying twisting the key over and over.

siddhi:'kunal...Unhappy' she tried to snatch the key from him. before she could ,the door opened , kunal got in to the driver seat .

siddhi:' kunal...don't go...Disapprove' she said tapping the glass window.he inserted the key into the ignition and twisted it to start the car. without further wasting time siddhi ran around the car , opened the other side of the door , jumped in and fall on the seat next to him...before she could close the door he started the car.

siddhi:' Shocked...kunaaal...' she pulled the door and shut it. in hurry pulled the seat belt and fixed it at her side to fasten her with the seat.within that time his car was out of thakral house main gate to the main road.

siddhi:' kunal...put up your seat belt...Ouch'

kunal:'Disapprove...' he did not care to.he was stoned faced.

siddhi:'aap ko kya ho gaya hai?Ouch...' she asked looking at him.

kunal:'Angry...' he did not care about traffic rules.he was driving like crazy.

siddhi:' jaisa aap samaj te hai issa kuch nahi hai...?' she tried to explain.

kunal:'Ouch...' it was raining out side. he was least bother to switch on the wipers to clean the front glass.

siddhi:' aap ko mere sagaye se takleef hai na?...mai sagaye tod dungi...aap gadi rokdiji yeh...Ouchshe thought he is angry with her but she doesn't know that he can't be angry with her.he is angry with him self for not able to keep himself away from her,can't resist himself when rohit was taking advantage of her innocence.

kunal:'Angry...he kicked the accelerate to let out his frustration.'kirrr...' with the sudden increased in speed the car skid on the wet tar road...some of the street lights were off due to the rain and other reasons.

siddhi:' ouch!...Ouch' her body shook in spite of  her seat belt and her head drooped over.

kunal:'Disapprove...the car went in zig zag.he was not  able to stay on the correct side of the road.

siddhi:' angry with rohit!Shocked...i will make him say sorry to you...' she figured out that he was provoked by rohit.she was apprehensive with his rash driving.

kunal:'Angry...' his arms are strength less. he could not hold the steering wheel firmly.he was sweating profusely and looking very haggard.he drove in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed.

siddhi:'don't you know drunk driving is dangerous and against the law?...Shocked'her throat went dry at his reckless driving.

kunal:'Disapprove...he drove in between two cars and had a narrow escape of dashing with them.

siddhi:'Shocked ...for god sake gadi roko...'she screamed , with shiver  tried to hold the steering wheel to stop him.

kunal:'Disapprove...'he adamently turned the steering wheel opposite to her hold.

siddhi:'Shocked Shocked ...kunaaal...' she saw a big truck right in front approaching them with high speed with its giant head lights flashing directly on them.she was sure that in no time their car is going to crash with that heavy vehicle.
kunal:Shocked...he too realised that and tried his level best to change the direction to avoid the accident, but failed...

siddhi:' kunaal...Angry Shocked' she saw her death very close. she felt as if her heart dove in to her stomach.she grabbed his upped arm , buried her face on his shoulder and closed her eyes tightly.

siddhi: Shocked...when she opened her eyes she saw the truck passing over and the driver yelling at them.

siddhi:' ek pal kay leyeh bhi aap mujhse pyaar kiya ho tho...wo pyaar ka wasta hai...gadi roko...Ouch'

kunal:Ouch...' even tho he was drunk he can't deny his love to her.he suddenly kicked on the break pedal...with a harsh sound his car changed its path and stopped abruptly hitting on a old lady.

kunal: Disapprove...'as he was not wearing seat belt his body threw forward and his head banged with the steering wheel.he felt as if his brain was shaken and his head spun!

siddhi:Shocked took few seconds for siddhi to realise the things.she looked at kunal lying senselessly on the steering wheel and the hit and run lady in front of their car.without thinking much she jumped out of the car , ran around and opened kunal's side car door and pulled him out. 

siddhi:' kunal get down...Unhappy' she pulled his arm with all her force and dragged him out. 

kunal: Confused  Ouch ...'he fall on the car door and tried to stand with his sleek legs.she rapidly put her hand in his pant pocket, took out his valet, grabbed his business card from it while kunal was swinging on the open door.soon she stopped a pass by empty auto...every thing she did it in lightning speed.

siddhi:' bhai saab.,.. inn hey iss pate pe chod di jiye...Ouch' along with his business car she gave him a  two 1000 rupee bills , 20 time that of his regular charge.

auto driver: Shocked...' he looked at the 1000 rupee bills and the lady laying in blood pool.

siddhi:' mai ne ambulance ko call kardiya hai...Ouch' she said reading auto drivers mind and pushed kunal in side the auto.he abruptly fall on the seat.

kunal:' siddhiOuch...tum bhi aao na...Confused' he hold her wrist.

siddhi:' Ouch... bangle slipped from her wrist and scattered on the road as the auto started running.he was still under the influence of alcohol. couldn't realize what is happening to him and in the surrounding. 

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next day it was saturday.

chopda house:

kunal woke up with a headache and he knew he could not go back to sleep. yawning away his morning sleepiness he threw the warm covers aside and got up stretching out his sore limbs.not only his head, he felt the pain in his whole body.

'lag ta hai kal kuch ziyada hi hoga yaDisapprove...'  he ran one of his hand over his faceand shocked to feel a big bump on his fore head.

kunal: ' gumda!Shocked ...kal kisi se takkar leli kay?Confused...ouch! it hurts...Ouch' he came out of his room with aching body.

raveena:' anand...see this newsShocked...' she came screaming and running to the hall.she was in panic.

kunal:' subha subha  chilla kyun rahi ho? head is hurting...issa kya news pad leya tum ne...haan?Confused' he asked raveena.without replying him raveena ran to anand.

anand:'kya hua?Smile...' he was sitting in a couch and enjoying his morning milk tea.

raveena:' read this...sii...siddhi got arrested in an road accident case...Disapproveshe stammered.

anand:' koi aur siddhi ho ge...' he said reluctantly sipping the hot tea from the cup.

kunal:' seema...mere chai dedo...' he said to seema looking at her , went and sat on the sofa beside anand.

raveena: 'nahi is our siddhi...siddhi malikOuch...uss ka photo bhi hai...Shocked

anand :' what! Shocked...' he kept the tea cup on the table,jumped up from the couch and snatched the paper from her hand.

anand:' impossible...Shocked' he said looking at siddhi's photo in the news paper.

raveena:'...Shocked' she stood awestruck.

anand:' she is in oshiwara police station...Shocked' he fast fast skimmed the news.

kunal:Confused...his mind was still ideal.nothing went in to his mind.

raveena: ' accident wahin hua hai...Shocked'

anand:' omg! i am going...Shocked' he threw the paper on the couch.

seema:' bhiya...chai...' she came with streaming aavin milk tea.

raveena:' let me also come...Ouch...'

kunal:Confused...his mind was still inactive.nothing went in to his mind.

anand:' nahiDisapprove...police station is not a place to picnic...i will call rohit...he can help us because his father is a famous layer...he has influence too...'

raveena:' waise bhi we can't do anything...we have not yet completed our law degree...results are yet to come...Disapprove' she said to herself looking at anand running out.

while drinking tea kunal looked at the news paper.he kept the tea cup and took the the siddhi's news page was kept open it caught his sight .when he visually looked at siddhi's pics his brain cells became alert.he crooked his eyes and his eye brows furrowed  with thoughts.he tried to re wind in his mind to call back last night's incident. even though he could not recall everything his mind vaguely flash back his yesterday's rash driving with siddhi sitting beside him....ek pal kay leyeh bhi aap mujhse pyaar kiya ho tho...wo pyaar ka wasta hai...gadi roko...' her words echoed in his mind...and he remember his sudden break and the hit and run...he freaked out......shock waves of anguish and disillusion expanded from his gut...threatened to burst his heart.siddhi's innocent picture in the paper beside the accident news hurt his eyes and heart leaving his mind numb.

'damnit...Ouch'he cursed himself.anger burnt in his throat.with his thudding heartbeat he scanned  the news again to find about the person whom he ran over his car. for his fortune she was alive in ICU. he took a much needed breath...

oshiwara police station:

rohit came out of the station with anand and siddhi's brother kapil malik .vikram and pinku too were with them.

anand:' what to do now?Unhappy...' he worried.

pinku:' today is saturday...we have to wait until other go...Unhappy' he spoke the reality.

rohit:Ouch...while talking to them he noticed kunal from distance.instantly his face flamed red with anger.

rohit:' tum log jao...Angry' he said to his friends and kapil. they too noticed kunal coming and could imagine rohit's face off with kunal.they don't want to stay back and make the situation worst, hence they left the station.

rohit:Angry...he waited for kunal to come to him. that 2 minutes were like standing on fire for him.

rohit:' KC sir...aap!...subha subha oshiwara police station mai!...Evil Smile' he gave a evil smile.


rohit:'oh! kisi case kay silsile mai aayeh hongayBig smile...' he answered to himself.


rohit:' ya ...khud ka hi case hai? LOLhe criticised.


rohit:'oh ya!...may be siddhi ka case...Angry


rohit:' aap siddhi kay leyeh aaye hai tho...for god sake get lost from here and get out from her life...Angry' he yelled at him.

kunal:Ouch... usually he gets irritated with rohit. today he did not as he knew rohit is candid and his anger is blameless.

SI of the station heard rohit yelling and came out to see who is that.

' arey...kunal tum!Big smile...why are you standing out? come inside...Big smilesub inspector pandey, kunal's school days best friend called him in.

kunal:Unhappy...he was about to go in.

rohit:'...Angry if at all you want to do some thing to siddhi...just do what ONLY her KC sir can do for srif aur srif aap karsakte ho wo kar diji yeh...bail papers and bail amount i can do it just like that...Angry...' he threw his last advise on his face and left the station.

siddhi was sitting on the floor behind the bars , beside the jail cell gate .she brought up her legs to her chest , encircling them with both her hands and buried her face on her knees.after taking the SI permission kunal went to the cell...sat beside siddhi on his toes resting both his knees on the siddhi was putting her head down and closing her eyes she did not notice him. 

kunal:'Broken was heart wrenching to see siddhi in that condition.

kunal slowly put his hand in between the narrow gap of cell bars and gently placed it on her head. instantly siddhi raised her head and looked at him.

siddhi:' aap!Tongue...' she turned towards him holding the bars.she was still in her white lehanga choli a angel in the jail!

kunal:Cry...he never imagined anything could pack such power, that he could register and withstand that much pain ... something scalding splashed through his system. tears bubbled in his eyes.first time he don't want to hide his tears in front of siddhi.

siddhi: ' aap...aap teek tho hai na?Unhappy...' through the iron bars she tried to touch the bump on his fore head.before she could reach his fore head he hold her wrist.

kunal:'Ouch ...srif tum ho sakti khud jail mai rehte hue dusro ka haal puch sakti ho?...wo bhi uss insaan se uss ki hi wajai se tumara yeh haal hai...Cry'he knelt in front of her with running tears on his cheeks.

siddhi:' aap yahan ho te tho aap ka carrier kya hota?...ithne saalon ka reputation kya ho tha?Unhappy...'she was still worrying about him.

kunal:Broken Heart...he felt the red-hot spear embedded in his heart twist, finally stilling its fluttering attempts to keep on beating.not only his heart there was nothing more inside him to burn.  

siddhi:' i can't see you shedding down your attitude , which is your pride...and my love...Disapprove'

kunal:'ithna pyaar karti ho mujse!Shocked... kaash yeh mai samai pe samaj paata... na tumai yeh din hota...Cry'

siddhi:Unhappy...first time she saw his tears streaming on his cheek. 

kunal:'...ek masoom ko jail  bhej kar ...mai mera carrier banaunga?...laanat hai isse carrier pe...Ouch 'Cry said sourly and got up from the floor.

siddhi:' kunal...please...aap kuch nahi karo ge, ya  kaho  ge...Disapprove' she too got up and grabbed his hand to stop him.

kunal:Ouch...he  pulled his hand from her and turned to the other side as a sign of i am done talking to you.

siddhi:' bhiya aur rohit ne kaha hai...monday mera bail karden ge...' she gave him confident.


siddhi:'srif dodin ki hi baat hai...'she tried to convince him.

kunal:' dodin kya... do pal bhi tumai yahaan rahe ne nahi dunga...Angry ' he left the cell.

siddhi:Ouch she stood holding the bars staring at his back.

SI office:

pandey:'hi...kunalBig smile...come...come ...take your seat...Big smile' he greeted him with a grin.

kunal:' nice meeting you after a long time...' he took his seat.

pandey:' the way tell me to which school your children are going? that i can also put my children in that school...Big smile'  he asked eagerly because he wanted his children too become like kunal.

kunal: ' i am still single...'

pandey:' kya!Shocked...bhabhi ko divorce kardi ya kya?'

kunal:' abey...abhi meri shaadi nahi hue...Angry' he got irritated.

pandey:'what!Shocked why?Confused...i know you are a salman khan fan...but to this extent!...Wink' he teased him.

kunal:' yaar...i am not in a mood to have fun with you...Disapprove'

pandey:' fine ...let us be serious...'he sat straight.

kunal:'pandey! i know that you were a dull student during school days...but i never expected that you will become such a dumb inspector...Angry'

pandey:'Embarrassed...' he was embarrassed.

kunal:' kisi ko bhi ander daal de ta!Angry...'

pandey:' kisko?...Confused' he don't understand.

kunal:' siddhi...Angry'

pandey:' kun?Confused...wo siddhi malik!...yaar...wo khud surrender hue thi...'

kunal:' Ouch...tu kuch pooch taash kiya uss se?...'

pandey:' kya zaroori hai?... khud confess kiya hai tho...Disapprove'

kunal:'zaroori hai......have you checked her licence?Angry...' he cross questioned him.

pandey:Disapprove nahi tho...'

kunal:' she can't hold car steering wheel booked her under hit and run case... ridiculous...Angry'


kunal:' that is my car... registered in my dad raj chopda's is my driving licence , the car registration and insurance papers...' he kept them one by one on his table.

pandey:' what should i do now?Confused...' he asked him.

kunal:' ab yeh bhi mujko hi bata na hai kya?Angry...'

pandey:' kya ...usse bahar kar kay tuje ander kardun!...Confused Shocked' he asked him doubtfully because he could not believe what he wanted to.

kunal:' pooch kya raha hai? it...' while pandey was doing the changes kunal called anand.

kunal:' anand... right now come to oshiwara police station...abhi issi waqt...'

anand:' abhi abhi tho mai uss station se waapas aaya hun...hope bhiya kuch kadbad na kardi ye ho...Disapproveanand rushed to the station.

pandey:' waise...ladki kun hai?...Big smile'

kunal:' meri girl friend...Angry' he said instantly.

pandey:' what!Shocked...' he stopped writing.

kunal:' ab kyun what?... kya problem hai tuje?Angry...' he said with false anger.

pandey:' mazaak achchi karle ta hai...Disapprove' he did not believe the time anand reached station pandey completed all the formalities.

kunal:'take siddhi safely to her house...'  he instructed anand.

anand:' par bhiya...aap...Ouch'

kunal:'monday bail kay papers lana...till then let me chill in the cell...Wink'


while the lady constable opened the female cell to set free siddhi , kunal walked towards the male cell.

siddhi:Ouch ...she pinned him with her hard and unhappy stare!

kunal:Approve... he looked at her. his lip twitch with kind and satisfactory smile.

it was following monday:

around 11pm.

kunal was standing in front of siddhi's apartment ! he climbed the steps to third floor , walked on the corridor to reach other end for unit 307. before pressing the door bell he confirmed the door number with the address which he got it form SI pandey , from the station records. he rang the door bell more than once,but there was no response from inside and realized that the door bell was not working...he raised his first and knock out the door once...

it was shilpha who opened the door!

shilpha:' aap!Shocked...' she  was surprised to see their khadoos KC sir on their door.

kapil:' shilpha...kun?Confused...' he came from the kitchen wiping his hands with the kitchen towel.

kapil:'aap!...Angry...aap ka manhoos shakal lekar yahaan bhi aagaye?...Angry'then and there he started yelling at him.

kunal:Ouch ...'he stood still on the threshold with his guilty look.

kapil:' ...aaj tak hamare parivaar mai kisi ne bhi police station tak nahi gayeh hai...par tumari wajaise meri behan jail gaye...Angry...'he yelled non stop

kunal:'Ouch ...he has no intention of giving any excuse or explanation.

kapli:' how dare you!...Angry' he stepped forward.before he could reach him , siddhi who came out of the wash room after her shower ,wiping her wet hair... ran right in to his chest... it was her involuntary and instant reaction.

kunal:Shocked...he stumble back to take her on his chest.


kunal:Ouch...'for few seconds he could not speak.he was yet to accept her hug , stood his hands down and siddhi stuck to his chest.

kapil:Shocked...he tried hard to understand the situation.

kunal:'Ouch...'he cleared his throat nervously looking at kapil.

kapil:Confused...confusion crashed over him and disbelief followed him.

kunal:' siddhi ko muje dedo...Ouch'  he said directly, why he came and what he wanted.

kapil:Shocked...he don't know how to react.

kunal: ' bahut sambhal kay rakhunga... jaan se bhi ziyada...Ouch' he promised.

kunal: ' dunyan ki saare khushiyaan dunga...Ouch'he pledged.


kunal: ' har din , har pal kush rakhun ga...Ouch' he vowed.her wet hair and tears made his chest moist trying to chill him.

kunal:' tumari har shart mujhe manzoor hai...Ouchhe assured keeping in mind, her engagement.

siddhi:' Cry...' she raised her face from his chest and looked at him...he gazed down and looked into her crying eyes.her pain filled eyes made his heart imploding in his chest.

kunal: '...bas dedo siddhi mujhe...Cry' he shattered all his attitude and pleaded standing on his door step...


kunal:'...i have no life with out her...Cry'he could not wait or hesitate any more...he wrapped her in his wide arms... hugged her tightly!

kapil:'...andar aaye yeh...Smile' after hearing kunal he told him to come in as a sign of agreeing to his plea.

kunal:Tongue ...'that second was the happiest moment of his life...he was out of the world...high above in cloud 9. scared that he may burst out with overwhelming joy. 

kunal:' thanks...Smile' with thanks he release siddhi from his hug.

shilpha:' siddhi...Hug...' she grabbed siddhi in her hug.

shilpha:' i am happy for are very very lucky..Big smile'she complimented her.

kapil:'please sit...Smile' he showed the sofa to kunal.

siddhi:' bhaiya...shall i take him to my room...Tongue' she asked his permission.

kapil:'Confused...'he hesitated.

siddhi:' i want to show my friends to him...Approve'

kapil:' ...Big smile' before he could say some thing she took his smile as his permission , grabbed kunal's wrist and dragged him to her room.

kunal:' your feet...Approve' he alert her while he was dragged by her.

siddhi's room:

as soon as he dragged in to her bed room she left him free. kunal looked around the was a 10' by 12' standard size simple still stylish bed room! creamy white walls... on the right a comfy bed with crisp and clean linens, a fluffy duvet and perfectly plump pillows.wardrobes ,chests of drawers , wall shelves,  and a dressing table on the other side.wall lamps beside her bed, table lamp on the study table and a ceiling light at the center of the ceiling. 

kunal: Big smile...i am  impressed ...Tongue' while he was admiring her room , his untidy and messy room appeared in front of his eyes and threatened  him.

siddhi:'meet my friends:'Smile...' she sought his attention.

kunal:Big smile...' he looked in the direction in which siddhi showed.

look at her friends in a cage!Wink

kunal:' yeh hai tumare friends?Shocked...' he was surprised to see two pretty pet parrots in a cage.

siddhi:' srif friends nahi friends hai...Tongue

kunal:oh! Big smile...'

siddhi:' look at this green one, female parrot...very cute na ? but bahut ziddhi hai...Tongue' she introduced them to kunal.

kunal: ' tumare jaise...LOL' he teased her.

siddhi:'may be... look at this red one is a male parrot...bahut akkdu hai...tumare jaise...Wink' she gave him back.


siddhi:' ... but bolta bahut meeta hai...Big smile


siddhi:'srif mujse bolta hai one knew it talks...Smile'

kunal:'oh! interestingTongue...issa kya bolta hai?...'  he was curious.

siddhi:' let me try...Big smile' she clicked her fingers twice in front of that akkdu parrot as a signal for it to speak.

parrot: ' ee luub uoo malllk...' it squeaked.

kunal: ' is it saying ' i love you malik...' he was astonished. siddhi again clicked her fingers twice in front of it.

parrot: ' ee luub uoo malllk...' it repeated.

kunal:' i love you!...Tongue'

siddhi:' pata hai iss ka naam kya hai?...'

kunal:Big smile

siddhi:' KC  sir...Wink...'

kunal:' what!Shocked...' now he understood why siddhi taught that parrot to say ' i love you malik...'

siddhi:' this one's name is siddhi the sweety...Tongue' she boasted looking in to the cage pointing the other parrot.while she was interestingly admiring the parrots.

kunal:' i love you malik...Tongue' he pecked on her cheek.

' what ! the hell this parrot spoke with out my finger clicks signal...ShockedDisapprove' she looked at the parrot and kunal simultaneously.


siddhi:'Shocked ...' she touched her cheek with doubt, gave a  look at kunal with the same doubt and realized that ' i love you malik '  is said by kunal. her weird expression made kunal to mis understand that she is uncomfortable with his unexpected peck.

kunal:' sorry...Disapprove'

siddhi:Angry...she gave a angry look.

kunal:' whaaat...maine sorry kaha na...Confused' he made sorry expression on his face too.

siddhi:' this is the way you say sorry to me...Angry'

kunal:' aur kaise?...Confused' he was confused.' is she want him to hold his ears ?or kneel down? '

siddhi:' eisse...Blushing' she turned and showed her other cheek to him.


siddhi:'...jaldiii...Tongue' she stood closing her eyes.

kunal:'Embarrassed...' he leaned close to her face and pecked twice on her cheek.

siddhi:'why two times?Confused...' she wide opened her eyes.

kunal:'  sorry in advance ...Wink' he winked with double meaning.


hope you all liked kunal's confession and it was up to your expectation.Big smile

Note: please hit the Like This Post  button if u like it.Big smile

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