Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

FF: Mera Ishq Sufiyana-II ! NOTE on pg-50

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for parts 1 to 18 check the following link.Big smile

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next day around 9am:

siddhi was sitting restlessly in her office and eagerly awaiting for kunal to come.she looked at her wrist watch. '  yesterday by this time he was here...aaj kyun nahi?...Confused why the delay? far why he did not come?...' while she was worrying she heard the soft padding of foot steps approaching her from out side.immediately she fixed herself , opened a file , lay eyes on the file to hide her anxiousness dripping over it.

'good morning...Big smile' ritcha entered wishing her.

siddhi:'...guu..good morning...Disapprove' she replied with a big disappointment.

ritcha:'O! Big started your work before i come! very nice...Smile'she went to her desk appreciating her.along with her she brought a elegant and fresh red rose bouquet wrapped in a transparent cellophane paper , at the very end it was artistically tied with a maroon ribbon. she kept it carefully on the table.the fragrance of the rose spread all over the room and attracted siddhi's attention.

siddhi:Unhappy...she tried for a happy smile on her face and admired looking at the roses  from distance as she love flowers especially red roses.

ritcha:' 1973 there was a case between three brothers and one sister regarding the division of their ancestral this book that case detail is given.i would like you to study the case and take notes form it...and this law book has updated laws for ancestral property this book too so that you may able to give points while i am preparing for my next case...Smile' she allotted the work for her.

siddhi:' ji...Unhappy' she took both the books from her with zero mood and interest to work.

it was around 1pm:

siddhi was frequently glancing at the time and the exit door. for the past 240 minutes she was doing the same.her eyes and neck started hurting. she felt as if her eye lids stopped blinking.where as ritcha didn't bother about kunal's absent and was busy with her work.

 '... abhi tak kyun nahi aayeh...? is every thing fine with him? how to know about him?Confused...ritcha ji may be knowing...but how to ask her?...Ouch' worrisome thoughts troubled her constantly.

around 1:30pm there was a sudden commotion out side their office room.

ritcha:' he is coming...Big smile' at once she got up from her seat and rushed towards the the same time kunal walked fast in to the room. behind him the janitor raju was trying to stop the press and the media people who were following kunal. he stood obstructing them.

media people:' Mr.kunal chopda...political leader Ratan Lal's confession was highly unexpected and a big twist of this case... how did you made it?...what made him to feel guilty...? how long is he going to sentenced ? ...' they spasm him with their non stop questions

kunal:' maine  yeh sab sawalon ga jawab court room kay bahar dediya more questions please...Disapprove' he tried to get rid of them and rushed towards his office.

media people:' Mr.kunal chopda...what is the secrecy of your success?...behind every successful man there is a women...who is that women in your life?...' they continued.

raju:' are not suppose to come here...  this is prohibited area for public...please keep away...aap log jaye yeh...' he control them and send them back.

kunal:' uff...finally...Approve' he came in to his office.he was in his pure white shirt and trousers,with two stripes of white neck band .black leather belt and black shoes....rimless spectacles ...elegantly holding his long black gown in his left arm...more than sufficient to say that he came directly from the court.

ritcha:'congrats... congratulations...Hug...she almost ran to him and hugged him was her usual way of receiving him when ever he comes to office after winning his case.

kunal:' Hug...' he accepted her wishes by gently hugging her his excitement he completely forgot that siddhi was present in that room.while he was hugging ritcha , from her back he noticed siddhi standing near her desk and staring at them with her cold and empty eyes, which made him feel awkward to stay in ritcha's hug.

siddhi:Disapprove ...for the past 240 minutes she was dying for his glimpse...finally she got to see him hugging ritcha! ...sudden waves of anguish and disillusion expanded from her guts...for a second she was paralyzed to see  kunal hugging ritcha...she could not digest that scene...her mind refuse to convince that it was a very formal and congratulating hug.first time she is seeing kunal hugging a girl, feeling of possessiveness burnt her heart...during her college days even though all the girls drool over him siddhi is the one who was more close to him...she was the one who had guts to look directly in to his eyes, had courage to cross question him , she was one to whom kunal showed his personal concern indirectly, she was the only one with whom he interacted the maximum.

kunal: ' thanks...Smile' he quickly came out of her hug.

ritcha: ' wow! it is amazing to see the way you win every single case...great going...Tongue'she appreciated him endlessly.

kunal:' Smile ...he accepted her appreciation with a short smile and walked towards his desk. while crossing siddhi's table from corner of his eyes he tried to look at her. 

siddhi:Ouch ...she was standing aloof and disheartened beside her desk...she stepped back weakly , sat in her seat and tried to show as if she is busy with her work.

ritcha:' kunu...this for you...Tongue' she stopped him while he was passing siddhi's desk and gave him the red rose bouquet with a grin.

' oh!Shocked...that means ritcha already knew that he had a trial today...that is why she was not worried about his absence...' siddhi understood the things when ritcha gave him the bouquet.' such a happy day, i was not aware of it...what a looser i am...Ouch' she felt sorry for herself. first time she hated red roses...agony and anger rode her , she felt dejected and desperate.she was on the verge of becoming cranky.

kunal:'shall we have our lunch? i am dying with hunger...Smile' he avoided one more hug from ritcha by giving alternate suggestion ' why do i feel awkward to hug ritcha in front of siddhi...Confused' he was confused.

ritcha:' sure... but not here...tum itna bada case jeeta hai...treat tho banta hai...take us out side for lunch...Tongue' she suggested with a wide happy smile.they were standing in front of siddhi's desk and talking.

kunal:' oh no!...Disapprove' he immediately refused. '  yeh kya musibat hai? ...ek musibat taal ne kay leyeh doosri musibat mol le...Ouch' he regretted.

ritcha:' you can't say that ...we deserve a treatTongue...siddhi tum bhi bolo na...Big smile' she called siddhi for support.

siddhi:Smile ...she gave a gentle smile as if she has no interest in their talk...but as soon as ritcha called siddhi , kunal's eyes sparked.

kunal:' fine...par aaj nahi ...kal...Tongue' he immediately agreed thinking that he can have an outing with siddhi during the weekend. 

ritcha:'really! Tongue...but tomorrow is saturday ...Confused'

kunal:' so what?...tum dono hotel evershine aajo...we will have the treat there...Tongue' while saying he keenly looked at siddhi's expressions with enthusiasm. she was sitting expressionless looking at a case file.

ritcha:' not a bad idea...Tongue' she agreed with him.

kunal:' now shall we have our food...Big smile'

ritcha:' o yes...let me bring my lunch...Big smile' she took her lunch box from her bag and went to kunal's desk.that was her routine.she used to eat her lunch with kunal.

ritcha:' too come and join us ...Smile' she gave a courtesy call to siddhi.

siddhi:' nahi aaj mera upvaas hai...Ouch' she said in a sour voice without looking at them.

ritcha:' upvaas!Shocked aaj kyun?Confused...' she asked siddhi.

siddhi:'tch!...i need to control my mind and body...Disapprove' she
replied weakly...closed the file, got up from her seat and left the office leaving them alone to enjoy their lunch.

kunal:' Ouch...he understood that she was telling lie to avoid seeing him with ritcha and the reason she said for her fasting was indirectly meant for him. he was deeply hurt by the way she said upvaas and left the room.he realized that his relation with ritcha is creating a havoc in siddhi's mind.her determinate love over him can't take it.he has to simmer down it. other wise it is going to be tough for siddhi to work in that atmosphere...' his feeling for her ran deeper than he thought and experience a constant pain in his heart.without knowing the inner feelings of kunal ritcha kept talking , eating and talking.

ritcha:' don't you think some thing is wrong with her? Confused' she asked while chewing the food.

kunal:Ouch ...he didn't feel like eating his food even though he was hungry and he was the one who hurried to have lunch.he was worried about siddhi.' where did she go?Ouch...this place is new for her...' the food he was chewing refused to go in to his gullet.he swallowed hard. after taking few formal mouths he got up.

ritcha:' did not complete your foodConfused...' she said looking at the food left in his box.

kunal:' i am done...Smile' he closed the box.


kunal:'you carry on...' he left her to eat and came out of his office room in search of siddhi. after a few minutes search he found her 
sitting all alone on a raised cement platform under a old banyan tree, eating pea nuts.

' why i am upset?Ouch...what is making me feel sadden?Confused...' she removed her left foot from the sandal and dig the ground with her toe to let out her frustration. she looked at the random design she made in the mud with her toe.she always enjoy doing that but today!...for some reason she disliked it.she love to eat roasted peanuts but today!...for some reason she didn't like it...she like to sit under a tree in a open space and enjoy taking fresh breath but today!...for some reason she felt suffocated, felt like sitting on a thorn bush...what is that some reason?...she could easily figure was ritcha! ...that some reason which was bugging her was ritcha!...while she was looking down and drawing on the mud with her toe, pair of black shoes appeared next to her feet.she instantly found that they were kunal's...her breath caught in her throat and heart gave a violent shudder. felt as if she was caught red handed. peanuts dropped down from her hand and fall on his foot...emotions bubbled as tears. she tried hard to hid them and struggled to hold them in her eyes.

kunal :' ahem!...Ouch' he cleared his throat to catch her attention.

siddhi:'Ouch...her heart beat raised ...raced miles per minute.

kunal:' tum jhoot bhi bol thi ho?...Angry' he questioned about her upvaas.

siddhi:Ouch.. she remained deep with his presence.a sharp pain shot up from her stomach and stuck in to her throat.she was on the verge of cry.she was sacred that her eyes may shed tears if she look at him.

kunal: ' why you did not eat your lunch?...Ouch'

siddhi:' i don't like to...Disapprove'she spoke.her voice was teetering on the edge of tears. 

kunal:' what do you mean by i don't like to?...Angryhis voice was low and sheepish.

siddhi:' i don't want to...Ouch'  she bit her lower lip to stop trembling.

kunal:' why?...yesterday we had lunch together isn't it?...'

siddhi:' yesterday was ritcha was with you...' her voice chocked with emotion. 

kunal:'Ooo my god! she is my college days the way ritcha aur mere dosti se tumai fark padna nahi chahi yeh...not good for you...Angry' he advised keeping his tone rude.

siddhi:' excuse me... you can not rule on my feelings...Ouch...Cry'she stood up...felt tears wiggling down on her cheek!

kunal:' don't be silly... i never felt bad about your relationship with rohit...'

siddhi:'... have no feelingsCry...aap patther dil kay ho...Cry' she burst out...threw the left out pea nuts from her hand on the ground , pushed her left feet in to the sandle and ran away from him.

kunal:Dead...he stood still as if he has no life.

as it was 2pm siddhi went back to the office to continue her work. she expected that kunal will follow her and come back to office but he did not.

ritcha:' siddhi...did you see kunal out side?Big smile ...' that question shook siddhi .

siddhi:' Shocked...nahi...nahi tho...Disapprove'she said lie concelling her worry about kunal.' i have battered his feelings by saying that he is stone hearted and has no feelings in it...i should not have spoken to him like that...Ouch' she realized that she was wrong.

ritcha:' where did he go?Confused...' while she was asking to herself kunal came back.

ritcha:' kunu...where did you go?Confused...' she got up from her seat.

kunal:' Approve ...' a pain filled and fake smile crept across his face, not answering to her question.

ritcha:' without having your lunch where did you go?' she asked again.

siddhi:Shocked  ...'with her question she came to know that kunal too did not had his lunch because she didn't...but what she did?...she abused him that he has no feelings...he is stone hearten...he can't rule over her feelings...Ouch' feeling of guilty pierced her heart.' certainly he deserve a sorry from me...' she said in her mind.

kunal:' no need to worry ritchu...samaj lo mera bhi aaj upvaaas thaOuch...' he went to his seat and started packing up his things.his tone proved he was offended.

ritcha:' are you leaving now?Confused...'

kunal:'umm...not in a mood to work...better to go...Ouch' he sounded dull.

ritcha:' fine...take care...Smile'


ritcha:' by the way... is there any change in tomorrow's treat?Tongue...'she don't want to miss his treat.

kunal:' no...both of you to come to hotel sunshine around 2pm. i will book the table for three of us...Smile' while instructing ritcha he looked at siddhi.

siddhi:Disapprove she was putting her head down and looking at her files , felt guilty to face him or had no guts to give a smile at him to accept his invitation.

kunal:Ouch...her reaction made him think that she is avoiding him and neglecting his invitation.he walked out with a sad sigh.

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next day it was saturday:

around 2pm:

kunal was the one who came first to hotel sunshine and waited at the desk which he booked in advance.soon joined ritcha but siddhi was yet to come.kunal had a feeling that siddhi may not come...he doubted siddhi joining them for the same reason...she will not like to have lunch with him together with ritcha.

around 2:30pm.they were still awaiting for siddhi restlessly.finally ritcha lost her patient.

ritcha:' what append to siddhi? and check...' she said to kunal.

kunal:'me! i don't have her number...Smile'he said bluntly.

ritcha:' true...why would you have her number?...after all she is one of your student...' she found the reason on her own.

kunal:Approve...he smiled as a sign of agreeing with what ritcha said , internally wished to have her number.

ritcha:' let me get it from rohit.for sure he will be having...har waqt siddhi siddhi kaheta raheta hai...patha nahi uss ladki mai issa kya hai jo doosri ladkiyan mai nahi hai...idiot boy...Ouch' she called rohit.

ritcha:' note down...Smile'she dictated the number one by one hearing from rohit.soon after they got the number , kunal called her from his cell.for their surprise they heard her cell ringing near by. they turned in the direction in which they heard the ring and found siddhi at a distance of few tables.she was approaching their table with a pleasing smile.

kunal:Tongue ...there and then his eyes grew wide and hooked on her...looked at her with surprise! she was in black semi-sheer long skirt with layers of ruffles at the bottom and wide elastic waistband proving how thin her waist is.over that short sleeve , high neck zara leopard print top trying hard to reach her waistband...a fancy long brown scarf around her neck...layered straight hair with short front bangs on her fore head...small red bindi in between her thin trimmed eyebrows, few thin brown bangles in her right hand matching to her top and a tiny titan watch in her left wrist, slight make up, accessorized with single stoned stud was her college day get up!...looks as if she wore it intentionally to woo him! her look took him to a fairyland ...

ritcha:' wow...isn't she look  gorgeous ?...Tongue' she could not stop herself admiring siddhi and asked kunal.

kunal:Tongue...he was pulled back in to his real life.

ritcha:' now i understood why rohit is behind her...Wink'she whispered to kunal as if saying a new secret to him.

siddhi:' sorry...held up in the traffic...Approveher lips curled up into a soft smile.without hesitation she took a seat beside ritcha facing per the suggestion of ritcha they started with cream of mushroom soup as a appetizer. even though siddhi and kunal acted very normal in front of ritcha he secretly looked at siddhi with a gleam in his eyes. he could not resist himself in doing so.her presence made him feel overjoyed. 

ritcha:Big smile siddhi...i am sure kunu would have been a khadoos pro while he was teaching...' unintentionally she accelerated his college days thoughts.he could picture it as it was yesterday.they stared glances at each other with hidden meaning.

siddhi:'ouch!...Ouch'her question chocked her and she spilled the soup from the scoop.

ritcha:LOL he was... isn't it?...i knew it...' she enjoyed criticizing him.


while they were enjoying...

'all of you evacuate the hotel , this building is under the attack of political gundas...QUICK...QUICK...'suddenly there was a loud intercom announcement.the announcement went on and on no time tension spread every were...

every one in the hotel got panic...siddhi, ritcha and kunal left the table,left their food ...pushed the chairs and ran towards the exit door randomly...within seconds they managed to reach the emergency exit...ritcha grabbed kunal's hand and ran towards the parking, aiming her car leaving behind siddhi. it took few seconds for kunal to realize that siddhi was not with them.

 'where is siddhi???...Shocked'he quickly scanned the surroundings. she was missing.ritcha pulled him with haste he looked around to find siddhi but he could not.

ritcha:' what are you searching? come fast...' she dragged him and tried hard to run fast.
kunal:Ouch ...suddenly he stop cooperating with her , pulled back his hand from her hold and ran in other direction.

ritcha:' Shocked kunu...don't go in that direction...wahan pe khatra hai...Ouchhe ignored her.he did not care her warning.

without wasting further time he ran to the main road.the whole road was messed up , people were running in haphazard...rushing here and there in panic.the clash between two different parties erupted a violence and  tension in the public.innocent people were got injured by the extremists. traffic was stunned.crazy people started damaging public property and burnt a vehicle

look at the vehicle set fired by the extremist!

public were terror-stricken and ran randomly yelling ,screaming and pushing others trying to save their own life.they were in helter skelter.from distance kunal  found siddhi  running along the crowd.

kunal :'siddhiii...iii...Shocked 'he screamed loudly and ran behind her and reached her in no time.

kunal  :'siddhi...Ouch' he caught hold of her hand and ran fast.but siddhi cannot cope up with his speed.

siddhi :'...aap jaaye yeh...chodo mujay...Unhappy'she pulled her hand from his hand.kunal did not stop running , left her hand either.he dragged her along with him.both were drenched in sweat with fear and tension... struggled hard to breath.they were not sure that what will be their next moment...any thing can happen...fear and tension made them weak.kunal tried to take her away from the crowd to the side his try the sandal slipped out from her right foot.she ran without sandal in one leg which made her more difficult to run.she kicked out the left foot sandal and ran with bear feet .without seeing or caring any thing she blankly ran with kunal.

soon police arrived to control the situation.police used lathi charge and tear gas shells to control the situation and disperse the crowd.agitated crowed pelted stones at police. some threw the stones randomly.the road was covered with stones and broken glass people took the risk to do the coverage!

look at the agitation!Shocked

siddhi :'Aaahhh!...Ouch' she stamped on a big glass piece ,the sharp glass edge pierced in to her heel , her heel tore and started bleeding...she stopped instantly.could not put a step forward.

kunal :'Shocked..god!Ouch...'he quickly bend down to help.siddhi could not stand.she hold his shoulder for support.he quickly plugged out the glass piece from her heel without the concern of her.while he was bending and removing the glass piece from her heel , a stone flew from no where, came and hit left side of his fore head.

kunal :'Hhhaa!...Ouch'he yelled with pain pressing his fore head. in no time his palm became wet with lukewarm blood.fresh red blood dripped in between his fingers.

siddhi :Shocked...Shocked...Shocked...' she felt a shiver travel down from her chest in to her legs. she was about to faint looking at him bleeding. neglecting his hurt and pain kunal gathered all his guts and pulled siddhi forward.he saw a near by shop whose shutter was partially closed. kunal ran aiming towards the shop dragging siddhi.with lot of struggle and pain both reached the shop,bend down and some how got in to was a small press looted by the extremist.the shop was dark...he quickly switched on the light keeping in mind siddhi's phobia for one was inside.the things were scattered all around, every thing was messed up. kunal and siddhi were completely exhausted both physically and mentally, don't even had the strength to stand.they took deep breath and tried to calm themselves first. 

siddhi :'ahhh...Ouch'she could not stand on her one leg, fall down and manage to sat flat on the floor.her right heel was bleeding constantly. she sat stretching that leg.

kunal:'i think this is safer placeOuch...thodi  der kay leye hi sahi...Ouch'he said supporting his fore head with his open palm trying to control the bleeding...moved back and sat leaning his back on the wall.he stretched his right leg straight ,kept the left leg  folding his knee up and placing the foot flat on the floor.siddhi too dragged her leg and sat beside to him, next to his stretched leg.both were dead tired. it took  few minutes for them to regulate their breath.

siddhi wiped her face with her scarf and
 looked at kunal. he was bleeding near the temple...with his fingers he tried to clean the blood dripping above his left eye brow. siddhi wanted to say sorry to him for abusing him ' stone hearten ' . as she knew it was not the right time for that she could not had the guts to speak a word.kunal's head pounded with pain.holding his head he looked at siddhi.she was looking dim.he could not see her properly,he felt as if he was losing his consciousness... he struggled hard to keep himself strong.
siddhi :'maine baar baar kahana mera peecha maat karo...par...Ouch'her voiced laced with concern .

kunal:Ouch ...a smile crept across his face as if he has no regret for that. in fact he was glad that he is with her when she is in pain.he turned towards her and looked at her with that satisfaction...she stared back into his unwavering gaze...without breaking her eye contact  he gently pulled her scarf  from her shoulder... she realized that he is trying to take off her scarf .even though his behavior was not encourage able she did not stop him because had she had full faith in him at the same time had no strength to stop him .

siddhi :'meri wajaise...Cry'she remorse looking at him bleeding...she was more bothered about his hurt than hers. gazing her he took off the scarf from the shoulder and uncovered her chest...she looked absolutely stunning in her high neck and short sleeve zara leopard print top! in her sitting posturing her fair waistline along with the belly button tried to peep in between the top and the skirt! she was glamorous and seductive! made his heart throb!

kunal:' tch! is all because of me...i should not have invited you people here...Ouch'he distracted his attention from her ,leaned forward to her feet...slightly pushed her skirt's ruffle up...gently hold her ankle...tried to tie around her heel with the scarf ,to stop the bleeding and to make her feel better.

siddhi:' ouch! kunal..Ouch' she yelled with pain which radiated from her heel to head and pulled back her leg...she moved more close to him and hold his shoulder tightly to tolerate the pain.

kunal:' bare with me for few seconds...' he placed his palm on her hand with which she was holding her shoulder to sooth her.

siddhi:' bahut dard ho raha hai...Cry' she literally cried looking at her bleeding heel.

kunal:'Ouch...let me do the first aid, otherwise it will become worst...we don't know when we are going to get out of this place...' he waited for her to permit him. mean while tore the scarf in to two pieces as he felt it was too long to tie on her small heel.

siddhi:Ouch...she tightly closed her eyes and buried her face on his shoulder holding his upper arm securely as a sigh of obliging for him.

kunal:' good...Approve...'with a smile he looked at his shoulder and siddhi's face on it...the face which he always wanted to hold close to his chest!.she was like a kid who has fear for injections,rubbing her nose on his shoulder, trying to look at her feet from the corner of her eyes.

kunal:' LOL...shilpa kay alawa aur kun kun rahete hai tumara ghar mai...Big smile' he asked her to divert her concentration while he was tying her heel.

siddhi:' kapli bhiya...Smile' she said immediately looking at him with a sly smile.

kunal:'oh!...Smile' he put a knot tying the edges of the scarf and took out his hand from her heel as he was done tying it.

siddhi:' thanks...Smile' she said looking at her leg .as he assured she felt much better. she moved away from him and sat without his support.


siddhi:' give me that...Smile' before he could give she took the left out scarf piece from his hand.

kunal:' it is ok...i am fine...Approve' he understood her intention of dressing his wound and moved his head away from her.

siddhi:' Unhappy aap kitne fine ho i can see that...' she said looking at the blood strain on his fore head and the blood was still oozing from the cut. again she moved closed to him and tried to tie the scarf around his head covering the hurt.she twisted the scarf over his fore head more than once.

kunal:' LOL ...' he loved her gesture and giggled looking at her.

siddhi:' kya?...Confused' she stopped tying it.

kunal:' looks as if you are tying a turban on my head...LOL' he laughed teasingly.

siddhi:' LOL jab aap dulha banege...pagdi tho aap ko mai hi bandungiWink...uss ki practice abhi karleti thi hun...LOL' she understood that he is in a good mood ,best time for her to say sorry.

siddhi:' sorry...Ouch' she said bluntly.

kunal:'  you are most welcome... i deserve your sorry...LOL'he laughed heart fully.

siddhi:' Smile...'with a  blissful smile she tried to raise on her knees to reach his forehead and leaned more towards him for convenient to tie the scarf he could see her dazzling face in close up...very close to his face...her sharp little nose tempted him to pinch...rosy cheeks allured him to caress her ...wet thin lips provoked him to meet with his lips...mesmerizing eyes made him drown in it...he eyed her from all possible angles...the marvellous blend of her face is drool worthy.the whole bunch of pleasure was few centimeter apart from his face ...' kaash mai dil se nahi dimag se sochta ...kaash mai mere dil ki baat keh paata... this bundle of pleasure will me mine...Day Dreaming' he stared with a glint in his eyes.

because of  the hurt on her heel she could not stand on her knee for a long time.her knee started wobbling.

siddhi:'ouch...Ouch' she left the scarf,slipped on her knee and glide on his wide chest.

kunal: ' siddhi...Tongue' to stop her gliding on him he quickly held her around her shoulder  and pressed her against him. he succeeded in his attempt.she could not slide on him further at the same time she was stuck to his chest...heart to heart...they could hear one another's heart beat ...their heart raced furiously!...she could feel warmth of his arm on her back...she was ecstatic and started melting in the warmth of his arm ...her breath on his face tickled him...gazing in to their eyes...looking at their images in one another's pupil...they were like opposite poles of a magnet attracting each other...all of a sudden siddhi felt some vibration between was kunal's cell vibrated from his shirt pocket as if some one wanted to separate them but kunal did not care about it.

siddhi:' aap ka cell...' she told him trying to come out of his hug.kunal remained deaf. he was like under black magic...gluing in to her eyes. she moved from him and sat down.

siddhi:' pick up you cell...'  as he was not responding neither to her not to the cell she slide her hand in to his shirt pocket and picked up the phone.

it was ritcha!
ritcha :'kunu ...tum kahan ho?...tum teek tho hona?Ouch...'she was worried. she called them as soon as she reached her home safely.

siddhi :Ouch...she looked at kunal.he drifted out of his thought and back to his sense.

ritcha:'kunu...kunal..tum teek tho ho na?...'

kunal:' who is it?...Confused' he asked narrowing his eyes and eyebrows.

siddhi:'ritcha ji ...Ouch'

ritcha :' Shocked...siddhi tum! kunal ka cell tumare paas! Shocked  ...kunal kider hai?...Confused'she asked continuously.

siddhi :'Ouch...' kunal grabbed the cell from her hand.

kunal:' ritchu...we got hurt and we are bleeding ...Ouch'

ritcha :'god!Shocked...tum log kahan ho?Ouch...'he said the location and press name.

ritcha :'i will be right there...'she did not care to end the call formally.
ritcha reached there the situation was brought under control.all the extremist were got arrested, roads were cleared,the traffic was resumed.with the help of ritcha kunal and siddhi came out of the press and they were taken to the near by hospital.


the causality ward were over flowing by was echoed by painful yelling and screaming of patients.doctors and nurses has no time to breath.more doctors from other hospitals came and joined them to serve the injured.

ritcha took kunal and siddhi for treatment .luckily ritcha's family doctor attended them.

ritcha:'doctor...kunal ko head injury hua hai,he is feeling giddy scanning necessary...?Ouch'

doctor:'i don't think is only an external internal bleeding...giddiness because of tension and weakness...both of them need rest...'

ritcha:'thank you ...Smile

they came out of the hospital with the support of ritcha opened the front door for kunal, 
siddhi went to back seat.

while ritcha was driving...

kunal:'thanks...Smile'he said to ritcha.

ritcha:'thanks!...Angry...say your thanks to siddhi madam...'


ritcha:'...yeh sab siddhi kay wajai se hua wo hoti, na tum uss ka peechay jaate tumara sir toot tha....Angry'she intentionally blamed siddhi.


siddhi:Ouch she realized the truth in her saying.

ritcha :' why the hell you went behind her and put yourself in trouble. i told you not to go that side... in spite of that...Angry' her concern over him came out as anger and frustration.

kunal:' know very well that i would have done the same if you would have caught in that political roit...' he tried to explain her.
siddhi:Ouch Unhappy tears brimmed in her eyes.
ritcha:' come on kunu...tumai andaza bhi hai tum ne kya kiya? put your life in are such a talented lawyer... do you want to die for this hopeless girl?Angry...'

siddhi:Cry...tears shed on her cheeks.

kunal:' ritcha pleaseOuch...better for me to get down...Angry' he undone his seat belt to get out of her car.

ritcha:' fine...Angry' without stopping her car she drew towards siddhi's apartment to drop her first.

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Gayathri_MSK IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
My Dear Shumi,


 With your Lovely Update
Interesting, Beautiful, especially at the moment when
Siddhi gets to know kunal skipped lunch and she feel guilt of her words.

And Kunal leave Richa , runs behind siddhi to protect her.

So Delightful Romantic Fiction

Your Narration makes fall in love for Kunal again n again. It takes me to another world where No leaps and no separation ( just opposite to real story).

[just for you]

 I would like to see Kunal to be suffered more and more.. He couldnt express his love meanwhile he couldnt even hide within himself... 

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shumi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Gayathri_MSK

Day Dreaming

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sandy118_RiDdHi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Res... <3

dont worry will edit soon LOL

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SwastikAshNi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Shumi,how can u create such atmosphere where everything gets drool-worthy?The first part was of Poor Siddhi n Kunal excusing his relation wid Richa by comparing Rohit wid Sids!!!Yeh baanda to pakda gayaa,Siddhi ko buri laage aisi baat ke liye jawaab to dena padegahiTongueThe second part created the intensity,waiting fr such moments many more to come n in much in tensed wayDay Dreaming
Brilliant one Shumi...Clap

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Gayathri_MSK IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:29am | IP Logged
I really loved the first part... Where He was trying to avoid richa infront of siddhi, which he couldnt do.
Kunal Run outside to check whether siddhi had lunch or not? The narration about what siddhi is doing there and comparing her mood with same kind of environment. And kunal seeking attention and acceptance of siddhi where he invites both of them for lunch.. and he feels dejected by siddhi's voluntary ignorance.
Oh my god... You think a lot before writing.. You are feeling so painful process for us in order to give the best sotry.. I really loved your effort. And I am unable to praise each n every sentence... So overall i can say.

  its just

 Please continue the best...

Edited by Gayathri_MSK - 20 July 2012 at 12:32am

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