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KYPH - Update for 02nd May, 2005

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:17am | IP Logged

Today's Episode Update is dedicated to the following Forum Members!

Nitica, Sonynyu, Sugar, Dinky&IQ, Radz2Cool, Mink, Samie, M&M, Kariya and last but not the least Lata for making this Forum the way it is….lively, bubbly, sparkling, energetic, spirited, animated and a lot more, I am running out of adjectives, but not out of my affection for all of you!

Before the rest of you guys, lung forward to wrangle me, I am going to dedicate each update from today onwards to a set of Forum Members,…….as a way of saying Thanks to all of you for you immense support & love! The order of names is totally random, I think that all of you are so cool and totally rock my world!

A special song for Sugar (for the aunty snub…sniff) – Itne pariye jo ho tum, pehle kabhi toh nahin the, mera jahan mein gamon ki, tum toh wajah hi nahin the….kab tak jeenenge aise batao, aise mujhe na tum aazmao, bolo tum bolo…………..


I want to kill Ekta Kapoor, actually torture the woman and then kill her…..or maybe something more drastic! Itna anticipation badaya, aur end mein itna bada let down! Kripa ko dikhaya bhi nahin, makeover ke baad! Kal tak intezaar karna hoga, what a bore!

But the good news is that we got to see pot loads of Angad and boy…..I think rating him for his looks and acting is liking placing a lamp before the Sun….this guy is gonna go very, very far in his career! Amazing performance and drop dead gorgeous on screen! The way his warmth and confidence blazes the screen is just worth watching! And he certainly does not have two left feet, he dances superbly!And today Angad and Kripa's chemistry lit the screen on fire (just one teeny weeny scene, but whatever…dunno why though, when I saw Angad holding Kripa's waist, I felt he was imagining somebody else in her place (wink:wink!) An episode which kind of let me down, but tomorrow there is going to be the much anticipated turn of events, as per the promos…..the love story will begin! But in terms of content, it was not much to write home about, most songs & stage performances…..that way it was an immensely enjoyable episode! A word for Mishti, she has so much effervescence and warmth in her, I really liked her today! And yeah, Prithvi is so cute! But it was Angad, Angad and Angad all the way!

BACKSTAGE FOR THE CONCERT (Chot dil pe lagi, pyar hone laga, who ajnabi mere dil ko, bhala bhala sa laga….Angad to Kripa and back)

Angad and Kartik are in the backstage mulling over last minute details of the concert and getting real tense. Just then Dadi and Kirpa arrive and Angad makes a face and gets that cute, sulky expression of his, Kripa just looks awkward! Kartik greets Dadi very affectionately and hugs her and so does Angad baby! Kartik excuses himself saying that he has lots of last minute work to wrap up, while Dadi tells Angad that she came to wish both Angad and Kripa as its their first concert together. Angad just gets a sulky expression again and tells Dadi whom as she come to wish, him or Kripa. Dadi smiles indulgently at him and tells him that she has come to wish both of them! Kripa just gives one wistful, sad look at Angad and turns her face. Kartik then again comes and takes Angad to a side and tells him that he will have to cover Kripa in the stage performance today, Angad is surprised and asks him why, Kartik says that the Media has given very bad reviews to Kripa and called her down-market, middle-class, average looking girl and that he doesn't want the entire show to be ruined because of that girl. Angad's expressions suggest that he feels very bad when Kartik says this and he gives a sympathetic sideway glance to Kripa, who looks miserable on hearing this and her face becomes very downcast (poor thing, felt so bad for her in this scene and loved Angad for kind of feeling bad for her, sweet chap!) Then Angad immediately comes back to his real self and brushes off Kartik by saying that he doesn't care for anyone else, but he will never let his performance be affected due to someone's else's fault. Angad just gives one of his looks to Kripa and vanishes with Kartik.

Dadi also overhears the conversation (Kartik has no inkling of the word ''Subtle'' I think, the jerk!) and becomes very upset and tells Kripa that she knows Kripa has felt very bad about all that Kartik just said, Kripa who is very downcast and looks ready to cry says that its ok, she did not feel bad at all (awwww, see, the lady is warming up to my heart once more….Chill dinx, don't get the baseball bat out so soon….) Dadi tells her that she knows a magician who will enhance Kripa's natural beauty all the more and make her the brightest star of the glamour world.

REHERSALS FOR THE CONCERT (Jo chu liya aaj tumnein, jee lenge hum phir who lamhe…)

The back stage is all abuzz with the Concert thing and the Choreographer is very excited and tells Angad and Kripa to get into their positions soon. The Choreographer tells Angad to hold Kripa's waist, Angad makes a wry face and Kripa's face completely falls down and she looks ready to die. Dadi is sitting in a corner watching the rehearsals. As Angad places his hands over Kripa's face, his face gets very awkward and he looks somewhere else, while Kripa just makes a funny face (She does have silly expressions at times) and closes her eyes  tightly as if to remind herself that this is just a show and it will get over soon. Dadi is very surprised at their reactions and tells herself that she cannot understand what is going on between Angad and Kripa. At times she feels that there is a deep attractions between both of them, at times she feels that they cannot bear to look at each other's faces and at times she feels that both of them have fallen in love and are trying their best to fight that emotion as much as they can. Dadi thinks that something has to be done for this.

The Choreographer calls off and wishes Angad and Kripa best of luck for the concert, Angad looks highly relieved to let go off Kripa's waist and walks out, while Kripa looks as if she will faint with relief! (lucky woman, I tell you!)

MANISH MALHOTRA'S OFFICE (Kiska hai yeh tumko intezaar, Main Hoon Naa…..Manish to Kripa!)

The scene basically shows Manish's fuzzy image and his voice commenting on Kripa that she has good eyes, a warm smile and basically she is good looking, only she needs polishing. Dadi is all smiles, and Kripa looks unsure. Manish tells her that unless and until Kripa has the confidence in herself to change and face the world, he cannot do much. Dadi answers for Kripa and says that all Kripa needs is a catalyst and that she will be ready to take on the World. Then Dadi tells Kripa that does she know who this guy is, who has changed the way heroines look today, who has brought a new trend in the industry and who is called a makeover magician, its Manish Malhotra. The Camera focuses on the hottie's face and he is all, Well, I am the best, kind of smile and all.

The next scene shows Kripa being groomed, with her hair being chip-chopped and some stuff being applied to her face!

BACKSTAGE (Maar daala….hai maar daala – Kartik to Naina Mummy!)

Kartik is very anxious about the Concert as it is the first one that he is handling for the family without Naina being around, Anita comes near him and in her typical bi**** manner tells him that she put in a word with Naina aunty that Kripa is performing with Angad  today. Kartik is furious and tells a pleased Anita that why the hell did she go and bleat about this to Naina, and she would have anyway come to know of it later on. Just then Kartik's cell phone rings and he picks it up with much anticipation as he sees Naina's number flashing, Naina blasts him off like anything and tells him that how could he ruin Angad's concert by putting a down-market, ordinary looking girl like Kirpa opposite to him. Naina says that if something happens to Angad's career because of this stupidity, she will never forgive Kartik for this.

Meanwhile Angad's eyes are searching for someone, and as Mannan comes and tells him to get ready to go onto the stage, Angad very casually asks if everyone is ready and if everyone has come, Mannan gets the cue (clever boy) and tells him, ya everyone, except Kripa. Angad gets a disgruntled expression on his face and just gives a frustrated grunt, as if he doesn't care where she is!

On the other hand Prithvi (looking very dapper in a white linen shirt and denims) is also very anxious and his eyes seem to be searching for Kripa. He bumps into Mishti who gives a real hard time and teases him very badly. (Loved Mishti & Prithvi's chemistry in this scene, they actually looked like Siblings!) Prithvi is blushing like crazy and tells Mishti to scoot off, but in the end acknowledges that he is worried like crazy for Kripa and hopes that she pulls this performance off very well! Mishti is all overwhelmed and very happy for Prithvi!

Meanwhile a lady wearing a halter neck blouse and blue Chiffon Skirt is seen to sway and come inside the dressing room, a warm smile spreads over Angad's face as he greets, Esha Kopikkar warmly and she tells him that she has come to wish him all the best and to request that he has to come for the premier of her new film, Kya Kool Hain Hum. Angad is like, awww, Esha, I would have come anyway, but I am so touched that you came and I am dedicating a performance to you! Both of them are like buddy-buddy type of conversation!


Manini De, the lady who comes as Pari in JJKN, is the anchor (very irritating, I tell you) and in her silly, Pari type style announces that the moment everyone was waiting for is finally here and Angad will be performing on ''Chaska Mera Chaska'' from Kya Kool Hain Hum. The Screen is then ablaze with Angad's different poses, and he obviously looking va-va-vroom in all of them….especially the one with the blue light, which focuses only on Angad's eyes. Angad comes on stage and Esha Kopikkar (very pretty smile, btw), Mishti and Anita are cheering for him from the audience.

CHASKA MERA CHASKA – Performance by Angad

Very good dance steps, Angad looking like a million dollars! The highlights of the song were that it emphasized on Angad's face and expressions, and he actually looked like a Rock Star!

KABHI NEEM NEEM – Performance by Madhushree

Love this song, Madhushree performed on this, sang really well!

TUM HAIN AAJ MAINE JO DEKHA – Performance by Madhushree

Love this song too, again a very good performance by the talented singer

KAISA YE PYAR HAI – Performance by Angad

Again a great performance by Angad, on this lovely song! Loved the lyrics as well, Sugar had posted them before, hence not repeating it! Lovely steps, good expressions and his confidence on stage showed very well!

BOLE CHUDIYAN – Performance by Kumud, Kshitij, Garv and Kali

I found it plain silly, none of them could dance very well except Kali! Kumud looking so fat…..Kali looked very nice & petite thought, and the men were quite delectable, especially Kshitij!

BIJURIYA – My favourite Amit Sana!

Dunno why he didn't sing  the song very well…..and he looked funny! But whatever, I like him better than Abhijeet, so I anyway enjoyed the performance!

 BACKSTAGE (Kya yahi pyar hain, bolo, kya yahi pyar hai, dil tere bin kahin lagta nahin, waqt goozarta nahin – Mishti to Angad)

Angad is backstage busy signing autographs and looking different from his usual self, kind of lost and not his usual confident, gregarious self! Mishti is watching him from a distance and a sweet smile spreads over her face. As Angad is giving autographs, a beautiful pair of hand stretches out for Angad to sign on, he looks up in surprise and exclaims, ''Mishti?'' She asks him if he wouldn't give her autograph, he smiles and says he would, but only on paper. Mishti burst out laughing and takes out a piece of paper and he signs it for her. Angad tells her that he does not belived in love and all that mush, but he also believes  that here are a set of crazy people on whom falling in love suits and Mishti is one of them. As a glowing Mishti looks on, he tells her pretty seriously that she should let go of her single status and get hitched big time and that being in love will really suit her! Mishti then tells him very shyly that he is looking very handsome today, Angad is kind of taken aback by this statement and very apprehensively says thanks to her. As Angad walks for his next performance, Mishti is left looking at Angad with a ''Am I falling in Love with Him'' kind of look and Prithvi comes from behind and teases her mercilessly over it. Mishti tells Prithvi that he always tells her that no one in the world can win an argument with her, but today she has found someone who could not only win over Mishti in an argument but actually leave her speechless and she is feeling elated that she lost to this person. Prithvi understands whom she is referring to and looks very happy for Mishti!

Meanwhile Kripa is back in the Green Room and getting the final touches to her makeup when Prithvi comes and knocks on the door and tells her very shyly that he has come to wish her all the best. Kripa's nervous voice comes that she is getting dressed and she cannot see him. Prithvi tells her that once the concert is over he wants to see Kripa's bright and confident face and not a downcast and failed one, Kripa outstretches her hand from the door and Prithvi very sweetly takes it and wishes her all the best. Misthi comes from behind and tells him that now is he relieved that he has wished his Kripa. Prithvi blues like mad and tells yes, he is feeling much better now, Mishti hugs her brother affectionately.

IS PYAR KO MEIN KYA NAAM DOON – Angad and Kripa's stage performance!

Manini announces that the time has come for which everyone was waiting. Today a new star is going to be launched along with none other than Angad and this star has been groomed by Manish Malhotra. Everyone gives an encore for the performance to begin and chants Angad's name in a frenzy!  Angad is shown to be on the stage, looking enchanting and surprisingly very innocent. He starts off with the lines of Is pyar ko mein kya naam doon, as the audience cheer wildly for him, and Mishti watches him enthralled from there. Just then a female voice is heard from the background, who gives the encore to the song in a classical base, and as Angad turns back surprised and anxious, he is rooted to his stop, as he looks at Kripa, who is looking (a long shot actually, her face was not shown, only her overall appearance) very different and actually stunning (sorry Dinx, she did look nice from far!) in a short, silver, encrusted dress, her hair colored and curled from beneath. The episode ends on Angad's thunder-struck face as he keeps looking at Kripa, breathless and amazed!


Ekta Kapoor and Sony should win a ''Blow your own Trumpet so hard, that it bursts on your face'' award, the way they advertise about their shows and fimls so shamelessly! Its disgusting after a while! But as someone said, that Ekta is just concerned with her TRP's and nothing else, so its ok, I guess!

As I said before, the episode was a let down in some sense and also a great one in some others. Let down because, we were all anticipating Angad & Kripa's performance today, and that did not happen, it will happen in tomorrow's episode! But a great episode because, we gotta see our dude dancing on some good numbers and yeah, even in the few dialogues he had, he shined brightly. His expressions were very good, especially when he had to hold Kripa's waist, he was adorable and also when Kartik calls Kripa down-market, the way his face goes all melt-melt was so endearing! That way Iqbal is truly dynamic in his performance, he can look like a saint one moment and a sinner the other!

Kripa actually looked adorable today, in the one small scene she had, with virtually no dialogues……she looked very innocent and so much like the old Naintial waali Kripa! And she seemed to look pretty attractive in the silver, backless thingy, though her face was not show properly!

Kartik acts well, he is very cute in his own snobbish way! Dadi is an angel and yes, the one who will hook up our love birds together (by lovebirds I refer to Angad and Kripa and not Iqbal and our buddy, btw!)

Prithvi and Mishti share an awesome chemistry, they look warm, affectionate and loving and actually behave like siblings. Mishti acts very well and she has a lovely smile, very genuine and unaffected! Prithvi is just too good a character, they should have added some meanness or negativity to balance his goodness!

The stage performances were good, but completely overshadowed by Angad, I guess that was the whole idea!


Tomorrow's episode is going to be the turning point in Kripa's feelings towards Angad, when Tania tells her that Angad actually helped her out financially and saved her from trouble, by offering her to perform in the concert, much against Naina's wishes. The promos ended on Kripa's shocked and guilty face! Awwww, ab toh Kripa gayi kaam se!

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Rupa87 Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:23am | IP Logged
thanks for wondeful update. i was dying to read it.
usa_girl0021 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:27am | IP Logged
thanks chilliflakesSmile
crazyfan Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:28am | IP Logged
thanx a bunch chilllyy.........u r simplllllyyyyy
Big smile
Jots Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:29am | IP Logged

CONGRATS on becoming a coolbie Cool and a BIG THANKYOU  for your WONDERFUL update. cheers me dears LOL.

Jots Big smile

queenkumar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:31am | IP Logged

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saarahkhann IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:33am | IP Logged

thanx for update chilly....i cant wait to watch Angad n Kripa's performance tomorrow

rano Senior Member

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Posted: 02 May 2005 at 11:35am | IP Logged

Thanks for the prompt update Chilly. And congrats once more. You and I must be Kumbh ke mele mein bichchde hue behen... I said almost the same things in my post earlierWink. Ab tumhare updates ke bina chain nahin aata...ha, ha.

Take care and post more updates. Love, Rano.

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