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Spice Girls Hangout:Crazy in love! (Page 3)

howcome IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
(Their)Actions speak louder than (my) words ... Gul/GH please surprise us more often Thumbs Up

Sari you managed words after that and thats why you lead Smile...

I have only one point to make more than the smirk or anything ...his holding onto khushi infront of HP was what did it for me. If HP is just a placeholder today then bring it on! 

Today is a day where there is free entry to SKD lets meet there Big smile

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Mepharm IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
LOLGreat post Sari and SGsClap

Whattay episode ladkiyonBig smile...awesome

  • Flirty and determined ASR out to win his wife...oops sorry legally wedded wife.
  • ASR claiming SADDA HAQ...loved how he didnt let go off her even after being disturbed by HP
  • Husband-wife convo in the room as he left for Agra was so natural and beautifully written..the SUNA MAINE was the domesticated ASR LOL
  • Payal is speaking her mind and I am waiting for the day she ticks off mami...
  • Payaash have a track now...looks like Akash will come around sooner than we thought.
  • Liked the bro-sis scene after a long time...genuine concern and love from both sides.
  • Nani has given her verdict and is the matriach in a true sense.
  • Arnav and Khushi answering Nani reminded me of naughty students in the principals office...No madam she did...No mam he didLOL

Jab in the arm moments
  • ''Aaj kal aap bahut sapne dekhne lage hain''
  • Dekhenge kya jab kuch hoga hi nahin
  • One time we anted that damn dori it wasnt there...and the scene later she was folding dresses all with about Gul ka Badla
  • Iss war ko kya naam doon
Hilarious line
  • Cant you seej..pregnant ladeej comingLOL...considering mami was taunting Payal...the only preggo besides Anjali could only be mami herselfTongue
Sanity mantra
  • No expectation for tomorrowz pleej...sadistic CVs will swing in action and the shadow could well be HPLOL
PS:: When I watched the tea throw- coffee throw...I almost thought ''Yeh lo rain sequence''Wink

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-Vee05- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
Ok am Talli n happy and il come back and update :)


Episode begins with BLAH BLAH BLAH...This irked me...and kinda pissed me off...WHY WHY WHY KKGSR???? Stop defending yourself infront of this Akash and Mami Bakwas Band Wagon!!!!!

Nani see's thru all of the it all...she see's the truth in Khushi and Arnav and Payal...there was a reason to it all and we understand it all! I really want to know Mnorama's past now because there is something there...HINT to CV's...if there isnt anything there MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! Here is your other parallel story line Wink

Khushi watches Anjali and walks away to her private space ...their room and oh my my MY...the shock of a lifetime awaits her there! LOL As she goes to keep the same clothes she kept in the closet yesterday (Confused) Arnavji sit's there all coy in his lovable being waiting there to impress her! Girl's I dunno about you but I for one JUMPED and said W*F and was all shy for myself...he looked adorable...any girl would be smitten Khushi too was moved...a Flashback of emotions floored thru them and then her faint smile disappeared ...sigh...I only ish now shed stop being stubborn ...NA scratch that off this is too darn good to watch Damn it! LOL

What came after that was total crazyness BUT you know what???? I LOVED IT!!! OMG I missed them...I missed this...I missed ASR and KKG...and this to me was the old day' is sad to say but i love them fighting...and challenging each other. I want them together but can they always be like this because this love is beautiful in their own stubborn way they complete each other! 

She denies it all and he takes a glass of water and tosses it on her face...Shocked Um folks what is this obsession of throwing water at each other though? LOL More ASR challenge KSR and back and forth...intense moments and an ALMOST cant do this...why cant are my wife...legally too...and I can do SO married me zabardasti...i dont think of you as my PATI...okay then wel make it appen now...UFFF!!! Damn SP and everyone else...Yeh Romance Chalega...Day Dreaming 

Nani I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!ROFL The woman knows as well as Buaji how to really lagao in dono ki!!! Chote Chai Pe Gir Gaye...Khushi Coffee Pe Gir Gayi! Yes thats what happened! Pyaar pe COLD water Gir gaya ROFL

Mission Satsang and Mandir is on...Jaisa bhi Di Chahye on ASR's Part...and KSR sit's home alone...stupid lame crap! Di I HATE YOU!!!! Angry

And the romance starts again...And to hell to you ASR i dont think of you as a husband...MANO GI...tum mujhe apna HUSBAND maan logi...nope wont do it...yes you will...I will make you...yup keep DREAMING ASR...Wink and you my lady love will fall into my arms...Day the new SHARTH is on...Deal...Sauda...Tai raha...but in this lifetime it wont happen...we'l see...well nothing wont happen...we'l see he says...and  folks the games are on...The tables has turned and its fabulous...ASR and KSR in roles reversed will be fun to watch no?...uff the roothna manna and in NK's words...ISS WAR KO KYA NAAM DOON????? ROFL

Di-Chote Bull CRAP under way...Sleepy They are going to a Satsang...not a damn Tirath YATRA...and then she's wobbling in the car and makes Payal sit in the truck...WTH...thankfully Chote get's to escape the crap and go to Agra...Taj Mahal Ghoomle...Chipta PH...Bali nahi Agra Sahi...Pata chala they go to Lonavala and make it Agra!!Confused

I am going to Agra...good for you I dont will be alone...whatever dude I am ok...Come with me...nope I want to clean...what your head? Nope itl get detoxed once you leave...yup this is GH to audience conversation alright! Life without will go on IPK...try it audience...we will..YOU CANT is their answer...and you know what they are right Wink

Toofan comes ...lights go off...and Khushi is not alone in Shantivan...who could it be? Shyam? Arnav? Could this be a repeat of Nainital? We'l know tomorrow wont we LOL Still dont get why Khushi would yell Laxmi Ji though...why would a Bakri respond? Confused

Song of the evening...

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joenet1234 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:46pm | IP Logged
Chotu sa post updated on page 2.

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-Pallavi- Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
Beautiful write-up once again, Sari Clap This time your post and the episode both are superb.

The episode didn't just show the leads, it showed each and every one including HP though at the wrong time Tongue DB didn't take the risk this time. Handling Arshi fans has become a headache to every one from actors, writers to channel also. NK seem to be an exception for obvious reasons Embarrassed

It is better to see ASR-Khushi like this than into mushy romance. Khushi knew very well she won't win this time.  In fact each time she has won only with her LG's help. Still she doesn't want to give up. This is our real Khushi, who very much belong to  "Darti hain, but karti hain" group.

Yes, again she went to Akash today. But this time she was not SP bahu. SP bahus give very subjective gyan. But today she went with a fact. A fact that why was Shyam's issue kept secret. That is very much needed though it is better if ASR tells this to Akash than Khushi. Loved Payal's way of controlling her impulsive sister. 

Thanks to NK - not only for his "Iss war ko kya naam doon", but also for his love-advices which ASR keeps remembering every now and then. All of us were just tired of his usual flashback, pre-kidnapping Angry

Who is the stalker in the darkness? Who knows GH wants to take a revenge and hence we get to see Shyam. And instead of "Chod deejiye Anjali ji ko", we get to hear "Aap phir se shadi kar lijiye Di se, ham se uski yeh halat deka nahi ja sakta" LOL  

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:53pm | IP Logged
Sari, great post! For once I did not mind the interruption because I loved ASR in this scene, Khushi was all set to break loose but he pulled her closer not caring they'd been seen. This is one challenge he intends to win at all cost, he could care less what others think he wants Khushi back and will win her.
Khushi and Arnav's fight was adorable, what is their relationship without the nok jhoks?? It is like a must with them, he leaves she rants, he hears. Its too cute!!
Khushi is going to be running into his arms in no time because it is the one place she finds solace, where she feels safe. It is going to be an action that comes natural to her and Arnav will welcome this but knowing Khushi she will come to her senses and try to push him away, heated confrontation ensues followed by a heated make up. These two won't be able to fight temptation for long
Sahana, the Payash track is working because it finally makes sense and I like that Payal is trying to fight this on her own. Khushi needs to respect her sister's wishes and back off now, she did her part now leave them alone.
Riya, there's hope for Akash after all!! It looks like he is on a RTR of his own, he is coming around and I think soon his anger will subside.
Tee, my guess is Arnav goes to the meeting but worries about Khushi especially with a storm brewing so he rushes home to her just in the nick of time for her to come running into his arms. Now my SKD takes over Day Dreaming

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meens80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ashwink630

Tee - awesome VM - just loved it. Thank you!

Yes i agree, fantastic job Tee; love both the songs and great scene selection tooClapClap
Rajesh Khanna was my mom's first love and Barun is her newest fascinationWink; i will send this link to her; I'm sure it will bring a smile to her faceBig smile

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sbk2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:55pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the lovely post for a smoking hot Arhilicious episode!

@ Taybs:  Awesome VM! Thumbs Up  And that song, though so many decades old still fits the Arhi scenes...loved it!

Aaj toh the whole forum should be happy (barring a few...there always are exceptions...)

I am too...yesterday after watching the precap many were worried if they are going to compromise ASR's basic character...him sitting in the closet with those cute expressions LOL

But but usual, the real scene turned out to be something else.
He starts off with an abrupt jump from the closet, and almost unromantically flings the coffee on her face...hahahahhahah! Just so that he can bring to life some of their memorable moments of the past...and of course the wild cat named Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is no mood to relent...or at least is pretending to not be in the mood.

And then...BAM! The typical M&B hero comes to life...the smirk, the dangerous seduction in his voice, the unflinching eyes, the bold and open flirting...passionate, fierce, demanding actions and words...and Khushi also begins to melt...had she not been affected, she would not have leaned in, closing her eyes...almost in nervous anticipation...delicious moments...Arnav with that slight smile on his face...and then HP happened Angry

Anyway...the seduction dance continues after Nani makes some mischievous observations...LOL! This is one adorable Nani! Love her...

Back to the flirting, coming close...and ahhh! The poolside kiss memory comes to life...this time with a bigger wager...if she comes running into his arms, she will accept him as her husband...KKG cannot resist falling for this new bet - although, I always think, its Khushi who names the penalty of losing the the sangeet challenge, it was she who said she would do anything for him if she lost...and today as well it was she who came up with the penalty...
Aur kya chahiye? ASR gets what he wanted to hear from her...he is so confident that she will lose this challenge...

Today, unlike the hut scenes, I felt Khushi herself was drawn towards him, turned on by his seductive words and moves...though she was still trying hard to resist...
Loved the typical M&B flirting, seduction, resisting, mock fighting...etc etc...Embarrassed

Loved the episode otherwise as well...cheered when Nani shut up Manthara...Akash is beginning to thaw...Anji was tolerable...though I do not understand why everyone treats her like she's on her deathbed or something...Confused

Waiting for tomorrow, though I am sure the CVs will torture us with unfinished business, to be concluded on Monday...and we will go crazy on the weekend waiting for Monday LOL

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