Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Spice Girls Hangout:Crazy in love!

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SG's - Beautiful romantic episode, a page out of M&B...It was a collage of beautiful memories, then and now... Then it was a girl who dared to challenge him. Now he was recreating those moments to prevent her from slipping into a dark place, a point of no return. She had lost her smile and he knew he was the reason. It was his way of convincing her that all those moments that meant nothing then, he cherished them now! For better or worse, they were in it together! There was an ardent desire to bring back her smile. Whatever it takes... He was going to be her LG, the paagal premi...

He vowed he would make her accept him as her husband but this time with her consent minus hosh aur awaz...Day Dreaming Last part was mine but who would blame her if that happened with a pati that is hotness personified...

Who knew that the LG had a pagal side to him? Well, it was time to unleash the pagalpan...So the premi in him did come out of the closet tonight...But the girl pretended not to be impressed...

We move on to the coffee-chai battle...The ASR instinct, anger lurks its ugly head but the brain washing from the love guru has worked. Lambhi saans lo...He complies and becomes the charming Arnav Singh Raizada...He tells her he wants to relive the paagalpan with her...But she isn't buying it...Was she playing him here?Wink Last time she was nervous, she apologized and cried...This time she knows he wouldn't harm her,  she gets right back at him...

Last time he broke the dori, this time he ever so gently moves her hair, almost seductively...The only difference the last time he scared her this time there was a certain gentleness about him, she knows he is her man...

K: "Aap badtameezi kar rahe hai..."
A: "Biwi ho tum meri, my legally wedded wife..."
K: "Hum aapko apna pati nahi maante hain, aapne zabardasti shaadi ki humse..."
A:  "teek hai toh ab manva lete hain", 
a dangerously seductive drawl

She is deeply in love but still vows to fight her feelings and his advances. She knows it's a losing battle but fighting him is like foreplay...Turns her on...An almost kiss with another witness this time, HP!

But the LG is full on attitude, dismisses him. He has business to take care of...He was in complete control...There wasn't a care in the world, he is ready to announce to the world that he is in love with his wife. What a transformation, the man who never believed in love is ready to shout from the roof top, when challenged (literally!)...

The Adorable Nani 

K: "Hum coffee mein gir gaye the...matlab humne apne aap pe coffee gira di..."
Nani: "Chote bhi chaaye mein gir gaye the...matlab unhone bhi apne aap
pe chaaye gira di..."

The aloo-puri yest, then the coffee-chai battle today...A wise nani realized chote ab chote nahi rahe, these 2 are madly in love...

Didn't like Khushi talking to Akash but that is Khushi; she wanted to fix her sis's marriage. She felt responsible, she was going to tell Akash, Payal was more than just Khushi's sis. Nani stood up for the sis's... Nani is the only sensible person in this house who believed in Khushi, took chote's word for it...

The Challenge

The last time he saw a bruised arm, he had just learned to say sorry. Tonight, it was more than just sorry. He shows his love and concern but his concern is countered with

"Haan lekin aap se chot khane ki aadat hai hume...Lekin hum abhi bhi aapko apna
pati nahi maante"

The old ASR would get upset but this one in a dangerously seductive tone he challenges her...

A: Daud ke baahon mein aaugi, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada...
K: Hum?...aur aapki bahaon mein? jis din aise hua...hum aapko apna pati maanenge...
A: Deal?
K: Sauda...Lekin iss janam mein pura nahi hoga...
A: Dekhte hain...
K: Jab kuch hoga hi nahin...toh aap kya dekhenge?...

She takes on the challenge fully knowing, it is a losing battle...Was she playing
knowing it's a win-win?

The Balancing Act...

Beautiful Anji-Arnav scene. A caring brother surfaces and this time a more understanding Anji. It was refreshing to see a reassuring sis today...These 2 share a beautiful bond, I hope Anji snaps out of this and sees the light...

Cute pati-patni scene

It almost looked like they have been married forever... who would think that just a few nights ago he had said he wish he had never met her, it was the biggest mistake of his life...Oh, really?

A: Mein Agra jaa rahan hoon...
K: Haan toh?
A: Sab log satsang pe jayenge aur late aaenge...HP bhi off hai...Tum akeli rahogi?...
K: Toh?
A: Mere saath Agra chalo...Taj Mahal dekh lena...
K: Humne dekha hai...aur waise bhi hume safai karni hai...

A: Apne dimaag ki?LOL
K: Woh toh aapke jaate hi hojayegi...

She closes the door behind him -
"Naa hi hume aapko apna pati maana hai...nahi aapke bahaon mein samana hai...aur nahi tajmahal dekhna hai...LOL

A: Suna maine...LOL
K: Suna na...toh ab yaad bhi rakhiyega...

Who here thought Khushi wasn't affected? Well, think again! He was right, she had accepted him as her pati before the night was over as she thinks out loud...LG ka paagal prem, nahi paagal patiwali dhamkiya...ROFL

So the LG comes back coz his wife is scared & home alone.....Dangerously hot and seductive... Will she meet him half way and accept him as her legally wedded husband? The cupid was right - Iss war ko kya naam doon?  War se hi sahi, tonight he accepted her role in his life! She completes him!


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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Sahana's post...

The start of the episode set the tone for me. Khushi upto her 'save the world' abhiyaan again. This girl doesn't learn her lessons . Even after being warned by Payal, she decides to have another word with Akash. Was she going to tell Akash that Amma held her back from telling the Raizada family about Shyam ? That would be throwing Garima and Buaji under the bus. Anyway, Payal saved the day , loved her intervention and telling Khushi off to mind her own business.  The next part was even better when Nani admonishes Mami for her mean behavior and rightly putting the blame on 'Damaadji'. Love you Nani !! You are such a trooper!!

The rest of the episode is all very blur in my mind. When Khushi got up to leave after she saw Anjali coming her way, I had no idea that the closet scene would follow. Thanks to the CVs for maintaining the right balance of mush and arrogance,

Just loved the scene to bits. ASR , very   true to his character. He kept losing it at times at Khushi's antics but remembers NK's advice and recovers very soon . Everything about that scene was very romantic except Khushi's outfit.  They re-created quite a few memories just in that one scene.  I wasn't surprised when HP walked in on them, again very much in line with IPK. Noticed how ASR did not let go of Khushi while talking to HP.

Nani notices that these two have been upto their antics.

ASR is persistent , he's had it by now and getting very impatient now J Noticed the hesitation in him, when he heard that Khushi wasn't going to accompany them to Satsang but he is a man of his word , so no changes there.

Liked him checking in on Anjali . I find it very funny that these days all he can ask Anji is 'Di, aapne khana khaya?" Again, it seemed important to her that Chote had agreed to come to the temple with her. She was okay him going for his meeting because she was assured that his initial intent was to go with them. Aman Mathur saved the day and ASR is off to Agra instead (or not)

 (@Priya – I now get what you were saying a couple days ago !!)


So, Akash is slowly coming around. For some reasons, I am liking the Payash track these days. Dogra is a good actor and needs to be utilized more.


Liked how he asks Khushi to come to Agra with him. She is not interested, loved their little interaction there.


Not sure what's happening tomorrow? The CVs are too unpredictable , it could swing anyway from being very romantic to a horror movie if Shyam makes an appearance.


My mantra these days are 'No expectations' and I'm keeping it that way.


More Later,



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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Episode started with Khushi doing what she does best, be stubborn and try to fix things despite clearly being told not to. Fortunately it was not the disaster we were expecting, Akash didn't blow up at her and Nani came to the rescue when Manorama started the blame game. Manorama continues to disappoint, out of everyone I thought she would understand Khushi given she witnessed first hand what Khushi would do for her loved ones but it seems only Nani can see that. Finally Khushi gets some reassurance she desperately needed, she now knows there is at least one person who is in her corner and does not hold her responsible.

Khushi continues to avoid Anjali and heads to her room where she finds Arnav hiding in the closet, right away she is flooded with memories but refuses to admit it. Arnav does not give up, he goes a step further with the coffee throwing and grabbing her close reminding of the sheesh mahal incident. ASR was very much in character here, he did things his way and brought back the intensity and passion that was missing in earlier scenes. Despite the obvious impact he has on her, Khushi still won't break and only thing I can gather from this is because she does not want to set herself up for heartbreak again. Its like she told Arnav, just when she lets her guard down he does something to hurt her again and remind her he is a shaitaan so it is out of fear she is pushing him away.

Isn't it funny how tables have turned? When Arnav married Khushi he had all intentions to never accept her as his wife and today when he is more than willing, Khushi won't give him that acceptance and who can blame her?? Its easy to melt watching ASR be at his best with that flirtatious attitude but for Khushi it is not easy to forget given everything that has happened. Eventually she will break and he will know the extent to which he hurt her, I still say this may happen by the next episode as will the much anticipated rain sequence which I had given up hope on. Even though we SGs have been stuck in SKD all day, I am keeping expectations low for the next episode.

Other stand out scenes, we got a glimpse of the brother - sister bond that was being destroyed by the CVs. Scene was a redemption of sorts given what we got lately, really liked this scene as it showed that Arnav is indeed balancing being there for the two most important women in his life. Arnav has not forgotten Anjali nor will he ever, she's still someone he looks out for.

NK didn't have much to do in this episode but he did have that stand out line -- Iss War Ko Kya Naam Doon?? Another dig at critics CVs??? Got a good laugh out of it and you definately put critics to rest by delivering one of the best episodes of the show. I couldn't find one complaint or scene which I wanted to fast forward. It is now up there with one of my favorites. Job well done!!

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Sugar's post...

Ohmygod!! What an episode.

But, before we start, how many BS, ASR suckers do we have in the house? I believe its almost a full house, then again, no one expected this today, so who knows Lady J might be lighting a flame for a certain someone today Wink

The episode started on a high note and ended on one too. Payal taking a stand was a good move, she's finally showing she may actually have a back bone. No one likes to see disharmony and a combination of the mini-tell off and Nani's wise words have struck Akash. He'll bounce back soon.

Nani is and will remain team neutral, that is even after she finds out about the 6 month contract marriage. She will be hurt by her grandson's arrogance, but will see his deep love too.

And the contract gets me to the Indian M&B edition.
He's going to go all out and not just Arnav style with those mushy smiles but with ASR's attitude, determination and ruthlessness and and and that smirk!!
I'm not going to say a lot on that scene because I'm certain you all will do more justice to that scene with your words than I can. I can do justice on the analysis of how a certain Mr. Sobti looked! *ever loyal*
So he's ready to make her accept him as a husband. Friday, perhaps a new promo over the weekend. Teej is Sunday, claim him, as her husband. I think we're getting quite the build up for Teej, which absolutely has to end in consummation. Yes, my flag is being hoisted on the consummation happening sooner than later.

Side Notes:
Lots of snarks at the forum in general today. NK's "Iss War Ko Kya Naam Doon", indicating it towards GH and his followers.
And Khushi's "jab kuch hoga hi nahi to kya dekhengey", I feel that was for a bunch of us here lol!
Gotta give it to their sense of humor and almost sportsmanship. Pehla roothna, phir haasana!

Barun, you are a very good looking guy and you make ASR oh so sexy, why, why can't you just go get a hair trim? It will just add more brownie points to all these scenes!

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Hi Sari and SGs!! Beautiful post as always Sari!!

Ok i better make this quick as my nephew is bossing me around telling me "phone ko rakhdo..go over there" lol...anyhow this morning was a crazy watch for me with the episode as my younger sis decided to burst my bubble and tell my bro that not only do i watch the epi as soon as its up but i also discuss it on the forum..and he was like what the? Seriously such a satyanash embarrassing moment for me!

Anyhow the episode was all worth it and with it i entered the sapno ki dunya(SKD) as have the other SGs..i mean some..LOL..ab jahan piya wahan main and since Khushi has declared that her Arnavji is in his sapno ki dunya..why shouldnt we follow? Wink...

Loved the ArHi scenes and the charming ways of ASR...OMG the way he said theek hai toh manva letey hai OMG i was just sigh...this man is too adorable for words...

And later when he is concerned that she got hurt aww..and cornering on the stairs and the challenge super like!! An the hubby wife scene in the room was adorable loved Arnav's suna maine as he left too cute...

Ok about the shadowman at the end of the epi i have my fingers crossed that its Arnav and is meeting was canceled but in case its now my other theory from the previous HG was that if its NK since Anjali mentioned drive safely to Arnav that might be foreshadowing that he has an accident and Khushi gets worried bout him hence the hug when she seed him all ok..either way tom shud be very exciting!

Anyway nephew has had enough and is threatenin me so i shall stop LOL

Ramadan Mubarak to all SGs celebrating Hugs! Will try to still check around here when i get time!!

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Whoa !!!  Look  who came out of the closet ?  Arnav Singh Raizada -  with his swagger, his attitude , his sexy smirk and a whole lot of things that went  for a movie shoot  or were kidnapped.   Holy smokes !!!  A very welcome  unexpected turn of events. Clap
During their entire marraige these two have shared so many intimate moments and I have often wondered  how Saint Arnav has been able to keep his hands off his beautiful wife ?  Ofcourse it is becasue it was not written in the script  and kept in dream sequences to appease us , the carzy audience else why would such a hot jodi never attempt to repeat Diwali !!!.  I am glad that the cvs have decided to explore the physical side of their attraction though not very hopeful that the Big C will happen as  Shantivan does not have locks and the hosuehold members live in the land of the free.
Beautiful sequences today.
  Scene 1 :  Arnie pops out the closet in a playful mood.  but dear wife is not in the mood to give him the satisfaction of seeing her smile  Oh so you dont remember the closet day ,  maybe you  remember  - SPLASH - this cup of tea or maybe  - RIP - the dori of your top.  Khushi in turn , never known to back off  , dares him - Aap batameeze kar rahe hai !!!  The legally wedded wife is forgetting that her "husband"  has never been on his best behaviour with you so why do you think he would now.   Saved by the Knock , Khushi gets to run out  but not very far and not for very long .     Was a very good segment but not as the one to follow .
  Scene 2 -  ( My favourite )  Both standing as school kids in front of nani  explaining their dishevelled look.  Okay so one fell into the coffee and the other into the tea , lets get ready for the mandir.   Arnie notices the marks on her arm and turns to say "I hurt you ??"   Biwi  who is so rattled with the events in the bedroom reiterates   "You always do that . I still do not think you to be my husband "  .  When was the last time they threw a challenge at the other ?  "lagi Shart that you will come running into my arms KKGSR "  " In your dreams...that will be the day I will call you my husband..."
    Loved Loved this section.  Arnie's blatant onslaught on his wife knowing that she is not immune to him and Khushi assuring herself that it does not matter LOL  was priceless.
   Scene 3 :  Leaving for Agra . Khushi folding her two suits for the nth time , trying to be nonchalant to her husbands presence being invited for a trip to see the Taj.  If ever these two trully looked like a couple it was in this scene. And what a sizzling couple they are.  They make you fall in love with them all over again.
      A very well done episode. Do not care or wish to comment on the remaing part.  It was good to see Anji not crying.  Payal needs to stand up to her husband and confront him but again who cares.
    I am trying to keep my expectaions low for tomorrow  par kya karein - Dil hai ke manta nahin !!!

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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A droolfest of an episode. The hit point for this epi was it was totally unexpected after the thanda fest we got yesterday. When you murder your expectations, get off your SKD cloud, read no spoilers, get no SBS, you get an episode that bops you on the head with its awesomeness.Big smile

Epi starts with Khushi being mahaan and explaining to Akash that everything is her fault not Payals. The great thing which came out this was we got a family confrontation with Mami and Nani, where Nani declares that she believes Payal and Khushi and is with them and basically tells mami to get her act sorted out. 
Khushi is having tea and sees Anjali and runs to her room for cover and finds one husband in the closet.
Said husband, asks her if she remembers when he found her in the closet. Khushi denies remembering and so begins phase 2, throw the coffee on her face. And up goes her temper and she turns to leave only to be pulled back by ASR. who begins to scream at her, but remembers just in time the new chaap on his brain from cupid,"lambi saas andar, aur lambi saas bahar phenko"
and he asks her nicely to stay.
So when he pulls her back and moves her hair to open the nonexistant dori to recreate the pearl dori scene, she pulls back and flings tea on his face.
And more pulling, and he says he can do anything to her because he's her husband, she says she doesn't think so and he moves in for a kiss only to be interrupted by a new member in the interrupting club. HP. (you are new on my hit list)Evil Smile
What was interesting here was he still doesn't let her go while HP is there, showing he is ASR and doesn't give a damn.
They go to meet Nani, who clearly knows they've been up to their Tom and Jerry games again. 
And we have a staircase confrontation. where they make a shart (Doc will be happyWink) where he will make her come running into his arms. And she of course accepts and declares, should that happen, she will accept him as her husband.

NK - iss War ko kya naam doon?  do i need to say more. CV making digs at us.Ermm

We had an Anjali scene, where she is clearly getting back to normal since the hairbrush hands were back in action and brushing through ASR's stubble.
He has a meeting, but refuses to go, Di says go, he says ok. (another MU in the making, ASR will not be at that meeting- lagi sharth?Wink)

We are all transported into SKD, minus a few peopleLOL, lets see what tomorrow brings, no hopes...Big smile

The tribute VM as requested by All.

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