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19th July : Here we go around the mulberry bush (Page 3)

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nandinimp

hi angie baby,
 sorry but got connected out last nigt by the infamous BSNL.. they aseem to wreck havoc in my life just like the many hit and misses that we see in the show... you have no idea how many times i said Satyanash as i wathced the episode... but i decided to just ignore the rest of the episode and focus only on Ram Kapoor.. waise you know of my fascination for him.. i'll find something to like always!!
When RK spoke of how Priya has taught him to smile and be happy no matter what the situation is, he reminded me so much of the mythical Ram itself ... apparently even he would say 'my sita would expect me to do this".. I know that this character is fictional and people might think i'm going overboard in my comparison... but then for me mythology is the basis on which modern fiction is there...And that scene served so well as a contrast to Priya's "koi tha", Kissi ki" bull shit... I cant imagine that Priya cant speak the name of the one man who loved her implicitly... there he is always associating everything with Priya and here she is never ever mouthing his name.. Kya chal raha hai CVs? And if the denial of his name to his daughter is not enough this behaviour of hers is going ot be very costly... But I lked Priya when she gave kahadoos a piece of everyone's mind today... we got a glimpse of our fave character for a while there.. go sakshi go was all i could say!! 

The thought of Lord Rama came to my mind a couple of times too. Stopped myself from putting it across. Glad someone else thinks the same. But I do have my argument on Priya not thinking about Ram explicitly. Not a justification, but thats what I feel is going through her mind. Did you read my comments on page 1. Like I said in my comments, each time he takes Priya's name, it makes me happy (at the impending RB act building up) and scared for Priya.  Waiting to see Ram give it to her. This man is smiling through the middle of this mess. Has taken up the whole mess/circus of Sharmas on himself. Doesn't seem to complain. OMG- what a character. KK and Sowmya being around must be helping a lot. I have huge hopes on this character of Sowmya (though the convo with Ram was crappy with intentions of confusing viewers). I am waiting to see Ram and Sowmya getting together to pull Priya's leg. Mazaa ayega.

But for all the Peehu is my life.. is it not strange that she runs looking for Kady ... who needs a kick up her butt for putting Priya in this spot without telling her all... when the little girl is locked  in the bathroom!!! Come on since when has she become irresponsible.. sometimes what khadoos says seems to make sense after all...I am waiting for the day when RK will give it to her for these displays of obvious stupidity... she needs it man
Priya of season 2 is a contrast of the one in season 1. In many ways. She is not in control of the life she was in season 1. I think she only has Kady to hang on to. She is in many ways an enigma. She is a woman who is trying hard to stay on her feet.

Looks like BALH is the only vehicle that is promoting the losers movie... now we know why dubai was chosen... the film is premering there apparently... wah wah Ek... kya business sense hai..viewers gaye bhad mein.. logic gaye ghaas khane ko.. tujhe to tumhare bhai ka promotion is more important...Holy hell woman dont you relaise that this is a sure fire way of getting people to run away from your show not towards it!!!
Ananconda and Shipraaa today proved that they have always been the slimiest of slime ... they  are creepy .. hope someone reads aditi's OS and finishes them ooff!!1
and the Precap...what do you say about a man who can with one word make grown women swoon ... his Darhling was enough for me to forgive the shit that was on display.. It has taken 200+ episodes for it to make a comeback ... but what an effect it has eh!! I am trying to find ways to make it my phone's ringtone...

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Originally posted by fanraya

Originally posted by fosla

Originally posted by fanraya

Angie you are so right the reasons you mentioned, exactly same thing I was thinking, I only watch for Ram, Priya and Pihu, they are really joy to watch, did you see the precap? darling... from Ram.. Hyee. that was so awesome.. I have decided not to stress so much about the story and all, just watch it like any other show, no involvement now. Logic has left the show long time ago.. every episode Pihu muze khush kar deti hai, koee etna cute kaise ho sakta hai.. Really Laddu she is .. Lover her, and yes our deal couple, Ram and Priya.. Ram is getting hotter Embarrassedday by day and ST is looking Fab,, so just enjoy them thats it..Big smile
I think that's the only way to retain our sanity! The precap was the savior for the day. Ha ha! So true.. Darling is just making me melt all over again.
Logic has left. So I have decided to just make my point as detached and move on. You can only fret on something that you have hope on.
Ram is getting super hot yaar. UFF!! He is getting adorable b y the day.
Pihu the cutie dadi ma is a delight
ST was looking fab too!
As I said.. The rest is all ignorable! For our own good!

You are so right about butchering PK 's character, agree with each and every point, I have a feeling that they have planned another scene with Ram being angry with Priya for keeping the truth from him and lying him about her being alive  they want to create the similar scene like Priya's confession? Whatever it is I hate it, why are they showing her like that, PK  has always been responsible, whatever they are showing now is completely a new person, she loved her family and Ram dearly, it is hard to believe that she is not missing them daily, after working all these 5 years she does not have money to buy a new dress? really? I mean show something that is believable.
Also about  VIk and Neh,Cry that was such a beautiful relation, I loved it, they were real couple and CVs totally ruined it yesterday, what is the reason for divorce, after 17 years? really? you know for some reason I had a bad feeling when Neh was angry with Ram and Ram said "arre tum dono hamesha sath rahoge" remember? phone conversation, but I never thought Divorce.. Why can not Ekta believe in marriages? that people can have happy marriages, I can not tell you how disappointed I am with the whole separation thing, Neha Vik, Sudhir Shipraa..Ram Priya. kya hai ye.. I mean it feels like this show is about separation. I am totally disappointed after yesterday's episode.. ConfusedConfused
They are messing unbelievably with Priya's character. It looks like they are moving in parallel tracks with everything. I can't understand how they have showed Priya moving on without a little bit of thought for her family. 33 years is obviously gonna override 5 years. It can't be a clean slate.
I hope CV's repair whatever they can inspite of having massacred the character.
Vikram and Neha toh.. I can't understand at all. If they want to sshow him a casanova and butcher him too.. What's left in this show?
fosla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pasumarthisa

Originally posted by fosla

Today's episode was surely better than the last couple of days. May be because they didn't remind me of the double separation. Here's what I am gonna do.. Maintain our HMC(Hit miss Chart!)Tongue Atleast,w e can have some fun when these folks are messing around.
My count  : 7
1)Escalator - UP and down
2)Phone - No idea how it suddenly acted cranky
3) Help desk -
4) Bookstore - #Bangs head
5) Elevaator  - Same floor but diff ones #Facepalm
6) Hotel room
7) Daughter Dad pic 
I think Iam gonna stop stressing on the essence of the show. This is beyond redemption. We might get some diluted and convoluted reasoning of Raya meant to be together. I would rather focus on 3 things that would remain the essence of Nayi Shuruat.

Aise mat kaho yaar :-( There is some scope for redemption. 
Ha ha Santhi!! That's for getting less disappointed and frustrated coz whatever happens, those three would always be consistent.
1) Ram Kapoor - Actor and Character - Droolathon/Expressions unlimited
2) Peehu - Chotu dynamite - Phataka.. cuteness unlimited
3) Sakshi - Queen of expressions - Performance unlimited
The rest  - Lesser said the better
The best part of today was simply the PRECAP. Darling is back and his reassurance to Peehu is sooo cute. Love that little convo and the icing on the cake would be a hug between them on Monday. Enough for a Shandar Somvar.

Darling returns. He said it to Neha in season 1 and now to his own daughter. Loved it.
It was a nice touch. And even Washroom was back!Big smile
Random Ramblings:
1) Iam not too selfish wrt a complete RaYa licious episode and hence enjoyed the flashback for our own Kadus with a U. Except that our poor little X-tra haddi cannot act to save his life.
2)Kady Kady Kady.. My dear lady.. You are in deep Shit. And thank you for pulling along Priya Sharma too.
3)Priya sharma rocked in those scenes where Peehu gets locked inside. The retort on hearing those nasty words from Rajat was ST bang on again. Would have loved a slap in addition. But well. Another time.

She rocked completely. When Peehu says she will she stop herself from going to bathroom, did u see Priya's reaction. So real, so good.
That was really well done. She rocked those scenes.
4)Ram and Rajat convo - Iam actually enjoying their bromance. Just that one bro is stonefaced but well.. cant have the cake and eat it too. Priya made it to the convo again showing Ram going all the way to keep Priya's ghost happy.

Each time he takes Priya's name, I get happy and also scared for Priya. And you love it. RB act  building up.
They have clearly managed to portray RK not having moved on and living with Priya's words cum memories.
5) Peehu was really cute once again. Her expression of glee on hearing the word Chips. Baap pe gayi hai. The reactions of wondering if she spoiled the jacket and being an inquisitive kid who is busy exploring a hotel room were really cute. They really show her as a caring kid in more than one occasion. Even when she is stuck and crying for help, you feel like jumping and opening the door. Looked lovely in her green dress with open hair. 

God bless her. But hope CVs are more consistent. 
True!! She is talented. hope Cv's dont' go overboard with the Dadi amma there.
6) Haddi falling for Priya is being written all over the episodes these days. Ek toh miyya biwi are out to convert him to get back to love by gifting him BALH book. Dai jaan is also wishing he finds the right girl. Sab bhukto baad me.

You cracked me up. In that last sentence - you sounded like a seasoned dadi ma is mouthing it. Ingenuity.
Ha ha!! Everybody is busy with apne pair pe khuladi marna. Ab audience kya karen?
7)Ayesha the super model is going to attend Tushar bhai's party in Dubai. Kisi ne usko bataya ki nahi? She climbs the escalator and lands up on the other side in Mumbai - make do - Dubai set. It is smelling Satynash since rumors were galore about a family member seeing Priya before RK. Shipra Ayesha lovey dovey scene spelled FAKE all over. LPK is surely sharmas incase u missed Shipraa Dadi giving a long list of items to be bought to  Ayesha.

Shipraa Naani :-)
Oh haan!! But does it make a difference. She has dropped off Japan nighties and moved onto Co optex Bedsheets!
8) 2 days no shirt da button and here I was thinking they finally listened. Nope. They said. Sc*ew the song.. Lets promote the movie. Deep breath Angie Deep breath. Listen Ek Maiyaa. Please don't drive that 98% viewers away.

Ingenutity again.
9) Have I been dreaming or has the word 'Abla Nari' been overused for 2 episodes in a row?

Donno how Priya took it so quietly. But given the situation she is in, she does have to draw a line and can't yell at Kady. 
For starters, she might want to be a responsible adult and tell KAdy off! Feels like Neha all over again just 25 years younger.
10) A big thumbsup for the wardrobe of RK, ST and Pihu!
So we go around another week of hit and miss, relationships messed up, Nutz,Ayesha and Shipra back to Season1. Doesn't it sound like the rhyme ' Here we go around the mulberry bush?'
Nutz atleast is still sensible. Ayesha and Shipra seem to have worsened. 

Dont' even get me started on those two maa beti!
Note to CVs - Important
It's an earnest request. You have successfully butchered Priya Kapoor. Now what's with the treatment to Priya Sharma in Season 2.  Priya is a responsible character who has taken care of Ayesha and Karthik for a long period of time. But to show her being unmindful of Kady's studies or actually following her stupid ideas doesnt' show up well.  you have shown little regard to Priya talking about Ram on her own except when it is related by Pihu. And to top it, There was Koi tha reply a couple of days back added to a similar response today on seeing the blazer. Don't make it so hard but provide a scene or two to show Priya missing Ram and her parents. Its a massacre for someone who lived her life for her family and now doesnt' even remember them for a second. Pihu is supposed to be her life line. And in a week, you have showed two moments where RK finds her alone and missing her mom. If that's your explanation for an angry Ram later, there are better ways.
Bang on. But Priya of season 2 is in many ways an enigma. She can't take control of situations as she is in an alien land. She has to draw a line with Kady on how far she can go.  But I do have my own explanation on her thoughts on Ram. Priya right now lives on her own false premise that Ram moved on. And thats what she wanted. So I think she avoids thinking too much about Ram lest she feels jealous/hurt which is natural but again something she wouldn't want to. A debate between heart and mind. Priya tells Ram to listen to his heart but is listening to her mind so she wouldn't get into negativity. For me this is not an idealistic concept but very real. Nevertheless the love is seen in her face and eyes but the dialogues are not there.  The koi tha dialogue to Kady was good in my opinion as she wanted to hide it, but today when she was thinking out loud the words were misplaced. Waiting for the moment.

Santhi.. By Showing Priya moving on based on her false premise, the Cv's aren't doing a favor but deepening the pit. If she believes, Ram has moved on, what about her Dad who was her pillar of strength? Her mom, sister whom she gave an unconditional forgiveness or her brother for whom she fought with RK.. There are no memories or regrets on not being with them. How can 5 years of moving on wash away 33 years of your maternal home? She is a single mother desperate to meet ends, not willing to go back to her husband because he has moved on. Tell me how much of Priya Sharma in season1 do you see in this? Here we see a disarrayed lady who is not even regretting denying her husband the right of a father. I hope Cv 's need to show that real Priya Sharma somewhere coz its already 2 weeks behind.

Why Vikram and Neha's divorce HURT
Vikram and Neha were a couple with their plus and minuses but they surely felt more real. There was not a khadus falling in love with a sacrificing lamb. It was a story of two real people who met in an appropriate age,fell in love and had a family of 3 kids. They were adorable, funny, annoying but they were together. The man would work long hours, the lady would take care of the family. They would fight over their work, have their jealousy tiffs. But before the night, they would make it up. For me, they were a more ideal and realistic couple.  And to see them fall apart after 17 years of married life for reasons unsaid, it was disheartening especially with the way it was shown. A moment of sadness followed by them signing their paper as a matter of fact was a huge shocker. If you needed tracks to show them as parallel leads, they could have been utilized for bringing Raya together again. Their financial condition to grow up kids becoming difficult and Neha taking up a new profession could have been another track. It somehow felt really crazy to mess up the whole structure to recreate since the Cv's don't have a better way of story telling.
My heart sank  yesterday. I was miserable. But now I think there were some pointers always. Vikram being a Casanova(his character sketch on Sony website and recent comment by Ram and Vikram accepting it). Remember, Ram asking about any new chakkar to Vikram(pre-wedding days). Later, she said she will ask him about his GFs when Ram and Priya come to their house for the first time. And again over condolence messages for Priya. But CVs took it too far and to unrealistic level. Whatever it is , I was heart-broken. 
I totally remember the Casonova bit but was portrayed in Season 1 was a man who had moved onto being a wonderful husband and father for a decade. Its just gonna be disheartening if they take this route to butcher Vikram inroder to justify the mess. I was heart broken too coz these two were really close to my heart as a couple.
Nayi Shuruaat doesn't have to mean all characters have to lose their core.
That's what my point is! Else let them change the name of the show!

Another thing on Ram liking books.  He might not like Shakespeare but when he asked PRiya what she was reading(Karwa Chauth night?) she says 'Neither night nor day' and he says good choice. He has it in him :-) 
Very true! But he wasn't an avid reader who would run around  bookstores to buy books. Rem,he is the guy who can get the book details at the touch of his tablet as they showed in season1. Maybe they could have done a better job at connecting the BALH book alone rather than the sudden burst of book loving.

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Originally posted by -varun-

Hey agree with your all your ramblings, angie.
Thanks Chote!

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Originally posted by TVserialfreak

Wow didi...what all I had in mind you just nailed it...thanks a lot for this beautiful take...though many would have laughed at the scene where Khadus and RK were promoting the movie of EK it just got on my nerves. I think its high time the CVs and EK realize the importance of the show from the audience's reactions. Cady too is the same way...she gets on our nerves...I totally agree with you that PK should have slapped Khadus on hearing such a word from him. That's the most disgusting thing for a woman to hear - I hate EK and CVs just for this - though in the past she may have done her female lead characterization strong, and even in BALH Season1, we saw the beautiful and strong portrayal of Priya Sharma - it falls flat in Season 2. Hope to see old Priya Sharma in full form..though we get flashes of her at times. And no need to mention about the little angel Peehu...she stole everyone's heart with her cute green frock and freely let out hair...nothing to say about hotel scenes..the less said the better..and yet another forgettable irritating scene was the convo between Ayesha and Shipra..But we got our quota of cute scenes this I am happy with that...after all, not all days are same. 
Thanks dear. I know that you have been having the similar concerns too. I would have loved a slap from Priya to Khadus. Priya Sharma in Season 2 as you said as fallen flat. Peehu was looking gorgeous in green. Yes.. WE should enjoy our quota of cute scenes and get bcak to ignoring the rest.

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Originally posted by chatterbox

no further comments  all is nailed here

no comments about story as it has been butchered too much and over promotion of kya kool hai hum

i say change title kya angry hai hum Angry

pihu is totally adorable
Thanks Chatterbox
I think that's the apt title. Kya angry hai hum.. You did make me laugh dear!LOL So true.
Peeehu darling is totally adorable!
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Originally posted by karamsekhon

brilliant take indeed, our ST is back with a bang and all three of them looked stunning and that dumb ayesha Angry definitely she will see priya before ram , aur hum sabko ab us ayesha ko fir se jhelna padega
Thank you Karam
it's good that we concentrate on the 3 of them cause everything else spells DISASTER!
Pata nahi.. Ayesha ko kitne baar jhelna padega!

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Originally posted by D4BALH

hats off to u di.. Whatever u have written at the end r so real.. Hw could million can think that whatever they showed r just a crap but not by CV's? Loved ur summarized post of whole week..
Thanks DG and Zehra
DG bhai.. They are living in a bubble. This is far from reality!

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