Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Os Alone in RM On precap

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ignore mistake please

Arnav drive back home ,he  directly walked to NK room

NK" Naanav mera bhai you came back"

Arnav: shhh ,he closed the door

NK "i was going "

Arnav go who is stopping you?

NK from whom you are hiding by the way?

Arnav: tum ko kya hain jao na 

NK: Khushi ji right right

Arnav :NK go please dont spoil my plan ,as today no one at home ,at least i can make use of this opportunity 

NK: are you upto something

Arnav smirk you kindly go ...

NK hello hi bye bye best of luck 

Arnav was in NK room ,time passed . it was evening when  suddenly started thundering& lighting  ,he recollected her standing in rain  , he ran to look at her from balcony,from where mami use to look at them. she was scared and there was no light in their bedroom he ran  to her"shit she is scared of dark "

Khushi who is there ?she saw a shadow  she picked up the pot " who so ever you are dont come near me i will break your head " he could not hear her as at the same time it thunder and lighten , she saw the shadow coming close her eyes and throw the pot towards the shadow , she ran in room pick up her DM 

Arnav in time moved bend the pot didnot hurt him ,he was trying to fix the light 

Khushi ran to room and  stand on bed as she saw the shadow , she picked her DM " kon hain wahan " she move back wards 

Arnav was enjoying " let me fix light you will run to me" he smirk and has a self conversation 

Khushi"Arnav ji aap hain" she felt him it thunder .she closed her eyes he on the light she was standing on bed  praying he smiled and walk towards her  he was about to call her she open her eyes as she saw light in room "Arnav " she without thinking a second jump off bed and ran to him she hug him he lost his balance and sat on the recliner DM slipped from her hand , as her right hand was wrap around his neck as his left arm was wrapped around her waist . "DM" he pull her with him and catch her DM both look at each other 

Arnav: am i your husband now or you still say i am not " as he placed the DM back on the coffee table and made his posture bit comfortable , moved her hairs "kaise na bola tha ka iss ko meri bahoon mein nahi samamna, per ab kya huwa"he wiped her tears 

Khushi blushed "chora hum ko"

Arnav "ahaan you came your self in my arms then why i leave you?"he kissed her cheek  suddenly he noticed she didnot  moved away her self" if you think you admit i am you husband"

Khushi: open her eyes and look at him he brush his nose with her's "jee nah aap ko bohot galat fehamiya hain "

Arnav" ok then i am going you, stay alone in this rainy night" he loosen his grip on her waist 

Khushi hold him tight "nahi"

Arnav "kya nahi" he smiled 

Khushi: "ab aap hum ko chora kar nahi ja sakta , aur agar jana hain tou hum bhi saath jai ga"

Arnav " but why ?when i am no one for you "

Khushi":dekha hum ko tang na kara 

Arnav "then admit i am your husband ,i will not go"

Khushi look away, he removed her hairs 

Arnav: "ok dont say , if you  want  me to stay and you think i am your husband  wear what i gave you in morning?"he let her go

Khushi: look at him she sat on the edge of recline 

Arnav" i am waiting Khushi"

Khushi: "aap kahin jai ga tou nahi" hold his sleeve 

Arnav removed her curls " nahi"

Khushi stand it thunder again " paka you will stay here "

Arnav walk to the closet before she move ahead and taken out the sari" go change i am standing here"

Khushi: paka

Arnav" paka"  she walked in he smiled "so you agreed that  i am your husband" it thunder again 

Khushi Arnav ji

Arnav i am here 

Khushi" hum ko daar lag raha hain , aur sari hum se nahi fix ho rahi "she peep out of door

A naughty smiled appeared on his lips,he suddenly pull her arm out "Arnav ji" light went out it was completely dark, he turn her around and hold the end  he fold it on his hand , he breath brush her shoulder and the deep neck 

Arnav:your husband know's how to fix sari , he tug it in her petticoat kissed her shoulder . as his hand touch her  navel ,it gave her goosebumps ,without giving time, he hold her hand and pull her with him to the pool side 

Khushi" aah"

Arnav what happen?

Khushi oh my ankle he smiled made her sit on the lawn chair "so you twisted it again like diwali night  "smiled he could see her lips in the lighting   .

Arnav "by the way you where planing to kill me with that pot"

Khushi tou aap bol kyun nahi raha tha

Arnav agar bolta to kya tum hug karti he twisted the ankle 

Khushi :Aah aap

Arnav hain mein , i didnot go ,  as meeting was canceled

Khush i pull her feet away and pushed him he fallen on the floor as he was sitting on his toes

Arnav: "by the way now what so ever you do i am your husband and you have to admit it  " he hold her pullo  . 

Khushi chora koi dekhe laga

Arnav other than  me no one is around today, our parents are to not  even looking at us so i can do anything "the sky was cloudy and there was no stars, he pull her back to him, she has no option to come back to him " good you came back to me "

Khushi free her sari quickly and ran but she was trap in between him and the pillar 

Arnav : "today no one will call me Khushi as my cell is closed"  he removed her wet hairs look at her lips" can i kiss my newly wedded wife" and softly kissed her without looking at her , he left her as they were out of breath. without thinking picked her up and walk to room

Khushi:she was hiding her self in his arms ,he kissed her forehead 

Arnav" i love you baby"  made her rest on bed slowly free his hand off his waist coat " coming"peck her he walk to the closet and taken out the letter and from her jewel box the kangan "this is for you " he gave her 

Khushi yeh kya hain " as he picked up her DM while coming back to her ,he placed it on her bedside , lighten the diya  and read in its light "choteey ka ghusa ko pee lena  aur  iss ka pyar ko sude samaid wapise karna " 

Khushi maa ko bhi pata tha ka aap Laad Governor hain

Arnav had a laughter " ya she knew, aagar maa aaj hoti na tou bohot khush hoti  "

Khushi:"ka hum un ka beta ko apni ungliyu per nacha aata  hain

Arnav what you said ? he entwined his hand with her 's which she waved i front of him he placed the kangan on her arm

Khushi free her self and roll on his side"i still don't admit that you are my husband " 

Arnav hold her sari: and pull her back to him " tou jao mein "

Khushi nahi hug him

Arnav some one said in afternoon " in her this life she will not come in my arms , but i thing that person is in my arm before the day end"

Khushi hide her self in his arm as she had no option .

everyone came back home

Payal Nk ji where is Khushi ?there is no light she must be sacred ?as NK open the door

NK: smiled both Mr and Mrs Naanav are in their room

Anjali choteey aagai

NK he didnot go DI ,he had a laughter  naughty Naanav 

Nani: acha huwa nahi gai 

Payal shukar

Anjali felt bad she unintentionally walked to their room , she knocked "choteey"

Khushi : look at sleeping Arnav  holding her tight in her arms "DI "she  very slow pick his head up from her shoulder , pull her self aside made him rest on her pillow . run her fingers in his hairs" mera laad governor " covered him and step out of bed , she pull her sari and try to fix her self but it was dark and he and made her total mess ,the sari was tangled , picked his shirt and wore it " Di koi kam hai" she open the door half"jee"

Anjali look at her she was wearing his shirt over sari "choteey"

Khushi "he is asleep "she didnot let her peep in she block her view "koi kam tha"

Anjali: today he lie to me 

Khushi: kya di

Anajli" because of you he lie to me,you have changed him "

Arnav murmur  bit loud "Khushi I love you "

Khushi: look back as he was trying to find her on bed in his sleeps .

Anjali "but i hate you Khushi first my husband no my brother "she walk away 

Khushi stand still in confusing "what happen to her?"

Arnav: Khushi where are you ?

Khushi she locked the door ,and walk back to bed as she didnot wanted to wake him . she laid back next to him as he felt her  open his eye  

Arnav "where were you i was not able to find you ,Are you scared Mrs "hug her tight in his arms  ," when i am here why you are scared ?no need to be scared of anything  "kissed her she kissed him back as she wanted to forget what Anjali said to her .." i love you " he murmur holding her tight " i love you too " run her finger in his hairs to make me sleep again , he cuddle around her again 


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Very nice Naddiya.  Clap

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wow beautiful OS nadiya Clap

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Originally posted by Adorable.SARUN

 Very nice Naddiya.  Clap
sorry few mistakes 

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Originally posted by naddiya26

Originally posted by Adorable.SARUN

 Very nice Naddiya.  Clap
sorry few mistakes 
Mistakes??What Mistakes??
I loved it. Don't be sorry. Smile U are such a Fab writer yaar..  Thumbs Up

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Wow too romantic diii... Loved it

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loved was amazing...
this is for u Clap

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wow its very nice
loved it

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