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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

||~Happy Birthday Biscuit Aka Marie ~ || (Page 24)

DoItAlready IF-Stunnerz

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riya27 IF-Sizzlerz

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riya27 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
reply to thushy before she comes... else she'l keel ya...
where's kikuConfused

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DoItAlready IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
thankooo...i went to hv moi dinnaLOL
jus startedLOL
dunnoConfusedi think she sleptErmm
DoItAlready IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:09pm | IP Logged

hellooo thushyHug

wait a min...Shockedis this my budday thread?Shockedyes...OMG...MY budday thread...ShockedDay DreamingHearti nva expected thisShockedEmbarrassedthank you sooo much thushyHugEmbarrassediam really touched by this act of yoursEmbarrassedHeart

*ahem ahem*
drama doneROFLk...lemme first tell something about the threadErmmWinki can see two things everywhere...ROFLand they are...
MY shahrukh Day DreamingBlushing
YOUR hubby's towel colourROFL
*pink light flashing here and there*ROFL
waise...if you have failed to notice,jus have a look at my font colour tooWinkLOLEmbarrassed
thushyHugthank youuu sooo muchhh for making my birthday thread inspite of having exams...Hugand you woke up from ur sleep too...only to make this...Embarrasseda BEEEGGG MUAAAHHH!!!hmmm...i know that isn't enough ...Ermmbut it doesn't matter nah?ROFLdid i blackmail ya too muchErmmWinkLOLbut sachchi you...Cry *tears of joy* you loadzzz and loadzzz and loadzzziieeeHug if only ya had been in front of me now...i wud have killed ya wid my hugHugHugHugand yah...the bg music...thats my favHeartDay Dreamingthank you for such a wonderful thread...and SRK avisDay Dreamingiam gonna use all of them one by one...Day Dreamingnd here's wer i started troubliing ya for my budday threadROFLand you did a good job by making my threadClap...see...ya fulfilled the contract...Thumbs UpROFLbut ur not gettin away sooo soon...u hv signed the contract for the coming yrs tooWinkROFL
 check this link for further detailsBig smileROFL(i did a hard work of searching for the linksApproveROFL)
the required conditions have not been fulfilledErmm
i didn't see ur hubby dancingROFL...his bhangraROFLand 3 chipmunks' singingErmmROFL
this tym iam manichitting uLOLall thanks to SRK and ur examsWinkROFL
coming to my introductionErmmmy conphooozziinggg storyROFL

 13 or 14Ermm years ago an Angel (Ermm)landed on earth on 20TH July..

don't you know my age?Shocked...both of the above mentioned ages are wrongROFLiam a year more than 14CoolDisapproveiam gettin older and older day by day...Disapprove

so yeah then she grew up into a girl! LOL

God!didn't you get ANY OTHER personShockedDeadROFLwhy do i have to grow up to be herROFL'll keeelll ya for this...but i won'tApprovewho'll make my next budday threadROFL
To our displeasure she entered OUR world LOLLOL

displeasureBroken Heart

 Then She Joined B2B ..
(Mama in Jaya Bachans Mask ROFL) that me runningDay Dreaming
you're so lucky to have me as your jeejuCool
And ... AND Changed her genderStern Smile

are you sleep deprived?ROFL...trying ur best in keeping your eyes open(Stern Smile)ROFL
ya look shooo cute in ur trademark emoEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
i don't mind being ranbir by the wayWinkEmbarrassed

& became my Sister come Jeej(Ermm



She's brightSilly,
y dat emoStern Smile
she's lovely,

ahem ahemEmbarrassedBlushing

she's caring,

y r ya lying sooo muchROFL


She's a very special Girl,

and ya were suppossed to write HE everybherD'oh

 She's a big fan of _S _R _k  Cool 


I Know right How u all feel after seeing all the SRK Scenes...Think about my self ..sigh!SRK Blushing
 don't had the disclaimerErmmROFL

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Marie
Happy Birthday to youParty
ya first decide if its marie or marioD'ohROFL


(Mario with Kareena's Mask ROFL)

ROFLthis totally cracked me last nightROFL
Mario see Srk is calling u for a dance Shocked
SRK is calling marioShocked...Ermm
MARIE is always ready for a dance wid SRK...BlushingDay Dreaming


Ohh Sorry Shocked
thushy...ya took the trouble of goin and asking sallu for a kissShockedROFLya can have itApprovewhateva is yours is mine...and wateva is mine is urzzz...except srk and bulbulApproveROFL
I Asked SRK to give u Kiss Instead Sallu Jumped in ROFL

Well Here goo ROFL

Think u as Juhi nowROFL
hsshhh...i can't kish him in front of the crowdStern SmileBlushing

Credits to Jankaki Embarrassed

I Need to see this in ur Dabba foreverDay Dreaming ROFL
(Umm I Can feel Mansu Silent voiceLOL ) 

done!switch on ur dabba option and seeEmbarrassedtotally love this one!Day Dreaming
thank you shooo much againHug
love ya loadzzzHug
and seriously,i dunno wat to say for thisEmbarrassedLOL

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DoItAlready IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 1:49pm | IP Logged

bulbul...i'll reply...only if ya edit ur postLOL

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DoItAlready IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Thush--


*sigh* i just compiled ur b'day message and everything went down the drain *whooosshhh* Ouch

now gimme double the treat of ur b'day coz i wrote the bday msg twice Wink

here it goes g LOL

 NBMJ Big smile (J for if bublu said sowie) Wink

and i love callin you NBMJ Big smileWinkLOL .. my sweetest jeej LOL


its party time .. woohoo
happy birthday happy birthday ITS UR HAPPY DAY Big smile
make a wish and blow the candle  
 You are an amazing person and the best friend of mine. May God give you all his love and warmth in every step of yours. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday


May ALLAH blEsS yoU witH HApPineSs anD SUcceSs


love you always jeejx

Have a BLasT g .. 



thank you nooraahhhHugDOUBLE treat?who told ya that i was gonna give you a even a SINGLE one??!!ROFLWink...its ur mishtakeEvil Smilewho asked ya to let it go...not my faultApprove...that chocolate cake...Day Dreamingiam not sharing it...looks very yummy...Embarrassedmy gift?ErmmShocked...NOTHING?ShockedShockedBroken Heartdon't tell me that you had brought one...but that got lostErmm
love ya loadzzzHugand missin yaaHeart

wat should i do now... i know all will be already standing in a queue to wish biskoot...
how can i get in front... *riyu thinks hard*... 
lemme get kiku now... come on kiku... open ur rosy lips and sing a budday song with me... lemme play music...
*thud... thud...thud*
riyu checks weather all fell dead... ufff...*kiku-riku huggy-)tight wala)) we did a great job kiku...
now only we two left...
challo lemmo start my birthday bashanLOL
 happy birthday  to u...happy budday to u... happy budday to biskoot...
ok enough... asusual lemme go to my google unkeel to get u a budday poem... 
wait a min!!!

here u go

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who've enriched your life
Just by being there.

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to Your Child 
Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"

You know I love you and you must know too that my happiest moments are those spent with you
Enjoy your birthday
Indeed, I'll see that you do you're first in my thoughts and first in my heart.

Happy Birthday darling 
Hip hip hooray 
Three cheers we say 

Once more we raise a toast
Strike up the band
Together we stand
To sing ur budday song 

happy birthday poems - balloons 

already thushy would've got sharukh's msg... but lemme get his wish too... only for ya... special wala...

*now biskoot u have to imagine that u r sonam*LOL
( y r u running... its ur lub calling u...oh okies... we r closing our eyesWink
now u undergone a plastic surgery and got kajol's faceLOL... so imagine...LOL
.kajol shahrukh khan animation pictures from bollywooduff... for this eee we closed our eyes kya...chaddo...D'oh)srk babu atleast sing and dance for our sis naGeek
Shahrukh khan
 hmm... hogaya... lets wind up ur celebration... afterall we family members deserve some time with budday baby na... challo challo... say bye to himWink
y the hell he came bak...
... oh to give thisLOLShockedROFL

back to ur isstory!!!! seriously, you're totally one of a kind
Whenever I'm around you, cloudy days seem to shine
There's always an air around you that makes me feel err... wat... oops... i couldn't name it biskoot... but defo its not that pleasant...(riyu runs for her life before u drown moi in ur tears) 

Always willing to pounce on me, willing to toss a line, ready to throw tantrums... i must say u r a wild cat, a fiery lil bratLOL who always managed to get on my nerves... 

but still i luv u... luv u a loads... (pinches moi ..err...thushy's throat and keeps hand on sammy jammy's headLOL)

You totally deserve recognition, for everybody to shout
Happy Birthday darling! Keep growing!

You're totally awesome. I can say this without a doubt. even though we r always getting on each others nerve... its something i enjoy to the core and a thing that i expect to ... in each day of moi life... sachi... i haven't loved even gossiping or lobely tokes to this extent... sp get ready babes.. we will continue this for ever...and ever... 

(Wish I knew you better! More things to rhyme with that way.)

have a lobely budday biskoot...
heart for LUV.gif 
muahhh...tyt hugs... missed ya a lot these days...

- riyu-


ROFLkikaaa and her singingROFLsee..both of us are used to her singing...dats y we didn't faintROFLD'ohwas that some kind of formality reeROFLok enuf..lemme go to google unkeelROFLand sooo maannniieee poemsShockedWinkROFLand ya dhakkan!its not princessD'oh...iam super mario nowROFLCool

my shahrukh dancing and singing for meDay Dreaming
and y r u doing everything in a hurryD'ohGeek
this is not my srkErmmROFL
my ishtoryErmm...don't run...i've caught u...ErmmWinkiam not crying to drown u in my tearsROFLam not that soft shoft hearted...who'll cry for thisEvil Smile
ya called me a WILD CAT...thats jungli billi ..hahahEvil Smilei love 2 be called that way...don's jungli billiDay Dreamingroma-donBlushing
monalisa's aviROFLtotally hilariousROFL
wats sp ree?Ermmand werz ur nappy dance for my budday?Ermmand moi precious giphaaat?ErmmEvil Smile
love ya loadzzzHug...muaahhh to my nappy saaliROFL


Happy happy B'day! Budday gurl <3
Happy b'day to u,
happy b'day to u!
U were born in da zoo...
Wid da monkeys 'n donkeys dat luks just lyk u!ROFL
Luk how happy dey rROFL

you're also wishing me here bhabhi...Wink...on my buddayWinkamongst the monkeys and donkeysROFL...that gorilla looks sooo cuteDay Dreaming

I wish u da happiest budday eva n i hope u spend it wid ur family n friends n luvd onez! <3 Hav a budday filled wid
precious moments n joyous celebrations!<3
Jab we met u were soo sweet but not now...u've changed a lot <3 n Thank gawd u changed coz i JUST don't lyk sweetsLOL
can i tell the same to you tooWinkROFLwhen we met...u were bholi bhaali...shareef si worst of the devilsROFL

Tym wid u meanz lotza phun,masti,name callin;)) wild fytzLOL leg pulling...bole toh our fav tym passCool
I still remember dat u missed shoppin ONE SPOON SUGAR wid usROFLn wen same guy opened da shop again...u were da phirst one to post der n dat tym moi put da CLOSED board n u were sooo pissed offfROFLu remember???if naat thn don't ask moi...i don't hav da linkROFL
i remember bot the shop...ErmmROFLbut not about one spoon sugarDisapprove...

N more thn anythin else i lobe ur BLIND LUV for gurti<3...just keep votin...dey gunna win one day coz of UROFL
hmpf!!!making fun of meUnhappyROFL

believe me dat day i rolled lyk a monkey on da floorROFLROFLONLY u can do such kamini harktainROFL
which day are ya tokin bot?ROFLthank you for the compliments anywayCool

Bishkut ur sooo bhreey spl to moi<3u make moi laugh<3 
n u deserve every li'l thing u eva asked for<3...don't think dat i'm tryin to make u feel spl on UR day coz ur spl EVERYDAY<3 Ur my li'l evil buddy...da one who attack moi dashboard wid countless slamsLOLu know wen i checked my dash i got a minii heart attackLOL
n my heart cried...
"tere countless slams na dil ko kar diya paaannnchar"ROFLROFL
i guess thats ur fav song...i remember u usin dat earlier tooErmmROFLu got a mini hart attack...still...u were da first one to fill them upHugROFL

Enjoy every bit of ur day Bishkut
may every second of ur lyf iz fulll of happiness<3 Party lyk a Frogiiieee n dance lyk a bandarROFLwat i wanna say iz Support wildlife, Have a wild birthday party!Cool
Hope ur day iz monsterously fab n problem free! After all, it's YOUR day! Cheers HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!Party
Lobe ya heaps jaan<3
-ur kikaaaLOL


N herez ur b'day cake...ji-zooo-jiROFL

Once again Happy budday BishkutHugHug(I didn't use CCP hereROFL)
Lobe lobe lobe ya!<3

thank you kikaaa(sounds sweet kya?Evil SmileROFL

ya teach me to party lyk a froggieROFLdancing lyk a bandar is CoolROFL

ya go around askin everyone for gifts...werz mine?Evil Smilecake...i thot ya wud be givin me sum kind of frogs' or animals' food...ROFL
lobeee ya loadzzziiieee  kikoooDEEHugHeart
btw...i searched for that shopping thread...cudn't find itDisapproveLOL
Ammu (AmeTz)

Many Many Happy returns of this day...May Your Birthday filled with lots and lots of love , joy and happiness...And May all your dreams and happiness come true..wish u get a duplicate young Sharuk khan soon..Tongue..Have a blissful future ahead.Hug

thank you ammuHughahah...hope so...Embarrassed





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DoItAlready IF-Stunnerz

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dats all for todayLOL it big enuf...or u need a longer oneShockedROFL
k bye bye ...good nytHug
cya all...2mor nytHug
bubbly...ur 2mor will never comeErmm

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