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Crooner 1.4 : Passion dori... (Page 23)

soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 2:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -SH-

Originally posted by soni.b


Congratz! Big smile
thanks shivi!!!

soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 2:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

suna maine.

how can anyone make those two ordinary words sound so damn sexy.
not just husband wife, a man and a woman.
di...if he makes it damn sexy...then ur post has a multiplying effect on the same seriously!!!!

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 2:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jakhushi

Big smile
Dear Mrs & Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada,
Open Door Policy is much appreciated in the Corporate World and it is admirable that you practice that at workplace (Do you Really?Ermm). But it is our humble request that you refrain from using the same in your bedroom! Infact, we absolutely Forbid it.
Could you please... (Ohh-Freaking-Please with bow on top), Get an automatic lock for your bedroom door and USE it!!!! Angry
If there are some cost cutting measures that are being taken up in RM, then kindly let us know at the earliest. The IF girls will gladly buy you a dozen locks and install it for you.
And while you are at it, request Mr. Raizada to get a haircut in Agra and Mrs. Raizada to change into the new sari. Both these actions will be deeply appreciated by your gloabal fandom. We can assure you that these actions will elicit very desirable results in your personal lives.
In apparent absence of Di, Akash, Mami, Nani, HP, Lakshmi, et al,  We wish you the very best for tonight (and all future nights). May Devi Maiya Help you to actually get on with it!!!Wink
Warm Regards,
Your Very Impatient IF Phangurlz.
Ok, 1st to get over with the Supporting Roles  :
Akashji - Do you think it will be pretty once Bhai finds out that you havent been been polite to his wife, especially after he has declared his love? Only he has the right to be rude to her. You might want to keep a few spare spectacles in the cupboard that you throw wet towels into. I suspect, you might crack the pair you wear by the sheer impact of his deadly stare very soon.
Mamiji - Please have 10 tablespoons of Brainolia daily. And some bramhi saag also to improve memoria. Your Arnav Bitwa was saved by 'phatee saree' from getting killed by your darling bitiya's husband less than a week back.
We can send the above said products along with the locks if your Akash bitwa wont buy them for you.
Payal - Days of being nice are fast getting over dear. Playing hard to get works quite well apparently. Have a firm chat with your husband - it has been known to work!
Naniji - You are the best Naniji in the world. HugThank you for being the only one in RM who is fair and just. And still retains a sense of humour. Would it be possible for you to get your son back into the picture... you could do with some support right now
Anjali - It was great to see your trademark gesture on Chotey's cheek...Loved that little scene. Would be extremely grateful if you could also get back some of the manners (such as knocking on dorrs) that I have always respected you for.
Aman Mathur - Finally your phone call has been useful inseatd of a hindrance. Please keep up the good work. Let us know if AR recognition program covers rewarding such behaviors. If not... lots of ladies across the world sends you their love. That should work right Wink
Khula Closet - Nikla ASR!!!!
What can I say about the scenes that followed... a mushed up brain is not very useful. Embarrassed A quick recap of Recap Romance engineered by the Mighty ASR :
Red Sari given as gift - Check
Object de-Desire in Closet - Check
Throwing Beverage At Loved One - Double Check
(ASR's expectant expression after throwing the coffee at Khushi's face - did he really think that she would be ecstatic with that act LOL)
Twist arm and pull Khushi towards himself - Check
Dori break - Almost checkTongue
Passionate conversations about Character & Badtameezi - Check
Conversation on he hasnt even started being a Badtameez - Check
My dear Arnavji - 2 days back you tell Khushi that she needs to stay as your wife as per the contract(the terms of which included not giving her the darza of wife) and now you tell her you can do much more because she is your legally wedded wife Confused... Koi nehi.. we like the strategy - If you can't convince them... Confuse the hell out Them! Tongue
Almost Kiss - Check
Getting Interuppted while trying to Kiss - Check (Dang!!! Angry)
I loved the way he kept her close to him even when HP was standing at the door - Thud Thud Thud !!!!
Bruised arm with finger marks - Check
Getting caught by a smirking Nani (like pre wedding time) - Check
Trapping Khushi with arms placed on both sided - Check
And the darting eyes to check if romance can be continued in the middle of the hall was such a perfect bonus... Embarrassed
Spana Dekhna - Check
Deal & Shart - Check
Running into Arnavji's arms - Pending
Wearing Red Saree - Pending D'oh
Awesome haircut of ASR - Pending Angry
Can he please get a haircut on his way back from Agra (or assuming he never has to go there, utilize that time and get a hair cut). Maybe Khushi is doing this Rootha huya wife act just to get a hair cut from him... Get that Diwali hair cut and she will run back into your arms Dude!
The much awaited kiss without which Phangurlz will kill the CVs - Pending
Priya loved your precise crooner.. Even though you did a little bit of 'ramanchi' so that you could go back to drooling & Dreaming, but we understand. WinkTongue The experience of such a lovely episode cannot be expressed with words always. Especially when you are on Cloud 9 - Very bad place to write from Tongue.Adored the picturesque journey of the episode..thanks to both you and Shy for this.
And like I mentioned earlier.. the reference of Taj Mahal was an incredible for some one like me who has always admired your thoughts!
SaRun rocked yesterday... their chemistry could be cut like a birthday cake yesterday. Exceptional shots & brilliant direction.
Maybe Khushi's stylist will get inspired by the great work that the rest of the team is doing.Angry
Trying to keep expectations at bay for today's episode..I know we wont get exactly what we expected..thats IPK and yesterday's episode was a perfect example of the same. But this is why we love the show Big smile.
But what to do..boring calls are not helping me concentrate and neither are my buddies giving me any tips to cope better!!!
So flying very close to superman now... WinkLOL.
(Damn you clock - Move!!!)

Loved your post Khushi...wanted to highlight the post but then realized, I would have to highlight the whole post!!! Loved you letter to Mr and Mrs RaizadaLOL They need that lock now...before their darling Di comes barging into their room and gets scandalizedLOL

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 2:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

suna maine.

how can anyone make those two ordinary words sound so damn sexy.
not just husband wife, a man and a woman.

aap teek ho?

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Dazee Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 2:49am | IP Logged
Hi Priya...*amazing* pics of a breathtaking and totally adorable episode.  Just loved every little bit of it from start to finish!
BS nailed his bit to sublime perfection!  ASR style love and manoing - simpley awesome!  SI too was superb - and got the tone jsut right.  Adn teh two together wooow!  killed me Clap
Loved nani -- woman of steel -- velvet sheethed steel!
Liked payal and akash's bits too -- I truly hope they beef up their tracks and give us something really nice, of how real trust develops between them...and how love at first sight, which happened for him at least, finds its grounding in true love and trust through walking togethe rthrough the discomforts of life that cement true understanding
anjali too was good
the last part was really creepy adn scary - I found my hair standing on end with my heart leapign out of my body along with khushi's mounting panic -- they did such a great job of creating a menacing mood...
can't wait for tonight!

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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by beena14

        Hug I dedicate this post to my behena's  Shallu and Zoha Hug

                                Come into my arms

                              Come into my arms, why do you shy away from me; 
                                              Why do you hide away from me, 
                               Why do you run away from me, 
                                                Come into my arms, 
                               We are not meeting only today, 
                                            For the very first time, 
                               Our togetherness is not only for today, 
                                       Our relationship is forever and ever until eternity.

                               If you just want to go away from me, 
                                          By hiding away from my glances, 
                               Why did you profess your love for me, 
                                        Why did you make a relation with me, 
                               Why did you bond so close with me, 
                                      Leaving someone behind after coming so close, 
                                 This is not the way it is done, 
                                            Nobody does this to anyone.

                                   Sometimes do talk to me, 
                                           At least tell me something today, 
                                     We are all alone today, 
                                 Open up to me and let know what you want to say, 
                                           This night is ours, 
                                   You are mine and I am yours, 
                              Then why should we fea
r anybody walking in on us, 
                                          Come into my arms, 
                               Let me hold you, comfort you and ease away your fears.
                                           Come into my arms. 

Well Ms. Sengupta, all I can focus today is on Barun Sobti the rest of the episode was a blur. Seriously, I thought, I was there and ASR was flirting with me (WISH HA). KKGSR are you nuts what the h*** are you made off.

On a serious note Gul, I thank you to have found a lad name MR Barun Sobti who breathes and lives ASR.  Mr Sobti you bring your love, passion, intensity, to this character. Today you bought such intensity, passion, love, anger, your smirks, naughtiness and your eyes emoted so well, me sitting in front of the lap top screen could feel it. Some fabulous acting switching from ASR, to chote to Arnav  WOW . One of the reasons I loved today's episode was I got my ASR back. Yesterday, when I saw the Pre-cap with ASR in the closet was not happy. In fact had a discussion with Suvi about the scene both of us wanted to hold our reservation till the episode was aired. Suvi you were right sweet heart how can the CV's mess with the USP of the show.

Mr Sobti those eyes of yours should come with a disclaimer.

The scene where Arnav slid his hand to move her hair UFFF  Hum Aapko apna pati nahi maante hai ,  teek hai toh ab manva lethe hai powerful dialogue Arnav being possessive. And thxs to HP kiss not completed '''''..what is it with everyone at RM pehele di aa tapak ti thi aaj HP. Guys you two rocked the scene the passion and intensity . Just watching the chemistry between you two is enough to melt us.  

 The contract marriage is dead the minute I heard sharat, remember the last sharat what happened to it. Arnav will win this round''''''''. Arnav reminded me of the Aakash/Payal sangeet days he knows how to corner his lady so she stumbles.

I liked Payal today good going girl stay strong knock some sense in your idiotic husbands brain.

Loved Nani , the judge giving out verdicts super going .

Aakash / Mami less said the better. CV's please you have started this track which is good execution and consistency key elements. We all know you are focusing on Sarun understandable, the show also have other characters. You have proof when you bring all the character's in the mix the TRP's have always been high.  

Finally we saw the sweet Anjali and Arnav scene today . Arnav tu sab cheese style mei kartha hai please teach some manners to your Di ''''' knocked before entering Di's room love you .

Tomorrow  is Friday don't want to have high expectations ,the CV's never fail to surprise us. I am hoping it is a good surprise , when I saw a post about Shyam coming back to RM hmmm. Shweta dear thanks for posting the pic sure didn't look like a hefty anaconda ( You will surely be happy na ) 

A plea to the PH paise nahi hai toh mei behejti hu get Sanaya a new wardrobe please.  Thank god she is pretty can you imagine someone else wearing those hideous outfits. 

Beena,,,,Sab kuch likh dala and guess wat maine sab kuch padh daala, ab itna acha acha ASR ke barey mein linkhogey to hello hi bye bye padneka padee!

I just loved the heat that he was emanating thoruhg his body language, his eyes!

Wat an actor SOBTI,,its hard to believe that ASR is not real!! 

Gul this is ur ASR ,,n we love him!!! aivaiyani koi dil mein nahi utarjata,,!! I am loving the track, so much!!

Beena thank u so much

Hum is kaabil to hai nahin;
lekin aapne  itni izzat baqshi
bagh bagh yeh dil hogaya
jab Arnav ne thaami apni khushi,
aaj raat ke intezaar mein dil dhak dhak kiye jaye
Magar dua hai meri ke inse  Anjali ke door rahe saaye!

Tooti phooti shyari ki thodi se maafi miljaye
iss pehle priya kicks me out, hello hi! bye bye!

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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by amisuv

Originally posted by soni.b

hi priya sweetie!!!!Hug

loved 1.4...passion dori girl!!!! awesome crooner and that too a pictorial one!!!! btw thanks for the warning and yes wish the epi had also come with one!!!!LOL love the title!!!Heart

coming to the epi...hmmm kahan se shuru karoon...chalo shuru se hi shuru karte hai...khushi realising that things have worsened between akaash and payal because of her goes and does exactly what she has been asked not to do...she tries to clear the situation to akaash and also why payal had kept quiet...only to be interuppted by payal...she is upset that khushi refuses to listen to her!!! and before payal -khushi can converse...mami joins them sunaoing them jali-kati...mami being back to mami!!!!! thank god...for nani's intervention...glad to see her standing by the gupta sisters...she tells all that the girls are not responsible but shyam is!!!!Thumbs Up mami leaves and akaash goes after manao her i guess!!!!

ok...ab what to write??? sorry can't forward to arnav-anjali scene...bhai willing to go Satsang for di...that's so cute...liked the bhai-behen scene...anjali was happy that her chote was willing to go satsang and temple for her...though he has to change his plans last minute thanks to Aman...some business meeting woh bhi Agra mein!!! arnav decides to cancel the meeting but anjali convinces him otherwise!!!! thankfully anjali seemed to be more in control of her emotions today!!! btw anjali ...pls learn from ur should knock before u enter someone's room...despite whatever ur relation be with the person!!!!Big smile

akaash bana satsang party ke liye driver...kyunki bhai ne last minute ditch kar diya usse!!!! payal trying her best to manao her roothe piya...yes she was wrong but akaash ek chance toh banta hai... he seems to have softened since he heard nani supporting the u hate u but cannot ignore u...payal phobia really???LOLLOLLOL payal in the dikki...reminded me of my trip to calicut...had slept in the dikki thru out the trip!!!Big smile

ok ab phir se rewind karte hai...arnav-khushi...seriously i don't have words to describe their scenes...loved the chemistry lesson yesterday!!! Arnav back with his ASR attitude...well though have never said earlier but realised yesterday how much i was missing it!!!!

loved the dialogues yesterday!!!! bas iss ki kami thi...Dea/Saudal...arnav works best in businessman mode!!!! loved the challenge...somehow the lagi shart bit is integral part of their relationship...and we all know arnav hates to lose...ab toh manwa ke chhodega!!! loved both their scenes...all the actions and reactions!!!Embarrassed

loved nani-arnav-khushi scene...loved it how nani teases both...specially her reference to iska matlab hai aap dono ne chai- coffee pee chuke hain!!! nani was awesome today!!!

HPji...aapki loyalty kahan hai poochne ki zaroorat nahin...woh aapki ki harkat se pata chal gaya!!!!Angry btw...bhaiya- bhabhi ko uss haal mein dekh kar uss par koi effect nahin hua!!!Confused waise arnav ki himmat ki daad deni padegi!!!!Big smile

NK...iss war ko kya naam doon??? welcome to the world of arnav-khushi fans!!!! hum sab bhi pichle ek saal se yehi kar rahe hai!!! loved his minute long performance!!!!

adhe-adhoore kisses...hamari kismat ban gayi hai...agli baar arnav please sabki wish poori kar do!!! rukawat ke liye khed hai...aur saha nahin jata!!!!Ouch

arnav-khushi...tu tu main main...loved the scene!!!!

nahi hume aapko apna pati manena aapki bahon mein sanmana hai aur nahi hume Taj Mahal dekhna hai!!!

suna maine!!!

suna na toh ab yaad bhi rakhiega!!!

seriously khushi you don't consider him as ur husband!!!! lagta toh nahin hai!!!Big smile

last scene...khushi alone in the lights...thunder and lightening...(rain cvs ki kripa rahi toh aaj raat finally barsaat hone ki sambhavna hai...nishi ke mention kiye hue water tankers aaj raat umeed hai use honge) lastly the shadow...ab aage??? shyamDead ya arnavEmbarrassed...seems to be the the optimistic...say it is arnavEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

loved everyone's performance today!!!! specially sanaya, jayshreeji and deepali...and of course barun...loved him today!!!! despite the hair and the hair gel...he was Day Dreaming

PS...when khushi was folding clothes and talking to herself did she almost say pagal premi...only to correct it to pagal pati wali dhamki??? btw usse woh teen suit fold karne mein kitna waqt lagta hai???LOLLOLLOL

PPS...when arnav moves closer to kiss her...she didn't even try to move away or push him away...bas aankh bandh karke wait kar rahi thi!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

waiting for tonight!!!!

Hey Soni, wonderful post dear & Congrats on getting the Star of the Thread title Clap Clap
Luved ur PPS, bas ab yeh wait khatam ho jani chahiye... Aur woh Khushi ki laundry story ki toh baat hi mat kar Soni LOL
Nice bro-sis scene, she appreciated hi efforts of accompanying her to the temple. But now that he is not going with her, wonder what repurcussions r to follow in the coming week Confused 
thanks suvi!!!!Hug
khatam toh honi chahiye...bahut hua intezaar!!! am not thinking of least for today...kal ki kal dekhenge...but agreed that things are not going to be great at RM very soon!!!

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UltimateBarun IF-Rockerz

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Hello cronner buddies,,this is puuca my last presence ,,then Pucc I will go hibernating for a month!! kal bhi bola that, per chand nahin dikha na!! isliye I am back again! Wink

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