Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX; Livin La Vida Loca ! (Page 2)

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

A calm before the storm hits; literally and figuratively. People would probably argue that this wasn't a calm episode at all, it had all the ingredients for an explosion and it did prove to be one with the Arhi scenes. Though, looking at the rest, it seems like the entire family is in a limbo right now; in suspension where they know the facts but are unable to take any actions.


Will try to analyse scene wise because my mind is quite muddled today; bear with me.




Khushi on her mission again; this time in a more sensible manner that I could appreciate. Khushi has chosen her point of attack quite wisely; her monologue yesterday left only two options for her to start her cheering up from; Akash-Payal or Nani. Anjali is a dead end and Mami, she knows, could be the most unreasonable person when she is in her temper. Nani needs no cheering up, as Khushi well knows. With Payal already miffed with her, she ends up with Akash.


She gets straight to the point, to the root cause of all the problem this time, no bleating around the bush; this is what has helped Khushi in the past, ad this is what will help in ahead, too.


"A good conversationalist is not one who remembers what was said, but says what someone wants to remember" ' John Mason Brown


Khushi does just that and has Akash's complete attention; she also knows what her mission is. She is not bothered about Akash knowing the truth; her mission is to make Akash forgive Payal and she immediately jumps to her task, "Jiji bhi aapko bataana chahthi thi."


Now, when is she interrupted exactly? When she was about to bring in her mother, right? Does this seem like Khushi at all? Isn't she the one who takes the blame on her shoulder at all times? And the first time she tries to not do that, like a signal from her Devi Maiyya, Payal interrupts. That is why, we can see that through out the Mami-Nani conversation, she says not a word to defend herself. Her first step out of her self imposed blame game was thwarted by her own sister; she needs a stronger trigger to get out of it and she does get it, in the next few scenes. Does this also indicate that the RM members will keep the Guptas out until later?


Akash is interested to know now, but Payal isn't ready to let Khushi explain and accuses her of coming between her and Akash. Hasn't she done this before? Hadn't Khushi meddled before in their relation? Hadn't Payal already written off this as Khushi's pagalpan? So what pricks now? Why not let her explain? Its where Payal's new found backbone works; she needs Akash not just to know the truth, but also to listen to it, from her. Not anyone else because that would serve no purpose in repairing their relationship. She needs Akash to listen and trust her words, because that is the only way to get back what she lost. That's why the "Ab iske aage kuch nahi kahogi tum."



The family confrontation:


Nani again supporting Khushi; the entire family bearing witness to it. Mami still refuses to forgive Khushi, blames the sisters for taking away Anjali's happiness. The positioning of Mami was quite unique today. In every other confrontation, we've seen Mami accuse them to their face, standing opposite them. Today, though she was initially by the side of Nani and Akash, she inadvertently moved towards Payal, seemingly missing her own gesture. And the next scene that happened, with Payal, Mami and her claustrophobia. Her intent was to show Payal her place, outside the family but what did it achieve? It ended with Akash going to her aid and realizing(maybe a little) that what Payal did was not done with an error of omission; that she is who he still thought she was.


Closet Hide and Seek:


It was a trying to recreate alright; not just the cupboard scene but almost every bit of that scene was a recreation of an incident before and how the situation is the same or has done a one eighty now. A beautiful way to bring out the past and link it to the present with just the right hint for the future; kudos to those designing this scene; AKji and GHji! I've tried to compile them as they came to my mind; hope I haven't left any out:


1. The hiding in the closet ' Why does ASR remember this first? Why not the innumerable things that have happened between them in the past that have been milestones in their relationship? To understand that we need to know what Arnav's fear is, now. He's barely stopped her from returning back to her Maika. She's already told him that she'd like nothing more than to leave. He brought out the contract and he knows its affecting her; time is ticking by and the six months are running out. He needs to act fast or he'd probably have to see a day when Khushi would walk out; he can't let that happen. Its fear of losing Khushi that did it all for him once before; the first time he woken up with her name on his lips was when the terror of never seeing her again engulfed him.


It's the same that's pushing him now and he reverts back to that day his fears got mitigated; the day he found her hidden in his closet. He's counting on the same now; that invisible link that connects them and pulls them within the same space no matter how hard they try to resist. It was a reminder to Khushi, a recreation, if you will, of the fact that she can run away as much as she pleases but they are bound to each other. That all she has to do to see the truth, her real feelings is to open her heart(the closet), and remove the curtains(hurt/anger).


2. The reminder about whatever they have done in the past; if we note his words closely, its 'Jo saath saath kiya hai'; an indication that the others have always been kept out of it and shouldn't be brought in now?


3. The Water/Coffee/Tea/Whatever-It-Was Fight ' Though the allusion and the FB was of Khushi throwing tea at Arnav, it reminded me of the pre-Holi water fight at AR. She started it then and he ended it; the other way around this time? Also, the last time, the scene happened alongside Arnav's blackmail of separating Akash and Payal. Indication; he didn't mean it then, he didn't mean it now, and there will come a time in the futre when he will say the same and both Khushi and Arnav will know its in jest and Arnav would never do something like that.


Getting back, so what was he trying to remind her of this time? She was avoiding him back then too, wasn't she? And she made assumptions that she ought not to have made. Isn't she doing the same now? Making her assumptions without giving him a chance to apologise or explain? And the belated realization that the very memory he tried to remind her of could be disastrous to him; good portrayal by Barun here!


4. Khushi turns away, Arnav reacts typically before NK's advice is remembered. He tries following it; one last try but Khushi toh Khushi hain. She's back to calling him Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada; and he typically reacts like ASR would. Note to Khushi; never remind him that he is also the ASR; wouldn't help you in staying rooti with him.


5. Next comes the pose in which he holds her; exactly the character Dheela conversation type and the FB that follows is of his act depicting the same. If we look at the conversation back then, what was it about? Marriage and it being an eternal relation, right? What were Khushi and Arnav's stands? Khushi for and Arnav against marriage, hai na? Now, as hard as Arnav is trying to hold on to the marriage, Khushi is trying just as stubbornly to run away from it. She once talked about how Arnav is the type of person to walk away from a relationship once he has got his faida; now it is Khushi herself who is waiting to do so.


What does Arnav tell her? 'You know what I can do very well'; she colludes it to the night they met; connecting it to the day where they had the Character Dheela talk, we can see that that was a day when Arnav relentlessly pursued after Khushi; she tried ignoring him, tried tainting him with flour, tried feigning to faint but in the end they did have the confrontation. And he does end up hurting her the same way too; the dialogues that follow even resound that of the scenes back then. Dj vu? Majorly.


6. The Dori ' A little difficult because it should have been the first time they met but to me, it reminded me of the first escape of Arnav and the hut scene; maybe Khushi realized it too and hence, the mighty push from her?


7. 'Biwi ho tum meri' ' He said it once before, to a stranger crowd when he was trying to bring Khushi back home; his actions were called Badtameez back then too. The few dialogues they exchanged set the tone of their thoughts for me; a clever play of dialogues with each one bringing a different incident to the forefront.


"Aap badtameezi kar rahe hain" ' Said by the stranger at the temple which Khushi wholeheartedly supported with her words later, "Sadak mein drama karna"


"Biwi ho tum meri" ' Arnav indicates to the fact that he has already accepted her as his wife in front of strangers; in a temple she considers sacred.


"Aap ne hamse zabardasti shadi ki" ' She refers to the same temple where he had declared otherwise and forced her to marry him and that too for six months.


"Ham aapko apna pati nahi maante hain" ' It is a reminder that what's between them isn't a marriage but a contract; he isn't her husband but a contractee.


"Toh ab manwa lete hain" ' An indication of the forthcoming much awaited remarriage?


8. HP's arrival ' Another reminder of another milestone happening in their relation; the adhoora kiss. It remains true to its name(till date) but the difference this time being that neither Khushi nor Arnav are shocked at their actions or the reasons. . It was their own muddled feelings that was the barrier then whereas this time, circumstances seem to be against them.


The Tattletales and Nani


A truly humorous scene with Nani positioned like the judge and Arnav and Khushi squabbling and doing their finger pointing while Nani watches knowingly. Here again, a recreation of a past incident:


The day after Arnav's infamous 'Sorry' when Khushi's Dupatta gets stuck to his laptop and he notices the bruises and said Sorry? Last time Khushi was ready to accept his apology; was amazed by it. What do we see now? A Khushi who says she is accustomed to such hurts but one who gives out a disclaimer of it not owing to her considering him as her husband; as her own. Undercurrent of it being that she understands him, knows him inside out but that doesn't mean she'll remain quiet and docile.


The Shart scene


"Sapne dekh rahe hain" ' This one could relate to two scenes; the "Sapno mein rehna achcha hain, Lavanyaji" scene and the scene at the bridge, the Arhi confrontation. The first was from the dialogue and the second, from the positioning. Arnav and Khushi are standing at the stairs; stairs being a bridge between one level of the house and another. The two above mentioned incidents are two most important times when Arnav threw his status and power at Khushi's face. The first time with his money and the next, with his title of "ASR". What's this scene about? Khushi refusing to accept the very title of being the wife of the celebrated Mr.ASR and refusing, in turn, the money that comes with it. But does ASR still mean the same as he did a month back when he said "Mrs.ASR"? He now means the place she holds in his heart and the place she has waiting for her in his life; by his side. They have indeed come a long way from those days.


"Daudthi hui meri baahon mein aageyi" ' The hospital scene where she runs to take comfort in his arms; or it could be the time when she realizes Shyam's true face. Both incidents where he is unable to give her the solace she seeks. She was devastated then; she is in a lot of mental trauma now. But the difference being that then Arnav was unable to give her the "Sab teek ho jayega" that she sought; now he is quite willing to console her but he has failed to become her shoulder to cry on.




I'm not going to go into the scene at all; as it is I think I've written too much and still there's a lot to write still. This is just to clear out one thing; I'd assumed and deduced that Anjali did consider Khushi as her 'Saut'; I'd said the same to Winey too. I completely take that back after watching today's episode. Anjali has not yet made any such connection, thankfully.


The Agra Trip


A recap of the Nainital trip? Why do I think that Agra will remain as unreached as Nainital was?


"Na hi aap ke baahon mein samana hai; nahi aap ko pati manna hai!" '  The way she fell into his arms in Nainital and when they were perceived of as a runaway couple comes to mind. They did elope in the end; which makes me think the other two will happen in time? We have to wait and see!


The Thunder-Lightening


Will write on it once the scene is fully done with.



Tid bits-


  1. The shart is on! The moment I heard the word "Deal", my face broke into a wide grin; beause that word is synonymous to the arrival of good days!
  2. "Is war ko kya naam doon?" ' NK, thankfully, you've let your Bhai jaan be. Good thinking; he is more efficient and successful when he does things his way. Or did the horror thriller story frighten you?
  3. Anjali scene ' It was a sharp relief to the previous ones and was actually a delight to watch. The bro-sis bond is as strong as ever and Anjali is reassured; for the moment.
  4. "Koi stupid fast" ' Teej is right on it way!
  5.  Pink with a touch of violet! No, no, not the saree Arnav got for Khushi; I'm just celebrating the return of Maami's goggles!
  6. Khushi seems to be taking up Payal's hobby; first with the constant folding clothes and now, "Safai karni hai?"



A special not to each and every person connected with IPK (and yes, that includes the Reduxians because to me, Redux and IPK, ek hi maine rakthe hain) I couldn't post yesterday to congratulate you but my heartfelt and warm wishes to you! May you keep giving us wonderful episodes as these for a long while!


Tanths: All I could get out of the title was the song but I couldn't get the meaning; does it point to Khushi?


Can't imagine how in Heaven's name I wrote this much! Pardon me if I made no sense and bored you! Its 2 AM in the morning and my mind is screaming for sleep!

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why n 4 what i fallen in love with IPK. This is the answer
yesterday Nk said
" The great Arnav ko oh Nannav ko ek larki ne girwa dya oh means harwa dya." n for me its


Mohabbat Ne Taskheer Kya,

 Naqabil e Taskheer ASR Ko.

Ankhain moondhey betha hai wo
dil ki emarat me ek qilaa banaye

jis k chaaro aur deewarain hain surkh enton ki
jis lohey ka mazboot hai darwaza

deewarain hain be aitbari o wehshath ki
darwaza khof ka, ghusse o nafrat k mixture ka

ek tanzia hansi hansa aur muskura k kaha
itni mazboot dil ki emarat ko kon dhaye ga meri

jo karey ga ye khoshish wo khud hi zakham khaye ga
aankhain kholi , nazrain phaireen aur dil tehra

ye kon hai jo dil ki dheleez pe aa khari hai
chalti huwi wo resham si kalli
aa k meri banho me giri

aankhon ne kya inkar uss chehrey se hatne pr
banho ne kya inkar uss pari vish ko chorney pr

mujh pr na karey ga uss ka koi hurba asar

kyun k,

main hun naqabil e taskheer

wo khud tou deewana hai, anjana hai
kabhi andherey, kabhi roshni me,
 chalta raha, bhatakta raha

deta raha koi dastak , uss k dil k darwaze pr
wo un sunni kye betha raha, kat ta raha roz o shab

aur bekhabar o anjan hi raha wo
k uss ko na huwi khabar k

uss k dil ka darwaza tou bari dair huwi toot chuka hai

k wo resham si kalli, bal khati huwi
uss lohay k darwaze ko torey

surkh enton ki deewaro ko dhaye
uss k dil ki saltanat me

apni masoomiat lye takht e taoos pe
bari shaan se bethi hai

aur jab huwi ye khabar uss ko
wo hera'n huwa, pareshan huwa
ghabraya buhat, tarpa buhat

laikin ab dair ho chuki hai
wo jo uss ne kaha tha k
wo hai na qabil e taskheer

wo tou kab ka Mohabbat se taskheer ho chuka hai

A man who had build a building , a fort with red bricks of un trust, terror.
Which had a strong door of iron, iron that was a mixture of fear, arrogance and hate.

He had a only person , he did care for her and concern for her and loved her and she was the di of him. And he shut his heart 's door with her.

Now he made himself unconquerable, no 1 allowed to enter in his emperor.

1 day, one day she came with her innocency, he saw her, he MU her, n then he hated her.

Days came, days gone , he spent day and night with the thought that his heart fort is safe from attacks.

But fortune was laughing on him.

She a silky bud , an innocent girl , whom he didnt want to meet, didnt want to talk, didnt want to see.

She has broken his heart's iron door, broken his heart's walls of red bricks.

And she is sitting in his heart's emperor on a dimond bench with an innocent smile.

When he informed and acknowledged this, he hesitated, he irritated, he wondered, he distrubed .

But he the man who said he is unconquerable,

Conquered by Love, in Love of an innocent girl. Whom herself doesnt know that she controlled an iron's heart.

conquered an unconquerable man ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.

And now he realized and accepted his defeat and made her his heart's queen as KHUSHI ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.

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Do u feel the chemistry, feel the pull, feel the love, feel the crackling  tension that is wrought about by heightened emotions.. Didn't we find it all on the IPK land today...winey was right when she told  the exact words  she wanted to use in the loop completion of the arhi love story.. Challenge and goad...let me start my analysis.. And try to give u all some perspective on the  loop completion today 

Where do we start today.. The Akash- Payal-khushi- Nani -Mami pentagon..
Akash is hurt by payal's breaking of promise they made before the wedding.. Am I right? Didnt he that day let payal down by not revealing  the truth she confided in him about her first marriage breaking down to mami?  There was one promise that broken on the Haldi- Havan day by Akash.. But it was cleared in front of the elders by Akash himself.. That too in front of the elders..who was missing in action that day..khushi , arnav and NK..but who had the final say in putting lid on that matter.. NANI...
What  do we see today? It is again NANI who had the final word... But who has joined the action now.. It is khushi.. Who is missing.. Amma ,buaji and arnav..who reacted the in  same way  she reacted them.. It was mami.. What do we see here.. The loop  is slowly proceeding to its completion.. Though nani had the final word in this matter..yet  Mami is not pacified.. There will be a time when GH will involved.. The last stage being arnav..who like the time made mami agree for the wedding in the final stage..clearing of the doubt which started with khushi will end with arnav.. Clearing of the loop needs al the characters to be involved..but khushi  words to Akash  stopped with amma.. So the buck stops at amma for now before proceeding to the final destination of arnav..but what did we see after the scene nani has her word.. Akash's cobweb clearing a little bit.. Softening towards payal.. Seeing Mami's rudeness towards payal.. so the buck which has stopped with amma..will move on to the next station with another trigger..

Before we move to the station .. One insight I want to give u .. See the answer to thepresent and  future.. Always lies in the past..isn't it  true in our daily lives?... That is always true to our dear IPK..I came up with these words.. Because in the segment we are going to talk about arnav- khushi relationship...without past there is no present .. Without past there is no future.. 

When we started this journey of IPK.. There was an invisible bond between the leads  which brought them together even after adversities  which Was ably supported by the other members in the canvas.. But the past which reared it's head from time to time..never was revealed in its finest detail.. But today the IPK land is galore with the past being remembered , trying to be broken down in finer details. And trying to be many remember the pooolside incident on the mehendi day between arnav and khushi.. How many of remember the challenges these two placed in each other's path..and about how and who won many of  you remember the day when there was electricity outage at RM because of lavanya bungling and the incidents after that.. How many of u remember the car park incident in the rain .. And the subsequent emotions that it evoked in these two.. How many of u remember the incident when  sweat laden arnav was exercising with those wrestlers in GH..and the impact that had on khushi... How of many remember the time during the  incident where khushi is stuck in the guest house.. And where she landed after the incident..all of u remember it quite well , isn't it?. .. I just wanted this past to be etched in some people'smind before they watch today's episode..and I want these incidents to remembered when they remember today's arnav and khushi  romance .. Romance here has always been challenges and goads which brings them closer..

I will not detail the incidents portrayed in the episode.. But the nani sitting to judge these two  with a slight smile means the truth of the marriage  will be out  very soon.. Tea being a strengthener and coffee being a stimulant will put them on the course of marriage again.. Marriage is to begin with strengthened stimulant. I  can just visualise these two that way..another incident that proclaims the same meaning is when  arnav strengthens his grip and hug  on khushi in HP's presence , meaning publicly proclaiming her to be his let's wait for the marriage to take its course.. And enjoy the passionate  romance,, Shall we?. My heart  just says.. Bring it on guys,, we are eagerly waiting..the tajmahal reference to the romance added flavour to their  love.. And the last word on this . That is the first word that came to my mind after I saw the episode in reference to these two was ..RAMNCHIK.. Are u getting the drift ?

Lastly coming to anji.. Anjali is happy today that her chotte  acquiesces to her wishes that he accompany her to the temple .. But for his meeting..which she understands..But is this happiness going to be shattered tom.. Shal we wait till  this evening to view all this myriads of emotions play out.. I will be there, will u be there on the IPK land at sharp 8?...To share this emotions with me

Story of shiva - Parvathy -Ganga 

There was a time in the marriage of shiv and Parvathy ...when shiva wanted to make love to Parvathy in the open.. But Parvathy  was aghast at the suggestion.. But shiva being shiva will not listen to Parvathy and wanted his wish to be fulfilled..Parvathy on the other hand wasa strong willed woman who would not follow her husbands' diktats  because he is her life partner.. The main reasons to why Parvathy did not want to make Love in the open was because of the ganas who has access to him anytime of the day and because of her sister Ganges whom resided in the bound locks of the lord..another  reason as to why Parvathy opposed this was that she didnt want the passersby  to recognise the lord making love to his wife in public.. She thought that no husband would cross this decency and if he oversteps the boundaries then he is no husband of hers...this led to an altercation between the husband and wife.. With wifey wanting to leave to her father's place to escape what she called his ignominy...shiva was angered easily and vowed to Make her accede to his wishes.. Come what may.. Here  Parvathy went her maika after that..saying she wouldn't come back..and rather die than  accept his proposition

Shiva tried different methodologies to please her wife but she wouldn't accede.. So tried a different tack..he  first sent Ganga to the earth on the pretext of  giving moksha to some dead on the earth who were shiv Bhakts..he gave a feast to the ganas with the dead playing host to them...and  now kailas was free from any interfering population..the last thing he needed to do was to get his angry wife to enjoy the day with him.. But this was not easy .. As Parvathy  was very upset...but shiva being shiva created an illusion in front of parvathy frightening her  about  how much sorrow she had given him after her separation from him

Parvathy being the loving wife couldn't bear to see her husband in that state.. Went back to kailas in haste.. In to shiva's arms.When  she Realised that he had lied to her.. Angry Parvathy tried to leave again but the lord forcibly stopped  her , tok her in his arms and explained  the changes he wrought in kailas for Her sake.. He also promised her that no male  species of any  kind would able to view what had shiva done to the forest around around their seat in kailas.. He had laid a magical carpet around them which promised the change of any species of trees around or animals loitering in that area to the female gender.. Then Parvathy looked at awe at what the lord had created for her. Fell in love with him all over again.. Melted in his arms..

Now I don't have to relate this to IPK.. Should I ??..

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                          The Present Mirrors The Past...Embarrassed
Pic Credit: Invisible Smile

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Sandhya Hug

Tumhe lagta hai main yeh sab tumhari wajah se kar raha hoon...apne aap ko itni importance dena bandh karo Khushi Kumari Gupta...
aaj tak jo jo ek saath kiya hai wahi yaad dilane ki koshish kar raha hoon... biwi ho tum are my legally wedded wife.."

Arnav Singh Raizada had made a declaration of love to his wife on the phone... unexpectedly... did he mean it... his wife was unsure... Today he is  saying it loud and clear for the world  and Khushi to see and hear... that there is no shred of doubt in his mind that she is his wife and he loves her pagalpan with equal madness... he has started the journey of returning back the deserved status to Khushi Kumari Gupta of being Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada in style...

The journey of denial to acceptance through memories...of recreating the magical moments when they met  the feelings it created in their hearts which they were reluctant to voice... and left with bitter words of hate... Arnav is  walking down the memory lane with his wife to show her that he did not mean what he said... he loved her then as he does now hate was only a facade... the old  memories always brought and will bring fondness and not sadness to the heart...

The truth that was unsaid...

1)He hid in the closet as she had done...he was happy then to see her pretty face popping out of his closet when he least expected it and not angry as his harsh words professed.

2) She threw hot tea on him and apologized for her pranks with genuineness...he fell in love with the innocence of Khushi and was not annoyed as she had thought.

3) Every time he displayed his brute force and she got hurt.. Arnav cursed himself for the  insensitive display but did not have the courage to voice it as he did today..." lagi tumhe "

4) While  Di left their room and Khushi  was still busy sewing  the button on his shirt... Arnav stopped her saying there was no need to carry on the pretense of a married couple. Today when the servant of the household interrupted an intimate moment between  Arnav and Khushi he did not let her go from his it was no longer a pretense... but a reality that he acknowledges with pride... 

5)Arnav left for his business trip to London without informing Khushi because he was having trouble camouflaging his true feelings for her ... today when he has to attend a business meeting in Agra, the  desire to have  her accompany him is  unequivocally voiced  as the thought of leaving her alone bothers him.

6)He had given in to his feeling of love and attraction and tried to kiss her on diwali  only to chide himself and her  for the transgression. He hated the fact of not being in control of his emotions... today he wanted to kiss his wife without qualms of complete surrender to the emotion of  love...

7)He had been furious with Khushi for getting him to do aarti on janmashtami as he did not believe in rituals... yet he stood by her side for aarti on her birthday without a  protest only for her happiness...

8)Khushi had accused Arnav earlier of "character dheela hai"which infuriated him but he controlled his anger and let her go on realizing that Khushi was getting scared and was misinterpreting his intentions... .Today  Khushi again accused him of "batameezi" but Arnav stood his ground saying they were husband and wife and the relationship allows him to be in close physical proximity of her.

9) The shart makes a re-entry into the story... ASR has cleverly made Khushi take the next step in their relationship  in the past on his brilliant deal cracking skills... Though he lost  the bets to Khushi he ultimately achieved the ulterior motive of the deal- The timid and shy Khushi took the bold step in moving to the next phase of a relationship with a guy called ASR of whom she was scared and had a dislike for. Embarrassed

As ASR continues the journey of sudharna of his bigda hua kaam...with the help of his matchmaker brother Nandkishore. Khushi too will have her gradual understanding of the fact that..."main janta hoon ki jane anjane mein tumhe bahut chot pohuchaye hai...par woh isliye kyunki mujhe kabhi pata hi nahi chalta...par phir jab realize karta hoon...I really regret it.I really do...Bahut bura lag ta hai mujhe... Par main kuch bhi kabhi jaan kar nahi karta Khushi...main aisa hi hoon..."

Pre marriage Nani and Anjali had seen the growing affection between Khushi and marriage NK and Nani are again witness to the strong bond of love that exist between the two...with NK getting an additional peek into the past love hate relationship of the duo. When the time comes... these two good hearted souls will stand testimony to the relationship of Khushi and Arnav.

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Heya Girls ...Hug Hug..

Today the episode was supereb and awesome ..totally Arhi created a magic on screen Big smile..
so i  thought to write a poem on Kushi and ASR Tongue
Arnav singh  Raizada
I can never get my mind off her,
I wonder if she'd mind if i'd,
make her my own,
and never let her go,
hug her tight,
treat her right.
Her beauty overwhelms me
As I wrap my arms around her
I press her softness tight
Great passion fills my inner being
I'm captured in her embrace
her eyes control my very soul,
What we share feels so right
to say I love her every night.
Wonderful moments shared,
precious memories, still tell me you care.
I see her shadow,
as I lay myself to sleep.
Dreams of her, oh so sweet
in my heart, I will keep,
Look into my heart, my life.
Tell me, what do you see?
can you feel the need, the want, as I
to be your husband, you my wife.
Much joy and happiness you've brought me.
If I had life to live again, I'd want to with you,
my lover, my best friend.
Always and Forever, I'll love you till the end.
Kushi Kumari Guptha singh raizada
I hate you
I wish to tear you away from me
This tumor that clings to my chest
The thing that makes me ache
That haunts my dreams
And tears at my desires
You have brought me only pain
My untamed heart
That pitifully whines
Bringing my mind into unwanted pain
Yet how can I blame you
How can I chastise you when I listen intently to your pleas
Why should I punish you for what my eyes feed upon
How can I blame my eyes for falling upon him
Why should I punish you for inclining my soul
Tempting it with the one sense that has been forsaken by him
How could I look over the thought of the brushing of lips
The touching of hands
The binding of the soul, mind, and body
O you wretched heart
What am I to do with this constant companion
How could I tear you away
When he is the cause of my agony
Or rather
It is the lack of him which brings me sorrow
It is the need for him that leaves my heart in pain
Yet he is not mine
he was never mine
can he ever be Mine
O my poor heart
How can I make you see reason
When all you do is show me the truth

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awwwwwww Senior Member

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man that was  sizzling hot  episode!
please update soon.

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trintring IF-Rockerz

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Raat Akeli Hai, Bujh Gaye Diye
Aake Mere Pass, Kaano Mein Mere
Jo Bhi Chaahe Kahiye, Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye
Raat Akeli Hai

It was one of those episodes that made me say 'Yeh Dil Mange More' with a stupid grin plastered on my face.Big smile ASR in full on romantic mood (I was going to write something else but lots of nanhe munhe bachhe come to this thread and I don't want to corrupt their innocent minds), Khushi trying to be angry but how long can she hold off ASR. ASR who is on his prowling tiger mode cornering his prey (As Sathu puts it), ASR who reminded us of the Sangeet days...flirting, smirking, knowing full well that Khushi is going to stumble. Arnav challenging Khushi again...will he win this time? But the main thing is, the ATTITUDE is back baby and Chotte is ready to party Blushing

Akash, Payal, Mami, Nani, Anjali...Blah, Blah, Blah Sleepy...Ok they were all good, loved the fact that Nani defended Khushi and Payal but seriously who is actually thinking about them today?

Complained a lot yesterday about mighty ASR sitting and coming out of the closet so won't go there again, but he redeemed himself when he didn't let Khushi go even when HP walked in.Cool

HP the 3rd (or whatever edition) became the wanderer of RM acting on behalf of SP Nuns. Well he is a habitant of a place where the word 'privacy' never existed. First he walked in on Shyam-Anjali poolside water scene and now Arnav- Khushi bedroom water scene. Maby he wants to get some action too? Maby Laxmi Ji got an inkling of his plan and disappeared. Ermm By the way, wasn't Khushi drinking tea from the cup? How did that become water? D'oh

Aman called, Arnav said 'What The' and shouted at him...relief, sweet relief washed over me. Some things in life should remain constant.Day Dreaming

Just a fair warning to everyone not to get hopes up including myself. The dori romance on the pillow in the Hut is still fresh on my mind, the only episode I ever watched live.Ouch And Tie Tie Phish was an understatement for that episode. And now with all the spoilers about Rain, Passionate Romance keeping expectation low is becoming difficult. Gul, are going to show us Taj Mahal now are you??? Beware...if it goes wrong,  I might just take the mantle of Phoolan Devi from my friend Soumita for a day with her blessings and unleash my wrath. Fool me once and you got a lifeline, fool me twice...Angry

I know that the Big C will not happen before remarriage and I am fine with that. But please let these two get to 2nd base atleast. Otherwise Arnav + Closet + Dostana rumours...Broken Heart

Rain Romance..."Ab Ke Sajan Saawan Mein,Aag Lagi Gi Badan Mein"...Can Khushi please wear a Sari for that? Day Dreaming

Nope... not getting my hopes up...not at all Stern Smile

Sorry people just some ramblings on a sleep deprived state...But as my friend Jhalak puts it, its page 3...gossip column, so just think of it as idle chit chatSmile

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Now coming to today's episode - where to start - where to end! *SIGH!!!* It was bang on! It was what and how I have always imagined ASR to be with Khushi - in love - in style - in full attitude - possessive and still in complete control! These past few days - Arnav was in character but the attitude that defines him was missing - but today it was right there. And girls if you think Khushi did not like it - oh boy she did!! Wink Today Khushi was surprised and stunned at the intensity and passion he generated and that is why she was taken aback and kept losing her ground time and again. She tried to convince herself that Arnav does not mean to her anything - however even she knows that it is just the opposite! It was pre-wedding day ASR / Arnav back again! Day Dreaming

Anna hugzz Hug Hug...
I am so happy to see a full length  post of your today Big smile...
i was thinking about you throught the episode ..ajj anna post likegi tho kitha acha hotha,..
and you did My girl Big smile..i am so happy Tongue..
Above  lines are eaxct meaning of total episode Clap Clap Clap..You explained it very well with your beautifull lines ..
Loved your entire post and the dialouges you quoeted are speacial highlights in the episode Tongue

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