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IP REDUX; Livin La Vida Loca ! (Page 127)

DiamondLife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anna--

Originally posted by Shastradhari

To me..Khushi will again open her love..when arnav will tell from his own nought that contract does not matter...
Khushi is stopping her feelings..because of contract he brought up...does not matter what intention he brought up..but he did..

Hey Shashtra!

The point is that Khushi should not open her love in front of him! She should not give in to him - agreed! But there has to be scenes where atleast we as the audience can feel that yes she is in love with him! Small minute touches can change everything how Khushi is being percieved. The sympathies that are shifting towards Arnav will get balanced then Smile

Multiple emotions r going on khushi right now..
She already admitted that she loves him crazily to audience and shyam.
Her actions reflected her love to Arnav...there is no need to show the proof everyday..
she wants to leave RM and arnav for mater what he is also blaming her unintentionally
She is fighting and not showing her emotions to arnav..
1) he has definitely hurt her with those words..
2) she is also angry for his ego to not expressing openly..his nature is same..never gives her options.LOL
3) everyone now and then reminds or blames her for anji in can she shows her love for him??? i mean think???

May be i am in that minority..who needs no proof of her love for him..

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cool_tweety IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sampin

Okay..My friend's here again..
She's asking whether there'll be a fight between Arnie and Anji..Just asking us for our views..Not divulging anything!!Ouch

ther shouldnt be a fight Sam, Arnav should give in is what i feel..dont throw eggs over me..he has to keep up his words "MEin Aapke Di ke khushi keliyae, apna khushi kurbaan kar doonga"..he is a man of doesnt fit in if he ends up fighting..

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Erika1 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Sister was portrayed as a weak pregnant (without proof) going to the car, but earlier went to the kitchen to make desert and walk stairs, now all of a sudden she is going to have enough energy to walk to brother's room to have a fight with him. LOL

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Ash_Rajendra8 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Supna9

amazing n congo ash read na u dnt about love n attraction bw a girl n boy. But i know this but nt wanna trap in this web

Thank you.

I never came across this "Love"  till date.Studied in girls school, woman college til my Post Graduation.All I knew was papa-mom, studies, sports, adventure and competitions etc  .For me Love is Life . (my life , not this arnav and Khushiwala life we seeLOL )

Though I have childhood friends(girls and boys) and colleagues (guys/ladies - married and unmarried ) around me  and friends who are guys but never come across anything as such. I dont know why, the age and gender(male/female) thing just does not cross in my head at all when i talk to them .I see and treat everyone the same .My Colleagues all used to tease me and say "Ashwini only knows mummy papa , nothing other than that, she does not have responsibilities and problems in life  etc etc" .

They all  share abt their problems in life with me be financial, marriage life(love /arranged, inter-caste marriage problems, in-laws etc ), abt their children, bachelor life and cost of living too high to bear ,abt their GFs, broken relationships, lack of love and bonding with their parents etc , all I could do was to listen to them and understand . I dont argue with them at all coz i dont like, if something like that pops up  I say  "to stop and move to next slide plz LOL" .

All they need is someone who listens to them which I do without interrupting most of time, I give them time to speak their heart and mind and I dont judge them.

At home everything was taken care by father and we were secure and protected always.After he passed away, only then we (mom, bro and me ) started to live and lead life.We did not even knew abt any responsibilities in life.My mom did not know how much to buy ration for month ? (strange and funny , right ? ) we did not even know how to book for gas cylinder , I learnt and booked this is my first responsibility in personal life I took(small one ). Bro did not  know how and where to pay bills be it  online or Bangalore One centers , laughable right ? Other than filing Tax return  in our company we(bro-me, father used to guide here too) knew nothing abt outside life.

In just 3 months,  we all grew up . Now the same friends and colleagues see so much of changes in me coz I know what outside world (or life ) today is.I love my work and  the struggle, challenges  at workplace a lot and help them at work and fight for what is right in professional way. I was independent then(personal life , yet to be independent in professional life .10 yrs from here i will )  and independent now .Freedom  and peace in life (12 yrs ) is what I love most important and which is  inseparable in my life.Smile 

My father  made us to practice it , today i feel its  part and parcel of me. Honestly, till date bro and me have not fought even once since childhood, we tease a lot but  not fought even for small things for once .I dont have any sort of arguments or fights with any females  in my life , which will remain my principle rest of my life.

Looks like, I wrote my life historyLOL

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tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lizzy2012

Do u feel the chemistry, feel the pull, feel the love, feel the crackling  tension that is wrought about by heightened emotions.. Didn't we find it all on the IPK land today...winey was right when she told  the exact words  she wanted to use in the loop completion of the arhi love story.. Challenge and goad...let me start my analysis.. And try to give u all some perspective on the  loop completion today 

Where do we start today.. The Akash- Payal-khushi- Nani -Mami pentagon..
Akash is hurt by payal's breaking of promise they made before the wedding.. Am I right? Didnt he that day let payal down by not revealing  the truth she confided in him about her first marriage breaking down to mami?  There was one promise that broken on the Haldi- Havan day by Akash.. But it was cleared in front of the elders by Akash himself.. That too in front of the elders..who was missing in action that day..khushi , arnav and NK..but who had the final say in putting lid on that matter.. NANI...
What  do we see today? It is again NANI who had the final word... But who has joined the action now.. It is khushi.. Who is missing.. Amma ,buaji and arnav..who reacted the in  same way  she reacted them.. It was mami.. What do we see here.. The loop  is slowly proceeding to its completion.. Though nani had the final word in this matter..yet  Mami is not pacified.. There will be a time when GH will involved.. The last stage being arnav..who like the time made mami agree for the wedding in the final stage..clearing of the doubt which started with khushi will end with arnav.. Clearing of the loop needs al the characters to be involved..but khushi  words to Akash  stopped with amma.. So the buck stops at amma for now before proceeding to the final destination of arnav..but what did we see after the scene nani has her word.. Akash's cobweb clearing a little bit.. Softening towards payal.. Seeing Mami's rudeness towards payal.. so the buck which has stopped with amma..will move on to the next station with another trigger..

Before we move to the station .. One insight I want to give u .. See the answer to thepresent and  future.. Always lies in the past..isn't it  true in our daily lives?... That is always true to our dear IPK..I came up with these words.. Because in the segment we are going to talk about arnav- khushi relationship...without past there is no present .. Without past there is no future.. 

When we started this journey of IPK.. There was an invisible bond between the leads  which brought them together even after adversities  which Was ably supported by the other members in the canvas.. But the past which reared it's head from time to time..never was revealed in its finest detail.. But today the IPK land is galore with the past being remembered , trying to be broken down in finer details. And trying to be many remember the pooolside incident on the mehendi day between arnav and khushi.. How many of remember the challenges these two placed in each other's path..and about how and who won many of  you remember the day when there was electricity outage at RM because of lavanya bungling and the incidents after that.. How many of u remember the car park incident in the rain .. And the subsequent emotions that it evoked in these two.. How many of u remember the incident when  sweat laden arnav was exercising with those wrestlers in GH..and the impact that had on khushi... How of many remember the time during the  incident where khushi is stuck in the guest house.. And where she landed after the incident..all of u remember it quite well , isn't it?. .. I just wanted this past to be etched in some people'smind before they watch today's episode..and I want these incidents to remembered when they remember today's arnav and khushi  romance .. Romance here has always been challenges and goads which brings them closer..

I will not detail the incidents portrayed in the episode.. But the nani sitting to judge these two  with a slight smile means the truth of the marriage  will be out  very soon.. Tea being a strengthener and coffee being a stimulant will put them on the course of marriage again.. Marriage is to begin with strengthened stimulant. I  can just visualise these two that way..another incident that proclaims the same meaning is when  arnav strengthens his grip and hug  on khushi in HP's presence , meaning publicly proclaiming her to be his let's wait for the marriage to take its course.. And enjoy the passionate  romance,, Shall we?. My heart  just says.. Bring it on guys,, we are eagerly waiting..the tajmahal reference to the romance added flavour to their  love.. And the last word on this . That is the first word that came to my mind after I saw the episode in reference to these two was ..RAMNCHIK.. Are u getting the drift ?

Lastly coming to anji.. Anjali is happy today that her chotte  acquiesces to her wishes that he accompany her to the temple .. But for his meeting..which she understands..But is this happiness going to be shattered tom.. Shal we wait till  this evening to view all this myriads of emotions play out.. I will be there, will u be there on the IPK land at sharp 8?...To share this emotions with me

Story of shiva - Parvathy -Ganga 

There was a time in the marriage of shiv and Parvathy ...when shiva wanted to make love to Parvathy in the open.. But Parvathy  was aghast at the suggestion.. But shiva being shiva will not listen to Parvathy and wanted his wish to be fulfilled..Parvathy on the other hand wasa strong willed woman who would not follow her husbands' diktats  because he is her life partner.. The main reasons to why Parvathy did not want to make Love in the open was because of the ganas who has access to him anytime of the day and because of her sister Ganges whom resided in the bound locks of the lord..another  reason as to why Parvathy opposed this was that she didnt want the passersby  to recognise the lord making love to his wife in public.. She thought that no husband would cross this decency and if he oversteps the boundaries then he is no husband of hers...this led to an altercation between the husband and wife.. With wifey wanting to leave to her father's place to escape what she called his ignominy...shiva was angered easily and vowed to Make her accede to his wishes.. Come what may.. Here  Parvathy went her maika after that..saying she wouldn't come back..and rather die than  accept his proposition

Shiva tried different methodologies to please her wife but she wouldn't accede.. So tried a different tack..he  first sent Ganga to the earth on the pretext of  giving moksha to some dead on the earth who were shiv Bhakts..he gave a feast to the ganas with the dead playing host to them...and  now kailas was free from any interfering population..the last thing he needed to do was to get his angry wife to enjoy the day with him.. But this was not easy .. As Parvathy  was very upset...but shiva being shiva created an illusion in front of parvathy frightening her  about  how much sorrow she had given him after her separation from him

Parvathy being the loving wife couldn't bear to see her husband in that state.. Went back to kailas in haste.. In to shiva's arms.When  she Realised that he had lied to her.. Angry Parvathy tried to leave again but the lord forcibly stopped  her , tok her in his arms and explained  the changes he wrought in kailas for Her sake.. He also promised her that no male  species of any  kind would able to view what had shiva done to the forest around around their seat in kailas.. He had laid a magical carpet around them which promised the change of any species of trees around or animals loitering in that area to the female gender.. Then Parvathy looked at awe at what the lord had created for her. Fell in love with him all over again.. Melted in his arms..

Now I don't have to relate this to IPK.. Should I ??..


I absly absly loved the story very much..I did not know this .. Thank you for adding to my story box !!Smile

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sampin

Originally posted by Shastradhari

promo to banta hai for rain seq.
Otherwise how will TRPs increase?

Maybe we get one today after the epi..
Though not keeping my hopes high..Confused

BTW,TB has come up with a news that Arnie boy's trying to scare Khushi who finally ends up in his arms thus accepting him as "Pati parmeshwar"Day Dreaming

& she accepts him is it ... he scares her & she runs into his arms .. & she accepts .. hmm very interesting.. & then what ... TB is tele buzz of IF ?

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cool_tweety

Originally posted by sampin

Okay..My friend's here again..
She's asking whether there'll be a fight between Arnie and Anji..Just asking us for our views..Not divulging anything!!Ouch

ther shouldnt be a fight Sam, Arnav should give in is what i feel..dont throw eggs over me..he has to keep up his words "MEin Aapke khushi keliyae, apna khushi kurbaan kar doonga"..he is a man of doesnt fit in if he ends up fighting..

Go post it in her topic..She'll be happyLOL

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Arhimaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 6:36am | IP Logged
Hi ladies & one gentleman...

how are you all


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