Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX; Livin La Vida Loca !

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Hi All  wonderful girls,Big smile

A Huge Sigh of Relief , The tense frown replaced by a beatific smile on   my face  [ as I watched the episode ]  ... There I was terribly scared that , Lo ASR  chala Majnu Banne  and  Today They showed ASR bhi Majnu Banega  but apne andaz Main ... A episode which was reminiscent of the Past as the director took us to the past and lead us on a pleasurable stroll of the significant events ...An episode which had the magic of IP  , which sizzled  n kept us completely in its thrall ..The   passion could have steamed  up that coffee and Tea  generously shared by the couples ..

It was a episode that showed that the present cloud of  depression is ending but  it also hinted at the upcoming  cloud of darkness .. 

Khushi is intent on mending the fences between  her sister and Akash ...With no other thoughts  running in her mind , over riding her sisters strictures , Khushi heads to Akash's room and begins to spill the beans ...but before she complete her mission she is  spotted by Payal, who stops  Khushi, takes her away from  Akash and chides Khushi for not  being obedient to her  Jeeji's  wishes , before Khushi can even come.. The siblings are  joined by Maami who  showers  them with her own brand of Tender Loving care    , She is fortunately stopped by  Nani  who reminds  Mami that  Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi and Bahu's duty was to keep the family united which  is what the sisters were following to the T...

  I  had  in my y'day's post had mentioned that Akash is undergoing a revival   Meaning that he is coming  back to the sane , balanced  man ... we saw further hints for that  in today's episode ... Notice that Akash has finally opened the doors wide open , Khushi then begins to fill him with details  about Shyam, There will be a tightness about his face  as he listens to the tumbling words of Khushi  and his face , the tension slackens when  he hears that PAYAL HAD EVERY INTENTION OF TELLING HIM THE TRUTH BUT  AMMA ... So he finally had  his answer to why Payal was quiet, had to stay quiet ... This will go a long way in soothing Akash  but Akash being Akash , he will take it slowly and cautiously  ...

The next moment of interest   is when  Payal drags Khushi  and is trying  to get Khushi to understand  and appreciate the  meaning of  'NON - INTERFERENCE '   when  Mami interferes in their squabble , offering her own unwanted pearls of wisdom .. I loved the fact that Mami has still not forgiven the Gupta sisters, it shows the  love and affection that she has for the  Orphaned children, It is quite natural for a mother  to feel murderous  against the perps  who made her kinder's life miserable , ..Maami was  being that Mother   and was totally partial to her child's well being   while ignoring the fact that the children's of another Mother might  and could have had another strong reason for the silence !! ..

Nani ... A aging Banyan Tree, One who has witnessed many storms, who has weathered through many  a storm, has taken many a blows   and has seen many tragedies  happening in her life ...Nani who  has the equanimity to see the truth, has the patience   and understanding of all People.. Nani it is who steps into the breach and  rebukes Manorama  for her unjustified outburst ,  we find that Nani does not hold the Gupta sisters responsible   But it is Damadji that she finds responsible ...Now here is the interesting conundrum ... When Nani said  that It is all bec of DamadJi  !! ...Which  Damadji did she mean ??  Anjali's Husband  or Anjali's Father !!

Khushi is drinking  Tea when she sees   Anjali stepping out of her room, Nani's words  still being fresh in her mind , Khushi dutifully steps away from the  vision line of Anjali, goes into her own room, still carrying the cup of chai in her hand...Khushi places  the Chai on the table, opens the closet  and is stunned  !!  For there perched amongst all her gaudy dresses , amongst the swirl of bright  colors is her prince charming  giving her one of his endearing smile , smile enuff to melt  one's heart , a lovely smile that  instantly evokes a answering smile from the other, invoking  a chord  that reminds her of the previous encounter ... but the smile is quickly checked as Khushi remembers that she still is the angry wife, She valiantly curbs her  growing smile , turns her back .. Arnav jumps out , asks her with a smile  whether it brings  any incident   to her memory, Khushi being the consummate imp lies barefacedly  saying that  Hmm-mmm She does not have even a teeniest memory of what is burned  in her heart, Undeterred , A nonchalant Arnav picks up his coffee Mug and  splashes it on her face unrepentantly asking 'AB' ShockedLOLLOL.. A spluttering Khushi who very well remembers THIS incident since she was the one  who threw the Tea in the first  glares ferociously at Arnav, turns her back and wants to stalk away from him  but her lord and master  whose tolerance level was always low will not have it, with clenched teeth  grabs her hand, begins the ABCD of being the loving ASR when the voice of NKBC [ Nand Kishore Broadcasting Service ] echoes in ASR's mind ,  he swallows his anger, turns the taps on charm again and becomes Arnav ...The  Lambkin Khushi not knowing any better , snatches her hand away, provokes the sleeping Tiger in him  and tries to make a dash for it , The Tiger provoked beyond measure , grabs th  fluffy Rabbit again , twirls her towards him, crushes her onto his lean , hard frame  promising her a lesson on what he can do, the smile seductive , as he casually , languidly  pulls the hair and places his hands on the dori, initiating the memories of their first encounter, triggering runaway emotions in Khushi, A Khushi who recognizes the dangers of  being placed in such a situation, her disobedient body reacting to the caress of his finger tips , her emotions betraying her as anger and desire fight for supremacy !!..Anger wins, she pushes him away, pours the Tea on to his face and  scowls  at him, proving to him that she too is a kitten with claws.. The Tiger is fully provoked , Gone is the restraint as ASR  seizes Khushi and pulls him towards her, dashing her hard against him..Khushi clings to him like a creeper that has clung to a tall, strong tree , the silent war of will continues as they continue their battle through their eyes, Khushi's eyes  is the first to fall , unable to face the fiery passion of Arnav , Khushi hisses out that Arnav is transgressing his limits , Arnav bites  out that he can cross his limits as she is HIS  WIFE !!.. Khushi tries to puncture this assertion  by  telling tartly that she does not recognize him as her Husband !!.. That is like a red  cloth to a raging Bull, A Bull moreover in the throes of passion, picking up the gauntlet , Arnav  swears to get her to accept him as her husband !!  Being the perfect gentleman, he seeks to stamp the new challenge with a kiss .. His eyes drinking her in , he moves for the kill ,,,,Khushi, A quivering Khushi  who is getting  very much drawn in to his seduction, who is being lost in the fires of emotion  is slowly but surely  melting ...The wife in her wanting to be in his arms while the woman in her  does not want to be subjugated ... But it is a losing battle  as Khushi begins to drown in the pool of love, desire   WHEN  interruption comes in the form of HP !!

AHHH !! That was my feelings as I saw  this segment ..Two hot headed  Individuals, passionate, loving , crazily in love with one another but equally determined to give rough ride to one another ... fighting , squabbling, arguing and enjoying every moment of it ...ASR was ASR and yet the man in love who had no qualms in expressing his love, that he never cared for anyone  and lived the moment on his terms was underscored when he refused to let go of Khushi even when HP came and knocked on the OPEN DOORS !!

This was a scene where both Barun and Sanaya excelled ..The voice modulations and the way his eyes changed expression and the subtle changes in Khushi's demenor by Sanaya ..both fed of each other and we the viewer's were the winners ... Shwethu , OK, I accept ur Arshad  does wonders with Love scenes !!Wink

One thing I always have liked about IP was the subtle touches they bring in too there was a subtlety...  Tea is a homegrown plant and is much preferred by the poor/middle class in India as the cost is less in comparison to coffee bean .. a drink which only the hoi polli could afford in the earlier times ... Although things has changed has been fixed in the minds of ppl that Tea is poor man's drink while Coffee is for upper class.. today  it was highlighted wonderfully well ..Appreciate it much..

The scene in the hall ..the two standing like 2 recalcitrant student caught doing something forbidden , awaiting the sentence , looking guilty but unrepentant ..Loved it Tongue

 EN Guard !!  The fencing starts  between the two duelists as each fence one another , the sparring laced with love, the wounds their mark of love as  Khushi challenges, Arnav accepts, Arnav dares, Khushi accepts.. as each want the other to surrender  but both wanting to surrender too..such is the logic of Love !! ...  Previously  Arnav had corralled Khushi in the bedroom secure in the knowledge  that there was no one at home but not now, now he does not give a damn  and has no scruples   cos for him she is HIS wife ..No Matter what and if Lil wifey is playing hard to get, then he will enjoy the hunt and bring her to heel too ...The Hunter is on the prowl ladies, Beware  Khushi , He will  stalk you, silently, his eyes shooting arrows of love, ardor, passion, crippling you, maiming you ...he will not rest until U surrender completely  but YOU, YOU Khushi are wind...can wind be contained ?? NO ..So this promises to be a battle of eternity where The Mighty Hunter will always be engaged in taming the untamable spirit ...He does not realize that the  untamed spirit will bow down to you when u learn humility, when u learn to be open ...  Arnav has begun to take the baby steps towards that and I am sure the  unconquerable spirit will  surrender itself   not in front of his ego but in front of his unconditional Love !!

Anjali, A woman who is slowly stirring out  of the shell, who is again beginning to take the steps this time with her brother for a crutch ..not entirely dependednt on him  but not yet free too .. A lovely camera work  here .. I just loved it ..Anjali is  adorning herself in front of the mirror, the photo of Shyam-Anjali  displayed prominently  on the wall ,projecting that she still is rooted to her past  but slowly gradually  she is walking towards Arnav...but the intriguing thing is she is poised equidistant between Arnav and Shyam ...which way will she lean ??..

Arnav has got the green signal to go to Agra , He enters his room , packing his things together when Khushi arrives bringing colors .. Arnav who has never  bothered to keep anyone informed  about his movements before   now voluntarily discloses to Khushi  that he is leaving for Agra ...Khushi refuses to accompany him and says that she has to cleanse everything ...Arnav leaves after wisecracking  about her mental faculties... A  livid Khushi vows not to go into his arms, accept him as her hubby ...but fate has other plans ...Night dawns !!  All things that Khushi fears, darkness, aloneness, Thunder comes with the express purpose of  scaring her ...

TAJ MAHAL !!  Ahh.. The word coined   here  in this Very Redux  for the Swimming Pool !! and today we  heard Khushi mention that standing by the Pool...dil ko sukoon Mila  Big smile  as was the fact  we got the Green Shirt !! * Ab Green Kiska Fav hai sabko pata Hai ** Wink

For all the Wonderful Girls  who are anxious to know about Doods and her Thoughts ;

Doods   will be on every Alternate day Big smile

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 Hola people!! Hug

"Madness aur pagalpan toh hai" - Arnav Singh Raizada

"Iss War ko kya naam doon!?" - Nanhe 

Arnav and Khushi the story of two star crossed lovers who have always seemed more like cats and dogs - than lovers. They love each other - no doubt about that (I will confess I see it more from Arnav's side more - have always seen it and there is no denying why) - but there love is hidden in their fights. They are not like normal lovers who will coochie - coo with each other - or share an extremely romantic moment and that too deliberately - they are and always will be about intensity - passion - and their nok jhoks. That is what makes them adorable! That is what makes them lovable! That is what makes them Arnav and Khushi and finally ArHI! Embarrassed

Yesterday the last scene - Nanhe asked Arnav to recite all the romantic moments he has spent with Khushi - and Arnav recited all the little things that they did to hurt each other - but what forms important part of their beautiful memories and their beautiful journey of love - and maybe that is why somewhere - the last few days - seeing Arnav as a love struck fool was a bit difficult to digest and Khushi very very irritating.

Yesterday I was speaking to Sathu late in the night - and she told me - that she hoped that they do not mess up with Arnav's character today. Frankly I had not given it a thought - because I have long back stopped thinking about the precap - but when Sathu said this - I was scared! I did not want it! Arnav's character is closest to my heart (as you all know Tongue) and to think that his character could go wrong was scary. But somehow I always trust Gul on this! I know - she wont mess MY Arnav Singh Raizada for me - and she did not! Embarrassed

Now coming to today's episode - where to start - where to end! *SIGH!!!* It was bang on! It was what and how I have always imagined ASR to be with Khushi - in love - in style - in full attitude - possessive and still in complete control! These past few days - Arnav was in character but the attitude that defines him was missing - but today it was right there. And girls if you think Khushi did not like it - oh boy she did!! Wink Today Khushi was surprised and stunned at the intensity and passion he generated and that is why she was taken aback and kept losing her ground time and again. She tried to convince herself that Arnav does not mean to her anything - however even she knows that it is just the opposite! It was pre-wedding day ASR / Arnav back again! Day Dreaming

Starting with the initial scene - Well we already knew who would be standing with Payal and Khushi at the time when they will be questioned - It was always going to be Nani! And Nani more so because she is the only one who knows what Arnav knows - otherwise the whole family even though trust Arnav on the whole Shyam matter - do not know what is right and what is wrong! Nani is the only one who knows who Khushi and Payal are - and can understand their reasons - otherwise Mami and Akash are right from their POV's also! The secret was too huge to handle and it has indeed created a rift between Akash and Payal! The scene - Nani standing strong by Payal and Nani - and Akash leaving their side and going to Mami. It will take time for things to get solved.

Coming to Arnav Khushi scene
- It was sooo brilliant that I wont be doing any justice to it with my writing about it and since I am writing after so long I dont think I am gonna be doing much justice to it anyways! Anyways trying hand at it! Wink

Arnav is sitting in the cupboard waiting for Khushi to come - and open it - and to recreate that moment when he had found her in his cupboard! And does Khushi remember it!?- Yes she does - she cannot forget it - and a smile does come on her face when she sees him in the cupboard. Just as soon as it comes - it goes (God! I dont understand what she wants - so I am not get into the frustration at her Tongue)
When he asks her - if she remembers the moment she refuses and he moves to make his next move! Wink

She wants to leave but he cannot let her go - so he hold her and turns her around to throw his cup of coffee on her face to make her remember the time when she threw hot cup of tea on his face - Does she remember this one - Yes she does!! How could she forget this one for she was at fault in this one. But this riles her up as she realizes what he is trying to do - as she realizes that he is trying to recreate their old memories ! She wants to go yet again when he holds her hand and almost begins to scream at her when he realizes he needs to be soft (Nanhe asar LOL) - and he does and Khushi's expressions changes! However when he pulls her close and tries talking to her and warning her that he can do anything to her (Sheesh Mahal FB) - and romantically sides her hair to open the dori like he did back then - she pushes him and throws her tea at him - CATS & DOGS anyone!? LOL



He in in his anger pulls her close yet again and tells her that he can do anything with her - while she throws at him that he forced her into the marriage and she does not deem it fit to accept him as her husband! He maintains his anger and cool and without letting her go - tells her that they are legally married and he can do whatever he wants to do. She is shocked at his calmness and at his acceptance and at his possessiveness and again reminds him that she does not accept him as her husband. He very cooly and very Arnavishly tells her that he will make sure then he makes her accept it. (Oh man - how adorable is he Day Dreaming) And he tries to kiss her while she closes her eyes in disbelief and closes her mouth in an attempt to not give in - when our Dear HP interrupts! LOL Thing to notice - Arnav does not let go of Khushi even when she is in his arms and HP is standing there. He keeps his hold on to her and he will not let her go. Embarrassed 

They both face Nani - the sarpanch of the house - who looks at both of them in surprise and knows what they have been upto! Nani had said once ;

"Ye donon saari zindagi ladte ladte guzaar denge - kabhi ye aage toh woh peeche toh kabhi woh aage toh ye peeche..."


She knows these two and she knows that they must have been fighting and she hides her smile. She taunts them in her own funny way and they both are caught for a moment. Meanwhile Arnav notices that he has hurt Khushi and as soon as Nani leaves them alone - He holds on to her and asks her whether she is hurt and she retorts back - that being with him - she has learnt to take in all the hurt that he throws at her. But does that deter Arnav Singh Raizada!? Nope!! This time the ASR in him is not going to back down and he will get his Khushi back and get her back in style Wink

He corners her on the stair case and does not let her go! They both are aware of the position they are in and they recheck if someone is there and then get back to their cat and mouse game.LOL He holds on to her and does not let her go and promises to make her accept him as her husband - while she continues telling him that she would not. He relaxes and giving her the look - he crosses his hand and tells her that she will run to him and hug him and that day she will have to accept him as her husband. Khushi still in denial - leaves him alone and gives that one last look. 

Note : Why do I feel - More than Arnav Khushi is trying to convince herself that she does not feel Arnav is her husband! LOL LOL I dont know but the many times she repeated it - it felt to me - she has sooo accepted him - but she wants her to somehow believe in what she is saying Wink

Arnav Anjai :
My favorite brother sister duo in the world! The past couple of days - the problems have been growing - and so is the fear in Anjali that she has lost her brother - but today the brother was back in his sister's ambit - caring and concerned for her - and going to the mandir like always for his sister. But the phone call - disturbed him and however much he tried to get off the meeting so that he could be with Anjali - and be there with her - but it was Anjali who let him go - to go to Agra - the city of love - the city of Tajmahal! She understood her brother's needs and importance to go for the meeting and even after repeatedly assuring Anjali that the meeting was not important - she let him go!

Back to our Cat and Mouse! LOL
He sees her and he initiates a conversation - fighting with her and asking her to tag along to see the Taj mahal! She refuses and tells him that she has already seen it and does not wish to see it again! She also says that she does not accept him and she needs to clean. He retorts - she retorts and he tells her that she will be left alone in the house and she tells him that she can take care of herself! They both remind each other of their challenge and Arnav leaves for his trip!

Not getting into significance of things but somehow I related this : Khushi saying that she has already seen Taj Mahal - the symbol of everlasting love and she does not wish to see it again but clean. Khushi has seen Arnav's love for her and she knows that he is crazy about her - yet she does not see it - or acknowledge it but chooses to ignore it every time. Is she waiting to first clean the cob webs and all the mess that has been created!? Solve all the problems (like she spoke in her monologue yesterday) and then accept him!? Time will tell - though I am sure Arnav will win! Tongue He knows how to woo a girl Wink Khushi running into Arnav's arms - not a very herculean task! Tongue

I am not gonna cover the end scene - there is more to it tomorrow and if I write tomorrow I will cover it then - otherwise I am sure all the other fabulous writers will! Smile

Now coming to the dialogues of the day! Wink

"Hume sirf yeh nahi aur bahut kuch karna aata hai"Wink

"Hum aapko apna pati nahi maante hain- theek hai toh ab manva lete hain" Wink

"Hum coffee mein gir gaye the - matlab humne apne aap pe coffee gira di thi..." LOL

"Chaaye...chotte bhi chaaye mein gur gaye the...matlab unhone bhi apne pe chaaye gira di..." LOL

"Kya kar rahe hain aap...Lagi tumhe!?...haan lekin aap se chot khane ki aadat hai hume...Lekin hum abhi bhi aapko apna pati nahi maante" Embarrassed

"Daud ke baahon mein aaugi...Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada...Hum!?...aur aapki bahaon mein...jiss din aise hua...hum aapko apna pati maanenge...Deal!?...Sauda...Lekin iss janam mein pura nahi hoga...Dekhte hain...Jab kuch hoga hi nahin...toh aap kya dekhenge!?..."Embarrassed

"Main agra jaa rahan hoon...haan toh!?...toh sablog satsang pe jayenge aur late aaenge...HP bhi off pe hai...Tum akeli rahogi!?...toh? Mere saath agra chalo...Taj Mahal dekh lena...humne dekha hai...aur waise bhi hume safai karni hai...Apne dimaag ki!?...Woh toh aapke jaate hi hojayegi..."

"Naa hi hume aapko apna pati maana hai...nahi aapke bahaon mein samana hai...aur nahi tajmahal dekhna hai...Sunna maine...Sunna na...toh ab yaad bhi rakhiyenga..." LOL

Heart Today was a complete acceptance from Arnav Singh Raizada that Khushi Kumari gupta Singh Raizada is his wife! He is sure of his feelings for her and he places them on a very high pedestal! He has accepted her and he wants her to also accept him. He knows that she loves him - he knows that she also somewhere has accepted him - all he is trying is to do is break her and make her accept it in words that she belongs to him and she has accepted their relationship and him! These two na - they belong together! It was a BOMBASTIC Episode and ArHi rocked it! Heart

 Embarrassed ACTORS! Embarrassed

Barun Sobti! -Baby!! You take my breath away!! You seriously do! You live and breathe Arnav Singh Raizada for me! What passion - what intensity - what emotions - what control - I mean you were at your sexiest and naughtiest best today and I could feel each and every single emotion!! Clap Clap Clap Your smirks - your naughty smiles - the emoting with eyes - the transition from ASR to Arnav to Chotte - FABULOUS!! Clap Clap I was reminded of the pre-wedding ASR immediately!! No one and I mean no one can match you when it comes to acting!! You are MEANT to play ASR / Arnav and Chotte and no one could have done it justice like you have done it!! Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Sanaya Irani : Great Job girl! You are best when you have to play cat and mouse game with Arnav! The nok jhok brings you alive and you were alive in all the scenes today!! Barun brings out the best on you no doubt about that and today I liked your performance!! Keep it up! Clap Clap

Utkarsha , Deepali Pansare, Akshay Dogra, Jayshree - Loved all you guys too but being frank my whole concentration was on Barun Sobti today! Embarrassed

Dont know when next I am going to write - after lot of daam and dol - and speaking to my girls - Ranju - Gari - Luckyji -and finally mommy Sathu - I decided to write! Wink Hope i have not lost my touch! Dont even know or remember when I last wrote! Sleepy

Love and Light
Anna Smile

And to every REDUXIAN : I may not have been active and an idiot when it comes to replying  to PM's and commenting on your posts - but I have been reading them time to time! This week I loved every post and every post was insightful! Nia, Lizzy, Areeba, Jhalak, Bush ji, Supna, S003, Koel,  Sandhya, Divya and everyone else - (I may be forgetting the names)...Good job guys!! Clap Clap Clap

Credit for the PICS : Illyria aka Juleka (Done the written update for today Smile)

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If you all are thinking that the above song is for the last scene of the episode where Arnav is scaring Khushi so that she runs into his arms then you are ...absolutely wrong!!!

What is bhoot?? A presence which is only felt and not there...kahan hian bhoot...?? abhi batati hoon..

Arnav and Khushi:

In ke peechay hamesha se para hai Anjali ka bhoot..kabhi apne roop main aata hai, kabhi Aman ke and kabhi HP ke...but like every action there is equal and opposite reaction..waise hi anjali ko counter kerne ke liye there was Shyam ka bhoot the accidental cupid..but since aaj kal woh chutti per hai so NK is supplementary act as cupid...

Payal and Akash:

In ki relation main there is always  the presence of mami...yani in ke peechay para hai mami ka bhoot...i don't want to write more abt that now..

HP & Laxmi:

In ki relation main pehle nani ka bhoot tha isi liye they ran away and are currently singing "Main tujh ko bhaga laya tere ghar se..nani amma ke dar se nani amma ke dar se"

Now coming to the episode...
- An episode slowly and steadily leading to the romance expected tomorrow..

- Where nani has openly declared her support for the truth and  Gupta    Sisters...

- Where Khushi is told off by Payal to keep her nose out of her business..

- Where Akash has showed a slight thawing after nani's declaration that first  and foremost is fmaily's unity & the girls respected that by keeping quiet..

- Where ASR is hell bent on making khushi confess her feelings for him and accept him as her husband in the true sense...

- Where NK is thoroughly confused ke is WAR ko kiya naam doon...konsi war?? the one abt to happen in RM??

We could see ASR recreating memories that were shared between the two of them, he started with hiding in cupboard, which led to tea & coffee throwing tournament...which led us to the famous dialog...Badtameezi to man ne abhi ki hi nahin hai...we have been waiting for that badtameezi for the past one year...well we will have to wait a lil more...because there will be no forced will only be after the wedding...which was clearly indicated by.. you are my legally wedded wife...she countered with zabardasti ki shaadi...

Meaning when he will try to get chummy with her after the hot romance sequence she will put a full stop by bringing up the contract...

so now guys get ready we have the re-enactment of the Rain Hug and Deewali sequence tomorrow...diwali wali shirt bhi hai..khushi ki red sari bhi hia...

last time Aman called and disturbed the flow...this time Mrs. KKGSR will put her foot down...however rest assured the dialog exchange on the staircase indicated the upcoming wedding...when he said ke tum mujhe apna husband maan lo gi main manwaon ga tumhain...khushi's reposnse Aaj kal aap bohat sapne dekhne lage hain...and then he said..daudti hui meri bahon main aao gi KKGSR...

The supna dialog took me straight to "Supnon ki duniya se bahar niklo KKG" and also khsuhi's dialog "Supnon ki duniya main hi rehna acha hota hai Lavanya ji"...

So 1 boy and all girls get prepared...ASR is going to give khushi her dream wedding...and make her KKGSR...for ever...

my personal take for tomorrow...Arnav scares her...she is petrified...rain...she sees Arnav runs straight into his arms...* Rain hug recreated*...he wins asks her to wear saari...which she obliges...*diwali sequence recreation*...hopefully this time most of the missed things will be completed...but then khushi coming to her senses or Anjali di coming home...tai tai week i guess 6 months wedding contract out and shyam in...

I am sorry its a bit disjointed today am super tired...Embarrassed

If you absolutely love Deewali ASR, Akash's new pant & shirt, dheet staring of HP at the hugging couple ya phir me please press 'Like'Tongue

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There is no passion to be found playing small -
in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
Nelson Mandela

A beautiful episode which reminds us the reason to be in love with IPK,,, passion unleashed...

The episode starts with Khushi confronting akash and a great confirmation,,,,the very situation Khushi wants to avoid or escape, she loves to avoid unpleasantness with Passion unmatched and carry her guilt baggage arnd, once agn she got a added load that she has bought unhappiness, she get unsure disturbed agn... And once agn Khushi looks Anjali rand, she runs to her sanctuary... She opens the closets and funds Arnav there, eyes pop up n a faint smile on the brazen land... He knows he has won half the battle, the moment she retreats back he reminds her  the reason for their being together...

Once agn she refuses and this time we see her giving him back ,meeting him on equal grounds, like the otherside of the coin where they cant exist as solo & we see ARNAV as we know him, he is returned, he unleashes him from the bindings on him and we see the beauty in him, with conviction, with faith & absolute trust in himself he holds her
Its hard to explain what love is but i fell love because its hard to explain.
Once agn he reminds her what he is capable of and how he holds the reigns to her heart, I realised her at this moment, his love for his khushi isnot  weakening him albiet making him strong and he is assured in himself and her love for him, and he is passionate abt this fact almost as much Pride can be accquired from this emotion, his Trust in "US" is monumental 
and then the moment where he almost  wins back.. Once agn a equal immersing in her
"Madness aur pagalpan toh hai" - Arnav Singh Raizada
the moment he said that he believed it because he knows which is madness for him, is the  ideal for khushi...
 The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
and then nani calls them once agn nani realise these two are bk bcz she had realised the passion between them and tonite she caught a glimpse back when she saw them both drenched like hens in the rain and couldnt stop joining the chuckle  and then when they began to move he realises once agn he has hurt khushi and questions her and she refuff and 

"Daudti hui aaogi meri baahon mein ...Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada...Hum!?...aur aapki bahaon mein...jiss din aise hua...hum aapko apna pati maanenge...Deal!?...Sauda...Lekin iss janam mein pura nahi hoga...Dekhte hain...Jab kuch hoga hi nahin...toh aap kya dekhenge!?..."
The challenge has been set and for a man like Arnav who thrives on it, he has given her and will win bcz he has faith & trust he knows its a winning battle for him, he will not and cannot loose this one, bcz if looses this he will loose his breathing  bcz one who had never beleived in " Sasien hi ruk jayeengi" has finally found the one who can stop the breaths by merely her presence arnd him

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.
Oprah Winfrey
Arnav has found his passion in life and she is his other half, how will he win her is yet to be seen but for now  he has only one Focus Khushi and winning her  is his passion and he will do it,
I was amazed with the confidence he had in his passion , this was the same ASR we had pre wedding, Pre shaym Fiasco
 Dedication for Arnav Singh Raizada
Loving You Is Like Breathing, How can I Stop??!
the beauty of tonight's episode was the Return of ASR the one which is unstoppable, the one who shakes the world for his close ones and the one who has completely & absltly surrendered himself to Khushi, to The US in this rlationship which was started on a
shaky meeting  shaky marriage which has fumbled when he hurt her, didnt trust her but got its feet and soul during the kidnapping, That Relation That ASR is back
BS Star U live and Breath ASR, Team IPK did a great Job When they found youBig smile
SI was great with her Fiery KhushiBig smile
ISS WAR KO KYA NAAM DOON???? bang on with the audience & Reduxians who live breath IPKWink
Arnav, ASR , Chote all rollled in one episode a treat to WATCHSmile
CLOSET WATER WAR, Recreating the MagicClapClap
Mami Recieveing a taste of her own DoseStarStar
@ Sathya:: An Apt Title, Livin' la Vida Loca (English: "Livin' the Crazy Life") or living like crazy,,, Arnav has reached the zenith of craziness/ passion

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Nia.D Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 12:14pm | IP Logged

Hey all,

I'm doing something slightly different today. Hope you don't mind the change!

First off - just like the rest of you I've been on the 9th, 10th heaven of delight... difficult to come back down to earth after watching such sizzling, crackling chemistry... if not for the TV, I myself would have heated up and gone combust if Arnav had leaned in just a bit closer! LOL

I would like to thank Lizzy (Lizzy2012) and Ruby (Redwine1) for letting me use their hints for my post today!

So, let's see... the
hints Lizzy had laid down were:

"Guys another insight I want to share.. Remember the mehendi incident where he disappeared.. And the subsequent events after that..connect it with an earlier incident that happened when she working in the office and then the RM..take clues from the new promo.. The channel cut ones.. "

All I can think of here is:
When he disappeared during the mehendi scene, Khushi was worried about him, left a message apologizing to him, he had gone for a meeting that time, and when he returned she had the letter 'A' written on her hand. After that, the shart waali kiss happened between them. -- Now here, I can see a pattern that symbolized their marriage. The letter 'A' on her hand, marking themselves on each other with a kiss.

Now, if I go back to what happened at AR office and RM:

For the AR office part, I remember the Contract - which she didn't complete after she narrowly escaped death at the dilapidated guest house. She resigned from AR the next day.

For RM, I remember two things... ONE: She getting hurt on her finger, and Arnav bandages her engagement ring finger in front of the temple (symbolizing marriage). TWO: Khushi being un-reachable after knowing Shyam's truth, and Arnav worried about her keeps calling her.

Adding the above three thoughts to the Channel cut Promo, what I get is:

The Marriage Contract will end up with the same fate as the first contract - it will not be completed, because Arnav will win the bet. Khushi, frightened of the dark, may be relieved to see him, and being the ever impulsive, instinctive, emotional girl, she will run straight into his arms just like he said - "Tum daudti hui mere baahon mein aaogi".

According to the 'shart', if Khushi goes into Arnav's arms, then she has to accept him as her husband. I guess, running into his arms will be the 'mark' for them - thereby, symbolizing marriage, just like the last time?

I could be wrong... I'm doing this for fun today... Big smile

But then, the second thought in RM is still there, the one about Arnav calling Khushi after she comes to know about Shyam. How does that fit in? Or does it fit in at all? It's probably a dead end... I thought of it only because, it was similar to the way Khushi got worried about Arnav during the Mehendi day and kept trying to call him... unable to connect them much, except that - will one of them disconnect with the other? Will it be Khush, who for Anjali's sake goes off without telling Arnav, and he finds her again, and says that since you are my wife, you have every right to be at RM? Confused

Chalo, that was my take on Lizzy's hints, now moving on to Ruby's pointer
s which said:


1. What all did he recreate today for her?
2. What did he challenge her?
3. Has he won the smile ?
4. What all can he recreate to now win both the smile & challenge? one with out the other now is a bit difficult ... 
5. Number of challenges?


1 Arnav today, recreated: Closet, Tea, Sheesh Mahal
2 That she will have to accept him as her husband if she comes running into his arms
3 A little bit...
4 Tough question... too many options...
5 Three challenges in all: First Challenge - Sangeet Dance Competition, Second Challenge - Poolside 'shart' kiss, and Third Challenge - Today's: Arnav being accepted as Khushi's husband.

I tried decoding a bit from what was there...

Closet=truth: Shyam's truth will come first to Anjali, and after that re-marriage may happen

Tea=energy/strength/wisdom/knowledge : Khushi threw it on Arnav, so she'll keep providing him enough strength I guess to tackle Anjali. Plus, she'll keep giving lessons about herself to Arnav. Her lively nature will probably return soon. Also, remember Naaniji with tea - I guess she will keep proving these two enough gup-shup to help them proceed in their relationship.

Coffee=connection/stimulant: All I could think of was that Arnav and Khushi will keep connecting to each other, no matter how many times their relationship takes a hitting. And uhm, stimulant... well, you can exercise your gutter minds!

Legally wedded= re-marriage: need I say anymore?

I really feel that this time around, Arnav will win the challenge.

Note, the first two times, Khushi won... but now, with the darkness, thunder, and lightening, Khushi may just lose the challenge.

I don't know why but Shyam keeps popping in my head. That shadow seemed threatening somehow... and I keep thinking that instead of ASR/Arnav, Shyam may come... I'm probably paranoid.

Edited to add:

It will be Arnav only... because Khushi said that the lights in the other part of the house were on... also, not sure if NK is a part of Nannav's plan. Arnav got a call while driving, so it is possible that he returns, calls NK on the way, and tries to win their bet of Khushi accepting him as her husband.

The lightenings, thunder, darkness - elements Khushi is scared of. Scared enough to run into Arnav's arms. Let's see what happens today!! Big smile

You can come up with your own interpretations for Lizzy's and Ruby's hints and pointers. Try it... it's fun!! Smile


They don't have to go to Agra to see Taj Mahal... their Taj Mahal is right outside their room... their poolside - their love pool... all the romance is there... their private Taj Mahal Day Dreaming

I loved Arnav holding Khushi tighter when HP comes knocking. LOL

Naani standing by Payal- Khushi: I loved the positioning here. Maami in the outer ring, while Payal-Khushi-Naani on one, with Aakash guarding them at the back. Naani speaks for the GH sisters, and then Aakash leaves them to console his mother. Aakash being the loyal brother believes Arnav. He is just angry that Payal didn't confide in him especially after making a vow to not hide anything. In time he will come around.

On the stairs=equal footing: After their talk with Naaniji, Khushi and Arnav are on the same step, while they set the challenge over Arnav being accepted as Khushi's husband - the answer is already there as they are both on an equal level! Wink

Anjali-mirror-Anjali-Shyam Marriage pic-Arnav: I couldn't help see the reflection of Anj-Shyam's marriage pic in the mirror, right between Anjali and Arnav. It was almost like Shyam was present there. Make way for Shyam's entrance soon! Dancing

Anjali-Arnav convo.: Anjali herself sends Arnav to Agra, to Taj Mahal' the monument of Love. So, once Anjali's mind about Shyam is clear, she will not mind Khushi being important in Arnav's life. She will go back to being Cupid for them! Big smile

Khushi-Taj Mahal: Same point as Anna's. Khushi has already seen Arnav's love, but she wants everything to be first cleared out between them (the contract?). Or she wants him to stop dilly-dallying around and come straight to the point. Either it should be the contract or it should be a clear talk from him about their relationship.

Khushi picks up the potted plant: I have no idea 'which' plant she picked up, but it was as a defense tool. Need to sleep on this one...

Here's a treat for you guys ...

Had fun drooling all over again? Tongue


The scene was totally ASRish personified. The arrogance, confidence, flirt factor, hawtness quotient, anger, passion, love, intimacy... phewww...


Thank you so very much for sending females all over into a tizzy!! Heart

Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani... gosh, wow... one of these day's your chemistry will melt us... or make us explode with the fire!!

Loved Deepali Pansare a lot more today... knew she had it in her... GO Deepali!!!

Karan Goddwani: Don't hide behind a door... please come everyday... for more than a few seconds!! Please, please Embarrassed


Nia Smile

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areeba_blossom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
"Love, it never had a definition." -Anonymous

Arnav Singh Raizada had captured himself in the shades of grey, restricting himself to the confines of the world where he wasn't just another ordinary person but cold, ruthless ruler. Today we saw Arnav Singh Raizada completely unleash himself from those bounds, and stepped out to breath. Today he embraced the miracles life brought along with it without questioning.

And it had been none other than 'love' to unlock the armor that caged his heart. The love, where be's fallen in so deep that he himself isn't able to defy its powers anymore!

The episode focused once again on the tides of relationships.
• Akash and Khushi: the two shared a friendly comfortable relationship with deep understand of each other since the beginning of the days
• Mami and Payal: the fear of inferiority complex was what had made her look for 'Miss India' daughter in law. Beside the personal grudges, she has a valid reason of despising her daughter in law's presence but is the reason complety justified?
• Arnav and Khushi: what had started out as hatred, has reached to a level of love. Frustration, Anger, Fear and insecurities.
• Anjali and Arnav: they had promised to be by each other's side through and through, but would their individual weaknesses and standing up for what they think is right would tear them apart for a brief period? Relationships, of any kind can always be mended but the healing scar never heals completely.
• Payal and Khushi: both had promised to live for each other and one still does. If it hadn't been for Payal, Khushi would have made herself disclose Shyam's nature in one way or another.

The episode started with Khushi confronting Akash over the truth. Her words emphasize 'why'. Akash unlike before is interested to know that why was 'he' excluded. But before the reason could be voiced out, Payal intervenes.
Mami walks in to taunt and Nani steps in to clarify the intentions of the girls!

Payal will be the one to finally put the last stitches to her relationship with Akash but it would be Khushi and Arnav to start the process of mending. They'll be the ones to bridge the relationship. I loved the positioning of characters in this particular scene. Nani standing before the Gupta Girls, standing with the truth and understanding their intentions. Akash in the same circle but a little apart, on another side and Mami who was out of the circle completely. Akash will accept the truth but like Mami, will give a benefit of doubt too. It will be from the sense of betrayal he had developed recently because Payal had failed to keep their promise.

Khushi enters the room and opens the closet door to see a patiently waiting Arnav sitting there. A flashback of a similar past incident floods her mind bring a soft smile on her face. Happy to be able to have a slight hint of smile Arnav jumps out.
Last time, Khushi had announced to leave Delhi for good to Arnav Singh Raizada which had resulted in pure restlessness for him. That was when Khushi had deliberately tried to run away but fate had pushed her back. By recreating the moment, he had once again showed Khushi that she can't run away. Whatever happens, in the end she's stuck with him.

The scene also made me think of the upcoming disclosure of truth in RM. it'll be Khushi opening the doors and Arnav stating the facts. The game designed by Arnav to throw Shyam Monohar Jha out of the house is still on, and it wouldn't be ending until the truth will unleash itself completely.

Each had preferred one drink to calm down their nerves. Tea and coffee. Tea, a symbol if love and an energizer representing strength is with Khushi and Coffee, enriched with compatibility is Arnav's. Both had thrown their preference at each other.
Arnav first, bounding her to himself then Khushi, providing him with strength. Nothing new in this. We've been witnessing this bond since past couple of episodes.

The scenario once again was a recreation of a glimpse from the past. The day when unknowingly Khushi had thought that Arnav had tried to pull her towards him and in return splashed 'HOT' tea on him, hurting him in the process.


The moment of the day! I have a habit of oogling at the screen during such moments and then realizing that it was Romance which is why I had to watch it again! And when that happens when I'm watching a movie, it isn't a bit funny!

Outraged at the fact that Khushi kumari had splashed the tea on him, ruining his freshly launderied shirt, he pulls her towards him. It had been their very first meeting where she had provoked him for his sister, causing him to rip the pearls apart. A symbol of innocence and purity was taken off by ASR and then started Khushi's painful journey. He was affected by her in the very first meeting, because no one knew what his weakest point was and the girl being nothing but a mere stranger had not just refused to answer his questions but also hit at his weakest point. The rage of her walking away like before had caused him to tighten his grip on her. It wasn't just rage but fear and insecurity of loosing her because this time, the weakest point is her. If he can't fulfill her wishes, then he considers himself nothing!

"Tumhare himat kaise hui, main tum se vast kar raha hoon!"

"abhi tou batameezi shru nahi ki."

"Aur bhi buhot kuch kar sakta hoon! Biwi ho tum mere! Legally wedded wife"

"tou kya hua? Manwa lete hain"

He has accepted Khushi to be his subconsciously a long long time back and now, he has accepted that with full authority and consciousness. It is no other person than him who can hold any rights over her. He reflected his possessiveness for her, his desperation to be with her and his fear to not loose her forever this time. This is why, unlike the previous time, he wasn't a least but guilty of coming close to her. He hadn't let her go when the servant knocked because unlike last time, this time not just he have his authority in her but authority in public's eye too. She is his and he would be protecting her, not leaving her stranded in middle of a deserted road!

The two walk down to their call, and are faced by an amused Nani who teases them. Nani is with Khushi, and she'll be the first one to pick that these two are the the building blocks for each other.

*Arnav reflects onto the fact that he has one again hurt her. Khushi's statement reflected duality. She was shoving it in his face that it doesn't matter and also saying that he need not apologize or regret, that she knows that it was unintentional and doesn't matter.
>>Also, it is not Arnav but Khushi realizing that Arnav might take in the latter and not to give that satisfaction, she blurts that she doesn't accept him!
Many were confused with what Khushi wants. Khushi is nothing but frustrated. There will come a time when Khushi like any normal person will break completely with the burdens she's carrying and then Arnav will be allowed to come in. It is the beginning of that point where she us beginning to get weary and tired resulting in her frustrated attitude. She's been holding in all a lot and Arnav not understanding the gravity, is frustrating her!
Khushi moves towards the stairs, towards the top taking Arnav along and building a strong relationship. She's stopped by Arnav who was a step ahead and they both stand on equal footing regaining balance in their relationship. Look at the irony over here. Till now Khushi had recognized whatever Arnav had done for her and commented in it and in return received the statement that isn't because of her and she should stop dreaming. Today Arnav reflected onto the same fact, making Khushi to ask him to 'Stop Dreaming!'
The challenge is ON!

NK's "iss war ko kya naam doon" was uttered from the top, with him standing behind the glass. He'll once again be the witness if the truth when unleashed completely, only this time he wouldn't be a part of it. It was today The call to the upcoming Warfield in RM.

Anjali who has been worn out with the shifted attention of her brother is happy to know that he had been with her all along! An indicator that with the truth out, Anjali will accept that her brother was there all along and that she'd failed to notice his attepts. She'll then once again be the one to push her brother towards his love.

Arnav enters The room informing Khushi that he'll be leaving to Agra and she should come along. She declines the offer and claims that she had seen Taj Mahal and rathet clean up. >>that she had witnessed the power of Arnav's love for her but she wouldn't proceed until the truth is cleared and normalacy settled in the atmosphere again. Thus, she states the facts over again and closes the door.

The seating arrangement in the car was the arrangement of people currently in Akash's life. Anjali, the top priority followed by His Dadi and Mother, placing his wife at the bottom. But there is hope rising again, and Akash will steadily come to face Payal as his top priority!

A well designed episode! Kudos to the whole team for putting in such effort!

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NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged

Do you really think ... that it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations that it requires strength, strength and courage, to yield to. To stake all one's life on a single moment, to risk everything on one throw, whether the stake be power or pleasure, I care not -- there is no weakness in that.~OSCAR WILDE, An Ideal Husband

Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity.~GEORGE BERNARD SHAW, Maxims for Revolutionists

Love is jealous that any should come before her, or after. She would be all in all. If a man will trust her and live in her, he shall know all things.~JENNETTE LEE, The Ibsen Secret

Love is a kind of warfare.~OVID, The Art of Love

There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.~WASHINGTON IRVING, The Sketch Book

Not going to do an in-depth analysis today. My mind is too muddled up from the terrible camping trip I returned from yesterday, that coupled with aching joints. It didn't help that I literally squealed for almost the entire episode. My sixteen-year old self is mentally doing backflips and somersaults after today's episode!!!

I am just going to say I loved the episode and everyone involved in it, actors, crew et all. Loved the leads, the parallel lead and the supporting cast!!!

PS: Hari Prakash is on my hitlist! He is going down!!! Aman just redeemed himself slightly. Big smile



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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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