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It all started with 300 Rupees Thread TWO! Chap 26 (Page 73)

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It all started with 300 Rupees 26 Part D

She looked around and said "what is my phone doing here?"

He replied "it was ringing non-stop and you were sleeping so I brought it downstairs!"

She asked "who was calling?"

He replied "I don't know. I didn't check. Go see who it is. It has been ringing the whole time."

She asked "and you didn't answer it?"

He replied "no, I should have?"

She didn't answer anything to that……

She said "let me check who it is….."

She walked to the table to get her phone and saw seventeen missed calls.

Her heart stopped beating.

She was too freaked out to even check who must have called her that many times…….

Without even checking the missed calls, she looked up to see him with a questioned face……

And said…..

"Why didn't you wake me up if my phone was ringing like this?"

He replied "I thought of waking you up but there wasn't any text or voicemail. So I didn't think it was that important. Why what's wrong? Who is it?

She said 'I don't know, let me check it first." She held that phone in her shaking hand while her heart almost stopped beating imagining the worst.

She opened the missed calls.






K             K             K             K             K             K             K             K             K             K             K             K            

She was relieved first!

She let out a pretty loud sigh of relief!

But then she freaked out again…….

She looked up to see him and said "it's K's missed calls. I hope everything is fine."

She quickly dialed K's number……

It was ringing but she didn't answer…….

She re-dialed but again no answer……….

She re-dialed but still no answer………

She quickly took out Karan's number and called him but he didn't answer either……

She got really worried now. She said "K is not answering her phone, she called me so many times, I wonder what happened. Karan is not answering his call either. Damn it, why can't people answer when other people are desperately trying to reach them?"

"I know right?" That's all he said.

He said that, she heard that, and then she looked at him with clear guilt on her face and said "I am sorry for not picking up your phone. I am sure you were probably really worried, I didn't know what I was thinking not answering your call."

He walked towards her and replied "that's fine, at least you won't do that anymore."

She asked looking confused again "what do you mean?" He pulled her in and said "you already forgot your promise? It has only been few hours!"

She flushed again and said "you are such a cheater!" He said "how am I a cheater?" She said "you forced me to promise you, that's wrong." He quickly replied "forced you? Now that's a lie. I asked you to promise me and you are the one who agreed." She smacked his chest and said "we both know how you got that promise out of me." He asked "how?" with a grin on his face. She rolled her eyes and said "you are a monster." He pulled her in and said "I hope I am still a hot monster."

She said "you think you are so smart, using your little techniques to get promises out of me, one day I will do the same thing to you, and then you will know." He squeezed her to him tightly and said "I am already waiting for that day impatiently. When is that fortunate day?" She formed her big O of a mouth and said "you are so shameless. How can you talk like that?" He said "the last time I checked, I was still talking to my wife, how that makes me shameless?"

She replied "because you are shameless, that's why!" He said "I am shameless because I let you sleep?"

She didn't say anything, merely because she couldn't come up with anything to say after that. She thought and thought but couldn't come up with a proper answer. There was nothing she could say at that point.

All she could say was "I love you."

He cupped her face, kissed her forehead and said "I love you."

She rested her body onto his, he embraced her back, holding her carefully, and placed another kiss on her head…..

Her phone rang……

Her body jerked with the sudden voice, she looked up and said "I should check that, it could be K."

He released his arms and said "sure!"

She walked to her phone, picked it up, checked it, it was K.

"K, what happened? I saw your missed calls, I called you back and you didn't even answer. What's going on? K? Can you hear me? What's going on? Are you crying? Is everything okay? K? What's wrong? Why aren't you saying anything? You are freaking me out, say something. K, stop crying. Where are you? I am coming to see you. Are you home? What's going on? Are you going to tell me? Stay at home. I am coming. Yes. Right now."

She hung up. She turned around to look at him. She said "it was K, she was crying like crazy, I don't know what happened. She was very upset. She wasn't telling me anything. I hope everything is fine. SHIT. I hope her dad is fine. I have to go. I am sorry, she was pretty upset. I should go check on her. I……."

He interrupted "should I drop you off?" She replied "no, that's fine. I will be fine. I just hope everything is fine. I will call Karan to check if everything is fine at home. I hope uncle is fine. I am thinking too much, I should just go and check. Sorry I have to leave like this. I will call you. Soon. Sorry."

He said "don't say sorry. I understand. Let me know if you need anything."

She said "I will call you, I hope everything is fine. She was just crying, she didn't say much….."

He opened the door and said "don't worry about it. I am sure everything is fine. Let me know when you reach, take care." And he consumed her lips for the last time and watched her go.

She called Karan again on her way to their home, but he didn't answer. He had never done that before, why he wasn't answering her call. She was extremely worried by now. She finally got to their house, walked in and asked one of the servants about K, she ran upstairs to her room.

She walked it and found K on the bed, buried her face in the pillow, she walked to her and said "K?"

Part E Continues……


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It all started with 300 Rupees Part E

Three hours later…..

He was still home. He checked his phone, she hadn't called him yet. He decided to text her.

Is everything alright?

He waited for her text. In another few minutes he got her text….

What's wrong with you? Why didn't you remind me to change my clothes, I mean, your clothes.

That's not what he was expecting to see, or read. He smiled at the most unexpected reply.

Only she could do that. What he texted her and what she replied, totally two different things.

He texted her back.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you were still wearing my clothes. Again – is everything alright with K?

And he just waited there looking at his phone, not expecting or expecting a proper reply. His phone beeped.

Sorry about that. Yes, everything is fine. I should have known. It's K. Guy problem. Happens quite often. She just got back today and she already broke up with someone. She will be fine after finishing her wine bottle. :) I miss you!

He smiled reading her message. Especially the last line. How could those simple words make him so happy. All those things were meaningless before she came into his life. All of it. The feeling of love, yearning, missing. How at one time they were so absurd for him. How he used to make fun of all those things in the past.

And now – the same feelings felt so true. Felt so real. Felt so right.

He typed…..

I miss you too. This house haunts me when you are not here with me.

And he just waited for her reply. He just relaxed himself on the couch, not even bothering to go upstairs. He barely closed his eyes when his phone beeped again.

How a beep could get him so excited. He quickly checked it.

I am sorry. We won't be apart for too long. We still have to talk though. And you won't stop me this time, even when I start to cry again. P.S. Wine is half way finished. :)

He typed…..

Did you mean what you just said? I can't wait anymore. As I said earlier, we don't need to talk. I am fine with whatever it is. P.S. Does that mean that half more bottle and you are free?

Beep. He pressed – check message.

I meant everything I said. I can't wait either. I miss you SO MUCH. We should be together. You said you are fine with everything because you don't know anything yet, but there is no way for us to move on until we talk. I am serious. P.S. Yes, that means I can be free!

He replied…..

If that's the problem then let's discuss it ASAP. I don't want anything that keeps you away from me. When can we meet? Tonight? Since you can be free as soon as the bottle is empty.

Another few moments later…..

Good thing K is too distraught to notice me wearing men clothing. Otherwise, she would bug me to death. Not tonight, I have to go home after this. I am tired. Tomorrow?

He saw her random statement about the clothes again. He smiled, once again. He typed.

Men clothing? You mean your husband's clothes? You are tired? I am the one who did all the work  ;)

He smiled and pressed send. Now he knew why people enjoyed the flirting stage of their relationship. It totally made sense now. If he can enjoy that then he wasn't surprised why the rest of the world enjoyed it so much. How could he just impatiently wait for her reply? It was her. His wife. His permanent wife. And he was still talking to her like she was his crush.

He smiled again. His trance broke with the beep again.

It was your decision to take rain check. Not my fault. Husband's clothes? Really? And you call me possessive?

He was still lying on the couch, while reading her mischievous message. He turned to the side to type his reply…..

The rain check has been changed to STORM check now. At least I agree that I am possessive about you. Unlike you, who denies the fact that you hate Ms. Saxena.

P.S. Don't start sharing K's bottle hearing Ms. Saxena's name. I wish I was there to see your face. :)

Oh, he loved this message. And he meant what he said, he really wanted to see her face that very moment when she read his message. That big O of hers. Those arched eyebrows, that flustered face those eyes flaring anger within them but still trying very hard to look composed and calm. Maybe if he didn't know her that well, she could even pull that look, but not with him. He knew her too well to understand her fake composure over her real anger.

He was dying to read her response. He kept checking his phone but she hasn't texted him back yet. He typed again…..

Sharing K's bottle?

And he pressed send.

He wanted to laugh out loud, not at her but just to imagine her facial expressions. His face had his popular smirk on. Still waiting impatiently for her reply.

Finally, his phone beeped.

You are a MONSTER. Stop smirking. I can see the smirk in your message CLEARLY. Stop it. What do you want to know? I hate that s**t. Happy? I hate it when she is anywhere near you. I hate her. Now it makes two of us who are frustrated because of men. And what do you mean by STORM check?

He read it. And now he knew he wasn't the only one who knew her so well. She knew him equally well. His smirk was gone after reading her message. But the smiled remained.

He typed….

As far as I am still a HOT monster, I am fine being one. I didn't know you knew me that well, now that's something new. s**t? Is that you talking or the wine?  I thought I told you to NOT share K's bottle. If you hate her being around me so much, then why don't you claim me in front of her? I will show and tell in person what I mean by STORM check.

He pressed send.

This was getting just better and better.

He wasn't planning on giving up anytime soon.

And he knew very well, she hated giving up. At least some things were still the same about her.

He knew she was going fire back with another surprising message. He just stayed there and waited.


He pressed open…..

Hot or cold, a monster is a monster. I thought you knew I know you pretty well, remember the Sangeet? When I had someone mimic you? Long time ago – you might not remember that. s**t is the appropriate word for her, be it the wine talking or myself – that remains unchanged. Claiming you? Don't worry, I will do much more than just claiming you when the right time comes. Oh, and I will make sure she is there to witness the claim. Show and tell in person? That means – I should avoid you?

That was a long message. But a very nostalgic one. His mind travelled back to Aakash's Sangeet. How much he had laughed watching her perform about him. And their bet. And their Teri Meri dance. How she looked so pretty that night in that green Saree. She looked absolutely mesmerizing. How he had never danced with anyone else like that before.

It was always there. He had never done so many things until she came in his life. Be it dancing, be it laughing, or be it making him capable of love.

Her message made him forget everything. Whatever they were discussing earlier.

He typed…..

You looked exotic in that green saree. I couldn't get my eyes off of you. When do I get to see you in Saree again? You have promised not to avoid me anymore. Don't forget that. How is K doing now? When are you going home?

And he placed the phone on the side and closed his eyes. Remembering all their moments spent together during Aakash's wedding. Their every single argument, her mehendi, her denial, him kissing her, her kissing him back, her dances, the bangles……..he opened his eyes hearing the beep again….

He read….

Are you okay?

He replied….

I am fine. I just miss you, maybe little too much after your sangeet message. Sorry to worry you. Bottle finished yet? :)

Her text came back faster than he thought….

Should I come over? I feel bad for leaving like that. I can come if you want me to.

He replied…….

You can come permanently if you want. Otherwise it gets too much for me handle the silence after you leave. I sound so pathetic right now – I can just laugh at myself. Except, it's not funny!

And he pressed send with a heavy heart.

To his surprise, he heard his phone again, it didn't beep, it was ringing now……

Khushi calling…..

"Hi sweetheart. What a pleasant surprise!"

"I am sorry Arnav Ji. I really am. I was so worried about myself this whole time that I didn't even bother thinking about you. What must you have been going through this entire time. I am really sorry. I feel so selfish. I feel so bad. You think so much about me and what do I do? Not even bother about what you must go through every time I leave you. I feel horrible. And I know it's not funny. Everything that happened to us, none of that is funny. I am such a bad wife. I couldn't even….."

He finally interrupted "Khushi – stop. Breathe. I am fine. Don't worry about me. I have dealt with worst things in my life. No need to feel guilty for something that's not even your fault. If anything, we are both going through all this because of me. We all have to pay for our mistakes, don't we? That's what I am doing, repenting and regretting for treating you like that. Don't worry, seriously. Thanks for calling though. How is K doing now? Are you still there?"

"Arnav Ji……..I am sorry."

"Khushi, relax, I am fine. If you get upset again, all my today's hard work will go down the drain. Right? Do you want that? I still want to hold on to my storm check."

"I called to make you smile, but instead, you are making me smile. How do you do this? K is better now. She is finishing her wine, cursing men, also cursing other women, I stole the term 's**t' from her non-stop ranting about relationships, not that I regret saying it, unless if you have a problem with it……"

"When are you going home?"

"Are you avoiding my statement?"

"No, of course not. I just don't like talking about other people when I could use that time to talk to you about us. That's it. You are you – my wife, she is nobody to me, that's all. Now can you please tell me when are you going home?"

"Soon. She is about to pass out anytime. Then I will leave. I don't even know what I do with her when all I am doing is listening to the same stuff over and over again. But I can't leave her when she is this vulnerable. She would do the same for me. Karan isn't here either. Otherwise I would have left by now. Are we having any other meeting anytime soon?"

"You tell me, when do you want me to come?"

"First thing tomorrow morning, if that's possible?"

"You want to see me first thing in the morning?"

"I can't see my husband first thing in the morning?"

"I will see you tomorrow morning. Let me know if you need anything."

"Thanks. Good night Arnav Ji…….."

Part F Continues……


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It all started with 300 Rupees 26, Part F

Today was the first time she was waiting impatiently in that very conference room….

Waiting for her husband to come…….

The door opened, she almost jumped out of excitement……..

But then she got very disappointed to see Karan, not her husband.

She sat back down, cursing herself for getting so excited for no reason. She started scribbling in one of the folders, or the notebook, or the notepad, whatever it was, she just pushed her pen on it, round and round.

She heard the door again. She almost jumped once again, but then told herself to calm down. She looked up to check who it was.

Her worst nightmare walked in, looking s**ttier than ever before. She didn't say anything. No hi, no hello. She just nodded.

She went back to scribbling on that paper while she heard Karan greet her in the background.

She heard the door again. It had to be him, she quickly looked up. It wasn't him, it was the cafeteria crew with breakfast……

She looked at Karan and said "why don't you invite the peon as well today for the meeting? Ugggh!"

And she went back to scribbling again.

Karan was surprised to hear her talk like that. He had never heard her say stuff like that, he said "what's wrong Jalebi? Are you okay?"

She looked up and said "sorry, I am fine. I was just distracted by too many people walking in like that."

He asked "what are you working on?"

She replied "patience!"

And went back to scribbling…….

The door opened again, she could careless any more. She didn't even look up. She just muttered something to herself while pushing the tip of the pen on that very piece of paper, harder and harder, almost ripping the paper.

"Someone doesn't look too happy today?" She heard that husky voice!

It was him. He was there. She smiled. And then looked up. And said in a rather loud and chirpy voice…


And continued….

"Have you seen the time? Is this what you call first thing in the morning? Everyone came before you, even those food people. Do you have any idea for low long I have been……."

She stopped talking when she noticed his raised eyebrows……..

She looked around, everyone was looking at her with surprise…..

She said "I mean, we were all waiting for you to come, you are late!"

He replied "I am on time, I think you were early!"

And then he noticed that face again, flustered in anger but faking composure……

He smiled. But he continued gazing at her face. Waiting for her to calm down!

Before she could calm herself, the door opened again…..

K entered the conference, said Hi to Khushi and Karan and then turned to see him.

"AAAHHH OMG – ASR? You are here? And I thought I will have to attend some boring meeting first thing in the morning, that too with hangover!"

She said that, then walked straight to him, and glued her cheeks on his stubble, both sides, one by one, while her arms wrapped around his neck and said "you just made my morning."

She moved back, pulled the chair right next to him and sat there.

And spoke again "you look mighty good in that suit."

He heard that, his eyes involuntarily, or voluntarily, moved to see her…….

An obvious O was awaiting his gaze……

He kept staring at her while she maintained her O until K snapped her fingers and said "Khushi? What's wrong? Did you see a monster?"

He smiled hearing that. Followed by a slight smirk. She noticed that. She closed her mouth and said "did you have anything to eat?"

K replied "who me?" She answered "yes, you" while staring straight at him.

K said "I will get some coffee, do you want something ASR? Let me get breakfast for you today, what would you like to have?"

He didn't know what to say. This was awkward and very hard to handle. He looked at Khushi and then back at K and then back at Khushi and said "I don't want anything, thank you!"

Just when he was trying to get out of this situation between the two, Roshni spoke "Sir, do you want your black coffee? Should I bring that?"


He didn't even dare look at his wife anymore. He could almost feel the anger flames coming from across the table.

He quickly spoke "Karan, shall we start the meeting?" Still avoiding looking at Khushi…..

Khushi interrupted "no, let's have breakfast first. Do you want anything?"

He finally looked at her. She didn't look the way he had imagined her. No O, no fake composed look, she just looked like a wife asking a husband if he wants anything to eat.

He felt better seeing her like that. She was about to get up to get some food when K spoke again "Khushi, you stay there, I will bring his breakfast, Roshni – you said he likes black coffee – right?"

Roshni replied "it's alright, I will bring it, it's not a big deal."

It was his turn to scribble now…..

How he wanted to just disappear from there. What was happening? It all seemed too chaotic to handle. This is not how he had planned this morning to be. What was going on? He didn't even know what he was supposed to do. All he wanted was to attend the meeting, gaze at his beautiful wife, maybe even kiss her once, or anything but not this.

Khushi was his wife.

K was Khushi's very good friend and Karan's sister.

Ms. Saxena was……….just doing her job.

And nobody knew about their relationship. Was he really supposed to manage all that on his own?

He didn't know. He looked up to see Khushi, who was apparently smiling at him.

That too with a smirk.

He was shocked. "WHAT THE?" That's all he could come up to say.

Thank god for Karan's frustration, all the attention went to him now when everyone heard….

"I would really appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to ask me as well if I want something or not. K, just because ASR is here – you obviously can't see anyone else. And Khushi – you? You are not like this, what is wrong with you?"

K laughed and said "Bhai, you know how pathetic you sound right now? Where is your secretary? Ask her, maybe she would be willing to serve you. Or Jenny, where is Jenny Khushi?"

Khushi replied "she had some pending work, she is at her desk, finishing up her work."

That's all she said. She quietly got up, walked to the breakfast table, and came back to the table with two coffees, handed one to K and one to him and said "K, you should drink some coffee and relax, I think you are still out of it. Here is your black coffee Mr. Raizada, Karan – go get breakfast for yourself, you will be doing all the talking this morning, I am sure you would need energy. Roshni – please help yourself for some breakfast."

And she went back to sit on her chair. He saw her do all that so smoothly. How she had become a composed person, in real, not faking it or anything, from the clumsiest person on earth.

He didn't know if he liked this Khushi or the old Khushi. No doubt he loved her but sometimes he missed seeing her like her old self.

He said "you don't want to eat anything Khushi?" She replied "I already had my breakfast at home. I am fine, thank you for asking." She smiled and went back to fixing some papers in her folder.

K said "I thought you were leaving for New York that night, you didn't go?"

He answered "no I didn't."

"Why not?" asked K.

"Something way more important than that deal was here in Mumbai, I couldn't have left even if I wanted to."

She looked up to see him. K said "what? Girlfriend?"

He smiled and said "Karan, let's proceed with the meeting."

She text him…

I didn't know you were not planning on leaving. I went crazy looking for you that night. You should have told me that you weren't planning to leave.

She got her reply….

I did come to tell you but you were on your phone, you didn't even listen to me. But I am glad I didn't tell you, otherwise how would I have known how much you wanted to stop me.

She read it, then looked up, she wrote again…..

You are right. You did come. We still have to talk. When?

He replied…

You tell me.

She answered…..

I will call you after work. Can you pick me up today? I can't postpone this anymore. We have to talk.

He texted….

Yes, I can pick you up. I don't want to say this but you are scaring me now.

She replied….

I am scared myself. But I still have to tell you. At the end of the day it will be your decision.

She got his reply….

My decision? About what?

She typed….

About us.

He wrote….

Let's talk right now.

She replied…

No, I wasn't here yesterday, I can't leave, I shouldn't leave. We will talk after work.

He texted….

Call me as soon as you are free. I will pick you up.

She typed her last message….


Karan was talking to ASR. Khushi was busy looking at her handsome husband. K was still going through her hangover, Roshni was busy eating.

The silence was interrupted by the knock on the door.

It was Jenny.

She rushed towards Khushi and spoke almost breathless "ma'am, your daughter's school called, she fell from the stairs and her head was bleeding. She was taken to the hospital. Here is all the information about the hospital."


To be continued…..

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Write something! Make my day as well!

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I got the first 'RES'!!! Woot Woot!

The MAGIC continues...

What an update! Can't think of a single adjective that will do justice to it.

This story is beautifully written & wonderfully told... So many emotions conveyed in one single update that I can't even list them all. How do you manage to do that?

I could not stop reading this chapter. I was absolutely engrossed right from the first word till the last... It was Unbelievably Breathtaking!

So glad that Khushi finally expressed her feelings & her need towards Arnav. That was long overdue.  I loved the humor of the text exchanges, the amazing intimacy, and Arnav's quirks of pretending to not understand what Khushi is saying... Loved it all!

You do such an amazing job with conveying the emotions of the characters, it's just unbelievable.

So turns out... they have a daughter! You have done an incredible job of unfolding the story. Now please don't make Arnav go all crazy. Please let there be more love, more intimacy and more emotion.

You are a GIFTED writer. This chapter sucked me in from the beginning and held on to me until the end... Can't wait for the next chapter!

Thank you for compensating us for the delayed update.


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waoh what a twist but i guessed it before i wish arnav does not react on this badly update soon cant wait h

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Day Dreaming

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sorry for late comment

i loved the update n m very happy dat u got carried away Wink
i always had a feeling dat khushi has a kid
i gusses i have mentioned it earlier also
i m very haapy for the much awaited twist
u stoppes at wrong point
i want to see arnavs reaction
really waiting for an update
i know it fate mate turn so update it quickly so dat u can update this again
see u at fate mate threadWink

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Originally posted by ananya123

Originally posted by karmachameleon

Originally posted by sam88

i m here LOL
ok - good - wonder where Ananya is - i m about to update SOON!!
hang in there...

Right here.

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