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It all started with 300 Rupees Thread TWO! Chap 26 (Page 7)

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Guys 6 Pages of congrats? Thank you so much guys! I love you all for this wonderful welcome of thread TWO.

It all started with 300 Rupees 23 (Part A)

Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum, Yun hee saath saath chalte………To the second thread. ME happy!!

Readers: I can't believe I have reached thread TWO with this FF. I am shocked. I can't believe I actually wrote so much. Thanks to all the wonderful readers who read my FF and make me want to write more and more. Some people I have to thank before I move to the actual update.

Kitwat – My very first PM I had for this FF was from you. It was back in February and even now whenever you PM me, all your feedbacks are so encouraging. If I ever write a book, as you have asked me to several times, you will get the first copy of it. Thanks for always encouraging me to write and thanks for always appreciating my work.

Pooja 102 – My very first stalker. Though you only stalked me through PMs and not the actual post, still it would encourage me to write more. Because of all that stalking, we have come to thread TWO. Thanks for being a wonderful stalker.

Prasanna_Dhanu: What can I say? The way you praise my work (though again, mostly it's through PMs and not the actual post) I am speechless. I never thought I could touch someone's heart like that with my writing. I love you for reading this FF like you do and the way you leave your detailed comments. Just like Kitwat – you were also one of my first loyal readers who appreciated my wok. Thanks again for reading this FF and encouraging me to write more.  

Some loyal readers who have been with me since my first chapter, a BIG thank you to all of you and some who joined later but still stayed with me.

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Now without wasting any more time – What happened that night? Let's see if the author is kind enough to provide that info in this update or not…….ENJOY!!


He texted her Khushi, I know you are avoiding me but I need to know if you are okay! Call me, if I don't hear from you within 15 minutes, I am coming over to your place!

He parked his car on the side of the road…….

Shut his eyes……..

And thought about the rest of the evening all over again……..

Trying to understand why all that happened that night……..


He took the phone from her and walked outside the room…….

He ordered Chinese food for both of them and waited in the living area for her to come out of the shower……

Another so many minutes later, he heard noises in the room, he could tell that she was done with her shower and was in the room now……..

He walked to the room and knocked the door, he said "Khushi, are you done taking shower?" She replied "Yes I am done, I will be out soon, I am just looking to wear something, just give me few minutes……" He asked again "you are not wearing any clothes?" She could hear the smirk in his voice, she tightened her towel that was wrapped around her chest and turned to check the door knob, and no she had not locked it!

She started walking towards the door, rather tip toeing so he couldn't hear her………..

Just when she was about reach the door knob, the knob twisted and the door pushed open towards her, she quickly ran behind the door and pushed the door back and said "don't come in, I am not dressed yet". She felt the door push again when she heard "I know, that's why I am coming in." She screamed "No, don't" and tried pushing the door towards him to close it again.

She spoke "just give me few minutes, I will be outside soon". He answered, still from the other side of the door, "how about I come and wait inside while you get dressed?" She quickly answered "no, of course not, please leave!" He answered "how about please let me in, I won't do anything, I promise. I will let you get ready without bothering you". She replied "I am closing the door now, move your hand" saying that she pushed the door with all her strength………

He screamed "AAAHHH". She quickly pulled the door open and took his hand and said "shit, did I hurt you? I told you to move your hand, what is wrong with you? Does it hurt? Of course it hurts, why didn't you move your hand? Why are you so stubborn all the time? What is wrong with me? Why did I even slam the door so hard? Now why are you standing there, let me see your hand……"

Saying that she looked at his hand carefully and started rubbing it………

She was so lost in taking care of his hand that she didn't even realize that she was still in towel and he was inside the room now……..

She looked around to find the first aid box while she rubbed his hand non-stop…….

She was too busy feeling guilty when all of sudden she felt his lips on her wet shoulder…….

Her hands froze while she still held his hand in between hers……….

She looked up to see him, how he was just standing there smiling at her while she was so confused……..

She kept staring at him for few seconds, then looked at his hand……..

She finally realized, maybe his hand wasn't hurt, maybe he just faked it so he could come inside the room………

By the time she put everything together, he pulled the towel from her head and let her wet hair splash over her naked shoulders……….

He pulled her in and placed another kiss on her wet nude skin, making her shudder……..

Though he was holding her properly, she still clenched his shirt for support from this sudden spark…….

He continued trailing his lips from one wet drop of water to another………

Making her weak in her knees with his sensuous lips touching her bare skin……….

She arched her neck, giving him space to devour her nude wet body while she still held the knot of her towel right in the middle of her heaving chest………

He slid his right hand in her wet hair behind her neck, feeling the water still dripping on her neck and sliding down her glowing skin……..

He pulled her in closer and brushed his lips on her wet lips……….

Slowly taking in her taste, by sucking her bottom lip so gently, like he was almost afraid of hurting her…….

His other hand now travelled from her waist towards her abdomen……..

Then she felt his masculine hands trailing up towards the knot of her towel……….

Suddenly she released his shirt almost with a jerk and placed her hand on her stomach and screamed "OUCHHH"

He quickly unglued his lips from hers and asked "what happened Khushi?" She replied "AHHH my stomach, it's hurting……sorry…….." saying that she placed both her hands on her stomach on top of her towel……..

She spoke again "can you get me some warm water please, that should soothe the cramp……" He helped her to sit down on the bed and said "sit here, I will get you water….."

Saying that he left the room to get water, he was still in the hallway when he heard the door shut……..

Surprised to hear that he turned to see that sound……..

Shocked to see that their bedroom door was closed now………..

He walked back to room and tried opening the door, but it was locked………

He finally knocked and asked "Khushi, are you okay? Why did you lock the door?"

She replied in a loud voice "You think only you can fake pain? I locked the door so I can change. Now if you don't mind I still have to change, I will see you in few minutes".

Now he could almost hear the laugh in her voice……..

She waited for him to answer but he didn't say anything……


She quickly got ready, fixed her hair and walked to the door……..

She opened the door slowly and checked if he was outside, no one was there……..

She walked towards the stairs, then downstairs towards the living room……..

He wasn't there either, she walked to the kitchen but no trace of him……..

She quickly ran to dining room to see if he was there, their food was on the table ready to be eaten but her husband was missing……..

She was confused now, where did he go? She didn't know. Is he mad at me? She wondered…….

She held her cramped stomach and sat on the chair trying to figure out where he was…….

She looked around to find her cell phone so she could call him, she was about to get up when she heard the door……..

She looked up to see him, he walked inside with some files in his hands……….

She stayed where she was, he got to her chair, stood behind her chair, caressed her hair while he kissed her head and said "that was Ramanchi!"

She just looked at him in surprise and said "what?" He walked to the chair next to her, pulled it out and said while sitting down "that's not the correct word? Did I not say it correctly? I thought that's what you said during Holi. Ramanchi for cheating, didn't you? Or did I mess up this time too?"

She couldn't stop looking at him, amazed at how he actually used a word like that. She was at loss of words. She never knew he paid so much attention to her, even back then. She thought about the file he made for her and thought, I guess he was right. She was lost in her confused yet happy thoughts when she heard "here is your food, eat before it gets cold".

She moved her eyes to see that he had served her plate…….

She just took the plate without saying anything and started eating…….

He asked "what happened?" She replied "nothing!"

He noticed her eat slowly, he could tell she was too busy thinking something deep……..

She finally spoke "where did you go?" He replied "I had forgotten a file in my car, I just went to the car to get it, how are you feeling now?"

She looked at him, smiled and said "how is your hand?"

He saw her smiling face, her face of victory. The face of beating him at his own game. The face of tit for tat. Her face of……..her face. Her face was so perfect. He loved this side of her, how easily she could make him laugh almost every time. Only she could do that. Make him smile, make him laugh, and make him forget everything else around him.

He replied "It's still hurting" saying that he looked at his hand in pain……..

She was confused, yet again, and said "did you really hurt your hand? You were faking it right?"

He replied "No I wasn't" and he continued eating…….

He was about to take his next bite when she held his wrist, stopping him right before his fork touched his mouth, he looked at her with his mouth half open……..

He said "what happened?" She replied "did you really hurt your hand?"

He answered "yes" She quickly asked again "then what was all that upstairs? I thought you were just lying to get inside the room. What was all that about?"

He asked "what? Kissing you?" She replied "yes!" He answered "I kissed you because I wanted to kiss you, you looked sexy wrapped around in towel, I couldn't control myself, it's not my fault you look so damn good in everything!"

She releases his wrist……..

And looked at him…….

With those apologetic eyes of hers…….

She said "Sorry, I thought you were just faking it to come inside the room……"

Part B Continues……..

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It all started with 300 Rupees 23 Part B

He saw her face, how she looked so upset all of sudden, she looked down while she was just swirling her fork in-between her noodles without eating…………

He quickly said "it was a minor pain, don't worry about it. And anyway that view of yours in white towel healed my pain faster than I thought!"

She smiled again, looked up to see him again, she held his right hand again, looked at it and said "sorry" while she pulled his plate towards her and started feeding him.

He took the heavenly morsels from his wife and ate without any complain. She fed him one bite after another and he ate it like he was supposed to, enjoying every second of this process.

When she was done feeding him, she said again "sorry about that, I didn't know."

He got up, walked towards her, cupped her face, placed a kiss on her forehead and said "thanks for feeding me, though my right hand was totally fine!"

Saying that he walked to the files, picked them up and brought them back to the dining table and started going through it.

Leaving her there to be more confused………

He looked at her with the corner of his eye while she continued playing with her food……

He asked "are you going to eat or you are waiting for me to feed you?"

She looked up, saw him and replied "no thanks, I am already full, let me clear the table." Saying that she got up to clear the table……

He held her wrist, brought her back to her chair, sat her down, kneeled by her and said "Khushi, are you okay?"

She didn't say anything, nothing at all…….

He asked again "what's wrong Khushi?" She just looked at him for the longest minute and said "nothing, nothing, we are done eating so I will clear the table. That's it."

Saying that she got up, released her hand from his hold and started picking up the plates……..

He held her hand again and said "Khushi I brought you here so you could rest, not work. Why don't you rest for now, I will clear these later."

She looked at him and said in a harsh voice "I am not going to die by clearing two plates from the table."

He saw her face, heard her harsh voice, noticed her angry eyes, felt her shaking body, and then repeated her words in his mind again I am not going to die by clearing two plates from the table.

He released her wrist, in a jiffy, and held her from her shoulders, both sides, firmed his grip tight and said with a calm yet authoritative voice…..

"DON'T you ever utter those words from your mouth again about yourself, do you get it?"

 He wasn't screaming, he wasn't yelling, he wasn't pushing her, he didn't pin her to the wall, he didn't get mad at her, he just told her what to do……..


Yet again, after all these years, he was telling her what to do, even though it was by all means out of his love and concern, still hearing him order her like that, after so long, she just stared at him with a expression even he couldn't read……..

She turned her head slowly to see his hands holding her shoulder, then back at him, he noticed that………

He was able to guess what she was thinking. He quickly released her skin and said "sorry Khushi, I shouldn't have talked to you like that. But please don't talk like that. I don't even know why you are so upset, I just thought that if you are in so much pain you shouldn't be working and stuff, that's all. But if you are feeling fine, you can do whatever you please."

Saying that, he stepped back quietly……..

And just watched her clear the table, one plate at a time……..

She was quiet the whole time she was cleaning the table, it was so silent that they could hear each other's breath. He was still standing by the dining table watching her clean the dishes from distance. How she cleaned everything, then got water for herself, drank it, all in one gulp. Then she stored the leftover food in the fridge, still without saying anything. He was waiting for her to say something, but nothing, she didn't utter a word while she was working in the kitchen all by herself.

He finally decided to walk to her, in the kitchen and said "Khushi, are you mad at me?" She answered without looking at him "no" and continued cleaning the glass that she just used. He walked to her closer, stood right next to her and said again "then why aren't you talking to me?" She answered while she dried the glass "because I have nothing to say to you." She continued doing the un-needed chores to avoid talking to him when she heard again "I am sorry Khushi." She turned to look at him, still not giving anything away from her face, she said "for what?"

He placed his hand on the edge of the sink, stood right in front of her and said "for upsetting you like this." She saw him, his face, his eyes, those eyes, how intensely they always looked at her, how they could melt her to her very core by just looking at her, how they could just hypnotize her every single time he laid them on her, how they could just control her, how they could just make her forget everything.

Like now, she had forgotten why she was mad at him, how could she be mad at him after watching him gaze her like that. The more he looked at her, the more everything seemed like a blur. What was she so upset about? Why wasn't she talking to him? Why was she so mad at him all of sudden? Why was he apologizing? What was going on?

She wanted to snap out of her absent thoughts…….

She said "do you want coffee?" He smiled, hearing her talk after what seemed like forever.

He pulled her in and said "I want anything you want to give me."

She noticed those mischievous eyes again and said "that would be coffee for now" and pushed him back……..

He smiled and said "do you need help?" She replied "I think I am capable of making coffee on my own, but thanks!"

He said "I am sure you are capable of making coffee and lot more on your own", she wasn't facing him but she could clearly imagine him smiling while saying that. She decided not to turn and continued making coffee. She said "you can go work on your files while I make coffee, you don't have to stay here….."

She was too busy with her coffee when she felt his arms around her waist, he snaked her waist with his one arm and said "I like how you want to kick me out of the kitchen so politely." Then kissed her head with great care and he released her and went back to the table, grabbed his files and settled on the couch working.

Though he was supposed to be finishing up his paperwork, he couldn't concentrate. How all this felt so nice, just like any other married couple. How he liked this brand new arrangement they had, him working and her making coffee. He slowly turned his head to check on her, slowly, without making any sound. She had tied her hair in a ponytail, while she was getting mugs out of the cabinet. Her face was hard to read but she at least didn't look mad. She was just very focused on making coffee. He went back to facing his files but his eyes concentrated on those typed words while his mind wandered about how their future would be together, once they live together again.

He didn't know when he leaned his head on the couch and closed his eyes. Daydreaming. He never thought that he would actually ever daydream. He always thought Khushi was the daydreamer, but today he was daydreaming about Khushi herself. What had she done to him? When did all this happen? When? Then he remembered – it happened the very first day she fell in his arms. It just took him forever to understand it.

As long as it took for him to understand it, it took longer to admit it, and even took longer to express it, but it was taking longest to convince her. But he wasn't going to rest until she was convinced that he loves her and will always love her. Now and forever. One day she will feel the same what I feel for her. One day she will love me back, not only physically but also emotionally. One day she will say I love you back to me. One day………

His trance broke when he heard "coffee is ready", he quickly opened his eyes and saw her walk out of the kitchen to the living room. She came to him and handed him the coffee and said "I hope I didn't take too long'.

He heard her, though she was talking about coffee, he still answered "I don't mind waiting for you at all, it doesn't matter how long it takes."

Now she heard him, his statement didn't go un-noticed by her but she decided not to say anything to that. She said "how is the coffee?" He replied "heavenly, I didn't know I was this tired! Thanks for the coffee."

She answered "do you want to rest? I can leave if you want to rest. I know I called you unannounced."

He took another sip and said "No I don't want to rest if that means you leaving." That's all he said and went back to sipping his heavenly coffee. She just sat there and stared at him, not knowing how to reply to that, she said "I will have to leave soon regardless. I will be leaving shortly so I can leave right now if you need to rest, I don't mind." She said that casually and went back to sipping her coffee.

He asked "why do you have to go home?" She heard him but didn't look up to see him, to see his eyes, to meet his gaze, to give away something she wasn't ready for yet."

She said without looking up "because it's my home that's why. If I don't leave right now, I will be leaving soon, that's why." He put his mug down on the table and said "you don't want to stay here tonight?"

Now she looked up to see him, how he was gazing her again with the same intensity. She looked away and said "It's not that I don't want to, I just have some pending work that I need to finish, that's why I will have to leave."

He replied "you can't take a break today? Why don't you postpone your work until tomorrow and let me take care of you tonight." She gave him that questioned look and said "take care or?" He smiled and said "I promise I will behave. I just don't feel like letting you leave when you are so sick. Please stay here tonight with me?"

She answered "I am not that sick, I am fine. You already look so tired. I don't want to bother you." He said "you never bother me, I don't want you to go, if not for you then can you stay for me? Please?" She saw his eyes again, how pleadingly they were looking at her……..

She said "let me call Jenny and see what's going on in the office and I will let you know." She got up and started walking towards her bag to find her phone. She took her phone out and walked to the kitchen. He watched her carefully walking away from him holding her phone. He remembered the award night when she was outside talking to someone important. Who? He still didn't know. He started thinking, she couldn't have called Karan, he was at the party. Even Jenny was there, and so was K, then who was she talking to outside the banquet? He didn't know.

Part C Continues……….

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It all started with 300 Rupees 23 Part C

He was about to get off the couch to go to the kitchen but sat back down and decided to give her the space. He didn't want to bother her. If anything, he wanted her to stay there, tonight, and the rest of the nights. He dug his face in the files while his mind went back to the award corridor while she was on her phone.

After few minutes of her phone conversations and his questioned thoughts, she came to him and said "okay, I think I can stay here for the night."

He said "thanks." She replied "you can finish your work while I will go change into something more comfortable." Saying that she walked upstairs to change. She went through her closet but she couldn't find anything comfortable enough. All the clothes were mostly her work clothes. Then she opened his closet and saw his work clothes, she opened few other drawers and found some of his casuals. She took a t-shirt out and one of his pajamas and changed. She looked at herself in the mirror and admired herself in his clothes once again.

She walked back downstairs, while managing her over-sized clothes. He was on the phone while he was going through his file, as usual, getting mad at someone for something. She quietly came back down and sat herself on the couch while she finished her coffee. She just sat there until he was done with his phone call or his yell call.

She looked at the time, it was already almost eight p.m. She placed one of the pillows on the edge of the couch and rested her head on it, while laying her body flat on the couch. She slowly closed her eyes just when she felt his hands on her forehead. She opened her eyes and saw him sitting on the couch by her head, he said "do you want to sleep?" She replied "no, not alone, I will wait for you. I am just laying here until I you are done with your work, let me know when you are done."

He saw her clothes, rather his clothes. He said "are you doing this on purpose?" She asked "what?" He replied "just because I promised that I will behave, you wore my clothes to torture me? You know how I can't resist you in my clothes?" She looked little conscious, she replied stammering "no……I wore it because……..I didn't have……..anything comfortable for myself……..that's why……." He smiled at her innocent explanation, kissed her forehead and gently lifted her in his arms…….

He started walking upstairs while cradling her in his arms. She said "you don't have to carry me, I can walk." He looked at his petite wife and said "I know." He got to the room and placed her on the bed, tucked her in, kissed her and said "good night, do you need anything? Did you take your medicine?" She replied "no I didn't, I am fine right now. I don't need it. I am just tired, are you coming to bed with me?" He replied "of course I am. I just need to change, give me few minutes."

He went to the bathroom, changed and came back to join Khushi. He turned to see her and said "come here." And he extended his arm to get her. She carefully slid towards him holding his hand. She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. He asked her "does your back still hurt? Do you want me to massage it?" She answered with her eyes closed, "you don't have to." She felt his hand on her skin. He was massaging her back and she didn't even know when she dozed off.

He slowly checked to see if she was asleep. Sure enough his massage had helped. She was sleeping like a baby. He watched her sleeping face, she looked so peaceful. His mind flashed back to her making phone calls, both times. He tried convincing himself that it's not a big deal but the more he thought about it, the more it all became puzzling. What was it that she didn't want him to know? What was it that she didn't feel comfortable sharing? What was it that even though she talked a lot, it still seemed like she was hiding something.

He couldn't figure it out. Why did she tell me to stay away from her past? Why did she tell me not to ask her anything after she left Raizada Mansion? What is that she is not able to tell me? What is it that she is keeping me away from? Should I find out on my own? Should I call him back? NO. That would be wrong. I have promised her and I am going to keep my promise. But why isn't she telling me anything. What could it be? What is her reluctance in sharing that with me? Is she still afraid of me? I hope not. I just hope she decides to tell me soon. Maybe that can help with our relationship in a positive way.

It was dark outside. Crescent moon hid behind the clouds somewhere. Stars were twinkling so bright even in that foggy sky. He turned towards the window. Then turned back at her. She felt different. She felt soft, no rough, no, just different. He rubbed his eyes, now opened his eyes and saw her. Her? But where? Where was she? She wasn't there. He looked outside the window, it was still dark outside. He turned to see the time; it was 2:34 am. Where is she? Why does she always do this? Did she leave? No, how could she leave without informing me? Why can't she? She left me the first time, why can't she leave again?

He panicked. Is it because of that phone call she made? Why am I thinking about that phone call again? Why would she leave because of that? Why do I keep thinking about her phone calls? I need to stop thinking about that and look for her. He pulled himself out of the bed and opened the door. He walked downstairs to the living room. He saw her laying on the couch with her eyes closed. The television was on with low volume. He walked towards her and said "Khushi?" She opened her eyes and said "sorry, did I wake you up? I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, I was just little restless."

She was about to pull herself up when he lifted her feet and sat himself down on the couch and placed her ankles on his thighs. He said "why are you restless? Is everything okay?" She replied "yes everything is fine. I think I went to sleep too early, maybe that's why I woke up, sorry." He played with her feet, then her toes, then kissed her foot said "don't say sorry, what's worrying you?" He asked while continuing playing with her foot. She said "nothing is worrying me, I just can't sleep." He asked "do you want to go home?" She looked at him and saw his face, how he was looking at her with the same pair of eyes again. She said "no, maybe I should take my medicine again. That might help me sleep."

"Where is it? I will get it for you." He said while he rubbed her feet. She pulled her feet away and said "you are tickling me." He held her ankles and said "Am I?" and continued caressing his index finger on the sole of her foot, now intentionally. She saw him do that, she struggled to release her feet and started laughing and said "stoppp, please stoppp, you are tickling me." She continued laughing while tossing and turning. She pulled herself up and tried getting hold of his hand to stop him but was unsuccessful.

He continued ticking her, now with a purpose. She saw him enjoying her laughing misery. She decided to get even.

She pulled her feet away from him, quickly. Then she hastily climbed his thigh, followed by leaning towards his lips. He closed his eyes in the anticipation of her kissing him. He felt her fingers trailing his long muscular arm. He smiled, still with his closed eyes. Then he felt her hand moving towards his neck to his chest. She reached the hem of his shirt and slid her hands inside his shirt feeling his built packs. By the time he understood her enticement, her hands were on his skin, not doing what he was expecting.

She tickled him, bad.

He opened his eyes by this sudden revelation while she continued tickling him non-stop.

He started laughing, very hard, he tried stopping her and said "Khushi, stop, wait, please stop!"

She could care less what he was saying. She continued tickling him with all her strength. By now he was laying on the couch and she was on top of him, focusing on only one thing right now, tickling his gut out.

He started sliding off the couch, down to the rug, trying to save him from his wife who was on a serious, or not so serious mission. She crawled down with him, not giving up, yet. Before they knew it, they were both on the floor.

Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada was tickling the gut out of Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, while he pleaded her to stop.

He tried talking again "Khushi, please stop, don't make me tickle you like that, please stop."

Saying that he waited for few seconds for her to stop but she didn't. He now held both her wrists, pulled her in, rolled her away from his body to the floor, her back on the rug now. He climbed on top of her, placing her both hands on the floor, on either side of her head. Holding them put, firmly in his hold.

She looked at him.

He looked at her.

Then they both looked at their position.

He leaned in and whispered in her ear "should I tickle you now? I think I should!" He said while still pressing her both hands down on the rug.

He slowly transferred both her hands in his one hand while he moved his spare hand towards her abdomen. He lifted her shirt and just encircled her navel using his thumb. She let out a slight gasp. He noticed her belly rising and falling. He continued moving his thumb around her navel. Slowly, gently, intentionally.

He felt her stretched arms relax in his hold. He saw her closed eyes. He noticed her heaving chest. He sensed her anticipation. He smiled, thinking what she did few minutes ago. He kept staring at her, now sure if he wanted to give in to her anticipation or take revenge. He thought while his thumb continued making her gasp.

Then his evil mind decided to ask her, he leaned in again and whispered "you prefer this over tickling?"

She heard him, opened her eyes, saw his evil smile.

How he always got her almost every time. How he could so easily trap her with his extraordinary seductive moves. How he always entrapped her first then act so innocent. How did he do it? She didn't know. Was it him being super seductive or her being super stupid? She couldn't tell. Whatever it was, he always ended up winning this game. Why? Nobody knew.

She wouldn't let me him have this one, not again. She said "I prefer my medicine. Laying on the floor for too long is hurting me."

So what if he was good at that? She was good at this. THIS. Making him worry about her. Yes, that almost worked every single time. Who is the fool now? She thought. And smiled inwardly with her smart statement. And just waited for him to panic again.

He pulled her up carefully, lifted her again and placed her on the couch and said "sorry to hurt you, where is your medicine?" She held his hand and said "sorry, I lied, I wasn't hurting." He looked at her, right in her eyes and said "I know!"

She spoke again "then why did you put me back on the couch?" He answered "can't take chance when it comes to your health, or as a matter of fact, anything when it comes to you."

She stood up, held his hand and said "Arnav ji, I am sorry."

He embraced her tight and said "I love you Khushi."

He had said it many times before but this time he wanted her to say it back. He wanted to hear it from her mouth. He knew she felt it but he still wanted her to say it, out loud. He waited and waited but she didn't say it.

She didn't.

Something about that moment, he wanted to hear it. Even he didn't know why. It's not like it was so unexpected, but still, after all he was a human too. Maybe a little ruthless human but like any other human he needed love in his life too. He wanted to hear it too sometimes. He craved for love too, her love.

But he didn't say anything. He didn't ask her anything. He decided to wait patiently until she……..

He stopped thinking now. She was there with him and that's what mattered. He said "I have something to show you, do you want to see it?"

Part D Continues………

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It all started with 300 Rupees 23 (Part D)

She moved back away from his hold and said "what?"

He said "I can show you if you want to see it."

She replied "okay!"

He held her hand and started walking towards the stair. But he didn't go up, he just continued walking around the stair towards the back wall.

How come she had missed this place before? There were three long steps, she stood there while he walked up the steps and turned the light on.

She was shocked to see what she saw. He walked back to her and said "I got this done especially for you, do you like it?"

She just stood there, saw him, then saw the surprise.

She took few steps back and said "you didn't have to do this." And she started walking away.

He stopped her holding her wrist and said "what's wrong Khushi? You didn't like it?"

She pulled her arm releasing it from his hold, almost with anger and said, in a low yet firm voice, "Why are you doing all this? What do you want?"

He was shocked with the sudden change in the pitch of her voice, he said "what do you mean what I want? I did it for you."

She replied "I didn't ask you to do this."

"I know you didn't but I just thought that you might……"

She interrupted him "you thought what? You are going to come in my life all over again, do what you want to do, change my life, take over my life, that's what you thought?"

He was about lose his patience when he said "what do you mean by taking over your life? You think I am trying to change your life? You think that I am taking over your life? How is that Khushi?"

She spoke again with her loud voice "I have told you already, I have changed, I am not the old Khushi anymore. You don't need to do all this. First you buy this huge bungalow for me then that stupid wind chime, I don't want wind chime. I don't want anything that reminds me of my old life. NOTHING."

She started walking away saying that. He stopped her again. She turned around to see him with enough anger in her eyes. He asked again "you are trying to tell me that you don't pray anymore?" She pushed his arm to release her hand in anger and said "yes, that's exactly what I am trying to say. I don't pray anymore. I stopped praying the day you forced me to marry you. I haven't been to the temple since then. I have NOT. And you decide to build a temple in this house, that too for me? Well guess what? I don't want any temple. I don't want anything AT ALL that reminds me of my horrible past. NOTHING. You could have asked me once before doing this but no, why would you ask me? You think you know everything, don't you?"

She paused to look at him………

She saw him standing there, right opposite of Devi Maiyya's statue.

Her devi maiyya – the actual goddess and her husband – the person who always thought of him as a god.

Something about the parallel image of both, standing right there in front of her, made her furious. She didn't know why.

She looked at him again, just standing there staring at her, then she turned to look at the smiling statue.

Both images started haunting her, reminding her of her past. How the human god made her do things that she never even imagined in her wildest dreams. And how she left her fate to be decided by her devi maiyya who didn't do anything to protect her from all this.

She just spoke "let me leave before I say things I don't want to say."

He replied "I want to hear whatever you want to say, please say it. Let's make this easier on both of us. Say what you want to say, I want to know."

She said "I am leaving." He quickly pulled her in with an instant and said "no you are not leaving, say what you want to say."

She saw him holding her like that again. She could feel her anger rushing in her blood. She pushed him hard with both her hands and said "DON'T pull me like that. You want to talk? You want to hear what I have to say? Okay, let's talk. What the hell was that what you said in the morning? Why do you think I married you? You married me because you liked me? Because you loved me? Really? Is that what you tell yourself? You married me because you were so in love with me? You married me because you couldn't live without me? You married me because you were so head over heels for me? Tell me why you married me? And don't bullshit! Tell me the truth, tell me, you want to talk right? So tell me, why di you marry me? C'mon tell me, I am waiting!"

She just stood there waiting for him to answer. Her eyes were red with anger. Her breathing got faster by each passing second. Her body was shaking now with so much rage. She spoke again "what are you waiting for? Tell me the answer, why did you marry me?"

He saw her firing up in anger. He walked towards her, but she said "STOP! Stop right there and answer my question, why the hell did you marry me?"

He finally answered "you already know that." She replied with rage again "apparently not, not after what you said this morning. Okay, let me make this easier for you, I will answer on your behalf. You married me for your sister, right?"

He said "Khushi why……." She interrupted again "it's a yes no answer, did you marry me for your sister or not? Answer me Mr. Raizada!" He looked at her with guilt and answered "yes I did."

Her lips formed a smile, a mocking one and she said "I thought so. You almost had me confused this morning."

He spoke "Khushi I didn't mean……." She interrupted again "You didn't mean to? Right? I know. Don't worry about it, I am not mad at what you said, I am actually mad at what happened that night. And not even at you, just at myself."

He said "why are you mad at yourself? What ever happened that night wasn't your fault."

She had that mocking smile again and said "it was MY fault. All of it was my fault. If I wasn't that stupid, nothing would have happened. But I was just plain simple stupid. And the result of that stupidity, here we are, both of us."

He said again "no Khushi, all that happened because I was such a jerk." She replied "NO, you had done lots of things to me because you were a jerk but not that night. That night happened because I was so god damn STUPID. Just simply stupid. Who would do what I did that night? No person with right mind would do that. NO ONE. If I wasn't stupid enough, I would have known that any guy wouldn't leave the love his life at the alter because his brother doesn't want the wedding. I was too stupid to understand that. Who would have believed that? No one. I got so scared because I was so stupid. I was an idiot to think that Jiji's marriage will break again because of me. I never thought twice that if Akash decided to leave her on the wedding day then he would be same as her first groom. Did I? NO. You know why? Because I was stupid."

He said "you did that because I blackmailed you, it was all my fault." She screamed "no, it wasn't your fault. You did what you had always done. DAMN BUSINESS. DAMN DEALS. DAMN CONTRACT. I agreed because I couldn't think straight. And I couldn't think straight because I was so stupid. That's why!"

He spoke "Khushi you did that for your sister." She replied "You wanted me to marry you for your sister. I agreed to marry you for my sister. Where do I come in the picture here? What about ME? Why did my life get ruined because of your sister and my sister? Why was I used for their happiness? Why was I played like a freaking toy for them? Why was I forced to do what I would have never done in my right mind? Why was I dragged to a temple and forced to marry you? Why was I slapped by my mother on the night I got married? Why was I disowned by my family the day we got married? WHY? I will tell you why – it's because I was so DAMN STUPID!"

"I hate that Khushi. THE STUPID KHUSHI. I hate her. I hate myself for ever being so stupid. That's why I have changed myself. I don't want to do anything or see anything that reminds me of that old stupid Khushi. NOTHING. How can anyone be so stupid? HOW? What was it about me that people used me right and left? First that Shyam and then you. All of you used me because I was so god damn stupid."

She stopped talking now. Tears had taken over her eyes. They started flowing out of her eyes. Wetting he cheeks, all the way. She didn't even wipe them. It was almost like she had held them in for too long. She wanted them to come out and relieve her. Relieve her of all the pain and sorrow.

He saw her cry like that. Silently. Her tears flowed down her eyes but so silently. Her whole body was silent now. The vibe around her was silent. The air around her was silent. Khushi was silent. All of her.

He couldn't see her like this. He walked towards her, held her hand and said "Khushi, I am sorry, I really am. But please don't say all that about yourself. I know you don't believe me but I did love you, even then." She looked up to see him, her husband, her god like human husband. Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. HIM. How everyone was just puppet for him. Except his Di.

She pulled her hands away from him, yet again, stepped back and said "you loved me? You really think you loved me? This is how you treat someone when you love them? You blackmail them to marry you for your misunderstanding? You tell them that you won't let the wedding happen if they don't marry you right away? You drag me to the temple and forcefully marry you? You kick me out of the room to sleep outside in the cold like a f*c*i*g dog? That's your definition of love? Is that how much you loved me? You loved me so much that you married me for six months? SIX F*C*I*G MONTHS? SIX?"

Her body was shaking again. Her eyes were burning red with disgust in them.

She continued talking "so many people ask me what my last name is, why don't I use my last name? How do I answer to that when I don't even know what my last name is? What is my last name? When my parents died my last name changed because my uncle adopted me. Then when you forcefully married me, yet again my last name was changed. And the day I left you after the contract was over, I couldn't figure out what my last name should have been? Am I still Mrs. Raizada? I can't be a Raizada because the contract is over now. Or am I still Gupta? But that can't be since I am married now. But if you really think about it, am I really married? I don't know. How are we married when we only got married for six months and then I left you the day the contract was over. So what am I? I don't even know if I can call myself married. I am not divorced because I don't remember signing the divorce papers. Are we separated? I don't know. Am I single? I don't know that either. WHAT AM I MR. RAIZADA? TELL ME. I WANT TO KNOW MY IDENTITY. WHAT'S MY MARITAL STATUS?"

She just stood there, staring at him, demanding answers.

She continued "Tell me, you must know the answer for this. Since you think you are a god yourself. You must be able to explain me my marital status. If I am married then how is that? I know I was married to you for six months, then what? Am I still married even though the contract ended? If I am single then what am I doing sleeping with you? If we are separated then why are we seeing each other? If we are divorced then where are the divorce papers? TELL ME. You want to talk right? Why aren't you talking now?"

She spared him another cold look, piercing his heart out.

She said "Do you have any idea how much your one wrong decision has messed up my life. DO YOU? You married me for six months for your sister's sake. I can still forgive you for that but then you called me characterless? WHY? Because you are you – the mister I am such a big deal that people like Khushi are nothing compared to you? I AM NOT CHARACTERLESS. I have never done anything that I shouldn't have, except that one night with you. I should not have crossed my line. I shouldn't have. The six month was going to be over that midnight. I should have just controlled myself until that midnight but the way you kissed me that night, I couldn't. Why did you have to kiss me? Why couldn't you have just let that night pass just like all other nights? Cold and lonely. Why didn't you just let me be? You should have just let me stay there another night without showing any sense of love or need. I would have been much better that way. But NO, you had to kiss me that night. WHY? Why did you kiss me? If you wanted to stop me, you should have just stopped me. But NO, why would you stop me? That would have been easier than messing my life – wouldn't it?"

She forwarded her steps towards him, one by one. She grabbed his collar and screamed "WHY? WHY DID YOU KISS ME THAT NIGHT? WHY? You know how much that one night cost me? DO YOU? What were you thinking kissing me? WHAT?"

Tears started rolling out again. She was still holding on to his collar when she continued asking "WHY? Why did you have to………."

She didn't complete her sentence, she released his collar with disgust, and she looked at him for the last time, stepped back, turned around and ran upstairs to their room……..

He stood exactly where he was, glued to that very square foot of the floor, frozen, until his body shook by a LOUD slam on the door………


To Be Continued…….

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awesome update loved it finally her silence break all the pain and heartbreak and loneliness that she kept hidden heartbreaking update she gave up the khushi she was because of what he did to her what he made her feel the breaking point was the faith and the dm she believe in she stopped praying and he built a temple for her in their house poor khushi all the pain she kept hidden it was time he saw what he did and no amount of sorry is going to make up for all the hurt he gave her all the insult about her ukat and character brilliant update emotional and well written the feel well described and perfectly done thanks for the pm

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SO much emotions?

Im getting the feeling their is a child out of their one night...True??

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awesome update

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Fantastic update. Loved the emotional cathartic verbal rant (release). That was wonderfully written. Clap

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Author: FireSafireFiree   Replies: 1218   Views: 330802

FireSafireFiree 1218 330802 25 August 2013 at 7:55am by PoojaSheth
MG FF:Limitless -Thread 3- NEW THREAD LINK PG1

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Author: maan-ki-sanjana   Replies: 1172   Views: 152070

maan-ki-sanjana 1172 152070 25 November 2012 at 12:42pm by FairyAngel12
FF-M&G-**ANIMOSITY** THREAD 3- link to thread 4

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Author: FireSafireFiree   Replies: 1173   Views: 231749

FireSafireFiree 1173 231749 29 November 2011 at 6:23am by jafrin
FF-Enigma- THREAD 7 (thread 8 link on 1st page)

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Author: FireSafireFiree   Replies: 1102   Views: 160848

FireSafireFiree 1102 160848 05 July 2011 at 3:55am by khwaishfan
-kashish-maaneet ff THREAD new thread add

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Author: muskanp   Replies: 1271   Views: 255607

muskanp 1271 255607 15 March 2011 at 7:54pm by preethia

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