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It all started with 300 Rupees Thread TWO! Chap 26 (Page 66)

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Originally posted by sam88

i m here LOL
ok - good - wonder where Ananya is - i m about to update SOON!!
hang in there...

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rocking meenu

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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Originally posted by sam88

i m here LOL
ok - good - wonder where Ananya is - i m about to update SOON!!
hang in there...

Right here.

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i am here too

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you guys just steal my heart with ur stalking abilities...

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Readers: Thank you for your wonderful response to the last chapter.
Thank you for recommending this FF under Arshi's FFs worth reading by Appy_Indy! I don't have that link right now, hence I don't remember the name of the reader who recommended it. Sorry about that!
Prasanna_Dhanu: Comparing this FF to Aandhi - BEST compliment ever! Thanks.
My apologies for the delay - had some personal stuff going on. Read it, like it, enjoy it and don't forget to leave comments.

It all started with 300 Rupees 26 Part A

Serenity filled that room……….

Calmness filled that room…………

Peace filled that room………


Until he heard……..

"I love you too..."


His ears couldn't believe what she just said.

It was so soft, her voice, so tender.

He could have been very well mistaken. Or not. He wasn't sure. What just happened few minutes ago, her agony, her pain, her wail, her anguish.

And what he just heard, was it true? Did she really say that?

What was he thinking? Of course she said it. She finally said it. She admitted her love. To him. She said she loved him. Finally.

He was too shocked to respond to that. Only she could make him feel like that. How could she make him so speechless all of sudden? After all, he was Arnav Singh Raizada. A man to be known for his unmatchable arguments. How could he not know what to say at this time?

It was a simple answer "I love you too." But he wanted to say so much more. He wanted to hear so much more.

He had become so stiff all of sudden. How could his body and mind react like this? Why? He didn't know. All he knew that she said those three words, and he couldn't express the overwhelming feeling right now.

After many brief minutes, he fastened his hands onto hers, gently, yet firmly, too afraid to realize that it was only a dream, not reality.

He felt her hands, clenching his fingers, in return. It was not a dream. It was real. She was there. She loved him. She had admitted it. After this long, she finally said it.

She waited for him to say something but he didn't. She didn't know why until she felt his grasp on her hands. She knew exactly how he must be feeling. She had felt the same when he said that after this many years.

It was him who came here.

It was him who approached her.

It was him who apologized.

It was him who begged for a second chance.

It was him who asked for forgiveness.

It was him who wanted their relationship to work again.

It was him who asked her to give it a try again.

It was him who said I love you first.

It was him who made love to her.

It was him who made everything possible to make this work, all over again.

It was him who agreed on all her conditions and kept his promise.

It was him who patiently dealt with her without pressurizing her into anything.

And it was him, all over again, today, taking her pain away like that.

Her husband.

It was her turn now.

She gently shifted towards him and she rested her face on his chest. Gently. She felt his heart beats. Slowly beating in rhythm. She felt his warm breath on her neck line. She said…..

"I have always loved you. I don't even know since when. Every time you assured that you love me, I always wanted to say it as well but……."

She stopped talking. He didn't ask her anything though. He remained quiet. He gave her the time needed to talk. To express herself.

She felt his hand in her hair, gently stroking it using his fingers…..

She continued "I was always afraid of telling you that I loved you too. I don't know why. Maybe because of our horrible past? It always worried me that one day all this will end. I had this very strong fear that you will leave me again. You will abandon me, all over again. I would be lying if I say that I am not afraid at all anymore, I still am. I still worry that if you leave me again, I won't be able to survive this time. But it's also true that I love you and just because I am afraid of my own reasons, I shouldn't stop myself from expressing my true feelings for you. I love you. So very much. I don't know since when, but ever since I have understood loving someone – it had always been you."

He felt her tears on his shirt. She embraced him tight. He was about pull her up to see her face when he heard "it's happy tears, don't worry about it. I am fine. I don't know how you felt after hearing what I said, but for some reason I myself feel ecstatic. I want to say it over and over again. I want to scream saying that. I want to dance saying that. I just want to say it as many times as it would take to make up for all those times I never said it."

He said "then say it, I have yearned to hear it for so long that no matter how many times you say it, I am sure I will still crave it."

She lifted her head up to see his face, to see her husband's face, the most handsome face.

She gently touched his face using her palm. Then she cupped his face. She leaned in and kissed his eyes. Those eyes, that looked at her like that. Those eyes, which made her feel beautiful every time it laid on her. Those eyes, that always had so much love for her. Those eyes, which made her feel so wanted and needed, at all times.

She kissed both his eyes, one by one. And she said, looking straight into those very pair "I love your eyes. I love the way they look at me. Every single time. I love the way they make me feel so beautiful."

He held her, right there, without letting her move back and said "it's because you are beautiful."

She smiled. She rested her face on his chest again.

She said "I never thought we would ever end up like this. I don't know if I am beautiful or not but this moment is. We are together, after what all we have been through, we are still together. I never told you this before but I can't thank you enough for forcing me to give this a second try. I thought it was the worst idea when you said it the first time, but today, now, I think that's the best thing you have ever forced me to do. I almost thought…….."

She hugged him tight again, held him, just like that, she continued "I almost thought you were planning on hurting me again, that's why you came back to me. I hate myself for thinking that. I hate myself for doubting you. Even though deep down I wanted you as much as you wanted me, I always convinced myself that I don't want you in my life, I don't need you in my life, I don't……."

Her voice started breaking again. She barely got herself together and tried again "I have lived longer without you than with you…….but I feel that it's impossible for me to live without you now………all over again……"

He flipped her over, he climbed on her and interrupted "you won't have to live without me. I am not going anywhere. Neither am I letting you go anywhere. We will always be together."

She looked at him with her pleading eyes, her heart started beating faster, her chest started rising and dropping, clearly, her hands lingered his back, thoroughly……

He could tell what she wanted, he could clearly see her pleading eyes, he could feel her desperate touch, he could hear her rapid breath…….

He leaned in and whispered in her ears "not right now."

And he embraced her in, fitting in her petite body into his.

It's the first time he had ever said 'no'. She didn't know why. She wanted him, right now, for herself, for him as well.

But he had denied. Without any explanation.

She wanted him.

She wanted him to touch her.

She wanted him to want her.

She wanted him to fill her.

At that very moment.

She finally said, "I……I……want you…….."

Her arms hugged him tighter. Their bodies were glued together. They both held each other with equal desperation…..

He replied again "no, not right now Khushi! I don't want to….."

She interrupted "you don't want me Arnav ji?"

He answered in a deep voice "that's not what I was going to say. We shouldn't……..I shouldn't do anything right now…….you might still be sore………"

She didn't know how, but that explanation made her want him even more. The way he always cared for her, the way he always put her needs before his, that aroused her much more than she ever imagined.

She pulled him in, tight, and whispered "please…….."

He lifted his head, to see his wife, and he saw her pleading eyes again. She didn't look away, she continued looking at him, begging him for something he wanted equally as her, maybe even more…..

He kissed her earlobe and said "you don't need to beg me to make love to you sweetheart, I want you more than you want me but I don't think it's a good idea to……."

She interrupted with her shaky voice again "please……"

Part B Continues…..

Minors: STOP - Please skip to Part C. Part B contains mature content. Read it at your own risk.


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Originally posted by karmachameleon

you guys just steal my heart with ur stalking abilities...
so when are u updating dear 

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It all started with 300 Rupees 26 Part B


Minors: STOP. Please skip to Part C, Part B contains mature content. Read it at your own risk.


She interrupted with her shaky voice again "please……"

She didn't need to say it further…….

He gently kissed her neck……

Brushing his wet lips on her bare chest down towards her perfectly shaped breasts…..

He cupped her breast and rubbed it, massaging them until her nipples crowned……

She moaned…….

No matter how many times she made those sensual sounds, he always craved to hear them more and more…….

He moved his hand to the other one, handling it the same way…….

He now brought his mouth to it, and brushed his lips on her nipples, slightly…..

That's all he did, until he felt her hand in his hair, pushing him further to satisfy both of them…….

The tip of his tongue made her nipple more stiff and taut……

She couldn't help but feel her wetness between her thighs……

How could she want him so much when he just gave her the heavenly pleasure only a while back…….

His mouth made love to her one swell while his expert fingers played with the other one……..

Making her whimper, louder with each touch, with each stroke, with each suckle……..

He trailed his hand down towards her navel, then to her waist, continuing towards her thighs…….

He spread her thighs apart, witnessing the warm drip on his hands…….

He gently massaged her c*** again and brought his lips to her ears and said "it turns me on to whole another level to see how hot you can get for me!"

And he gently slid his finger inside her wetness…….

"AAAHHH" was her response……

He moved his eyes to check her facial expression, to decode her response…….

He could see the pain and pleasure – both, in her closed eyes and her biting lips…….

He didn't want to stop, he knew how much she wanted him, she had even pleaded…….

But he didn't want to hurt her……

He leaned towards her ears again, bit her ear lobe and whispered "if you want to do this sweetheart, you will have to do it my way…."

She opened her eyes and found his gazing eyes on hers……

All she could say was "I…….I……really want you…….please……."

He whispered again "I know……" and wet her neck with his wet lips…..

Making her wet, more, elsewhere……

He massaged her c*** using his thumb while his fingers continued pulsating in and out of her…….

It was getting too much for her……..

The sudden rush of need took over her…..

She stuttered "I can't……I want you…….."

He ignored her request……

She said in her shaky voice again "now……please……"

He replied while flicking her nipples with his skilled tongue…..

"I will, but you will have to come for me first….."

He felt her grip on his hair getting stronger…….

She barely got herself to say "I can't……."

He replied while sucking the fully crowned nipples…..

"You can, and you will."

She felt full force of pleasure in her body……

From too many places…….

His mouth was doing wonders to her upper body…..

While his fingers took her to another roller coaster of sensations……

Just when she thought he couldn't make her want him more……..

She was wrong……..

She wasn't too far from exploding into orgasm or orgasms……

She said "please…..I can't……hold…….any…..more……."

He knew she was about to come but she was holding herself……

Too afraid to let go before he entered her……..

Her request was ignored, yet again….

His finger continued moving inside her, in and out……

His thumb continued rubbing her c*** in a circular motion………

His tongue continued striking her nipples, making it stiffer and sore…….

He pulled her hair, making her neck arch, while he sucked her curved neckline……

Pressing his lips fiercely on her and said………

"Let me pleasure you the way you should be pleasured, trust me with this Khushi, come for me, I promise you will enjoy more that way……"

And he continued sucking her skin, deep, in his mouth, leaving his mark on her skin, a very obvious one…..

That's all she needed to hear…….

She gave in to him…….

To her husband………

To her skilled husband, who knew what he was doing……..

As he continued sliding his finger in and out of her damp opening…….

Her heart started racing faster with each hit of his gifted fingers…….

Her hips jerked…….

Her hand gripped his hair even stronger…..

Pushing him further on her swells…….

Grinding her nude body on that very sheet…….

Wriggling and trembling…….

Raking his skin with her nails……..

A whole another kind of pleasure ran through her veins……

He whispered again "enjoy it the way you want to, this is all for you.……"

He dug his teeth inside her neck further, making his mark even more visible on her exposed skin……..

She couldn't hold it longer even if she wanted to……

Her multiple explosions were witnessed by his hand……..

He continued his wonderful deed for another few seconds……

Giving her enough time to enjoy it to the very last second……….

She was pleasured…….

She was satisfied………

She was tired……….

He felt her hands loosen its grip from his hair…….

Her nail rakes had turned into caresses…….

She lay there, under him, satisfied to a whole new level………

Pleasured with yet another fresh sensation…….

Enjoying each moment with him…….

He embraced her, close to his body, and felt her soothing breath……

She heard "do you still want me?"

She didn't know what she wanted to answer to that…….

She finally figured out what he just did, yet again, for her…..

She took a deep tiring breath…..

And said "Yes", not for herself, but for him…..

He heard her sigh, he heard her 'yes', he felt her tired body under him……

He smiled inwards and said "I will take a rain check"

She asked, still out of breath "why?" He answered "let's just say, today was your day….."

She hugged him tight, almost too afraid to lose him, she said "thank you!"

He stroked her hair, placed a slight kiss on her forehead and said "you need rest, sleep!"

Part C continues…….

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It all started with 300 Rupees 26 Part C

She was resting comfortably on their bed. That felt good. She was wrapped cozily within the comforter. That made her body warm under the soft fabric. She had hugged it in-between her arms. She tossed around on the bed, slightly, feeling very relaxed. Her eyes were closed, resting herself on that soft pillow. She turned to see the face of her most handsome husband. She opened her eyes, but he wasn't there. She was confused. She pulled the comforter from his side of the bed to check but the face she wanted to see was missing. She rubbed her eyes and touched his pillow.

While she gently rubbed the solid fabric of that pillow, she pulled his pillow to her and hugged it. After few moments of her hugging the lifeless pillow, she wondered what she was doing there without her husband. Where was he? She pulled herself up, still embracing his pillow to her heart. Now she looked around lazily. Finding her clothes, or his clothes, or something she could put on. She finally saw her clothes sitting nicely on the end of the bed. She crawled towards her clothes, found all the pieces, slid them on, one by one.

She moved the comforter away and got out of the bed. She walked herself to the bathroom and splashed herself with hot water. Cleaning her face. She looked at herself in the mirror. She hadn't looked like that for a long time now. Her face was glowing. Blooming like a fresh flower in the morning. Her eyes had another kind of spark. She felt good, she felt happy, after a long time, she felt alive.

ALIVE. She hadn't felt like this for so long. She never knew this kind of feeling existed. She never knew she could ever feel like that. She was actually happy. Emotionally and physically. Regardless of all that crying, her face was shining. She didn't know why? Or she did. She smiled thinking about their earlier encounter. All of them. One by one. Just for her. She never thought he would do something like that for her. Her? She felt special. She felt loved. She felt fulfilled.

She quickly dried her face and started walking downstairs to find her husband. She tip-toed down each steps. She didn't know how long she slept for but she had a good nap. A really good relaxed nap. Thanks to my husband, she thought. And then smiled thinking about everything again. Another set of butterflies fluttered inside her stomach.

She told herself to calm down. She breathed in and breathed out. And then her eyes searched for him. He wasn't there around the living area. She walked towards the kitchen, he wasn't there either. She knew he wouldn't leave without notifying her, that much she had understood by now, she knew he had to be inside this big house, but where, she didn't know. She started walking towards the living room again and there he was, standing by the back door, arms crossed, just standing alone, looking outside, not on the phone, for a change. She walked towards him, without making too much noise and wrapped her arms around his built chest, from the back.

He didn't hear her come downstairs, at all. He was surprised by the sudden touch. He saw her hand on him, he held her hand and kissed her palm and said "good morning sleeping beauty." She released her arms from the back, and walked around to see his face. She said "I didn't know when I dozed off. I wasn't planning on sleeping." He cupped her face, brushed his lips on hers and said "you look beautiful right now." She looked up to see his face, placed her arms around his neck and said "you don't look too bad yourself." He smiled and said "did you sleep well?" She replied "yes, a little too much. I take one day off and take two naps. I won't be able to sleep at all tonight."

He snaked his arms around her waist and said "well I could have used your insomnia to my advantage if you were to stay here tonight, but if you are planning on going home, you might as well sleep." She laughed, out loud, smacked his chest and said "are you asking me stay here tonight?" And he replied "all the nights!" She quickly said "I thought today was my day?"

Quite taken aback with her sudden openness, he said "It still is. How are you feeling?" She replied "I am fine, good, I feel good, really good. I wasn't planning on sleeping but I was just…….." She stopped talking. He noticed her scarlet face, he pulled her in and asked "you were what?" She struggled to get out of his hold, unsuccessfully, and then said "you know what I mean!" He quickly said "if I knew what you meant, I wouldn't be asking you, would I?"

She replied "You know exactly what I mean." He traced his index finger on her neck line and said "no, I have no idea what you are talking about." She held his index finger and said "and I thought you were so smart!" He smirked and said "I am smart!" She said "then how come you can't figure out what I am talking about?"

He heard that, but instead of saying something mischievous, he said "you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. That's fine with me." She quickly asked without paying too much attention to what he just said "what? You don't want to know? Why?"

She spoke again "if you want to know, I can tell you. But if you don't want to know, it's fine, I guess. I mean why I have to tell you when you don't even want to know." Still not realizing what he was talking about.

He said "you are right, I don't want to know." She looked confused and said "You don't want to know? Is it because you think you know? If you think you know, let me tell you, I don't think you know anything."

Now he looked straight into her eyes and said "I don't want to know."

That was it!

He knew what he was talking about.

She knew what he was talking about.

But this time, she wanted him to ask.

She wanted him to know.

She wanted him to ask her……..


He didn't want to know anything anymore.

He didn't want to ask anything anymore.

He didn't want to see her like that anymore.

He didn't want her to tell him anything anymore.


She said looking back into his eyes "but I still want to tell you!"

He said "you don't have to!"

She asked "why Arnav Ji?"

He replied "it was your decision that I won't ask you anything after you left Raizada Mansion, now it's my decision that I don't want to know anything after you left Raizada Mansion."

She said "I said that when I met you after a LONG time, I didn't know that we would end up like this, I really thought that something will go wrong again and you will leave me."

He said "I know, but I am saying it now. I don't want to know. Knowing very well that I am not leaving you, or letting you go again, I still don't want to know."

She asked "why, because I cried like that?"

She waited for him to answer but he didn't say anything.

Nothing at all.

She asked again "is that why you don't want to know? Because I cried like that?"

All he said was "it's not worth it Khushi!"

She asked "what's not worth it? The reason?"

He replied "Your pain behind the reason."

She heard him. This was the same person who had given her all the pain to begin with. The same person who had made her life hell in the past. The same person who made her the way she was now. The same person who once again came in her life and changed everything around. Changed the way she felt for him. Changed what she thought about him. Changed her all over again.

He was transformed man. A new man. A new person. A more human of a person. A person who had feelings. Just like other people. Just like her. A person who was capable of love. A person who was capable of loving someone else. A person who was capable of making her fall in love with him, all over again. A person with a heart. A person with a mission, a mission to make their relationship work, at all cost.

It's the first time she ever thought that he had become a better person than her.

It's the first time she ever thought that maybe he had become more forgiving than her.

It's the first time she ever thought that maybe he had become a better life-partner than her.


It's the first time she ever thought that maybe she wasn't being fair to him during all these weeks.

Maybe it was the first time she ever thought of apologizing for doubting his love.

 Maybe it was the first time……..

Her trance broke hearing his voice all over again……

"I can't see you like that Khushi. Not now, not ever. If you have to go through all that to tell me something that happened in the past, I could care less about that right now. I want you the way you are. I don't want to know anything else. At this point, I don't even care. I am sure you had your reasons to not tell me any of that but I seriously don't want to know anything anymore. You are here, I am here, we are here together. That's all I care about. Let's just forget the past and move on."

She said "I appreciate your concern but I have to tell you everything. I know you want to move on and so do I, but I can't, until I tell you everything. It's just not possible. I…….."

Her phone rang…….

Part D Continues……

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