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It all started with 300 Rupees Thread TWO! Chap 26 (Page 41)

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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Ok - I give up, Part D went to Part E - so i will update it when I come back from the party. BUT BUT BUT - I promise - I will NOT and i repeat - I will NOT go to sleep until i update it tonite. I PROMISE. I have to go now. Something came up - and believe me - i feel bad, really bad.
Please forgive me - I will update it before I go to sleep tonight.
Thank you guys...
My sincere apology...
CHILL YAAR ..relax n take ur time

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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Oh god - Ananya - I feel horrible. HORRIBLE. For not updating on time. Believe me I am trying to finish up. I was up until 1:45 am last night, trying to finish up but then I got really tired and I know I have promised that I will update within 24 hours. (which hopefully I will) I have to go to two dinners in the evening, but i will make sure that i will update it before i leave for the parties.
I might not be able to send everyone PMs until I come back, but i will def. upload the update before i leave the house.
Again - I am extremely sorry.
And again - I feel flattered that amidst all the travelling - you are thinking about my FF.
I feel so guilty right now - u have NO idea...
Personal Issues: I CAN'T update it until i am 100% satisfied with it, and i am editing part D rite now and as soon as i am satisfied enough, i will post it. Again - seriously very sorry!! :(

I totally understand. No worries at all. You don't have to be sorry!
Take your time! :)

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Readers: Thank you for your extral wonderful response to the last update. I wanted to thank you all for your wonderul comments.

Some readers had question about 'K'. She is Karan's sister, she was introduced in the beginning of the story.
P.S. Sorry for the delay. Please read and enjoy the update. As I had promised I am updating it before I go to sleep.

It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 25 (Part A)

He held her tight……..

Wrapping her body with his…….

Very tight…….

He placed a deep kiss on her lips…….

And whispered "I love you……"


They stayed there, just like that. He embraced her tight, close to him. Very close. Their hearts were beating in unison. He could hear her breath now calming a bit. Still warm though, breathing in rhythm, in and out on his neck. He could tell she was relaxed now. She wasn't clenching his vest anymore.

He felt her arms around his back. She hugged him back. That put a smile on his face. She couldn't see his face though. He lifted his neck a little to see her face. She had her eyes closed, lying under him, very peacefully. Her face glowed. She looked so calm, totally stress free. He felt her hands on his back again, hugging him tighter.

He slowly whispered "do you want to sleep sweetheart?" She opened her eyes hearing his voice, slowly. And saw the most handsome husband looking at her so affectionately. She replied "no I don't want to sleep. I just got up. Do you want to sleep?" He smiled and said "No sweetheart, I don't want to sleep. I saw you after so long. I just want to look at you, not sleep. Is that fine?" She replied "you want to look at me?" He answered "yes!" She said "for how long?" He said "forever." Saying that he placed another kiss on her lips.

She asked "Did you eat anything?" He answered "I like it how you are worried about my food intake. Yes I did eat, the last slice left in the box, sorry if you were counting on eating that." He smirked saying that. She asked in annoyance "are you making fun of me? I was just hungry, that's why!" He smiled and said "how can you eat so much? You are so small? It just amazes me. And no, I am not making of you. I am just curious. That's all."

She said "I like food." He kissed her forehead and said "I know. And I love that about you." She asked out of nowhere "what else do you love about me?" For a second he thought he didn't hear her correctly, he was surprised to hear that. He looked at her for a brief moment, rested himself on his elbow again and said "everything." She asked "like what?"

He laid flat on his back now, then pulled her on top of him, gently. He moved her locks covering her eyes and said "I love your eyes, they are beautiful. Especially when you are confused. They give away a lot. I just have to look at your eyes to know what you are thinking." She rested her head on his chest now, feeling his heart beat and said "and?" He caressed her beautiful long hair and said "I love it when you address me Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. Even though you say it when you are angry, it still turns me on." She pulled her neck up to see her smirking husband, she said "I am glad you told me, next time I will be more careful." Before he could reply anything back, his phone rang…….

She quickly moved herself to the side so he could get his phone out of the pocket. He looked at it and pressed end and put it aside. He pulled her back to him and said "sorry about that."

She asked "who was it?" he replied "the office" she said "you can talk if you have to, I don't mind." He answered "but I do mind."

She was intently looking at him when his phone rang again, he picked it up to check who it was, but before he could press end, she took the phone from his hand and saw 'Ms. Saxena' calling. She gave him the phone back with her facial expression changing 360 degrees. He took the phone from her, noticed her face and pressed end. She asked "did she call earlier too?" He heard her, his wife asking a simple yet the most complicated question, he answered honestly "yes, she did" She said "then why did you say it was the office?" He replied "because she is in the office, that's why!" She asked again "how many times a day does she call you?" He answered "I don't know, I have never counted it."

She got pretty annoyed at his honest answers. She detached herself from him, pulled the comforter, covered her half naked body and leaned on the headboard. He saw her do all that for no reason. He sat up and asked her "what's wrong Khushi?" She replied "nothing, you can go to work if you need to." He answered "if I had to go back to work, I wouldn't be staying here with you." She heard him say that, and she didn't even know how and when she collapsed into his chest, all over again. She whispered "thank you for staying with me."

Before he could reply to that, his phone rang again. That sound just irritated her more than she wanted to. This time, before he could even check it, she picked it up from the bed, looked at it, pressed answer and said "if someone is not answering your call that means he doesn't want to talk to you right now. He is busy. Don't call back." CLICK! And she threw the phone back on the bed.

All that happened so quick that neither of them could comprehend it. She finally realized what she just did. She looked up to see his face. She covered her open mouth with her hands and said "oh my god, I am so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't mean to do that. I can't believe I just did that. What are you going to tell her now? How are you going to explain? I am so sorry."

He smiled watching her getting nervous like that, he pulled her back to him and said "I didn't know you were so possessive about me?" All she could reply was "I am sorry, I don't know why I did that. I don't know why she kept calling you back. It was just irritating. What are you going to tell her now?" He gently stroked her hair and answered "I don't have to answer to her, I am her boss, not the other way around. Remember? I am not answerable to her, or anyone, expect you Mrs. Raizada."

She couldn't say anything to that. She wanted to say so much after what she just heard but she couldn't bring herself to reply whatsoever. She just hugged him tight and stayed glued to him, in the very arms of her husband. That felt good. She felt loved, she felt needed, she felt wanted, and she felt safe. Right there, with her husband. Her modified husband, who claimed to love her more than anything else right now. How he made her his first priority. She loved that side of him.

It still amazed her how a person with so much anger for her in the past was capable of loving her so much love in the present…..

He had embraced her so closely to him and all of sudden she wanted to talk to him. Today. Now. About everything. She didn't want to postpone it any further. She didn't know how it would end, what would happen afterwards, yet she just wanted to talk to him about everything, regardless of the outcome.

She said "I think I should change. I mean, I should put some clothes on. I just woke up, I feel lousy, I just wanted to freshen up. I hope you don't mind. Is that fine?" He kissed her forehead and said "absolutely! Do you want more coffee?"

She smiled at her new chef husband and said "no thank you! I will quickly shower and then I will meet you downstairs. Go now." Saying that she pushed him off the bed and waited for him to leave the room. She walked to the bathroom, showered, wrapped herself in towel again and came back to the room to look for something to wear. She looked at the mess she had made in the room earlier. She quickly picked up all the clothes and placed them on the bed. She opened her drawer of lingerie collection, exclusively hand-picked by her very own husband, the mighty Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. She smiled going through them. How they were perfect. She had never imagined that one day he will buy her all that. That too in such assortments. That drawer consisted of all types of colors, fabrics, laces, silks, satins, everything matching. She looked at the beige one, that's nice, she thought. She decided to wear that.

Now she looked for another one of his t-shirts, yet again, and wore it. Then she wore the same pajama as before. She didn't dry her hair, she knew he was downstairs waiting for her to join him. She didn't even clean the mess before going downstairs. She quickly opened the door and started walking downstairs barefoot. She heard him being on the phone.

His back faced her. He was on his Bluetooth. He was going through some files while talking to someone, maybe the office, she wasn't sure. She came downstairs to him. He heard her silent steps. He turned around to see her, how she looked even more striking in his clothes with dripping hair. He walked to her, snaked his arm around her waist, pulled her in and kissed her neck, slightly. Which was still wet from the droplets of her hair. He pointed at his Bluetooth informing her that he was on the phone. She nodded with a smile and moved back.

She went to the couch and sat there patiently for him to be done with the phone call so she could talk to him. Yes, she wanted to talk to him now. Today. At that very moment. She didn't want to procrastinate anymore. The sooner she talked to him, the better it would be. She knew he was being extremely patient for who he was. It still amazed her how he could give her that much time to open up when he was the type of person who got what he wanted, when he wanted.

She looked up to see him. How he looked perfect. So perfect. His perfect eyes, his perfect smile, his perfect hair, his perfect stubble. Perfect? Since when did I start thinking he was perfect? Even I don't know since when, but I do think he is perfect. In his own ways. Yes, he is. My husband is perfect. Maybe that's why I get worried thinking that it will all go away one day. Usually when it's too good to be true, it usually is. No. That's not possible. He has told me over and over again, he loves me. More than anything. And he had showed it to me several times. I can't doubt him now. I SHOULDN'T. I MUST NOT. It would be so wrong to think anything negative as of now about him. He is here. He is back. He loves me. He is here for me. For his wife. For me, just me. I am important in his life, very important. Yes, he loves me. He really does. This is not a dream. It is not going to break once I open my eyes.

It is REAL. He is mine. All MINE. Arnav Singh Raizada is MINE. That sounds so good. I never thought that would sound so good. Him, as my husband, no, not my husband, my perfect husband. I wonder if he feels the same about me. Of course he does. That's why he is here. For me. Only for me. She saw him on his phone again, continuing his 'yell call'. Well, I guess some things never change. She smiled thinking that. Him and his favorite Bluetooth. I feel bad for his Bluetooth. Poor Bluetooth. It has to bear with all his shouting and yelling.

She giggled thinking about her stupid worry for Bluetooth. He heard that, he looked up to see her. How she was lost in some thought and had a big smile on her face. She looked cute and happy. Just like her old self. Always day dreaming. Just like she used to in Raizada Mansion. He wanted to ask her what made her smile so much, but he didn't want to disturb her happy thought. He let her continue day dreaming, or whatever it was that she was doing.

She noticed him watch her. She didn't say anything. Then all of sudden, it was not something she had planned. She didn't know what came over her mind watching him stand like that, so busy discussing something very important, some deal, or something of that sort.

"No, that's not what I asked you to do. It's a very important deal. I can't afford to………." He stopped talking. He felt something. Something on his back………

Her finger caressed his nape then his spine. Straight down……..

He had stopped talking. She came in front of him and whispered "continue with your call, I won't bother you."

"No, I am here, I was saying that it's a very big deal…….." He stopped talking again. He saw her opening the buttons of his vest. One by one. From top to bottom. Slowly, gently, and making sure that her fingers touched all over that vest, pressing them hard enough to be felt on his skin as well. She pulled herself on her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in the Bluetooth free ear "I told you, continue with your call, I understand it's important."

She stayed by his neck, just long enough to let him feel the wet drops from her damp hair. She brushed her smooth cheek to his stubble and whispered "I like how you feel right now."

That's all she said. She pulled herself back on her feet, unwrapped her arms from his neck, and opened the last button of his vest. Then she slid her palms inside the vest, on top of his shirt, feeling the perfectly built chest from her bare palm. Then she took the file from his hand, placed in on the table, just the way it was, open. Then she resumed sliding the vest out, leisurely towards his shoulders and out of his arms.

Part B Continues……

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It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 25 (Part B)

He just stood there watching his wife do all those things. Too shocked to do anything, or to say anything. This time she was the one who came to him. That was more of a shock than pleasure at that time. He didn't know how to respond to that. And he thought only he was good at that game of theirs. Right now she was beating him at his own game and he didn't even know how. Everything happened all so sudden that he didn't even get any reaction time.

Was this the same Khushi who was always hesitant on coming close to him? The same Khushi who had never been so open about her feelings like this? The same Khushi who would always be afraid to show what she felt. The same Khushi……….his thoughts came to a halt when he heard again……

She brought the file back and whispered again "sorry about that, here is your file back. Continue with your call." That reminded him that someone was still holding on the line.

He was too shocked to respond to his wife that he decided to get back on his call as of now…..

"Yes, no, I was just…….no, where was I? Yes, the clauses they have on page…….."

He stopped talking again. He saw her unbutton his collar now. That was the first time his heart probably skipped a beat. Not because he didn't like it, not even because he never expected her to do all this, but because all this only meant one thing to him – She had begun to give this relationship another chance as well. First she came here and called it her home and now………

She gestured him towards his Bluetooth again, reminding him about 'that important call' and wrapped her arms around his neck, once again. And then she felt his stubble on her face once again. That's all she did. She released herself from him, smiled at him, then went back to the couch and sat herself down.

What was that? He wondered. Was she doing all that on purpose? Was all that her plan to distract me? I can't believe she really thinks she could do this to me? All over again? No. I can't let her do this to me. Not again Mrs. Raizada, he smirked while he thought that. You will come back and finish what you have started here with me. You can't practically think that you can do this every time. Not this time. I can't let you beat me at my own game. He continued staring at her smiling face, sitting on the couch, so proud of what she just did.

He continued his call……

"No Ms. Saxena, I was just looking at the file……."

Now, that's all he said. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Intentionally. All intentional. It was his turn now. Yes. He had won before even finishing this game.

He smirked. A pretty big smirk.

And NOW he stood there to enjoy the fantastic reaction coming from her face.

From her sudden head snap to look at her husband to those eyes getting wider……

She heard that name, that name, her name. It was Roshni, he was talking to Roshni. He was talking to her. While I am doing all this, he was talking to her? And he hasn't even hung up yet. Why not? All this is not doing anything to him? Why isn't he responding? Why hasn't he done anything yet? Now it became something else.

WHAT? What is wrong with him? No, what is wrong with me?


I can't even turn on my own husband? SHIT! This is bad. Very bad. No no no no.

Now all this became a matter of her seducing judgment. Why hasn't he responded to everything I just did? Is it because he is talking to that s**t? Is it? That s**t called back? Or he called her back? Why did he call her? Probably for work. Ughhh. I hate her. How dare she talk to my husband when………

He dare HE talk to her when I am doing all this? Why isn't he turned on already? This is not good Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. How can he turn me on so quickly and here I am doing all this and he hasn't even responded yet……

Khushi, get to work. Make him hang up. Turn him on. Do it now. Make him hang up on that s**t. NOW.

She got up, making it look so casual. Not realizing that his eagle eyes were watching her every facial expressions. From biting her lips to squinting her eyes to her more than obvious jealousy to her anger. He saw her getting off the couch, he turned around quickly and just waited…….

A mischievous smiled spread his face……..

That's when he felt her arms around him. She didn't know that but he was more than enough turned on, already. If anything, it was very hard for him to keep in control. He had to stay to in control, he wanted her to finish what she started. For her to do that, he had to stay calm and not lose his control. If only she knew how much he wanted her, right there, on that very couch.

Control yourself Arnav Singh Raizada. Just Control! It's not your turn yet to do anything. It's her turn. Let her do it this time.

She moved her arms out and then went to face him. There she was. Looking so sexy in his bulky clothes, cherry on top was her wet hair. He couldn't take his eyes off of her.

But, he had to force himself to do so….

He continued with his call "I am listening, please continue, yes I am looking at the file."

She heard him, she didn't who she was more angry at. Him? Or that s**t? Or herself?

Focus Khushi. Focus. She told herself.

She continued opening the buttons. One by one. Making her palms touch his skin at times. She was halfway there when she stopped. She caressed her hands from his chest to his neck and clutched her both hands together. Then she pulled him in, and placed a wet kiss on his neck, then another one, and then one more, making her way to the other side now. Brushing her lips all around his neck.

He could hardly control himself now. He didn't even know when he had dropped the file on the floor. She noticed that. She continued lingering her lips on his skin….

She noticed his arms move. She checked from the corner of her eye to see that he finally hung up the call. Hung up on that s**t.

YES! She won!

She moved back and said "Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you, you can continue with your call. I will go clean the room upstairs."

She started walking away. Now she was standing behind the couch watching him amusingly.

He said "where do you think you are going?" She could sense the desperation in his voice now…..

She replied "to the room, I just told you."

He walked closer to her, still the couch in-between. He said "do you really think I am going to let you go after what all you did?"

She looked at him with innocent face and said "what did I do?" He said "you know very well what you did and don't even think that I am going to let you go so easily. You better come back here."

She smiled and replied "that wouldn't be possible right now. I have to clean the room"

He said "okay, you want to play it like that, then I will come to you." She said "I don't think it's that easy. I think I am pretty safe with that couch in-between us."

He said "you really think I can't get to you because of that stupid couch?"

She smirked and said "and also because I am not that easy to get." He replied "I think I would know that by now. But I did get you already once, didn't I?"

She replied "just because you got me already once doesn't mean that you can get to me again. I can run. That too, very fast."

He said "are you serious? You want me to run after you?" She replied "that's up to you. I am just saying I can run away from you."

He said "okay, it's up to you. You want to play it like that then that's what it is. Oh, just to let you know, I was not talking to Ms. Saxena."

Part C continues…….


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It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 25 Part C


He had to hold his laugh so badly after seeing her reaction to that statement. How much he wanted to laugh so hard but he just wanted to enjoy her face as of now.

Her mouth formed that big O!

Her eyes widened….

"WHAT? Then who were you talking to? Then why did you say her name?" she asked in rather loud voice….

He replied "why don't you come here first and then I will tell you."

Pretty angry by now….

Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada spoke "you really think I am going to come to you after your lie. NO. Now it's going to be ten times harder for you to get to me. Oh, by the way, you really like to see me in black and red, right? Have you ever seen me in beige? No? You haven't? Awww, then let me tell you Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, now you never will."

There! Tit for tat. A perfect answer for his lie. That too, two of them. The color specification and his name.

And she didn't even hold her laugh. She laughed. Out loud. While making sure that she was still safe behind that long couch.

He saw her laugh so much. She was laughing at him. Now all his temptation to laugh vanished. All of it. All he could play in his mind was she was wearing beige and she wanted him to, no, not wanted him to, but challenged him to see it. She challenged Arnav Singh Raizada. Only she would do that. Not only just saying that, she was just standing there, practically laughing at him.

He finally spoke "are you about to be so sorry sweetheart, so sorry!"

And then he moved forward. She saw him coming towards him, one step after another. Lessening the distance between them faster than she thought. She moved back towards the other side of the couch, trying to stay away from him.

He was watching his prey's each move very carefully. He continued walking towards her. Just taking one step at a time towards her. She could see it in his eyes. She had pushed it too far. She knew he was going to get her. Now she regretted saying all that. What is wrong with you Khushi? Why would you say all that? Don't you know him? Ugghhh! That's like adding fuel to the fire. Telling him what you are wearing? What is wrong with you? And he had already told you the name story earlier, then why would you?

Alright, calm down! Don't let him know that you have given up. Stay away from him. Yes, stay away from him. Don't let him com near you. Run if you have to. But don't let him win. Or at least try!

She spoke "you are really not planning on running and catching me, are you?"

He replied while walking towards the end of the couch "why? You are scared now?"

She replied "No, of course not. Why would I be scared? I told you already, I can run very fast."

He smirked and answered "run NOW because I am about to get you!"

She answered watching him carefully "why would I run until you run after me? That would be so stupid!"

"I don't think it would be as stupid as describing colors and then using my name, is it?" He asked with his husky playful voice…..

"I…….it's your fault. You lied. You are a liar." She didn't know what else she could have said……

It was probably their third round around that unanimated couch, witnessing those two just talking while making rounds around it.

He said "why don't you admit it? You don't like Ms. Saxena? You are jealous! Say it! Tell me you want me to fire her. Tell me."

"That's not true. I don't like her but I am NOT jealous. Why would I be jealous of her? She is such a s**t. And why would I ask you to fire her? I don't care about her." She replied with all her confidence…..

"Oh, I wonder who the liar is now! Right liar?" He smirked saying that….


Venue: Their new home.

Room: Living area.

Furniture: Couch

People: Mr. and Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada!

Issue: Unknown!

Number: Fifth round! Maybe the last round!


There she was, standing right in the middle of other side of the couch. Right opposite him. He paused. So she paused, maybe she shouldn't have. But she did.

He stood there for few minutes, closely watching her get more and more nervous. Yet, trying very hard to look as confident as possible. As usual. It wasn't anything new.

Then he looked into her eyes. She knew she should have looked away but it wasn't the first time she couldn't move her eyes from his. She knew he was doing this intentionally but she was still unable to break the hypnosis.

She didn't even know when and how he was already there. On her side of the couch. Holding her wrist, still penetrating her heart with his eyes. He whispered "why aren't you running now?" She blinked and all she could utter was "huh?" He pulled her in, took off the Bluetooth, threw it somewhere in that room and said "please finish what you started, now that I have got you, once again." Saying that he placed her hands on his buttons again.

She just looked at him, not knowing what to do anymore. She finally said "you can't force me to finish anything." He replied "maybe you didn't hear the please, that's NOT forcing, that's pleading." She said "so what if you said please, I am still not going to do anything." He said "very well then, I will do it." She asked "do what?" He replied "everything" with a smirk and pulled her even closer to him.

She pushed him back and said "I have to go clean the room upstairs." Saying that, she ran, as she had warned, she ran upstairs, and he followed. "Khushi, stop, stop right now" She continued running up and said "I told you, I run fast, you can't catch me." By the time she was done saying that, he had already held on to her wrist and said "Okay, I have to admit I never thought you would actually make me run after you like this. You are making me do things, I have never done before." She struggled to get out of his hold and said "leave me, please" he smirked "did you say please?" She answered with her puppy face "yes." He said "and why should I leave you? What if I don't want to leave you?" She replied "because I don't want to….."

He said "you don't want to what?" She replied "I don't want to……" He held her waist and said "don't want to what? Show me beige?" She asked "who were you talking to on the phone?" He answered "the office, why?" She asked again "by office you mean Roshni? Or someone else?" He replied "someone else!"

She didn't know why, that sounded really good to her ears. It showed clearly by her actions. She threw herself on his chest and said "I am sorry for that night. I really am. I don't know what came to me to say all that. I am sorry……." He caressed her hair and said "Khushi? What's wrong?" She didn't reply anything. She just held on to him, tight. "I am sorry. I shouldn't have talked to you like that. I don't know how I could have said all that……I….." She stopped talking. Her voice was already low and now she couldn't even finish her sentence.

He embraced her very close to him, very gently. He could tell that she was upset now. He could feel her apologetic eyes without even looking at them. He heard her again "Arnav Ji, I am seriously sorry for that night. I don't know what happened to me……"

He took her hand, led her towards the room, sat her down on the bed and decided to lighten her depressed mood and said "I know what happened to you." She wasn't looking at him. She had her face down, looking at the floor. She heard him, then looked up to see him, surprised to see him smiling, she asked "what do you mean you know what happened to me?"

He sat next to her and then replied "what happened to you? Cramps happened to you! I had heard that women get really emotional during that time but that was the first time I saw it happen LIVE and believe me, next time I will make sure I mind my own little business." He smiled saying that. She smacked his chest and said "are you making fun of me again?" He replied "do I dare to?" She answered "I am just surprised that you are not mad at for that night."

He answered "I am not mad because there was a reason for you to say all that. You were absolutely right about everything that you said that night. And more than being mad, I was worried about you. You were gone and you never replied to any of my calls. I am just glad that I came here and found you."

She spoke "I was in deep sleep, I didn't even hear anything. When did you come?"

Just when she asked that, he pushed her back on the bed, then climbed on top of her, brushed his lips on hers few times, not kissing them, just making them part, then he whispered "I haven't come yet sweetheart."

Her eyes widened as soon as his voice entered her ears. Her mouth opened in shock. She pushed him away with all her strength and said "where did you learn all this?" Saying that she moved back on the bed to maintain distance between them.

He smirked and replied "learned what?" She looked at him in annoyance and said "you know what I mean!" He answered "no I don't, please tell me what you mean?" She knew he was doing this on purpose, just to get her to say it, but she refused to give in and smartly said "learn to make coffee!"

Part D Continues……

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It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 25 (Part D)

STOP: Minors - Please read. Most of the chapter is safe to read. The part where the sentences in blue start contains mature content. Also, Please Skip Part E and go to Part F to finish the story. Thank You!

He heard her super cover up, grinned and simply answered "ohhh learn to make coffee? I have practiced it a LOT" making sure he emphasized on the word lot. Then he just waited for her to get anxious again. He took the pillow and placed it on the headboard and rested his back to sit and just enjoy the rest of the conversation.

 She quickly made her way to him and said "what do you mean you have practiced a lot?" He just sat there, relaxed on his bed and said "that means I have practiced a lot. A LOT." Now she was few inches from him, irritated, annoyed, confused and mad. She grabbed his half opened shirt and asked again "what do you mean by LOT. How many people, no, not people, how many women have you practiced this whole coffee business with?"

He looked at her with surprise, then looked down to see his shirt, her hold on his shirt and said "are you about to finish what you started earlier?" She replied in rather high pitched voice "I am not finishing anything, who did you practice your coffee with? Roshni?"

She realized what she just said. She shouldn't have said that. That was pushing it too far. It wasn't funny anymore. She quickly said "I am sorry, I didn't mean to say that. That just came out wrong." He knew she didn't mean to say that, it just happened out of compulsion. He saw her panic, he covered her hands from his, pulled her in and said "it's fine sweetheart, oh, just to let you know - I don't involve my employees in anything personal, not for coffee, nor for conversations about them, especially not in my bedroom, that too when my wife is here. Okay?"

She was quiet, for a brief moment. Or maybe little longer and then finally said "sorry, I don't know why I keep bringing her up. I wish I could get her out of my mind. I am just worried that….." He interrupted "worried? For what? For her? Khushi, you are my wife. How can you possibly worry about someone like her?" She rested her face on his chest and said "I don't like to think about all that either, but she is a woman, a s**tty one, you are there with her all the time, she is more than available, you are you – all women want you, remember how K was acting that day? It just worries me, the way she dresses, the way she acts around you, the history she has with other rich businessmen, you are a man who every women dreams of and……."

He gently placed his hand on her back, placed her back flat on the bed, covered her body with his on top, gently parted her lips using his index finger and whispered "but you are not any other woman, you are my wife and you have me. All of me. You don't need to worry about anyone being around me. It's not the first time I am around women. No one has ever done what you have done to me……."

While saying that, he slid his hand inside her shirt, caressing her abdomen upwards. He lowered his lips to her navel, kissed it and said "no one has ever made me feel the way you do sweetheart, no one!"

Saying that he pulled her t-shirt up, pulling it out her neck and then her head. He then eyed her leisurely, then kissed her cleavage and whispered "you look beautiful in beige as well." She gasped, while he continued caressing her breasts…….

She saw him look at her like that…….

Feeling conscious and honored at the same time, she turned away from those gazing eyes…….

He moved her hair out of the way and placed wet kisses on her back………

Making her shiver…….

Kissing every inch of her bare skin…….

He unclasped her bra, with a snap……

He whispered again "you are beautiful Khushi, every inch of you……."

Saying that he turned her over to face him, she had her eyes closed, he said "open your eyes Khushi, look at me"

She slowly opened her eyes and saw those penetrating eyes admiring her, she felt his hand on her breasts now, gently removing her bra off her body to be able to adore all her beauty……

He said "look what you have done to me. When I am not with you, I am thinking about you, when I am with you, I want to spend every second with you. There is no one else who has ever made me feel this way. No matter how much I touch you, I always want to touch you little bit more. Regardless of how many times I kiss you, I always feel like I haven't kissed you enough. I have waited too long for us to be together and when we are finally getting somewhere with our relationship, you can't possibly worry about losing me. I am all yours. So much that you own me. As your possession, all to yourself. This is how much I love you, I have given you my heart, my soul and all my love."

She stayed there listening to what all her husband said……

Every single word…….

Her ears processed those words coming from her husband's mouth……

Went straight to her heart……

Making it skip a beat or two………

Making their way to the pit of her stomach, fighting too many butterflies at a time……

Then those same words travelled to her eyes……..

And starting pouring out of her eyes……

She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and said "I am sorry Arnav Ji."

Why was she saying sorry? He didn't know……

Still unsure of what made her say that……

What happened all of sudden?

He embraced her back and let her stay like that without asking her anything until she calmed a bit…….

He asked "what's wrong Khushi? Why are you saying sorry?"

She replied "I know right now is not a good time, but I want to talk to you……"

He detached her from him, saw her partial wet cheeks, and said "is everything fine? What do you want to talk about?"

She replied "about everything."

She sat up, pulled the comforter to cover herself, still not sure if this was the right time to discuss anything……

She said again "if that's fine you. I have to talk to you, today."

He pulled himself up as well and said "yes, it's fine with me. Tell me, I am listening."

She wasn't looking at him, she pulled up the comforter to cover her bare chest, her long hair was covering her back…….

He couldn't see her face, he only heard her voice……..

She said "I don't know how you are going to react to what I have to tell you. It has taken a lot of courage for me to be able to discuss all this with you without feeling scared. Not scared of YOU but scared of losing you. I haven't seen you getting angry at me ever since we met again at that award ceremony. Even though you have hated me in the past, yelled at me, threatened me, pushed me, pulled me, you have done so much bad that I should never be able to forget it but in these past few weeks, you have done so much that all those bad memories have started to fade away. They all seem so blurry now. My few weeks with you have brushed over the last many years of pain, torture, agony, depression, hurt, anguish, everything. I feel happy again. As a matter of fact, very happy."

She shifted a little on the bed, then crossed her legs, still holding on to the comforter close to her chest, and continued talking…….

"I know you have been very patient with me. You have kept your promise, both of them. And I know it must be very hard for you to do that, especially not asking me about my past after I left Raizada Mansion. I never thought you would be able to last this long without forcing me to tell you everything. I always thought that you will somehow or other force me to talk, but you didn't. You gave me all the space and time I needed to get comfortable with you, all over again. I know how much you have been trying to make this work, all on your own. I didn't tell you this earlier but I did notice how you had removed the wind chime and closed the door in front of the temple – just for me. I am sorry for making you do all these crazy things, over and over again."

He was patiently listening, without interrupting her at all. He carefully watched her body language, he wanted to see her face but he didn't ask her to turn around, maybe it was for the best to let her talk the way she was more comfortable talking. Without looking at each other…..

She pulled her knee up and rested her cheek on her knee and continued talking…..

"I know you love me a lot and I have told myself many times that you won't leave me, not even after hearing what I have to tell you."

She stopped talking……

He saw her wipe her face, realizing that she was crying……

He quickly got to her and saw her eyes, pouring, non-stop….

He wiped her tears, lifted her chin up, cupped her face and said "Khushi, what's wrong?"

She collapsed into his chest hearing his concerned voice and started sobbing harder. Much harder.

He was worried now, he asked "Khushi, what's wrong? Why are you crying like this? Khushi, talk to me, what's going on?" He tried pulling her away to see her face but she refused to let go of him. She held on to him tight, very tight. Still crying, non-stop.

He felt her naked body, around him, getting colder now. Her face felt hot, contrary to her body. He heard her sobs, not knowing why she was crying, he just held her like that, comforting her……

When he heard her again, her voice was little slurry now, in-between her sobs "It took me long time but I eventually learned to live without you after our contract ended. I had learned to live without seeing you every day. I had learned to live knowing that you won't come back to my room every night. I had convinced myself that I can live on my own, without you. But if you leave me now, I won't be able to survive. I don't know what I will do. I can't afford to lose you again. I can't go through everything all over again. I just can't. I won't be able to live without you."

She continued crying…….

He spoke "Khushi, I am not going anywhere. Why do you think I will leave you? I AM NOT LEAVING YOU. NOT NOW. NOT EVER."

She didn't reply anything to that, she just continued dispersing tears all over his shirt……

She was upset, she was crying, she was afraid, she was shaking, she was hot, she was cold, she was there……

With him in that state……..

And he didn't know why…….

He had to calm her. He had to assure her that he wasn't going to go anywhere. He had to convince her that he was never leaving her. No matter what. He had to let her know that he was fine with whatever she was willing to tell him.

At this point, he didn't even care about what she was about to tell him. He wanted to know, but not like this. Not when she had to feel like this. This terrible. NO. It was not worth knowing. Not at all.

He stroked her hair. Slightly. She was glued to his body, too afraid to lose him. He didn't detach her from himself, he just simply laid her on the pillow, going down with her, without leaving her, even an inch of her. She had her arms around him, still, holding him tight. Still too afraid to let go of him.

He gently removed her arms from his neck, placed them on either side. Wiped her tears, and kissed her eyes. One by one. Then he took over her lips. His lips made love to her mouth, he brushed it slightly first, then applied pressure to let her feel his need for her, by sucking her bottom lip, all of it, inside his mouth. Savoring all of her. He continued kissing her with passion, with need, with want, with assurance.

Then he felt her lips, she reciprocated. With the same force, same intensity. He continued kissing her without doing anything else at that time. No touching any other part of her body. He just kissed her. Continuously. He felt her body again, it wasn't shaking anymore. She was relaxed now. Under him. With him.

He finally said "I am not leaving you Khushi, not for anything. I can't leave you even if I want to. You are my life, I can't possibly separate myself from you."

Now he moved his hand on her nude upper body. Caressing her breasts……

Stroking her nipples until they hardened…….

Then he put his mouth on them, slowly relishing them. He continued playing with her swells while absolutely ignoring any of her moans……..

He pulled her pajama down, while kissing her smooth legs…….

He kissed her feet, moving upwards…..

Placing soft kisses on her thighs, to her abdomen, to her chest again, sucking her perfectly shaped swells, all over again…..

Still ignoring all her moans…….

Ignoring her shrills…….

Ignoring her touch………

Ignoring her desire………

Ignoring her want for him…….

He finally leaned towards her ears and whispered "I want to taste you Khushi"

Part E Continues……..

STOP: Minors, please skip part E, it contains mature content. Please go to Part F instead. Thanks!


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It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 25 (Part E)

STOP:Minors, please move to Part F. Part E contains mature content. Read it at your own risk. Part F is the edited version of Part E. Everyone else, this is the last part. Enjoy!


He finally leaned towards her ears and whispered "I want to taste you Khushi"

She heard that, not sure what he meant by that, or not admitting to understand what he meant by that…..

She didn't answer anything, neither she said 'okay' nor she said 'no'……

She remained quiet…….

He waited for her to say something, for her answer….

But she was too stunned to say anything…..

He whispered again while biting her ear lobe and then tasting it "I am going to taste you now Khushi, stop me if you don't want me to…….."

She remained frozen exactly where she was……

Too shocked to say anything, too shocked to move, too shocked to even breathe…….

Becoming nervous yet curious at the same time……..

She felt his mouth on her nipples again, softly biting them this time…….

Making her moan, again and again……

Then she felt his lips lowering towards her navel, she felt his wet kiss on her belly button, making her desires rise much more than she could handle…….

He slid her panties out of her legs, in a swift, then parted her thighs…….

Then a little more…….

He looked up to see her face, for the last time before……..

She felt his lips there……..

On her core……..

On her opening……..

On her most sensuous part of her body……….

Making her groan, with pleasure………

She clenched on the sheet so tight, too afraid to move………

She felt his lips on her core……..

Her thighs closed, involuntarily……….

He looked up to see her face, her eyes were closed, her neck was arched, she was lost in passion……..

He parted her thighs again………

From both sides……….

And let her feel his tongue on her c***………

Flickering it………..

In all motions……….

Making her writhe under him……….

That felt good, really good……

That was heavenly………

The thrill of her husband giving her pleasure like that added to the sensation……..

He continued manipulating her c***, over and over again, using the tip of his tongue………..

Giving her shivers with pleasure……..

Making her whimper with desire………

He heard her erotic moans……..

They sounded good………

He felt her body response to him……….

He felt her hand in his ruffled hair……….

Her body was wriggling under him by each and every stroke of his tongue………


He continued stroking her c***………

Until she became powerless…….

Until she gave herself to him……..

All of her…….

Her moans got louder by each passing second and each added stroke………

His tongue continued its magic………

It was too much to take now……….

He wasn't stopping……….

She didn't him to stop either…………

"I……..AaahhH" that's all she could say………

She tried talking again…….

"I…….I don't………." but gave up to his over powering sensation………


He wanted her to release herself……….

He didn't want her to talk………..

He didn't want any explanation……….

He didn't want any conversation………..

He didn't want any distraction……….

All he wanted from her was to release all her tension………

Release all her stress……….

Release all her pain…………

Release all her agony…………

Release all her trauma…………

Release herself………

Release herself to him……….

He wanted her to let go……..

Let go of everything………

And just enjoy that very moment………

Taking in all the pleasure provided by her husband……..

Giving him the chance to show her his love……….

To show her his want…….

To show her his need………

For her……..


Her lower body shook……..

Her grip on his hair got harder………….

She was about to climax………..

Yet, still little hesitant……..

He didn't say anything………

He wanted her to release herself and he continued stroking her sensuous part until she gave in……..

He parted her thighs little further……..

And sucked her core……..

Forcing her to release herself………..

Stroking the tip of his tongue on her c*** for the last time………..

And she did………

Her body shook……..

With pain and pleasure both……..

Her grip on his hair got lighter………..

Her both hands rested on either side of her relaxed body……….

Her chest rose and fell in a very fast yet calm pace………..

He finally tasted her………

His wife……..

For the first time……….

He pulled himself up……..

And held her shaking body………..

Enclosing her in his arms……….

Holding her closely…………

Entwining his legs in-between hers……..

Feeling her smooth skin to his……….

Hearing her rapid heart-beat……….

She embraced him back………

With love………

With affection………

With need……….

With satisfaction……….

Feeling him there…….

All of him……..

Quietly they both held each other……….

He finally whispered "thank you for letting me have all of you. I love you."

And he closed his eyes……..

Just holding her like that……….

Continuing to feel her body against him……..

Enjoying her warm breath on his neck……..

Comforting her, just like that……..

Assuring her of his love…………

All over again……..

He pulled the comforter on her body…….

And lay beside her…….

Without moving……..

Without saying anything………

Without doing anymore……….

Without making another sound………

Just hearing her breathe in and breathe out………

It was pleasantly quiet in that room………

Serenity filled that room……….

Calmness filled that room…………

Peace filled that room………


Until he heard……..

"I love you too..."


To be continued……..

Please LIKE/Comment. I LOVE reading all of them. I wrote another 9,000 words all over again - hence the delay. I need to stop writing so much.

New Readers: Please send me a buddy request for further updates. Thank You!


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It all started with 300 Rupees Part F (Edited for minors)

And he held her shaking body………..

Enclosing her in his arms……….

Holding her closely…………

Entwining his legs in-between hers……..

Feeling her smooth skin to his……….

Hearing her rapid heart-beat……….

She embraced him back………

With love………

With affection………

With need……….

With satisfaction……….

Feeling him there…….

All of him……..

Quietly they both held each other……….

He finally whispered "thank you for letting me have all of you. I love you."

And he closed his eyes……..

Just holding her like that……….

Continuing to feel her body against him……..

Enjoying her warm breath on his neck……..

Comforting her, just like that……..

Assuring her of his love…………

All over again……..

He pulled the comforter on her body…….

And lay beside her…….

Without moving……..

Without saying anything………

Without doing anymore……….

Without making another sound………

Just hearing her breathe in and breathe out………

It was pleasantly quiet in that room………

Serenity filled that room……….

Calmness filled that room…………

Peace filled that room………


Until he heard……..

"I love you too..."


To Be Continued...


After writing more than 9,000 words, I think I could request all the  LIKEs/Comments. I LOVE reading every single comment.

New Readers: Please send me buddy request for further updates. Thank You!

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