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It all started with 300 Rupees Thread TWO! Chap 26 (Page 24)

karmachameleon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 August 2012 at 6:45pm | IP Logged

It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 24 (Part D)

STOP: As many of you have requested before, I am letting you know ahead of time. Part D contains mature content. Please read at your own risk. Minors – I will see you in the next update. Thanks!! Anyone who is not reading Part D – don't forget to LIKE/and leave comments. I appreciate it. Thanks!


She said "yes it does and I……." she stopped talking. He asked "I what?" she replied "nothing" he answered "nothing? Do you think I should change?" She replied quickly "if you want to……"

She was thankful that he was leaving to change. It was getting very hard for her to avoid all the little things that he was doing. From bringing her coffee to calling her Mrs. Raizada and refusing to discuss anyone else in their bedroom. And not to mention, his touch. Or his eyes. She was just glad that he had changed the topic himself. It was somehow always hard for her to distract herself from him. She was lost in her thoughts when she noticed him just staring at her.

She spoke "what happened? I thought you had to change?" He answered "I need my shirt" She looked at the mess around the room, and said "sorry about the mess, which one are you looking for?" He smiled at his nave wife, he stayed on the bed, kneeling down, he pointed his index finger at her, and said "this one"

Her eyebrows arched.

Now realizing what he meant when he said he wanted to change.

Now understanding why he changed the topic so suddenly.

I am so stupid, how could I just think that he was actually changing the topic.

She was spell bounded.

Totally loss at words. Too dumbfounded to say anything. Or to move. Or to think. Or to eve breathe.

Finally, she got a grip on herself, she pushed him away and quickly tried to get away from the bed….

Before she knew it, he pulled her back on the bed, in a swift, making her lay on the bed, flat on her back, smoothly.

There she was, on their bed, in his clothes, without anything under his shirt.

He held onto her, with his one hand while he was rested on one of his elbows, just watching her intensely. He said "can I get my shirt back?" She replied "No"

He smirked, released her wrist and moved his hand to the hem of her shirt. Very gently making his way under her shirt, to her navel. She gasped. Making it very obvious. He heard that. He smiled.

He started sliding his hand upwards. He watched her. She didn't move. She didn't stop him. She didn't say anything. He noticed how she had closed her eyes.

She felt his hands on her body. Making its way up to her chest. She liked it. She liked his touch. Just when she was expecting him to go higher, he stopped. She felt his hands moving out of her shirt, without touching her further.

She opened her eyes, she looked at him in confusion. He said "did you miss me Khushi?" She blinked but failed to answer him. He moved his hand to her waist, reaching for her pajamas. He pulled her pajama down a bit and said "you didn't answer me Khushi, did you miss me?" She moaned, involuntarily. He heard that, smiled, and asked without moving his eyes from hers "answer me Khushi, did you miss me?"

She saw him, how intensely he was gazing at her while his hands worked on removing her pajamas, so leisurely. She was tongue tied with all the things he was doing at the same time. She heard him again "tell me sweetheart, did you miss me?"


Yes, he knew how to play this game, really well. Sensation ran through her body when she felt his manly hands around the edge of her panties. She tried moving her hip away when he held her in place by gently applying pressure of his palm on her belly, making it hard for her to move, or to even think straight.

She moaned. Her breathing raced. He felt her smooth belly move rapidly under his palm. Making him want her more and more, right then and there. He lifted her shirt and placed a wet kiss on her navel and asked again "did you miss me Khushi?"

She couldn't help but answer "Ye..s….s….ss…."

He heard her erotic response. He looked up to see her, it turned him all the more ON to see how he could make her feel like that. He continued kissing her, moving upwards. He loved the way her body responded to his touch, to his kiss. He said again "if you missed me so much, then why were you ignoring my calls Khushi?"

She looked at him with frustration. Why does he always do this? She wanted to tell him that she didn't want to talk right now but she stayed quiet. She felt his hand, moving out of shirt all over again. She gave him that look. The look of frustration and desperation, he enjoyed watching her like that.

He smirked, and he moved his hand towards her waist again. Suddenly, he climbed on top of her. She was confused. He was still fully dressed. What was he doing? She was puzzled, frustrated and desperate. He held her both hands on either side of her, looked straight into her eyes and said "I don't like it when you ignore my calls Khushi, please don't do that in the future."

Saying that he pressed his lower body in-between her thighs, letting her feel his hardness. She heard what he said, she felt his need for her. She couldn't take her eyes off that face. He looked so hot, so perfect. But still she didn't answer anything to that.

He quickly slid off her body to the right side now, and without wasting any more minute, he slid his hands inside her panties.

She let out a slight moan.

She felt her wetness, he whispered in her ear "I love the way you are so hot for me."

She turned scarlet. He said again "tell me Khushi, you won't ignore my calls in the future."

She stayed quiet. She didn't say anything, or she couldn't say anything after feeling him there and hearing him say what he just said.

She was flat on her back, still, when she felt his finger slide inside her.

She groaned. Her lower body jerked with that tantalizing touch. She closed her eyes……

He whispered again "tell me Khushi, you will not ignore my calls in the future."

She felt his warm breath on her neck while his finger moved back and forth inside her. How could she bring herself to say anything when she couldn't even breathe properly?

She just stayed there, enjoying the heavenly pleasure offered by her husband.

She felt his thumb on her c***, gently rubbing it, slowly.

He said again "tell me Khushi, you won't ignore my calls in future."

All she could come up with was "I……I….aahh…..ahhh…….I"

He continued manipulating her c*** and asked again "I what Khushi?"

She could barely breathe will all the sensation he was giving her with that one thumb, but she still managed to say "I……won't".

He looked up to see her face, her eyes were closed, her lips were parted, her neck was arched, her hands clenched tightly to the sheet under her.

She looked exotic, so lost in passion. Because of him. No matter how many times he saw her like that, lost in passion because of him, it always made him oh so more proud.

He gently slipped his finger out of her and stopped his thumb…….

He whispered again "promise?"

He then rubbed her spot using all the fingers at once, he said again "promise me Khushi, you will never ignore my calls."

She moaned "I……pro…..mise……." still with her eyes closed.

Her breathing had gotten faster, much faster, her moan was getting louder, making a perfect sound for his priding ears…….

He saw her body under his. How much she wanted him to continue pleasuring her. He removed her panties off of her skin, while still not leaving the sight of her face.

He slid his finger inside her again, continuing sliding it in and out……


While his thumb continued stroking her c***……..

He whispered "come for me Khushi"

She opened her eyes, too shocked to hear him say that…….

He saw her face, a mix of desire and amazement………

She flushed, he had never said that to her before…….

He brought his lips to hers, brushing his wet lips to hers, and whispered again "come for me sweetheart"

Saying that he slowed his strokes……..

Giving her some time to comprehend what he was asking her……

Her breathing started speeding up again, her neck arched further, she was moaning louder…..

Now she clenched to his vest…….

Pulling him closer to her……

He could feel her warm and restless breath on his neck……..

Her chest was moving so fast……..

She was holding onto him tight……..

Very tight…….

She was doing exactly what he wanted her to do…….

So lost in passion…….

So lost in desire………

She was about to climax anytime…….

She was biting her lips now…….

Trying to deal with such heavenly pleasure at one time……….

He rocked his fingers, back and forth again……..

Her moan got louder by each stroke, "AHHh…….AAhhh……"

He whispered again "come for me Khushi, let it happen, let yourself go…….."

She whimpered, her moan got even louder "AAAHHH…….."

That's when he felt her body shake……..


Her body trembled………

Her hips jerked……..

She pulled him even closer……..

While writhing under him………

He saw her glowing face…….

Noticed her tightly shut eyes…….

And felt her hot release around his hand……..

He felt her shaking body under him…….

He held her tight……..

Wrapping her body with his…….

Very tight…….

He placed a deep kiss on her lips…….

And whispered "I love you……"


To Be Continued…….


I think I have written almost 9,000 words in this update. What is wrong with me? That's a LOT of writing...

Please LIKE/Comment. I LOVE reading every single comment. Thanks!!

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i got 1st palce to get dis place i was up till 3 am LOL

u cleared all abt dat night but wat happened in past still to b reviled
and part D it was really hotWink

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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Awesome update  \\\\\\\\\\\\     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
                                 Hug Thank u for pm me   Hug

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superb update
thanks for pm
cont. soon

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drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update
loved it loads
continue soon
thanks for the pm

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karmachameleonrocking meenu

MissNadia Goldie

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Loved the update cant wait for the nxt one Smile

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So HOT!!!!!!
amazing update
loved it
arnav looking everywhere for khushi and she was just avoiding him and was at their home.

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glad tht khushi is fine and in his house...
thought for a sec she will shout at him for seducing her for the promise,,, good tht she is not angry

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