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It all started with 300 Rupees Thread TWO! Chap 26 (Page 23)

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Originally posted by sam88

Day Dreaming

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awesome one yaar plz update...

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Waiting for next update yaar!!

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Originally posted by karmachameleon

Originally posted by ananya123

Originally posted by karmachameleon

Originally posted by ananya123

Can we please have the romance back?

waiting for the update!

Shall I take that as a 'yes'? Day Dreaming

SH#T - I clicked on report instead of quote by mistake - and i was like what the hell - but good thing nothing gets reported until fill out this form that i was unaware of - phewww
Hmmm Let's see - since you are such a keen reader of 300 - i will try not to disappoint you, how about that??

I would absolutely LOVE that!  Thank you so much for trying to not disappoint me! I'm so glad that you remember that I'm a keen reader of this FF... Big smile Thank you, really!
I am excited all the more! Can't wait for the next update!
Update soon?!

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Readers: Thank you for wonderful response for the previous chapter. I am glad you guys liked it. I hope you like this one as well, sorry for the delayed update. Read, enjoy, and leave comments! Thanks!

It all started with 300 Rupees 24 (Part A)


She forwarded her steps towards him, one by one. She grabbed his collar and screamed "WHY? WHY DID YOU KISS ME THAT NIGHT? WHY? You know how much that one night cost me? DO YOU? What were you thinking kissing me? WHAT?"

Tears started rolling out again. She was still holding on to his collar when she continued asking "WHY? Why did you have to………."

She didn't complete her sentence, she released his collar with disgust, and she looked at him for the last time, stepped back, turned around and ran upstairs to their room……..

He stood exactly where he was, glued to that very square foot of the floor, frozen, until his body shook by a LOUD slam on the door………


He was sitting in his car for the last fifteen minutes. He picked up his phone and checked for her call or her message. Nothing. He dialed her number again. It was ringing but she didn't answer. Yet again. He called back, knowing very well that she won't answer but he had to try it at least. He called, she didn't answer. He texted her again – I gave you fifteen minutes, I didn't hear back from you. I am coming over to see you, now. I need to know if you are fine.

He shifted gear, reversed and started driving. Thankfully he knew where she lived. He continued driving, heading towards her home.

He got there, parked his car with a screech. Got out and started walking towards the building. He walked towards the elevator, pressed the right floor, waited, the elevator opened, he quickly got out and walked towards her flat. He rang the doorbell and waited. No answer. He rang it again, ditto. No answer.

He waited there for few minutes then rang the doorbell again. He continued ringing the doorbell like a maniac but still no answer. He took out his phone and called her again. The phone was on, it was ringing but she didn't answer. He was frustrated now. He turned around to leave when he saw Rohan walk passed him, with a lady, maybe his mother. He said "excuse me? Do you know where Khushi is?" The lady replied "I saw her leave for work this morning but I haven't seen her since then, sorry." Saying that she continued walking up the stairs holding Rohan's hand.

Disappointed, he walked back to his car and started driving. Not knowing where exactly he was going. He was just driving. Aimlessly, not knowing where to find her, where would she be. She wasn't at work, she wasn't home. Maybe a friend's place, or the mall, or some restaurant. He called her again, still no answer. Where could she go? What is she doing? Why can't she at least answer my call? Why is she ignoring me? Why can't she text me back? At least I would know she is fine. I just need to know she is fine. I…….

His phone rang, he quickly picked it up blurted "where are you damn it? You have any idea for how long I have been trying to reach you, what is wrong with you? Why didn't you answer my call?" He heard the reply "I didn't get any call from you sir." He checked his phone, it was Roshni. A perfect add on to his frustration, he inhaled, exhaled and answered "what do you want Ms. Saxena?" She replied "Sir, you didn't give us the file for the meeting tomorrow, we have to work on it before the end of the day, the meeting is first thing in the morning. The office called and asked me for it, but I don't have it and you are not even here at the Singhania's meeting. We need that file urgently."

He replied "you couldn't have reminded me while I was there, now I have to, never mind, send the driver to my house in about half hour, I will give it to him." Click!

He ended the unwanted the call and called Khushi back. Still no answer. This time he slammed the phone on the passenger seat and started driving, fast. His frustration had turned to irritation now, especially after Roshni's call, his irritation had turned to rage. He just wanted to find her, NOW. To see how she was. To see why she was avoiding him? To just find out……..

He continued driving, towards his home while his mind flashed that temple, the one he had gotten built for her, his wife Khushi.


He stood there processing what all happened within last ten minutes. Repeating every single sentence she said. He was trying to understand every single meaning behind her frustration, her anger, and her pain.

Especially the unspoken words.

No matter how much he thought, he still couldn't figure out all of it.

But one thing was clear, there WAS a reason, a solid one for to have those two conditions before agreeing on giving him another chance.

She had made it clear on the very day she agreed to give their relationship a second chance – and now he understood – SHE MEANT EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT!

Not acknowledging their relationship in public and not asking her anything about her life after she left RM.

She wasn't bullshitting. It was something big, matter of fact, something HUGE. Something she still wasn't comfortable sharing. Something that still bothered her. Something that was a big deal for her. Something that changed her so much. Something that made her the way she is now.


What was it? Why did she say all that she did? He just stood there across the beautiful temple thinking what could have gone so wrong for her to feel like that? What could have gone wrong? He asked himself again. What happened all of sudden?

All of sudden? I am sure it's not all of sudden. She must have had all this bottled up for long enough to burst out like this.

I am not worried about what all she said today. Whatever she said was true. I am glad she did finally let it out. I do deserve to hear all that and much more. I have wronged her all the way. I have treated her like crap. I have misused her. I have done so many wrong things to her and everything she said was justified. Whatever she said today, I KNOW ALL THAT.

That's not what's bothering me.

I am worried about what she didn't say tonight. What is it that she is not telling me?

I need to know what happened after than night.

Should I ask her? No, I have already given her my word on not asking her anything. To hell with my words, if she is not going to tell me anything on her own, I will have to get it out of her. Come what may. I will have to talk to her. Today. Now. Yes.

He stood there little longer, not knowing what to do next?

What should I do now? How should I talk to her? What should I say to her?

After what just happened, he still needed to know how to go about it. How to proceed with this delicate situation?

I have to be very careful, on what I say, what I do. She is not in the right mind frame right now. She is very upset. I have to make sure I don't upset her further. I have to talk to her though. I can't just let her go through all this alone. Even though she is not willing to share anything with me, I will still have to ask her.

He just stood there by the temple for LONG time.

Or should I wait until tomorrow? Maybe it's a good idea to wait. She is really mad right now, I don't want it to get any worse. I should give her some time. Maybe then she would be willing to talk.

Or should I just call him back and get her file? That should tell me what happened after that night. NO. I can't do that. I can't break her trust like that. NO. Not after I have promised her. I should just ask her. But how, I have also promised her that I won't ask her anything. Khushi, why would you ask me for such promise? WHY?

Why did I agree to that? I had to. That was the only way she was willing to give me another chance. She was very clear about it. I was in no position to bargain on that offer. Either I had to take it or leave it. Now I wonder how desperate I was to bring her back in my life? Pretty desperate I guess. I should have thought about what she was asking and why. But I was too busy being happy that she was willing to give me another chance. Not once I wondered what could be her reason behind such condition.

That's not true, I did think about it. I still think about it. I just can't do anything about it. It was either her way or the highway. What have you done Khushi? How could you just play around with something so big? If it's something that's really big, I am supposed to know. You should tell me. When are you going to tell me? What is it that keeps you from coming clean about things? What are you so hesitant about?

I wish I could explain you that I am okay with everything. I will understand everything that you may want to tell me. Anything and everything. What could be so bad that you are not even willing to talk about it? What is it that you are so reluctant on disclosing to me? What is it that you had your condition before giving me another chance? What is it that makes you so vulnerable at times? I need to know Khushi, I need to know.

After enough contemplation – he finally decided to talk to her, that too now. He didn't want to wait until tomorrow, she was upset now and he needed to know why. Tomorrow would be too late.

Then finally he dragged his exhausted body upstairs. Slowly. Not knowing how to face her? What to say to her? What to talk to her about? How to talk to her? How to ask her?

He got their room, the door was closed. He slowly twisted the knob to see if it was locked. It was not. He opened the door. It was dark inside the room. Only the night light was on by the end table on his side. He couldn't see properly inside the room. He walked to the end table, and turned the lamp on.

He looked around to find her. He found her laying on the bed. She was quiet. She wasn't moving. She wasn't making any sound. He didn't hear her cry. No sound at all. Her face was hidden under her dark hair. She was flat on her belly while her face was resting on her pillow. Laying silently, still in his clothes.

He carefully sat on the bed and said "Khushi?" She didn't answer. He moved towards her, gradually, without making any sound. He spoke again "Khushi?" She still didn't answer. Nor did she move. He was worried now.

He wasn't sure if she was ignoring him on purpose or she was sleeping in real or something else.

He got to her quickly, he moved her hair to see her face. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks had dry spots from her tears. But her face looked calm, very calm. She looked peaceful. Very peaceful. She had really fallen asleep. How? After all that yelling and screaming? She was so mad at him, how was she able to sleep after what just happened about an hour ago?

He wasn't sure if she was pretending to sleep or was it that she had taken her pain medicine earlier. Maybe that had helped. If she really was sleeping then he was glad in a way that she took her medicine before her emotional outburst.

Part B Continues……….


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It all started with 300 Rupees Chapter 24 (Part B)

He walked towards her side of the bed, kneeled beside her and held her hand, very carefully and said "Khushi, I just want to let you know that I am here for you. You can tell me anything you want. I promise I will understand. I want to know what's bothering you, I want to know what is it that you don't want to share with me. I can't even ask you because you have told me not to. But believe me, I want to know. I can't see you like this. You are the one who said to me at the beach on the award night, we have to let go of the past to move on the future. I have, now it's your turn. And trust me, I am there with you, for you. Whatever it is that you want to talk about, I am willing to listen, I am willing to understand."

He stopped talking, realizing that he was talking to a sleeping Khushi, he touched her face, gently, trying to wipe the dry marks from her cheeks. Then he placed a feather like kiss on the visible part of her forehead. All he could mutter was "good night" and placed another warm kiss on her right cheek and covered her properly with the blanket.

He watched her sleep like that. Just like he had done many nights at RM. He didn't know when sleep took over the beautiful sight of his wife and he closed his eyes.

He woke up, turned around to see his sleeping wife, but she was missing. He quickly got up, looked around but she wasn't there. He figured she has probably left without informing him. He wasn't surprised. He had a bad feeling that she might do that. He found his clothes on the bed. He picked his phone to call her, but saw a text from her. I am going home. Please don't call me as of now, I will call you myself. I am sorry for last night.

End Flashback

It was that night and now it's today, they still hadn't talked. She didn't call him back, she avoided the meeting, she wasn't home, she wasn't answering his phone, and she hadn't returned any of his texts. He got to his home, parked his car, got out, unlocked the door and walked in. He took his phone out and called Roshni, "I am home now, send the driver, I will give him the file." She replied "I am done with the meeting, I can come pick it up if that's fine with you". ASR replied "I think you are getting paid pretty good salary to work as a manager, not a delivery person, send the driver." CLICK!

He hung up the phone in irritation and walked upstairs. He opened the door to the study room, rushed towards the desk, shuffled through bunch of files and finally found it. He took the file out and looked at the time. She still hadn't called him back yet. No calls, no message. Nothing.

He was anxious now. He took the file and walked back downstairs. He left the file on the table downstairs and walked back upstairs. It had been an exhausting day today. He had tried over and over again, but he was still unable to find Khushi.

Where are you Khushi? Why are you doing this to me? Where should I find you? I need to know where you are. I need to know if you are okay. Call me Khushi, call me now. Or at least text me. We have to talk. NOW. You can't ignore me like this, not forever. Why are you so stubborn?

He smiled thinking about his own thought. Stubborn? Yes, that she was. The only woman who he found more stubborn than himself. Only she could beat him in stubbornness.

The only difference was she didn't hurt anyone when it came to her stubbornness, unlike him. He didn't care who came in between when it came to his ego. But her, even in her ego, she wouldn't hurt anyone. Khushi, his Khushi. Such pure hearted person. How was she capable of love so much? How? She had been through so much herself, then how was she able to spread a smile on other people's face? How? Why can't I do that? Why am I such a jerk? Why can't I be like her?

He walked up lost in his thoughts, got to his room. Opened the door and walked straight to his closet, opened it……

Surprised to see how it was such a mess. It was perfectly fine this morning when he left for work. Why was it such a mess? All his clothes were misplaced.

He was utterly confused, not being able to comprehend anything at all.

He saw the layers of t-shirts just sitting there. How did it all get here? Did I do this? No I didn't. Why would I do this? I didn't take any casuals out this morning. Then how are these here? He saw all the shirts sitting there, in a mess, opened and layered up.

Am I really losing my mind like this? Why can't I remember doing any of this? Khushi, what the hell are you doing to me? Call me before I totally lose my mind……

He turned around…….

Shocked to see what he found next…….

What? What's going on? Am I hallucinating again? Or is this actually true? Is this real? Seriously?


Was she really there? On his bed? On their bed? Just casually taking a nap?

While he was running all over the town looking for her? She was here? In his house? In their house?

He was more confused now. What was going on? What was she doing there? When did she come there? What was happening?

He was shocked out of his mind. He didn't know what was going on? He had never been this confused. NEVER. How, what, why, when?

He started walking towards her when the bell rang. She flinched in her sleep. She was passed out. He didn't want her to wake up from the doorbell, he quickly ran downstairs, opened the door and gave the file to the driver.

He came back upstairs, came inside the room and saw her, still sleeping on their bed, peacefully, yet again. Then he noticed her clothes. She was wearing his clothes again. Why? He looked around the room. Her dress shoes were sitting by the edge of the bed with her nude stocking on top. Her skirt was on the bed, with her dress shirt on top. Then he saw her bra, just sitting there on top of her work clothes.

His eyebrows arched.

His face formed that perfect smirk again.

His lips couldn't control that smile.

He looked at her again. So she is not wearing anything under my shirt? His mischievous mind started thinking. He couldn't stop looking at her. She was sleeping on his side of the bed today. She was hugging his pillow. She was wearing his clothes. She was on their bed. She was in their house. And she was peacefully sleeping.




He turned around to see his clothes, that big pile of mess in the closet again. Now it all made sense. She obviously came here after she left work. She knew I wouldn't look for her here. She changed into my casuals because she doesn't have any comfortable clothes here. And she decided to turn her phone on silent and take a nap? What am I going to do with you Khushi? He thought. Then smiled.

And thought again, she was smart enough to not go to her own place. She probably knew I would go there to find her. For the first time he wanted to call Ms. Saxena and thank her for asking him for the file. He couldn't stop smiling watching his wife sleeping there while he went crazy looking for her all over the town.

"Khushi" that's all he could say. He just stood there, watching his wife slumber while he went almost crazy today looking for her. Why am I not mad at her for acting like this? Why am in not mad at her for driving me crazy like this? Why am I smiling like an idiot? Why am I not angry? Why am I just standing here and admiring her beautiful face? What is wrong with me?

How could I get mad her? It's Khushi. My Khushi. I think I have spent too long getting mad at her for no reason that even though I do have reason to get mad at her now, I simply can't get mad at her. One glimpse of her innocent face makes me forget everything. How could I get mad at her? How did I ever get mad at her before? What is wrong with me? How could I ever treat her like that? From breaking her pearl to dragging to a temple – that was all me. ME.

And even then she was able to forgive me. That's Khushi. That's the difference between her and I. I know how to give pain, she knows how to forgive.

She tossed, still holding onto his pillow. And curled like a baby. He watched her sleep so peacefully, like a baby. As much as he wanted to stand there and admire his lost and found wife, he decided to leave the room to let her sleep. He got out of the room, and left the door slightly open. He walked downstairs, now smiling like an idiot the whole time.

He got to his living room, turned the television on and called Ms. Saxena, "do I have any meetings lined up today? Oh, two, with who? Cancel them, I won't be able to attend any meetings today, postpone it for tomorrow or some other day, email me the details, thank you!"

He looked at the phone, how happy he felt. All his craziness, all his irritation, all his agitation, all just went away. It just vanished. Just like that. How much she controlled how he felt. How her each actions changed his mood, instantly. He felt happy when she was around. He felt sad when she wasn't around. He gets irritated when he can't reach her? He gets frustrated when she doesn't return his messages.

Her – how could she control me like that? I wonder if she even aware of her effect on me. How would she know? She is sleeping. Just like that. Like nothing has happened. First her emotional outburst that night, then her not talking before dozing off that night, then leaving without telling me, then not answering my call, then not attending the meeting, then instead of going home, she came here.

Here? He smiled again. It was the first time he was smiling since that night. He wanted to talk to her. See her, feel her, touch her, kiss her, and make love to her. Though he just saw her upstairs, he wanted to see her again. When is she going to wake up? I wonder when she got here. If she came here right before the meeting then she has already slept for a long time now. But that doesn't mean the she went to sleep right when she came here.

He walked to the kitchen to fetch water. He looked around the kitchen. There were pizza boxes sitting on the counter top. So she came here, ordered pizza, ate her pizza and then went to take a nap? While I was going crazy looking for her? What is wrong with her? He had his smirk and his smile at the same time. He opened the pizza box, only one slice left. He almost wanted to laugh, imagining her eat the whole pie by herself.

Maybe she has changed a lot but she still knows how to eat. He loved that side of her. His foodie wife. He took that one left over slice, warmed it up and ate it. He smiled again. How could someone so small eat this whole pie herself? No wonder she is napping like a baby. Who wouldn't? After such a heavy lunch. Where is her phone? I didn't see her bag. I must have missed it.

He picked up the control to change the channel when he heard her footsteps.

Part  C Continues……

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It all started with 300 Rupees (Part C)

He didn't move. He didn't want her to know he was home already. He just waited downstairs for her to come down but she didn't. He couldn't hear any footsteps anymore. He started walking upstairs to check what she was doing. He tip-toed, not knowing if she went back to sleep or if she was still up.

He got closer to the half open door when he heard her. She was talking. She was on her phone. He carefully stayed outside to see who she was calling. He had his phone with him, she surely didn't call him. That's when he heard her "Hi Jenny, no I am fine, my phone was on silent. Yes I did see ALL the missed calls. Sorry I wasn't feeling good. I was sort of taking a nap. No, no I am fine, just little tired. Tomorrow? Yes I will come to work tomorrow, why wouldn't I? Where is Karan? Oh, how did that go? Who else was there? And? Mr. Raizada wasn't there?"

As much as knew he shouldn't eavesdrop on his wife, he couldn't help it, especially when she was inquiring about him. He stayed put behind the door listening to his wife's phone call. "He wasn't? Really? He didn't come? Oh, really? He left? When? Oh, did he say anything? No I just wanted to know if he said anything abo……never mind. So who all attended the meeting? Roshni? She did? On his behalf? Did they come together? No I was just wondering. Was she being a b*t*h today too? She did? Did she really say that? Was he there when she said that? Oh – I meant if Mr. Raizada was there when she said that? Oh, he wasn't. Karan said that, I will have to call him and thank him. True, I can thank him tomorrow in person. Yes he did call me, I have more missed calls than I thought. I will call Karan back shortly. How is everything else in the office? Good! Do you need anything? I sort of left without any notice. Sorry about that. I just had to clear my mind. Did the meeting go well? Good. Who? Is K back? When? Oh, that's why I had her missed calls. That's good to hear. Thanks for letting me know, I will call her back before I call Karan or she will kill me. I am so glad she is back. I missed her last few days. Okay Jenny, I have to go, call me if you need anything. I will have my phone on now. Bye!"

He stood there at the door. Even he didn't know what he was thinking when he dialed her number while standing right there, three feet from her. Her phone rang, she looked at it. She just stared it. He wanted to see how she reacts with his phone call. Is she going to answer it? Is she going to press end? Is she going to throw her phone? What would she do? She continued staring at her phone. Without moving it away from her eyes. She just sat on their bed, held her phone in her hands and just stared at it ringing.

It was disconnected now. He noticed her disappointed look. She grabbed his pillow again and hugged it tight. And started her self-talk. Arnav Ji I am sorry for that night. I don't know what came over me to talk like that to you. I know you didn't mean any harm with everything you did for me. I know that, but I was just too overwhelmed by everything happening so quick. I don't even know what I would say to you if I pick up your phone. I just……..She stopped talking……..

She dialed someone. Not him. His phone didn't ring. She held her phone to her ears. After few seconds she spoke. Hi K, how are you? No I am sorry, I didn't see your calls. My phone was on silent. I was taking a nap. Yes, I was taking a nap. Why? I can't take a nap. I know, I sort of took half day today, I was tired. Yes I was tired. Just stuff. Why are you so surprised? So what if I never take days off? I wanted to today. No, I am not hiding anything. A guy? What? Why do you always talk about guys? Why would I lie? What am I sixteen? No I am not seeing anyone. She smiled. And hugged his pillow even tighter. When do you want to meet? Tonight? Okay I guess. I will let you know. Bye!

Her phone rang again. She picked up "Hi Karan, sorry I was kind of……my phone was on silent. No I am fine. Yes I am sure. What's going on? I just talked to her right before you called. Yes, I have talked to Jenny already, yes, no of course not. I am feeling better, not a big deal. I was just tired, that's all. I know Karan. I know. Thanks. Yes I did have my lunch. I will have Jenny email me all that. Hey Jenny told me about the meeting. Yes, she did tell me about that too. Thanks for saying that. I appreciate it. How do I know what's her problem with me? No of course not. Yes, I will come to work tomorrow. No I don't need any more days off. Where am I? She was silent. She looked around the room, making her way from the window to the ceiling to the other side of the wall and said I am home. I think. I am home. Yes, I will see you tomorrow. Bye Karan."

He heard that. He saw that. Her words, her actions. She called it her home. HER HOME. He had never liked the word home so much before. She actually said she was home. She considers this her home. Her two words made him the happiest person on earth. How much he wanted to barge in and kiss her but he stopped himself. He walked back to stairs and went downstairs. He didn't want her to know that he was listening to her conversations. He decided to go to the kitchen to make coffee for both of them. He stayed in the kitchen until coffee was done. She still hadn't called him back. Nor did she come downstairs. What is she doing? He wondered.

He poured two mugs of coffee and started walking back up. He would properly go inside the room this time. He got to the room and walked in without knocking. Her back was flat on the bed while she had his pillow on her belly, well snuggled between her two arms. She heard the sound, her body jerked up in shock. She sat up faster than she thought.

She looked at him in shock. Without blinking. Her eyes opened wide.

She didn't know what to say.

She didn't know what to do.

She wasn't expecting him there.

Not right now.

When did he come?

What was he doing here?

Why didn't I hear him come?

She was too shocked to say anything or do anything.

She saw him walk to her, she froze.

He walked to her, sat on the bed beside her, looked at her and said "Good morning."

She blinked. Still in shock. Not knowing how to respond to that. What to say. She was embarrassed at getting caught there. Like that.

He said again "coffee?" and extended the mug towards her.

She still didn't move. He said again "Khushi? Are you okay?"

She blinked again. She moved now. She slid her body back a little, resting it on the head board. She muttered "I…….I just came here to…….because……I"

He interrupted "I made coffee, do you want coffee?" Then she noticed him holding two mugs of coffee. He already knew she was here. How? When? She was confused. But she didn't say anything.

He spoke again "I make pretty good coffee too, you want to try it?" That's when she realized it was the third time he had offered her coffee in the last three minutes. She finally took one of the mugs from him and said "thank you."

He replied "my pleasure, I hope you like it."

They both sat there, holding their coffee and staring at each other. She didn't know what to say. He waited for her to say something.

She saw him look at her like that again. However much she wanted to look away, she couldn't. He had a way to hypnotize her with those eyes of his. Those perfect eyes. Every time he looked at her, she would melt. She told herself, look away Khushi, look away. But her eyes were as stubborn as his.

She sipped her coffee and said "good coffee, I never thought you will ever make coffee for me", she didn't know how she said that, and why. She just looked at him after saying that, her facial expression had changed, from calm to frown. He noticed that, he spoke "what's wrong?" she replied "nothing." He spoke again "why did you think I would never make coffee for you?" Her frown came back. He noticed that, yet again. She said "I don't know."

He replied "tell me." Her eyebrows arched, her face was now mix of calm and a perfect frown. She replied "I am just surprised, that's all." He spoke "why?" She just looked at him, she thought this conversation was over but…….she replied "because you have never done that before, that's why." He didn't say anything. That conversation was officially over.

He spoke "how are you feeling?" she looked at him, now she preferred talking about coffee rather than how she was feeling conversation. Talk about coffee again, she demanded, inside her mind. Let's talk more about coffee. Not realizing how she was sitting only few inches away from those gazing eyes who could read her mind very well.

He said "what are you thinking?" she quickly replied "I was just wondering where did you learn to make coffee." He answered "oh, I took quick six week culinary classes offered by Starbucks at the university."

She looked confused, so confused that he couldn't even hold his laugh like he had intended to.

He saw her face once again and just laughed. Laughed really hard.

Her mouth formed that 'o' again. She saw him laugh so hard. It reminded her of that time when he laughed for the first time before they went to Nainital. Then she remembered he laughed so much because her face was a mess. Then she recalled that he had laughed at her. Then she realized he was laughing at her, yet again.

She said "are you laughing at me?" He said "yes."

She said "I don't know why you are laughing, your joke wasn't even funny!" and continued sipping her coffee.

He said "I wasn't laughing at my joke, I was laughing at your wonderful facial expression."

She didn't say anything. She knew his joke was funny. She knew she was actually confused for a second after hearing the coffee classes. She smiled. He saw that.

He said "now you find my joke funny?"

She replied "no, I was thinking about something else". He replied "oh really? What?" She answered "I was thinking about the very first time you laughed in front of me." He answered "oh that Nainital fiasco?"

Her eyebrows arched again. She was surprised, yet again. He did remember everything. He was right. How did he remember everything?

He asked "what's wrong?" She replied "nothing, I am just surprised that you remembered that." He replied "how could I forget that? You looked beautiful in that lehenga that you wore that day."

She didn't say anything. No thank you. Nothing. She was too busy thinking how she still couldn't believe that he remembered so much in detail about her. Even back then. How? Why?

She said "you never told me that before" he replied "I never told you many things before, that was just one of the things." She said "can I ask you something?" he answered "anything!" she replied "oh!"

He said "what do you want to know?" she replied "if I ask you, you will tell me?" he said "yes, I will." She asked "you are not wondering what I am doing here after what happened that night?" That was the last question he was expecting but since she had asked that, he answered "no" She asked, "why not?" Arnav replied "it's your house, you can come here anytime you want, that's why. And about that night, I was kind of hoping that you would bring out that topic and now that you have brought it up, tell me." He put his coffee mug on the end table, walked back to the bed, sat right next to her and said "I am waiting."

She replied "for what?" He said "to talk about that night, you wanted to talk about that night, right?" she quickly answered "no I don't want to talk about that night" He said "are you ever going to talk about…….." he stopped talking, realizing what he was about to say. He noticed her face changing, from calm to frown to nervous. He continued "don't worry, I am not going to ask you anything you are not willing to tell me. All I want to let you know is that I am here for you, for whatever that bothers you so much that you are so hesitant on telling me."

He stopped talking. All she muttered was "thank you." He noticed her face, she was lost in her thoughts again. He wanted to change her mood, he said….

 "can I use my pillow?"

She looked at him in surprise and said "yes, sorry I….." she waited for him to take the pillow from her lap but he fixed the pillow, right there on her lap, stretched his legs and placed his head on the pillow, on her lap and said "thanks!"

She said "do you want to take a nap?" he replied "no" and that's it. She said "you can if you want to, I will go put the mugs away back in the kitchen", he turned his head and said "are you done with your coffee?" she replied "yes" He took the mug from her hand placed it on the floor without moving from her lap. She was noticing him do all that.

She asked "how come you are here at this time? Why aren't you at work?" He replied "Ms. Saxena needed some file so I had to come home to get it." She quickly asked "did she come here?" He heard her question, now turned his whole body around, while his elbows rested on the pillow on her lap, his face now facing hers, and said "why would she come here?" She answered "I don't know, I am just asking." She was trying to read his face but it was totally unreadable at the time. He spoke "you don't know?" She avoided looking at him, she turned her face to see outside the window.

He cupped her chin and turned her face to see him and said "you don't know?" Her breathing became rapid, just that one touch could make her feel like that. He noticed that, saw her chest rise and drop. Then he remembered how she wasn't wearing her bra underneath his shirt. Another sensation ran through his body with just that one thought. He asked again "you don't know Khushi?" She stammered "I kn…..ow" He asked without moving his eyes from hers "what do you know?" She tried controlling her out of control desires, she tried to remain calm, and replied "that you wouldn't bring her here".

He continued looking at her, he held her hand and caressed her palm using her thumb, in circles and said "and?" She was running out of breath just with that. He hadn't even done anything yet. How she wished that she could control feeling like that from his touch. She knew he was very good at this, for the first time she wanted to fight what he was best at, she said "and nothing, that's it. How was the meeting?"

He noticed the change in her voice, in her body. He knew exactly what she was doing, he smiled and said "how do I know, I wasn't there." She replied "why not?" He answered "I was too busy looking for you." She said "sorry, so who attended the meeting?" He knew very well that she knew exactly what happened at the meeting, he had heard her phone conversations but he still answered "Ms. Saxena did." She said "oh" and said again "is she a good employee?"

He saw her, how she was trying very hard to distract him from her, or her from him. He cupped her face with both hands, and said "Mrs. Raizada, I haven't seen you for a long time now, I haven't talked to you for so long, I have missed you more than I can explain, I am thrilled to see you here in our bedroom, I don't think, no sorry, let me rephrase, I DON'T WANT TO discuss anyone else right now, in our bedroom, on our bed, with my wife, who happen to look super sexy right now. Does that answer your question?"

Part D Continues……

STOP: As many of you have requested before, I am letting you know in advance. Part D contains mature content. Please read at your own risk. Minors – I will see you in the next update. Thanks!! Anyone who is not reading Part D – don't forget to LIKE/and leave comments. I appreciate it! Thanks

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