Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut - July 19, 2012

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                                      Rabba Vey Rabba Vey 


"I cannot let you burn me up, nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed." 
                                        A.S. ByattPossession

As i watched the episode today .. the only thought in my mind was "Kyon KASAK hai itna tere Ishq main Rabba Vey Rabba Vey .. An absolutely scorcher of an episode we had the characters aligned properly .. we had some major movements in the household opening up to one another ... we saw the shattered family slowly by slowly piecing each part of their lives together .. & Hell Yea we saw some ... Burining HOT passionate moments with our lovely Arhi ... yea guys an episode fairly liberally sprinkled with the exquisite Arhi Magic Dust... yep all in an 18 minute episode of IPK


Dear Fellow Viewer & Reader .. welcome to yet another edition of DC .. today for all us viewers .. there was just one thing in the episode  .. the Arhi magic .. the Sizzling Hot passion shown ... so guys sit tight while v recreate the 18 minute magic for you in words ... 

Scene 1:

The episode starts with Khushi ( yes the relentless KKG) outside Akash's bedroom door &  apologizing to him about her earlier conversation .. she starts to tell Akash why She & Payal never spoke about the incident when she is interrupted & dragged away by Payal who reprimands her for speaking out of turn. Mami & Nani walk in with mami being acerbic & saying that the Gupta Sisters had ruined Anji's life specially Khushi .. to which Nani intervenes & sets the matter straight saying Khushi was right & the only person in the wrong was Shyam ..Nani reiterates that Khushi & Payal did this to keep the family together .. Mami huffs & walks away followed by Akash .. Khushi is left behind . with a sad smile on her face .. 

Pause Pause : Director's Lens 

Whoa .. Finally !!! was my first thot on watching this scene .. finally people in this family are coming out of their shock .. coming out of the bubble of deceit created in their minds and talking-to each other .. i have always felt misunderstanding result in better understanding once its revealed. 
So what happened here .. what was the Directors lens showing us .. Look At Akash he is listening to Khushi with rapt attention .. he even speaks out when Payal takes away Khushi .. so do u think Akash does not believe in Khushi's innocence .. of course he knows Shyam is Guilty .. he knows his "BHAI" .. Akash is simply angry with both the sisters .. & justifiably so for hiding things from him .. specially Payal .. he always felt if he knew the truth he could have avoided such a BIG blow out ... Is Akash wrong here?  No of course he is NOT .. its the first rule of marriage .. the first VOW never hide things from your partner .. & Payal broke this sacred vow .. Isn't Akash whose whole reason for marrying a girl like Payal was specially so that she would honor her vows .. a simple girl .. without pretensions .. without guise .. & today he sees the biggest guise .. 
Mami .. why is she angry with Khushi .. she is angry not because she does trust her or trusts Shyam .. NO .. she is angry .. because Khushi did not reveal ALL to her .. please go back to the kidnapping episodes .. Mami .. had told her expressly don't HIDE things from me .. we are partners .. & what did Khushi DO .. SHE HID .. she did not let Mami who was the more matured one of the 2 handle matters or guide her .. So tell me guys is Mami justified .. HELL yes she is .. 
Nani : the one person in the family who knows it all ... the voice of reason .,. the person who is the rock of this household the foundation block .. stands firmly in front of Khushi .. one wonders if she will always be the ROCK for Khushi .. whenever ASR is not around .. Fervently hope so .. 
Khushi: Akask angry ... YES
Mami angry .. Yes
Payal angry .. YEs 
Is Khushi at fault .. yes ... BUT ... what did Khushi do that a good caring daughter in law .. or a good caring wife .. or a good caring sister in law would no do .. Khushi is at fault YES .. but not of ruining Anjali's LIFE .. that was ruined by a MAN called SHYAM MANOHAR JHA ... & the day the bubble fully bursts you will see this family rallying around Khushi.

Release pause : Proceed Scene..

Khushi is outside her room drinking tea she sees Anjali Pass by .. she quickly gets up to go to her room .. she keeps her cup of tea on a table & proceeds towards her wardrobe Big smile .. she opens the wardrobe, moves the clothes & is shocked to see Arnav sitting in the same way she had sat once. She is trying to hold her smile controls the impulse .. move away when Arnav jumps from inside the wardrobe & tells her he is recreating the moments they were together & if she remembered she sasy No & he picks up a glass of water & throws it on her face. She gets angry & turns away to go when ASR gets angry with her & remembers Nk's words that he needs to be calm & he calmly asks Khushi to look at him when he talks to her & Khushi says what would he do if she dint .. ASR then pulls her to himself & tells her she knows what he will do .. he remembers their first meeting when he had broken the string of pearls in her dress . & reaches behind her , moves her hair away & goes towards the same place while intimately holding her close ..They have an intense eye lock .. Khushi tells him that he is misbehaving with her . he says he hasn't even started on that .. he says he can do this & much more since she is his wife .. she tells him the marriage was by force & she doesnt consider him her husband . .. he says ok so consider in NOW ... he is about to kiss her .. when they are rudely interrupted by a knock on the door heralding HP's entry telling them Nani called them down ... ASR quickly pulls Khushi in his arms & tells HP to tell Nani they would be down shortly ... 

Pause Pause : Directors Lens 

My God when u read above can u even feel an iota of passion .. HELL NO .. but thats the script given to the Director & the actors ... BUT .. what u see leaves you with an elevated heart beat .. increased breaths .. & an intense feeling of love & passion around you .,... the passion of the moment mesmerizes you..
What do i say which was not convyed superbly through both Barun & Sanaya .. BArun to me always excelled in passion ... But today Sanaya .. was breath taking ..FAB .. the enraged wife .. in throes of passion was beautifully enacted by her .. 
Oh our lady is mad .. Oh our lady is gonna take him on a spin .. Oh our lady is not gonna relent so easily ... 
BUT BOY OH BOY .. did u see the HINT OF A SMILE ... BINGO Arnav Bitwa ,.. you r finally on the right track .. yep ... Ladki hassi toh Phassi .. bas hasane ki deri hai ... 
What struck me in this scene .. i mean apart from the sizzling dose of passion was ... ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA .. is relentless .. he is not going to give up .. for him he has accepted her as his Ardhangini .. Better half .. he will go to ends of the WORLD .. for a smile on her face .,. even if is meant ...making a bit of a fool of himself .. sacrificing some of that famous temper .. KHushi .. baby succumb he aint relenting .. 
The other thing that struck me .. was Arnav is not in a mood to HIDE his LOVE for this woman .. there is no CLOAK & DAGGER stuff here ... look how he is openly agreeing with NK he loves KHUSHI ... today when HP disturbed them ... whoa .,. i thot whoops there goes HP's Job ... But NO SHOUTING .. & he instead of putting Khushi away from him ... PULLED HER CLOSER ... 
Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is in LOVE ... & he wants the WORLD TO KNOW IT ... 

Release Pause : Proceed Scene ...

Nani is sitting in the living room when Arnav & Khushi join her there they are by now both spotting identical wet faces .. Nani ribs them & then tells Arnav that Anjali wants to visit a temple post the Satsang ..Arnav says he wil join them ..nani is surprised by this & smiles at Khushi .. Khushi tells Nani that she is fine & she will not go. Exit frame Nani .. KHushi turns to go & Arnav holds her hand saying i Hurt you .. she says i am used to getting hurt by him & says she doesnt still consider him her husband & goes to walk up the stairs followed by ASR who pins her between his arms on the wall. He tells her she will claim his as her husband & he will make her. Khushi tells him he has been dreaming a lot lately. He tells her she will come running into his arms & surrender & deliberately calls her KKGSR ... she tells him if that happens then she will agree that he is her husband .. but not to hold high hopes as that dint seem to be happening any time soon ...
Arnav moves away & says its a deal ..Khushi walks away in a huff while Arnav looks on smilingly while an NK in the background mutters ISS WAR KO KYA NAAM DOON  .. simple NK Bhai .. ISS KO PYAAR KA HI NAAM DO .. Heart

Pause Pause : Directors Lens 

Oh i love this scene .. yea of course for the passion .. yea who wouldn't ... but for me the icing was the GOING back the WOOING days ... Look at the scene .. 

You have a Nani .. who is indulgently sitting & teasing the 2 .. knowing they were upto some mischief .. ( remember the shaadi saree waala incident) 
You have a NK .. who is quietly watching them & wondering why these 2 can't get that they are made for each other ( remember the dance practice scene) &
You have Arnav & Khushi whoa whoa .. once again challenging one another .. once again ... hmmm
Ok My dear readers ... Now i will leave you with a POINTER .. on what to expect .. yea i know you want to know .. 

In the past there were 2 challenges that were played between Khushi & Arnav .. 
1. Sangeet Dance competition
2. Mehendi Kiss one .. 

Now above both the competitions were won by one lady called KHushi Kumari Gupta .. Now my dear readers ... any Guesses who will  WIN THIS ONE ..  whoa .. what is the saying .. Third Time ?????

Release Pause: Proceed Scene 

Arnav comes into Anjali's room asking her if she was ready & why does she have to go the mandir is she healthy enough, he also tells her hope she is not fasting .. she reassures him & is pleased he is coming with her. Arnav gets a call from Aman saying he has an important meeting in Agra .. he tells Aman to cancel the meeting & says to push it for 3 months later .. Anjali interrupts him & asks him to go .. saying that he needs to go & that she would be fine .. it was enough that he thought of her & wanted to go with her .. mami enters & Arnav tells mami to take Anjali & takes good care of her. 
Cut TO ; Arnav in the room with Khushi .. getting ready to leave for Agra .. he asks Khushi if she would like to join him .. & she says no she would not... Aranv asks her to reconsider as she is alone at home & he would show her Taj Mahal ..she says she wants to clean up he says what you head ..Khushi says that would clean up once he leaves ...   Khushi is alone in the room muttering to her self .. when she starts hearing noises & the door to the room starts opening & closing .. suddenly there is thunder & Lightining outside her room .. as she walks close to the poolside . the lights go off in the room .she steps out to repair the fuse .. and gets more nervous .. when she sees a shadow of a person .. ... CUT ... 

Pause Pause : Directors Lens 

A pretty much straight forward scene ... but what stood out was the awesome lighting & .. the whole darkness aura created & the stealth of shadows created was very good ... Sanaya was good in her portrayal of fear ... guys there were 2 important things in this scene that the Director conveyed to us .. hope you focussed on it ...
1. Anjali & Arnav scene .. when Arnav gets a call from Aman to go to Agra & he first refuses .. Anjali is happy & then she tells him don't hold for me you go ... NOW look here .. what she says .. IT is  ENOUGH FOR ME that you THOUGHT OF ME ... please remember this dialogue .. will be extremely important in the future playout ... 
2. Aranv when is leaving he asks Khushi to join him extremely casually .. ( no hint of the challenge & passion) she of course says NO .. hmm was he expecting that .. HELL YES ... then he tells her .. ALONE AT HOME U WILL GET SCARED ... 
Aranv says i wil show you TAJ MAHAL .. the biggest MONUMENT of EXPRESSION OF  LOVE  between a man & a wife that exists on earth .. Big smile .. guys let you imaginations now run wild .. what is Mr. Arshad Khan telling us here today .. 


Today .. i got the IPK i was looking for ... there was laughter in one side . there was rife on one side .. there was sadness on one side .. there was happiness on one side .. there was a Rift on one side ... & there was sizzling HOT PASSION on one side .. .. is it any wonder .. we are glued here ... wondering .. Bhai ... 

Goodnite .. yea baby .. Hot dreams to all .. 
Grab a warm blanket ... slide into the dream world of Arhi Magic .. 
I'll meet you once again tomorrow .. till then  Cya at the IPKs. 

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Iss War ko Kya Naam Doon?


Arnav Singh Raizada


He's back and how !!!


We've all been very patiently waiting for Arnav to become the man we all fell in love with' The Mighty Arnav Singh Raizada'. And today my friends, didn't we see the glimpse of the old ASR charm !!!


Yesterday, I was skeptical after the precap looking at him sitting in the cupboard for Khushi'. I mean ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA sitting in cupboard like a kid !!! I wondered if the old Arnav Singh Raizada, who we fell in love with' will ever be back' and voila' today he was back with a bang !!


So, what all did we see today'..


Day Dreaming ASR style flirting' Check !


Day Dreaming The famous ASR gussa' Check !


Day Dreaming Pulling Khushi close to him by roughly holding her hands' Check !


Day Dreaming Ready to go to temple only for Di'. Check


Day Dreaming Phone call from Aman' check !


Day Dreaming Scolding Aman'. Check !


Day Dreaming Challenging Khushi'. Check !


Day Dreaming What The' Finally... Check !



Arnav Singh Raizada has fallen in love' and is head over heels ! He wants to woo his upset wife' he wants to make her smile and for that he can do anything ! And he has been doing it since her birthday' he prayed with her in the Mandir at Buaji's house, he did everything Buaji asked him to do'  without complaints ! He got expensive gift for what he thought she needed, when she wasn't happy, he took help from NK' someone he really doesn't like, he lit up the room for her, wanted to cut the cake with her, but she still wasn't happy ! Because he couldn't wish her as he has never wished anyone ! But he did that too.. only thing, she was sleeping, or so he thought ! He then bought a beautiful Sari' his choice, and he knew she would love it too' but she didn't accept that either.


And then today, when he tried to recreate their beautiful moments together and she denied that too' ASR's ego was finally hurt ! And then he hurt her' the way he always has' but pulling her hands so hard that his imprints were branded on her ! He realized her pain later, tried to apologize but Khushi is still in no mood to forgive him' What does he do? He throws a challenge at her that soon she will accept him as her lawfully wedded husband !


Remember, ASR has challenged Khushi twice before'


1.    Sangeet

2.    Kiss


Both the challenges were won by Khushi' but only because the first time he helped her win, and the second time he wished her to win. Now, he has thrown a third challenge' Do we see Khushi running towards him and hugging him tight' so that she finally accept him as her husband ! Will Arnav get Third time Lucky???


For that we have to wait and watch tomorrow' sharp at 8:00 PM IST'






Pointers of the day:


1.    Naani playing the true matriarch and telling Maami that she supports Khushi and Payal ! She understands why the Gupta sisters kept quiet !Thumbs Up


2.    Finally Nani accepting in front of the family that it was not Khushi's fault but entirely Shyam's fault ! Clap


3.    Akash witnessing Payal scolding Khushi.. and also witnessed Naani supporting Payal. Shocked Akash silently noticing the good intentions of Payal.Approve So there's still hope for Akash.D'oh


4.    Anjali finally getting little bit normal' letting chhotey go to the meeting,  herself going to the satsang, more importantly getting out of the house !Approve


5.    Sadly NK only for one minute ! Unhappy


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Ok... my comments
Noorie (ritzy) - you have an amazing sense of characters and the check list... We were so waiting for the "What the"... Waiting the outcome of the challenge and yes this time is ASR's turn... according to me the previous two turns are won by Khushi because ASR wanted her to and not because khushi did win...
Chandni (redwine) - Teri to baat hi alag hai... kya bolon main... Love the pause and play thingy and seriously I do that.. I have your post and the video and follow through...
Ena, meena, anju manju... yaaa Madhu (girl on fire) -  Chandni and noorie kept saying read madhu's post.. she is fabulous and I should ask the question where were you meri jaan... amazing write up... loved the whole thing about the game... Man you post is on fire...
Megh meri kaali ghata - I am waiting for your post... update karne ke baad message kariyo..
Loved all of them... Thank you... As I read more I will keep updating my post and PM the person

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I love the pause release!
Wonderful interpretation!!

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Together, we, us...

Payal and Akash - the perfect couple, shy and introverted are finding that loving someone without going through some life experiences together is not the best way to start a life together. 

Payal knew what she was getting into with her mother-in-law, and she is determined and stubborn in her own quiet way to wear her down. She never raises her voice until she absolutely is pushed to it. She had no expectations from her mother-in-law, so she is able to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. 

Akash on the other hand, has lived in the shadow of his larger than life brother. And he has learnt from this brother how to speak out confidently and stand up for what he believes in. Unfortunately, he's also inherited his brother's shortcomings. And unlike his brother, he does not have Khushi in his life who will tell him the error of his ways in no uncertain terms. Because Payal so far is still bending over backwards to stay quiet and not rock the boat. 

Which is why, now, he sits in the driver's seat of his married life, with his wife way in the back, his mother in between, his cousin next to him.

In the flush of first love, Akash made many promises. The first of which was to never hide anything from Payal, and she had also made the same promise. He is unhappy that Payal could not trust him enough to tell him such a big secret, and he takes the harsh words further and further, refusing to even see her point of view. It is a bitter pill for Payal - because her expectations from him were high. He had, after all, married her for love. And love means being together in everything. Love means never having to say sorry. Love means understanding each others points of view - not necessarily agreeing with each other. Their love began with very little of shared experiences. There were moments - but no experience, and experiences shared TOGETHER teaches you about the other person. 

Love and Marriage means that a big portion of 'I', 'me', 'mine', becomes 'we', 'us', 'ours'. Like Arnav and Khushi they still have to learn this. 

But he had also made a lot of promises to her parents and Buaji - that he would never let her be unhappy. And he has broken those promises every single day since Shyam left.

Today with Khushi's apology and Nani's firm backup of both Khushi and Nani, he seems to be wondering if he has made a mistake after all. 

There is always hope for Akash because he was supposedly the most 'suljha hua' grandchild of Devyani Singh Raizada.

What a wonderful grandmother! She is now showing her support of Khushi openly, even reprimanding Manorama Mami when she was doing her 'lets-blame-the-daughters-in-law' for everything that goes. Naniji will have none of that. She loves her grand-daughters-in-law. But one can see her special liking for Khushi. After all, she was the first one to articulate that a girl as genuine as Khushi would be perfect for Chotey. No wonder that she is more than happy to see the two love-birds standing drenched in coffee and tea, in front of her. She knows that theirs is not a relationship that has been smooth sailing, she understands that they need to fight to show their love for each other, and she cant resist teasing them about it, and watching their uncomfortable reactions. Now that's a grandma you wish were yours!

And Manorama Mami is in full flow today. Berating her daughter and niece-in-law - being a typical sasuma. But we've seen how protective she is of her own brood - she considers Arnav and Anjali her own. I wonder when we'll see her stand up for Payal and more importantly, Khushi. She is of course still miffed that Khushi hid the truth about Shyam to her. But would she have believed Khushi even then? I doubt it! And what has Payal ever done to earn so much wrath from her? Or is it that she feels that she HAS to behave this way because she is the mother-in-law and therefore it is her duty to make her daughter-in-law miserable? That it is her right to drive as big a wedge as she can between Akash and Payal because she can? Only time will tell.

Which brings us to our favourite Jodi - Arnav and Khushi.

Times are a-changing in the life of Arnav Singh Raizada. Harvard brain and all, he has a tough time ahead of him. There was a time when he stood tall and looked down on everybody. Today, he stands at the bottom of the stairs looking up adoringly at his little wife, who has shaken his soul and left his world upside down. And right now, he is loving every moment of it. 

He picks up where he left us yesterday, recreate the moments that made them fall in love with each other! But he forgets one thing: It wasn't so much the moments as what they did during those moments and how they reacted to each other during those moments that made them special. Those moments they shared TOGETHER made them experiences. 

Let me give you an example:
Arnav saved her from being run over by a car. First he came out of nowhere and grabbed her out of the way, and THEN, they gazed into each others eyes, unable to let go of each other and unable to look away from the face that would be imprinted in their hearts forever. 

Khushi save Shyam from being run over by a truck, when they are having a conversation. And thenm she just as quickly let him go. No holding on, no eye locks, no nothing. Although Shyam tried to make the most of the moment, Khushi very quickly cut him down to size by saying that she did it for humanity's/Anjali's sake. There was nothing personal in it!

So ASR chooses the closet scene. It was the first time he had found her in his room! Khushi cant help twitching her lips at the memory. But she quickly controls herself. His ASR persona comes forward. This is the person after all, whom Khushi fell in love with. And so he reminds her of another experience that they shared - her throwing tea at him. Khushi remembers it vividly, but refuses to acknowledge it. Drenched in coffe, Khushi is slowly getting madder at him. She starts walking away. And he grabs her in his signature hold. What will you do? You KNOW what I am capable of - his words remind her of their first meeting. And she goes along with the memory as he reaches for the back of her dress. She pushes him away - and throws her tea on him. Her fire is now burning hot! 

He pulls her in close with a classic 'What the-!' Close enough that they cant look away from each other. She still follows the script. 'Aap badtameezee kar rahen hain'. 'I can do worse'. 'You cant do this.' 'Why cant I ? You're my wife - my legally wedded wife' . Her fighting words to him 'I dont consider you my husband' have the desired effect. ASR cannot let a challenge go. 'Okay - then I'll convince you consider me as your husband.' The passion is there, and so is the fire. He sees her unable to look away from his lips, and he moves in for the kill. She closes her eyes.. and CUT! 

The dialogue here is pure, pure genius. So many levels of communication going on!

She KNOWS what his response will be before she says 'aap badtameezee kar rahein hain' - she has heard it twice before. And he doesn't disappoint her. Its the same response, but this time he seems to get the underlying meaning. She needs him to fuel that fire some more. He keeps promising to do worse, when is he actually going to turn it into action?

You cant do this - really, Khushi? You know thats like waving a red flag in front of a bull. She wants him to say that he can. Not just say it, but do it! and he reminds her that now he has the right to do it. So yes, he's gonna do it. 

I dont consider you my husband, you forced me into marriage. What she really is saying is, if you consider yourself my husband then what are you going to do about it?

This is a game that they have both played before many many times. This is THEIR game. THEY invented it, and THEY are the only ones that can play it - TOGETHER. They tell each other words that dont mean anything on the surface, its the underlying message and the challenge to each other that really make them experience the moment together. And they cannot play the game with anyone else. It is their SHARED and unique experience. And no one, not even HP can break that game. 

ASR holds her still in his arms while talking to HP. There is no hint of embarrassment in him, and he wont allow his wife to feel embarrassed if he is hugging her. He does not care who knows how much he loves his wife. 

During their little talk with Nani, he notices her holding her hand, his imprint still on her, her face wincing in pain. ASR cannot take Khushi being hurt, and tenderly he asks if she is hurting. (the game is on hold at this point). She hurls one more arrow at him and then say not very convincingly - 'I still dont consider you my husband', even though you show you care if I am hurting or not. 

The walk up the stairs is pure genius. As he stops her, for a moment, they realize they are not in their own little game world. A quick look by BOTH to see if any one is around, and its back to the game again. She starts forward, he blocks her. And now, they're back to 'i wont', 'you will' 'i wont' 'you will - i'll make you' 'in your wildest dreams!' She tries to move forward, he blocks her to the right, she moves left, he blocks the left. How many times have they played that together? She tries to get away, and he stops her, but this time, he is not slapping the wall in frustration, its just a hold - like in the hut. 'You will come running into my arms', challenge lines are being drawn! 'Me? In your arms? When I do that - I'll consider you my husband,', 'Deal', 'Deal but not in this life', 'We'll see' and she runs for her life. The final pay-off they get from this game is her/him looking over their shoulder at the other. ASR gets full pay-off!! he stands there fondly looking after her. 

The answer to NK's question: It's not WAR, NK, its a game - the ASR-Khushi game. The rules of the game are to negate whatever your partner says, and THEN one of you has to throw a challenge. The stakes have to be high. Really high! 

Won't touch on the ending - because like all of you - I cant wait to see if ASR decided to come back home to his wife (He was on the phone in the car). The shadow looks like him - but why would he come down the stairs? hmmm.. NK?

Afterthought: Although I did not touch on Anjali today, I was glad to see that she is finally ready to step out and face the world. 

She is reassured by her brother's presence and care. What really stood out to me, is her telling Arnav that he should not neglect his work for her. He can leave her side for work.There is none of the sense of abandonment and hurt she felt when she heard him ordering a gift for his wife. She makes the same motherly gestures towards him that she always did, but there is something hollow in it. Khushi is slowly becoming the elephant in the room in their lives. And ASR will have to deal with it.

On a lighter note - the conversation between ASR and Khushi as he leaves for Agra was so like a normal couple!! So cute! awww...and did she just say 'paagal prem' from her Laad Governor!! Oh my, Khushi, are you really playing with fire? 

Song of the day - 'Life after you' by Daughtry - dedicated to the one and only ASR!

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Wow what do I say darling Ruby. Brilliant take. This is the ARHI passion I was missing from so many days. The flirty Arnav and Stubborn Khushi .
The challenges and the mood. Thanks for putting it in words so beautiful .
Loved evry bit of it. So looking forward for tomorrow's episode.

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Awesomje post, Ruby!! Clap  Cant wait to see it for myself.. 

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Another wonderful and indepth look at a fun episode. Keep up the great work

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